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May 29, 2005


I almost liked it!

The first time Chris Barnett worked for KUAM, I couldn't get enough of him. He was really talented and naturally funny. He did unusually funny things. Once, he took his show to the Ordot dump. And he used to poke fun at just about everyone on the GovGuam payroll, not with sarcasm but with plain fun and games...then, for some odd reason, he had some 'words' with KUAM's owners(the Calvo's) and went to work at Hit Radio and kinda went to the dark side. He became bitter and sarcastic, almost hateful. The nice and funny Chris turned into the Chucky doll. In order to get laughs, he had to turn on or offend people. I was actually surprised that the hoity-toity Holmes clan allowed him to behave in the manner that he did on-air because didn't allow anyone else to behave in that manner before, but also guess that they had no other alternative since they were neck deep in debt and Chris was bringing in some really big bucks with his dark humor.
So.....something happened and the Calvo's either forgot whatever it was that they fired him for earlier and brought him back to the fold and probably paid him more money to return......he's toned way down and although I don't listen to his show, was exposed to it a few nights ago. I was really beginning to get into the rooster story until I realized what the story was going to be about, but even then, it still seemed to be interesting........then it got bloody and I was grossed out.
Barnett's photog had good footage of how the roosters are kept at the hill behind Tumon. How the roosters and the hens are housed is very interesting. How the roosters are trained to fight was also kind of interesting..........but when Barnett lifted his tee-shirt and the owner of the rooster began to have the rooster bite Barnett's nipples until they bled, I was totally grossed out. He could have gone out without doing that and if that wasn't enough, another member of the dysfunctional team did the same thing...the trio laughing as if it was funny having a rooster attack your breast hard enough to draw blood. Worse that those at home watching was a little girl who was about 5 or 6 years old who was with her father and saw the whole thing. I can't imagine what she thought about the savage activity...
It's such a macho/machismo thing to fight animals or eachother.
How pitiful a life it is for those roosters to spend their entire lives being kept alive just to fight eachother with sharp knives just to entertaina bunch of savages.
I guess if I were an off-island visitor and saw that video I probably would have written something not so favorable.........which brings something to mind..........how come Tony Lame-o-rena and the Governor didn't send a nasty letter to that imbrcile Mike Ogle at EXPN2 and tell him off when he was told about it on the Ray and Patti Breakfast Show. I recall that Ray told him that at times like these it would be nice if GovGuam had PIOs......hmmmm, maybe Tony was too busy with the Philippine travel office!

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Lest we forget.

The following is a poem written by Bill Chance in 2001, it'a called: FORGET ME NOT.
Remember rockets red glare
bombs bursting in air
gave threw the night that our flag is still there.

Our forefathers reminder of a price to be paid and responsibility to inherit the United States.
Rockets red glare bombs bursting in air
Words fallen on ears unwilling to hear.
deaf no more we all know now the price of freedom the price of war.

Freeborn children listen and see a new generation paying for you and me
Don't be so blind or so deaf to the sights and sounds Americans have left,
Let freedom scream in our ears and minds never forget those left behind.
Freeborn children stand tall and see! does the banner old glory yet wave for thee

God bless America.


As you enjoy being around family and friends, be reminded that men and women gave their lives that we could live in freedom. Let us be greatful and acknowledge their sacrifice and say a prayer of thanks for their generous gift and another prayer of thanks that we have men and women in uniforms fighting wars in faraway places so that we can continue to live in freedom.
That we can play in the sunshine, throw mean on a grill and be with family and friend comes with a big price, just ask a widow or widower, or a soldier home without an arm or leg because he lost it while he was fighting a war for our freedom.
It'll be complicated, but I hope that parents take the time to explain why they're out of school tomorrow.
To the families who have lost loved ones while serving in the military, my condolences and sincere thanks for their service to our country.

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May 28, 2005


Gads, pulling a kid by the hair and throwing him outside the class, you'd think he'd received that same punishment at the hands of a nun teacher at another lifetime............

A long time ago, just after the time of the horse-drawn carriages were teachers dressed in dresses that were long, their faces covered as were their heads. They wore wire-rimmed glasses and hardly ever smiled, most carried a ruler that had a thin sliver of steel on one side, some carried clickers so that we could all genuflect at one time while in church. When we broke the rules, however, punishment was different with each teacher depending on personality and age. It wasn't unusual to have one put tape on your mouth if you talked too much in class. Another teacher would rather you stood with your face to the black(yes, they were black during my time)board the entire 45 minutes. If you were really bad, you got to clean the restrooms for several days which meant that each and every one who used it knew you did something really bad. Catholic school restrooms were the cleanest, I'm sure. Regardless of whether you were a boy or girl, if you did something wrong, you cleaned the windows so you were humiliated, as well, you could be seen picking up papers by anyone passing the Plaza de Espana. If you were smart, you kept your back to the street while you picked up the garbage. But the theme for the punishment was public humiliation at any price! The priests did it as well. One of them had a student kneel with her hands outstretched holding two heavy books during his entire religion class just to make a point. Surely that wasn't what Jesus would have done and I don't think it was a very Christian thing for him to do but since he's dead, can only pray that she's forgiven him.
You have to wonder why these people are doing what they're doing to our children. When parents abuse their children, it's often said that they're continuing a cycle of their own abuse. How do we get in between these people with the bad karmas in order to protect our children?
I'd like to share a shortened version of Dorothy Law Nolte's
Children Live What They Learn
If children live with criticism,
They learn to condemn.
If children live with hostility,
They learn to fight.
If children live with ridicule,
They learn to be shy.
If children live with shame,
They learn to feel guilty.
If children live with encouragement,
They learn confidence.
If children live with tolerance,
They learn to be patient.
If children live with praise,
They learn to appreciate.
If children live with acceptance,
They learn to love.
If children live with approval,
They learn to like themselves.
If children live with honesty,
They learn truthfulness.
If children live with security,
They learn to have faith in themselves and others.
If children live with friendliness,
They learn the world is a nice place in which to live.

How many of our teacher aides/counselors/teachers grew up learning and living hostility and condemnation? Maybe those who have harmed our children are too broken to fix, but it's not too early to make sure that our own children grow up with acceptance, love and security.

I'm sure many of you have heard the song sung by Barry Manilow, I AM YOUR CHILD, here are the lyrics.

I am your child
Wherever you go, you take me, too
Whatever I know, I learn from you
Whatever I do, you taught me to do
I am your child
And I am your chance

Whatever will come, will come from me
Tomorrow is won, by winning me
Whatever I am, you taught me to be
I am your hope,
I am your chance,
I am your child

Whatever I am, you taught me to be
I am your hope,
I am your chance,
I am your child
What kind of child will you give to the world? An abuser or a kind and compassionate human being? It's up to you!

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Love it when PDN puts it on the front page and it's already history!

PDN ran a story on it's front page about some idiot writer by the name of Mike Ogle who wrote an article on ESPN's website about Guam's poor villagers offering their daughters to American who come through the villages and that the natives are addicted to cockfighting(hmmmm, wonder if they got the idea from malafunkshun's recent video).
The article included the island's Washington Delegate Madeline Bordallo(Happy Birthday Maddy) and mentioned Rick Nauta of Hit Radio, Program Director of Hit Radio 100 as being upset with the idiot freelance writer.
I wonder while writing this why it took David Crisostomo almost a week to discover the story since Ray Gibson and Patti Arroyo of K57 blasted Mike Ogle for four hours two straight days in a row early this week, giving both Ogle's e-mail address as well as that of ESPN's webpage........so, PDN, this isn't frontpage news, it's history........and it's too bad that your writer didn't give any credit to the two that broke the story.......Alas! Maybe Mr. C. doesn't like Talkradio...therefore if he ignores it, it will go away!

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May 27, 2005


Senator Eddie Calvo's mind is governor material....all he needs now is a good running mate!

He ran for governor the last election....he wasn't as they say, 'dry behind the ears'(I really hate that saying, but guess it applies). The time away from the legislature, away from the beggers for jobs, freeloaders for this that and the other and all else gave him a better view on how he the government should run. He didn't come back to the legislature as the wimpy, slurpy-smiley Eddie-rich-boy Calvo. I have to say, (in my humble opinion and it's worth two cents in today's economy)he came back a man, with ideas of his own, with some real masculine strength. Today, he stood up to the Andy Jordanau, probably a former banker of one of his family's company's during another lifetime. He asked the hard questions and he didn't let up. He didn't do the stupid dance like the other guy did the other night with the locust tenement(purposely mispelled)issue. He says what he wants to say and asks what he wants answered and doesn't waste anyone's time.....and I think that he wouldn't be the kind of leader that would exit a back door because he couldn't face a reporter who wanted to ask him any questions. I don't see this new Eddie Calvo playing 'dodge' anything. He's a real asset to the republican party, and although he's got the strength of a bull dog, he's still got his mother's heart.
Up until these budget hearings, I was beginning to think that there was no prayer for a republican candidate for the gubernatorial election........I think we should watch Mr. Calvo, he shows great promise....all he needs now is a running mate that shares his vision for a government that operates within its means.......
Mr. Calvo, you're doing a great job and showing a great example. Please keep up the good work!

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The real priorities are always overlooked!

