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April 30, 2005


Perhaps I'm the only one that ever wonders about why it is that statues are always built after a person is dead....

KUAM's Andi Atterberry reported this evening that:"KUAM's late owner, Edward M. Calvo, is being honored tonight by the Guam Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber recently the selection of Calvo, who was the co-owner and first vice president of Calvo Enterprises, Inc., as a laureate into the Guam Business Hall of Fame this year."
Eddie was more than just the co-owner of Calvo Enterprises and whatever titles he had in the family organization. He was active in politics, he was a civic leader and he was generous to the church and to many non-profit organizations. At one time, you could have gotten a donation out of Eddie from Calvo's Insurance, from Mid-Pac Liquor, from KUAM and from the theaters, 'no' wasn't in his vocabulary when it came to giving back to the community.
I'm not saying that the Chamber or any other group should build a statue in his honor, or anyone else's honor, for that matter...just that sometimes, it's a real honor for a community to put you into a Hall of Fame while you're still alive......I think Edward M. Calvo deserved that.......while I'm at it, you can put Jerry Calvo on the list...he's still alive, as is his brother, Paul!

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A special tribute from a longtime friend and employee.

"Dear Auntie,
I just heard the sad news of the passing of my beloved, 'Uncle Henry.'
Many fond memories of him when I was younger, I had an afternoon job
working for my mom. Everyday I would go to the post office, stop by
Calvo's and pick up the company mail or peek my head into Uncle Henry's office to see if he was able to sign checks. I remember exactly ONE time I was in his office and he wanted to know where the cash balance sheet was. The look on his face taught me immediately, never to come down to his office without what he insisted accompany those checks. That job lasted me nearly six years and though I grew into other positions, I was still the one who took the checks down for signing. I really didn't trust anyone else to do it and it was a time for us to have brief visits - him signing the checks, asking questions - me, looking at all the pictures of the kids, Tita Carmina, the boys on the lawn in the back yard of their house in Maite, diplomas, AIU acknowledgements and books.
Uncle Henry never let me out of his office without asking how my
grandmother was or how my brothers and sisters were doing in school. He was very protective of my mom, the only female manager in the
Calvo-family owned business group. He used to come up to her office to
see her. Unlike others who would walk into her office, he would wait for her to come out to greet him. He was a real gentleman and so personable.
My mom always remembered his birthday, only a few days before her own
and she would always sweetly say, 'oh, it's Uncle Henry's birthday
today,' and caused me to pause that he wasn't a 'real' blood uncle, but a specially picked 'uncle,' very dear and a happy gift to all of us.
Uncle Henry was also my best friend's dad - Ray Schnabel is my childhood friend. Though I worked with Ron (actually Ron terrorized me) during his summer vacations. I wonder now, how did Ray survive the 'Le Baron' incident and I remember Uncle Henry so proud when Ray went to New York after college to work for AIU. How wonderful Uncle Henry got to know and share the lives of his great sons, sweet-heart daughter and all those grand-kids and great-grand!
I'll miss running into Uncle Henry here and there and seeing his smiling eyes, hearing his teasing giggle and thinking how he never changed, even though he has been sick for a while. See you, Uncle Henry - say hi to my grandparents for me, tell Tita Terry her 'ija' is doing fine, tell Pappy I said 'hoy!' Much love and many prayers to you on your way home. Shelly"

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April 29, 2005


A friend of Guam passes away in the Philippines.

He was related to Carl Gutierrez, don't know how but he was. He was related to the Calvos, don't know how, but he was. And, he was a close friend to hundreds...I know why. He was kind, gentle and friendly and if you needed insurance, he found a way to help you get covered, that was his life. You saw this man with his wife at church, lately, you saw him with Carmina at various clinics, but you saw him at rosaries, funerals and at mass, at Christenings and at weddings and other celebrations, they were always together. If you knew 'Uncle Henry', you had to know that he loved Carmina first, then his daughter, then his sons, oh, somewhere in there, God fit in, it just didn't ever come up in conversations as to where in a number He fit in. 'Uncle Henry' was a partner in the Calvo Insurance Company which you'd think automatically made him a republican, but he never talked politics and was generous to candidates of both parties which was an endearing quality because you could never tell which side of the fence he was on.
Someone anonymous once said, ""When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice." I think he was saying it of 'uncle Henry'. Adios, tio Henry.

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I'm sure at 63 he ain't gonna go to no San Francisco!

KUAM's Mindy Fothergill reports on their webpage that: "Colonel Adolph Sgambelluri (USMC, Ret.) has been replaced as the ransportation Security Administration's federal security director for Guam. James Correa, the head of the TSA of the Hilo and Kona international airports in Hawaii, has been named his interim replacement until a permanent one is found. While Sgambelluri was reassigned to staff in San Francisco, Guam International Airport Authority executive manager Jesus Torres says the former FSD will resign effective May 8. Torres added speculation about political corruption surrounding Sgambelluri's reassignment is false. "
Funny, on K57, Jesus Torres says that TSA is just another vendor and that everything at the airport is going along just fine and that the airport isn't bothered with the goings on of TSA....
And if I know Sgamby, he ain't about to get on an airplane and move wife and home to SFO, but I could be wrong....but I'm thinking, he had a cool job at GCC that he was good at and they liked him there and I'm thinking that they'd probably like to have him back in a New York heartbeat and his wife likes her job as a teacher here amongst friends so why make the move?
Actually? I was surprised that Sgamby took the job at TSA......he probably accepted it just for kicks...
Rumors? They say that Mr. Frank Blas jr. took his name off the list so.......Sgamby didn't have to go after all? Aye adai, what's going on here, it's so confusing!

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It's a sad song and it has no winner...except perhaps lady justice for the two counts that a jury found 'guilty'.

Mindy Fothergill of KUAM (read it on their website and watch it on this evening's newscast) reports that Gil Shinohara has been found guilty on two counts out of ten charges he faced and I quote: "The verdict is in after the second trial for the former governor's chief of staff, Gil Shinohara. A federal jury of twelve people found Shinohara guilty on two of the ten charges he faced. There was a hung jury on the other eight charges. He was guilty on counts 2 and 3 and there was a hung jury for counts 1 and 4-10. Shinohara is convicted of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, punishable by up to five years in prison and $250,000 in fines and conspiracy to commit money laundering, punishable by up to twenty years in prison and $500,000 in fines. "
Lady Justice wins, the man's family loses. Today's PDN had a picture of the man and his sons and girlfriend. He's got other family members who love and worry over him. They will be in pain over the judgement for what the jury found Shinohara guilty of. Tha balance of justice is very exacting....and....painful. Times spent in court often hurts the family more than it does the defendant. Time spent in jail robs the children of a parent. Only the Lady Justice wins in a guilty verdict, she is the winner that takes it all! The family is left with tears, regrets and bills.

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April 28, 2005


Mindy Fothergill may as well have used Michael Jackson as a reference as a character reference for the adoption of a little boy!

I think it was last night's news when Mindy ran a story on tube news using Dr. Hoffman(really credible-ran away from paying his wife child support and allegedly had tax problems) talking about Dr. Nathaniel Berg's big sweetheart/monoply deal with GMH.....can't believe that Mindy crawled into a mud puddle with a sleaze ball such as Hoffman and compare his credibility to a man such as Dr. Berg's.
There's got to be a reason for the sudden attacks on Dr. Nathaniel Berg's attacks. All of a sudden, there seems to be attacks on all the white people working out of the hospital and some of it(the most damaging) comes from a rag that's published for the readers in the CNMI(in order to have GUAM readers, they print trash about a GUAM doctor and attempt to ruin his name by a liar who once claimed that he was a doctor) and a local tube station that uses a person who was totally dysfunctional that he was run off the island because his wife found him and made him pay thousands of dollars on unpaid child support.
If the new senator Dr. Michael Cruz closely associates himself with a senator who once pretended that he was a thorasic surgeon than we should beware of him....birds of a feather....flock together...., unfortunately, one doctor is real, the other, once pretended to be one and can't even own up to it! Dr. M. Cruz, you can't have a man ou your health committee that bashes doctors in off-island newspapers if you want any kind of harmony at GMH!

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Former cop now senator Adolpho Palacios sure asked a lot of questions...could it have caused all that nervous chewing from the usually cool chief o'police?

Almost felt sorry for the Chief o'police Frank Ishizaki as he sat with two GPD staffers during the GPD oversight budget hearing this morning....seems the republicrats didn't have the hot questions...perhaps they already know the answers, but the many-degreed senator Palacios sure had many(and they were good) questions for the chief! The chief answered most of them but I was very disappointed that he didn't have an answer(nor did his (too soft spoken-almost too timid for whatever she does at GPD) for the question of how much the FSM or Compact Impact people impacted the services of GPD......as in arrests, etc....the chief and the lady drew total blanks...having no answer....I'm thinking that at last count there are about 10% FSM-ers to the 150K plus people that live here....how many were arrested last year...how many of them were from the FSM, how many were jailed, how many were DUI, how many were deported, how many homicides, etc....how many are at DOC....if I were the chief, I would have brought along my Stats person so that I could have asked the question and gotten an answer on the spot....that compact-impact people impact GPD services means that we could ask the feds for more funds...etc...I was surprised that Palacios let the Chief and the lady off the hook with the 'I don't know' response.
The answers about the vehicles being safe to drive, the guns being safe to fire were kinda vague as well....Palacios let that go as well..I think he got tired of being the circus pit bull. I don't think he was trying to be the pit bull but trying to make GPD a better working place for cops to work and think that the chief felt that they wanted the same thing for the department....I tuned out when the phony doctor Jess Lujan joined the group...I didn't think GPD needed any thorasic help.....

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April 27, 2005


The syrup was so thick it was seeping outta the t.v......

Okay, so Larry Palomo Perez is a nice guy, he's young, he's cute and he's got a cool head...he had to have a cool head in order to work with the hot heads at GTA during the negotiations for the sale of that agency....and maybe his ability to get along with others is a good trait that might be good to have as leader of DPW....not sure of his qualifications since all the 'lovers' didn't bother to ask any questions other than Palacios who had all his questions lined up and seemed to confuse Mr. LPP...who answered that he was too new on the job to have formed an opinion on busing private school children and what his thoughts were on the possibility of privatizing the school busing system. I would think that he would have some idea about the questions unless he had his head under some big rock because the questions have come up many times on talk radio over the years and he's entitled to a personal opinion. His excuses made him seem weak and wimpy and the republicrats kept trying to cover up for him and finally Palacios got tired of the spin and stopped asking the questions. I think it was another demolitioncrat Leon Guerrero that agreed that he was a nice guy and that perhaps he would do a good job but noted that he had no experience with grant writing, etc........and it's important to note that we're all in a WIN WIN WIN hurry to SPEND SPEND SPEND fix fix fix the roads because someone at DPW didn't know how to execute(another word for spend) federal grant dollars....
Mr. LPP made it sound as if the Governor wanted to fix the roads so that this island could Win Win Win.......infact, we need to spend federal dollars before we lose it!(At least that's what the media reports!)My only question to Mr. LPP is if DPW's paying overtime for the garbage pick-ups during early morning hours....or...if the employee's day begins at the hour they begin work such as: 3:am to 1:pm for example.
If I were a senator, of either color, I'd confirm Mr. LPP, he's a hard worker and he's honest....the governor's lucky to have him on his team! The love-in that the republicrats demonstrated cheapened the man...Perez can stand on his own merit.

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April 26, 2005


It must be the heat that's confusing my sense of priorities!

I always check K57's poll question to see what they think should be a priority issue...sometimes, they ask a question based on what the governor thinks is a priority....obviously, the governor thinks the roads need to be fixed...cuz, a few weeks ago, Speaker Forbes had $10K to fix a darn pothole that got a lotta calls and a lotta interest then it(pothole) got fixed then it got unfixed then it got fixed and unfixed and I'm not sure what condition it's in at this writing but it sure got a lot of people calling in to talk about it(potholes)and....and I don't know if the $10K has been spent or not.....and if the governor wants to fix the roads(and lord knows, we need a whole lotta fixin) where'we gonna get them funds to fix dem roads?
So I be thinkin, there's the hospitu issue, it be needin lotsa money cuz it not be paying vendors, not even paying that hansome Dr. Berg, the solo(like in monopoly)radiology-man for 18 months and we know he ain't gettin paid at K57 for that 1-hr show on Thursday! And GWA, boy, they have so many Federel suits even if they made money they still be needin money and dat doesn't even factor the cos of the repavin of the mistakes of cuttin up the roads to make repairs, or is that vicee versee? Anyway, you're getting my drifts. We're in deep kimchee with real hot stuff why are we talking about repairing the roads when our kits don't have textbooks and teachers and stuffs, aye adai, maybe we should be trying to figure out how to make the goverment agencies save money with their power so that they can keep service charges low for the taxpayer by turning air-conditioners off at 5 and on weekends and doing cost-saving activities rather than talking about fixing roads. Fix the hospital, fix the schools, fix the police department, fix the fire department, fix the water agency, fix the power agency, fix the tax refunds problem.....then fix the roads?

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More sad...the mother didn't report the daughter missing until days after she hadn't come home.......how's that for caring parents?

