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July 27, 2005


Slow newsdays will and alleged beatings....will it have meant anything if he wasn't a firefighter?

Marianas Variety's on-line edition and today's PDN (wow, someone actually wrote a current local story that wasn't two days old) told of the fireman allegedly beating on his girlfriend...or, they beat eachother up....and spent the night in the klink.........still, I wonder if it would have meant jack if James was just another James if he wasn't a firefighter.........

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July 26, 2005


Not a one said it officially, so I will!

I had hoped the official fish wrap would write an editorial of thanks for all the work the men and women of the KITTY HAWK did while they were here....but.....not one was written.....no editorial given at KUAM either.....and there's probably a very slim chance that this humble offer of thanks will be read but here it is dear men and women of the KITTY HAWK...d'angkulu na Si Yuus M'aasi yan, Thank You for all that you did for the school children in our schools, the elderly and the people of Guam during your short stay here. Thank you for spending the time doing work for the community rather than having fun and spending time with friends and relaxing while your ship was in port. Your work was most appreciated, Thank You and Godspeed!

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Suppose the family could use your help....

KUAM news had the following story in tonight's news and I quote;"A Yigo family is without a home tonight, after their entire residence was fully engulfed in flames. Guam Fire Department spokesperson Phyllis Blas says the fire was called in shortly before 4pm today. The blaze ignited at a home in the Santa Ana subdivision. Firefighters were able to control the blaze within minutes, and Blas says no one was injured in the fire. Investigators were on the scene trying to determine what caused the blaze.(Story by Mindy Fothergill)"
I suppose if you're compassionate, you could call Bob Lizama, the Yigo mayor and find out how many people lived in that home and what the family needs. I'm sure they could use some clothing, pots and pans and other things that most people have extras around the house...news reports are sad in that there's usually a deeper story waiting to be reported after the sensational part is told. Where is the family spending this night? Who fed them? Will they have enough money to get their children ready for school clothes and supplies? If you care even a little bit, give the commissioner's office a call, I'm sure he'll know where the family is and how you can help them get back on their feet again.

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Go figure....sensational news or what? Juan Cruz chokes his girlfriend Juanita Mariano and who cares, it doesn't make six o'clock nothing, probably not even the blotter....but.......

If you're a newbie firefighter...you're name is spelled right and your girlfriend's name is spelled out as well....how's that for sensational....at least the word 'accused' was used....instead of alleged....you know, the innocent until guilty thingy....here's quoting the tube news sensation incase you missed it......without the names!"A firefighter was arrested by police today for allegedly choking a woman known to him. Guam Police Department Hagatna Precinct personnel say they received a complaint against 33-year-old (snip)of Barrigada is accused of getting into a verbal argument with his girlfriend, who was also arrested. (Snip)Both charged with family violence and assault. Acting fire chief George Aquino says the Guam Fire Department is waiting on more information on the incident from police before taking administrative action against the newly-graduated firefighter."
If you want to know who they are.....well, you know where to go for the information.....I mean, the sensation! Who knows, this may be the guy's first crime and may know someone in high places and may just get the arrest expunged....one never knows these days!

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Love'em but need to teach'em how to report, ya think?

A dead woman was found in the ITC parking lot yesterday morning...politically correct, it was a 'lifeless body' not so politically correct, the ITC building has nine floors and not six, unless someone took apart three floors when we weren't looking....but then we don't know where Gina Tabonares is reporting from.....so we'll give her ten points for effort.....at least her story made the print pages, not so our daily snooze! Thanks for the local news Marianas Variety on-line!
"By Gina Tabonares
Variety News Staff

POLICE authorities are investigating the death of a Korean female found lifeless at the ITC parking lot in Tamuning yesterday morning.
Emergency officials were called to the six-storey complex at 6 a.m. after receiving a call that a person was unresponsive between two cars in the parking lot, Guam Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Joe Carbullido said.
The body of the woman, whose identity was withheld pending the notification of relatives, was taken to the Guam Memorial Hospital examiner’s office for an autopsy." (Go on-line for the rest!)

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July 25, 2005


As I listened to the 'breaking news' on the Breakfast Show, I wondered how the news would be received by the more conservative.

One shared his/er feelings;"Carl...skates away again and I'm in disbelief. And now we know why he was grinning from ear to ear on those KUAM news clips. He knows he is virtually unprosecutable. At least on Guam. There are a few who think the Feds are just waiting for the right time to nail him. I hope I live long enough to
see it happen. I've lost faith in the justice system here. It seems obvious that Carl's tentacles reach into a lot little corners here. Perhaps there are many who fear being prosecuted themselves for their relationship with him. I'm sure you know many more stories than I ever will. I'm also beginning to lose faith in Doug Moylan. I didn't need to see and read about a $5,000 eagle mascot. Not when GMH is so hurting for critical supplies and medicines.
To answer your question about his being governor again. I can't answer it and I hope to never see it come to pass. He was pretty loose his second term. Can you imagine the license he will take with a third/fourth term? If the people vote him in Charo they will deserve everything they don't get in services that are supposed to be provided by our taxes. I'm speaking of all the people of Guam, not just those who are in deep with Carl. Color me extremely disappointed and frustrated with the dismissal of this latest case against him. I guess he'll smugly smile as he receieves that extra $30,000 in retirement pay. While my retirement pay and Social Security taxes have to pay for it. Can you understand just how upset I am
about that? I risked life and limb for 30 years in the military while he got himself in a position to rip the taxpayers off.
Yeah, I'm not only upset. I'm very angry."

How do you feel?

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July 22, 2005


Guess the gov ain't gonna run with Kaleo since he used the pix with the President and his wife on the Lib Day ad....at least he bought an ad.....

We already know that the PDN doesn't have many local news reporters by the amount of local news their paper runs on a daily basis and figure that since Josephine Conception left their advertising department hardly anyone sells advertising to the locals as well....at least one thinks so by the lack of ads in yesterday's paper.....in past years, the paper was thick with greetings (usually paid ads) from the governor (usually pictured with his lt. gov-this time not!), the speaker of the circus, various senators and the congressperson.......of course, Maddy doesn't need to buy an ad because ain't no one's ever going to run her out of that office so she never needs to buy another ad....but I'm thinking all those that already have bumper stickers out there.....oh well.....maybe the rain wet their spirit......and......it's not an election year!

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His idea is too simplistic....someone is dead set on increasing the fees even if the man suggests there's already enough money needed...

