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June 16, 2005


I tried to give you the increment and they took it away!

This will be the scenario if the OPA and the AG are successful and make the increments(raises in pay for govGuam employees) not practical because it's untimely because all the steps weren't handled properly and that there's just not enough money in the coffers......
The 'front' office will say that 'it' tried to give the increments but.........the Public Auditor and friend, the AG and who ever else that comes into the 'no no' picture, took it away from the working poor........good strategy, right? The man will be the one wearing the halo and everyone that had high hopes will forever hate the two/or three or four who made it impossible(the increment).......
(it's like the time you wanted to go to the movies and your dad said to ask your mom and she said no....and you hated your mom the whole weekend because she said no.........you thought all along that it was okay with your dad..)
I saw the AG on the tube tonight.......(hey photog, try not to run the camera infront of that comic background THOR, kind takes away from the seriousness of the AG........) The AG asked how the government was going to pay the vendors and long overdue overtime pay for cops and firemen.......as well as other govGuam payables.......whatever's done in haste one must regret in leisure....so sad!

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June 14, 2005


It's a matter of triage....

When there's a disaster(and there doesn't have to be bloodshed, a budget is bleeding enough especially when one has to figure in increments and one uses in the increased costs of drivers licenses and the cost of license tags and business licenses and government services) one at the helm usually stays home to lead the troop...the shepherd leading the flock. The shephers never leaves the large flock to entertain but a few, so many thousand miles away when so many here are in a crisis mode.
The idea and the photo op are wonderful and make for beautiful memories, spouses of these soldiers are in rapture(it's a Christian word) of this man that will travel the distance to hand out Father's day presents and betelnut to the troop....but what happens to those who wonder about the budget, the fact that there's an increment and a CFO that's speaking Greek and that can't answer a question in English to Eddie Calvo when he asks how much money the government owes the vendors as well as other payables. The only thing that the man could do the whole time he was at the non-round-round table the other day was talk about the 'moving forward' thing he was putting together plan that put every question on 'hold', never answering any question
but going back to the 'moving forward' promise'. I can't believe that Senator Calvo stood for the spin and didn't stick to the question until he got the dollars and cents answers. Maybe the party(republicrat thingy) got to him and he didn't want to push hard...whatever it was, the senator kinda lost a few points that day. He's got the momentum going, he can't back down now. This is the time to make everyone accountable for the money that we don't have. We can't go spending what we don't have. He's a business man. He can't spend lapsed funds from 2004 at Pepsi to buy syrup or hire delivery people....let alone give increments....likewise, this isn't the time this government shouldn't be allowed to give increments because its barely able to pay its power bills. We used to be just stupid people. We've graduated, now, there's no word that describes us! But........it must be okay, no one seems to mind......next, we'll be increasing power and water bills and we'll call Patti and Ray and shout and rant but we won't do a damn thing about it......we'll probably re-elect the entire bunch of clowns to the next circus because we're the most pathetic bunch of people this side of Saipan!
What will we let them get away with tomorrow?

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June 12, 2005


Gina Tabonares, there's a new stats book(oops, too late, they're out!) out, but you'll have to wait for a re-printing! You might want to check it out on-line....I'm sure there are stats more current than 1999!

Seems the lady reporter from Marianas Variety uses an old stats reference book when writing/reporting the news....a few nights ago, a Japanese tourist had her purse taken from her as she walked by the Ohana Hotel in Tumon. The jerk took the purse and got away in a vehicle the tourist couldn't identify because it was too dark...kinda unusual because Tumon is so lit up in other parts of that street that it's almost daylight....nonetheless, Tamadingdong reports that GVB reports that:"crimes against tourists decreased by 113 incidents from 1998 to 1999. GPD and Guam Visitors Bureau records showed that from 264 crimes in 1998 the number went down to 151 in 1999."
When we had more tourists, she noted crimes increased, going back in time....1997..."The year 1997 was the busiest year for GVB when 1,381,513 tourists came in the island. However, only 272 crimes against tourists were recorded during that year."
Aye adai, girl, you're like way behind in your statistics, maybe you should just report the crime and that there's a reward if the culprit is caught and that the police probably won't catch him/er.....but, good try!

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Pac-Air wins, people of Guam, I mean, taxpayers, loses!

KUAM's Mindy Fothergil reported last night that:"GIAA will receive a minimum of $105,000 a year through the agreement, or a percentage of gross sales. Airport officials say the new contractor has plans to finance a new parking lot system and upgrade the current facilities. The new system will also feature automated pay, valet and long-term parking and license plate recognition. Airport board of directors chairman Frank Blas says the agency realized that it could capture lost revenue and improve the parking lot facilities. In the past the Airport lost nearly $118,000 annually, with Airport personnel handling the operations. "
If it lost $118,000 it means that if we could hire honest and reliable people and someone that can account for the money on a daily or weekly basis, the airport would make more money. If Pac-Air is willing to take over the operation, it means that the company knows how to manage its employees and knows how to manage the handling of money and making sure that they get what's theirs and not vice versa. Unlike the agencies at GPA, GWA and GTA that in the past have had their cashiers pocket the money from rate payers. Outsourcing is a wonderful idea when the agency isn't in a position to win at something...in this case, I think the agency could have fired the employees and put someone in their place and made back the money over the years. The tour buses aren't going to stop picking up passengers and people aren't going to stop needing parking places. What the airport is doing is giving Pac-Air a place to do business and make money out of the taxpayer's parking lot...in my humble opinion!