"Lamorena says GovGuam staffers too important to withhold increments
May 26, 2005

The Camacho Administration has responded to the call by the Chamber of
Commerce, urging Governor Felix Camacho to hold off on paying out increments until the government pays up and settles it's outstanding obligations. According to Governor's spokesperson Tony Lamorena, it all boils down to prioritization.
"The employees are the heart and soul [of the public sector], they're the ones who get the work done and if anything, they're a priority," said Lamorena. "You cannot accomplish the mission of an organization if you're employees are not taken care of."
The Chamber sent a letter to the Governor urging the delay of pay increments to government employees until the Government of Guam's "numerous unfulfilled financial obligations" are properly paid. Those unfulfilled obligations include vendor payments; tax refunds; school maintenance; GWA and GMH, both in need of large financial supplements; retirement obligations; and multi-million dollars worth of projects for the Federal Emergency Management
Administration that have not been completed because GovGuam can not come up with the required 10% matching contribution.
According to Lamorena, despite the large deficit that the administration inherited it has done a good job of paying a lot of its debts.
Those that are in high places just don't get it, do they? Pay raises at a time when so many other issue, read obligations, need attention it seems fattening the bank accounts of the GovGuam employers, read voters, is more important. Hogwash!!!
Obviously the pay raise will benefit Lamorena as well. Just a hazardous guess, mind you. The more I see of him and Gerry Cruz, the mouthpiece at DOE, the more angry I get.
It's pretty much you're either one of the favored 'them' (GovGuam employees) or one of 'us' who must pay the dime for what we pay for, but don't get. I swear Charo, 'they' have no shame and will do as they will and the taxpaying public be damned.
The reorganization and streamling of GovGuam was an election promise. It will NOT happen. Consolidation and/or privatization is scaring those who benefit most from the way things are done and will continue to be done. As in GWA's employees saying they can do the job better, if given another chance. Another chance? Why is a second chance necessary? I've lost faith in Craddick. Or is it Craddock? Whatever, he's drawing a fat pay check and where is the improvement? Consolidation of functions, especially in the administrative and finance departments, would be a nice start. Like meter readers, for example. Last week I watched as a GWA pickup drove up with two guys. One with a stick poked around and read the meter reading back to a guy sitting in the truck. At their rates of pay I'd say reading meters is a rather expensive proposition. One should not only do the job, but one should be reading both water and power meters. All readings should go to one central accounting
and finance department and utility bills generated from them. And one
payment to one accounting department for GovGuam. Won't happen because that would mean cutting back on employees. What a thought, eh?
We could go on and on about how to do things better by being smarter. But I guess considering most GovGuam employees don't have college degrees, and maybe some don't even have high school diplomas, what can we expect? Even a former governor didn't place much emphasis on the importance of an education Don't you know it, but he was using himself as an example. Role model? The steady stream of depressing news is endless. So are the excuses about
not enough money and not even people. But there is money for pay raises? While the tax refunds, of which I am NOT due one since I pay, go upaid. What will it take to rile the population of Guam up to put an end to the way politicians do things. Oops, excuse me, the population is either employed by GovGuam or they have relatives who work in GovGuam or maybe even are in a high position. So who do we blame? We blame ourselves for the situation we find ourselves in.
I'm so delighted with the way things are that I might just get 'juiced' and dance in the streets and hope I don't get run over. Like happened a few nights ago. And will happen again before long because nobody seems to care to take charge.
New topic: Love the folks at GAIN. Today I passed a dog in distress on the side of the road near Wusstig Road. 10AM and hotter than blue blazes and the dog, I could tell, was hurt and not able to stand. She was breathing heavily in the hot sun. I drove back to GAIN and there the angel named Bambi, and a friend, right away jumped in their private car and followed me back to the scene. The dog was still there. Would have died in short order in the hot sun, except for the fact that Bambi picked her up and took her back to the shelter. Angels, I say, angels. The positive turned negative as I passed by the Seaman's Club a short time later and saw a big dog dead in the median. Probably hit and died a slow death in the hot sun as it didn't show signs of being ravaged. Sad..."

Unfortunately, we've been conditioned to expect the worst. We are used to being treated like second-class citizens, perhaps like trash-citizens, we're used to having our children treated like trash-kids. We'll all give lip-service to the increment that the governor is hell-bent on giving(remember, Carlos Bordallo said that the law dictates that is there's unspent monies from the past year that it should be spent on increments for the employees-yet no one has questioned how it is that we have left over funds when there's a deficit therefore the question of how it is that there's any leftover funds)deserving govGuam employees. Let it be known. I do not begrudge govGuam employees their increments. They are hardworking and merit the increments. Unfortunately, unpaid vendors whose profits go to pay taxes that go to pay government employee salaries need to be paid so that they can pay their salaries first. We need to cut down the size of government and can do so if let some people retire which means whatever funds we have left should go to depositing funds into the retirement fund so that these people can get off the government payroll and so on....I'm not saying don't give the increments, I'm saying as others are asking/saying.....'delay' the increments until such time as the government coffers can afford such an expenditure.
It's a brave thing to be able to stand up and say that I'd rather not be re-elected because I want to keep the government operating than to say that I want to be re-elected, therefore I'm going to spend every rec-cent in the coffers, bills, be-damned! Regarding the increments, there's an old Samoan saying:'You shake in vain the branch that bears no fruit."

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From the Sons and Daughters of Guam Club, Inc.(copied as sent)

61st Liberation of Guam
The Sons & Daughters of Guam Club, Inc.
Cordially invites you to our
51st Annual Liberation Coronation Ball
“Building A Bridge For the Next Generation”
Saturday, July 2, 2005, 4 p.m.—12 a.m.
Holiday Inn on the Bay•1355 North Harbor Dr. San Diego
(Free Parking with
Hotel validation)
No Host Cocktails 4 p.m. •Ceremonies 5 p.m. •Dinner 6 p.m.
Main Entree: Beef or Seafood
Dancing immediately following dinner
Music by: “Three plus One” and DJ Art Cruz
Admission: $45.00 per person Attire: Semi-formal
No tickets sold at the door. Please purchase tickets by June 25. Tables for
8 can be reserved with advanced ticket purchase. Contact: Benni Schwab
(619) 334-9198, _guambs@aol.com_ (mailto:guambs@aol.com) , Julie Q. Santos,
(619) 280-4826 _julieQ54@yahoo.com_ (mailto:julieQ54@yahoo.com) , Roque
Pangelinan (lib. Comm. Chairperson) @ 619-434-8052, _RoqueBochang@yahoo.com_
(mailto:RoqueBochang@yahoo.com) or any SDGC, Inc. official. Tickets will be
available on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Clubhouse (619) 264-1226 during the Senior
Luncheon hours. Si Yu'us Ma'ase, SDGC, Inc. Please forward.

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There's more than one way to skin a cat.......seems there's more than one way to get 'ice' into DOC!

K57, KUAM and the PDN all reported that 2 DOC inmates and 10 detainees(is there a difference? Aren't they all behind bars and barbed wire?) were tested and they were found to have smoked ice(I think that's how you get it into your system) and or smoked maryjanes.......either way, it showed up in their urine/or/blood work.
So guess what? There's a whole new inquisition going on at DOC. I feel sorry for poor Robert Camacho, acting director of DOC....he's just finished an inquisition for the male section of DOC and had to fire a few guards there because they were negligent and a few were able to have a bit of fun out side the gates for a few days at the expense of GPD and some terrorized communities......the firing of the guards means he's going to have to pay overtime charges which at this writing is a 'no no' with the AG since DOC clearly doesn't have the extra funds to pay for such charges and doesn't allow for OT charges.......a catch 22, if you will.
Now, he's got the women guards to check into........it's pretty obvious........the 'ice' didn't just walk into the prison....it had to be brought in. KUAM reports that someone brought it in by via vagina, pretty gross if you ask me but if you're desperate I guess it doesn't matter how it gets to you...I'm assuming that if it entered DOC via this private part, someone(guard) had to turn her back so that it could get 'delivered' and distributed. That same guard had to have been paid....why else would she have 'turned' her back? These days, things are done for profit, almost no one turns their back just so someone can get their jollies on ice....most favors are paid for in cash.
I predict that in two weeks or so, Mr. Camacho will discover that a guard at the women's section is part of the drug problem and that she gets paid to allow the drugs to flow freely into DOC, making it easier to control the 'clients' once they've had their 'fix'.
If anyone deserved an increment, it would be Mr. Robert Camacho...but guess he would have to be confirmed by the legislature first, huh?

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May 26, 2005


He's the worst spinner yet! Find him a mailroom that's in dire need of sorting....perhaps he has skills for that job that have yet to be discovered!

"Lamorena says GovGuam staffers too important to withhold increments "
Is the title of Sabrina Matanane's report on this evening's news about the increment the Chamber of Commerce wants delayed for obvious reasons(if your head has been under some rock....the government is still in 'red' mode....as in 'broke') but Rolly Polly Olliemorena says and I quote(you can go to KUAM's site and read the whole article that will work better than Ipecac(sp-haven't had to use it since I've discovered that two fingers work just as well!)"The employees are the heart and soul [of the public sector], they're the ones who get the work done and if anything, they're a priority," said Lamorena. "You cannot accomplish the mission of an organization if you're employees are not taken care of."
I gag as I write this. Here we are, govGuam vendors wait years to be paid for merchandise/supplies, Dr. Berg hasn't been paid for services for 18 months as have other doctors who have worked for the hospital, other hospital vendors........private companies drive the taxes that pay the salaries for these hearts and souls that are the priority of the governor. It is wonderful to think that these people need increments and yes, I'm sure that these people are all deserving of the increments but on the other hand, are those people who have waited years for their tax refunds and retirement funds not a priority as well? How many people have died recently who have not been paid their tax refund, or had not retired because he or she couldn't because there was no fund to retire from.
I cannot imagine that the government that holds a 5 hour plus oversight hearing on the hospital that results in facts that it will need more than $8+ million dollars before the end of this fiscal year(and this doesn't include the pay off of retirement fees) can honestly look itself into any t.v. camera/or mirror and say that the poor hearts and soul employees of this government need increments more than the entire government needs the money it's going to get to use same for the operation of the government until such time as the economy actually gets better.
After those that need to retire can retire, those that need to get paid(vendors)get paid, those that need to get paid their overtime get their overtime pay, those that deserve their EITC, get their EITC, those that are waiting for their tax refunds(for all the years) get their tax refunds(for all the years) and when DOE has sufficient funds to operate, GFD, GPD, and GMH have enough funds to operate without having to invoke emergency orders every other month, then we can consider govGuam increments, until then, we should watch carefully how we spend the peoples money.