Heard Jon Anderson dramatic report on the gang rape on the fourteen year old girl in March. Seems the girl was missing several days before her mother reported her missing.......(nice mom....my mom would have reported me missing at midnight!)
In another lifetime, we used to respect the very old and the very young. There was something special about them, a kind of innocence, a special-ness about them. We protected them, allowing nothing to happen to them. We would fight for them. It's not that way today. That wasn't even the breaking story on KUAM's evening news this evening...it's mundane...almost as if it happens every week...how sad these times.
Mindy Fothergill covered the story in two paragraphs and a sentence..you can to their website if you wish to know just how wretched our people have become!
I realize that there are some teens that are beyond control and those that are, should be helped by DYA or other professionals, but for a parent not to report a 14-yr-old for several days...means that she should be charged with negligence..

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I'm an imperfect being....but I've never claimed that I was perfect. As well, don't find fault with my anonymity then sign your e-mail with pac-man@hotmail!

"As usual my dear (and I guess expected), you miss my point entirely. I am not saying that being obese or diabetic is a healthy lifestyle.... DUH!! It's not! It is your approach to the problem I have issues with. First off, I am not obese, but I do have obese patients. You of course automatically claimed I must be one of those fat people because I got insulted. I got insulted because unlike you, I care about these individuals. Believe me, I don't have to google a thing to know that's a healthy BMI, what's a healthy lifestyle, nor a healthy diet.

Truth is truth, but how one says it and explains it to those you care for, patients and family alike, is what makes it effective. And after years of medical training, years of being raised amongst overwiehgt relatives I can tell you that insulting people is not the way to go.

And that was the gist of my previous posting. You went off and claimed that your insults have a noble cause, perhaps making people change their lifestyle from the negative attitude you're espousing. And that's just plain nonsense. Curing obesity is a concentrated and coordinated team effort focused around family, medical providers, and close friends. And in nowhere in that plan of care are there insults (and you need to stop downplaying that you were merely "pointing out" something. Telling people that they'll need "forklifts" to carry their dead bodies is simply an insult).

Solving Guam's obesity epidemic is going to take a long battle of educating and caring for our people. It's going to be a hard fought process and it may take a few deaths of young adults for children to see that something in their lives need to be changed. Some doctors and educators are doing our part to prevent this from happeneing.... but I can at least tell you this, you are not part of the solution by insulting every fat person you see on the PDN... no matter how many bags of trail mix or miles of hiking you can accomplish.

Be more like Christ.... lead by example to show others what a happy lihe you live because you ARE healthy. That's a humble approach. Anonymous insults from an internet blog is not."

Doctor, I hope your way works. In the end, we both want the same results...healthy families and healthy friends.

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April 25, 2005


It's worldwide the mistakes t.v. anchors make!

I watched EWTN instead of CNN(I hate it when Cristianne blabbermouth talks over the Gregorian Chants) and FOX the installation(hate that term as well) of our new Pope Benedict XVI, only thing is, the guy called him, Pope Gregory the XVI........guess he thought oh heck, no one was paying attention..., never bothered to correct the error....and that was the Catholic t.v. station. I'm sure that if either Fox or CNN had made the error they'd catch hell for the mistake.......so fair is fair...EWTN, you boo-booed big time...after covering the conclave results for the past few days, you should have known by now what name Ratzinger chose to use as the leader of the Catholic Church!

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The continuing saga on fat cops...they're upset with me because I refuse to back down on the issue that they're obese and unhealthy!

Here's what Pacman from yahoo wrote me:"pacman_42@yahoo.com
(Pacman, odd that he would use a name that goes around a maze EATING things until they are ALL gone....similar to that of a person eating everything on his plate.)
There is so much faulty logic in your "anti-fat cop" campaign that I do not know where to begin. I remember this being an issue years ago when your page was all pink. But this claim (Who's claiming what? That cops are fat? Dear heart, look at the photo that appeared on the PDN issue the article was written about and tell me that those cops didn't dook like avocadoes with feet!)that insulting fat people (sorry if people who are told they're fat or obese think it's an insult to be told they're fat or obese. In fact, dear sir, it is merely the truth. You can choose to receive the truth in any way you choose. You can choose to deny that the scare reads 400 pounds and that you wear 6XXX or, you can choose the truth. You can choose to accept that you will die of a stroke or a heart attack and will leave a family with out a father or live in denial, or even chose to believe that it's an insult. You can even blame me if you can't buckle your belt after you've eaten Shirley's fried rice and pork chops with it's finadene sauce, no matter!) will somehow get them to all of the sudden live a healthy lifestyle is just plain absurd. (Yes, here, I agree with you, it's absurd of me to think that people such as yourself would think that your life and the life of your friends who are overweight have something to live for, that life is precious and that life can be prolonged if one heart doesn't have to beat for the size of three people!) Think about it... if insults cured obesity, there would be no such thing as fat children in our school... because those kids get a barrage of insults everyday.(This mister is absurd. Kids would lose weight if they could control how they eat. Unfortunately, their parents don't know about nutrition. They don't know how unhealthy fast foods are. Fat and obese kids are that way mostly because their parents are ignorant about healthy eating habits) It is sad that the rate of diabetes and coronary artery disease is killing us at a younger and younger age, and I agree that something definitely must be done, but you my dear need to have a little more humilty (Sir, my having humility has nothing to do with the health problems of this island. I merely pointed out that all the cops in that one picture covering that one accident at Route 16 were obese. Whether or not I am humble or proud has no bearing on the health of these unhealthy cops) (Pacman says: I believe to be one of the seven virtues) in your approach to this epidemic. Our Chamorro culture centers around food... we celebrate every stage of life from conception to death with food. (You're right on target. Everything we do is around food. We're literally killing ourselves. You just said that everything you do is centered around food. Do you live to eat or do you eat to live? Several friends hiked this afternoon. We enjoyed the view from Mt. Alutum. We drank water and ate trail mix. A few of us had bananas and oranges. We were out almost six hours and we consumed nothing that polluted our bodies...that was our choice?) After church our families go out to eat. (There you go? Bet you to to places like Shirleys...Denneys, other places that directly attack your arteries...) We have hundreds of years of Chamorro culture that we're up against, and it's going to take more than insulting big people to take care of this problem. (Are you blaming this on me?) Really, all I sense from you is pride (another deadly sin). (Yes, I do have pride. I'm proud of you Chamorro cops. I want to show Chamorro cops off. They're smart and considering the conditions that they work under do damn good work.......but they're not healthy cops and this has absolutely nothing do do with my pride. Believe me, it takes no pride on my part to call a spade a spade. If you're overweight, you're overweight. Do you really think that I would be a humble person to say that those cops that appeared in that photo were thin and healthy cops? I think you're grasping at straws, my friend) Every large person you bring up in your comments comes with a shirt size like 9XXX. There is no sense of caring in your malicious postings towards obese people... so stop thinking you're lending a hand in the health of our island. Your comments are just plain ridiculous.
(Pacman, You can call me ridiculous, you can call me proud, not a humble person and any other name that comes to your mind. But before you do that, step onto a scale then do a google search and find out what you're suppose to weigh...if your weight is on target.......disregard everything I've said because it wasn't meant for you......if you're overweight and have loved ones that depend on you.....then you owe it to them to live a long and fruitful life.
If if makes you feel good to write and tell me off, it's okay...I've been insulted by experts!

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April 22, 2005


If you're in the mood for done sali........


Hafa Adai! Annabelle,

I would like to let you all know, that Maanao's donne sali blend, mfg.
in Guam is now available to be shipped direct to the
Chamorro Int'l. Market. Currently, available in Chode's in Anigua;
Onedera Store in Dededo and Mini Camachile Store in Yona.

If you send an address, I will pouch the donne sample out immediately.

Please advise when the Liberation festivities will occur for this year,
as I would like to come out to market our hot peppers.

Si Yu'us Ma'ase,

Doris Maanao Aguon
Sales & Marketing Manager
#153 Flores Rosa St., Inc. III
Windward Hills, Yona
(671) 483-9776/ 789-9776

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Careless concerns on how govGuam spends your money!

This news item on former AG Kono continuing as a highly salaried classified employee of GovGuam is so indicative of the careless concern for how precious monies are spent. Just another example of the fraud, waste and abuse. In this case all three apply Charo.
CSC ordered to stop paying legal counsel
April 21, 2005 By Gene Park
Pacific Daily News epark@guampdn.com
The Civil Service Commission appears to have been illegally paying Robert Kono as legal counsel and as a classified employee, according to Superior Court of Guam Presiding Judge Alberto Lamorena.
The commission, which is responsible for ensuring a fair government
employment system, has until next month to show why the commission should continue to pay Kono in his position and explain why the government of Guam should not be reimbursed for Kono's salary and benefits since he was hired in December 2002, Lamorena ordered.
The attorney general's office earlier this month filed a lawsuit and asked the court to order the commission to stop paying Kono. Kono is being paid a salary of $105,000 plus benefits, according to the AG's complaint. Lamorena filed a decision last Thursday, ordering the commission to "desist and refrain from taking any further action to expend public money for the salary and benefits of the administrative legal counsel ... as a classified government employee until further order of the court."
"The commission is in receipt of the document, and intends to respond
accordingly with the court," said CSC Executive Director Vernon Perez,
declining further comment as of press time.As an alternative, the Civil Service Commission has until May 12 to explain why the commission should not be restrained from paying Kono, and why Kono
and the CSC should not be ordered to reimburse the salary and benefits paid to Kono as a classified employee from Dec. 9, 2002.
"We'll see how the Civil Service Commission is going to justify the hiring of former acting Attorney General Robert Kono," said Attorney General Douglas Moylan, adding that his office filed the complaint to ensure government officials follow the law and that taxpayer money is properly spent. Classification A month before Kono's transfer from the attorney general's office to the Civil Service Commission, the commission board voted to change its legal counsel position from an unclassified government position to a classified job, despite a law that prohibits the commission from making that decision, Pacific Daily News files state. Kono was transferred from the attorney
general's office to the commission in December 2002.Manuel Pinauin, a commission member who also served on the commission when Kono was hired, has said the job was changed to a classified position in
order to be consistent with a 1996 federal court ruling in the Alan Haeuser case, Pacific Daily News files state. Haeuser had been terminated from his unclassified job as a government attorney, but was ordered reinstated by the court. According to Pacific Daily News files, the Civil Service Commission has interpreted the case to mean that all government employees -- including those whose jobs are labeled unclassified -- are entitled to merit-system protection unless it is not feasible for their positions to be classified,
or permanent. Pinauin said one factor in making the switch to a classified position is the fact that the commission's legal counsel had been a classified position, but had been changed to an unclassified position. Not just another example of questionable GovGuam contracts, but it should make us all (taxpayers) question how many more cases like this haven't yet been exposed.
Isn't it odd the questionable questionable actions that take place upon adminstration changes? Not just the governor's office, but the mayor'soffices as well.
I wonder if that lady in Ordot/Chalan Pago is still cutting grass for $499 a whack. A news item for about a day or two and then, like all other questionable exposures, forgotten. Those in charge rely on the public either soon forgetting or forgiving. And so it goes...
105K could sure do more good for Guam citizens than being wasted on Kono. GMH comes to mind. The CSC needs to be made accountable for their role in GovGuam goings on. In fact, if I were in charge it would be the first agency to bite the bullet and be discontinued as detrimental to government operations. Do you get the feeling that agency directors have too much authority? I would suggest that the need to be reeled in and more closely supervised. Something governors don't seem to pay much attention to. Like the former governor who said he wasn't responsible for what his directors
did. So much for the buck stopping at the top, eh?

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"I caught that post by the person who witnessed an extremely reckless driver on Route 17. I do believe I've seen the same WAZZUP driver myself.

I don't expect GPD to do much if license plates are called in to them for action. A few days ago, on Route 16, heading towards McDonalds and from the bottom of the overpass/underpass a haole guy on a big motorcycle was weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed. Super dangerous. He finally had to stop at the main intersection by McDonalds. A local guy in the first
car at the intersection got out and waved his fist and spoke some 'words' to the cyclist. I could hear him telling the guy to slow down. Was he angry? You bet. So was I. I was two cars behind him. He and the car in front of me made a right turn onto Harmon Loop Road and that put me next to the cyclist. I also vented my anger at him. All he did, just as he did to the other driver who tried to slow him down, was tap his helmet and say he couldn't hear. He knew very well what we were saying to him. The first guy
was super upset. I could hear him two cars back, so I know the cyclist could hear what he said. I made a note of the plate number, but threw it away figuring it would be a waste of time to report it.
I think your website provides a means to identify the really reckless
drivers by plate number and vehicle type. Same could be said for those who are driving totally unsafe vehicles that you know darn well could NOT pass a vehicle inspection and should NOT be on the road. It's a sore spot with me as I'm required to maintain a safe vehicle, pay for insurance, register it each year (after a safety inspection) and have a driver's license. Guam really needs to adopt a system similar to what the Japanese have. That is a courtesy inspection...a no-notice type where you're pulled over and documents are checked to be sure all is in compliance. An unsafe vehicle is pulled off the road. Though in Japan the inspection requirements are so
strict that you rarely see an unsafe vehicle on a Japanese roadway.
License plates are sealed to the vehicle. A major no-no to tamper with the seal. In other words...no hanky panky of stolen plates. Plates are strictly accountable items. NOT so on Guam. All vehicles here are supposedly registered and in the computer system. So what is the problem with not knowing which vehicles haven't been either re-registered or de-registered due to accident or theft? To see vehicles on the sides of the roads with plates still on them proves how inefficient the local Motor Vehicle folks are when it comes to accounting for plates and also insuring expired vehicle registrations aren't provided to GPD for their information and action. I think that DMV could do so much more to be efficient.
Also, it's pretty obvious not all vehicles are going through vehicle
inspections. A former neighbor of mine was able to get a safety inspection w/o the vehicle even leaving his yard. Do I think he was the only one on the island who had a way to get a safety certificate? When pigs fly!

