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October 29, 2005


The tradition is really for the honorable and not for the felon.....we need to change the law. Not to change the law makes the ritual an empty rite.

To be a mayor or senator raises a person to a higher level. It comes with honor, perhaps the reason that when they die, the government 'honors' them with a special ceremony at the hallowed halls of the Legiskative halls, where laws are created. The dead elected leader is praised and honored and remembered. As well, government funds are spent(probably no less than $5,000.00) is spent-maybe even more for the ceremony honoring the dead former elected official.
Former governor Ricky Bordallo was convicted and committed suicide before he was to leave and turn himself in to a federal jail in the states. He had one of the island's biggest funerals, beginning with the biggest overnight wakes at Adelup. I'm not sure I remember any others in between but recall that former Angel Santos had a well-attended ceremony when he passed away as well.
More former senators have been convicted. Senators, Marilyn Manibusan, Willy Flores and Tommy Tanaka(I'm sure I'm leaving somebody out) have been convicted and if the law isn't changed....they'll get the big ceremony as well.......
How is it that felons can still be honored by a government that has taken away their power to vote?
I dare say.......when you foul up........you lose the benefits!

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I don't think I need to put a name to this subject....if you don't know who I'm talking about, you need counseling....you're spending far too much under that rock!

So, the dude asked for leniency....the dude that a jury of his peers judged him guilty said that he is just too sick to placed in a jail setting...I think the judge was more than generous with the 2 years-8 month sentence. Heck, that's just enough time to write a book on how to do whatever it was that caused this 32-month stint hosted by the federalis........
Some friends of mine took pity. I felt sorry for the man's children and his family. It's hard to have a family member going to jail...for some reason the smudge always smears family members.......lucky he's doing the 'appeal' thing....one of his children is graduating out of high school next May...but that's not the reason for this opinion....the reason dear friends is that as sick as he wanted the judge to give him 'leniency' for wasn't bad enough to stop the man from smoking.........a slow form of suicide. If the dude was really concerned about his health.....he wouldn't have had to light one up......
If he loses the appeal and ends up serving time........will the federal pen allow him to smoke? I know for a fact that if he ended up at DOC that he'd have to give up the habit.....aye adai, what's a m almost/msybr prisoner to do?

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Hell(excuse the pun), they can do as they wish, make your life miserable in anyway they like and it seems they've just done that! Read on!!!

If things aren't bad enough with the helter-skelter pick-up(or, no-pick-up) of your trash(what the neighbor dogs haven't strewn all over the neighborhood) for $8.00, you now have to pay $10.00 per month for the luxury of creating trash. I'm not sure I heard what the reason(or excuse) the commission used for the increase....or the excuse/reason they used for the other increases that you/we have to pay come this November 1st. Unlike the legislature that has to have a public hearing before they raise(I think that's the rule) or increase taxes(believe me, that's what it is!!!
Oh well, we're mere pawns in this game on who will remain on this most expensive place to stay. Soon, it'll come down to who will remain on Guam. Those who can afford to live here and those who can't. The ones who can't will move away.....you get the picture. We're paying big bucks and getting nothing for it.........we may as well move to where we get what we pay for!!!
All these little increases are like arsenic, a little bit here and there will eventually kill the person that ingests it. We've increased the costs of driver's licenses, business licenses, our utility bills have gone up, the prices of gas have gone up, the retail prices for food and clothes have gone up, we're buying supplies for our children in public and private school and oh, how the list goes on........slowly but surely, there will be a straw that breaks the back of the donkey.........and me thinks that time is sooner than later!

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October 27, 2005


Me thinks I'd take the two years and eight months, write a book about Camp Fed.........but heard Mr. Shinohara wants to appeal the decision on the light sentence........go figure!

So, former Governor Carl Gutierrez' COS had his sentencing day in fed court today and I thought got more than a fair sentence.....something like 2 years and 8 months in camp fed and some probation time afterwards.........but heard that he and attorney(remember, I said, I 'heard' that he wants to appeal the decision.......guess he doesn't want to do any time...........they say he's sick and has to have oxygen and stuff in order to sleep...but think that if he did, the feds would make sure he'd have the best medical care.......the sentence is a heck of a lot less than the one given his brother-in-law, Sonny Shelton, got.
Former senator, Willy Flores got eight months in prison and some probation time. If you want more details in what payments they have to pay and what they have to do in community service, you can read it in Mindy Fothergill's article on KUAM's webpage.
For as much money and time that the feds spent on this case, I'm a bit surprised at how light they finally sentenced the defendants. It's not a strong message about what would happen to one if you wanted to defraud a bank....but then we recently sentenced a rapist to time served for raping a minor then gave him a job as a bus driver.....so much for justice, eh?

