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January 30, 2006


When your son's involved, you'd move heaven and earth to cover his sins(alleged).....he's a good boy, his friends made his do this, he'd never do this on his on.....etc..., etc.....

Marianas Variety's Gina Tabonares reported on-line today that the airport's deputy general manager is being investigated for covering up a case involving her son who allegedly stole some $5K worth of cash last year. The funds were supposedly taken from a vault owned from the Allegro Cafe while the DM's son worked as a manager but happened after he was employed there having had access using an airport badge that he didn't surrender after he was no longer employed with the company. (Believe me, the airport isn't known for making sure those badges are turned in on a timely manner, so if you get a 'T' or visitor's badge, you can keep it long after you're supposed to, especially if 'you know' someone there-friends in high places).
Tabonares further reports that:" Airport police conducted an investigation on the incident when the safety vault of the airport concourse restaurant was emptied. Pangelinan, who used to work with Allegro Café as a manager, was no longer an airport employee when the theft happened. He, however, was able to get an access using his airport badge that he did not surrender. Two airport policemen who were part of the investigation said that when the airport deputy general manager learned about the case, she requested airport police officers A.C. Taitingfong and Oscar Aflague not to pursue the case against her son. The airport deputy general manager, according to the two airport policemen who requested anonymity, made a deal to pay the stolen money with the owners of the airport restaurant that eventually closed."
KUAM reported in their evening news that the airport's deputy has taken leave. One assumes that she's on leave while she's under investigation....and one hopes that Mr. Jesse Torres keeps to his strict rules of no monkey business and fires her and he's fired other employees on the spot for illegal(alleged or otherwise) activities.
There sure were a lot of stealing going on at the airport this last year..........wonder just how much the airport lost to its employees.....but stealing just doesn't happen there, it's an equal opportunity sport, it happens at GWA and GPA and GTA as well....at least it did when GTA was still under govGuam. If you get caught stealing at GTA these days, you're not only out of a job, you'll find yourself in jail, those people don't play games, they're in business for profit....govGuam ain't in business for profit, in fact, I'm not sure they know what that word means, or that stealing is against the law, for that matter!

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If he runs, Eddie walks?

Love second seating brunches....that means the champagne has had time to work and talk is fast and loose....so are rumors. Okay, so it is said that if Kaleo-the male version of Mona Lisa-cuz he has that coy smile when he's asked if he's running and he knows he is but wants to be coy and won't answer-Moylan, is running for governor, then Eddie Baza Pepsi Calvo won't split up the republican party three ways to run. Me thinks splitting the party two ways is just as devastating but hey, since when do my two cent-opinions matter? So it's a big rumor that Mr. Calvo and Mr. Forbes won't be running no matter how many Calvo/Forbes stickers you see on cars on the road.
The other rumon of course is who the running mate of Mr. MoLisa-Moylan is going with and it's a rumor because no matter who's asking the question he dodges the question and talkes about beautification projects-said the rumor spreader-she after a mimosa or two....some George Santos, of course, she could have said Jesus Cruz, Jesus Castro or George Benavente since I have never heard of George Santos. She knows this George Santos and says that he's a nice dude and related to the guy that died in a police helicopter crash in Agana Heights some years ago...I remembered the crash, I didn't remember the people in the crash, just how sad the crash was on the families of those that lost their lives in it. I still don't know a George Santos or that there's even such a person but I pass his name on to you because it was linked to Kaleo's as a running mate for Adelup.
I wonder of course if Kaleo will choose someone who talks more than he does since Kaleo isn't known to talk much. Kaleo's more a 'doer' than a talker. He sits back and gets things done rather than talks about it so I assume that who ever it is that he chooses will be someone who'll be his sort of spokesman who'll be getting his message across. It will be interesting to see how he'll run his campaign. The campaign he and Felix ran had Felix doing most of the talking, but then again, Felix was running for governor and should have been doing the talking. I also feel that the team got a majority of the votes because they knew that Kaleo was all brains and no 'mouth' and was a 'doer' and not a talker and that he would work and do what he said he would do on the platform the two were running on...I have long forgotten that platform...I wonder what goal, if any, was achieved...
So dearhearts, in the donkey arena, you have two men over fifty years old seeking a job at Adelup where ghosts walk the hallowed halls at night after all have gone home.....in the arena of the elephant, you have two under fifty seeking that same office, two who, two years ago, promised the island that they would bring 'hope' to the island, that they would fix the problems, but in the end, the problem was between the two of them, a broken relationship that broke early on, never to be repaired again, two people, once friends, now barely civil. Kaleo who had so much promise, reduced to the task of the island's beautification. Will he be elected because he's an underdog?
The senior citizen arena has two retirees, one a retired governor, one a retired doctor of education/U.S. Delegate. I personally feel that when Underwood lost the election for Adelup, he should have 'paid his dues' by running for a seat at the funny house in Julale. I think he could have done much for the people here because of who he knows in D.C. and because he knows the machinations of how we can get things from Uncle Fed. This also would have opened him up to the 'masses' here. It would have made his name more 'household' and would have made this election easier because more people would have already known him rather than starting all over again, this time with a whole new running mate. But that's water under the bridge...so he starts all over again...it's been a long four years, I hope they still remember his name! His challenger is a former two-term governor. Both good for him...and bad for him...good because he made a lot of good friends and did a lot of good things for many people while in office.....bad for him because a lot of scandal happened to many of his key employees while he was governor, in fact, many are now in federal prison because of crimes they committed during his administration. He may not have done anything himself but he was very close to those that did and that proximity makes it all very questionable...On the former governor's plus side, are a throng of grassroot people that are diehard voters that follow him from one village hearing to another. These people will move heaven and earth to get him re-elected. Since this is a popularity vote, one will surmise that he which has more friends will get the prize. At this juncture, one has to say that the former governor has the most friends.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I learned at brunch today....and now, I shall sleep on it!

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January 29, 2006


Go Carl's Jr?

Everybody's saying the economy's better, everything's looking up....well, maybe not everything...for example, at the island's biggest and busiest mall, Micronesian Mall, Carl's Jr. closed its doors and in the heart of Pleasure Island in Tumon, GameWorks closed it's doors this weekend........how's that for the economy getting better.
A few months ago there was a lot of hype about Home Depot opening up in Tamuning....I ain't seen no ground breaking...which I suppose is good for Oceanic Lumbe, Ace and Benson. Business is brisk at K-Mart and I'm thinking that they're feeling pretty secure these days cuz their prices keep rising and rising like flour and yeast put together on a hot day in Louisiana! Friends used to buy their stuff at K-mart because it was cheaper there than on the base....these days, the same items are now cheaper on base than at K-mart....guess we can blame it on Saddam and the oil prices....alas, there's the issue of Iran and their oil and the Palestian-Hammas situation thingy going on....I'm sure you can put that into the geopolitical can of worms that would be a good excuse for the increase in prices....yeah, the increase in power and water...that's always a good one to use.....
Wuz at the Capriciossa in Agana last Friday and it wasn't as crowded as it usually is...perhaps it wasn't a double payday, perhaps it's because there are a few more eating places to choose from in Agana...but then they were always there when the eatery was crowded-standing room only at times...so that night, the place lost money just keeping the air-conditioners running.
Even heard that Duty Free has its clerks earning their keep on commission basis....yikes.....with the new and cold, morgue appearance of the new place in Tumon, I'd have a hard time selling anything, let alone have the spirit to push the expensive goods to the poor tourists...but then a little touting never hurt anyone, huh?
Hmmmm, maybe we should start teaching touting in first grade or include it as part of our Direct Instructions so that when our kids are old enough they've got the gift and can fit into any tourist related job on Tumon....imagine how well they'd do at the airport just on commissions alone!!! Gosh, we could even convince people to park their cars at the airport and earn commissions if they parked their cars there for days at a time instead of hours at a time! Wow, what a thought! Tout...(push to sell)...a four letter word....every Duty Free Employee's life depends on it! Tout, you can't live without it!
I digress, but the next time you shop at Duty Free and the clerk has been nice to you and you've kept her from helping someone that could have/would have bought something from her and she could have/would have made a commission.....feel sorry for her, she could have bought a package of cherries from Payless Markets for $10.00 a bag with the commission she lost....feel sorry for her....don't waste her time. Oh yeah, those cherries are expensive, but they're tart and you can use them as a salad dressing because they're too sour to eat....you know, if you life gives you lemons make lemonade? If you buy a $10.00 bag of cherries at Payless and they're sour, make vinagrette dressing!
Oh, the economy? We're surving....but it's an election year and some of us are going to try like hell to convince you that we've recovered...we've rebounded........and......you can fool some of the people......etc....etc...etc...