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June 11, 2005


Needs to obey the same laws other drivers do!

Most of the time I think of the frugal senator with the one person employee who saves all his money for the forgotten 'children' of DOE as a nice and soft spoken dude.......today, I saw a different side.....the side that claimed most of airport road and Marine Corps Drive...bet you didn't think that little white Rocky jeep couldn't drive so fast or up so close your car could be its hood ornament if you stepped on the breaks suddenly.
Yep, MC 256 wuz speeding like a bat flying outta hell, even went on red, so assume that it wuz okay since he's a senator and all that. Me'n hubby decided to stop awhile, didn't want to be on the road at the same time with the road runner. Did think maybe he might've been in a hurry to get to GMH to look at some contract or something, whatever it was, he was trying to get there fast enough that he was willing to sacrifice safety to get there. Too bad because we always talk about speed being one of the factors when there are accidents/crashes.......sometimes I wonder if brains should also be included in those fancy red lights when you turn the car on and if the car shouldn't turn on until the brain is engaged.
Next time you get behind the wheel, Mr. Frugal Former Marine, think about tail gaiting and running red lights and speed limits.....but then, we all know there are hardly any cops around so we can pretty much do what we please.......so much for safety on our roads.

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June 10, 2005


I guess the reporter doesn't realize that in the U.S.(or U.S. Territory) the defendant is innocent until he's tried and found guilty by a jury of his/er peers.

Gina Tabonares, the reporter of the following story obviously isn't from the territory....read it and see if the paper isn't liable for something like in trouble from the lawyer from the two in the report. Oh well, that's what happens when you have reporters from other countries."The lady manager of Burger King in Upper Tumon was fired after investigation showed that she was involved in the recent robbery incident. Stephanie O’ Neil, 25 of Dededo was arrested and charged with robbery and conspiracy, along with 26-year-old Leon Cornelius Limehouse of Tamuning, 22-year-old Eugene Pocaigue Miner and Anthony Paul Mendiola, 31 both from Dededo.
O’Neil, who reported to the police authorities that the food chain was robbed on March 11 was implicated by Miner, her boyfriend who told investigators that the manager was aware of the robbery.
Miner stated that Mendiola and Limehouse decided to rob Burger King and instructed him to inform O’Neil that they were going to “hit” the restaurant.
Alan Myers, an employee of Burger King said that Miner approached him while in the parking lot.
At gunpoint, Miner choked Myers and told him to “calm down or I’ll shank you.”
Another employee, Diane Shakan, reported that she heard the rear door bell ring at 2 a.m. and O’Neil instructed her to open the door.
Shakan saw two males and one of them grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to the floor, telling her to shut up.
Miner ran down the hall asking O’Neil where the office was and handed her a plastic trashcan telling her to put money inside the can.
Miner even instructed his girlfriend to lie on the floor before running away from the food store.
He later admitted that he told O’Neil to intentionally leave a safe open in order to facilitate the Burger King robbery.
The money, totaling $4,000 was split up between the four of them."
Did you note that the word 'alleged' was never used?

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Maybe we should follow suit?

"The study, aimed at determining whether the children in the CNMI are at risk for nutrition-related diseases and deficiencies, will begin on June 20 and end on July 7.
About 420 children are targeted to be medically screened in line with the project.
Their parents will be surveyed as well. " The Marianas Variety reported that the lawmakers in the CNMI will be lectured on the hazzards and dangers on obesity...sadly, lawmakers can't make laws to control obesity. They can't even control the kinds of food offered in the public school system, can't control the candy, sweets and carbs and fast foods that parents and guardians give their children because it's cheap and easy...then there's the lack of exercize because it's easy to sit and stare at the tube....in the days before the arrival of the tube, the kids were creative, they found things to do outside, they dug holes and pitched quarters or pennies into the holes, they built carts of wooden crates, they played hide and go seek, played stick ball, rode their bikes and were in good physical condition. In those days, carbonated soft drinks were available but not popular....potato chips were fried in mom's kitchen and were a treat like the popcorn at the movies. We didn't have travelling people that visited islands that addressed lawmakers about the dangers of obesity in our children.
Sorry visitors, you'll get a round of applause, a few pats on the back, a round of drinks and the lawmakers will go home and they'll have their fried rice in the morning(with their children) with friend spam and soy sauce maybe even with the fried pork chop on top like they serve at Shirley's........and if you check their blood sugar, you'll get a reading in the several hundreds like a bowling score you'd love to have.......oh, then there's the direct cholesterol deposits to your arteries, how fun! Otherwise, dear visitors, have a nice stay in the CNMI!