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A biiiig sigh of relief from former Speaker, Tommy Tanaka, Tahahisa(sp) Goto and businessman, John Martinez.

If you cooperate and you sign the right lyrics, you get the right coupon and pass jail......uh, maybe you get to wear an ankle bracelet, but better than jail time.....according to K57's Valerie Maige(sp) this morning, Judge William Alsop(visiting judge) John Martinez was a model defendant(he sang the best) gets to wear a leg brace for 3 months and stay home for 3 months, 2 years probation......the other two, perhaps didn't cooperate(didn't know the words or wouldn't sing them) will wear the leg brace and Tanaka will stay home for 6 months and Goto(I think) will stay home for 6 months. They'll be allowed to work, go to doctors and church.
Prosecution is on-going for Gil Shinohara and former senator Willy Flores......................yikes, whatta day!

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The solution is to find the money to pay for the outsourcing...but that's my two cent opinion!

The early morning talk show conversation was about the dead contract between Advance Management and GMH....the hospital can't pay the bill and AM can no longer carry the load for months until they get paid...the funeral of the contract ending 'on the best of terms' according to one of the managers.
But, me thinks, that it's not on the 'best of terms' when the hospital has to hire new employees to clean/maintain the hospital.....because....now the hospital has to pay retirement fees and other benefits that the hospital would not have had to pay under a contract with the outsourcing of its maintenance...
So, not being a masters of economics, but a student of Peter F. Drucker, I say that the better solution of this problem would have been for the government to find a way to pay for the outsourcing rather than hiring more people to an already over-staffed hospital....but hey, who ever listens to someone who has more opinions than sense?

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October 25, 2005


When'er I drive on Veteran's Highway, I grit my teeth, neighboring island boys and girls are skateboarding or taking lazy walks on one of the island's killer roads.

The kids(of all ages, some as young as six, some in their teens) are totally fearless. Drivers the ones that pull away in order not to hit them. So it's no wonder that during the evening hours, our neighbors from Micronesia find themselves at GMH, victims of accidents, some losing their lives because they didn't know how to cross the 'big' roads that they're not familiar with. This is not a laughing matter and I'm not poking fun at the situation.
That some of these people drink and drive on the big road and kill and get killed is certainly tragic to them and to the victim. They should be taught that they can't handle drinking and that driving on Guam is nothing like driving on the island that they come from. They should also be taught that our roads(as well as the roads in Hawaii and those in the states) are dangerous and that four-year-old children have no business being allowed to cross the street at night.
I suppose it's too late now, but there should be cross walks painted at the stop light by the old Rainbow Market and at where the old Town House Furniture store used to be, but knowing our friends from Micronesia, they'll continue to play the fearless game and we'll continue to read about the senseless deaths until somebody takes the time to teach our neighbors that the big roads are dangerous and that people who don't know how to drive on them or cross them, get killed on them!

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October 22, 2005


It's not only the banking community that'll miss him....

While Tony Leon Guerrero worked with GEDA in its infant stages, he got with Jack De Mello and spent really big bucks on putting music together that painted a portrait of Guam using music as its canvas. Many didn't like the idea of spending the money....the project wasn't cheap, Jack De Mello from Hawaii doesn't come cheap, nor does working with the London Philharmonic orchestra....yet, the finished product was something that was something that was something that Guam could be proud of. Unfortunately, few pushed the sale of the CDs and tapes, most of them being given away by GVB as give-aways on their trips abroad.
Tony LG was a friend to the local artists. Whenever someone needed help with a project that had to do with something that had to do with the Chamorro culture, he went out of his way to promote the project and would help finance the project. He's gone now, and the light's dim for those that need the 'push' that he gave the struggling artists and crafts people.
So today, it wasn't only the bankers that mourned the passing of Tony LG, the artists and craftmen and women of Guam mourn his passing as well. Fare the well, dear friend, and thank you for all that you did for those that came for your help. God Speed!

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October 19, 2005


So, who's surprised?