I don't think the issue was important enough to be covered in today's PDN...or, I didn't see it again(maybe it'll be covered in tomorrow's paper on page seven) but in today's on-line version of Marianas Variety, Mar-Vic Cagurangan reported that Art Ilaganm director of rev and tax suggests that; "Burdening a car owner, who may be fortunate to have three or more vehicles in his/her name, paying three times the disposal fee of the unrelated materials is unfair", and that, "But Ilagan urged the committee to “consider other options” before settling with the idea of incorporating the consolidated recycling fee into the motor vehicle registration fees.
He noted that the increase in AVSF in the last two years is “still fresh” in the registration bill.
The government had increased the AVSF from $10 to $25 per vehicle on March 5, 2003, and then again to $40 on April 1, 2004, because it was not generating enough revenue for the junk car removal and operation of street lights.
“For just over a year, the department has billed and the Department of Administration has collected roughly $375,000 ($4 times 94,000 average number if vehicle registered per year for the abandoned vehicles alone). What was once only $94,000 is now four times more,” Ilagan said.
He suggested that the existing fees that the government is currently collecting and the fee established by the suspended recycling law might be enough to cover the removal of junk vehicles.
With the $200 fee charged per vehicle for AVS, the government estimates to collect $350,000 a year. This amount, according to Ilagan, would cover the removal of 1,750 junk vehicles over year. “If $350,000 is not enough, what amount is needed?” Ilagan asked.
Instead of raising more fees, Ilagan suggested the reallocation of collected funds.
Ilagan noted that the AVSF increase over the last two years has resulted in a corresponding increase in the streetlight fund from $846,000 to $3.3 million per year.
“What exactly does it cost to operate and install streetlights per year? In the likelihood that the $3.3 million is more than enough, maybe a changing of the percentages would be considered first before raising fees,” he said.
He added,“For example, instead of the current 10 percent and 90 percent, perhaps 25 percent ($94,000) for junk cars and 75 percent ($2.8 million)) for the streetlight fund. If $15 of the proposed $25 fee is for junk cars, then adjust the percentages accordingly.”
Okay, that's what Mar-Vic wrote.....which makes one wonder why we're trying to add another $25.00 to our vehical registration fees? One has to wonder if the people conjuring up these bills ever talk to the man (or people) at rev and tax before they come up with ideas before they increase the taxes.....or, if they just increase the taxes then ask the questions. It's a breath of fresh air when someone has the guts to say that there may be enough money to handle the situation without having to add another $25.00 to someone who has more than one car in his/er garage.......
People who spend other people's money are usually the same people who make the same suggestions to increase fees.......they don't usually feel the pain or damage caused......what the heck is another $25.00 either way....not my money!

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July 20, 2005


Let's see if you'll read the article and inquire how the expense will help the people of Guam....

The following was reported in today's Marianas Variety's on-line issue reported by By Mar-Vic Cagurangan
Variety News Staff

"TWELVE Guam mayors, accompanied by an entourage of 48 residents, will be in Manila next month for a mayors’ conference and a field trip to hospitals and agricultural facilities in the Philippines.
Agana Heights Mayor Paul McDonald, who heads the delegation, said the conference, to be held in Shangri-La Hotel from Aug. 6 to 10, seeks to establish a partnership between Guam and Philippine mayors.
“We will be creating the Guam Philippines Mayors League. Its objectives include the exchange of ideas and information beneficial to our people at the grassroots level,” McDonald told Variety.
He said the conference will tackle education and production of items made of indigenous materials such as bamboo, among others.
The Philippine and Guam mayors, he added, are also hoping to establish a system that will facilitate cooperative efforts in times of disasters. Once the Guam and Philippine mayors organization is formed, McDonald said, the group will ask the United Nations to provide them with an “advanced warning system” which is being used during disaster relief operations.
While the mayors are attending the conference, McDonald said the Guam residents traveling with them will tour the medical facilities to see the medical services available in Manila.
“A lot of people here are being referred to medical facilities in the Philippines and Guam residents prefer to go there because medical services are more affordable than Hawaii and California, and their medical technology is as advanced as the ones in the U.S.,” said McDonald, president of the Mayors Council of Guam.
He said the tour group will also visit a hogs farm and an aquaculture facility, as well as the University of the Philippines to acquire more information about aquaculture farming.
“We have a whole variety of people traveling with us. They are working people interested in starting a business here. They are hoping to be able to apply here whatever they would learn from the trip,” McDonald said, adding that each member of the whole delegation is spending personal funds for the trip.
“We got a good deal from two airlines and travel companies that allow us to take this trip,” the mayor said."
The question is whether or not the government will pay out any funds for this trip.......as I write this, the mayor of Agana Hts. is speaking with Travis Coffman, talk show host of the Big Show and telling him that if there is finding that there's reason that mayor's can use the venue to use the trip as a 'hands on' that they may use government funds for the trip, thereby making the trip a junket rather than paying for the 'field trip' out of their pockets which he he said they were paying for early on.
Personally, I see no problem with partying with fellow mayors in the PI....as long as doing same doesn't come out of public funds in the end.....So Travis, you forgot to ask.......will these mayors close their offices while they're off partying?

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On page 7!

What a laugh......just thought I'd let you know....PDN did decide it was worth a few lines, the thing about the tuition increase at UOG....there are a few lines on info on page 7 in today's PDN......heck, there's more coverage given pumped up cars every Monday.......oh well, at least we know what's important! Let's see what's on the on-line version of the Marianas Variety that'll make it on the PDN tomorrow or the day after.....hmmmmmm.

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Party in Sacramento!

"Hafa Adai Chelus!
Our chelus up North in the Sacramento / Yuba City area are inviting us all to their Liberation Day celebration THIS SATURDAY, July 23rd, 2005. Please check out their announcement below. Part of the entertainment will be provided by the Kutteran Chamorro Performers of Long Beach, Cali and DJ Jeff Salas of Island Jamz so you know
this is one party that will be really jammin so please do not forget your Cha-Cha zorries and your hungry appetite and leave your worries behind and come and enjoy this festive celebration in honor of the brave men and women who helped liberate our island.
Dankalu Na Si Yuus Maase Chelus! See Ya all there! "

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July 19, 2005


Maybe I just missed it....did you miss it too?

More and more, I'm beginning to rely on the on-line version of the Marianas Variety for local news...but have to give also give credit to the Breakfast show for the local news that doesn't make it on the print pages of the official fishwrap(is that one word or two?)
Any way, I might have missed the article in today's huge paper not worth the subscription price the article that UOG was once again increasing the tuition rates.......
Heard Ray Gibson talking about it while having morning coffee....I'm thinking that the increased increments, promotions and huge salaries for the big honchos(Allen and friends) require such drastic moves...how else can the university afford its lifestyle? They're not going to downsize their salaries so where else can they get their money other than increasing the tuition?
Dear, dear, don't you remember all those trips to China the dear man Allen made that promised to increase the student population? Wonder what happened to the dream....bet it went bust.....When the man was hired, his huge salary was allowed because his experience promised the university 'good' things........seems all the experience did was increase overhead.....but, have to say that during his tenure, KUAM and some other media outlets made some money in some glitz advertising boasting the kind of learning one could have if one attended UOG.......these days.......you'd have to be rich to attend it(if the tuition increase is allowed by the community!).
So far? The Guam Community College seems to be the only educational institution that seems to know what its doing.........maybe Mr./Dr. Allen could get some points on how to run the university from the head of GCC.....ya think?
I predict that PDN will probably run something on the tuition increase in a day or two........they usually do after the 'news' has been 'out there' awhile...but then again, it might have been in the paper and I just missed it.....it's happened before!