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May 25, 2005


The road got one, the man lost his life........when will the road kills end?

And yet another drunken pedestrian 'hits' the pavement and pays the price. I'm betting that it's yet another Micronesian.
I know I repeat myself, but somebody who has any sway or influence with these people had best take charge or we'll be seeing yet more roadkill. Only a few nights ago heading north in Yigo there was a pedestrian walking in the center lane and I only caught sight of him as I was about to pass him Ethnicity is not known, but I'd bet...no, I better not or I'll be accused of profiling.
Folks NEED to understand that the center lane is often used by traffic
moving in either direction as a means to U-turn or turn left or right to a business or residential street.
Also that it's very difficult to see a pedestrian with poor lighting and dark pavement that seems to suck up your light beam. Not to mention paying attention to the lights of oncoming traffic.
It's coming to the point where I'm fearful of driving at night for fear of hitting a pedestrian or being hit by a driver under the influence or impaired for lack of sleep or whatever. I continue to worry when my wife works the night shift and has to drive from Tumon to Yigo late at night.
She's already been rear-ended by a drunk driver once causing chest injury and severe damage to her vehicle.
This will NOT be the last road kill...bet your last dollar on it Charo.
Police are trying to identify a man who was killed in an auto-pedestrian crash that happened shortly before 11pm Tuesday. Sergeant Mike Aguon with the Guam Police Department's Highway Patrol Division says the driver of a 2000 BMW was traveling northbound on Route 14 in Tamuning when a pedestrian ran out in front of the vehicle.
The pedestrian was taken to the nearby Guam Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 1:15 this morning. Police confirm that speed was not a factor in the crash, and there are indications that the pedestrian was under the influence of alcohol at the time.
Sergeant Aguon says anyone with any information about the pedestrian should contact police at 472-8911.
The man's death is the twelfth traffic-related fatality of the year 2005. "

Unfortunately, I'm betting with you. I'm betting that it's a member of one from a neighboring islands that can't drink and walk........, certainly not drink, walk and cross a road with more than one lane. Sad but true.

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I wouldn't be surprised if members of the hospital board resigned because of how they were treated in tonight's oversight public hearing.

What a sensational power trip that was for the senators, mini-lords sitting in their thrones, looking down at the employees as if they were imbeciles, demanding answers of their questions which turned the oversight hearing into an all out inquisition. They asked questions of the acting administrator expecting that he would have the answers after having only been at the hospital for one month. The comic relief was when the former doctor turned senator spent almost an hour using the latin words for the hiring of a doctor for temporary use and trying to explain the illegality of the contract between his former body builder friend and the hospital and wants the contract to be looked into and that should it not be legal that the perpetrators should be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law......then there was the confusing exchange between BJ Cruz and the AG. BJ said that his meds were increased because the contracts raised his blood pressure. I'm thinking it raised more than just his BP since he seemed to be talking in circles, the AG having a hard time trying to figure out what the newbie senator was trying to get at.
What I thought was the worst part of the oversight hearing was the harsh and public scolding of the vice chair of the hospital board, Dr. Larry Lizama who the former Dr. Body Builder tore into for being negligent and not being deligent enough to have cought the illegalities of the various contracts and that in the future he had to be more deligent and more prudent. Alas! The senator gets paid for sitting at long table with a pretty good salary.........if Dr. Larry Lizama had to pay more attention to the contracts and other things that are happening at GMH because he's a board member, then he may as well close up his office....I may be wrong but last I heard, the stipend for being a board member at GMH is only $50.00 which most don't keep.........Dr. Bodybuilder, tread lightly on your volunteer board members, they're there as a favor to the hospital and not vice versa!
This evening's oversight was quite dramatic and it was free.........perhaps we can get the dude that does the survivor show, Mark Burnett to do one of his reality shows using Guam's clowns and Guam's government and economic survival as a plot..........only problem is, instead of being a drama, it would be a comedy, it's too pathetic to be dramatic!
As for those Nacion people that want the trustees out.......the Trini Torreses.......let them have at it....they're dumber than dirt...if they ran the hospital, we wouldn't have to wait too long before the doors closed for good. So far, all they seem to know how to do is call the talk shows. Haven't seen them protest how badly their children are being treated in public schools, why are they bothering with the hospital? Funny how they pick and choose the battles they want to be involved with. Guess they're not interested in the Dragon towers that will be built at Oka point behind the Hilton hotel where their ancestors will be buried...where the gongs and incense will be offered to keep their spirits away from the Chinese that will live/visit there........oh well, this week it's the hospital, next week, they'll whine at whatever it is that's the hot topic! Biba Guam!
On a side note, I'd like to say that Peter John Camacho is a gentleman and is turning out to be a good replacement.
A question that I have on a future oversight hearing? Will they force Phil Flores to attend the hearing by the issuing of a subpoena?

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Heck, it's only the kids that have to deal with it, who cares?

The media has been talking up a storm about all the 'D' ratings that several schools(the list is too long for me to bother with)have been listed with...........KUAM has 'yuck' footage of the stuff that the kids have to deal with on a daily basis but know what?..............the parents aren't up in arms in anger.........nope, not a one of them screaming in defense of their kids..........it's okay, it's only their kids that have to deal with it.....bet if their air con at work didn't work, or if they had rats that ran across their pedicured-sandle-toed foot they'd scream to high heaven.......maybe even protest infront of the Chief Quipuha statue........but when it comes to the kids and their safety? No one cares.........
Toooooooooo bad..........these kids will eventually grow up, and they will be the ones that will run the government, will be the senators, will be the teachers....and guess what? The cycle will continue....and those rats that run around at the elememtary schools that are listed on the KUAM website? The granchildren of the rats will be running around those same schools..........what goes around, goes around. If we don't set an example, there will be no example to follow!

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Quoted from Stars and Stripes sent to me from a reader.

"Guam's Andersen AFB eyed as home for new Global Strike Task Force

Jennifer H. Svan, Stars and Stripes

May 24, 2005

The military is eyeing Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, to be its Pacific hub
for a force of intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, strike and aerial
refueling assets.

Base officials announced last week that the Air Force would prepare a draft
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to evaluate the impact of standing up a
Global Strike Task Force at Andersen.

The proposal to be studied calls for basing three Global Hawk unmanned
aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft at Andersen,
as well as 12 aerial refueling tankers, according to a Notice of Intent
posted online Wednesday on the Federal Register. Also, 48 fighter and six
bomber aircraft would rotate to Andersen from bases in the United States.
The plan would require about 2,400 additional military, civilian and
contractor personnel, and facility construction to support basing and

Andersen officials said the study does not guarantee the projected buildup.

“Plans for growth at Andersen have not yet been finalized,” Col. Steve
Wolborsky, 36th Air Expeditionary Wing vice commander, said in a written
statement. “This environmental study simply paves the way for future growth,
by enabling us to take any potential environmental impacts into account.”

Maj. Kris Meyle, 36th Air Expeditionary Wing spokeswoman, added, “Whenever
we do an EIS, we address the largest possible scope of a project,” and the
proposed numbers and components of the plan could change.

A contractor based in the United States was hired by Pacific Air Forces to
complete the study, Andersen officials said.

No timeline for a decision has been determined, officials said. Meyle said
the draft EIS could take a year or more to complete.

The study will take into account “any potential environmental impacts” on
natural resources and people, Meyle said, including wildlife, water, air
quality, land use and noise. She also said any areas that would be impacted
are already part of the main base.

According to a June 2002 Air Force Magazine story, the Global Strike Task
Force concept emerged in 2000 as a way of “circumventing or breaking through
an enemy’s anti-access theater defenses.”

It provides the ability to “strike rapidly and effectively anywhere
throughout the Pacific,” Meyle said. “It would take maybe 13 hours flying
time from the West Coast of the United States and probably another eight
hours from Hawaii to reach some of the potential hot spots in the Pacific
region, where for us it could be four or five hours.”

Meyle noted that part of the plan being studied calls for Global Hawk to be
up and running at Andersen in fiscal 2009, and the building of the
infrastructure to support the aircraft to start in 2007. About 50 personnel
would accompany the three aircraft according to the current proposal, she

The tankers, it’s proposed, also would be based at Andersen permanently,
while fighters and bombers would rotate through the base.

Currently, about a dozen F-15Es from Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho;
four B-2s from Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., and four tankers from Nebraska
Air National Guard are temporarily basing out of Andersen.

“It’s been a good opportunity for everybody all around to demonstrate we
have the capability to do all of these things,” Meyle said."

I can only hope that the residents of Guam welcome the arrival of the military and their dependents with open arms.

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May 21, 2005


The story's on KUAM's webpage.......but originated at your favorite circus!