The problem is that unsafe vehicles on the highways are a threat to you, me and ours. There was a head-on collision on Route 15 a few days ago. The innocent 56-year-old driver of one vehicle is dead. The other driver, was he being reckless or operating an unsafe vehicle? GPD always says they check on speed and alcohol. How about the condition of the vehicle? There aren't as many Guam bombs as in years past, but there are still to many. Many are being driven by, well if I say who I'd be guilty of profiling and I can't do that. Check the condition of many of the pickup trucks that are
being used in the construction trade. Not all are even really old, just super abused. Many have license plates that can't even be read. Does GPD care? I rather doubt it. It's easier to cite driver's exceeding posted speed limits. Many of which are too low to begin with. 25MPH around the curve down by Adelup. If you drive 25 you risk life and limb. I'm betting even the off-duty cops don't drive the speed limits. Yeah, the ones who issue those citations to who are mostly safe drivers, just exceeding the posted speed limit, but not being reckless or anything. They need to pay more attention to the jerks who do dumb things on the roadways. Like
failure to yield or going too slow and impeding traffic flow. Or...driving without lights, even when their lights work (many don't have operative lights) when it's dark or stormy.

Just for funnsies I'm collecting license plate numbers of reckless drivers and vehicles that, IMO, shouldn't be on the road. A current sticker, even if a legitimate safety inspection was completed, doesn't mean a vehicle is safe to be on the road. I often wonder, don't those wearing GPD uniforms have to pass eye tests. Don't they see the same things I'm seeing? And if they do, why don't they do something about it? I can understand if it's raining and they don't want to get wet, but it's not always raining. Am I saying that they ignore violations? Yep, I am!
Oh, there is more, but this is enough for this time. Bottom line...report unsafe drivers and vehicles. It could save your life, my life and the lives of the ones we cherish. Even of those we don't know personally. I won't even go into modified vehicles that have to come to a near complete stop to move over a pothole or a bump in the road. Or the jerks who like to blast those bass speakers of theirs with that boom boom crap and raise one's blood pressure.
That for another time. And as I say this I hear a boom boom driver in the area. How I wish he'd wrap those speakers around a concrete telephone pole. That's not nice, is it?

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April 21, 2005


This might be a dupe.......msg.

From: Frank Salas
To: Arlene Tainatongo ; Antonette@CWS Alig ; Anthony Arriola ; Anthony C.
Taitingfong ; Annissa Alig-Smith ; Annie Cruz-Columbus ; Annabelle Cruz ; Ann Cruz ;
Anissa Acfalle ; Angeline Santos ; Andy Guerrero ; Andy & Joe Santos ; Andrew
Reyes-Boeing ; Andre Janice Atalig ; Alvina Munoz Guzman ; Alvin Penafiel ; Alig
Terry (E-mail) ; Alice/Gus Guzman ; Alfred Rivera ; Alfred Ogo ; Alan G. Van Aken ;
Agustin Delina M SSgt 613 MRS/MROE ; Adolf Gutierrez ; Adam Delfin ; 1stSgt Alvin
Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 12:49 AM










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Money from OIA


Roger Stillwell 202-208-6974

Guam Receives Two Grants from Office of Insular Affairs for Financial
Management Improvement

(WASHINGTON, D.C., April 19, 2005) The Government of Guam will receive two
grants totaling $390,000 from the Department of the Interior’s Office of
Insular Affairs to help improve financial management.

The Department of Administration and the Department of Revenue and Taxation
will share $290,000 to help them implement new goals for a financial
management improvement plan. The Department of Administration will also
receive $100,000 to seek assistance to resolve longstanding accounting

“These grants are a reflection of the Department of the Interior’s
commitment to ensure that the Government of Guam has the ability to bring
its financial management and accounting procedures up higher standards,”
said Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior David B. Cohen.

The funds come from the Office of Insular Affairs Technical Assistance
program, which generally is designed to help insular area governments
address critical needs for which funding is not otherwise available.

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Another unhappy GTA camper!

Dear Auntie-

I'm all for private enterprise and making a little coin here
and there but had such a rude awakening today and I'm so
disturbed and even more P.O.'d at this GTA!

Since 1998 or so, the GTA phonebook was on-line. Was hosted for
a long time with Kuentos back then, had all the phone numbers,
reverse search, all that good stuff. Was more reliable than the
phone book in 95% of the time. Never had a problem finding
numbers, never had a problem with spelling, they even had this
great prefix set up! Imagine putting 'Cruz' then including 646
and getting all the Cruz' listings with 646 prefix! Hooray!
Of course, it was faster using the on-line phone book than the
411 operator because at the time there were man-power issues.
So, I was a fan and frequent user.

Imagine my surprise and huge disappointment and even more - my
shock! www.411.guam.net is gone, so is gta.guam.net. Now, I
don't know when exactly they took the sites down or when they
might go up, but do you possibly think oh, wise Auntie this is
a ploy to get us to use the 411 and pay the fee for each phone
number? AND! Auntie, I want to know just how long I'm going to
have to deal with someone in the states who doesn't know how to
say the last names, locations and in fact, today said 'GOO-AM?'

I did some research on the white pages for various locations
and yellow pages for other locations and discovered that the
phone book is on-line throughout the U.S. and if I go on-line I
don't have to pay to get the number. I also found out that if
you put a Guam zip code, they do not have any listings. So what
about that new GTA service?

Oh! if you call 411 the operator does charge you for a phone
listing and will also charge you if you ask what time it is in
such-and-such location in the states.

This sucks! I say GTA's new owners got a cherry deal and I wish
the ladies and the guys from the old operators 411 crew were in
the place of the ones we have now who wouldn't know
what 'Papaniyok' store is at the bottom of the hill going up to
Inarajan Middle School is.

You better fix it GTA. It wasn't broken, make it go back to the
way it was.

Thanks for the rant Auntie.

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Dear family and friends, a while back, I send out a "Call Out" to all chamorros living in San Diego to patronage our Chamorro International Market in Chula Vista. Today, I am happy to say, the store has remained open because the chamorros found out about the store and started to shop there. I am VERY HAPPY to announce the Pete and Vivian Cepeda (best their hearts) have decided to keep the store going. In addition, they are expanding their product
lines as mentioned here. I am now writing to everyone in my address book to further spread out the news. Many of us have family, friends, mailes, pares etc.... here in southern california
and elsewhere in the mainland. It is in that vein that I write to each of you in the hopes that you will pass the word to all Chamorro living nearby or visiting here in San Diego County to visit the store. I want to do what I can to support the efforts and the sacrifices that the Cepedas have made to meet the needs of our people. Pass the word around and do stop by for
a visit. We may run into each other, and meet long lost friends.
I know I buy all my regular items such as coconut milk, diago, salon pilot crackers, lemon powder etc there. I love the fact that we have access to our kinds of food without waiting for someone back home to send it, like the lemon powder. It is actually cheaper to buy it from the Chamorro Market than, buying it and mailing it
from Guam.
Have a great day everyone. Si Belle
----- Original Message -----
From: Jjcepeda5@aol.com
To: belle11@cox.net
Cc: fsalas@adelphia.net ; Jjcepeda5@aol.com
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 12:20 AM
Subject: Dankulu na si yuus ma'ase
Hafa Adai Annabelle and Frank,
We would like to thank you both for sending out an e-mail to all our
Chamorro families about our store. Both of you have brought business to our store and we have to say Dankulu na Si Yu'us Ma'ase.We have some new items that have arrived. Just to let people know, we are an international store. 20% of the items are from Guam and 80% are Korean and Japanese products. Our latest items are: Tamales Giso,Tamales Mendioka, Manha Titiyas, Apigigi, empanada, pugua and 671 root shirts.These are our newest items. Additionally, other items we have been selling are as follows: Chorizos Pakpak,Portuguese sausage, lemon powder,achote seeds, achote powder, rice cracker, donne dinanche, navy and crab biscuchu, saloon Pilotcrackers/cookies,kimchee base, kimchee, diago, cheese curls, asparagus biscuit, pickeled papaya, eggs, pickles, mango, the latest malafunkshun CD (#3), license plates that says (Hafa Adai or Chamorro), stickers, plaques, kingcar, blacktea, mr. brown, assam milktea, coconut juice. These are the following items we have available. We have mentioned that we may be selling
our store, but at this time we are currently still open. In the event, we are no longer operating in National City we will be selling these items at our restaurant. Anyone who may be interested to know where our restaurant is located the address is: Islander Grill, 3645 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92103. Our contact # (619)297-3929 or you can e-mail us at jjcepeda5@aol.com. Our address to our store is:1235 Highland Avenue, National City, CA 91950. Contact #(619)477-9695. We open daily-Monday-Saturday:10:00a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Sunday:10:00a.m. to 6p.m. Again, Dankulu, Dankulu na si yu'us ma'ase .
P.S. Annabelle, pls. send copy to Frank Salas.
We are having trouble sending to his e-mail. Thank-you.

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April 17, 2005


It might sound like a bad idea...but then again, it might save a child's life!

I'm sorry, it may seem like another lifetime ago when I was eighteen years old. It seems like another lifetime ago when my son with the twins was eighteen and the daughter out of college was eighteen and as I write this, I still refer to them as my babies. When I visit them, I worry about them driving. Our 18 year olds are really babies, sure, they smoke, do grafitti and act smart and do macho stuff but in between the ears, they're babies, especially when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. They turn those damn radio/noisemakers on so loud that they can't hear their own thoughts, let alone an emergency vehicle needing to pass.
I suggest that before a parent allows their precious(and I mean this in a loving and caring way) child the keys to the car along with the first driver's license that the child put together an obituary, picture and all.
The obit should include the child's photo, his name, his date of birth, who his parents are, who the people are that will survive him should he die in an accident while in this car that he's driving. He/she should put down where his funeral will be and where he'll be buried. After he's done with the obituary, he should be taken outside and introduced to the vehicle not as a means to get to and from places to have fun but as a possible way to kill or be killed...I would then drive to the Roadside lot in Harmon and point to the various cars that look like Matchbox toys that some giant squished only this time there was a human being inside that was squished to death inside what used to be a nice car.
Sorry parents, we're just as much to blame as our children when it comes to crashes......and deaths on the highways. When we don't care where they are, it usually means we also don't care how they drive....which usually means they speed and we know what happens when our kids speed.
I actually hated driving when I turned sixteen. There were more rules having a car then there without one. There weren't cell phones then(it was after the carabao carts and after the Model T's)and it meant I had to phone home once an hour and forget being grounded for a week...no such thing. In my day, it was for months...so you can be sure, I called before the hour was up...and when my own children drove, they had the same rules. I thought they'd hate me and Kiku and maybe secretly they did but they survived. I guess if I made them do the obit thing they would have turned me into Child Protective Services but I still think it's a good idea!

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I wish we could swaddle our children up with steel blankets until they were thirty!

When it came time for my son to drive for the first time, my body jumped out of its skin. I literally held my heart in my hand until he came home that night and though he's far and away, I still hold my breath for him and his wife and for his sister that is totally fearless. Perhaps feeling the same way this 18-year old did when his '93 vehicle met the concrete pole yesterday.
What were his last thoughts? Was his soul ready to meet God? Was his family ready for his loss? I don't think so. The man who fell off the golf cart last week suffered more than just the loss of his life. The grief that family faces is beyond description and one can only pray that God gives them the grace to endure what it must. Sometimes we die because it's an accident, but many of us know that accidents are in most cases preventable.
Let us review yesterday's accident and how it could have been avoided and how this boy could today, be getting ready to go surfing, going to the movies or just hanging out with his friends. 1., He was drinking. He didn't have to be drinking. 2., He was speeding. He didn't have to speed. No matter how late he was, there was no reason to speed, Guam's not such a large area that it takes a long time to get to where you need to be. 3., He was distracted. You don't have to be distracted. Behind the wheel. You are in control. You have the choice of being focused...or, not.
Sadly, an 18-year-old boy lost his life, needlessly. More sad than that, we won't learn from it. A few weeks ago, kids his age lost their lives trying to fly off road peaks....in the coming days, kids will find something else that will put them on the 'edge' and they'll die as well........maybe our kids will stop killing themselves on the road when their parents put a little control on the way their children live their lives? I know that children can go to war at 18, but the ones that live at home and don't have job are still babies...they still need to have some control over their lives!

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The bodybuilder......the fake doctor....the clown....the hypocrite....the nerve of him!

