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November 11, 2005


In plain view! Will be hired by GovGuam to train survival skills!

It's only been almost a week since a man almost 60 years old has been on the lamb after allegedly raping/kidnapping an 11 yr-old girl....he's done an a fine job of playing hide and seek with the police. I'm assuming that he's got some kind of help, but since he's said to be homeless anyway, he's got to have the best survival skills known to man. I'm not sure how tired this old man is but I hear tell that he's wearing out a bunch of cops and marshals(hmm, is that with one 'l' or two?) Anyway, the dude is probably eating at the next table at Manila Mall, or surviving well on brown tree snake sushi. Whatever it is, someone should document how he's managed to survive as long as he has without someone turning him in....oh well, there's always next week!

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The poll question should be.....should he be fired? After all, if he were just a low-level employe....etc....etc....alleged....etc...

I wasn't sure I was hearing it correctly, the leader of the waterworks and the powerworks....traffic was heavy and my girlfriend was talking louder than the radio so I had to wait until I could watch the repeat of the news....then we had company.....anyway....KUAM's Mindy Fothergill(my favorite) reports this evening that:"Consolidated Utilities Services general manager John Benavente was arrested by Hagatna Precinct officers late Thursday night. According to officers, Benavente was drinking at SK Lounge in Barrigada when he got into a verbal argument with an off-duty probation officer. Police tell KUAM News Benavente became upset and assaulted the probation officer then threw chairs and tables at the bar. Benavente was arrested for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and assault. He was later released after he was processed at the Hagatna Precinct. Consolidated Commission on Utilities board chairman Simon Sanchez could not be reached for comment about Benavente's arrest. "
Well, my girlfriend says, he's not the governor, not using a govGuam vehicle, didn't get DUI'ed, and throwing furniture was 'minor' and doesn't beat up his wife, he's a 'good ole boy' and probably has a 'clear head' because he's out at places like Roxbury and places like SK that has nice chicks, and anyway she says at least he wasn't using a government credit card, wasn't at a strip joint(hmmm, was he going there later?) or, was it therapy throwing the furniture?
So okay, it's a weekend, it'll all be forgotten by Monday and most talk show hosts have short memories....to be sure, he won't be anyone's guest for awhile!!!
Since it wasn't in Mindy's peice.....it's all alleged.......

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November 08, 2005


Me thinks he meant to say the dude was outsmarting those stomping the boonies looking for him!

I read the laundry list of bad things the man that is suspected of raping and kidnapping the 11-yr old girl this weekend at Mangilar or Tai. Odd that we have all the stats on the crimes but few stats on why the man isn't still in jail, rotting away for the dastard things he did. I can't believe he threatened to kill his wife in December of 2004 but the event didn't land him back in jail because it wasn't grave enough to break his parole. Surely we're easy on the criminals on this island. Hell, do what you will and we'll surely look the other way. Hey, maybe this man will be driving your kids to school in one of those yellow buses in a few years.....or, maybe he'll be a truant officer or something like that......
But, the issue here is that this alleged rapist(again) has been loose since he supposedly did what he did.......he seems to be outsmarting the cops....surely that can't be good for their morale......but then again, some of those cops have big tummies and it ain't much fun trekking those boonies with a 30 pound load up front if you know what I mean....in the heat and all, if you know what I mean. You can tell which trekkies take their breaks at Winchells....anyway dear offisuh, the sicko ain't no nomad, the sicko is getting help and when he isn't getting help, he knows how to play survivor, Tai style.
I hope we find him before he qualifies for Social Security benefits!

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November 07, 2005


Can someone at KUAM please 'fix' the picture with simple photo fix process?