Jean Hudson, of KUAM, reports that the goons at your local circus passed Bill One which if it becomes law, will provide adequate education for the children enrolled in the public school system.......dear lord, who will dare to define 'adequate'(Sufficient to satisfy a requirement or meet a need.(Source:American Heritage Dictionary (4th ed.):) Hudson reports and I quote:"After more than a year of extensive review and public hearings, senators Friday night voted in favor of Bill 1. Introduced by Senator Bob Klitzkie and co-sponsored by Senator Larry Kasperbauer, the measure essentially allows students and parents to sue the department of education and other agencies if they fail to provide students with an adequate public education. "The fact that the bill passed unanimously passed is a plus for great optimism. It's a good bill for students and certainly gives the Governor a good incentive to sign the bill," said Senator Klitzkie. Bill 1 took up most of session debate that extended for several days. Klitzkie explained, "The debate lasted for two days. There were concerns in almost every part of the bill. It was thoroughly discussed. Amendments were made and I think those amendments actually strengthen the bill, but I welcome those amendments."
So, I watched some of the discussion regarding the pros and cons of Bill 1..........and I liked Eddie Calvo's explanation about how stuck the government was going to be in the situation using the analogy of the three boys that were given the chore to fill three 5 gallon containers with water, one being a drum, another a bladder, the last being a container without a bottom.......the one without the bottom representing DOE...no matter how much money you give DOE, it's never been enough and the education of all of the children has never been 'adequate' equally across the board.......If I had a child that attended a school and didn't get good grades or have text books, workbooks, certified teachers, working air-conditioners and the like, will I be able to sue the government because my child is not getting an adequate education? What defines 'adequate'?
I'm disappointed that Senator Eddie Calvo didn't push for the voucher system that he tried during one of the times he was a senator. It would have guaranteed a parent that his/er child would have 'adequate' education if the voucher system was a reality because it would give the parents the choice of sending their child to a private school where 99% of the children there are guaranteed an adequate education.
Personally, I think that if we wanted to give our children an adequate education, we'd negotiate a way for the private schools to take public school children and slowly take over the school system....it's obvious that the private schools know how to operate the school system and teach at the same time! I don't know of one school that doesn't have a text book to hand out at the first day of school.
Senator Eddie Calvo, don't give up on the voucher system, it may be our last hope for any hope for education....I can't imagine how the coming generation is going to run the government.......they can't read and they can't add or subtract........and here we are just trying to make it so that we can give them an 'adequate'(shouldn't we be giving them 'the best') education!
Oh well.............we know where our priorities are............the travel office in the Phillipines.......you know the list, I don't need to bore you with the litany of same!

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The hospital's actively looking for a new administrator....ha ha ha!!!

On KUAM's website is a report by Mindy Fothergill, I'm thinking this didn't come from her favorite sources, the ones who feed her all the nasties about the evil contracts between the hospital and the white folk......her report reads and I quote:"After numerous changes in the last few months at the Guam Memorial Hospital, that agency's board of trustees is searching for a new administrator. An announcement will be issued on Monday as the board looks for qualified applicants to run the island's only civilian hospital.

GMH has not had a permanent administrator since the resignation of Bill McMillan. Governor Felix Camacho appointed Peter John Camacho as the acting administrator, with Wilfred Aflague expected to take over as the acting associate administrator next month. Applications will be accepted for the administrator position until June 21. "

Okay, in your right mind(who in their right mind) would you be stupid enough to apply for this job? The governor himself could offer you the job and you still would be fired and thrown out on your behind in broad daylight.......Anyone in his/er right mind would have read copies of the PDN during the last few months/years only to learn how shabbily treated the previous administrators were treated(especially Bill McMillan) to make up his/er mind not to take the job.....for any amount of money. If I had the training and the experience to handle the job at GMH I wouldn't take the job if it paid $1M a year only to have to take orders from those at the legislature that think they know everything about the running of a hospital, not to mention the weirdos with ponytails on lithium deals with hospital problems via the air waves rather than across the administrator's desk......but then, that comes from not taking the medication rather than taking it....It'll be months before the hospital finds an administrator. The only ones that will fill McMillan's position will be those coming from the administration such as Peter John Camacho and the likes of him because they can't say no the the governor.......I predict that between now and the next election, there'll be a slew of acting administrators at GMH because no one in his/er right mind will take the job. NO ONE!
It takes a special kind of masochist to run a hospital and I think we've just run out of them! In the near future, they'll have to be in the 'acting' position....or.....paid a very, very large salary!
In the mean time, let's keep the stories of the inquisition of contracts going and all the other evil and horror stories going on at GMH going on during the evening news, surely that will help find a new administrator, ya think? It's like inviting someone to come swimming where there are stinging jelly fish swimming in the water!

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I really hate spam(both kinds) and now begin to read the e-mail after I've killed a few snails that made it past the beer and salt in the garden...

I nstead of the usual viagra and the likes of other enhancers, now the spam is in German, and languages that derive from that language....oddly, the Germanic spams come from the Guevaras, Riveras and other latin sounding names..........is there nothing that we can do about this?
I'm wondering, would it serve any purpose if I just hit the reply button a few times? Do you suppose that would bother them a bit?
Oh well, just a thougt!

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May 20, 2005


I hate it when the fizz is gone and one chooses the 'high road'!

I didn't think that Ray Gibson would continue to ask what why the defunct government of Guam had to have a travel office in the PI of his two guests yesterday, it just wasn't his style. He doesn't go out of his way to harass his guests or irritate them so I wasn't surprised that he took the high road. Heck, he didn't even pick up on the fact that the Chris Flynn PATA member that was paid big bucks(no one dared ask how much the government of Guam paid him to speak at the grand gala opening at the PI office or speak here about how we're going to spend all these dollars on behalf of our neighboring islands so that they can piggy-back on our $36K) having said that he wasn't well informed on this area. The only thing I could glean from the man that he knew about is that he knew about the Marianas Trench and I wasn't sure if he was talking about the old restaurant that served Thai Lumpia or the deep that was once explored by two French Custeau(sp) family members..........now, it would be a real sell if we could get some heavy spenders like the guy from VIRGIN air(Branson) to come out here and spend some big bucks sending little little subs down there for thousands a head.........bet that would bring in a few rich nuts........but from what I could glean from the PATA member, he was less informed than the guy that we could have had to speak totally for free, our very own Sonny Ada who knows the area.........of course, that would have defeated the junket needs because Sonny would've laughed if asked if he thought it was a good idea to open up a silly office in the PI so that the 'well-heeled' Filipino could come to Guam and buy the 'real' designer stuff instead of being gyped if they bought it at home......then again, the office had to be opened because Continental and PAL were close to being closed...........So once again, Mr. Dave Tydingco and the likes of Clueless Lamassbrainedmorena think that they have fooled us all because the talk show host chose the highway and the guests were treated with manners and it is thought that for the moment........everyone was fooled........except.........not all of us had our head in the sand!

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May 18, 2005


A reader's thoughts on Whatchamacallit Davey Tydingco spin on the newest junket hangout!

C/P, of course....it's a comment that deserves it's own post...
Auntie, Thank you for saying what I'm sure hundreds of us listening to Ray Gibson's show the last two days were thinking.
Just where does Dave Tydingco get off? He's a slave to two masters!! These guys spend their time chasing whoever has the magic quick-fix formula then ask 'whats in it for me?' Please! Now, I beg to differ, this new GVB office isn't in the side street where Romy Go's office was - but! If I were Gerry Perez, I would be pissed royal that they did this just as I'm ready to walk in the door and damn! didn't invite me to the party! Sure, the $36K is a drop in the bucket compared to what Continental Airlines spends on marketing, but the shady and shabby way this was done reeks of typical political BS like nothing else. Please don't tell me that the office won't make discount hotel arrangements for the guys flying off there for their famous horizontal cha-cha lessons, their elaborate golf escapades...whatever Auntie, continue to give them crap - they deserve it!"
So, I don't begrudge Mr. Whatchamacallit and Mr. Stuttering-clueless spinmeisters their junket trips to Glorietta and whatever other activities they do while in a paradise made for men.....but don't insult our intelligence-and try to convince us that Continental and PAL needs a dismal office in order to keep flying their very lucrative route....you may be stupid but not all of us are...we've obviously made a friendly 'connection' in Manila and made a 'deal' with him/er and we opened an office.......we shoved the excuse down the throats of the people of Guam and shoved the stupid story that we've been working on it for two years.......yeah, secretly and we even lied, yes, we lied about that too. I'm not upset about the office anymore, I'm just upset that we keep being lied to......it's like there's no one working at any agency that we can trust anymore...that's very upsetting.
I'm really sorry that KUAM didn't bother to ask how many people went on that junket to the PI for the GRAND/gala opening.......since the travel office is going to keep air amnesia open for a few more years, I'm sure they comped the tickets and some hotel probably comped the rooms......but somebody(the government) paid something for somebody to attend the gala opening........don't you want to know who went on your dime?
Oh hell.....we have lots of money to burn, who the hell cares anymore.............I'm just banging my head on the wall and it just irritates my husband..........wonder what other idiotic thing will happen to waste money tomorrow!

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I couldn't have said it better....I think!