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I wondered and wondered...where could I best bury my beloved rock. Should I wait for the new dump in the south or should I find a special place atop the pyramid in Ordot....oh, sleep on it, I thought!

A friend of mine used to tell me that if ever I had a problem that before I did anything on anything that was of any importance that 'I should sleep on it', well, today, my pet rock died, and I had to decide where to place its remains. I 'slept' on it, just as I was told. During the sleep, I had this dream, that I could find this once cool place with water at the bottom of the pyramid of trash by the villages of Chalan Pago and Ordot...but in the dream, I could only see dead catfish and dead shrimp and dead plants that had once flourished. I then climbed to the top of the pyramid to place my beloved pet but could find no place there so I fled to the new dump site in the south where I discovered a clan of people gathered, chanting chants of praise for this saviour in the laughing house known to the people of the kingdom of Gum who buys land and sells it cheap to migrants who come seeking the good life. They said for me to keep my pet in its velvet case awhile because it would not be placed in the south, their saviour promised this southern clan that he would do all in his power to never have the white man cause a dump to be placed near where he owned(oops, was that in the dream?) property. The chief of the clan who called all the morning talking stick shows was sure that this man would keep his word. He and others like him, known as the grassroots clan, would support this thinking man saviour to be again a member of the laughing kingdom and at that time, a new place would be created and at that time, I would be able to find a resting place for my beloved pet rock, and the saviour and his partners, probably the same ones that he has in the northern part of the kingdom of Gum would be saved from having a dump placed near their property where they could sell it to people who could build their shacks and their very own water wells and septic tanks.
The dream is clear....of course our friend the former doctor/slum lord doesn't want the dump in the south....he's probably got property somewhere next to/close to it....I'm sure someone who's in the media can get that information quicker/better/faster for you than I can....
Go for it, Samantha, I'm sure the folks at Land Management would love to help you out.....so far, you've been on target.

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To do nothing means we're in agreement. The lame-brained commissioner of Yigo sat by and watched it all go down then decided to jump up and down only after the t.v. camera started to come around. He did nothing....but watch it happen!

"What has me riled up real bad is the situation at the Gill Baza
development. Why Francis Gill isn't in jail I don't know. He is really messing up the environment and breaking a lot of hearts of low income families with his land selling scheme over there. $42K plus for a quarter acre at 12% for 30 years and a total cost of about $153K. That is terrible and more so considering he didn't install a sewer and water system. Guam cannot afford a health problem of the magnitutde that is possible with what is going on over there. Besides human waste they are dumping household trash in the jungle. And GEPA and the Yigo mayor aren't doing anything about it. I knew about that area for a long time now and I can't believe the mayor of Yigo didn't. He did and waited until it made the PDN headlines and KUAM news before getting involved. There is also the matter of about 40 families or so getting free water from the ball field across from the mayor's office. I'm sympathetic to the problems of those residents over there in Gill Baza Gardens, or whatever it
is, but when the rest of us face an increase in water rates, I don't think it's right that others can get it for free. Like Carl Guitierrez does...or did. He still might be getting it free for all we know Charo. Eviction of all those folks might seem cruel, but public health is most important too. Apparently most are MIcronesians, and at the risk of being accused of racial profiling, I say that they shouldn't be allowed to come to Guam and cause a disease epidemic and create a slum area. One guy has 10 kids. Outrageous. I found it, even with a steady income, tough to finance two kids. The more kids a family has, and not having a decent job and reasonable income, the less quality of a life can be given to
the kids. Little kids will be happy, but little kids grow up and when they realize they're not getting the nice toys and clothes, etc. that other kids are getting it will cause them some personal grief. Some will turn to crime and be in trouble with the law a lot. Read the Police Blotter and see that it's true. More on my mind, but enough for this time. Since you are back I assume you ve posted to your website. I shall drop by and see what you'be posted.
Ah yes...Seagreaves' trial now in March. Will Michelle Limtiaco's family ever see justice done? I'm beginning to have my doubts.
I better sign out before more thoughts enter my wittle mind."

Isn't it wonderful that the Yigo commissioner is so generous with the water that he literally gives it away? The taxpayers having to pay for it? Hey, Gil Shinohara while he was director of which-ever agency it was what he allegedly signed away the performance bond that should have forced Francis Gill to install the sewer system to the Gill Baza sub-division already caused the water agency to pay for the cost of the installation of the infrastructure(big word-hate it) and here's an elected bird brain that's giving the expensive stuff away for free!!!!! Next time my lawn needs some water, I think I'll drive up a few 36 gallon buckets up to the baseball field and fill them up and if anyone asks, I'll just say I live at the Yigo ghetto housing, the one that everybody's talking about. On second thought, I don't have to fib. I deserve that water for free...just as much as anyone of those people who live at either of those ghetto places created by greedy slumlords.
I suppose Mr. Yigo Mayor will be re-elected. Who else gives away free water...probably power too, if you need it!....hmmm, wonder if he gives away free air miles!
I'm really quite surprised that those eighty families are taking being taken on a ride so calmly. KUAM's video of one of the attendee's at the 'town hall meeting with EPA Friday night, caught the man calmly picking his nose....the only thing deep in thought that night wasn't in the ground(as in sewer or paying for another lot to make the slumlord richer)! But....he eventually, maybe, needed water and some anti-bacterial handwash! Oh to be a photographer for a t.v. station!!!

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They come here looking for nurses......now teachers! What next?

Okay, so a few years ago, we had almost enough nurses to cover our needs here-n-there, course, this meant that some or most of them had to work two jobs in order to do that, but no one complained since the jobs at the hospital and clinics were covered and the nurses were paid and their household bills were paid. Who ever thought to pay them what they were worth so that they had only to work one job!!!! So, a throng of HMOs trot to paradise come to our fair isle and sign up a bunch of nurses with wonderful presents of thou$$$and$ of dollar$ ju$t to $ign up. Of couse it was disastrous because the nurses moved their families to these places only to find out that they were treated like slaves but hey, there was good pay and that's what lured them away from the two jobs....I digress. The slumlords never came back for more nurses and we're still short nurses and we're still fighting with immigration problems for getting more nurses from the PI.
Now, if you're like I am and can't find enough to read about in Sunday's catbox liner and have done the puzzle, read the want ads....find that Clark County Nevada is now coming to Guam looking for....teachers.....alas! These people must not read the papers and must not know that some of them actually(alleged, of course) might bribe people to change scores so that they appear to be certified in order to teach....anyway, if you're certified or pretend to be and want to move to Nevada to be with family and or friends.....they've got a job for you.......just remember it's hotter than hell for about four summers out of the year....I know, I know, you can always stay inside and turn the air-conditions 'up' and it's a 'dry hot' but the oven's a dry hot and I wouldn't want to spend no four months in no oven!!! But if you're a teacher and want to teach in the good months, there's a job for you in Nevada....the ad's in today's PDN.
I wonder what thay's gonna do to the shortage in GPSS? As if we didn't already have a teacher shortage! Now instead of 33 to 35 kids in a classroom, maybe we'll have 60? Ah, shucks, we'll just build more schools, then the teachers will come, you'll see! Better wake up, I must be dreaming!

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January 25, 2006


Like it or not....they have a right just like you 'n me to be there!