Not that anyone reading the website is going to be able to find the 59-yr old man of interest that allegedly kidnapped the ll-yr old girl(first reported that she was 9 years old) Saturday night). Surely there's an old DOC photo since the dude spent some time at DOC.....and if there isn't, someone with some simple digital photo software can fix the photo so that we don't have to look around the white lines....gosh, technology can take the red out of the eyes, we can take the white fold lines out of the photo....honest!
As for the Amber alert, I know we can show the pictures on the radio but there are several channels on t.v., including channels 14 and 12 that we can flash the man's photo....those people living in the Mangilao/Tai area can help looking if they knew what the man looked like if the man's photo was flashed a few times on t.v. channels. I can't figure out why the Amber system seems to complicated.
I think the first thing that GPD should do is to get a picture of the man of interest to all the stations as well as the print media. K57 can place the man's photo on their website as it has place the man's photo who kidnapped the child a few weeks ago in Tumon.
I think the media is willing to help so in this case, the police is using the PR people to look for the man of interest since they don't seem to be giving the media all they need(photos) to help the public find the man.
Let's not allow this man to disappear from the island like we let the other one did!!!!

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November 06, 2005


A new book, a new local author, a book signing....

"Dear Friends and Family,
It is with great pride that I send this shout out to you. My son Julian James Aguon (Hulian Chaka), author of "Just left of the setting sun" will have his book released on 11-10-05 at 6:30 PM. He will be at the BesTSeller located at the GPO in Tamuning to meet guests and autograph books purchased.
I am sending this personal invitation for you and asking that you send this notice out to as many people as you can. I will be there as well. Let us go out to support our local talents. Julian (23) graduated with Honors from Gonzaga University 2 years ago. He has written 2 books since and is planning on pursuing his graduate studies soon. His passion is international human rights work. He truly is a world citizen.
Hope to see you there. For my family and friends here in the States, please pass this on to your family and friends in Guam, Saipan, Rota, Tinian.
Julian can be reached at juljamaguon@hotmail.com (671) 647-2993 (home) or Cell (671) 777-7285.
Esta, Si Belle (See Below) Stir It Up: Speaking Truth to Power
HITA "US" Just Left of the Setting Sun by Julian Aguon
One of the most compelling local books written today.
Book Launch Bestseller, GPO November 10 2005 6:30 pm
(This was forwarded to Charo by Rlene Live)

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What a little thing it is to say a prayer for them that sacrifice their lives that we're safe and comfortable in our air-conditioned cars and homes.

A friend wrote: "I understand it is 140 degrees in Iraq now. Our troops need our prayers for strength, endurance and safety. I am sorry but I am not breaking this one. PLEASE consider sharing this after the short prayer."
This is the prayer he enclosed. I hope that when ever you get the chance, you remember our brothers and sisters in harms way and ask the Lord to watch over them.
"Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen."

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The suspect is said to have been charged with kidnapping and sexual misconduct before....if he had been punished more severely....could we have kept it from happening to this little 9-yr-old?

I was web surfing and ran across k57's article about the kidnapping of the 9-yr-old last night. I almost didn't read it because I thought it had to do with the girl that was kidnapped at the bus stop. In fact, it's another little girl, who was with her family, perhaps busy doing something else that she managed to be taken away and possibly molested. I suppose only those who examined her at GMH know the truth of what happened.
The report notes that the suspect was charged once before(not sure if he served time) for kidnapping and sexual misconduct....I'm thinking if he was lucky like the person who drove a DPW bus who raped two minors and served 2 days out of a 4 year term, he probably would still be in some jail, making little rocks out of big rocks....but on Guam, we don't do the punishment thing....we let people off who molest our children. We seem to look the other way when our kids aren't educated well, are kidnapped, are sexually molested. It's almost as if we don't give a damn! And, since we don't, it'll continue to happen!
If this child was my daughter, you'd have to tie me down because I don't know what I'd do to the man who took her away. I know what my husband would do and know that he'd serve the rest of his life in jail because he'd never let anyone molest any child of his. Reaction is not the answer, however, it never is. We need to be proactive. We need to talk to the lawmakers to make laws that put these sick people away for their lives the first time they molest our children, boys or girls. They can't ruin lives of our innocent young they go about their lives working for DPW or GPSS or some govGuam agency as if nothing ever happened while the child grows up broken. We have to put a stop to the killing of the innocent spirits.
The little girl will go home but she'll never be the same and somehow, we'll all share in the blame....we didn't do much to keep the sickoes like the one who took her away in jail for his entire life.
How do you fix a broken child?