Here's what he said in a comment to a post which I think needed it's own post because it made sense. Government employees aren't profit oriented....that's why they work for the government....or run for an elected office(albeit some turn out to be very rich when they get out-by being verrrrry creative) Dante says:"If only we had an attorney general, public auditor and elected officials that would truely serve and protect the public interest! Yeah, there are questionable contracts and deals at GMHA, GVB and so on ... it appears to point back to the people with profit motives. We cling to the myth that private sector managers can run the public sector better. Sounds logical and it makes us wonder why has it not worked? Rarely are private sector managers effective in the public sector ... because their interests in heart is not the public's welfare, but in private gains. You cannot seve two masters...a totally different enviroment and you need a different specialized training and education. Elected officals aim at instant gratifications to win the elections and supporters ride the coats to try to make money at the expense of the taxpayers. We have a good structure that have checks and balances to protect the public interest... it can work only if we find the right people that would do the work towards those ends."
Dante says........"We have a good structure that has checks and balances" In a perfect world......because and he ends, "It can only work if we find the right people that would do the work towards those ends." It would take a saint with no ego to run a government with the welfare of the people in mind.....next time our elected officials appear on t.v.....wonder why they're so tanned.......and wonder which golf course they got the tan from.......but hey, even they need a break from the looney bin from time to time!
It's truly sad that we busted the ICE ring....we should have figured a way to legalize the sale of ICE and other drugs and sell the stuff at Duty Free, gads, can you imagine GUAM GOLD? Seal and all? We could sell small packets on the plane before they land and just in case they forgot to buy a supply for a few tokes on the way out, could sell a small pack for that short jaunt home....wouldn't that help balance the budget for the next couple of years?Heck, we could raises 'til the cows came home!....from where I sit, that's the only alternative other than the Feds taking over the management of the island..........it's obvious we don't know where what we're doing and we're proving it on a daily basis!
Dante........the government needs your brain cells........figure out a way to save at least one agency......make a difference. I'll help you in anyway I can.

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But who knows where that cemetary is?

I have to say that Travis Coffman's show was scintillating this afternoon....couldn't help but listen cuz I had to figure out where the money was going to come from for the increment that's to befall those lucky folk working for govGuam.........Carlos Bordallo of BBMR says it's coming from last year's lapsed funds......but since we overspent last year.....oh well, you figure it out, my by brain's fiscally drained....even Senator Eddie Calvo wonders how the miracle is going to happen.........aren't republicans an interesting bunch?
Gotta go, have to watch what GMH story's going to break on the evening news......I'm sure there's gotta be a new inquisition breaking story!

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Why doesn't anyone ever believe my predictions? if we didn't have all these blooming money trees how could we give the gov's increments(not the kind that's flushed, either!)

Heard it just now on the Big Show.....Travis Coffman was beside himself....seems he's got a copy of a government-wide feel-good memo, early-Christmas, kinda-feel-good-kind.....the one that gives you extra bucks on your pay check if you work for the government....heaven knows you(you lucky dogs that work for govGuam) need/deserve it(you that don't work at the gov's office cuz you've gotten yours several times since you've worked there)...anyway, didn't get all of Travis' comments on the amounts and when you(employees) will be getting your early presents...but it's confirmed....and it's all in keeping with the gov's intention to keep government spending in check and if you don't believe me, you can read his latest essay on K57's webpage, his promise and commitment is in that speech.
Remember, I said in an earlier post that there's tons of money around, proof of same is that we have enough to spend some $36K frivolously on an office in the Phillipines and now we're going to spend the rest on patient and deserving descamisados.(oh Evita, where are you when we need you?) Oh hell, let's forget the vendors that are owed(the lawyers that are owed funds to defend the indigent, those that dare charge DOE for supplies, those dumb people that allow GMH to charge and I can't even begin to list the other dummies that allow any other agencies to charge let alone those that are owed sums from rev'n'tax for EITC and refunds..............first, let's open an office, give the raises then figure out the rest, that's a good plan, yes?
Who ever it is that's giving the gov these ideas should give me a puff on whatever he's smoking, must be some really good stuff!

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Dave called Ray an arm chair quarterback, and told Patti to do her homework........because they dared to ask him why he thought GVB needed to have a GVB office in the PI....read on, it gets better, I mean....worse!

Okay, so yesterday, the new Lord at the gov's office, Tony Lamorena stuttered his way through trying(through various times of clearing his throat(psychologists recognize this as trying to keep from telling the...ya know, the truth) Lamorena couldn't think of a good enough excuse for the government to have a travel bureau in the Philippines so he insulted the Filipinos and said that they could come to Guam and would be sure that their purchases of designer products were a sure thing...not a sure thing in the PI....and that....the bureau had to open an office there to help the airlines from losing more seats so that they(the airlines) wouldn't just pull out, so stupid, he even said that unlike hotels that couldn't just 'pull out', airlines could easily pull out. When one of the talk hosts asked if the airlines was thinking about pulling out, Mr. Lamorena(short on live brain cells) replied, 'you never know.' Unlike the brave Mr. Whatchamacallit Dave Tydingco I-know-it-all-and-can-spin-it-faster-than-Lamorena-and-think-I-can-fool-Patti-and-Ray-by-calling-them-names...Dave Tydingco said that the other islands would be represented in the GVB office.........and when asked if these NGOs would be paying he skipped the issue as if he were playing hopscotch.....answered everything but the question, including paying for rooms in Japan....the answer of course was no but he never came to the answer...and everytime he realized he was spinning too fast, he used the 'whatchamacallit' word....oh he must've been dizzy spinning.
I'm certain that in his pea-brain(oops, sorry peas, I don't mean to pick on you) but, he probably thinks that he thinks he convinced Patti and Ray that there was transparency in the two-year sole RFP response for the GVB office, or something like that which was the reason the island, or the world(like the secret of Fatima) didn't know about the contract until the opening of the office(and here we are with an inquisition at the hospital for questionable contracts what a crock of takee!) Our friend the thinker wants to question Phil Flores for the contracts at GMH....who do we question for the contract for that $36K office in the PI? Has anyone done the math for how many dollars we're going to spend for each tourist to come to Guam on that $36K?
At least when Carl TC Gutierrez spent the money, he combined the office with the medical referral office......We're truly a bunch of hypocrites.....we say we're broke......but when we have $36K to spend frivolously, we must have tons of money, hell, let's create a GVB office in Paris, Munich, Athens, Barcelona, Rome, and Bangkok, I'm sure Dave and his buddies would love a junket or two to those places and I'm sure Jal, NWA, CO and PAL fly direct or indirectly to those places and would continue their flights to Guam if we had travek offices there. Wow, think of it, Duty Free would make millions, customers would be coming to Guam to buy genuine designer products instead of fake ones sold in these places!
Once again, Guam has been slapped in the face. Just as it has been slapped with the negotiations at Oka Point with the dragon hotel and the Chinese aliens that want to build their tower that overlooks what was once the land of the ancestors.....the plans coming to the public hours before hand-in-pen-comes to the contract.....this time, GVB has, in the dark(Dave, it isn't public when we have to have access to your minutes to get the information) that we've contracted(we don't know for how long since no one has yet asked the question)$36K for travel services in the PI only after the fact.
I dare Ray and Patti to call the Department of Immigration and ask just how many visas they've turned down for travel to Guam during the last six months...............bet the numbers don't add up to the needs of a travel office, let alone one that costs this defunct government $36K!
Otherwise.......................have a nice day, we're rolling in money! Who knows where in the world we're having another grand opening! Biba Guam! Bib GVB! Biba the Kadukus that think they can fool some of the people all of the time!

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Even though my new responsibilities do not include the insular areas, I wanted you to have this and post the good news. This attention that the islands receive now will pay off, if the momentum can continue. With the military build up, the activity on Guam at least seems likely to last for a while-giving a push to growth and development.
I love Guam, and my family (a very large part of it) is still on Guam. I am in DC raising my family of Chamolis, but I always dream of making Guam our second home some how. I will continue to keep a focus on the security issues facing the islands, and this will help with encouraging investment.
I just wanted you to help underscore the importance of having Assistant Secretary Lynn Scarlett on Guam and in the islands. She has vast private sector experience, is very well respected and is a real asset to the Department and the islands. This is a very good development for Guam and the region.
Economy to get a boost from trade mission
By Gerardo R. Partido
Variety News Staff
THE island’s economy may soon get a boost from additional businesses planned for Guam by participants in a Department of Interior business opportunities mission.
Representatives from 15 U.S. companies are currently on island to explore business opportunities on Guam and other islands in the region.
The mission, composed of companies involved in various industries ranging from water technology, construction, tourism, and engineering, is led by Assistant Secretary of the Interior Lynn Scarlett and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs David B. Cohen.
According to the governor, the potential investors have already met with local government, education, and private sector officials to interact and become better acquainted with the island’s economy and the opportunities that the island has to offer.
During a press conference yesterday, Scarlett also pointed out that Guam’s location is strategic not only from the military perspective but also from the economic perspective.
“We are at a juncture at the outset of this 21st century wherein Guam really lies in the gateway to Asia, making your island an ideal investment venture for American companies,” Scarlett said.
“We anticipate additional construction not only from the military but also to build up Guam’s infrastructure. Among the companies planning to do business here is a water engineering company which plans to start operations for agricultural purposes,” she added.
Other companies want to open offices on island to use Guam as a base of operations for business activities in the Asia-Pacific region.
Scarlett said the current business mission is a direct result of the DOI business opportunities conference held in Los Angeles last year.
“Following that conference, we wanted to make sure that we moved away from the theoretical and abstract to the actual nitty gritty, so that’s why we’re here. Firms that are interested have already started one on one meetings with local companies here. They have been briefed about the advantages of doing business here and we are looking forward to a productive outcome,” Scarlett said.
During the press conference, the governor said he was pleased to host the DOI business mission on Guam.
“This is concrete, we are delivering on the promise of the DOI conference we attended in D.C. and Los Angeles. I have met with the mission delegates and many are looking for partners on Guam. Guam can be the lead island within the western Pacific and Micronesia area,” Camacho said.
The governor added that his administration is grateful to DOI for giving Guam the opportunity to be less reliant on Washington and more dependent on native abilities and resources.
“We are now in a special time in the history of our island. We have a window of opportunity to really make great things happen and we intend to fully take advantage of this,” the governor concluded.
Keith A. Parsky, Esquire
Office of Historical Trust Accounting
1801 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Suite 423
Washington, D.C. 20006
(202) 327-5300
(202) 254-5517 Direct
(202) 327-5375 fax
(301) 758-5537 cell"
Same comments appear somewhere as comments to a post.