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July 18, 2005


It seems moral issues are alive and well in the village of Talofofo...

If you're a public official, you live in a glass house. If you're married and carry on with someone working in your office and move out of your house and out of the village and you're the commissioner, you're outta 'bounds...commissioners are supposed to be livings within the boundary of the village, one thinks.....then....there's the issue of, the affair with the office employee thingy that doesn't play well with the 90% Catholic villagers that have front row seats to this debacle....like it or not, they're an audience of a reality show for a man that probably most of them voted for.....
So, it's no wonder that a few of them wrote a letter to the election commission to recall this village commissioner because he moved out of the village (and probably because of his affair which they find disdainful)......It's unusual that in this day and age, there are still people that care if people fool around on their spouse, most look the other way, most don't care, most even do it themselves.......yet in this little village, the moral issue matters and though the mayor moved back to the village and is doing his job, the villagers no longer want him to be the village leader.
One has to wonder if the villagers will continue their move the mayor out of office or if they'll accept some sort of compromise....whatever the case, it's good to see that not every body has lost their sense of morality. Those who play with fire often get burned!

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The essay, the recipe to make the only civilian hospital work is written by the nurse, the senator...she's had the time to make it work.....so?

In today's PDN, Senator Lou Leon Guerrero wrote a an essay on how to make the changes work to save GMH....the essay's probably on-line so I'm not going to bother you with details since you can read it at your leisure. I wonder if you will come to the same conclusion as I do after you've read the opinion......why, after she's been a senator all these years, she hasn't done any of the things she's pointed out as needing to be changed to help the hospital so that it can function?
She's a lawmaker, she's been in a position(a majority member that at one time could have railroaded change)to have created positive changes there.....yet, years later, she still writes about the problems rather than doing something about the problems.
I would be so ashamed if I were a senator and wrote letters/opinions about problems about issues that I could have changed but didn't. I have to say, however, it takes nerve to write such an essay!
Lawmakers are the very people that can make the changes at GMH, all fifteen of them. Not a one of them can say they don't have the money. They can cut budgets of non-important agencies such as parks and recs that can close and pay employees for parties and pay for hospital needs. Lawmakers can downsize the government of deadwood employees that work in the government only because they voted for who ever it was they were able to get the job from....
When you're through reading the lame excuse of an opinion, read Dr. Tom Sheih's opinion.....and if you learn just one thing from his thoughts, glean from it that if the legislators aren't doing the work you elected them to do, that you shouldn't vote for them the next time...alluding to electing an entirely new body of people who will do what the island needs to have done....who are brave enough to do the right thing.
Quit writing about what needs to be done, should be done, could be done.....do what needs to be done.

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July 17, 2005


We tend to spend it wildly when it's not hours....it's such a govGuam mentality!

I'm not going to name names, his name's been in the headlines(radio, t.v. and print) but he threw one big party for the 30th anniversary for a limping agency that barely keeps the grass mown at cemetaries and parks.....does well putting up fences but terrible about keeping toilets clean.....can pay them to party but can't have them help spruce up the schools on government time.......anyway, I'm sure you're all going to celebrate that the employees of the great agency of parks and recs had a party(no, you weren't invited) last Friday....they closed the public pool and partied on......and guess what........those people got paid to party, now ain't that nice, partying on your dime and ya know what? Ya ain't gonna do a damn thing about it cuz that's what you do best! Nothing! Directors and or elected officials in high places do this to you on a daily basis and you don't do a damn thing about it.........you scratch your head and complain but you don't do jack! What's worse? The dude will probably surface during the next administration as some high mucky-muck and he'll get to do it to you all over again!
I'm willing to bet my last breath that this man and everyone of those party goers doesn't lift one hand to help the volunteers to get the public schools to get ready.....you see, we're so stupid, we pay taxes so that the taxes can go to paying for public schools, only thing is, the money's going to pay for employees to party and now we need free labor to fix, paint and get schools ready for our kids......I'm sure the people at DPR will have plenty excuses not to have to do work at the schools unless the first lady's at the end of the deal with a camera and a barbecue.......
Oh, and while we're at it, DPR? You(collectively) say you didn't reserve space for your comrades.....if you didn't, pray tell, who did.......the newly released ghosts from Togcha? Puleez, already, tell the truth, nothing's gonna happen to you anyway! You won't get fired, hell, you can get arrested and still not get fired....what's your fear!

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July 16, 2005


'Tis but a sad story of over eager cops.......or......cops untrained in the law...either way if what they discovered is suppressed and the druggies are turned loose(remember, they're alleged to have been manufacturing the stuff!), the score is: Drugs 1, people 0!

Mindy Fothergill of KUAM reported last night that:"A District Court judge's decision to suppress evidence in a large drug case could mean four individuals will be free of criminal charges. District Court judge Robert Takasugi granted the defense's motion to suppress evidence collected during a drug bust in Sinajana , and that:"Police cannot be allowed to trample on someone's constitutional rights and it teaches citizens that they have the right to say no to searches of their home without warrants." Attorneys for San Agustin believe their client's rights were also violated. The law firm today issued a brief statement about the judge's decision, saying, "We believe Mr. San Agustin's Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights were violated and for that reason we filed the motion to suppress. Since the court granted the motion and it excludes all evidence that the government would have raised, there's a strong likelihood the case will be dismissed."
Fothergill reports that there's a possibility for an appeal to an appelate court, otherwise, the case is moot and the wholesalers go free on technicalities............all that work and the cops didn't know what they were doing was against the fourth and fifth amendment rights? Surely these were seasoned cops?
I know this isn't the time or place for such a discussion but during the past eight or ten months, did any of the cops involved in the investigation that caused the information to be suppressed get promoted or given raises? Just thought I'd ask.......They were in Sinajana for heaven's sake, how hard was it to run to a judge for a search warrant for the rest of the house? Thought I'd ask that question as well........that's what they do on the t.v. shows.....
Does the word, 'keystone' fit anywhere in this story? Naw, this is a sad story.....no 'keystones' allowed!

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July 15, 2005


A picture says a thousand words.......likewise, art can create a thousand wounds.