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November 04, 2005


I must be getting too old to understand basic things...

One cop allegedly sold ice while in uniform....he was quickly fired...before he was tried by a group of his peers....just like that...'bam' as Emeril says...........
Yet, another goes through a process, gets promoted, probably with a rai$e and when his case is tried with a group of peers and found guilty, he remains on duty looooong enough so that he can retire, co$ting the government thou$and$ of buck$ when in reality, he should have been fired for the crime he was guilty of committing.....there was some real stalling at the pohleeese station, waiting for the court documents.....long enuff I'd say, giving the guilty party enuff time to retire instead of being fired which he should have been.
People on the street say that there was some 'friendly' treatment given the Captain that wasn't given the rookie, that if the rookie was more bonded with the people in lofty places that he might not have been fired so quickly, but then again, he was a rookie and he didn't have the luxury of retirement.......
If dude captain had been fired, he would have lost all retirement bennies which is usually lost(as heard on the streets and may not be totally true) when a pohleese offisuh abuses his/er own power......
Whatever, captain dude had a friend, got retirement and the taxpayers got stuck with the bill......again!
Mindy, care to comment? Was there any friendly thingy going on down there at that blue-n-white building in Hagatna? At least we know that Captain dude had to be captain 2 years in order to get retirement at that scale...so he'll only be getting bennies of a Lt....or so I heard...love those lunch meetings when unhappy friends spill the beans!
So already, Mindy, check it out!

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November 03, 2005


Get a life....hell, who paid for that dumb call?

If you're down and out and you want a real belly laugh, go to:http://www.abc.net.au/ra/pacbeat/stories/m1142023.asx and listen for the laugh of your life. A nacion who paid to call Radio Australia Pacific Beat.....the hostess actually asked the dude "What's your problem"?
The 'nacion' citizen said that there's no democracy on Guam, that we're just a 'property of the United States' that 'we'd be the first to be destroyed if there was to be a war', that 'we can't vote'. Aye adai, Nacion citizen, you/we can vote, all we/you have to do is move to the states....your family in the US can vote.
I'm wondering if someone in the broadcast or print media will transcribe the diatribe of this nacion citizen on Pacific Beat radio.......how terribly dumb we sound when we get on somebody else's radio station....especially when we're washing our underwear in their back yard! No shame!

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Thank gawd there's only a few of them!!!! Military, they don't speak for the majority of us!!!

By Mar-Vic Cagurangan Variety News Staff wrote in today's on line version of the Marianas Variety that Antonio Sablan lambasted the Guam Chamber of Commerce and Guam’s elected leaders for "focusing on the almighty dollars without giving consideration to the social and environmental impact of having a bigger military presence.That, "We should learn a lesson from Philippine experience. Until now they are still struggling with the issue of who will clean up the toxic waste that the U.S. military left behind when they left Subic and Clark", and that," GovGuam demand lease payment from the U.S. government for the military’s use of Guam land." and, “We have valuable real estate resources. Guam is a prime and strategic location that the military is sitting."
Cagurangan also reports that Sablan also" warned of the danger threatening Guam with the nuclear presence. The nuclear submarine USS Buffalo will be home-ported on Guam to replace USS San Francisco, which sailed away from Guam last summer after an accident that killed a crewmember and killed 60 others.(I don't recall the killing of 60 others, perhaps injuring 60 others, but think there was only one killed) Anyway, Mr. Sablan, me thinks that Guam already has nukes and they ain't only on subs, gads, why do you think they close Marine Drive when they're driving ammo to Andersen? I digress!!
Cagurangan reports that:"Debbie Quinata of Nasion Chamoru said the presence of more military personnel will result in a housing shortage among local residents. “How exactly does she think the people will be able to compete with the U.S. military personnel for the limited housing available, them with their inflated housing allowance — us with our minimum wage?” Quinata asked.."
Wow!!!! I hate to say this but most Nacion people are GHURA(get their funds from Uncle Sam, the uncle most Nacion they hate the most) and GHURA pays more for rentals than most can afford which landlords prefer renting to in the first place, as for rentals, there are so many apartments and houses for rent, all of her Nacion members and half of the island can rent right now before the Marines arrive...
(You can read the entire story on-line) He was also on Rlene Live yesterday on K57 speaking with the same 'lambasting' tone.
In a perfect world, the Marines will come to Guam and there will be housing for all, new jobs for all and rent paid for property used...in a perfect world. We don't live in a perfect world. The Marines will arrive and we'll have some problems, just as we already have with our own people, just as we have with our visiting cousins from neighboring islands and neighboring countries that come to Guam to work or visit. It would be stupid to say that the 7,000 Marines will come to Guam and everything will be honky dorry(is it spelled dorrie?)
I have seen businesses open and close because of the economy...7,000 Marines would help the economy. Maybe the Ben Franklin building with the island's first escalator will be rented, as will the other empty building next to it. As for charging the military rent, perhaps we should be reminded that the US government comes to our aid the minute after a typhoon or earthquake is over with hundreds of thousands of dollars....that they pay for our highways, help with our schools, with capital improvements and long lists of other things. Perhaps we could look at those investments as rent?
I hope that when Marines hear comments that come from Nacion they'll know that there are more people from the community that are waiting their arrival with open arms and the 'hafa adai' spirit and hospitality spirit that the people of Guam are known for!