In the big meet in Tumon with the gov today, it seems those Adult girls with the big hair in Tumon are giving the island a bad image to the families(not the sailors and the Marines that are need the R'n'R) that need to see the pure image with no short skirts, no one handing out coupons for massage, strip joints or whatever it is adults do while they're down there.
The gov would rather not have them at all but can't force them off the island so he's trying to get his friends at Julale to move they away from their play ground in Tumon where families now play to somewhere where they can't be seen....so uncle Tony, the head of tour, travel and transportation Unpingco says that it's probably not constitutional moving those people out of places that they own....like, you can't just up and move them away from a place they call home, like, you know, those people in Zero Down place in Yigo....and that, Gill Baza Sub Division....
Anyway....me thinks that instead of trying to move them down to Anigua, or Yona or Agony Hts, we should make everything adult legal and tax the hell out of it and it would bring in big dollars...A.....doctors would make money because we could make it a law that these adult ladies with the big hair have to have public health licenses that's renewed every three months....and B, the bar or where ever it is they work has to pay a fine if the girls are not licensed.....
There are more than just family tourists, more than just honeymooners...there are sailors, marines, youngsters, adults and those that travel seeking things that they can't find or do at home. Japanese men and women come to Guam to fire guns because they can't fire guns at home. Some men fly three hours just to play golf because they can't afford to play golf in Japan, sadly, some tourists come to the island for 'adult' things that I won't describe because it's not legal or available where they're from as well. If you're going to be a destination, you sometimes have to offer what you'd rather not...have to offer...and when that time comes, it's best to regulate it so that it's safe for all. The military probably doesn't put it in their brochures but they make condoms available to their men(married or not) while they're deployed. That's just being smart.
We would be smart to make the 'adult' stuff legal and tax it and regulate it. Wow! How many families bring their little kids to Las Vegas? Mama Mia!!! Imagine how much better our hospital, schools et cetera would be if we had gambling and legalized 'adult' stuff.....awe, that's just a nightmare, just kidding, must've moved my hand off my bible there for a minute! Full house though that meeting, did you see how many directors were there? Standing room only!

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"The indigenous people of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Chamorros, are set to meet in March for their first-ever pan-Pacific Chamorro conference. Organisers of the meeting, which is scheduled for the end of March, have been travelling to various islands in the Marianas archipelago to spread the word and gain support from government and community leaders."

From the pages of the Pacific Beat and radio australia, it's reported that there'll be a first ever conference scheduled for the end of March. You can read about same by going to: www. abc.net.au/ra/pacbeat/stories/s1554623.htm
It's an interesting read. Some of the interview sounds like:
"QUINTANILLA: The Chamorro culture has always been there and yes we want to bring it to the forefront and make sure that it is preserved. It is not lost yet. What we're trying to do is ensure that the culture will be there for the generations to come and we want to ensure that the language could be also [preserved]. And so, when we come together as Chamorros we want to make that happen and be able to come up resolutions that we would be able to present to our government to make sure and to ensure that these things are going to be done the right way and preserved for the future generations."
QUINTANILLA: Our mission is to inspire, motivate and empower our Chamorro community and the goal is to promote, preserve and apply traditional knowledge, innovations and expressions of the Chamorro culture.Our objectives are to facilitate methodologies that will relate to the intricacies of authentication with the historical and political evolution of the Chamorros to establish a compilation of data, accomplished by Chamorros and to further research and develop towards the enhancement of the Chamorro community. The third objective is to instil a sense of pride and ownership of our cultural heritage through our Chamorro activities. "
One can hope that the mission is accomplished. Good luck!

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He was a nice guy, you probably knew him, or saw him at mass...

His name was Wallace Burgess, but his friends called him Wally. And you probably didn't see him without his beloved wife, Pilar and if you knew them as a couple, you'd know that her nickname is, 'Polly', two of the island's nicest people. Both involved in the arts, especially the Symphony Society. Wally known to the community for his own craft as a CPA. You might have had him do your books but before long, he became a friend and not long after that, became a part of your family.
He doted on his wife all the way to the end. Pilar, with the assist of the discomfort of crutches walked the long halls of the hospital watching over Wally praying for his recovery, or at least making him comfortable as he waited for God's call. In these days of divorce, it fills the heart that love can transcend 'til death do us part. All the love that Pilar gave Wally will bear him as he makes his way to Heaven and will be her comfort, knowing that she was there night and day in full support of the man she adored.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Polly. Wally's in a place where there's no suffering, that has to give you some comfort.
"And He will raise you up on eagles' wings,
bear you on the breath of dawn,
make you to shine like the sun,
and hold you in the palm of His hand. "
Slán leat, Wally, adios.

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January 24, 2006


Don't say we're on crutches then scoot away from the problem, use them as sticks and beat at the problem until it's fixed!

K57's website was quite captivating about the medical gala where the it's alleged that the gov and his newly-announced running mate, doctor Mike Cruz were humiliated by doctors on the conditions at GMH.
Tonight on KUAM, the new Medical Society Chair, Dr. G. Galgo said that the hospital is on crutches and here's a quote from Mindy Fothergill's online story from the KUAM website:"Healthcare has been fractured, Dr. Galgo likens Guam's ailing healthcare system to a patient standing on crutches. Without more resources and funding to improve services at public health and the Guam Memorial Hospital, the physician says the island's healthcare system will be left even more crippled than it already is. The GMS president blames the problem on elected leaders who he claims have been all talk, but no action. "[During the last election] healthcare was considered as a priority," he stated, "we saw many promises that they told us, but they did not hold true to their promises."
I don't recall what he said verbatim but it sounded like he didn't want to get politically involved. Hullooooo....the fact that he was talking about the problem and talking about all the problems about the hospital and laying blame on the problems on elected people(I really refuse to call them leaders at this juncture) says that he's already involved 'politically. He really must put his money where his mouth is. He must now walk the talk. He must be likened to his patients and be 'very, very brave'.
He must meet with the members of this very elite group of medical people and talk about how each of their votes can help this place where they work. It's called political action and it's legal. It's usually done by $$$upporting a team that's trusted to support the hospital if they're elected to office(oh Lord, oh Lord, who at this juncture can one trust!!!!!!)and by voting for that team.
The problem for Dr. Galgo and his society who I trust are eager to fix all that ails GMH is that it'll always be in the hands of the government, therein, always be a political football which means he and his group will have to find which of those running for Adelup will be willing to work with the group to get the hospital accredited.
When Dr. Vince Akimoto was president of the society, he called both morning talk shows at least three times a week to talk about the problems at GMH, and I dare say, he was passionate about the problems there and this was in addition to the hour show that he hosted in the evenings at K57! Alas! Nothing happened. I think the problems got worse, certainly, GMH lost more money since then. Dr. Tom Shieh took over as the Medical Society president and he was as fervent with the problems and he tried to move heaven and earth to fix the problems, so much so that one of his daughters forbade him from calling the talk shows.
I don't know how long Dr. G. Galgo's term as president of the Medical Society is but elected government people are invincible...they are thick-headed and will out-last his patience. They will pretend to listen to him and they'll make promises just like the ones the others before them did and years from now, the problems will exist. You see, we have come a long way. We no longer have shame. You cannot shame us. You cannot humiliate us, not at your gala events, not on television, not in the newspapers not even on the radio and I'm not talking about this administration because this hospital didn't just happen to get the crutches this week, it's had the crutches for a long time, we just used the term when Dr. Galgo got on board.
The only way you're going to affect change then, Doctor Galgo, is if you get your members together to choose a team that will work with you and after you're satisfied, support their campaign. Doctor Shieh was able to get a bone marrow drive in a matter of days, I can only imagine what he can do if he wanted to put a team at Adelup.
So, the ball's in your court, Dr. G., are you up to walking the talk.....hmmmm, or is it...talking the walk? Either way, the ball's in your court!

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The man points to his house which could have been one of the wooden houses in the the kid rhymes that the wolves could have blown away with three puffs...