Last week when it resurfaced(not the nilly-willie kind that happens to the roads when GWA fixes it and it sinks the next day) that our own local boy that had a dream to be a doctor like his next door neighbor and returned as one then turned bodybuilder, turned senator and now claims that it's really all K57's fault oh yeah, and the white people at the PDN, Lee Webber's paper. Last week, he wrote on the Saipan(isn't that nice, he chose to write on the outsider paper that's primarily read by outsiders) and knocked the hell of the K57 and the PDN...
So far, he's eluded the calls to verify whether he's been or not been, remember or not remembered that he was(or dreamed or not dreamed) that he was a thorasic surgeon...or even that his neighbor Stephanie Williams is a big fibber that she is a big story teller about the stories she told both the PDN and K57 about the time Lujan told her that he was a doctor.
But with his mighty sword(the one with the ink) he took big swipes at the PDN and Lee Webber. He spoke volumes about how unfair the PDN was towards him....from where I sit, I'd say, even hateful! Yet?
Today....the hypocrite actually has the nerve to write his opinion on this stupid, white-run-paper.
So, Mr. Lujan, what is it? If PDN is worth nothing more than a garbage liner, certainly not worth the articles about your past and current life works......why do you think it's worth writing your opinions on? You're not making any sense here, but then, after the developments of being and not being a doctor, not much makes sense any more......we know he doesn't have all the game peices. The real question goes to the paper and why it's stupid enough to allow someone that constantly irritates it to actually write an opinion in its paper...........
and oh, could the clown have written the opinion? It's questionable in that he suggests that; "we stick close to our knitting and concentrate on our main areas.etc." Not many men knit.....and would use that term, but then we know I'm biased, huh?
Perhaps I wouldn't be so hard on the guy if he would just play nice in the sandbox.......

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April 16, 2005


She was a trouper...she looked cancer in the face and said 'No!' for more than almost 15 plus years!

Sister Elaine Camacho was a Religious Sister of Mercy, the sister of two other nuns, a priest that predeceased her and a brother who is a monsignor, and has sibling who have passed before her as her parents have. She has thousands of people whose lives she has touched because she taught and loved them while she taught at the Cathedral Grade School in what seems to be a lifetime ago. (She probably has hundreds more that she taught nutrition at UOG) Her love in that lifetime was science. She never bragged about her achievements...but it's said that she attended Fordham University but you'd never know it because it wasn't like her to be a show off. She was one of the most humble people that you'd ever meet.
Sometime in the let 1980's, maybe beginning 1990's Sister Elaine's life would include the battle with cancer. Then, she was given months instead of years to live. Fortunately for those of us who love her, she chose to finish what she set out to do and looked cancer in the eye and told it to wait until her life's mission was completed. She had no time for the battle. She had a mission to complete and with that, she threw her life into her work at UOG.
She picked herself up from the ashes and helped every cancer patient she knew with nutrition information. She never focused on her own ailments and never brought attention to the things that were going on with her body. To Elaine, she was normal and cancer free and...healthy! She always had a ready smile. She was as friendly as she was kind and when you were in her company, you knew there was no one more special to her...she had that gift....as I write this...her being her your friend was God's gift. That knowing her, or that she was in your life was the gift because you ended up being a better person because you knew her. She was one of those people that made a difference....In the Catholic church, in the Religious Sisters of Mercy, she loved and taught by example. She was a nun, but she wasn't stuffy, she was strict but she wasn't mean. She was every bit a Christian and that people who knew her always wanted to be with her longer than she had time to spare.
My heart goes out to her family....what a loss of a wonderful human being....but what a gift they've had and to such a wonderful place she's gone, a place where there are no tears, no pain, no cancer but to be in God's Home. I'll never hear the name Elaine without remembering this beautiful human being that brought sunshine and happiness wherever she went. The world's a bit dimmer because you're gone Sr. Elaine! We'll miss you!

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He chose some pretty harsh words for an aunt......Mike Phillips did...

Mike Phillips is brilliant....I'd like to say that he's making too much money to want to become a judge, but in reality, he does a lot of his work pro bono. He's passionate about things about Guam, about Chamorros, about land issues and about war reparations(and though we don't see eye to eye on them because I'd like to forget things about the war) he wants to fight for reparations. Yesterday, he was not happy about how his aunt went back on her word. KUAM's website reported that:" The Democratic Party of Guam chairman says it goes against the very principles of his party, and isn't holding back when it comes to how he feels about legislation introduced by Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo. Attorney Mike Phillips claims Bordallo has betrayed the people of Guam in its quest for war reparations" in the issue over the new and hurried buy-me-votes Loyalty Recognition Act........
Supposedly, she promised that she would do everything she could to get reparations for those that suffered including their survivors......"war reparations should be for all survivors. Phillips claimed the real reason the legislation was introduced so quickly and a public hearing scheduled just a few days later is to prevent those who are against the legislation from testifying. Phillips contends the Congresswoman and supporters of the bill are misleading the people of Guam." Well, it wasn't and, he's upset. Sabrina Matanane
quotes Phillips saying further that: "

Phillips says Bordallo should at least have introduced the legislation without the cut off date. He stated, "And it's just a shame that you won't even ask." Phillips also responds to claims that the language of the legislation was drafted by the DOI, saying Bordallo is acting like Pontius Pilate."
(Pontius Pilate has been enshrined forever in the cowards’ Hall of Shame. Though he knew the charges against Jesus Christ were void of substance, because of his spineless politicism, he delivered the Son of God over to the rebellious Jews for crucifixion (see Mt. 27:15-26; Mk. 15:6-15; Lk. 23:13-25; Jn. 18-In case you didn't know how this name fit in the description!)
Matanane further quotes Phillips as saying: "Phillips says Bordallo has gone back on her word, saying, "What she's done is held a number of meetings where she's pledge to us personally that she would not introduce such a bill in fact she said that at the first window of opportunity she would correct that injustice. And in fact what she's done is introduced that very bill."
BJ Cruz, Mark Forbes and Tony Unpingco will be for it the pushing of whatever it is......whatever passes will get them votes.... Mike Phillips isn't running for any elected office. He'll sit back and remember the promise made and broken by Congresswoman and I'll wonder if he'll ever take her at her word again......
If there's something I know about Mike Phillips.....it's that his word counts for something....there are few people on the island that I can say this about. (I just wish I knew what biblical names he has for some of the other government heads.....Judas, et cetera.)

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Sometimes........a non-seasoned reporter gives away the very secret that should be kept.......or am I being too sensitive to this issue...you be the judge!

Marissa Borja, 'Guahu si' of KUAM reports that GPD has "launched an investigation into a Carbullido Elementary School employee accused of criminal sexual conduct. The Department of Education confirmed an employee of the Barrigada school is under investigation, but Gerry Cruz, (size 9XXX) spokesperson for the Department of Education, told KUAM News, "The Guam Police Department has begun their investigation and in terms of the Department - he is no longer with the Department, and that's all I can say at this time."
"According to GPD officers, the employee is being accused of criminal sexual conduct. "(per KUAM) Okay so far, eh? Enter not so okay: "The parent of one of the students who filed a complaint with GPD - Gil Duenas - says his 5th Grade child identified the employee as a one-to-one school aid. And," Duenas' child further alleges that he was headlocked with force and was kissed on his cheeks and lips by the employee." And further:"Duenas further adds that his child's complaints were questioned by the school administration because his child has been described as a "troublemaker."
So okay, Marissa, how come you didn't just come out and say who the 5th grader was? You named the school....Carbullido Elementary, you named the boy's father, Gil Duenas, the boy's in the 5th Grade, how many boys(maybe a little trouble maker, bet a few people might know who that boy is, especially if they know Gil's his father) Why not just flat out say what the boy's whole name is and ruin his whole life while you're at it?
I'm sure he'd love to grow up and have his class mates as well as the entire school knowing that 1., he's a troublesome child.(Who said the boy was troublesome, a psychologist? Someone who was qualified to say that he was troublesome? Was it your place to say it in public? 2., he was kissed on the cheeks and on the lips by an employee of the school....abused......
I'm thinking dear, Marissa, that there should be a law for exposing such information and that little master Duenas and Mr. Gil Duenas should hire themselves a good attorney.......I'm offended and my last name's not even Duenas........
Mr. Duenas, your little boy may be scarred for life.........I suggest you find a good attorney!
I'm thinking that Sabrina or someone more seasoned at the KUAM newsroom should look at what Marrissa puts together before it's aired.......to save minors from permanent embarrassments!

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He walks the walk!

All those years when he ran for a seat in the circus people laughed at his accent...an accent that betrayed the many degrees he has.......alas! He finally got elected, promising to give his salary to charity......in today's paper, he's reported to have donated an air-conditioner to GPD's crime lab....from personal funds.......
I don't know of any other senator that has ever given anything to the government from personal funds. They all blab about the government needing this/that and the other but not a one has done jack about it........Palacios doesn't talk about it.....he does something about it.
Adolpho Palacios, you're the man. I wish I could say that I voted for you!

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We only want to feel loved!

"We want to feel like we're a part of a whole, loved and welcomed. A reader says, ""Catholics want to feel as if they are wanted, needed and loved."

I can't even comment...I guess you already did! I am still slightly
shocked over how un-Christian my experiences were.

Hope you are doing well!!!"

Dear friend, Maybe now that you're in the states, you have different clerics that feel differently about their calling, feel differently about the people in their parish.....the clergy here put themselves on high pedastals and look down on us...our necks get tired of looking up those that get tired of looking up, go to places that make it easy to see clerics eye to eye...the Pastor Dales and the Sister Evas make it easy to talk to about a loving Jesus.......and I'm hoping that the Archbishop gets the message that his priests really need to get Christ-like before the masses turn to the churches that teach the words from the book of the Purpose Driven Life........and it's really odd because it's the second commandment........love thy neighbor as thyself......priests really should love thy flock in order to keep them Catholic!

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He lost family and wants to let it go as well! It's time!

AMEN to your reparations post. It needed to be said and are my sentiments exactly. As an 'outsider' had I wrote this I'd be fed to the sharks. It is special coming from you or any who feel as you do about the issue. It's been so long since the war has passed. It was an ugly event for all involved, no matter their role or circumstances. We ALL, who lived in that time and I did, suffered in some respect. I basically lost a family when my father who fought in both Guam and Okinawa returned home to a wife who had abandoned her children (three of us) and ran off with another man. He survived the war physically, but not psychologically and died at the young age of 47. So, I take that as a result of WWII. But I'm over it, though I
never forget.
Guam happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It wouldn't have mattered which nation was administering Guam. It would have been invaded simply because of it's location in the Pacific. A stepping stone like so many others. Iwo Jima for example. Okinawa for example. Okinawa lost about 1/3 of it's entire population during the invasion of 1945. They suffered at the hands of both the Japanese and the Americans. But the Americans can be credited for saving the 2/3 of the Okinawans who survived the war. The same can be said for those who survived in Guam. War extracts a cost on everyone, civilian as well as military. Guam wasn't unique in
losing it's people. Just ask the Poles, the Russians, etc. Nothing as changed today with the war in Iraq. Innocents are lost every day. The price of war? Yes.
It's unfortunate that reparations weren't handled soon after the war ended and then ONLY to those who actually suffered the abuses. Those born after the fact should have no claim to reparations. That is what bothers me most now about the clamor for reparations. They are trying to enrich themselves at the expense of those who actually suffered. It is not right. I wouldn't feel right claiming reparations because my father had to endure the horror of combat.
Opening old wounds? You bet. I dread the coming of July each year when Liberation Day is celebrated for that very same reason. Liberation is a flagword that regenerates ill will and bad feelings for some. We are sure to be treated to opinions to the Voice of the People, angry callers to the radio station talk shows. An incessant moaning and groaning about Guam being colonized and oppressed. It's a worn out old tune. How different life on Guam would be today except for the sacrifices of those back when, both military and civilian. Money can't make up for those abuses. Some are
greedy though and lust for reparations only for the monetary value.
IMO Maddy is using this issue to further her political advantage. Doesn't she have enough of a public image and wealth already? I can't always agree with how she deals with certain issues. I don't think she will succeed in securing reparations, but she comes off looking good by trying.
I wish the U.S. and Japan could do one great thing for Guam to atone for the abuses in WWII. Unlikely to happen, but I'd like to see them contribute to the construction of a modern new high school. It could be named Memorial High School. This would benefit the entire island of Guam and serve as a memorial to those who actually suffered during WWII. Like Beatrice Emsley for example. May she rest in peace. Now there is a lady I admired greatly for the terrible abuse she endured, survived and apparently forgave.
If not a high school perhaps a civic center built on the site of the old hospital.
Thank you Charo for your very special post on the reparations issue. You are indeed special. Obviously many will disagree with you, but know that many share your views. They just can't express them publicly.
Guam wasn't treated with parity........it's been 60 years......let it go! Maddy Z. Bordallo's introducing another reparations bill....another stick with salt at the end of it to stir up the old wounds of the war that ended 60 years ago.........those that still live will relive the tragedy, their children that think they should be paid for their injuries will grind their teeth and whine and complain about the horrible treatment and on and on and on...this time around, the bill's called the Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act, the next step toward bringing justice to those who endured brutal enemy occupation in Guam during WWII........
Even if the bill passes and the President signs the bill into law...the people that have survived the war will long be dead.....they'll never get the money.......I truly think it's time to lick the wounds, be happy that we're alive, that we have an American flag that flies above us and that when we have Acts of God damages we have the help of Uncle Sam(FEMA) and let the endless whining and remembering go. The war reparations is like an uncollectable receivable......sometimes you just have to write it off........it's time we wrote it off, IMHO, it's time we got on with our lives........

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April 15, 2005


Guam wasn't treated with parity........it's been 60 years......let it go!

Maddy Z. Bordallo's introducing another reparations bill....another stick with salt at the end of it to stir up the old wounds of the war that ended 60 years ago.........those that still live will relive the tragedy, their children that think they should be paid for their injuries will grind their teeth and whine and complain about the horrible treatment and on and on and on...this time around, the bill's called the Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act, the next step toward bringing justice to those who endured brutal enemy occupation in Guam during WWII........
Even if the bill passes and the President signs the bill into law...the people that have survived the war will long be dead.....they'll never get the money.......I truly think it's time to lick the wounds, be happy that we're alive, that we have an American flag that flies above us and that when we have Acts of God damages we have the help of Uncle Sam(FEMA) and let the endless whining and remembering go.
The war reparations is like an uncollectable receivable......sometimes you just have to write it off........it's time we wrote it off, IMHO, it's time we got on with our lives........