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It was only a big deal in US network news.....we seem to be able to live and let live with child sex offenders!

Up to and including the day of Halloween, Foxnews and CNN reported over and over what the efforts the government was going to do about sex offenders was supposed to do and not to do while children/minors were doing their annual candy run. Fox reported it so often that I think I memorized the dialog of what the offender could and couldn't do.
Not so the local news, not the broadcast or print, but then, I'm not really surprised. We seem to be able to swallow/tolerate that we have bus drivers drived our very cherished children to and from school that either molested other children, or, doing drugs. I'm sure other news was more important such as the pot holes and water outages, leaving the question of where the offenders would be and if your children would be safe from harm. Perhaps next year, they'll pick up from national news and question what the convicted offenders should and shouldn't be doing while your children are doing their annual collection of sweet things.
In the meantime, I applaud the media for 'outing' the likes of those still working within the government that have been convicted of child molestation. I hope that they continue to keep the pressure on the agencies until these people are placed where they have no contact with minors.
The media is a very power instrument if properly used. Many of us know where child sexual offenders work within the government. We could call the media and let them know where these people are and if they have contact with children. Once the public learns about the issues, you can be sure that change will take place. We can't continue to sit back and accept status quo where the safety and well being of our children are concerned.

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November 02, 2005


Times....have changed....bet punishment has as well!

Mindy Fothergill reported that Carlos Laguana and Donovan Brooks were arrested for smoking pot between Holiday Inn and the police koban in Tumon...as well, a student at Father Duenas Memorial School was arrested for having marijuana.(insert ALLEGED because the cases are allegations at this writing)
In the past, we've had school bus drivers who raped minors and only served 2 days of a 4-yr term and he's still working, earning a bus-driver's salary, even tho he's no longer a bus driver....we've had firefighters with marijuana in their lockers who never got fired, heck, we even had a cop sell ice while in uniform....I digress....you know about all the stories, you listen to the news, you read the same newspapers so I won't bore you with the list.
I ask instead, what happens next to the Stars and Stripes reporter(I think he's also a board member of some commission....if he's found to have broken the law, will he be fired? Of course, the paper isn't a govGuam agency so they may have different idea about law breaking.
The next question I think Mindy should follow up is about the student. Will the boy's school look away with a mere JUG/suspension or will they adhere to the supposed no tolerance for drugs and expel the lad?
Punishment begins at home. When the child is young and learns that no means no and that a consequence comes when she/he does something after a 'no' is said, then she/he grows up to understand the basics of law. The parent has to mean what he says. The government has to enforce the laws. When a law is broken, the law should be enforced. When there is a rule in a school manual, it should be enforced. A no drug rule that says a student will be expelled should result in just that and nothing less. If gray areas are going to be entertained, then the hard-fast rule should be removed, otherwise, the message is wrong.
These days, we send the wrong message. We say one thing but do the other. I'm not sure that I can compare the marijuana case to the boy who was sniffing the aerosol can who killed(alleged in both cases) the tourist in Tumon. Does one move from Marijuana to aerosol cans? Don't know, but so far, there's no law on sniffing(oops, it's huffing) aerosol cans. Can you arrest a student who has an aerosol can in his possession? Whatever! The case is, we have to mean what we say, or not say it at all!
In the meantime, I will wonder if there will be a follow-up on the reporter and the student from my own favorite reporter, Mindy.