Instead, the shirtless man was pointing to his home, albeit, a step above that of a cardboard box, made up of tin and plywood somewhere in northern Guam in a sub-division which has a name...Gil Baza subdivision. Poor Gil Baza to have a slum, or ghetto, named after him. Many problems with the sub division. One, that it sits on water lens and doesn't have proper sewer systems or septic collection tanks which means that 'stuff' goes directly to the drinking water supply...water supply + e.coli....not good! Plus other permitting problems, the families have been given notices of eviction.
These families have no place else to go. They are poorer than dirt. They can't pick up and move. If they had money, they wouldn't be living there. They probably spent their last dime buying whatever it cost for that parcel of land that they're on. Francis Gill is said to have been one of the developers of that property. He was on the Positively Local program this morning saying that he did everything right with the permitting process and that it was up to the buyers to put in the septic tanks when they moved in, blaming the problem on CUC and Simon Sanchez and the current Administration.
Former Governor Carl Gutierrez called the PL show and said that evicting these people out and blaming the problem of waste over the northern aquafir was nothing but politics and that nothing like this would have happened under his administration. He told the people to go ahead and move out and that if he was elected he'd move them back in.
I'm sure that there's enough blame to last a life time. We can blame the last administration, we can blame the developer, DPW, the owner, Gil Shinohara and anyone who now wants to evict these families. The right thing to do is to protect the aquafir. The right thing to do is to protect the rights of these people to have a home. If we say that they can't live where they are living at now, then we must make available a place where they can.
If there was someone, or an entity was at fault and the government can recover any moving or relocation funds, then the government should try to recover its funds via its judicial system.
In the meantime, these people have obviously been living over these water lenses for many years.......which makes one wonder what the rush to move them(as in evict) off the property is about?

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January 23, 2006


But one has to question why K57 continues it's 5:30 news...

Isn't it a bit redundundundant to have the 5:30 report then have the same news reported by the living legend, Jon Anderson at 6 p.m......?
Other wise....it was nice to see Patrick Lujan back on sports, he's easy on the eyes and easy to listen to because he's not screaming the sports news at you. Have to admit, the news has touch of class to it, maybe standing up to do the news has something to do with it...congratulations Jon and Patrick.

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They were always here, we just didn't know what they looked like because they were on the radio.

GUAM CABLE NEWS went off the air when it was sold to KUAM umpteen years ago. KUAM was the only t.v. news for the last decade(plus or minus a few years)or so. There was print that added to the news and there was radio news that added to it as well. K57 was likened to a 'living' news because Jon Anderson was 'always' there. It was as if the man never slept. You turned on the radio and he was there, no matter the time of day or night. But, people missed having another venue to 'watch' the news, they missed having a news channel to switch to, as we did when FOX NEWS came on-line recently, most of us switching to FOX, forgetting how glued we once were to CNN when it was the only channel to watch.
Last year, Rex Sorensen bought ABC 14 and decided to invest more money to put t.v. news back on and tonight we get to see the faces behind the names that reported the news to us. We'll watch to see how well they do the t.v. thing because they're radio people and we are all wondering if they learned how to do t.v. Tonight, the 'living' legend, Jon Anderson makes his debut on ABC 14 News.
For years, we longed for a choice...now, we have it! Thanks for giving us that opportunity, Rex!

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Who are your ads aimed at? Who are your targets aimed at?

My girlfriend and I watch ABC 14 between the hours of 9 to 11 pm on Sunday nights. For two hours we escape into the wacky world of wacky people and when the shows are over, we return to our normal lives. What was different about watching the shows last night was the constant I-Connect ad that ran a zillion times. It had to be an in-house job because no ad agency could have done such an awful job putting together such an ad, but then again, I've been wrong. I wonder what target audience I-Connect had when it decided to place that obese man dressed in ghetto doing a a ghetto dance which was(in my opinion)stupid. Does it imply that I-connect customers are fat slobs that do ghetto dances at Manila Mall, their pants falling down and have camera phones? Is this the kind of people that have cell phones that only work inside the mall? Gosh, they could've had an ad about a car having a flat tire somewhere in the south and the driver, maybe a female teenage calling her brother, to come help her change the tire, or something like that which shows the need for the phone...
Then there's the really, really stupid GTA ad with the two men checking each other while urinating. That takes the cake and no one seems to care. They're peeing and you're led to believe they're doing the penis size envy thing when all along, one has 'phone envy' because one of the two is peeing with his cell phone, the other looking. Imagine this, two men, urinating, both using their cell phones, two men watching and envying the other's phones. Is that a terribly dumb ad or what? And we wonder why there's an increase sexually transmitted diseases here....gee, I wonder why...Watch some of the phone ads and see how skimpy the girls are dressed...some of those girls make Madonna and Britanny appear overdressed...'you're too cool if you have a cell phone with a ring tone if you're barely wearing any clothes and have your nose pierced and chew gum like a cow chews its cuds!
The next time you're at GPA or the Manila Mall, check out the kids that have cell phones and see if the little babes aren't clones of these ads....check today's Guam Cell ad out in the PDN, the cute little girl texting her frienc, she's about 13? Cute and she's got a phone for 200 minutes, a student plan, I bet...nice pink blouse, very
provocative, suggestive, from this angle, one could almost see her belly button. She's a child model and probably doesn't mind that her body is exposed like this but if I was her mom, I'd be upset that her body wasn't respected, she is after all, just a child. Couldn't Guam Cell's image makers have done just as well having this same child model pose in a middy blouse as if she were a school girl texting a friend, or, wow, novel idea, borrowed a child from a school that wears a uniform, use the phone in an ad?
Some companies have good products but ruin it by the way they advertise it.
There are a lot of fat ghetto types so I-Connect should have sold a lot of phones by next Sunday....so I hope that they find another target audience by then...maybe they'll find a skinny old lady sitting in a wheel chair that belts out 'I will survive' talking to her friend on her I-Connect phone, that would be a good commercial...bet St. Dominics would even let them film it there. So much for good targets!

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January 20, 2006


Aye adai, we poor people struggle to make ends meet. We have to budget our few dollars to pay utility bills, cable bills and the car payments. That's usually the way the poor prioritize their few dollars, at least most of the time!

Alas! After the utility bills are paid, then the next most important expenditure is the family car which we need to get us to and from work. After paying for the car, then we factor in the funds we need for food, children's tuition if they're in private school, their supplies and if we're lucky, some entertainment and maybe a cell phone....but yesterday's news reported that the gov's vehicle might be repo'ed because payments hadn't been made on same and that the nice guys at Tripple J are about to repo the nice black car because it ain't current in payments and little Jones Junior ain't too happy with that....as in....it ain't profit when you sell a car and don't receive payments for the sale....
The big question I suppose is.....will we find that miracle tree that blooms money in time to keep the black car from being 'repo'ed' in the nick of time. These miracle trees always seem to be found in the nick of time. I'm sure that one will be found and the car will continue to drive the gov all around the town. Confirming the fact that we work well under pressure.
Likewise, those people at Sanctuary that haven't been paid? Another miracle tree, blooming with money will be found and all the $100K that's needed(they need $100K per month to operate) will will appear in the nick of time.
I thank God for those miracle money trees. I don't know how this government would survice without them!

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January 19, 2006


She was a great lady and a great loss to the island.

For a brief time, I had a chance to work with her. She was all work then. After we got the 'work' out of the way, it was friendship that turned into a family-like friendship that one cherishes forever. I knew her when she and her dear friend, Patty Leon Guerrero Cassidy put their diagnostic lab together ages ago. They were pioneers in the field. They were new wives with babies yet they knew how to balance their lives and their jobs. It was quite simple. One would take over the lab one week at a time and the other the next week and for years, that would be their schedule. Their children weren't cheated out of quality time and their family lives flourished as did their business. When the business got too large, they did what smart business people would do. They sold it and spent the rest of their time with their families.
Joann, lived for three things, Roy, the girls and the church. Until Roy passed away a few years ago, I never saw him without her. She was always with him and she always had that smile. A smile her daughters have, perhaps having learned it from their mother.
The lady did a lot of things for the community but I'm not aware of all that she did, rather, I'm aware of the kind of woman that she was towards her husband, her daughters, her grandchildren and her God. She was a loyal and loving friend. I shall miss her and know that those who knew her will miss her as I shall.
My thoughts and prayers are with the girls and their children.