Today's Jon Anderson reported that Jess Torres, GM at the airport decided to 'move'(relocate) some artwork that the council of the arts and humanities arranged to display at the arrival section of the international airport. The artwork was to be displayed for three months. The artwork supposedly depicts friendships between Chamorros and Japanese soldiers during World War II. Since I didn't see the display, I can't describe that one could have realized this friendship, knowing only that the art described a scene during WWII between the Japanese and a Chamorro native, unless of course the soldier had the native in an embrace. K57 reported that the art work was up for four days until a Japanese tour operator complained about the art work, the tourists finding the work offensive, a reminder of a painful time.
K57's reporter Valerie Maige(sp) interviewed Jess Torres who said that he didn't take the art work down because it was offensive. He said that he is merely moving the art work to a place where it can be viewed by more than just those arriving on island. The folks at the council of arts and humanities are upset because the display was moved and because they weren't informed about it.
I wish that Mr. Torres had said that he moved the art work because it offended the tourists and that our means of support lies with the Japanese tourist market and when a Japanese tour operator tells us that his groups are offended by art work that meets his guests as they deplane then it's right and proper that we remove what offends them.
I love that someone could put on a canvas the friendships between a soldier and a capturee...but the child, or grandchild of a soldier who might have fought in this war, coming to this island to honeymoon or vacation surely would not want to be reminded of this war...certainly not immediately after he gets off the airplane. I have to agree with the man who moved the display.....that was not the place....nor is this the time for the reminder for what happened sixty-one years ago.
We really have to get our act together. We either want the Japanese to come to Guam or not. We have to decide if we want them to come and spend their money at GPO, DFS, buy trinkets at Jeff's Pirate Cove and at the Wednesday Night Market and where ever else it is that we want them to spend their money.....surely we seem to want them, why else do we keep sending the governor, Tony Lamorena, now Gerry Perez to Japan to convince them that Guam is the place to visit.......that being said.......let's figure a way to show them how we appreciate their coming here instead of going elsewhere, let's show them some real Hafa Adai spirit....lessons in art work? They've forgotten more than we'll ever learn....The artwork they're interested in are of Latte Stone and the flying Proa.......perhaps even the Taotaomona....there's no luring them into anything WWII no matter how poignant the folks at the council think the artwork is.....
Biba Jess.......Biba Japanese tourists, Biba Guam!

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But.....you know the people or are related to them....

The story is quoted entirely from yesterday's issue of the Marianas Variety's online issue by Gina By Gina Tabonares Variety News Staff. It's a story about a 39 year old woman who you might have known during an earlier time in her life. Perhaps you belonged to the same church or PTA organization. Maybe you exchanged plants or favorite recipes or cures for childhood ailments that your children had. She was your friend, always there to offer a helping hand when you were in need. The woman you're reading about has the same name as your friend but you're almost positive it can't be that friend you were once close to. Nothing so drastic could have happened to that woman that could have caused her to be on the streets, let alone be high on an illegal drug.
Then there's Hans Junior. He was your classmate in elementary school. He was a bright boy. He loved school and loved sports. He had a wonderful sense of humor and eager to help whenever he was needed. He wasn't sure about going away to some far away college but he promised that he would go to UOG or GCC and learn a skill. He was going to make his family proud of him. Surely that wasn't Hans that got the minor girl pregnant. Surely he was bright enough to know better than to be with a minor, let alone have unprotected sex with one. He wouldn't be that stupid. No, that couldn't be Hans!
The same thoughts go for his friend Melvin Santos, surely that friend couldn't have done what is on that script. Too unreal. Not his friend. Too unreal!
This is the script, this is the story:
"A 39-year old woman, apparently high on illegal drugs, created a scene last Wednesday after she decided to direct traffic along Marine Drive in Dededo.
For a moment, commuters thought that Mila Temario Llana was dancing on the street after she was seen coming out from a nearby game room.
Suddenly, Llana stood in the middle of the road and began directing traffic. Police Officer C.S. Dawson said that the Dededo Police Precinct received a call from a resident informing them that a woman was in the middle of the road creating confusion among motorists.
Upon arrival, the policeman found Llana, who appeared exhausted, with dry and chapped lips.
The woman voluntarily turned over her purse, but insisted that the pipe inside it was not hers. The police officer found an “ice” pipe with residue of methamphetamine, as well as one sealed straw containing a white substance, later identified by the use of a field test kit as methamphetamine.Llana was arrested and was charged with possession of a schedule II controlled substance as a third-degree felony. This developed as two male were arrested for allegedly molesting two minors in a separate incident. First to be indicted was Hans Junior Aguon, 25, who allegedly impregnated his minor girlfriend.
Aguon was charged with one count of third degree criminal sexual conduct while Melvin Santos Choe Ymballa, 21, was charged with one count of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct for touching his victim’s private parts."
The people are arrested and the story is true, the crimes are alleged to have happened and may some day be tried in a court. There are many more stories just like this one, with names that you know or are friends with or are related to. This beautiful island is blemished with people who use drugs. It's possible that the people in this script are second generation drug users, or who learned to use drugs from family or friends. We live on an island where we've just arrested a cop(allegedly) selling drugs while in uniform. It's a cancer that's eating at the fragile fabric of this community......we have to do more than hiding the Actifed and Sudafed from the producers of ICE if we're going to stop the problem....perhaps if the senators spent more time thinking how to fix the drug problems than figuring out how to fix the fat/obese school children problems, we'd have less scripts such as the ICE lady directing traffic stories appearing in newspapers......truly, there are some priorities, sometimes one just has to look for them!

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Just couldn't let the chance go!

I thought the ponytailed wannabee leader of GMH brown doctor-don't-like-white-doctor-or-Phil-Flores-current-board-members-of-GMH edwieirdo Cruz stand-in for Tony Blas talk show host would leave the hospital out of his morning stand in this a.m......but, I wuz wrong(and hate it when that happens, cuz it's frequent these days!!!) He just couldn't leave it alone!
The I-wish-I-could-be-young-again-weirdo had to use his forum to rebuke the board and the way the hospital was/is being run again and again and again.....couldn't just be on the air waves and stand in for a man who is in an ICU unit fighting for his life......so, the compliment that I gave him in an earlier post I take back.......the man is wierd and is confirmation that the emptiest cans make the most noise......there are ways to fix the problems at GMH.....public rebuke by a surgeon who wants to be one of its administrators/leaders, isn't one of them!
But.....have to say, he's wierd and controversial which....on this island........lures a lot of listeners!

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I found him channel surfing, but you have to speak Chamorro to understand what he's saying.

Dr. Ed-ponytail Cruz, spokesperson-I-wanna-be-boss-of-GMH now has a forum at KUAM(at least he did this morning)......I'm assuming he was a stand-in for Tony Blas who, according to PDN, is in ICU at GMH.
I don't know why the PDN just didn't say that rumor has it that.....Blas had a stroke and can't talk and that he's in the ICU unit at GMH and that we should pray for the man rather than going the long way around and saying that this person and that person wouldn't return calls, etc. Like Joey Calvo is going to call and give his prognosis on an employee's health matters. Okay, so, PDN probably won't either and since I can go on rumors, that's just what's on the streets and that's all that's out there. Being in the ICU unit is quite grave, it's survivable, but grave nonetheless and Tony's a young man with children. He needs our thoughts and prayers.
On the lighter side, however(if there is a lighter side to this story(ponytails always bring lighter sides, don't they?), is that this morning, there's this edwierdo person doing a stand in for Tony on the radio waves. Must admit that he did an alright job. For the brief time that I listened) he didn't use the forum to get Macris, Berg and the other white folk out of GMH.........but like I said, I didn't listen the whole time so I could have missed out! I'll just have to listen in tomorrow to see if he's got a semi-permanent at KUAM while Tony spends time healing.....then again, we could see a change off between edwierdo and Dr. Mike Cruz who I'm sure speaks the lingo, not sure if dr. Jess Lujan speaks, but he's a candidate, wow, this could change the way we have breakfast around here......wow, Tony, hurry up and get well!