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May 17, 2005


Speak English if you're going to talk trash about somebody!

On the positively loco show, Dr. Edweirdo was talking trash about the banker and how he spent every last penny of the poor and only civilian hospital. Tony 'amened' every thing the ponytailed old man had to say about Phil Flores and how he squandered the hospital's money while he was/is the board chair. He lashed out about all the forging of signatures and talked trash about anything and everything hashing and rehashing whatever he could about the dastardly actions of the white people that have left or are about to leave, of course, there's still the white man named Flores who should know better because he's a banker. Gosh, Lee Webber's name even came up in Edweirdo's conversation and for the life of me, couldn't figure how Lee figured into the conversation except that he was a white man....I don't think he has anything to do with the hospital, but then, I don't know everything that's going on over there! Some dude called in and cursed Flores and all the white people at GMH and of course, Tony allowed it to go on, he had to, he didn't have many other callers that had anything to talk about except the horrors at GMH and if it bleeds, it leads......so, you had a choice, you could listen to the weirdoes on(or should be) lithium, or you could listen to Tony Lamorena stutter his way through an explanation as to why the government of Guam(remember, we don't have funds for text books, etcetera) can spend $36K per year for a travel office in the Philippines so that we can lure high end travellers to Guam. Tony surely wasn't trying to convince Ray Gibson and Patti Arroyo who are too smart to know that Continental Airlines would pull out of the PI if Guam didn't put up a travel office in the PI as an advertising outlet as he tried to convince and we already know that Lucio Tan uses his airline for his own reasons and will or won't whether or not there's a travel office....but, Tony tried to convince the two, in my opinion, trying to pull the wool over their 'naive' eyes.....then when that didn't work, he went one further.....he then said that the more affluent Filipino were going to come to Guam to shop because here they knew they would be sure that they would be buying 'genuine'(not verbatim) designer products, that in the PI, they weren't real.......Ray and Patti had their laugh for the day, as I did....I'm not sure that Tony Lamorena will live this one down if it's ever replayed in the PI! What a dork! And, he's the PIO? I think he might have just lost the Filipino vote, no?
Then Ray Gibson notes that he can't retrieve the information on GVB's webpage on the number of arrivals from the PI........the reason being that he wasn't a GVB member........a knowledgeable caller, Jack, upset, calls and reminds a stuttering Lamorena that GVB's website is government owned and that the information is public and that the information gathered is for the public and therefore has nothing to do with the membership of GVB....more stuttering.....fortunately for the stutterig Lamorena.....it was time to end the show.....Of course, true to Lamorena's style, he said, as usual, 'he'll look into it'......and he probably will, but don't look for the results to happen in your lifetime.........he isn't known for instant results.....maybe the governor's office needs someone in the mailroom?

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Dante thinks Phil and I are best friends and that Phil's a crook cuz of those questionable contracts and that I'm afraid to ask the questions....so he comments on a post, under guise, of course, hoping that I'll ask Phil the question for him.........below is his comment as it appears as a comment on a past post on some GMH post.

C/P"Agreed .... those in power will continue to conceal the worst corruption in the history of GMHA, while the good nurses, doctors, and the support employees are doing their best to perform their jobs. Is there at least a single positive contribution that your friends Bill, Phil and Marcis, Berg have made to the community. Like to to know, why don't you ask your pal Phil Flores to explain specifically what has he accomplished with each contract.... show the cost benefit analysis and who made money and how much was saved. Come on the whole island is waiting..dont be shy. Ms. Charo, those are your friends,its difficult subject for you. Afterall what are friends for? The only true friends are those that are honest and concern for the community. The governor refuses to rid of Phil Flores cause he thinks that will be a politicial liability. The Rep.Party can't come to grips with the problems at GMHA and Chairman Phil. There is an election and thats no secret."
As you read the comments of 'Dante's' posts, you can almost imagine the person being interviewed on the evening news, the hand on the chin, eyes turned upwards towards the heavens likened the thinker...oh, and while I'm at it? I'm not a friend of Bill, Phil, or George....I do, however, feel that if they've committed a crime that the police should deal with the crime and not the press. The government officials that committed crimes were dealt with and are either in jail or are on their way to serve their out their terms in jail...they weren't prosecuted by newbies in the legislature on a nightly basis on nightly news hoping that if enough flack was thrown at them something would stick.
So, Dante, whatever it was you wanted to ask Phil Flores in your comment is there for his perusal.......he's probably never heard of Charo so don't be surprised if you don't get an answer!

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May 16, 2005


Hmmmmm, and the dance begins...

The dance, similar to a rumba, the 'beguine' shall begin when the inquisition of inquisitions, the mother of them all begins at GMH...the ones of contractual nature, of course, what else is there to look into? Who shall be the maestro? The vice chair says not the Chair Phil Flores, he's too close to the players...so it seems an independent group with no ties to the players shall look into the questionable contracts.(one would think that perhaps they should move the venue to San Francisco since almost no one there knows anyone who works/worked at GMH during the last two years?-i.e., Gil Shinohara's case)
What seemed so clear in tonight's story was the fact that the senator who's calling for the inquisition and the reporter doing the reporting seemed to make like the only real reason for the inquisition is none other than that of Dr. Nathaniel Berg.....which leaves one to wonder if the entire inquisition would wither up and go away if he up and left the island.(Which would not be a good thing-in my humble opinion...but a thought, nonetheless!)
Okay, so, we're out of money at GMH, can hardly pay retirement fund fees, have the retirement fund director now working there(big salary, you can bet your lunch money on that!) If Mr. Flores, Mr. McMillan and Dr. Berg broke any laws because of any contracts they made with GMH, then turn the contracts over to GPD and or the AG and let them handle the matter. If Mr. so and so bought so and so a motorcycle on GMH funds, then turn so and so over to GPD if it isn't legal. We can't keep fishing for trouble on a nightly basis hoping to find trouble. The nightly news is turning out like the recent event that happened to Newsweek when they reported about an incident of a Quo'ran being on a toilet seat which angered many Muslim and many innocent people were killed because Newsweek reported the story based on 'sources'.... If Dr. Berg's a crook, why don't you just call him one and get it over with! I'm assuming that since he and Phil Flores are the only ones left at GMH that the fingers will continue to point in their direction....hope they know how to dance the Beguine!

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Times.....they are a'changing!

Had company for dinner last night so didn't catch the news.....but read today on KUAM's webpage that the Seminarians held a 'gala' fundraiser at the Hyatt Hotel..........and that, according to Marrissa Borja, the Seminary relies totally on providence for its existence......alas, so do the birds, but you don't see them splitting their funds with hotels! I'd bet my entire $150.00 that if I held a fund raiser at Mrs. Eugenia Leon Guerrero's home that she'd let me keep the entire amount and not have to split same with the hotel....which of course....means that the seminary wouldn't have to have to have frequent fund-raisers(they've had three this year?) asking the same poor-rich friends to attend the fund-raisers each time.......
I'm thinking that Catholics with 'deep pockets' would love to have dinners in their homes with their families with seminarians and priests and give large donations for said dinners for home blessings. I do recall that a few years ago, the Archbishop said masses in the home of friends and he received hefty 'donations' for same. I'm thinking that there are 'many' deep-pocketed Catholics which would love to hold a few dinners in honor of these seminarians over the next months which wouldn't cost the seminary half of the profit with the hotel....then there's the car washes, the lawn mowing and the like....bet they'd get a donation just for the asking....
Pray tell, whatever happened to those days when weary-eyed women walked the villages asking for money to send seminarians off-island...was it, Menlo Park? Catholic Charities Appeal I think it was.....is there such an appeal around these days? Or is it strictly 'providence' a la gala?

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May 15, 2005


But you asked for it..........and you got it!

I remember the hours during the time the 'runaway bride' was missing. They were praying(as I was) that she was 'runaway' and alive and just missing!.....and then....we got what we were praying for and all felt a bit jilted....how could she have run away from 'us' and all 600 family and friends who were invited to celebrate her fairy tale wedding? Alas! We got what we were praying for? No? And while we had problems with GTA...remember the times when the phone lines were down after the typhoons or when it took months to get phones fixed or the new fees to fix the phone lines if the lines were in the house and not 'outside' the house, et cetera? We were tired of the excuses and all the charges for 911 and the 411 charges and we just wanted to get them(GTA) outta our hair and get them privatized? Remember? We just wanted them privatized? Remember when Sam Hill worked with Kuentos and put the entire phone directory on-line and it was easy(and didn't cost no twenty-five cents to get a phone number any-time of the day or night you needed a number, heck, you could even the name of a person whose number appeared on your caller ID.....and not one soul called to thank the man (or the agency) for doing the good thing by making it easy for those with computers to have access to phone numbers while on-line?
So guess what, the first thing on the agenda of the for profit GTA did(yes, that's what private companies do...charge, or take things down so that you have to use their services so that they can charge you for something)was take down their on-line phone directory........yep!
Now, it costs you seventy-five cents for you to find out what that phone number is that you can't remember.......and you threw away last year's phone book because you thought you received this year's.....
I'm thinking that soon, phone books are going to be scarce and that people will be walking away with them just to keep from having to pay for those 411 charges...they do add up!
So dear hearts, when you think 'privatize' for GWA and the likes of other agencies.........think about what it is we're getting now that we'll have to pay for the minute they're 'privately' owned........You'd better be knowing what you're praying for.....lest you be gettin it!!!
Now........in America........those phone companies, also for profit, have found ways to continue to remain in business in spite of the fact that there are 411.coms on-line in all forms.........and there's even competition there....but on this little island with one phone company(a monopoly), the company's too greedy to allow the few with computers to have access to the numbers......their generosity will be remembered........what goes around......eventually.....comes around!