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June 09, 2005


If he didn't commit no crime since whatever it was wuz expunged.........there wuz notin to be made whole, right?

Seems some of doze dem peeples didn't all reed doze scripts about the exspongements, like if you didn't sin, there's notin to talk'bout, like, oh, 'no, I can't confirm or deny that' kinna ting' Okay, the Doug person said dat de firs day. Gess he dint pass enuf peppers out, not enuf funs, dats why, legisleshur din't giv nuff for jerux pepper.
So, pop calls da pepper an tels da man he maks his fren hole. But i'm tinkin if he din't mak no sin, gosh he only wher lite and shotgun at nite, maybe pretending party wif 2 frens u kno lik hollowene and tels da riter he makes his fren hole. boy, now generel boy moylen very not heppy, he sed maybe even misdemener, but you no, mebe dey fine the pop no get trouble cuz its his firs time.
anyway, today i go moylan stor in hagatna buy gun and fraslite and go bubulao wif frens mebe we get luckee even we get arrested is onlee our firs offense and mebee pop weel make us hole and exsponge us.
I like this firs law thing.

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"It's the right thing to do?"

Mr. Pudge said it on the breakfast show this morning....that there'll be no problem, that there'll be cash enough to give the increments come the first of July, or whenever those Christmas-buy-me-vote-money-trees start to bloom.........
I feel like we're on a ferris wheel ride that's gone out of control and it's spinning really fast and no one seems to care. We're spending money like there's no tomorrow. I'm wondering if Andy Jordanou drank too much sakau or noni juice in Samoa while he was there on Bank of Hawaii. He seems to have lost all sense of fiscal responsibility if he's the one encouraging the governor that we're able to give these increments and feed the money pit(actually, pits have bottoms, the hospital doesn't have one, it's bottomless, it's
an abyss....a black hole that swallows money (and white employees) DOE is another bottomless pit, it owes GPA millions, it owes the retirement fund millions and will owe even more when the increments are implemented, the vendors of all government agencies haven't been paid for months. Where will the money come from to pay these vendors who need the money to pay GRT and salaries and their own vendors? It appears that the governor's advisors are not only wearing blinders but seem to be selective in what they want to hear. They're not hearing the Chamber of Commerce in their suggestion that these are not the times to implement increments.
I predict, however, that these members(CoC) will be there to say their 'I told you so's ' when the government can't make payments allowing the schools to begin on time, or have the funds to allow for emergencies should they arise.......such as typhoons, earthquakes or the like.....we're way out of control and the people drinking that kool aid just don't seem to be getting the message!.......it must be that 'talking it tongues' that's gotten to their brain......can't think of anything else because at one time they all seemed to be bright people....

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'It was the right thing to do.' Roma locusta, causa finita!

The cause is finished. The minister has been restored to his ministry and to his deputy position at DPW. According to today's PDN, the governor said that the minister has been made whole. The PDN also reports that according to Title 8 Guam Code Annotated Criminal Procedure Chapter 11, Sections 10 and 11, it's A Right that a case for various reasons, including: lack of evidence that a crime was committed; a settlement; if it's determined that pursuing the case is not in the interests if justice; and an acquittal frim a jury.
OKAY? the section? not in the interests of justice...albeit, the PDN also reports that the AG said that an 'expungement does not necessarily mean a crime wasn't committed. He also said that expungements are commonplace in domestic violence cases through the diversion process which is when the defendant agrees or volunteers to go to counseling in lieu of a trial or defendant receives a deferred plea on other types of crimes, such as minor property crimes.
As I said, Roma locusta, causa finita.......in the land of old.....Rome has spoken, the cause is finished!
These days? You can do almost anything shameful and get your government job back.......unless you work at the airport....Jess Torres doesn't care for people who break man-made laws and quickly fires employees.

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June 08, 2005


First the increments....now they want to increase the minimum wages?

I'm sure it's a way to get the Democrats to garner the majority votes in the next election.....'see, looka what the republicans did, notta onna dem wanna raise da minamum wage level, dey wanna kep ya poor. we wanna increase you but dey wanna kep you poor.' This is the scenario that I predict because to increase the minimum wages at this time will destroy the economy as we know it, whatever it is, it'll get much, much worse, I promise! Gas prices have increased prices already, water prices have gone up, power's gone up and will probably go up now that John Benavente is no longer there to keep the rates down (he's gone to better feeding grounds-read today's pdn) the cost of doing business is at its highest, to increase minimum wages would kill businesses such as mom'n'pop stores and fast food stores such as KFC, Taco Bell, and the like.....this means that anyone that's 16 that's applying for a job as dishwasher will automatically earn $5.65(or whatever it is that BJ Cruz is dreaming about increasing it to), something that is presently $5.15 per hour.....when the rates increase, I promise that our cousins from the neighboring islands will migrate by the thousands as well, especially if we increase the rates before the Feds do......we'll be swamped with people wanting to better their lives with living wages they'd never dreamed they'd get in their lifetime.
In a perfect world everyone would get an increase in salary more frequently than in eight years(minimum wages)...but it's not a perfect world...we're living in austere times. How many high school graduates were able to get summer jobs at minimum wages this summer....perhaps the good senator should address that question first. There's no such thing as a money tree....there is however, such a thing as a payless payday. Perhaps we should focus on keeping that from happening by being more frugal with what we have.