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Hope they get what they deserve!

19-year-old Kamesha Champaco of Merizo and 20-year-old Alexander Velez of Yona, alleged vandals (two of many-I think those who viewed them smashing the headstones and statues were vandals as well!) were arrested by GPD.......They'll get their day in court, probably get a free lawyer to boot, that's the way the system goes, can't afford one, one will be given one.......I'm sure that there are those who think the goons should be made to go to the cemetary to fix what they did....and yes, that would be a good thing....I say, pay for the professional repairs of what they destroyed then, let the goons spend a couple of dark nights there by themselves, handcuffed one of the headstones they destroyed and get a feel of the excitement they(he) caused.....the excitement without the alcohol is far more genuine and sobering than while on a high, I'm sure and that 19 and 20 year-old will probably never return to a cemetary until it's time to be buried in one.
The only other justice I can imagine these two(and their friends) should pay is to wear a sandwich board is to stand on a busy Friday afternoon at the Paseo Loop, the board advertising that the wearer is the one who parties and damages tombs and headstones and is shameless.
I think that when these men are tried and convicted of their crimes that their mug shots make it on the front pages of every newspaper and on the evening tube news!
How embarrassed the parents of these two men must be......whatever in the world did they teach their children about respect for the dead?

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July 14, 2005


Sometimes I wonder where these ideas come from.....

Okay, so I can understand why the cops would want to use a polygraph test on a suspect.....they can use body language, how the person sweats under questioning, how the eyes flit from one place to another and on and on and on.......a lot can be told, or discovered in the process of a polygraph test....the results not being recognized by most courts....now, we have this rookie(and I like most of his ideas) senator who wants newbie judges to take polygraph tests before coming judges.....what sorts of questions would you ask that would hold him/er from being confirmed? I don't think there's been a judge that's been confirmed that didn't do justice(excuse the pun) to the job....so why add to the red tape?

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July 13, 2005


I was always warned when growing up was not to talk to strangers...I just figured my mom wasn't talking about the white-haired lady that was sitting to me in economy class with her thick sticky classes, kinda torn stockinged feet and wearing two waist-type purses which made it most uncomfortable to sit,for both of us. I tried to give her the aisle seat but she wouldn't think of it. She warned me that she couldn't eat, sleep on the flight. She was going to the Philippines and I was going to Guam from Lax. This meant I wouldn't sleep because she was so big I wouldn't be able to put my head anywhere that didn't land on her shoulder. I left my book with my daughter so I was stuck. I hoped she had some funny stories to pass the time with..........the first couple weren't fun....she was allergic to peanuts and they made her upchuck and the rest wasn't worth describing. She only had her head in 2 or 3 bags.....after that, I didn't feel like eating either. I was beginning to hate Kiku who have the woman his seat so that she would be comfortable. If the man had died then, he would have spent his etertinity in hell!
We walked the woman out of the airplane after it landed in Hawaii and she felt a bit better. We got to talking about her son in the Manila. She told us that she visited him once a year.
"That's an expensive trip, lady. Our ticket is $2,000. round trip from Guam, yours must be much more since it's further away," Kiku said.
The woman smiled. "Oh no, it's only $1300.00 round trip give or take a few dollars for taxes. I do it quite often.
I have a cousin living here on Guam and tried once to visit her and was told that it would be 7 or 8 hundred dollars more if I stopped here, that blew me away. I just can't believe that the same plane stops here and yet it's that much more to stop here to visit. You people should make a scene about it, you're all getting cheated out of a good deal." The old woman said.. " It seems you folks are getting the end of a short stick."
I nodded my head and agreed. We're hostages of the airline. Whenever there's a monopoly, the consumers are hostages. The carrier can charge anything they want to charge and the travelling public has no other means to travel but to pay the exorbitant fees. It's like the rising cost of gasoline. It you car only runs on gasoline, then you'll have to pay $4.00 if that's how much it sells for.
Eventually, people will find a way to get to where there are more carriers serving a country, where there's more competition and they'll bly there for an exorbitant fee from the likes of Continental air amnesia then pick a non-greedy carrier and fly to their hearty's destination on a side trip, flying back to Guam from either Hongkong or Manila. There are several ways to skin a cat...........someone within the industry will find a way and they'll by-pass Continental and or NWA .....right now, travel's not a priority........too many bombs going off in places we once thought safe........home's the best and safest place to be at this writing!

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You figure they got the increments.....they can do the work!

The generous governor, gave presents (increments) to all his fiefdom.....so that he and his cronies could/would be re-elected, making (worker and beggar ants happy and eager to vote for him one more time... especially because since the serfs had now received long over due increments and the like all....oh, how happy and wonderful these serfs must feel during these generous days to be finally living their worth. Their long overworked colleagues can now feel vindicated for all those years that he/she didn't get that damn raise. The can now forget the humiliation of having to work those damn 32 hour weeks, or those increased GRTs. Now they can stand tall and know that they are high up their with their recent evaluation, knowing how high in the agency they are and how poorly the agency would run without their input...it's a feel good time, a warm, fuzzy and feelie time, almost makes on one to kiss your friends wife who talk you that you the right person for the job and here it in this morning's paper, asking for beggar ants for help to help put the school together with volunteers. Hell, how dare those dudes from the school to ask dudes to volunteer to to your work when you all just got a damn increment! Why can't you guys who just got this good luck do the job for your children. Why can't you do the work for the kids, for your jobs?
I say, if the governor didn't have to show off to the public or have to pay increments so that he had to get re-elected, he would have taken the increment money and could have spent it on fixing all the problems at schools and fixing the schools without having to ask the parents to do the work for the schools.
Teachers, principals, teacher aides, school aides, yard people should be doing the yards and if they can't, they people who drink and drive should be made to clean and mow the yards of the school, people doing comunnity service should be cleaning/mowing school yards, tardy kids should mow the school yards...........begging parents is tacky!
Now............if these people would give back their increments, we've have the money to keep our grass mowed.................

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Reader agrees......boycott Aruba......come to Guam we have our very own cops, heck, we might even sell you ICE while in uniform....how's that for service?