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The last time Tony Sanchez was at the Gov's office, he paid (the entire amount) EITC funds to a family....then got the gov involved who said it was a good thing and that he would also look into the matter and would pay it to the deserving people who wait with baited breath.........alas! Now that the dude is back, can we assume those who deserve same will finally get it?

Okay, so it didn't take far for Tony's parachute to land....If you jump from the bureau of planning, you're sure to land somewhere near the gov's office....so, that's where he is, which means that those with inquiring minds(the Abramoff kind) won't have far to look....like, I think he's in the same building, but since I don't do business there it's just a guess.
Wuz at a rosary tonight and discovered that the governor's pingpong ball is bouncing again. Seems he needs someone to do whatever needs doing at Public Health so rumor has it that one Jim Underwood is managing the building without windows in Mangilao...Maybe at the end of his stay there he'll be able to determine just how many of our cousins from the neighboring islands really impact our territory and if we get sufficient funds from Uncle Sam. I wish I had made a list of all the places Mr. Underwood has filled since he's been a govGuam employee. I checked KUAM's webpage out to see if they had anything on the move but there was nothing on it......so maybe it's just a rumor that one hears at the rosary.....

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TAG......YOU'RE I! OOOOOPS....NO! I'M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a strange day for a confirmation hearing at julale!

I guess the Abramoctopus feelers reaching all the way to Guam from DC made one Tony Sanchez decide it wasn't worfit to sit and listen to the questions da fifteen inquiring minds at Julale had in order to confirm him ad directot of bureau of planning and something like that so at the eleventh hour(as in, last nite) he decides to pull his name out....which I'm thinking-ala Patti Arroyo and her side-kick Ray Gibson, that he also resigned from the august agency.
So, one can assume/deduce/figure out, that maybe the inquiring minds of people in DC will be asking questions as well and Mr. S. doesn't want to embarrass the agency? If that's the case, then, congrats to Mr. S., that's a nice thing to do, not run the agency into the 'rain puddle'(description from Marianas Variety). I'm thinking that the best thing he can do for his best friend and class mate Felix is to distance himself so that when the questions from all those heavy pounding reporters from the US of America come out here to ask about all those $9 thousand dollar checks, there won't be any relationship between the two and it won't hurt Mr. C's chances for re-election if his name isn't dragged into the 'rain puddle'.....ya know....
Any way, whatever the reason, it was the gentleman thing to do to withdraw the name from the confirmation hearing.....but I'm thinking that should have happened the day after he gave that man the entire EITC(I think that's what they call it!) which played hell with Rev&Tax....surely that was the reason he was shooed out of the gov's office, ya think?
He's a great writer, he'll probably land a great job writing historical essays for the PDN...no worry about confirmation hearings there.....hmmm, maybe he can even write a novella about how one deals with a great Washington D.C. lobbyist. That should sell bunches of newspapers!

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January 18, 2006


Travis Coffman was trying to make it a serious issue one one of his talk shows, I think it was Monday....that getting rid of them was going to really going to make a difference......but will it? When everything else is falling apart....and broken?

Today's Marianas Variety(on-line version), Gina Tabonares, reports that:" the abandoned vehicle program that paved the way for the successful eradication of decaying and “eyesore” cars on island will be re-launched by Gov. Felix P. Camacho on Thursday. The project, which was launched in April in two villages, was culminated with the shipment of seven million pounds of scrap metals of almost 3,500 collected cars. The revived program will be an island-wide project and will involve all mayors to coordinate with the Department of Public Works in collecting abandoned vehicles, tires, white goods and batteries throughout the island. BKA-KOKU Recycling Co, the private company that collceted the abandoned vehicles last year, was also tapped by the government to work with another private firm, the Huamei Enterprises Guam Inc. BKA-KOKU was the primary contractor that managed the collection and shipment of the scrap metals to an off-island company that is interested in recycling metal waste. "
The AG tried to get the law behind him to get rid of the cars, threatening jail time for the owners that abandoned their cars. DPW tried to get on the bandwagon to help. Then this company(I wonder who the owners are and how they 'play' into this priority) Anyway, all of a sudden, this longtime problem has made it to the top of the list....stepping over problems at the public school system, the hospital problems, retirement fund, state of delapidated schools, lack of certified school teachers, etc........wow, our tourists will think it's a clean island but while they're thinking that, we'll be raising dumb kids because our teachers aren't qualified, our hospitals aren't properly supplied...et cetera, et cetera.
It's clearly a 'photo op' and a good thing and if the money comes from Uncle Sam and Uncle S. is paying for the clean up, then let's just say that it's a good time to use the funds....let's not make a big deal that all of a sudden our government is going into a frenzy of beautifying the island when at the same time we're bulldozing restrooms because we have no idea how to keep them clean!
What is the real truth to why we're all of a sudden getting rid of these abandoned cars and who the hell are behind these two companies that got the bids and where are they going to stack the cars after they've picked them up......?

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Will he ever recover the favored 'golden boy' position? Even with a public apology(boy, that's a stretch!)

K57's posters share my own thoughts about the freshman senator's defiance on the reconciliation of debts and the obvious 'fallout' that will come from the defiance. You can't 'dis' Maddy, she has too many that adore the widow, the victim who lost her COS but she took the 'high road'(and yes, she's taking the high road with this defiant act and others that will surely follow-she will never, and I mean NEVER, stoop to criticism) In public, she'll be 'genteel' and 'loving' to BJ Cruz and all will look normal, she'll even seem to 'forgive' his defiance, but her supporters won't forget his defiance and it may hurt his political career.
The following is copied and pasted from today's Talking Points on K57's web forum:" Interviewed after Auntie Maddy's annual, BJ came short of calling Congressional Delegate Bordallo a liar in the the way she reported on debt relief. He criticized her for not getting Guam's debt forgiven, but was too scared to mention Fearless Felix failure to secure Republican support in Washington. "

Interesting what may follow, ya think?

Imagine that the President is a republican, the majority in Congress are republicans and Fearless Felix is a Republican.

Now, why did he take on Auntie Maddy and not Fearless Felix. To me Delegate Bordallow did what she could to put that package together. What she did not get was support from Felix.

Ai adai! Come to think of it, si BJ ( aka with envy) was Auntie Maddy's Campaign Chairman several years ago. Why is he stabbing her now, especially after she helped him get elected to the legislature?

I smell rotting fish near BJ .... Um, Um, Um

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January 17, 2006


I'm thinking he might not be wearing 'red'(maybe not her shade) anymore?

Before he was a judge, he was an attorney, worked hard for her husband when he was the governor, then for her when she was the lt. governor...ya might've called him a 'dutch' nephew kinda relative. BJ Cruz, the lawyer, turned judge-turned senator-turned-inquirer. I couldn't believe that BJ Cruz was actually confronting his beloved Madeline Z. Bordallo on the issue of the reconiliation. On KUAM this evening, he said (read it on their website) "You know, the reason why I think its important that we discuss debt reconciliation and what happened to that and who fumbled, and it wasn't OMB, and I think she's got to be more forthcoming with the people about what really happened to debt reconciliation. Yes, OMB had some objections, but I got through there was a problem and somebody did fumble locally and nobody wants to talk about it and that she, the Lieutenant Governor and the Governor really need to come forward with the people and be honest about what happened to that debt reconciliation." Cruz further says (per Sabrina Matanane's report):"You know, the reason why I think its important that we discuss debt reconciliation and what happened to that and who fumbled, and it wasn't OMB, and I think she's got to be more forthcoming with the people about what really happened to debt reconciliation. Yes, OMB had some objections, but I got through there was a problem and somebody did fumble locally and nobody wants to talk about it and that she, the Lieutenant Governor and the Governor really need to come forward with the people and be honest about what happened to that debt reconciliation."
KUAM got a reply from the island's delage who said what what she said in the island's state of the island's condition in Washington(or whatever the heck that half hour's report to the people is named) is the truth. Of course, what else was she expected to say, that Cruz was right?
That Cruz openly confronted the lady, however says more than the issue of reconciliation of debt relief....it says that there's a wedge that now divides the 'red' that represents the Bordallo-crats. As of today, the inquirer wears his very own shade of red and it's questionable if the grassroot people who adore Madelize Z. will forgive him for questioning her job as a delegate. I'll bet my last dollar that most of those votes that got him elected came from those who'll move heaven and earth for her. She'll always be the victim woman here...the under-dog, the widow, the lt. gov. who had her chief of staff fired from under her and she couldn't do anything about it. Now, doing her best,(and I think she has) some freshman senator questions her efforts in public.....what price will the senator pay for such a provocative act?