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I predict that if chose, Gerry Perez, soon to be formerly of GEDCA, will further the successes of GVB that its current flatliner director Tony Lamorena who's currently moonlighting as COS at the gov's office.(Wow....which agency will pay his salary when Perez starts getting paid at GVB?)

I've not seen the results of any of Gerry Perez' SATs, perhaps he's a Menzie's member but you can be sure, he's no flatliner and thinks out of the box. He's quite responsible for the success of DFS having been its general manager(president the politically correct title?) for years. He thinks on several wave levels while the normal person struggles to think on one.........I think that he'll find ways to include other Asian neighbors in promotions and that he'll spend monies there and not spend or keep all the 'eggs' in one precarious basket.
IMHO, it's only because the rise in the Japanese YEN that our tourist numbers have been on the increase....that and the tragic tsunami in south Asia. GVB has done little to perk up the island as far as beautification....if you don't believe me....get in the car and drive to the nearest public restroom and check it out for yourself.....imagine a tourist going into one of those 'closets'....Mr. Lamorena and the likes of him thinks that GVB means touting tourism somewhere other than Guam.......I'd like to think that maybe Mr. Perez will think that tourism begins within the home, that the welcome comes from within....we place the welcome mat just outside our doors. Our children are trained to welcome our guests...my neighbor's little boy thinks it's 'cool' to wave at tourists on the red trolleys...when they wave back at him, his parents end up waving back...I think that's where it starts...then there's the cab fares. Do you know that those cabbies charge a whole $20.00 to get from the airport to St. Anthony's Church? And that was before the gas was increased to $2.62!
I'm thinking, with Gerry Perez at the helm, the gov's sister as deputy and the gov's daughter as PIO(I think?), we have to do better, yes?

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SO........it's a big ad, but are you better informed?

Maybe GTA should have spent less money on the ad and placed more ads weeks ago if they had intentions of ever sending the bills out....you see, the ad in the paper is the first I've seen of anything that resembles an ad from the company for the service that I have in the house! I'm assuming the same holds true for those who have cell phones?
Since we don't want to have our service disconnected, Kiku had to hop on down to the office to make payment for the phone service without a bill........because? We didn't get an invoices...bet that saved GTA thousands in postage stamps, huh?
Then there's the confusing things about long distance service charges...for the ignoramus that don't know....there ain't no LD service except those from IT&E and GUMCELL....so they might just make payments to GTA on those bills?
Then the ad says to be sure to make timely payments to avoid disconnection at the amount due at the bottom of the ad? Duh!!!!!
It reads that payments are due upon receipt!!!!
Aye adai, who's the moron that's purposely trying to confuse poor tun juan and tan maria, it's bad enough they don't have their enough retirement funds to retire now they have to be confused about their phone bills? Heck, for a few bucks more, they can have a cell phone and use it all day long....unless of course they live in Mangilao! Can't win for losing, huh?
Only so many things you can get away with in paradise!

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The best gift isn't always a material one....in many cases, it's the worst.........and you've received a few in your life, so learn from it!

When I was a little girl(Ben Hur was learning how to use the chariot), I wanted the doll with the French doll with porcelain feet, beautiful real hair and lace dress...she would dress up my bed and I would have a pretty room just like my other cousins who had rich and pretty things that were imported from Spain. As I grew up, it was the imported shoes, the dresses ordered from the magazines that no one on Guam had, and all the other things that I was the first on the block that claimed to have it first.......oh the values(or non-values of the young!) I thought the same of gift giving to my parents....expensive perfume for my mom, expensive ties for daddy, expensive pens and expensive everything for other family members. Everything in my foolish head was material and if it had a big price, meant that it was a good and proper gift.
I think I was a follower of those people that put the advertising in the newspapers and television ads.
In today's PDN, there are ads for your mom's Mother's Day presents........buy her a cellular phone...from $99. to $329.! Poor mom, she probably won't even know that there are games on the darn things and that it'll ring different ways and have caller ids on the darn things....all she probably needs is a simple phone that works to call in the event that she has a flat tire and needs help.....then of course there's the expensive brunches that she'll probably hate because all the grandchildren will be there and won't behave and she won't have a chance to talk to anyone because the hotel will be so loud she won't be able to hear anyone over the loud-singing singer and the cost will be in the hundreds of dollars that she won't enjoy......
Likewise the ads and thoughts of gifts for daddy....daddy likes to read....History books, archeology books, you name it, he'll read it books....so those, he really appreciated...he liked the fish and grew them so big we had to move into a bigger tank the next year, liked the birds and liked pretty much everything he got so he was easy.....but the most he loved was the little kids scratching his back before he went to sleep at night.......there was no price for that........he loves to have me massage his feet, reflexology style.......no price, no wrapping.....mom just like the regular massage........
Wouldn't it be nice if this year, we just cooked a healthy meal for our parents(on Mothers and on Father's Day) and spent the day totally honoring them? Taking them to church, cooking their favorite food, taking them for a ride, showing them how the island has changed, buying them a mango or fresh fruit, massaging them after a family dinner and eating ice cream and watching the sun set....and maybe if one played a musical instrument or not a cd would do, sing a mutually loved son..........that memory would be recorded so far into the soul that nothing would ever wipe it away...and I promise, your parent will take the memory of the day with him or her to the next life....you see, the very thing you can give that's most appreciate cannot be wrapped in paper...it can only be wrapped with love and can come only from the heart....that only you can give....If your mom or dad needs a cellular phone, don't wait for mother's or father's day, buy them one today!

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Catholics want to feel as if they are wanted, needed and loved....if you want to keep them in the flock, I suggest you learn what the New Life Covenant and evangelicals are doing to lure them over by the thousands!

There's a half page ad in today's PDN about a gathering of all Catholics and friends sharing and celebrating the Eucharist of our Catholic faith on the 16th and 17th of April with Steve and Janet Ray who are converts of the Catholic Faith, it's a regional gathering to be held at the Agana Basillica. I'm sure that the experience is one that will leave heartprints for days to come, but it'll be forgotten the next time the attendees attend mass because the clergy aren't loving, or caring or even compassionate towards the lost souls that come to the church looking for their psyche(s) to be healed.
My neice actually attended the New Life Covenant Church last week and was bold enough to tell me that she felt that she 'belonged' there, was made to feel as if she was a child of the 'father' in the 'father's' place, that the people there were friendly towards her and didn't push her to come back but invited her to return whenever she needed a place to come and talk or come for help that there would always be someone there for her, no matter the time. I climbed off my high horse, how could I fault a bunch of people who are out there serving the needs of people?
But, I'm Catholic first and until such time as I defect, I will continue to defend my faith, its faults and all. I beg the Bishop to gather his priests, his deacons and his nuns and to impress upon them that to spread love and caring and kindness and be genuinely interested in the things that our Catholic needs in their lives to keep them from leaving the church. We need not to worry whether a man and woman are married if they want their child baby baptized Catholic, perhaps that their baby is Catholic is reason enough for them to marry and raise that child Catholic. These days, the clergy seems to go out of their way to make it hard to be a practicing Catholic....if you make it hard to be a Catholic, and it's easy to be a protestant and one wants to be close to God in some way, then one will chose the easy path...and many are obviously chosing that path.
We have spent millions of dollars on beautiful buildings, even a beautiful Catholic cemetary, but we haven't put much strength or stock on how it is we're going to save our members from leaving our members. What a pity to lose Catholics when John Paul II spent 26 years sacfrificing his life to keep the church together only to find that he lost members of the church because we weren't paying any attention to the amount of love it needed to keep it together.
There's a priest in Tumon that takes the time to greet his parishoners after his mass.......almost makes me feel like I'm worth meeting before he has to speed away for breakfast! Thanks, Father, your homilies are pretty good as well!

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April 14, 2005


But.....the press will probably have to wait outside....as usual!

He didn't resign....filed his taxes, took a day or two off....while Peter John Camacho sat in his administrator's chair at GMH the last couple of days....while the media played the 'did he or didn't he resign' song during their many newscasts....and one wondered, did anyone bother to take down his wife's picture from his desk? What happened to his personal objects? Who cleaned/wiped away the things that were Bill McMillan's when he was 'removed' from his job as the hospital administrator? It was kinda like pulling the breathing plug on a dying patient, huh? Just pull it and he's gone? Just like that? Then you can say, oh, he gave me a verbal, I quit, he's gone, take down the pictures, put them in a plastic bag and he's gone! He says he didn't resign but it's his word against theirs...outta sight, outta mind, unplugged, gone!
Tonight, the hospital board will meet at GMH and the media will try to cover the meeting but guess what? They'll be told that it's an 'executive' thing and what you and I will want to know (the truth and nothing but) will be kept secret and little bits will trickle out...perhaps GMH will give Mr. McMillan severance pay...as I recall, he had to leave a good paying job in order to become the administrator of the Titanic......
In the meantime, one hopes that Peter John Camacho remembers that he didn't leave GMH in a better place than he found it and that the only thing he has going for him is that he's a local kid and we usually don't kick local kids out on the street like we do outsiders.
Let's see how transparent tonight's medical board meeting's going to be!

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Jesse Lujan says he wants to get to the bottom of questionable deals and or sweetheart contracts that Dr. Nathaniel Berg has with GMH.

Kiku says that I have only given one side of the story, the 'white' side, that I haven't given Jesse's side, the reason why Jesse wants to sit at the head of the oversight committee that oversees the hospital....so here it goes and it's mostly from Jesse's column in today's Marianas Variety....how fair can that be?
Lujan says that a long as he has breath in his body, and as long as the people of this island gives him confidence, he's not going to let you(Berg) get away with using the hospital as your(Berg) private piggy bank while our family and friends are dying in a substandard and mismanaged hospital facility. (Okay, here, I don't know how Berg's using the hospital has anything to do with mismanagement...since administrators come and go like the changing of the guards at the Windsor Palace)
So, Dr. Berg, Jesse Lujan says that you improperly used your friendship with Dr. Landstrom who's on the Medical Examiner's Board to limit competition to his practice to the detriment of the people of Guam, doing that by possibly participating in an effort to delay and ultimately denying a Filipino cancer specialist from practicing on Guam. Dr. Berg, is this true or false?
Then, Lujan says that there are questionable sweetheart contracts with GMH that you, Dr. Berg, are trying to keep him from investigating, as well, you have had 'questionable' dealings with at least one member of the GMH board of trustees, this member 'may have played a critical role in granting you lucrative contracts from GMH's board of trustees then entered into business dealings with any member of the board, it could potentially be considered bribery and should be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.'(Okay, Dr. Berg, I guess you don't have to answer that unless your attorney says it's okay)
But......this is what Jesse Lujan wants the public to know about why it's so important that he should be allowed to be allowed to be on the oversight committee over the hospital.
So.....is it a sweetheart deal for a man who put hundreds of thousands of dollars in MRI/X-Ray equipment to want a contract with GMH? He'd be a fool of a businessman not to want to hook up with some sort of contract and as I write this bet you he hasn't been paid in over 8 months and can bet you that he charges the hospital with no penalty! Does this man have friends who are on the board or who are doctors who practice at GMH? I dare say, even lawyers who fight tooth and nail in courts are often seen playing golf the very next afternoons! Even politicians make strange bedfellows!
But to be fair......I suggest that you read the senator's column in today's Marianas Variety and make your own decisions about whether or not he should be seated at the head of the hospital's oversight committee.
Oh, and while we're at it? I didn't see one local(as in Chamorro name other than Jesse Lujan and I'm sure he ain't getting paid for his articles!)reporter in the newspaper....how's that for import labor? Talk about Lee Webber being an outsider paper!!! Hello Pot, this is Mrs. Kettle speaking....or, is it the other way around, kan knever ghet that write!

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Ah duh, what did you think they were going to talk about?

Couldn't do Yoga yesterday so I'll probably catch up with it today...The Ray and Patti show didn't rev up the heart rate as it did yesterday with the doctors ranting and raving at each other and though I listened to the positively loco show, their comments were programed to respond exactly as I thought they would so I wasn't too bothered by the comments...but I'll let you know what they were just in case you're interested.......
The callers to that Chamglish show(cause sometimes the talkshow host likes to use both languages in sentences) all supported Jesse Lujan....most callers(and the host of course aggreed) said that if Berg can use his talk show to say things about Jesse, then Jesse can use his column to talk about Berg and Lee Webber of the PDN which is carrying the story of Lujan's being a doctor in a Muscle magazine........and that 20 years ago, maybe we should forget the mistakes of a young man who thought he went to school to be a doctor but really didn't...
You see, we really do protect our own....so many mothers say this about their sons who are arrested for killing someone...'my boy, he is such a good boy'...'he's so good to me'...we look the other way when someone brings to our attention the faults of one of our own.
My Kiku said that perhaps the doctors Macris and Berg used their talk show to open the can of worms(the great pretend doctor act) to get at Lujan and that Lujan is just using his column to get 'even' with the doctors(and Lee Webber of the PDN) and what is wrong with that? Of course, I almost spilled my coffee......on him! His opinion matters as does Lujan's....but......we, you and me, didn't elect Macris, Berg, McMillan or Lee Webber to represent us in this great hall known as the legislature to create legislation....we didn't elect these 'white' people to have oversight over or manage our medical care that he once pretended to have knowledge over.
In today's Marianas Variety in his column, he denies ever making such a claim, yet in today's PDN, a Stephanie Williams puts her neck on the line and claims that he told her he was a doctor. Yesterday on the afternoon show on K57, a man called and said he was in a class at GW in which Jesse Lujan was introduced by Ruben Candiotti a PE coach as a thorasic surgeon. Too many people have knowledge of the incident that can't be blamed on nosy news reporters. Jeff Evan in Sacramento has absolutely nothing to gain or lose by saying that Lujan was on his show and was interviewed as a bodybuilder and thorasic surgeon...it didn't mean anything then...Jesse wasn't an elected official possibly having oversight of the island's only civilian hospital......and you know what? It wouldn't make one bit of difference if Jesse was black, blue or green...if his name was Macris, Berg, or Webber...if he pretended to be a doctor and wasn't and he was a senator that was now possibly was going to be the head honcho over what was going to happen at GMH, I'd make sure he wasn't going to sit at that chair!