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Interesting comment...

Interesting the comments that come after a post. Check out the URL!
:"slavery and prostitution are endemic to the islands' economy."

from Akaka, Hawaii Senator (1999)

more recent (2003):
"Many young women from Asia have also fallen victim to indentured servitude in the Northern Mariana Island of Saipan, a United States Commonwealth, working for 12 hour days, seven days a week, in unsanitary conditions, all for pay below the U.S. minimum wage standards, for many well known brand name manufacturers. You are probably aware of the recent decision of a U.S. Federal Judge to approve the settlement of sweatshop lawsuits filed in Saipan in 1999, establishing a $20 million fund to pay the 30,000 garment workers who are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit and who had been or still are working in such conditions."
[Testimony from a US government website]

Also, check out this site:


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What would Jesus do?

Would Jesus poach? You know the answer so I'm not going to insult your intelligence. Jesus was a Minister. He led by His example. He did as He said and Said as He did. He didn't say one thing and do another. He didn't break any laws, made by man, or by God. The laws made by man not to poach I assume is to keep the number of deer or boar to a minimum or maximum, thus the reason to have licenses that allow one to hunt during certain times of the year. Man makes it legal to hunt during these times. Jesus, as a Minister would have followed this law so that His flock would have followed His example.
Recently, a human minister who has his own flock was arrested for allegedly poaching(supposedly dead animals were discovered in vehicles, etc.) and initially, the minister resigned his high government position which showed humility on his part. For some unknown reason, the allegations, the arrest and everything that dealt with the arrest were expunged as if it were a figment on one's imagination and this minister was reinstated to his high government position as if no man-made law had been (allegedly) broken.
Having always been a Catholic, I don't know if Christians have a different way of judging the gravity of sins. Catholics judge sins as venial and mortal. I would judge poaching as venial and abortion as mortal. Perhaps Christians do likewise, perhaps they have three ways and poaching is looked as 'okay' for ministers to do on a first time basis(likewise, allow for the use of bulldozer uses in Bubulao (or somewhere in Guam where it's deep and muddy )that costs the government of Guam $7K in damages without permission).
Either way, the minister is back behind the desk at his high position within the government, without the stain of allegations, nothing to forgive for firsties, and is perhaps behind the pulpit facing a forgiving flock that'll give him a high five and'll lend him their 'head' lights the next time he wants to make another 'first' where the deer and the antelope, oops, boar used to play.......
When your child steals candy from the grocery store, don't scold him if it's his first time....tell him you learned that from the bible school in Tamuning.
If the minister were a holy man? He would...re-resign. Amen.

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June 06, 2005


$3M in the bank when it's time to pay DOE teachers on the last Friday afternoon before summer and bags are packed and there's not enough time to get to the bank to cash the check and get to the airport!

Teachers and people who work for DOE aren't known for having tons of money to spare so they're probably banking on that last paycheck for spending money for the trip to the states to visit family, friends or medical trip planned to happen during the summer. Whatever the reason, DOE and some other govGuam employees were made to wait anxiously for their checks this last Friday, many calling the Big Show to complain about being kept in the dark.
It was a very hot day, traffic made it worse because it was bumper to bumper and making eye contact made one know that road rage ruled the streets of Marine Corps Drive near where that power pole decided to burn up....it was Friday the 13th, only....it wasn't...it was just another red letter day in a red letter balance sheet, about $3 million dollars worth...you see, the lady at the government office(I think she was at the department of administration(maybe BBMR?) called Travis Coffman and told him that she couldn't release the checks unless they could guarantee that they (the checks) wouldn't bounce....the government only had $2 million dollars in the bank(I don't know if she was supposed to tell Coffman that, but he got it out of her)and they needed $3M more........when they got the $3M, they released the checks........and at 4:36pm(I think) tired,anxious and upset, employees got paid.
Tell me, if Friday's scenario was a thermometer for whether or not the government was ready to implement increments do you think it means we're ready for such an extreme? Can you imagine? We can't pay current bills what makes us think we can handle giving two govGuam employees an increment......even if it is deserved.........it's just not the time and if the governor's advisor say it is, then I say, fire him.......or her.....immediately!

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June 04, 2005


Much nice than the last one.

Don't know if it's because there's more control but the message board is interesting and the threads seem to be civil and manners are actually present unlike the last board where posters showed their dark side. I hope that this one lasts. I like that things can be discussed without name calling. In the thread that discussed which governor was the worst, there was no name calling...the judgement that Felix was the worst was gently discussed by the way he is running the government compared to the ways the other governors had run past administrations.
I'm glad that K57 found a way to give the people a way to express their thoughts on how the government should operate. Unfortunately, no one really listens.
I can hardly wait for K57's new t.v. news station to begin its broadcasting to see what happens when there's someone out there that puts the 'balance' to the story being reported....at least that's what I'm thinking is going to happen.