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May 13, 2005


Reader's rants on GMH, McMillan and Phil Flores

It was a comment on a post I made for Mother's Day. For the life of me, I don't know where Dante tied the thoughts together but here are his comments:"The best way to honor thy mother is to fight crime, corruption and unethical behavior of Chairman Phil Flores and the fired Hospital Administrator Bill McMillian and the yellow journalism of PDN and K57. Stamp out the McMillianization of GMHA and save the people of Guam. The biggest crime is for the community to sit back act like there is no crime and allow the real crooks of the island continue to rape the people's money. Governor Camacho and Attorney General do your job and prosecute Phil FLores and BIll McMillian". Like all wars, the one at GMH will never end. and for years, Bill McMillan will be blamed for millions of dollars lost and not one positive thing that happened while he was there, likewise, no good will be credited to Berg, Macris or Phil Flores or anyone that were friends of this particular group. I'm not sure which group Dante fits in but hopes that he has friends that will forget the fight, bury the ax and begin the process of healing and forge ahead. We have two choices....we can stay stuck....or, we can move on. We can berate everything McMillan and friends did and do that til we're blue in the face or 'get over it' and cut our losses and move on with what we've got.
If at some point we discover that there were illegal things done while employed at GMH by doctors, they we should have charges brought against the people that did them and have them brought to court....I'm just going over and over a problem with no solutions, especially since we've just had visiting doctors from Modesto who had nothing but good and kind things to say about our facilities and employees. We really should be celebrating this news at all cost. We should parade the staff that helped the visiting doctors and nurses and show them off....they are the assets, the unsung
heroes that work daily at GMH, that make GMH work with our without an Administrator. Thank you to the Zinas and Lillians and those of you in ICU that made it all happen. You have made Guam Memorial Hospital stand tall and your efforts will be talked about long after the team have returned home and you've gone back to your mundane routines. Guam is lucky to have you working at GMH! Thank you for hanging on when things could be better elsewhere!
But Dante, I hope that I've given you the space to air your thoughts and your dart landed on McMillan where you wanted it to....I'm sure you'll have more aimed at Phil Flores....he's got thick skin, he can handle the criticism!

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May 07, 2005



So often, we take them for granted, and for one, measly day a year, we give her a day to honor all that she has given us for a day, a week, a month, a year, a lifetime. So many things we forget to thank her for, the times she walked alone in a darkened room while she prayed that your whooping cough would go away, the many trips to the doctor, the measles, the mended bones you broke on the soccer field, the trips to visit the teacher because you were disruptive in class, the many tears on her shoulders because some boy, or girl broke your heart, perhaps you were divorces, maybe you lost a loved one, maybe even lost a child or spouse. How many times did she cook your favorite meal, plan a party for your child, your wedding, Christening. Your mom, there for everything anytime you wanted something. You even bragged to your friends, calling her your, 'bank of mom'.
As I write this, many of you are out there at Ross, or Macy's or perhaps even K-Mart, picking out what you think will win her heart, pretty cut flowers, a plant, a fruit basket, a blouse, a dress, maybe a Mandara massage, take her to brunch, dinner. The paper's full of ads about jewellry that will remind her of this day and your material appreciation of her...and as you hand her the small package, you'll quickly hug her and you'll show off her little package, hoping that the expensive trinket will let her know how much you love her.
My nest is empty as I write this. I miss my boy and girl crawling into bed with Kiku wo watch t.v., we talk, we share snacks and our bodies touch as they did when out babies were babies. I miss my little putting her arms around me, or hugging me, or telling me how pretty I look, or how good I smell. I miss the daily mother's day gifts of bringing in the newspaper and the cup of coffee before, sometimes the peeled pugua, the treats that they find that they know I like, the pastits, the buchi-buchi and all the things that remind me that I'm in their thoughts. They don't wait for that one day in the year to show how much they love me, I see it on a daily basis, but it is fun to see how funny it is when they try to keep up with the Joneses with special presents...but then........there's the mail system, it'll probably get here at the end of the month!
For all the other mothers, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

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In you want an answer from K57....

Dante commented on the issue of questionable contracts that are going to put the hospital into a tailspin...he points out that K57 and the PDN do the 'yellow journalism' thingy because he doesn't agree with the way they don't fall down and wrote everything that the agenda groupies send out about the contracts. I'm assuming that 'Dante' tried to write what he wrote in the comment section on my webpage on K57's page and he got booted out and complained to me....woe is me....are you feeling sorry for me yet? Okay, so, Dante, let me put it to you gently....so far as I know, K57 doesn't read my pitiful thoughts/opinions and could care less about what I think about the contracts....or anything else for that matter. But have to say that their news is pretty centered......as in, 'centrist'. Once in a great while, Jon dares to stick out his neck and gets on the edge and says some things that border total conservatisism but for the most part, they all walk in the middle of the news fence...so I disagree that they do the yellow journal thing. PDN? I haven't taken the time to figure out if they're centered or not....I just like that the papers are great mulch for the mushrooms.
I also don't want to lead you to think that I'm anti- Mindy Fothergill. She's grown by leaps and bounds. She hits hard....and often...but I know that she's being thrown bones(the news kind....like a stuffed rabbit around the greyhound track) by those with agendas at the big circus in Julale) and don't blame her for running for the story. It's her job....and oh, the egos of the haters, they're on t.v., on radio, their pictures in the daily fish wrap(really hate those botox facials) and instead of calm and clear minds trying to work out the problems, we're adding sensation to the stories and making extra work for the already overworked staffers at GMH.
If there are mistakes in the contracts, let's correct them...if McMillan made them, let's correct them, but we don't have to drag his name in and out of the mud day in and day out...maybe we can get Jesse Lujan to write one entire full page about his hate for the man and all that's happening at GMH and get it out of his system once and for all and lets be over it. Get Dr. Mike Cruz to do the same. Get everything they feel about George Macris out in the open so that we'll know what it is about the man that causes them to be distracted from doing positive work instead of bashing the hospital on a daily basis. Likewise, Dr. Berg, perhaps the most hated person still at GMH. Would it make the haters totally satisfied if we got rid of the doctor? Would everything turn around at GMH and we'd have a perfect hospital once again without all the problems all these white people have caused to happen?
I'm embarrassed to say I'm a Chamorro. I was not raised to treat causains like this. My parents raised us to be color blind. We were raised to feel the person's heart and if that heart made us feel good about ourselves, then we were supposed to make that person feel good about themselves. It seemed so simplistic at the time, but it was a rule of thumb that he still asks about from time to time when I get confused about a relationship.
Yes, let's find out which contracts aren't working in favor of the hospital and either get out of the contract or sue for remuneration...but at the same time, let's do it with cool heads and out of the public's eye until after a solution has been made.
Let's put a moratorium on negative publicity for GMH........the staff can't stand the constant black eyes.
I hope the Mindy Fothergills and the other reporters realize that they are pawns of the haters and pick and choose the stories that aren't agendas, stories that aren't 'using' them........personally, I think Mindy's being used by the press release factory at a senator's office........in my humble opinion, of course!

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Stillwell 202-208-6974

Office of Insular Affairs Funds Second Annual
Governor Tauese Sunia Coral Reef Internships

(WASHINGTON, D.C., May 5, 2005) The Department of the Interior’s Office of
Insular Affairs is funding the Second Annual Governor Tauese Pita Fiti
Sunia Memorial Coral Reef Conservation Summer Internships. Established by
the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force in 2004, the internships recognize the late
Governor of American Samoa’s outstanding leadership in and contribution to
U.S. coral reef conservation. They provide two outstanding college
students from the U.S. insular areas and Hawaii the opportunity to develop
their professional skills by working at the headquarters of Federal
agencies involved in coral reef management and policy.

"These internships keep alive the memory of one of the Pacific's true
statesmen," said Dr, Karen Koltes, Manager of OIA’s Coral Reef program.
"Governor Tauese was deeply committed to protecting the environment. There
is no more fitting way for the Office of Insular Affairs to honor the late,
beloved governor of American Samoa."

After reviewing the applications, the Coral Reef Task Force's Steering
Committee, co-chaired by the Office of Insular Affairs, selected Tiffany
Robinson from Hawaii and Kassandra Cerveny from Puerto Rico. Ms. Robinson
is a third-year student at Western Washington University working toward a
B.S. in marine biology. Ms. Cerveny is completing her M.S. in Marine
Science at the University of Puerto Rico. Both students will spend their
three-month internship working on coral reef management projects with the
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Refuges Program as well as with the
Department of the Interior's Coral Reef Team and the U.S. Coral Reef Task

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May 05, 2005


Are we suing because the contracts aren't being carried out or are we suing because the gov's signature isn't on the contracts?