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April 13, 2005


I'm disappointed...but no matter, it's happened before!

From time to time, I've been caught up in the middle of a program and the power's gone off and I never know how the show has ended and never really get the real story from friends who watched it. Today, the fireworks were just beginning to get hot on the R-n-Patti show with the manic depressive and Dr. Berg and my favorite former talk show host in Sacramento on the subject of the great Chamorro Pretender Surgeon Lujan. My heart beat....will there be a recall for the pretender? Will the medical society clip the wings of the racist weirdo pretending to be normal. The clock was ticking. Gibson claims just before the gong strikes that the aging master talker would put the talkers on hold and take the fireworks to the prospective show............I groaned but thought, heck, how could he lose, he had hot charcoal in his hands, he had to keep the fire in the air...........NOT!!!
The life force was pulled from the machine...like Cokie Roberts in the Pope's funeral, he had to explain away the fireworks and bit by bit, the balloon began to deflate after about 40 minutes, the victim white/Jewish Dr. Berg was finally allowed to talk and treated quite distantly, let go with apologies to the audience that it was terrible that race issues had to surface.....okay, so I didn't want to see the two doctors fighting on the radio but I did want it to show that one doctor needed help and that it was apparent that if he had mental problems that he needed help and that we should work on getting help for him....that we shouldn't turn our back on him. It wasn't too long ago that he was arrested for some family violence issue that was never followed up by the media, wether it was resolved or not.
When during Jon's show a caller asked what Jon thought of Lujan's alleged lie about being a doctor, Jon replied that he would leave that for others to judge. I'm disappointed Jon didn't have an opinion about someone's alleged lie. A lie after all is against one of God's commandments. Do we look the other way when one lies? Do we let others do what we should be doing? If he saw someone stealing would he let them steal, allowing others to judge them? I'm really confused...it's the answer of a wimp?
It was a terribly confusing day...........I guess it's a good think Kiko wasn't home....I would have driven him nuts!

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Birds of a feather often think alike!

"my grandma used to tell me, 'tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you what you are,' akin to the line of 'birds of a feather, flock
together.' In listening to bigshow today I rolled my eyes of embarassment and disgust for what I interpreted as Travis' approval of Dr. Cruz' "most incredibly ignorant" statement heard this morning on Ray Gibson's show. Fortunately, it appears that Ray Gibson does practice his faith and rather than 'go-along' with the unpalatable comment from Cruz to get rid of the 'haoles' he strongly asserted that he was disappointed that someone SUPPOSEDLY educated and in 2005, one would make a vile statement with any hint of racism.
By and large though, Travis shares the same morals as Cruz and those might equate to the reptilian species. I agree with the guy who called and asked what kind of man would steal the bride of his son? The same kind who would cheat on his wife, I guess!
On another note, let's not muddy the waters with this racism issue. It is a valid issue, but truly NOT the one we should be focusing on. The hospital sits on an already rocky foundation, but the unfortunate thing is missing the solid foundation. Could it be that maybe our Governor should only attend ONE Sunday service? MIXED signals, HELLO!?!?
All of Camacho's losses and failures should be a clear indicator that he is an empty shell of a man and no matter how many Easter Services he requires KGTF to video and play on PUBLIC TV his soul is lost! How did you like that one Auntie? Your tax dollars paid OT to the KGTF crew to video and run the New Covenant 'who's who' at their Easter event. I didn't notice ONE single reference to the passing of the Pope and I'm also curious how does KGTF expect to keep their license while running their TV station like a normal broadcasting enterprise. Maybe the NCLC has some special agreement with KGTF since the current manager (who will NEVER fill Ginger Underwood's shoes) ALSO goes to the NCLC along with our Governor. Let's see if they paid for it. Last I heard there was a seperation of church and state. Oh! My bad - wrong CHURCH!
Anyone have some Thorazine suppositories for George Macris and Nathan
Berg? Unless those two have plans for public elected office they really need to chill the f*ck out. I overheard a conversation that they appear like rabid, feral animals. Calm down, you're scaring too many people. Its okay to whine, complain, bitch and moan. It would be fantastic to have a solution once in a while. As for the haole thing, Auntie I'm a half-haole. Sometimes I look local, sometimes I look haole. Do I take offense to the term? Hell no. These haoles are acting "haole." Get over yourselves. If its SO bad here haole,
get a plane ticket and go back to where you came from. The superiority you come off with is really annoying. Damn Carpetbaggers!"

Sometimes we need to look from the heart out and not see from the eyes out. The heart has no ear for accents and no sense of color. It can only feel what the other heart feels. Unfortunately, it feels what comes over what comes over the radio and it fears that it must exist amongst those that it calls neighbors!

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How come he's just now going to find 'consistent' funding?

Now that Macris, Kando and McMillan are outta there he's going to find consistent funding for the hospital? Sure, Jordanou discovered $4M dollars in acc/receivables, so what's new, recently, the government found $23M sitting somewhere unused, like GMH is the only government agency that has problems with collections....like Gov, pick up the phone and ask Larry Perez how current his collections are for garbage pickup are........betcha he can't tell you when the last time anyone paid......betcha he doesn't even have any booklets printed.....ordered any booklets to be printed, let alone mailed.......oh yea, then there's the GWA folks that are pretending they can't find the meters so they're guessing high on the readings so they can get more money on payments so pay for whatever it is they made mistakes on........
There aren't enough Andy Jordanous for GovGuam........and for the betelnut chewer Lamorena to say that McMillan failed to collect without penalty those HMOs that owed the hospital...how dare he suggest that the hospital play lord over penalties.....if every vendor charged GMH a penalty(try the retirement fund for one) for every nickle owed by the hospital....we'd just have to close government of Guam up and ask Uncle Bush to send the military to come on over and take us over cuz we're a lost cause!

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Travis Coffman thinks that the racist remarks that Dr. Edweirdo Cruz said on the radio this morning about getting rid of the whites at GMH was taken out of proportion.

When a man has an affair with his son's wife and marries her one has the opinion that not all's right with the person's thinking....that truly, love is blind....and his wife(the one who stood with him before God and his family who he promised to love until he died left the island to care for what is left of that poor son....this community forgot the scandal, the cameras that weren't able to come into the court room for the famous divorce trial...his new wife even ran for the AG's office, he ran and was elected senator....no stain in his reputation....we of short memories....we seem to forgive and forget...we elect all sorts of bi-polar manics....some call themselves doctors, others are real doctors.
This morning, a real doctor called K57 said he wanted to get rid of the whites...this afternoon under a package story by Patti Arroyo on the afternoon BS show, Travis Coffman said that this whole issue was taken out of proportion. I'm really confused about what's taken out of proportion, that a man dealing with the lives of people at a hospital is sane enough to call a station to say that he's trying to rid the hospital because people practicing there are white? Dear Lord, there are East Indians practicing there, Chinese, Jews, Koreans, Filipinos, Canadians, and who knows what other nationalities are there that this manic person is going to hate tomorrow....are we going to be safe being treated at this hospital knowing that he's going to be there creating an atmosphere of hate in a place of healing....he's really a loose cannon and is in serious need of medical and mental help.
I hope that there's a tape of this morning's show that that it's given to the medical society and that the man's medical license is suspended until such time as seeks medical and cognitive treatment...thorazine comes to mind!
As for Travis's comments, it just goes to show where his sense of moral values are. Maybe he's upset that Patti Arroyo blew the racist story out of proportion because she's brown and she was standing up for a white guy who was doing what he was supposed to be doing.......a good job.....and a non-paid co-talk show host at that!
Don't give up on Guam, Dr. Berg, more people than you know love you....keep doing what you're doing!

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When the time comes, will we have the guts to do what it takes to get rid of him?

We all say we have spines. Others have better words to describe the strength they have in more masculine ways...Some of us are passionate about issues and write letters to the editors, others call talk radio hosts to discuss the things that bother us...but alas! Few of us ever stand up for those very issues that really bother us.....I watched the bold and strong that stood up last night for the unborn fetus that would have their brains sucked out because they were unwanted...the partial birth abortion/anti-abortion hearing drawing but a few brave souls that stood for the millions that would die horrible deaths before they would take their first breaths and though I was not there and had no excuse for not being there, can only say that I continue to pray that it becomes a law, that Guam becomes a place that we don't murder the innocent....but...I digress....I should be talking about today's front page(PDN)story about Jessie Lujan's story about him being a Thorasic surgeon...I'm not going to bore you with the details but think that you should read the article and that you should pursue the truth and that if you discover that it is true, that you should gather with others and find a way to show the world as we did with Johnathan Toves that we won't stand for deceit or dishonesty. We should show others that we will no longer stand anything but truth in all offices, elected or otherwise. We should demand it in our directors, their deputies, the mayors, their vice mayors and any offices within the government. It's high time that we demand honesty and ethics from our public servants and when they don't give it...get get rid of them...maybe it's brutal, but like capital punishment, you need do it but once and the message is received! In the meantime, Let's hope that the wannabe thorasic surgeon senator doesn't have charge of the hospital along with the racist doctor that wants to rid the hospital of white people and that life is not endangered at GMH......all this stream of consciousness from today's PDN article and the Ray'n'Patti Show....what a morning!!!

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It was...almost! Until Edweirdo Cruz called and said he wanted all the whites outta GMH!

Too bad that today's Ray Gibson's show isn't taped on-line somewhere because it's a must listen to. He had my former favorite talk show host Jeff Evan from Sacramento on talking with Dr. Nate Berg discussing the infamous Dr. now senator and former thorasic surgeon Jessie Lujan(wasn't he also a pope at one time?) Dr. Berg was talking to Evan about the time he was interviewing Lujan about being the time when Lujan claimed to being a surgeon. The conversation was talking about how it was acceptable to the island community that it was okay to lie about being a doctor and that now this man was now possibly going to be incharge of the hospital. All of a sudden, Dr. Edweirdo Cruz calls and claims that it was Dr. Berg that was the one that he was the white man that he wanted to get out of the hospital. I wish I had taped the show so that I could give you verbatim the words..it was the most racist remark from anyone ever given on the air. Gibson said that it was the year 2005 and that he couldn't believe such an educated person could have said such a thing.....sadly, the show ended and though the storm was led to that of the older more formal Jon Anderson's prospective show, it lost it's fire and the balloon lost its air. Dr. Berg's opinion no longer important.....Perhaps it will be reborn this afternoon on Travis' show.
During Jon's show, somebody asked him what he thought about Jessie's lie and he said, "I'll leave that for others to judge"....the show is your so-called perspective...your opinion....do you not have an opinion? Do you not think that he should not have lied about whether or not he was or wasn't a thorasic surgeon? I'm assuming that he listens to you because he wants to know what you think about this issue...being politically correct is so boring!

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April 12, 2005


Will Willie Flores leave his heart in San Francisco?

In the beginning, Willie Flores said he wasn't guilty of the allegations of whatever it was he and friends Goto, Shinohara et others did with the borrowing of money from the Bank of Guam for Pedro's Plaza.....his friend Shinohara went to San Francisco and was found not guilty on umpteen counts(I don't remember which kinds at this writing) but didn't include those which friend Willie Flores was an unindicted co-conspirator in....seems he didn't cooperate with uncle federales which didn't make them very happy.........one can assume that they told him some pretty strong stories about how long and boring twenty years in the Klink can be so today, Willie decided that he would plead guilty to the deed, learn the lyrics and sing the song in San Francisco......and the stage being set......he'll be there in person on Monday when the doors at Uncle Fed's opens....I'm thinking this doesn't bode well for his friend who did very well the first time around.
How many hearts will be left in San Francisco this time around?

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Check out the FDMS year book.........