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June 03, 2005


If she's not due until the 23rd of June, why not just ASK her to come back?

She's already pleaded guilty. She had permission to go to California and the PI. If she's not due back until the 23rd, you'd think that it was just as easy to 'ask' her to return before then rather than to make a big 'media' deal out of it and just ask the woman to return. She's no dummy and knows that the laws of the U.S. arm reaches the PI and that she can be brought back, expired passport of not. Her family is here and I think that if she were a flight risk, she'd already be in Brazil or some place where the U.S. extradition law wasn't as long or far reaching.
The other doctor dealing in percoset isn't here and no one seems to be worried about her, but I guess it's okay, she's in California.

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You can only give it when you have it, just ask Phil Flores!

KUAM reports that:"An update of the Guam Memorial Hospital's finances during a board of trustees meeting revealed that GMH's profits are in the red by $7,900,000. And although Guam's public sector will be executing Governor Felix Camacho's plans to restore increments to staffers, Hospital employees will not be seeing such an increase in their paychecks this month. Board chairman Phil Flores said, "I'd love to pay [increments], but we just don't have the money...we just can't afford it." Board member Dr. Brian Bates chimed in, adding, "If we can't pay the Retirement Fund, how can we pay increments?"
Mindy Fothergill further states that:"Among the financial woes is the Hospital's growing debt to the GovGuam Retirement Fund. Payments have not been made for at least the last five pay periods, totaling more than $1,900,000. With the arrival of Retirement Fund director Wilfred Aflague as GMH's acting associate administrator next week, the board unanimously agreed that a payment plan needs to be drafted to pay the Fund what it is owed. Additionally, the board raised concerns about the Governor's approval of Bill 118, allowing employees of both GMH and the Department of Education to retire. Acting administrator Peter John Camacho told the board it would cost nearly $48,000 per pay period just to pay the interest for those wanting to retire from GMH.
Additionally, acting medical director Dr. Bevan Geslani raised concerns about positions that continue to struggle because of the Hospital's financial struggles. Geslani said, "Unless there's some concrete plans that are going to be shared with the medical staff, vendors are going to be paid - we're still going to be faced with the same kind of challenges." Chairman Flores agreed, asking that those affected positions join in and call on lawmakers to provide funding for the Hospital to pay its bills."
So, boys and girls, unless you have the moolah, there ain't gonna be increments.....I don't care how good your intentions are....pure.......and.....simple, just ask Peter F. Drucker!

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What motivates you? (Thanks for sharing this, my friend.)

"This is something I think you will appreciate.

The 'message' is not new, but the graphics are. And has music too.

When I think back to May 11th when my wife and I were almost run over by an
18-wheeler at the Seaman's Club this takes on a more serious meaning. We
never know when our last moments will be.

Click here: http://www.inlibertyandfreedom.com/Flash/Think_It_Over.swf "

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They talked the talk but........

I loved that KUAM brought the goons in to talk about the Block party that the big spenders are throwing for the Filipino porn magazine at the Paseo on July 4th complete with fireworks and even had what might have been copies of the porn magazines in front of one of the goons BUT did you see either one of the men pick up one of the magazines on the table to show the audience what the magazine consist of?
NOPE! Don't think that they would've wanted those eating dinner to see the skimpy-clad women on the pages.........I can't believe we're getting the wool pulled over our eyes and it's during daylight hours!
I say, demand KUAM to show the magazine, page by page on the news then tell the parents of these daughters how wonderful it's going to be to have their daughters pose for this magazine! Likewise the Bank of Hawaii, Mobil, AK and Miller and Guam Cell!

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June 02, 2005


More on Britney wannabees....maybe they'll be on the FHM cover?

"A lady, I'm sure it's a lady, wrote in about the FHM magazine search for models. I must say I agree with her. Young girls these days are really going past the limits with exposing themselves in public and on TV. Watch the local REV TV show sometimes and see the girls they display there. Out of curiousity I went to the FHM website and if you do you'll find they are geared towards the male. They even comment that FHM stands for 'For Horny Men'.
When you go to the websites of the models you see on REV TV, and I don't expect you will, you'd find that each has membership areas where you can subscribe for $19.95 a month (outrageous IMO) and enter to view private pictures (nude shots).
Sex sells. But at some point too much is too much. And I'm not saying that because I'm getting older. I've always felt something needs to be left to the imagination.
If you've been to the Micronesia Mall lately you've probably seen what I've seen. A lot of really young girls out showing their 'stuff'. It's no wonder Guam has such a reputation for it's very young ladies having babies before they are hardly past that stage themselves. "
Parents that allow their daughters to dress like little Britneys are responsible for what happens to them! If you allow your daughter to dress like a slut, don't be upset if she turns out to be one!