It's one thing to sue because a person you have a contract with isn't providing the service he was contracted to do, i.e., PSA with the security cameras that haven't been installed. I agree that GMH shouldn't have paid for same and should get the money back, etc..., likewise other contracts that aren't being fully carried out/serviced. If a cleaning service contract has been contracted out and there isn't anyone doing the cleaning, then the contract should be cancelled and the money should be returned. The confusion here is if we're suing because the governor's signature isn't on the contracts or if the contracts aren't being honored.
A reader commented that:"If you don't think that the taxpayers have not been fleeced at GMHA by Chariman Phil Flores and his friends then your either lying or you are sinking with the yellow journalism of PDN and K57. If you can think and read at the same time and between the lines you can see the white lies and the money trail leads to certain vendors that are connected to the Rep. party.
Senator B.J. Cruz is "still the one" trying to make the wrong into right and save the tax payers money. Doug Moylan is busy covering the contract tracks, Phil Flores trying to laundry the money, and Governor Camacho trying to distance himself from the corruption at GMHA. Bi Ba to Senator B.J. Cruz, Senator Lujan, Senator Leon Guerrero, Senator Palacios, Senator Cruz, the only elected officials by far that made it clear where they stood on this issue. Of course we know where Senator Klitzkie stands together in brotherhood with Pacific Security Alarms Inc and not for the people of Guam. The Rep. party can't take a position on this matter. Election is next year, we shall see who will be slayed and cheers to the next bosses. There is a strong indication that the the Rep.powers will be kicked out by the voters."
What's odd dear friend, is that during the last administration, the very same thing happened to their 'brotherhood'.........remember the lady that wrote the insurance for the entire government of Guam? How about the Oracle Deal (Hmmmm, are you still the One? You have a short memory, my dear!!!)
When it comes to politics, dear heart, we're all prostitutes, it's just a matter of 'fee'...........Phil Flores is rolling in money, he doesn't need another nickle from GovGuam, and I don't think Klitzkie needs the hospital's security contract to put food on his table, have you seen the kind of car he drives?
What is the agenda on the contracts? What wrong are we trying to 'right'? I've been know to change my mind once it's been explained properly! So far, the t.v. news just confuses me cause there's that underlying agenda! And that weirdo with the ponytail on Rlene's show yesterday forgot to take his lithium cause he was totally was on another planet trying to talk about the incinerator and the hospital woes and the contracts. I kinda thought he was talking about the contracts being burned in the incinerators before the incinerators stopped incinerating! Maybe the rubberbands were too tight?

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You will be missed and your shoes will be hard to fill.

Oh dear red-headed man that had a hard time pronouncing words such as Mangilao and Tumon and other trivial names we eventually figured out..we watched you grow up right before our very eyes and your parents should be proud, they raised a fair child that reported the news pretty much as it happened. You will be missed, Ken. You were an asset to KUAM's news team!
"May the road rise to meet you; May the wind be always at your back; May the sun shine warm upon your face; May the rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand." An old saying.
Good luck and God speed!

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May 04, 2005


He says we should sue for services not rendered.

In yesterdays blog regarding the agenda on the sensational bashing of GMH and the wanting to put the hospital in a tail spin by causing various taxpayer suits on several questionable contracts made by the previous administration...my bitter half felt that I was wrong in wanting to 'get on' with our lives, thinking that I just wanted to swallow the errors made and move on with our lives now that we have Peter John and the new actors on the GMH scene.
I suppose that this appeared to be the case...in fact, if there are contracts that aren't fulfilled in any way, then the hospital should sue to get their money back, that's what they have lawyers for(I think they have two sets of lawyers at this writing). If PSA charged them $850K for security cameras that aren't installed and they're not installed, then we should have the option to cancel the order, or, have them installed at a great discount because of the length of time it took to have them installed. Again, at the direction of the lawyers.
My feelings about the contracts is that instead of them going from the offices of Dr. Mike Cruz various media outlets, perhaps he should sit down with the hospital's legal department and have a talk with them and ask what the hospital can do about fixing the problems. I don't think that we can fix the problems with sensationalizing them on the six 0'clock news on a nightly basis.
There's also the question of mediation. We've been touting mediation rather than litigation......could that help GMH and the vendor more than a taxpayer suit?
There's something terribly good going on at GMH this week....the only problem is....it's shadowed by the sensation of litigation and senators who want to run the hospital. The last senator who wanted to run the hospital nearly ran it into the ground. She thought she was doing a good job...in fact, all she did was rabble rouse....things actually got better after she took her fingers out of the pie!
This week, let's sensationalize the fact that several doctors and nurses from Modesto have come to Guam to do surgery on hearts and that our indigent have the opportunity for health without leaving their family behind and that it won't cost them a penny. Let's celebrate Dr. Noel Concepcion's team and their compassion and generosity. Let's let that be the breaking new this evening! That's a Guam first! Biba Guam! Biba Dr. Concepcion!

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May 03, 2005


In days to come, it'll surface, in the grand scheme of things, it'll eventually reveal itself!

One had only to listen to Jon Anderson's Perspective talkshow this morning to figure out where the agenda for the bashing of GMH, the McMillan/white man administration et other white man contracts at GMH are coming from........with sort of a giggle, new man on the circus scene, senator BJ Cruz said that when he returned from the funeral of the Repatriation Act at the Congresswoman's office(my words, not his), Dr. Cruz and he spoke of the contracts at GMH and that he had once filed a taxpayer suit against an agency and could do so with several of the contracts at GMH.....well guess what, the newest hater on the block, former doctor, Jesse Lujan said he wanted a bi-partisan participation in the suit(I guess he forgot that Dr. Cruz was a republicrat) and wanted to put his two cents into the matter and wanted to join in the suit.......and...the three and who ever else has lost their minds and wants to join the real-life circus and wants to put GMH in a real 'tail spin' will begin to sue companies who have contracts with GMH....if the vendors who already have problems with GMH don't want to do business with GMH, the suits that will come with the magic of being on nightly t.v., other vendors will stop doing business with the hospital and then what? Who wins, Dr. Michael Cruz? Dr. Jesse Lujan? BJ Cruz? PSA and Monte McDowell and the others who have questionable contracts will continue with their businesses, the hospital on the other hand will suffer because they'll have to stop what they're doing to pull out peices of paper to prove that they did this and that for this reason and that reason to prove that they needed this or that.......whether or not....years ago....meantime, that clerk could have been sending out a bill to an HMO for payment, or....paying a vendor on time so that he could send a purchase order to refill something that was needed in some supply room.
Isn't it funny how we have to keep looking back instead of picking up and moving forward? One lady looked back....she turned to pillar of salt....When will we get over it and move on?
At least now we know who the people are with the agendas....all we have to do now is figure out what their agendas are.....maybe close down the hospital?

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May 02, 2005


Am I the only one that wonders if there's an agenda?

Mindy Fothergill of KUAM reported in tonight's news that: "Last February, the Guam Memorial Hospital entered into a $483,000 a year contract with Pacific Security Alarm. As part of an outsourcing plan, GMH officials put out a request for proposal for security services, eventually awarding the contract to PSA." Blah blah blah.......
Several times last week there were more dramatic stories about more devastating problems, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, the sky fell!
Whatever the agenda is, she can't make Bill McMillan look any worse by the continued bashing. I keep waiting for a report that lists the unnecessary number of paper clips he had in the top drawer of his desk, perhaps how many floppy disks he had or the number of Xerox paper he had at his disposal(dear me, can the hospital afford to use Xerox paper?) Someone has an agenda and that person is feeding the information to the media and while Peter John may be a nice guy and may be trying to clean up whatever mess 'people' left behind, he's also going to be distracted(as are other members of the hospital staff) by the media feeding frenzy with this agenda.
So, read Fothergill's report on KUAM's website and see if she's trying to tie GMH's contract for security to Klitzkie's security company....
I'm thinking that the situation with the Medicare report not being on time was probably due in part to the fact that GMH staffers were kept so busy doing damage control due to these devastating 'agenda driven' reports that they over looked the deadline....or, didn't have the heart to say that they had software problems and needed funds when they knew vendors weren't likely to accept the hospital's Purchase Order for same..........
We kinda did the same thing with DOE......remember? When Nerissa Shaffer was acting Superintendent.....we made all kinds of noises, she wasn't qualified....screamed for someone more qualified....then we got Juan...then he got his spokesperson....the only reason they're getting 'breathing room' is because the hospital is getting bashed........when Peter John gets things in some working order, or an other senator has some other agenda, some other agency will get bashed and the klieg lights will shine them......
Am I the only one who thinks there's an agenda going on here?

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May 01, 2005


It's worth looking into if the story's not true!

I love early morning arrivals, it means freshly brewed coffee and breakfast in bed and lots of fat newspapers....and late t.v. shows about brides that don't know how to say I don't before they put the ring on the finger. While surfing the channels, I stopped on the Dennis Miller show and watched Al Franken who was vaguely familiar because I recently watched him on the Air America movie about Montvel-Cohen/Sorensen et other radio station in the U.S. of A.....Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff also caught my ears as did 'Saipan', 'Marianas Islands' and '14-yr-old girls' and 'brothels' and Abramoff paying for Delay's trip to the Marianas supposedly to investigate the textile industry there. Franken actually spoke into the camera as if there is a way that someone can go to Saipan in the Marianas(wow, does this include Guam, Tinian and Rota?) and have sexual relations with a 14-yr-old? He said it so matter-of-factly, as if it was fact and Dennis was dumb and didn't know that such things existed out here.
I just know that there's much more than meets the eye about Mr. Jack Abramoff and his lobbying tactics with the Indians(west and not east) and Mr. Delay I know only about what's been on talk radio and know less about the 14-yr-old scene at brothels on Saipan, but if I were on the visitor's bureau there and Mr. Franken's information is untrue, I'd get him to retract his statements....or, get him to apologize........hmmm, do leftwingers do the apology thing? I bet not!

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