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January 16, 2006

Gerardo R. Partido of the Marianas Variety(on-line version) reports that Gov. Felix Camacho is lobbying(not through Jackie Abramoff I hope) for the transfer of the Marines in Okinawa to Guam.

Partido wrote: "In a letter to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Gov. Felix Camacho put forward Guam’s desire to host the Marines and other military assets whose realignment will be tackled in high-level talks this week between the U.S. and Japan governments. In his letter, Camacho sought the Pentagon’s support for major issues regarding the relocation of more than 7,000 Marines to Guam from Okinawa as well as the potential movement of more resources from Japan. The letter aims to include Guam’s perspective and unique issues to high-level talks planned between the U.S. government and a delegation from Japan Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s Cabinet in Washington, D.C. this week. The meetings will bring the governments of the U.S. and Japan to the negotiating table to iron out details of the U.S. military’s historic realignment in and out of Japan that may have several consequences for Guam. Among these is a larger military presence on island and a stronger role that Guam will play in national security." (the rest is on-line for your perusal)
I feel that the request is timely and that the governor is saying by his actions that we don't have to wait for the entire 7,000 to be moved that we can start moving them little at a time(of course, this is my interpretation of the report and only worth twenty-cents!.
Whatever it's worth, we could use whatever money the Marines spend in their relocation, their R&R on Tumon, their car rentals, hotel stays, the movies they see and whatever it s that Marines do in this little paradise called Guam.
I think the next thing the governor should do is to do a campaign to teach our people how to be nice to people who are coming to share our little paradise island and how we can live happily together without little episodes of hormone challenges here and there with our thugs who all of a sudded know how to do Kung Fu. I personally don't care how many times those fighting schools come to talk shows to claim how peaceful their fighting techniques are. When one person hits another, it is not a sign of peace, last time I looked, a man who slugged his wife ended up in jail.
The people who sell beer and cell phones are eager to promote ghetto entertainment where ghetto boys can bring their getto chicks so they can show them(the chicks with the tattoos, too much make up and barely any clothing on) how macho they are. We're sending the wrong message to our young boys. I applaud ABC 14 for taking off the ugly show that encouraged rude, crude and totally socially unacceptable-albeit local show. It is so sad when all we can come up with is ghetto entertainment for our children...then we ask how little four year old children can be smothered to death can be placed in the mud face up?
Kudos to you Gov. Camacho....I hope the Chamber backs up your drive to bring the Marines back to Guam quickly! We sure could use that Section 30 money!

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January 12, 2006


So why aren't we freaking out when we hear that the teacher that are teaching our children are cheating by bribing administrators to alter their certificates?

I'm willing to bet my last dollar that one of those teachers(I've lost count of them) that have bribed a GPSS employee to 'fix' their test scores and certificates so that they can be certified to teach scolded or rebuked one of their own students for cheating during a test....oh how awful to think that a child could actually do such an awful thing. How awful his parents must be to have raised such an awful low life of a child!!! Probably even sent a note home to the parents so that the parents would know what an awful child they raised. The parents would of course be most embarrassed and would forever hold their head in shame.
Now we learn that Ms. So and So is a dumb dumb and couldn't pass the test and really isn't worth the salary she's earning as a teacher and isn't qualified to be one and has had to crawl to the level of one that bribes yet another low life in order to be employed as a teacher...and there's more than just one of these people...I think KUAM's website has the reports and names archived if you're interested...who knows, you may have a child(or two) that have been students of these teachers who have been indicted for having bribed to have their tests altered.(enter alleged where necessary)
But that's not the point...it's an imperfect world...we're imperfect beings.......the problem is that we all yell and scream that our children are our most precious possessions....DAMNIT!!!! But hey, Joe, what are ya gonna do about it.....not a damn thing.....ya gonna do nothing, you're probably the same parent that doesn't attend the PTA meetings, or cares if those damn buses become low flying objects at around three in the afternoon with your precious child not buckled up..yeah, bus number 18, that bus is usually a UFO on Route 16 but hey, who cares, he hasn't hit anyone yet.
The talk show this after noon was about Direct Instruction..........who the heck knows about that? Most people don't even know what the hell a reading level is, let alone what phonics are....hmmmmm, vowel, what the heck is that? What's happening this very moment at DOE, also known as(they just love to change names-GPSS is the verrrrrrry reason the military created their very own school system. Suffice it to say dearhearts, we don't know how to run a school system, no matter how much we pay the director or his rolly polly PIO person!(ha ha, they even want to change the name of the flea market at Dededo, if I was the family of Mr. Rivera, I'd throw a block at the person who made that suggestion...who in the heck would want a damn ghetto flea mkt named after my husband/father/brother?)
If you want your kid educated you can do four things..........join the military.......send your child to a private school, home school or, move off-island!
And if you're one of those that say your children are your most precious possession and they're in public school and you're not doing a damn thing about the situation that's going on.....you're a darn liar!

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Military concerned over Tumon safety, a story in the on-line edition of the Marianas Variety by Gerardo R. Partido is an omen of more to come....perhaps 7,000 of them!

"Rumors have spread that local gangs have been specifically targeting military personnel, taunting them and picking fights with them.
Lt. John D. Griffin, public affairs officer at Andersen Air Force Base, confirmed that a memorandum has been issued to base personnel, warning them to be alert when they are out of the base. But he told Variety that he can’t send out a copy of the memo. “Air force members have been told to be aware of their surroundings and be alert. Commanders have been telling their airmen to be aware when they go out at night,” Griffin said.But he denied that military personnel are being singled out. “Actually, that is incorrect. What has been happening is that there has been an increase in assaults in the Tumon area in general. And I stress in general, not just military. This has been happening over the past several months already,” Griffin said.
He added that the advisory is for everybody on base, not just for the newly arrived airmen on Guam, and that military personnel are briefed not just about safety and security issues but also about environmental issues such as being careful with the island’s reefs and other natural resources."
The article is an omen of what's to come....the 7,000 Marines, more sailors when a submarine replaces the San Francisco, if we get more Navy ships that we're all praying we get to help the economy get back on its feet. It's pretty simple, the more military we have, the more Section 30 dollars we get infused into Rev and Tax we get, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars we get in construction dollars that'll come from the contractors that will come to build barracks, et cetera. When there was a large presence of Military on Guam, we had it 'good'. We didn't feel the 'crash'(in dollars) when they left because the Japanese yen was up and we were up to our ears in Japanese tourists but when the Yen was down, they stayed home and there were no longer the military types that spent money downtown, we felt their loss.
We have the chance to have our cake and eat it. We have the chance to show the military that we have matured as a community, that we can be good neighbors, that we can welcome them to our island, make them feel welcome and appreciated. We should take every measure possible to make sure that they are safe, that our young punks don't ruin their stay on our island.
The article in today's MV didn't say it, but our punks are also ruining it for the tourists. They're not only beating up the military types, they're beating up the Japanese tourists, stealing purses from the fragile women who dare to walk on the well-lighted sidewalks. We rave about cops having a Koban full of police officers in Tumon to keep our tourists safe. They must be with the ghosts of the past since I've yet to see a one of them any time I've been on any of my walks down there and that's early a.m. or at dusk. You can't find a rolly polly cop if your life depended on it! You see the cruiser parked next to the building but the cop's no where to be found.
As a community, we'd better take the law into our hands and police ourselves or we're going to lose the best thing we have going for us. Let's not wait until someone gets hurt. When we see a fight beginning to take place, let's call the police when it's at the argument level, by the time the police get there, there'll be at the broken bottle, knife stabbing stage.
Perhaps we should make it a law that our punks that cause trouble with the tourists and military that they be punished, then be put to work in Tumon, wearing a sign that they harmed a tourist or military person and ruined the island's economy down at the Paseo Loop at peak traffic time for a month!
We can't say we want the military here then look the other way when our punks beat them up! It's time we walked the talk!