Anyway......happy thoughts about recent opinions.....I'm a bit surprised he/she didn't include Uncle Ben(no, not the rice, Uncle Ben) in the Keystone version........I agree.......boycott Aruba, but from here, who the heck flies to Aruba when Bali is so much closer and cheaper......as is Cairns.......okay, so here's what the reader said:"Perhaps I should have caught up at your site before sending that e-mail awhile ago. I see you're already picking on the topics I thought you might. Same old problems and getting older and worse.
As to this: I used to think that we were the only ones with keystone cops but having watched the ones in Aruba, think that we can send our there to teach there how to be better detectives.....personally, those people would work harder at solving the girl's disappearance if the Americans threatened to boycott the island.....hitting the pocketbook always hits home hardest, wonder why they haven't done that yet! I most certainly agree that the case is a mess and dragging out much too long. There may be some more developments in the next few hours, if not already. The prosecutor wants to re-arrest the brothers. I take it she has good reason to want that.
My gut feeling is the case will drag on awhile longer and that justice will not be done. Though I believe both the boy and his wannabe judge father are guility.
There's a remote chance Natalee was spirited off Aruba and might be in a brothel someplace in a nearby S. American country. It's been known to happen and more often than you'd care to believe.
I believe what you said should be done...boycott Aruba immediately and put more pressure on them to end the mystery.
The El Sicko in Idaho. Finally charged with murder and it's been reported he stalked the victims for several days and nights. Even using night vision goggles. No money should be spent on a trial. Straight to jail where he can make new friends. Guys who are waiting for him as you read this. Won't happen though until the lawyers in the case bleed off all the money they can first. Gotta go back and read your posts. Just started on the one you did upon your return. You just came back to the same old stuff, didn't you? What
did you expect? All the problems to have disappeared? Silly lady!!!"
Hey, amigo, one can dream, can't one?

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No expungies, no unarrests and no pass jails and free Bubulao huntings unless you're a firsty!

Dang.....reader thinks like I do, maybe I can get him/er to start writing for me.......I loved the James dude on t.v. the other night...seemed to have trouble thinking through an answer to a question the reporter was asking....these days, seems the senators and reporters just ask the questions and don't bother keeping asking until they get the answer to the question....it's like they ask the question and stop listening for an answer.
Here's the reader's thoughts;"One more to comment on and then I'll check off the 'puter for awhile. The gas prices are going up and up and up, and the government vehicles seem to be growing in size as if it needed to grow in gas consumption as well.... Yep, no concern at all for how money, that which is in short supply, is spent. The price of gas these days should concern those in charge and should result in new policy with respect to when and how vehicles are used.
As little as possible.
Also, a few days ago I saw a GPA, or maybe it was a GWA, on the road with one person in it. A fancy Toyota Roadrunner. Brand new. I told my wife that I didn't understand why GovGuam had to have such fancy vehicles when low end pickups would suffice.
It'll only be new for a little while though and then it'll be time to
replace it. Either because of crash damage or wear and tear and dead due to no preventative maintenance.
I've said it before and repeat it again. Preventative maintenance is
absolutely important. So is accounting for who is using what vehicle and for what purpose. Such activity should include a log (trip report, if you will). Drivers should inspect vehicles BEFORE driving off in it for obvious damage to avoid being blamed for it later. How about the fuel, tires and oil level?
Fuel? How about the theft of fuel by several GovGuam employees. Big time theft and they need to be in jail. Stealing gasoline is no different than stealing money for which the thieve would certainly go to jail. Right? Of course, it appears that GovGuam employees are above the law in almost all cases.
Your thoughts on the illegal deer hunters arrested...right on. They won't be unarrested as was the high government official.

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If only we could! My friend's thoughts were too precious not to print!

"This cracked me up. So funny, but in a sense NOT...as it could very well be the only way to get on the right road and move, using a popular and also over-used word by Gutierrez and Camacho, FORWARD.
Guam is like one of those machines you see in the Discovery Channels...you can change the people who turn it on, or who changes the oil or fixes the broken parts, but when you turn it back on, it continues to work in the same way as it did before. Perhaps it's time we broke the machine and bought a new one!
Very well said Charo. To buy a new machine though...need money. Therein lies the problem as there is only money for pay raises and hiring more GovGuam employees.
Now a few villages are looking for assistant mayors. Yigo is one of them. I very strongly disagree and object to adding yet another layer to the beaurocracy. Another highly salaried, 50K + or so, to do what?
Get rid of the mayors. Form one council of about half that number to deal with complaints and problems. This is another issue that requires more time and space. Therefore, I'll hang a close here and get back to my reading. "

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Only sick people can carry out such desecration!

A burial ground is sacred, blessed or now. It is a final resting place for a human being, a body that once was home to the breath of God. As a child, we're told we're temples of the Holy Spirit...so, I'm assuming that where ever we're buried, the ground is sacred...hallowed....Togcha, a Catholic Cemetary in Ipan is hallowed. It's blessed. Families have buried loved ones there, thinking that the remains of their loved ones were safe from harm for eternity.
Safe from earthquakes, safe from surging tides or other acts of God, these dead have rested until people sick in the head came to destroy headstones and smash what ever forms of beauty their loved ones placed atop their graves in their honor, the decorations costing in the hundreds of dollars.
Supposedly, the hideous people that were at the cemetary on the weekend supposedly partied at the cemetary over the weekend. How sick is that, to party amongst the graves of those who have passed away? Surely they had to be on drugs, no person of sound mind would have wanted to be there unless he was going to visit in prayer for a loved one and that would certainly not have been during the night.
After the party, they evil ones left their mark and destroyed statues and headstones.
The dead can no longer feel the insult, they are in a place where there is no sorry, there is no pain. The insult, the pain is inflicted on the families who wish only to remember and honor their loved ones, who now must return to these burial places and relive their deaths all over again as they rebuild the graves in their honor.
These people are cowards that can't find living people to pick fights with. I find myself praying for lightning to come from the sky to strike these people dead for what they have done at Togcha but that would be merciful so I'll pray instead that they'll get what they deserve and that what goes around......comes around.
Times have really changed our people and that's really a sad thing!

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If you live in a glass house and you're a public servant, you can be sure they'll through rocks at your window!