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One more that supports the invitation for your daughter to pose for the For Him Magazine(for horny men worldwide magazine from the Philippines)

I didn't mean to leave out a big supporter of the block party this July 4th when we celebrate the great American party. Instead of being at Andersen celebrating with fireworks, we're going to be at the Paseo celebrating the girls who are brave enough to pose in skimpy ads for a Filipino porn magazine block party sponsored by your favorite Bank of Hawaii, KUAM, Guam Cell, AK, Miller and MOBIL.....how could I have forgotten MOBIL?
As I write this, I can't imagine who the marketing people are at Bank of Hawaii because the bank is usually pretty conservative, certainly you wouldn't think of the bank buying an ad in Victoria's Secret block party, Guam Cell either. I bet if someone showed them the magazine they would have turned their sponsorship of the block party down. Oh well, the event will go on whether or not I rant and rave, our girls will take off their clothes for a buck and the next time someone writes about how trashy our girls are we'll all be upset.
The times have changed as have our morals! If you agree with me, boycott the sponsors, if you're for Filipino horny men worldwide porn magazines and the exposure of our daughters, support the sponsors and the block party!

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By Ben Shapiro, June 1, 2005
Based on the hamburger commercial

Paris Hilton is at it again. The 24-year-old hotel heiress is the feature attraction in Carl's Jr.'s new Spicy Burger ad campaign, aimed at the horny male TV-watching population. Scantily clad in a one-piece leather outfit plunging down to below her navel, Hilton struts into an empty warehouse, licks her finger, then suds up herself and a Bentley automobile, as a stripper-styled "I Love Paris" rendition slowly plays in the background. At the end of the spot, Hilton bites the burger and sucks her finger clean. The commercial closes with Hilton's tagline flashing across the screen: "That's
The spot is pure, soft-core pornography, beginning to end. The website for the commercial, spicyparis.com, touts the "too-hot-for-TV spot." And while Carl's Jr. CEO Andy Puzder defends the ad as "a beautiful model in a swimsuit washing a car," it is clearly designed to capitalize on Hilton's target audience -- porn watchers.
As I explain in my upcoming book, "Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism Is Corrupting Our Future," the plain truth of the situation is that Paris Hilton would be a relative nobody today were she not incredibly rich and profligate with her favors. Hilton made perhaps the most infamous porn video outside of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. That hard-core work, starring then-boyfriend Rick Solomon, brought her international fame. At least nine other sex tapes are said to be floating around somewhere, including a lesbian sex tape with Playboy playmate Nicole Lenz. The sexually uninhibited
Hilton became a target for Larry Flynt of Hustler fame, who released
pictures of Hilton sharing some lesbian tongue at a nightclub. As Conan O'Brien observed, "Hustler magazine announced that it will feature photos of Paris Hilton making out with another woman, while the woman fondles Paris' breasts. So the search continues for a photo of Paris Hilton not having sex.
Because of her pornographic involvement, Hilton has grabbed an endorsement deal as the Guess? Jeans girl (the New York Observer reported that "her bad-girl image jibes with the clothing company's porn-lite ad campaigns"), endless tabloid headlines, and now, this deal with Carl's Jr. As Brad Haley, marketing chief for Carl's Jr., stated, "Paris was chosen to star in the ad because she is an intriguing cultural icon and the 'it girl' of the moment."
Here's the big question: How, as a society, did we allow Paris Hilton to become a cultural icon? Clearly, no one likes her very much. Liberals and conservatives alike agree that she is vacuous and silly. Media commentators all over the map label her "spoiled" and "stupid." Maureen Dowd, hardly a cultural right-winger, lumps Hilton together with "vacuous, slutty girls on TV sitcoms." No, Hilton is today's "it girl" for one reason and one reason alone:Individual scorn, though that opinion may be shared by a vast majority, does
not control the river of a culture. It is those who push the envelope who do. Over the past few decades, we have implemented a "live and let live" culture whereby abhorrence for immorality is seen as illegitimate if promoted through governmental means. Instead, we are supposed to let our culture be poisoned slowly -- and if we protest, we are told that as long as we turn off our own TV's, all will be well. That's why it should come as no surprise that Hilton's spicy ad has ardent defenders, who proclaim that just because you don't like pornography doesn't mean that it can't make someone else very happy. One man's pornography is another man's means to happiness. And so Keith Olbermann of MSNBC ripped the ad's detractors: "I'm reminded tonight of H.L. Mencken's definition of Puritanism: the haunting fear someone somewhere may be happy. Is that at the bottom line here, I mean, that the people who have to protest crap like this ad -- and it's crap -- but are they afraid it will corrupt somebody, or are
they afraid somebody will enjoy it?" Paul Begala labeled the offended "the sanctimonious Republican right." And Michael Hiltzik of the Los Angeles Times simultaneously condemned the commercial as "a new high (or low) in television crassness" and slammed the ad's opponents as members of the manufactured outrage industry."
This is the new pattern: individual condemnation and societal acceptance. The moral among us have been forced into tolerance of immorality. Paris Hilton is a cultural icon because of it. As long as the moral majority is impotent, the lowest common denominator will continue to define us."
(Isn't that sad, that we're defined by our lowest common denominator? Bank of Hawaii, AK, Guam Cell, Miller and KUAM in their invitation of our daughters to pose in a Filipino porn(for horny men worldwide) magazine)? Sadly, the stupid and naive will flock to AK and will pose semi-nude. I'll never eat a burger without thinking how ugly Paris made it appear during her commercial. Confirmation that all the money in the world doesn't buy class!