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January 10, 2006


It was a big enough deal to send talk show host Travis Coffman to cover the newly the inaguration of the newly elected Benigno R. Fitial as governor of the CNMI. It wasn't big enough news to have earned any follow up on this evening's tube news but certainly fodder for thought for the next hundred days or more.

Coffman described Fitial as being a man of great business accumen. He didn't say that he was a Donald Trump in so many words but did say that he had dealings with the Willie Tan family and we all know that that family knows how to make money so if he spent any time at wll working with them he had to have learned something about how to make it. Surely the statement that the man said about not spending a dollar ten when you only made a dollar was something we all should learn from at our local government.
Coffman described the man's speech somewhat as the laying down of a law for his team to follow....do as I say or find yourself another job. This is going to be a lean machine, these are going to be lean times and if you don't like it, you'd better cut your losses now....
I don't know what his campaign promises were. I don't know what 'magic' he used to get elected in an island where tourism was down, where Japan Airlines pulled out, the economy hit rock bottom, hotels at the same level, power going on and mostly 'off', but he and his team got elected. Did he use the words 'hope'? Did he say that he was going to restore 'hope' to the people? To the government? Did he promise to work with his vice.governor 'til their term was over working towards the benefit of the people no matter what?
This speech he gave the people who came to his inaguration, will he stand by his words? Or, will he soon forget the words and hide behind several mouthpeices, run away from reporters that come to ask the tough questions?
Is this Ben Fitial person the tough person his speech makes him out to be? Will he really walk the talk? Will he really cut the fat and make that government work for the people and not for just for a select few? Will he put salaries on hold until the government turns a profit and refuse to increase the saints working in his immediate office, demoralizing all other agencies?
While Coffman was describing the inauguration of this Ben Fitial, I was imagining the kind of man that we used to look up to but are now long gone. There are no longer any role models to set the examples, the likes of the Manuel Guerreros, the Manuel Lujans, the Carlos Taitanos, the James Sablans, and the likes of the Tony Won Pats and many more like them that did and said what they meant...that held public office because it helped the people..there was a time when public servants earned a mere $100 a year for their services.
I will be watching this new CNMI governor and will be cheering him on, and hoping that he will be a shining example for the next governor that this community elects for this territory.
Governor Fitial, you have your work cut out for you! Congratulations on your election. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you suceed in all your goals!

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January 07, 2006


But.......Gameworks is closing it's doors at the end of this month, what's wrong with this picture?

It was a rumor long before my long vacation....I was surprised it was still opened when we returned......but after the end of this month, only the echo of the likes of young children, their friends, tourists and young military men and women-folk coming in for a few games and beers here and there will fill the emptiness where Gameworks now holds court.
Owned by DFS/Louis Vuitton(sp)it's said they're planning to put something else there......at least that's what they said in last night's tube news. Of course that's what they'd say, it's the politically the correct thing to say. What they meant to say is that the company wasn't making money and that they're not in the business of losing money and they're going to close it down and put something there that will make money....you see, the economy thingy that everybody's talking about ain't really 'that' great, we're still pushing up hill like that little blue train and we're still all grunting, 'I think I can, I think I can', we're far from, 'I can, I can' or 'I did, I did'!
What's sad about the closing of Gameworks is that it was a gathering place for the local kids(the middle class ones that could afford the prices) to go there, as well as the many military men and women that would gather there for some good, clean fun...and there were many of them that frequented the place. Thankfully, there's still Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock. In the meantime, whenever an establishment closes, it isn't because the owners want to open a bigger, better shop, it's really because the establishment wasn't making money....even if the mouthpeice says otherwise!
So, Gameworks, it was nice having you as a neighbor, sorry to see you go!

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January 05, 2006


Whenever the cops get on the radio, someone always calls in and complains about people who don't seem to think they're enough cops on the road......well, let me tell 'ya, today on the Tai Freeway, there were four really big cop cruisers, one motorbike and a radar somewere in between to pull over a few cars that were warned with some blinking head lights that saw the cop-gathering by the salvation center place. Couldn't believe that it took all those cops to pull all those people over...like there was going to be a massive pull over or something, and maybe there was but it wasn't like there was any dealing of drugs at the Infant of Prague nursery or that Christian School or the boy's high school, what ever it was, there sure were a lot of cops there this afternoon, so let's not complain that we don't have bunches of them out on the road looking out for our safety...they're out there, you just have to look for them. They're out there, gathered somewhere, maybe they'll be in Yona next Thursday?

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January 04, 2006


Just think about this dude Jack Abramoff and his pleading guilty in Florida......and think about what it may mean to Guam.....and think about how little the circle really is that ties the man and the government of Guam to him and us....

The following is a direct quote from my friend Mindy's story on KUAM's webpage...."While Abramoff's deal is causing seismic waves in D.C. the aftershock is being felt an ocean away in Guam. Fisher said the Justice Department would pursue the investigation "wherever it goes". Guam Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo is hoping the investigation could lead to Guam. In a statement she aid, "Certainly, Mr. Abramoff pleading guilty and cooperating with authorities may provide an opportunity to further shed light on his involvement in the Northern Mariana Islands and in Guam. I would expect that these investigations will be aided by his cooperation and his guilty plea. The people of Guam deserve to know the truth." Back in October the congresswoman sent a request to the United States Attorney General, requesting the appointment of an outside special counsel to investigate allegations of potential political manipulation involving officials at the U.S. Department of Justice relative to criminal and immigration matters relating to Guam and the CNMI, as well as Abramoff's alleged connection to the demotion of former acting U.S. Attorney for Guam and the CNMI Fred Black. Another Abramoff connection - as KUAM News first reported back in October 2002 the Superior Court of Guam under the leadership of former administrator Tony Sanchez authorized close to a half-million dollars worth of checks that were paid to Washington attorney Howard Hills, who had a deal to give those proceeds to Abramoff. The deal between Sanchez, Hills and Abramoff was an effort to block a judicial reform bill before Congress at the time. Those payments were part of the findings in a recent audit released from the Guam Office of the Public Auditor."
Will the Superior court get its money back? Will Fred Black be Un-demoted? Will the person who authorized the half mil be in trouble for authorizing same? Was it Tony Sanchez or someone other than him that didn't want the two courts to merge? Oh the hands that reach across the ocean when one pleads guilty and begins to sing the lyrics the feds want to hear. If Jack Abramoff sings as sincerely as John Martinez did in the Shinohara et other case in the US Dist Ct, you can be sure we'll some kind of activity in our back yard....after all, this world ain't so small after all!
I guess the lesson here is to be careful who you pick to do your lobbying for you, huh? oh well, we'll just have to stay tuned!
"It's a world of laughter
A world of tears
It's a world of hopes
And a world of fears
There's so much that we share
That it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all "

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January 03, 2006


Boy, wonder what her karma's gonna be like when she's in the autumn of her life?