Unless of course, they're pew-mates at the Designer Direct Tamuning Covenant thingy..there's much to be said about the number of classmates that are in the current administration, or so says reminds a reader. I'm not up to who graduated when. (and I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with the hiring of same....if Father Duenas graduated a successful bunch of'em that year and they're good'enuf to be directors'n hospitu administrators, then it's fine wif me!)
Perhaps the real news people can do some research at FDMS to shed some light on who's who in the current administration from the who's who from the pages of the year Felix graduated.......if it's true that Peter John Camacho graduated with Felix then he didn't use the same Olay lotion cuz he appears years older...but then, so does Tony Sanchez and I'm thinking they're the same age/same class? I'm quite surprised that Uncle Felix didn't send Tony Sanchez to GMH? I bet he could've swept that place clean in likkity-split-time!
Wow! If they wanted Kando, Macris and McMillan outta there, why didn't they just say so months ago and get rid of them then? Look at all the money they could have saved on their salaries? Do you think that the gov'll give Petey John C. Bill's cushy salary? If he's as qualified as everyone says he is, shouldn't he get it?(the salary, not the hard time everyone gave McMillan!)
The hospital is a neverendingstory......it is like the figure eight, no beginning, no end........it is a public hospital and cannot turn away patients that cannot pay...people from the neighboring islands come here to get medical help...they don't pay. We have medically indigent people here that cannot pay...they get medical help, they don't pay...the government of Guam is bloated...it's the only way that politicians can get elected/re-elected, therefore, there's never going to be enough money left over to fix the hospital problem and so the problem will never end and no matter who will sit at the head of the hospital, no matter the color, no matter the qualifications, he will never be able to stay ahead of the money problems. The hospital cannot get supplies because it cannot pay its vendors, its retirement fund portions or its retiree portions which it really steals from its employees in order to operate on some temporary level.
Some of the problem could be eased if there was some cooperation from the government if it were downsized government wide, if government employees worked less hours, were given cuts in pay in order to balance the budgets in such places as the hospital, the schools, the police and fire departments...but, that's political suicide and it'll never happen because no one has the guts to stand up and die for what's good for the people. As long as we have greed in their guts, our people will bleed. It's a crying shame that none of us are brave enough to demonstrate how we feel about what's going on at Adelup or at the circus parking lot in Julale! We must like the beating....we're allowing it to happen!

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April 11, 2005


Truth will out.......somewhere.....sometime...someday.....almost the lyrics to a song, huh?

"According to Mr. Bill McMillan:
The Governor's Office has requested for my resignation, however, I report to the Board of Trustees, and will leave it up to them...."
More to this story to unfold soon. What's the truth? Mr. Peter John Camacho has been rumored to replace McMillan? That would be a bad move, because public health is a mess, and it will make GMH worse and who is Gloria Long? Who is best qualified? Right now, McMillan is the most qualified person."
The above is what's on the Guamhealthcare webpage....it's a webpage that Dr. Tom Sheih has something to do with.......something that you can take to the bank.....which means you can trust that it holds 'truth' to whatever is blogged there. If McMillan says he didn't resign, then he didn't.......by the way Tony-I-chew-pugua-on-camera-was talking the other night, no one should have been surprised that McMillan was going to be axed. I'm axtually surprised that Billy boy lasted so long after he said the truths about why he didn't/couldn't pay the retirement fund for the folks at GMH because he just didn't have the money to do so......and the gov said he had no business saying so....god, didn't he know not to say such things on t.v.?????
Well, now we have the Peter John Camacho who's 'humbled'(He'd better be humbled because he did 'jack' the last time he was head of GMH) to take over the reins at GMH........the Gov must have a lapse of long term memory because while Petey boy wuz there all hell broke loose.....I'm thinking there were all sorts of money problems but then all we have to do is look at the problems at Public Health to see what the dude is able to do to see what a miserable job he's going to do at GMH and I'm no Cleo the psychic!
We seem to have opened Pandora's box..............and no amount of prayers from the designers direct church is going to be able to fix the problem this time! Even the dude they cured from aids is back at the hospital....something bad seems to be going down! Should we sent the governor's office to GMH to fix the problem?

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The dude at GMH resigned....Who's they gonna blame now?

According to Garp, I mean KUAM's Breaking News phone messages!, Billy McMillan's turned in his resignation...whether by request of the port's Joe Mesa or whether because Billy just couldn't stand the heat caused by the presence of all the peoples from the gov's office standing behind his back looking over every single thing he did/or didn't do....then, there's the new doctor/legislator dude that's stirring the silt at the bottom of the muddy pond that probably ain't sitting well with the old man......his blood pressure can't be taking all this nonsense in stride.........either way, he's resigned and now it's time to see who the front office is going to blame for the tragic comedy at GMH!!!
It didn't run better while doctor/clown-legislator Mikey Cruz ran the hospital so he's had his turn to run the place, the no-smoking-pushing senator didn't do anything to help except excite the nurses so she didn't do anything to help.....we've got some temps working at the pharmacy but they don't have a headmaster so there's no telling who's their boss so ordering meds could be an exciting thing there....and since the new med-director has a full time job at Pacificare, what can he do from afar to keep the hospital from running off the cliff 'Banzai' style?
I know that if Carl TC Guiterrez were still gov, he'd roll up his yellow long sleeves and drive on up there in his black SUV and take over the operations of the place until there was some semblance of order there........but he ain't and it's a bit scary.......actually, it's a LOT scary.......we have no idea who's heading the only civilian hospital that we civilians have to go to in case we get sick and have to get medical care..........if we're lucky, we'll have the time and air fare handy and can fly to the Philippines or Hawaii....if now, we'll have our souls ready and a pre-paid burial plan.........
Aren't we all happy though......we asked for their resignations.......and got them! Dr. Macris(X) Winegar(X) Kando(X) McMillan(X) Dead because GMH is run by looney toon politicians(X)

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April 10, 2005


Funny how paper and t.v. handled suicide story at Hilton Hotel.

The suicide story wasn't funny, and perhaps shouldn't have been a story at all. Suicides are sad reminders that as a community, we've let a person slip through the cracks without our help. I've never understood why there was a need to cover a suicide story on t.v., radio or in the paper but this weekend(alas, only the dull Charles and Cruella wedding was in the news!) was dull and falling from the 12th floor was sensational...what I found funny(as in odd) is that both KUAM and the PDN reported that 'woman takes own life by jumping off the 12 floor of the Hilton Hotel'....pray tell, who else's life was she going to take if it wasn't her own if she jumped? She certainly couldn't have taken mine....or yours?
Could the PDN or KUAM have just said that a woman committed suicide by jumping off the 12th floor at the Hilton Hotel?
Maybe suicides will someday be non-news-stories and I won't have to wonder why people take their 'own' lives by doing whatever it is they do to stop living..............

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I agree.......stupid is as stupid does....eh? The reader's thoughts are on target...sometimes the clowns look for ways to get votes.....to think that she got elected instead of Ben Pangelinan!

"Judy Won Pat disappoints me. She proposes to award high school diplomas to former military personnel. I believe this is an utterly stupid move and one of a political nature. For future votes perhaps?
So many served in all of our wars. Many survived to continue not only their high school graduation requirements, but also went on to earn college degrees. So now we're going to 'award' diplomas to those who didn't have the get up and go to complete their educations. Across the board diplomas for those who served in the military doesn't do one iota to do the recipient any good, except to put a piece of worthless paper on the wall. Worthless because it was NOT earned. Let's not cheapen the diplomas of those who worked and earned them by awarding' such diplomas now.
Is this the kind of stuff we elect senators to do? In the course of the terms of many senators you sometimes wonder what real purpose do they serve that benefits all the people of Guam and not just the chosen few. So many silly bills introduced and so much time spent on debating them. Many actually even get approved.
There are serious problems within DOE, GMH, GPD, GWA and these agencies need the attention of the senators.
For crumb's sakes Judy...get real!!! Do something useful with your time. We're paying you and your cohorts in the Legislature big dollars to do good for all of us. Let's start earning those big bucks. Comprehende? I will repeat something I've believed and have said over and over. Nothing is free. What is worthwhile is earned and not just 'awarded'. Is this just another OOG?
Won Pat hopes to award diplomas to those who had to fulfill military
obligation Sunday, April 10, 2005

Legislative minority leader Senator Judi Won Pat has drafted Bill 71,
legislation that establishes "Operation Recognition". The senator seeks to create a law that would award honorary high school diplomas to veterans of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam conflict, as well as others who were unable to complete their high school education due to enlistment in the United States armed forces.
According to Senator Won Pat, "One day these individuals were carrying text books the next day they were carrying weapons to protect our nation - this is just one way to say thank you for their sacrifice." Bill 71 will go up for public hearing before the Committee on Education on April 11 at 2:30pm in the Legislature's Public Hearing Room in Hagatna. "

While you're at it, Judi, Merry Christmas! No wonder our children can't speak English, add, subtract, read or write....we not only promote them socially, we give them diplomas because of people like you pity their parents instead of making it easy for them to attend classes to get GED diplomas so that they can take advantage of the free college education for those in their senior years that can help the grandchildren. Pity that we have such clowns in what should be a legislature!
Thank you reader.....I couldn't have said it better!

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Was he at the Pope's funeral and on Guam at the same time?

It's probably a dumb question but I have to ask it anyway since K57's Patti Arroyo did a few packages on the Archbishop's being in Israel at the time of the Pope's passing and that he(the Archbishop) was going to be attending the Pope's funeral in all of her reports......right up until I attended the mass at the Cathedral.....Lo and Behold! In life and colorful garments....the Archbishop at about the same time he should have been in Rome with the other bishops of the world for the Pope's funeral.......
Okay, already, he's a Neo-Catechist and as far as I know, they aren't bilocated, so it's safe to say.....he didn't make it to the big funeral.......so....how's come our Patti Arroyo didn't come up with a follow up of why the Arch didn't make it to Rome thingy while he was in 'the area'? Like, he didn't have the right clothes? (Like, no one really travels with funeral garments) Like, he didn't have the funds to pay for the extra nights at an expensive hotel (Cuz, like, the only hotels available in Rome were the expensive ones because all the others were taken!!!) I'm sure there were other kinds of excuses for why the bish came home instead......just thought I'd ask.....if I wuz in the area, I sure would've taken advantage of being at the right place at the right time.....inquiring minds want to know!
Maybe KUAM will tell us why the bish didn't make it to Roma.....

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April 09, 2005


Some would think that you have a right to protect yourself.......

Caught this on CNN and I must say that I think it's a great law. Let's give the nice people a chance to defend themselves. I wish Guam would adopt such a law. Alas, not about to happen. Here, in fact, you must fear the police even. Blinking an eye might get you beat up. Senior citizens aren't safe from being put on the
ground either. Of, if a woman sexually assaulted as happened a few nights ago. I've never been anyplace before in my life where I have so little respect for a police force as I do here. I will spare the sordid details. OK, as to the law thing. About ten years ago a very old man who had about six or seven dogs as his only companions lived a peaceful life not too far from me. Some village punks made fun of him and harassed him on occasion. One day, being threatened, he shot at them. I mean this was after serious threats from the punks to do him harm. Perhaps they did, I just don't recall the details. What happened is they put the old man in prison. He was over 70 as I recall. He spent a few years behind bars and with nobody to care for him ended up being released with nowhere to go. While in prison he kept asking if his dogs were being cared for. It's what
he worried about most. They were all he had. What he didn't know was that all of his dogs were taken to the pound and put to sleep. Now, knowing me and my love for canines I would be fit to be tied if that were to happen to my dogs. Just one story from Guam that lingers in my memory bank. A sad tale. I'm not sure what has happened to the old man...probably gone on and joined up with his precious dogs at the Rainbow Bridge.

Florida to allow use of force even outside home
'Good, common sense, anti-crime issue'
TALLAHASSEE, Florida (AP) -- Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday he intends to sign a bill that would allow people who feel threatened -- even on the street or at a baseball game -- to "meet force with force" and defend themselves without fear of prosecution.
The measure, the top priority of the National Rifle Association in Florida this year, passed the House 94-20 on Tuesday. It had already passed the Senate. Bush, who has championed tougher penalties for people convicted of using guns in crimes, said the bill is about self-defense and called it "a good, common sense, anti-crime issue."
The measure essentially extends a right Floridians already have in their home or car. Under present law, however, people attacked anywhere else are supposed to do what they can to avoid escalating the situation and can use deadly force only after they've tried to retreat. "I'm sorry, people, but if I'm attacked I shouldn't have a duty to retreat," said the bill's sponsor, state Rep. Dennis Baxley. "That's a good way to get shot in the back."
Baxley said that if people have the clear right to defend themselves without having to worry about legal consequences, criminals will think twice. Opponents feared the bill would make Florida resemble the wild West, but defenders say it is no different from what most other states allow in laws governing self-defense.
The bill says a person has "the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so, to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another."Florida to allow use of force even outside home 'Good, common sense, anti-crime issue".

Wow, what a unique idea, only thing is, when a woman gets beat up at home and defends herself, the police picks her up and sends her to the clink as well......family violence...she can't protect herself so I'm not sure how this would work out here.. Perhaps Ray Tenorio could look into the Florida law and see if we could 'mirror' it on Guam.....as it is, most of the citizens are hostages.......any one with a gun can do almost anything to a citizen without one!

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April 07, 2005


Pay more attention to the grocery ads!

The price of gas is up but that's not the only thing that's up.......the prices at the grocery stores are up as well....everything here is imported....either by air or by ship and you can be sure they're paying more for their fuel as well! I think that as a community we're going to have to be more creative when it comes to shopping....perhaps there'll be less fiesta celebrations because it'll cost more....the prices at the Wednesday nite markets will cost more, etc.........we're literally at the mercy of OPEC and the price of oil! Pity the family that has more than one child to feed...the cost of enfamil, pampers and baby food is equal to gold! I'm hoping that the economy has truly 'turned' around so that the people can afford the increases that are now affecting their lives!
But, the mall is full, the movies are full so maybe it's just me that's worried about the increase in the cost of living, huh?

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A reunion to remember in Las Vegas!

1950 - 1980 and invited friends!