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Miller, Bank of Hawaii, KUAM, AK, Guam Cell, et cetera, shame on you!
Check out the For Horny Men worldwide(For Him Magazine) website and see if your daughters aren't being insulted!

"Here's the link to the Manila magazine that is sponsoring or looking for models.
Why in Guam, not sure, because Manila is wall-to-wall beautiful ladies. I note a real increase in Filipina entertainers and models here lately. What gives? http://www.fhm.com.ph/
At the top of the site, if you go there, it says "For Him Magazine".
But if you scroll down to the very bottom they have another logo for FHM.
Now you know why Lame-o-rena and friends so love to open little offices in Manila and visit them often.
You don't think Carl and Yingling spent all their time in Manila, taking care of official business, do you?
What they do on their own time and on their own dime is their business, but you and I both know that we, as taxpayers, paid for their revelry.

I'm no prude. But our girls are being exposed far too early to dressing trailer trash, to using make up, to exposing themselves. There's actually a place in this magazine website that shows sexual positions, fortunately, it uses comic forms rather that real life forms. It talks about sex openly. So, I question AK and Guam Cell and KUAM and Miller(why would they care, they don't care if their patrons drink, drive and kill, why would they care if your daughter strips and poses semi-nude for a Filipino magazine for horny men worldwide) and the Bank of Hawaii encourage our girls to post for a porn magazine. Are they so hurting for business that they'd stoop for this sort of business?
Maybe these business would like to sponsor a few of those 'trannies' that walk behind the Bank of Hawaii in Tamuning(right up your alley, BofH)I'm sure there's some magazine out there that might want a picture of them, then there are the girls that stalk people in Anigua, gosh, maybe we can even call Mike Ogle, freelance writer for ESPN2, maybe he'd put it on their website, seems we don't mind as long as these big businesses support the project!
If you want your daughter to grow up to be a hooker, or if she already dresses like one, send her to AK this weekend, let her get her start with FHM magazine, who knows, she may be successful then she can support your entire family, WOW! Thanks for the opportunity AK, KUAM, Bank of Hawaii, Miller and Guam Cell,you're putting Guam on the map...we're going to be famous, our very own girls just for horny men worldwide!

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Thoughts are insightful, read on! Have we paved the road to hell?

"Read and agree with all you said Charo. Unfortunately you've once again wasted time and space if you think you're going to get through to Felix. He's already made up his mind and the public be damned. He well knows what is the right thing to do, but doesn't have the balls to do it. Catering to the GovGuam workforce is a sign of a seriously weak leader. What he is trying to do is patronize and win the favor of the GovGuam workers. That translates to voters and a very large block of voters, especially when you take into consideration the extended families related to the GovGuam workers. To date his performance has been so lacking, and nothing but glowing words of false hope, that I don't see him being returned to office. #2 would make a better leader. He impresses me as being smarter and stronger. I feel so let down by this administration. All that was said during the campaign has disappeared into the ether world. Or is it nether world? Wouldn't it be nice if we as a family unit could prioritize to suit our own purposes and the obligations be damned? What I see as necessary in this time of short monies is more of a sacrifice from the government employees. Something the rest of us have had to learn to do and deal with under this and the last administration. It's patently unfair that a segment of the community has to hold up the chosen ones. Many of whom probably couldn't hold a job where they actually had to show up and expected to produce results (earn their pay). Look at me Charo, now I've done what I've criticized you for. Wasted time and space. The big question is who on this island can raise the sinking USS Guam or at least prevent it's sinking further. And do it w/o abundant and generous Federal assistance that when received GovGuam seems to pour down a bottomless pit and nobody is worried about being accountable or fear punishment. GHURA and CAHA now join the list of agencies who conduct their business in a questionable manner. How about the many instances of debt forgiveness allowed, like typhoon related funds? GHURA's overpayments? What do the alleged directors and/or assistant (are these necessary?) directors do while in their highly salaried positions? Can you or I screw up and expect GovGuam to forgive our oversights? Sure, when pigs fly? Where is my white flag?
s when you take into consideration the extended families. "

With lapsed funds, you can build castles in clouds and sand castles, only problem is, when the tide comes in and when it rains, the buildings collapse....likewise, increments, like retirement funds that can't be paid, because believe you me, when you give increased pay, you also increase the amounts you have to pay the 'fund' you end up owing the fund more as well...our little enterprise runs quite simply. When we make a profit, we share it with the employees. When sales are down, the employees know it and they know that we can't give increments during these times but know that through money-saving means, we bide our time and eventually we get out of the rut and we give small increments as soon as we can. I just can't understand how we can give increments (even if they are deserved) during these times when we're unable to pay our bills.
I predict that if the increments are given that there'll be an increase in either the GRT, a shortening of work hours(or both) or some other increase in government services in order to pay for the increase in the pay of these government employees. We can't have our cake and eat it at this time and I'm no economic guru!