I won't use her name because it doesn't matter. That a human being, a full-grown woman could have no mercy on a disabled grandparent to jump on him and scratch him has to say much about what kind of person this woman is. There are laws that prohibit people from abusing cats, dogs and other types of pets. Could she kick a dog, jump on an old dog or cat and scratch it up if it were sick and disabled? What happened to this woman while she was growing up to have had so little left in her heart that she could turn on a grandparent?
Unfortunately, I'm not surprised. The fabric of our society is threadbare. We are no longer made up of tightly knit families who gather on weekends to bond, to share eachother's company, to share to good things and the bad, to share the happiness, the sadness, the goodhealth and the ill-health. We're no longer there for eachother, these days, we farm out our grandparents, as far away as possible, perhaps to that big house atop Barrigada Hts., where the nuns from the Philippines can take care of them and we don't have to worry about them but once or twice a month when they run out of diapers, maybe not even then!
Sure, it's hard to care for the elderly, who said it was a peice of cake? But then, how many grandparents are now taking care of their grandchildren because both sets of parents are still working? What ever happened to the "Honor thy father and mother" commandment? Seems that went out with the rest of the other nine. I'll cut to the chase...Guam's changed a lot and not all of it has been good. Killing children and leaving them in the mud hasn't been good, or for that matter, beating up on grandparents! We used to adore the Almighty God. Now we adore the almighty dollar. 'Tis a pity, but true. For the lady in court? I hope she gets what she deserves-in this world. For the grandparent that she abused? I hope he gets to move in to a home where he is loved and cared for the duration of his life.

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Not sure I want more homicides to hear about, but the dude cop that was on t.v. (tonight) talking about the little boy suffocating(he uses words with more than three syllables-he's smart too!) at the Hemlani ghetto is my newest and favorite heart throb!

Dennis Santos, you're the greatest! Honest to goodness, this cop has more expressions describing the various scenarios about what could have happened to the poor child that died in Harmon over the New Year weekend. Animated....hmmm, that's four syllables! I almost forgot that it was a sad story just watching this man's while he described the various scenes. I'm not trying to make fun of the guy, just appreciate that the guy has more than one way of speaking to a reporter. He certainly has many, and I mean many facial expressions. Too bad he's good at what he does because he'd make one heck of a PIO for the police department. I'd certainly tune in to watch what he had to report! On a serious note, however, I hope that one of the scenarios he spoke of that other children the child was playing with might have suffocated him then placed him face up in a puddle of water after he died. I find this hard to believe because children are prettly easily scared(like out of their wits) and by now will have had nightmares and would have probably told their parents or other children about what they did...I'm sure the police are aware of this and have done the 'scary' thing already and if Uncle Dennis Santos with those eyes did any of the asking, dem kids probably would've been scared enough to tell the truth. No matter, the little boy is still dead and little kids just like this little boy are running around streets without anyone watching over them.....try driving down Veteran's Highway during some afternoon and count how many kids do their skateboarding on the freeway....and those that aren't skateboarding are the younger ones that got skooters for Christmas. I think their parents told them they could use the white line on the shoulder of the road because that's where most of these neighboring island kids are riding their two-wheeled thingys.
Anyway, just thought I'd give you a head's up the next time our new friend appears on t.v.....makes for interesting watching, honest!

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I don't care how it's reported, the child's lifeless body face up in the mud is still dead. The question being...who was there for this child? Who cared enough not to have let this happen to him?

I loved the way Tammy Anderson of the PDN described the puddle that the dead boy was found at. 'Nethon's body was found lying face up in a puddle of rain', gads, was she trying to be 'lyrical'? Lady, the boy was lying in a mud puddle, those puddles of rain on that awful area on or by Hamburger road and the lovely Hemlani Ghetto aren't lyrical in any way...simply put, they're mud puddles that are there by neglect. The ones on the road are by neglect of the government and the ones at the apartment are the neglect of the apartment's owner, although I doubt that the boy drowned in that rain puddle you describe, especially since he was face up.
Today's article said much in what it didn't say, I don't recall that the 33-yr-old mother with 5 children had a husband. Where was the husband/father of these children during the move? Why didn't the reporter question him about looking for the child? How come it was the woman who was looking for the child? How old were the other children, how come they weren't with the child. If there were five children, someone had to be older than the 4 year old...
I really feel sorry that this child had to die at such a young age and pray that his surving sibling have a better chance at life than he did. Rest in Peace, little boy, our prayers are with you!

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January 02, 2006


Dreams sometime turn into nightmares. I didn't make up this cliche, I don't even know who did, I just know it to be true. It's the situation of the grass not being greener on the other side of the fence.

The story begins with a young family living on a neighboring island to the east of us. Their dream was to move where life was better, it was their dream after all. There are streets here, cars, some sidewalks, many t.v. channels, a lot of stores, jobs galore, public health hand outs, subsidized housing, easy-to-get food stamps, concrete housing, lots of family moving here, movies and everything imaginable. It was the dream of dreams....and it didn't cost all that much to get here, heck with enough relatives donating the cost of a ticket, one could easily get here in no time. And perhaps this family did just that and thus began their dream which led them to move to Hemlani's not so dreamy apartment complex in Harmon.
The family may have(or not) had a job or food stamps, but surely, they had cousins and friends and kids to play with. The man and his wife had a four year old that probably had cousins to play with. Hopefully, he had a few Christmas toys to open to fill his heart with joy on Christmas day, the last he would have on this earth.
For what ever reason, this boy's family would move from this not-so-dream-like apartment building and thoughts would turn more to the process of moving than to the whereabouts of this four-yr-old whose only needs in this world was to love and be loved and be cared for but that was not to be as we now know.
The parents, the ones with the dream called the police who called the media who called the community to look out for the lost boy. This happens so often these days there's actually a name for such a thing, it's called the Amber Alert. Sadly, the little boy was supposedly killed and found not far from the area where he usually played, not far from where his parents realized their dream home, but where were they as his body was being silenced? What was their dream then? What are their dreams now? What are yours, those of you who have children?
There's not much more to say about this dream except that it's turned into a nightmare and that we can only pray that the parents can find solace in that their little boy is safely in God's loving care and that hopefully justice is brought to the person who harmed the child.
There's also a lesson to be learned here. The world as we used to know it has changed, it's no longer safe for our children. We can no longer trust that they are safe to run about in their own back yards without us being there to watch them play. Let that be your first lesson this first day in 2006.

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January 01, 2006


I kinda, sorta missed this place I call home, except that I was with my babies...now that I'm home, I miss the babies.. Don't you sometimes wish you could have your cake and eat it?

I did not want to hear that a 4 year old was killed on my first day home. I did not want to have an opinion of parents neglecting to watch their children. I'm not going to pour salt on the wound but hey, when a 4 yr old boy isn't around one of the parents, then I can only blame the parents for what happened to the child. My heart breaks for that baby boy who wasn't special enough to watch over...what did he know about taking care of himself.

Another thing that isn't going to make be any friends is the police blotter in today's PDN...........did anyone other than me read the names on the killer list? Most of them dudes and dudettes came from the compact impact islands.......that will compact further our our already greatly impacted DOC........and here we are worrying the coming of the marines!

As I write this, I recall the past few weeks that my greatest opinion was about how I was a totally different person when I didn't have to have an opinion about anything...but that was there and life there didn't affect me or Kiku....we were transients......we were going to return to the land of the keystone citizens........where all we had were opinions because we doo dumb to change the problems...so far, we have two types of people here...those that have their heads in the sand and those that have opinions......very few have the gall to make changes....the ones that run for elected office lie like hell that they'll change the government, but they all have short term memories and the minute they settle into their posh offices, they quickly forget the promises they made.

Worse than just having an opinion and having a head or two in the sand are the mentally challanged.....they relect the idiots that promis-breakers............aye adai, it's election year.........keep a list near by........list every promise and see how soon after the candidate is elected the promise is broke and the house of broken promisses in Julale.....

Happy New Year to all.........oh, and if I had my way, the biggeest story for 2005 would have been the story about the 7,000 Marines to Guam........I read the story about the San Francisco's run in with the mountain in near Palau......dear heart....the aubmarine was stationed here but its departure won't impact the island nearly as much as the 7,000 Jarheads.........Happy New Year anyway!

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