I almost felt sorry for the mayor of Talofofo while watching the tube news last night........seems a few Fofo citizens want to oust the man because he'a morally corrupt.....and because he wasn't/isn't living in Fofo.....I guess if you're a mayor of a village, you're supposed to be living in the village.
Okay, so........the mayor is alleged to have a formed an affair with a lady in the mayor's office....it would have been okay....only thing is........the dude is married and most women aren't cool with such relationships.......so, seems he got 'moved' out of the family home.....and the mayor had to move to an apartment on the outskirts of Fofo village, raising the ire of the villagers. The ire was partly for the mayor's living out of the village and partly because the mayor was morally corrupt(gads, what's a better description for being unfaithful-alleged, of course!!)
The dude didn't deny the allegations, did say he was unhappy that his family had to watch the t.v. show(hey, like, if you didn't do anything the kids wouldn't have had to watch anything) and that he was a good mayor(hmn, just not a good husband?-I digress) Okay, at the end of the news, it was said that the dude is back at his village, not sure living where and that GEC is meeting next week to discuss if he will be recalled................
Alas! We are mere mortals....and sometimes our emotions get the better of us..........There are the Julianis, the Gingrichs and the Kennedy's of the world that break the promise they make to their God at the altar 'to promise to love and cherish'.........the fabric of our families these days are threadbare.......families that are together are the exception and not the rule......times have changed and this mayor will not the the first or last mayor to have left his wife for a younger, prettier or sweeter woman and the reverse is true for a mayor's wife who recognizes the lies early on. The sad reality is that we live in a society where it used to be 'personal' when these things happened and now because of the cameras and internet, we all get to be in front row seats watching the scenes unfold. The bottom line is........if you don't want your dirty laundry to unfold in public.......don't become a public figure!

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I just love that old man!

I didn't know Ben Gumatootoo(Gumataotao) was the mayor of the fair village of Piti by the sea until last night's tube news.(Hey Mindy, neat pants!) I just loved how animated he was as he spoke of how he plans to keep speeding down in his village, taking the law into his own hands.
I'm not sure how old the mayor is, but he appears to be older than 70, but moving like a 60-year-old.......he's got the 'second wind' and wants to make it known that he's not going to put up with speeders.....he's put on an illegal blue and red light on his mayor's vehicle(how he did that is unkown but he did and I'm kinda glad he got away with it) and he's gonna be the vigilante mayor, chasing the bad guys on his streets......doesn't bother him one bit that some police man gave him a ticket for driving recklessly after chasing a speeder on Marine Drive.......
Of course, mayors probably don't have what he's doing on their job description(actually, probably don't have much on that page other than putting coral down at someone's home when there's a funeral so people can park during the rosary-or a tent) but this old dude means business.........I kinda like his spirit. He's aware that traffic police are on the extinct list and he's doing what they'd be doing if they weren't on the endangered list.......who can fault the man for that? Instead of faulting him for trying to help, GPD should deputize him(and others) for policing their villages......maybe speeders, driving while intoxicated and other crashes would be minimized........
Uncle Ben's a bit kookie, but I think his heart's in the right place.......good on you, uncle Ben(we're not related).....keep up the good work!

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I'm waiting for reader retaliation......

I once wrote my opinion on how obese the cops were and got my head chewed off because I made my opinion public. It was not the forum, it was said....that I was not helping them, that it was supposed to be done in the doctors office, that the doctors were trained to make the encouragements to help these poor souls to make changes in lifestyles and eating habits, that public humiliation would only make matters worse....so, not being a doctor, and certainly not being like Tom Cruise and knowing everything, I backed off......and now, there's a doctor/lawmaker that's attempting to do the bmi thing for fat/obese kids in schools, sending them home with notes to 'help' them with body mass fat......his intention, like mine are the same.....unfortunately, the child that's known to be fat will only be poked more fun at and will be made more fun of and in the end, will probably carry on into adulthood creating more eating problems because of the attention they got in school. Perhaps the teachers should pick out these obese kids(perhaps we should pick out the obese kids and obese teachers, principals and superintendents first? then point out the kids to the parents and bring them into a private/closed meeting and teach them some nutritional facts.....unfortunately, it's expensive to eat right....vegetables are expensive...unless you're living in the states...or are on food stamps.
Dr/senator Cruz should perhaps mandate along with Dr. Kasperbauer with direct instructions, the way how to eat and change the cafeteria menus and start the eating habits there.....and have ALL schools provide good exercize programs that school children MUST participate in. Scholl children in Japan and China MUST participate in these programs and for the most part, don't grow up living la vida diabetes!
We have laws for smoking.......we still smoke ourselves to death...we have laws for drinking and driving.......how many DUI arrests were in today's police blotter......likewise drug abuse? We can't measure our children's bmi and expect our parents(who don't bother to attend PTA meetings) to feed their children the right meals because their parents didn't feed them the right foods....red rice, KFC swimming in oil or McDonald's fries/burgers swimming in the same artery cloggers will continue to add weight to our children until we explain why eating these foods aren't healthy(once in awhile won't kill anyone) for our kids......get a life, senator........figure out where we're going to get the money to pay the retirement fund so that the GMH employees can retire........that's what we really need!

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July 12, 2005


Let's pray we don't have any tyhoons or earthquakes to deal with or we're (the government) really in trouble!

The headline in the daily fishwrap, actually, it's good for doing windows and lining litter boxes too....okay already, it's a sign of things to come....rob Peter to pay Paul.....when we needed to all those years ago, we took money from the retirement fund and never paid it back.......then, we took the funds from government employees and never paid the retirement fund their share........now they can't retire...some where along the line, they made it law that we had to pay it back so that they could retire....so, we're having to go to the very pockets of the agencies where these employees just got the good news of increments and are now taking the funds to pay the retirement funds for these long overdue payments which will shortchange these agencies....to make a long story short.....if DOE was in trouble with busing, teacher and textbook problems and trying to figure out where to put 600 students in the fall, well guess what, now they have to figure out where the hell they're going to get the money to pay the increments, the retirement interest fees and all of the above......and if there's a typhoon and or an earthquake thrown into the loop, well, there's just going to be more poop onto an already poopy situation......and on those tax refunds? Don't even try to figure out when you're going to get yours.......those increments and EIC payments are going to figure in before your returns will, that is unless someone gets really sick or someone in your family dies and you have a really good excuse to use to get a refund with/for(like a letter you can use at a school principal's office when you're late to school).
Of course, it's getting near election time so we're going to be dancing the dance.......no one's going to raise taxes and no one's going to be laid off.....we're going to kinda 'hunker' down and try to hold tight until after the election is over then we'll raise taxes or GRT and shorten work hours like we did the last time....that'll probably be the only way we'll survive total bankruptcy....we certainly won't be able to survive the way we're spending money at the rate we're spending it today....we're spending it as if it was going out of style........travelling as if there was no tomorrow!
The gas prices are going up and up and up, and the government vehicles seem to be growing in size as if it needed to grow in gas consumption as well....
How many more ways can we give away money in order to get re-elected?

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July 09, 2005


Or, is it something that's saved only for deputy director firsties?

KUAM's Jean Hudson reported this evening that spotlighting and poaching was hot and heavy at Bubulao last night....must be the time for kelaguen or kadu'n binadu........either way, several were arrested and if you want to read who and what the poor conservation officers had to cart away, you can read it on KUAM's website......and you'll probably read about it some day soon in the fish wrap on the police blotter.....but don't be thinking that they'll get un-arrested anytime soon unless one of them is a big-time government employee, a pastor of a designer cult.......doing a firsty poaching thingy....that's strictly for close friends in high places....these dudes won't get the velvet treatment the last bunch got....certainly they won't get their arrests expunged......ain't that a shame...and we thought we'd get equal treatment!