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Would you put the name and picture of a high-school senior in a major newspaper who has the courage to announce that she has no problems being a 'narc' on kids doing drugs? Her physical well-being may be in danger because of that story.

The big deal with Crime Stoppers is that when the 'narcs' call, they/you are totally anonymous....even when the 'perps' are arrested, the courageous 'narcs' that get the $1000 reward,remain anonymous. Their lives aren't ever in danger.
This Monday, the PDN decided that it was indeed 'cool' to 'narc' on a 'narc' and told her story, with picture and all, even reported which school she attends so that those who the girl 'narced'(is there such a word?) on, can go to to maybe 'get even'(as some times happen) with her.
I'm all for writing and winning essays. I'm even for being a whistle blowing and courage to being a 'narc'. I'm proud of this girl and for all that she stands for. What I'm not happy about is that because of the PDN's article, her well-being is in danger.
I wonder if this girl's family was warned about the possible danger or payback from those their daughter 'narced' on if the article was published? What will the PDN do if this girl is harmed? I note that there's no by line on the article. Isn't this something, no one person taking responsibility for the girls well-being. Perhaps it means that the PDN will take full responsibility if the girl is harmed for 'outing' her.
I may be totally wrong, but if this child(and she is that) were mine, I'd be one damned upset parent!
Alas! Perhaps the next article with picture will be that of the narc that called the police about marijuana at the boy's school in Mangilao. Maybe we can applaud his/er courage on Monday's page 7 as well? Bet not!

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November 01, 2005


Instead of looking at the gradual increase of Section 30 funds, untold thousands of dollars spent at Micky Dees, Pleasure Island et cetera, the haters can only see the dark side of the latest blessing coming our way.

I'm sorry, I can only see the relocation of 7,000 Marines to Guam as a positive sign for the island's economy. There will be the construction of barracks which will bring in contractors which will spend dollars downtown, believe me, not all contractors that do work on military bases stay there 24/7! They shop at K-Mart and Ross, go to GPO and Manila Mall, they rent cars and eat at the same fast food places we do. When the Marines finally arrive, with or without their families, they will do the same, only this time, they will be adding to Section 30 dollars that will inject dollars to a pitiful, albeit, growing economy. We should all be at church thanking the Good Lord for the blessing rather than finding all the petty reasons why they shouldn't come.
I admit that there will be a few that won't be perfect. A few that will break the law, that's life. If we moved 7,000 of our people to Okinawa, the same will happen. Look at the reports in the news of our own who have moved off island(one that comes to mind is the one to attended a College for the blind who bludgeoned his roomate to death). We aren't a perfect society, re-read a few of the recent PDN papers and review the issues of ICE at the office of the GPSS office, the bus driver(and he's still earning the bus driver's extravagant salary) who is a convicted child rapist who we intrusted to drive our children to and from school......Read the police blotter, the laws are broken daily and the Marines haven't arrived and we can't even blame them for the DUIs, the purse snatching, the lawyer who molested the teenagers, ohhhhh and the list goes on.......
The Marine Corps knows that they don't have perfect members.....they'll handle the problems as they surface. In the meantime, we should appreciate the idea that our real estate market will once again be a viable (sort of) industry and that our economy will grow because Uncle Sam thinks Guam is a good place to send their Marines.
Leave the haters in the shadows. Let us show the Marines the Hafa Adai spirit and welcome them with open arms. From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tumon Bay! Biba the Marine Corps!

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