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June 01, 2005


I said move him to a mailroom, not to GEDCA!

Darn, they never do what I tell them to do! I've been whining about Tony Lame-o-rena these days and keep telling his bosses to move him to a mail room and what do they do? They take him from GVB, move him to the Gov's front office and make him be the gov's mouth and then, they move the great mind Gerry Perez to GVB and where to they put Mr. Clueless? They put him at GEDCA where it takes real live brain cells to develop industry......even if he's only there for one week he'll create his own 'havoc' with or without Electra!
Lordy, lord, what will 'they' think of next? I'm thinking, Larry Perez could have put him at Ordot to collect the cash instead of sending all those people with pickups all over creation to buy coupons.......surely Lame-o-rena can handle that job, ya think?
Things around here just get dumber and dumber!!!

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Hmmmmmmmmmmm, seems we might have some fair and balanced news after all?

K57 announced yesterday(as did the PDN today) that broadcasting mogul, Rex Sorensen, bought out Channel 14(ABC).......and that.......he's going to be airing shows not a week later but hours later via internet(I won't even try to explain how it works!) and that........the company's going to be doing the news thingy.....so......there'll be two views instead of only one......
According to Jon Anderson's report last evening, the sale/take over will take about 8 weeks.....
Congratulations Rex and company..........it'll be interesting watching the next election, eh?

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Utopia......it's everybody's dream and if you read the gov's address on KUAM's website, you might think that the increment for the govGuam's employees would result in an utopia for them.........and pigs fly!

Yes, govGuam workers deserve their increments but the government has to priortize where it spends the money before it gives those increments out. I'm not going to repeat the list of ails it must address first. If you're reading this, I'm going to assume that you're smart and know which parts of the government are broken and need fixing.
If the government employees have waited this long, then they can wait a bit longer. People are literally dying waiting to retire from their govGuam jobs. Retirement Fund obligations need to be settled, et cetera, et cetera.
If the Chamber of Commerce has the back bone that it thinks it has, it'll stand up for the private sector and force the delay until their private companies that deal with govGuam are paid and brought current with accounts receivables.
We don't throw parties when we're broke. We don't give increments when we're broke, certainly, we give increments only after the company has shown a profit. Company Guam has yet to show a profit. Until that happens, no increments!
I think I know where the governor's heart is. Unfortunately, there's no money where it's at!

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We beg them to pose for Filipino porn magazines and with big companies promoting it at that!

"dear Auntie!

hafa adai! i am writing to rant and rave about this commercial I saw on TV
tonight for FHM model at this party on July 4th. Auntie, FHM is as close as you can get to soft porn, young sexy girls sharing their stuff with the reader. No modesty, no respect to show your body parts! But do you know they do all this every FRIDAY at the AK showroom? That's how we celebrate our Independance? by posing suggestively for a contract to be in a sexist magazine?
i'm so surprised that AK would do this! everyone goes to AK for their
family cars, first cars, etc...who would think that a reputable company would go that far to exploit women to sell cars?
disgusting auntie, totally gross! don't these girls respect themselves and respect where they come from? will they bring their moms and grandmas to show them their private parts?
you can see them at the AK showroom. I would be totally offended if I
worked there!
but worse!! the co-sponsors are: Bank of Hawaii, Guamcell, KUAM, Miller and one other.
come on auntie, let's show the girls they don't have to show their tits and ass for everyone to be popular. when did this island get so
stripper-happy? ok. i'm done!
on the other side of the coin, there is a great party hosted by the
military so if you want WHOLESOME entertainment and not near-naked women with few values and no-self respect...go to that party and see the real fireworks! my grandmother had a word for this - KUCHINA!"

It's odd we all got upset with the Mike Ogle person because he wrote that his relatives said that if Americans walked in the poor villages of the island that they would offer their daughters to these Americans. We really got angry with that article blogged in the ESPN2 website. I have to say that I have seen the ad on t.v. but not knowing that the magazine was didn't know that it was one level below Playboy and that it was an invitation for our girls to pose for it. Sadly, the times have changed and our precious girls are no longer encouraged to cover their bodies. I was at a mom and pop store this weekend and watched the cashier ring up my items. I really didn't want to see all that she wasn't wearing and didn't wonder why the boys were hanging around buying one soft drink at a time. Perhaps she will make the cover of this magazine, she was already dressed for the photographer.
We don't offer up our daughters to any one but we also don't encourage modesty, (at any age, they're dressed like the Britney Spears trailer park trash) either and if you don't believe me, take a look at how they're dressed the next time you're at the mall!
So we'll have to thank KUAM, Bank of Hawaii, Guam Cell and Miller for trashing the image of our girls in Filipino porn.......what's next?

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