I've lost count of the years I've been writing my thoughts on why the Catholics have been jumping the fence from Catholicism to other 'Christian' sects. Like the shores at Inarajan that the tide slowly erodes over time, so goes the Catholics. Easy, though, to understand the erosion of the shoreline....complicated the diminishing number of Catholics.
My gut feeling is that the clergy has lost its hold on the provebial 'flock'. Used to be, the Bishop was close to the priests and the priests were close to the parishoners. These days, there's the new Catecumen group that seems to be dividing the church into two groups and if you're not in the 'neo' group, you're not in the 'in' group. The Bishop is in the 'in' group. A few priests aren't in the 'in' group.
The Christian sects are 'user friendly'. They are hospitable, they're friendly, they're happy to be around and seem sincere and helpful and seem concerned about your problems, offering to pray over whatever it is that ails you. They make it comfortable for you to be around them.
So, if the Catholics have lost ten percent of their flock, it's a surprise that they've not lost more than that. As I write this, I'm willing to bet that there's no one at the Chancery doing one darn thing to do anything that would bring any one of those lost souls back to the flock........oh well...at least they're still worshipping the same God! (only thing is, the Christians don't pay tribute to Mary....I'd miss that if I ever switched!)

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When you finally hear the truth, you'll be very upset!

There's good reason that the media is keeping the best part of the story from you. I'm not in the 'news' business so I'm not sure if the reason is a good one. But when you finally hear what really happened to the little girl, or why it's taking such a long time to find the person who had the nerve to kidnap this child in the first place, you'll be as upset as I am.
Just know that your children are your most precious possessions and that you can't trust that they'll be safe out of your eye sight. Walk them to the bus stop and wait for the bus to pick them up, wait for them at that same bus stop if you can't drive them to and from school if you can't trust that the bus driver isn't hooked on some kind of drug.
There's a bigger story than that little girl being on a two-hour joy ride with a stranger in a red car and for the life of me, I can't figure out why it is that on such a small island, we can't find that damn red car. Hell, by now, it's been painted or shipped off-island. In the mean time, watch your children!

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October 15, 2005


Alas! There's a dictionary that have words that older people aren't familiar with.....huffing is just one of them!

A seventeen year old boy, a child, really....was supposedly(cuz he said he wuzn't guilty and he ain't been tried yet) 'huffing' some spray cleaner for computer keyboard/et the like spray that's cheap and readily available at Cost-u-less for tuppence......used while joy(don't know if that's in the new generation dictionary) rode with his 19-yr-old friend in Tumon and drove right onto a tourist while she was on a side walk just a few feet away from the safety of being inside the Outrigger Hotel . The Toyota truck had to jump the side walk to hit the woman and kill her, end her dream and that of her husband to come to Guam and enjoy a trip, build lifetime memories....instead, the husband has had to return to Japan with his wife's remains in a sealed aluminum case with memories that will keep him awake for the rest of his life. He will be fill with regrets of ever wanting to come to an island only to end the life of his wife.
Some reports say that the boy may have 'blacked' out while he was driving. Supposedly, this happens during 'huffing'. Since I don't know the process, I can't tell you how you can drive and sniff spray cleaner and drive at the same time, let alone pass out while making a turn onto a hotel. As well, this boy is said(alleged) to have caused a couple of accidents on the same road before he killed(alleged) the tourist.
I've had the opportunity to speak to a few youngsters since I've been back and have been shocked to learn that kids as young as those in the 5th and 6th grade are into 'huffing' white out, rubber cement and glue, not to mention butane which I've discovered is not available for sale to those under 18. I didn't know it was even for sale anymore since most lighters are disposable. I wondered if my two children ever 'huffed' the stuff while they were doing their homework and I didn't know about it, but thanked God that they did their homework at the dining table while hubby and I prepared the evening meal so we would have 'sniffed' the same stuff they were 'sniffing'.
I am troubled that children at such a young age have to escape from the realities of life using 'huffing' as a method of escape early on because it's easy to get. What is it that they're running away from? Is it divorce? Is it family violence? Is it the bad economy, daddy not having a job, daddy or mommy being on Ice? What is it that's causing our babies, yes, they are that, to run away from our arm and into the arms of the devil and his chemicals and what are we doing about it?
Are we caring so much for ourselves that we're not paying attention to the needs of our children that we're driving them to spray cans and white out? Some readers will say that this happens everywhere and that it's not just a Guam problem. Perhaps so, but that it's happening here means that it's happening to people that we know, people that are our neighbors, perhaps members of our family, or, perhaps, our friends and if we help them, then we're helping ourselves because crimes will decrease and lives will once again be safe on the sidewalks and streets without them.

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