PLACE: Gold Coast Casino, 4000 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV.
DATE: Saturday, October 29, 2005
TIME: 5:30 p.m. --- No host cocktail
6:30 p.m. --- Buffet dinner followed by dancing
COST: $75 per person

Space is limited to 500 attendees. To guarantee your reservation, please
send your check or money order payable to GHSAA to:

Vicky & Ray Carbullido, 2603 Prindle Road, Belmont, CA 94002

Probable CUTOFF DATE is September 1, 2005, or whenever accommodations are

GOLD COAST Group Room Rates

Single/Double Rate $50 (Thurs. & Sun.) $109 (Friday & Sat.)
For reservations, please call 888-402-6278. To get the special group rate,
mention GHSAA Reunion (Group Code: THE 1027).

For questions, please contact any of the following members by e-mail or

George Flores: geofloresmd@hotmail.com / (270) 351-8386

Raymond Sablan: rayndit@aol.com / (619) 221-9182
Tony & Juanit Toves: atoves@aol.com / (408) 363-1165

For updates and other details, please visit www.chamorro.com/reunion

Page 2



If you have paid to attend the reunion, please send your wallet size picture
(camera ready, b/w or color), with name of your HS and year of graduation, and
your present occupation or profession. For our "montage" and "guess who"
pages, you can send your younger age or picture in military uniform. (Some
pictures might not be published.) You can pick up your pictures at the Reunion
Welcome Center at the Gold Coast Hotel on October 28/29.
Proceeds from GHSAA reunion, souvenir booklet, and golf tournament will be
sent to chamorro causes/organizations.

DEADLINE for Pictures and Ads - AUGUST 15, 2005

Send Pictures and Advertisement checks to:
Matilde F. Santos and/or Raymond D. Sablan, 4080 Hancock St. #4306, San
Diego, CA 92110

(619) 318-8277 or (619) 221-9182 email:RaynDit@aol.com

If anyone is interested in placing an ad in the booklet, please call Ray or
Matilde for additional information. Prices for the ads are listed as

Back cover outside (color) $1500 Front cover inside (color)
Back cover inside (color) $1000 Full page B/W $ 300
Half page B/W $ 150 Quarter page B/W $ 75
Business Card $ 35


When: Friday, October 28 (8:00 a.m. check in time)
Where: Sunrise Vista Golf Course, 2841 Kinsley Drive, Nellis AFB, NV.
Cost: $70 per player with Mexican buffet. $10 per guest for the
Format: Four man scramble

Note: Prizes will be awarded after the game. No handicaps will be
used. No refunds will be made after Oct. 15, 2005.
Application/entry fee must be received no later than Oct. 1, 2005. Please make
your check
or money order payable to
Joe Pangelinan, 467 Ridgeview Ct., Bonita, CA 91902-2508.
Phone: (619) 656-6343 email:
Please provide the following:
Date: _________ Players: _______________



Total # of Players: _____ x $ 70.00 = ______
Total # of guests
for the buffet: _____ x $ 10.00 = ______

Total amount enclosed: $ _______ Phone: ( )

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April 06, 2005


Thoughts from another confused taxpayer!

"Buenas Auntie! Well, I don't understand the "adjustment" of up to $95,000 - $98,000...do they mean this would be the ending salary or that some of these people need that much more money!?!?
I will admit one thing--while I lived on Guam, I was appalled at the
salaries of some directors I heard about. IF (Please, the IF is
important) the Governor wanted to hire or appoint someone who is
QUALIFIED by virtue of education, experience, etc., then some of
those salaries are WAY TOO LOW! But, not by $95,000 - $98,000! If
higher salaries are paid, then I would expect (and I do still pay
SOME taxes on Guam!) that we would receive better or more
professional services from these folks and their agencies. The net
result to the bottom line might be zero if they are smart enough to
figure out ways to be more economical/efficient, etc. (i.e., provide
LEADERSHIP!). In some of the technical areas, I would expect
QUALIFIED directors to be very highly paid...DPW, GWA, GPA, etc.
Just my 2 cents (I'll add a blog one of these days I suppose...)."

My two cents? They're already overpaid? Just look around....our hospital is in dismal shape......okay already, I'm stepping off the soapbox...it's too hot a day to start the day off with a litany of ailments within the broken government of Guam system...and to think someone actually thinks the directors and their deps need a salary increase....what will they think of next?

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April 05, 2005


If it goes through, it'll be confirmed, we're totally stupid and we should be laughed at by everyone on the planet!

We're going broke.....there's no money in the government for textbooks, ambulances, school buses, we need more hospital beds, more doctors, more nurses and the list gets longer as I get older so I won't bore you with the litany of ails........but according to Mindy Fothergill on the KUAM website, there's a movement to increase or adjust the salaries of agency directors and their deputies.......Lord, we really are stupid!
According to KUAM's Fothergill:" If a director or a deputy director is doing well or not doing well, then there's the flexibility to move to a certain point or to bring down and not pay as much as may be paid for that position. According to the current pay scale, pay adjustments for department heads could be as high as $95,000-$98,000 a year. Perez says the Commission will simply make a recommendation but the decision on pay raises is ultimately left for lawmakers to decide. While directors and deputy directors are unclassified employees and are usually political employees. The executive director notes that the ultimate goal is to review the uniform pay scale for all classified employees."
Ignoramus est.............the whole bunch of us...if we allow this to happen! I wonder what drugs these people take to get such strange ideas!

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I'm not sure, but what do you think about the gov's chief of staff/aka director of GVB/actg dir of GMH appearing before t.v. cameras chewing pugua?

I'm not sure that visitors watching the evening news and seeing the gov's hatchet-man/COS Tony Lamorena being interviewed on t.v. and talking about what ails the hospital and chewing betelnut at the same time is 'quaint'........he dodged the question about whether he's going to 'ax' Bill McMillan's position sometime in the near or distant future because the dream or nightmare team has discovered $4K of recoverable accounts receivables from HMOs(as if that amount was going to make a difference!)........seems that the dream team is now made up of the dude from the Port and Public Health and GVB and there was no mention of Underwood so one has to wonder where he's been assigned this week.....
It appears that someone's angry at McMillan because he spoke the truth about why the retirement fund portions from the hospital hasn't been paid as well as the payments to the hospital vendors.....sadly, he hasn't been able to keep all the plates in the air......perhaps if the governor's office shared some of the money it spends on staff salaries with the hospital, the ship wouldn't sink every pay day.....it's quite obvious to those of us outside looking in......we can't afford to continue to provide free hospital care to compact impact immigrants........as well.....we must try to find a way to get medical insurance for the indigent......then of course, there's the collection problem that's never really been properly addressed.......perhaps the Pecina lady with the big salary can work on that to satisfy her big salary!

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And.........it happened in the dark streets of sin city...Dededo!

"Seems I just sent you some comments about the troubled Dededo police
precinct. And now another incident. Quite a serious one too. Note the officer is released and my goodness GPD is once again having to do an IA investigation and we won't know anything because this is another of those personnel matters. I'm wondering had it been me who committed the dastardly deed would I have been released?
When we cannot rely on or trust the police we have serious problems that need addressing and not hidden being IA investigations.
Captain Paul Suba has been the subject of how many investiations now? Like the fishing party, for example. An one, a Lieutenant, is the subject of an investigation and despite that was still promoted to Captain. NEVER in the military would you see this happen. And the citizens tolerate it and soon it's all forgotten."

Hey dude, at least this time, it was an adult, the last time this cop was arrested, it was because he was alleged to have had sex with a minor..........at least he's now found someone his own age!
Like the reader supposes.....the cop's probably on paid leave and he'll probably be given a raise and will be promoted just like the others were while waiting for their 'cases' to go through the court processes............only on Guam....of course!

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Wow, the guy should've done what Tony Martinez did!

If they offer you a plea bargain, take it.......don't be wasting their time.......KUAM just broke the news that:"The former assistant general manager of the Guam Mass Transit Authority was sentenced to five years behind bars in jail by a Superior Court judge. This past February a jury found Tony Diaz guilty of one count of theft of property as a second-degree felony, one count of theft of property as a misdemeanor, and 23 counts of official misconduct. Diaz was convicted of misusing a government credit card while assistant general manager of GMTA." (Visit KUAM's website for Mindy Fothergill's full story of watch their news this evening for the full story)
Can't help but wonder how this is going to play out in the Gerald Yingling case in which he was found guilty of as well in a similar abuse of credit card use, the case pending an appeal.
Could Diaz have received less time in jail if he had cooperated with the prosecutors as had Tony Martinez who served but six months and probation time?

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If you have announcements you want to have posted........

And you want them to appear on Charo's soapbox.........send them as text messages....otherwise they won't/can't be opened and can't/won't be announced.
I do well with cut and paste these days.....!

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April 04, 2005


That I have shed tears for a man who I don't know show mean nothing to readers who don't know me...or whom I don't know...

But in the grand scheme of things, we're all connected and perhaps that stranger who wore the white cassock was a brother who was sent to bring us closer to The Father in Heaven and that his mission on earth was all that his body could complete, his passing, giving us time to reflect on our own lives, our own values because of the examples he set for us.
One single drop of water is nothing, but added to thousands, it can erode a marble mountain...That one man changed the lives of untold millions of people just by being humble and loving and kind. One candle, lighting up the entire dark world.
And so perhaps my tears are insignificant, but my prayers, added to yours will not be when we pray for world peace, when we pray that our government becomes more focused on the needs of our people, our children and that our politicians stop playing games and become leaders and that the Holy Spirit guides the Conclave of Cardinals to elect a Pope that will be able to keep the flame alive in these dark times.

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April 01, 2005


The guy who lived a charmed life is charmed no more.

Alicia Perez of K57 broke the story yesterday afternoon......formerly unindicted co-conspirator, Willy Flores in the case against Gil Shinohara and Takahisa Goto .....It's in KUAM's website for your perusal in a package by Mindy Fothergill. "Assistant U.S. attorney Joe Wilson confirms the indictment charged Flores with bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. The charges are in relation to a Bank of Guam loan that Flores, Rex International president Keun Yil Kim, and Shinohara obtained. The government alleges the three falsely represented that the loan money would be used to repair and renovate Pedro's Plaza, but was instead used for personal gain.Flores had entered into a plea agreement with the government and testified during Shinohara's trial earlier this year. "
Sadly, this is the same dude that got the contract for the second portion for the reconstruction of the San Vitores Road in Tumon....so the Roly-Poly road will continue to sink as it did between the OutRigger Hotel and the Hilton Hotel because of shoddy construction....it's truly a sad day. The man is a bright man and had a lot of promise.....of course, he has his day in court and he's innocent until proven guilty as are the other two mentioned in this opinion.

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Oh, god! Jesse A. Lujan, the great pretender doctor says that McMillan has to be removed in order to get the battlestar Gallalactica back into space? Give me a break!

And the gov's new lackey Tony Macarena says Adelup is responding to employee morale? This is such a three-ring circus.....!
Okay, so I'm upset because McMillan hired that Pecina lady for those big bucks and the pharmacist for bigger bucks and didn't seem to have much control over his 'attitude' problems with fellow employees...as well as other problems but think that if the dude had some cooperation with the offices at the Circus and Adelup and Civil Service(the one that would allow him to clear the ship of really dead wood) that the man might have been able to turn the place around....he's not perfect but the best available at this time....and knows the hospital lingo......
Now, we have the governor who talks 'ssst' that rhymns with it about him on t.v. two nights in a row and totally demoralizes him....when you do this, the employees below him lose respect, knowing he ain't gonna be around in the near future and will stop doing what they're supposed to because his powers are temporary at best......
I don't think Jim Underwood wants to take GMH over and think that Tony Macarena taking the place over would be the biggest laugh ever...don't even think Joe Duenas is capable....I'm thinking we should be careful because Mr. Bill is all we have at this time and he's better than 'no body'.......I'm thinking the gov is upset with Mr. Bill because he spoke the truth about the retirement contributions from GMH to the retirement fund......what was the guy to do......he merely told the truth....what was he to do(can't believe I'm now defending the man!!!...pretty soon I'm going to be defending Macris!!!)..........Jesse the pretender couldn't do 'jack' the first time around....should stick to resolutions.......I'm not overly impressed with Macarena's results with GVB(which I understand is another 3-ring circus waiting for the press to discover) and instead of asking the hospital employees to cut down their hours, maybe should be asking the gov's office staff to cut their hours and give the money to the hospital where it's gravely needed.....that's where I think my priority would be if I were governor....

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Gluttony and anger.....and the messenger....

Sometimes, an insult is the best way to 'get' the message. I think I was wrong to think that the person 'Stephanie' who wrote angrily about me using 'nom de plume' was an angry wife/lover of one of those unfortunate overweight cops. I've thought about it and now think, pitifully, it's probably one of the overweight cops.
Let's say that I am righteous and that I insult the overweight officers in the force(I don't think the military would stand for anyone in those sizes in their forces)...wouldn't it be better if the insults resulted in one or two of them got so angry at me that they actually went on a diet and proved me wrong and lived happily there after?
Look at today's newspaper. Look at the ages of those that have passed away. They're not in their seventies or eighties...and not all of them died of cancer or some rare disease...a good number of them died of diabetes...most being totally preventable!
So, there's gluttony...living to eat and not eating to live......and anger....aimed at the messenger rather than looking for truth in the message and doing something about it. If this argument can save one life, I can stand all the insults hurled at me.....I'm not perfect...and I wasn't always thin....I have walked in the shoes of those men so I've walked the walk!

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