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Watch out, the grass roots are getting the idea about using their voices!

KUAM's cameras were on while Juan Flores and friends of GPSS were at the Tamuning Elementary School the other night, discussing whether to redistrict 600 high school children or...do double session at Simon Sanchez this next school term(since it's obvious the school board doesn't seem to know what it should do).......people of all walks, all ages weren't bashful or afraid of the camera or the mike, got up and said what was on their mind....some louder than others....and methinks this may be the groundswell of things to come for all sorts of 'demonstrations' and or, 'changes' within the government.
I say, it's about time that the parents got together to stand up for their children....it's been a long time. I wasn't there so I don't know if there was anyone from the governor's office that represented the man, and or, the lt. governor....surely they would be concerned about what happens to 'our children'(all 600 of'em).
During the past administration(I know, no one likes him, but have to say it anyway), Carl TCG always had someone there to represent him...whether or not he was concerned, it appeared that he was because he sent someone to represent his concerns. I wonder if anyone represented the concerns of the front office during this meeting or if it stopped at Juan Flores and Gerry Cruz and the principlals of the various high schools.
It's a bit odd that we're putting quite a bit of weight on the AG for keeping the schools from being built because he's not affixing his signature on some form when we knew about the building of same almost a year ago which if we took care of same the schools could have been built and the 600 kids would not have to be worrying about where they're going to be attending classes? I recall that there was this great dream to build seven dream schools and that all we had to do was provide the teachers(the nightmare was....where to find the teachers/money for textbooks et cetera)....then, all of a sudden, we decide, we're going to use Compact Impact $sssss which will run out before we're through paying for the school$ which doesn't please the AG too much so he's hot happy about putting his JH on the bottom line......hmmmmm, has his contract for the Pedro's Plaza thing been signed yet? Anyway.....KUAM says.....stay tuned....the AG will have a question and answer thingy on Monday.....you ask, he'll answer....and maybe we'll find out why we'll(or will not) have the dream school at Marbo......
In the meantime....keep the demonstration passions alive....it works. It'll keep the elected officials jumping...I mean, working!

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The men's family need but a few good lawyers to prove it!

The death yesterday at the Imperial Hotel on the way to Ypao Beach was totally preventable for that Puerto Rican(the man was from PR according to KUAM news) man who was water blasting the hotel which supposedly changed owners recently. According to KUAM, J&G Construction(which I thought would know better) had the men doing water blasting on the building on a cherry picker.....only problem being, the CP is made of metal........the metal touched the power wires, the man was electrocuted, the man bounced some four storeys down, a fellow employee ran to help him and received shocks himself.
It pains me to write this because one person is dead and another is in pain.....but how many times have we driven past sites where people work near power lines who work with loud colored plastic forms which protect the worker from power lines while they're working near the lines? Daily, people work around power lines and live to tell about it.
When J&G Construction sent these employees to the job site with the cherry picker truck, were they told not to raise the platform near or around any power lines? There'll be all sorts of OHSA investigations............unfortunately, it'll be too late for the dead man............the common sense advice that should have been given, and taken, is a day late......and what should've/could've will probably be carried out in some court.

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July 08, 2005


No rest for the restless.......I mean, jetlagged!

I tried in vain....to catch some Zzzzz's after the long flight home but to no avail so instead of counting sheep(people from Guam don't know about sheep) I surfed the now 77 channels on MTV.........caught all the Sanchez children receiving their halos/oes(what is the plural of halo?)from close friends and or family about how they can help the island become the best that it can be.....Florida for her work at putting together the PeMar place in Tamuning is probably the more low key of the Sanchez siblings but then, she didn't run the judicial system's pocket book(remember all that money he spent on those goons in DC to lobby so that we couldn't have a Supreme Court be over the Superior Court?) The dude he spent those big bucks on is in this week's TIME magazine and was frequently on t.v. in the states having alleged 'milked' the Indians(as in west) on gambling lobbying fees......then of course, this man with the new halo slipped into the governor's office and became its CEO and was there long enough to open Pandora's box ordering the allowance of one EITC payment to one family.....he must've fallen from grace after that because after that, the DPW wonder kid who was doing a good job was called to the principal's office and got tagged for the CEO's job and the the almighty one from the judiciary system was quietly sent to the bureau of planning where he seems(according to his cronies) and compadres(some who were best friends of the former governor and who seem to have jumped fences to be friends with this administration........committee to get Guam working, I say!!!)to be living happily ever after.
I know it won't happen but I'll put it out there anyway.....you don't suppose that anyone in the legislature has the guts(oh how I'd love to use words sailors would use!)to ask the dear, haloed, man, what he was thinking, when he wrote all those $9,000.00 checks for the lobbyist,Jack Abramoff(sp)....who has the guts to ask the hard questions until he comes up with the answers on the EITC questions and how it was handled?
I predict that like other 'pat my back' sessions(it's my party and I'll do what I have to) the clowns will pretend to ask real questions and in the end, confirm the man and they'll all go home and think they did the people of Guam a good thing.
Guam is like one of those machines you see in the Discovery Channels...you can change the people who turn it on, or who changes the oil or fixes the broken parts, but when you turn it back on, it continues to work in the same way as it did before. Perhaps it's time we broke the machine and bought a new one!

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July 07, 2005


what is it about vacations that makes you wish it would never end?

Being with family and friends, living the la dolce vita, looking through rose colored glasses, walking on greener pastures...not reading about GMH, non-paid retirement fun interest fees, GPSS problems with 600 students and not enough classrooms and non enough teachers? Being away was like having ones head deep in the sand....the problems weren't there which meant....the problem didn't exist....and for the most part for me, it doesn't. Two kids far and away...don't need GPSS and or their teachers or buses...if kids return they'll work in the private sector and will rely on Uncle Sam for retirement. Stopped for a paper and read that people (the aged wanting to retire) were still painfully employed because the government took their hard earned dollars but didn't give it to the retirement fund and therefore can't retire.....yet, these same people were given pay increments by a government which is too broke to pay for way past due and delinquent bills.
But, life will never be perfect. It's not a perfect world. There'll always be mountains and there'll always be valleys. The victors will be those that can adapt and can survive in either world. Those of us who choose to live here have adapted quite well. There are many who share our DNA in CONUS that wish they were back here in the land of lemon powder, achote, pugua, pupulu, tetiyas harina yan kelaguen'benadu that would put up with what makes it to the news at six or the headlines in the morning fish wrap....
I used to think that we were the only ones with keystone cops but having watched the ones in Aruba, think that we can send our there to teach there how to be better detectives.....personally, those people would work harder at solving the girl's disappearance if the Americans threatened to boycott the island.....hitting the pocketbook always hits home hardest, wonder why they haven't done that yet!

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