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February 25, 2006


Sadly, in trying to make a difference, two little girls lives are shattered, and the education their father was trying to change will probably remain the same.

The night before last, the public school board held a public meeting that allowed the public to speak. Gerald Arce who was known to call K57 with his thoughts about how wrong the elected school board was about the removal of the current superintendent was collecting signatures to recall the elected members. He spoke his displeasure to the board that night. He was not mean spirited nor did he call any one names. He merely said how wrong the board was about the removal then apologized about his passion because of his children and their education. When he returned to his seat, he collapsed. By the time he got to the hospital, he was dead.
He was a single parent. Where he went, his girls went. They were there and watched with pride as their father stood up for their rights for a better education. They were also there when people began to do CPR on their father, watching while he was put into an ambulance, taking him away from them, their life being changed forever, never knowing that the education that their father was working to change would probably not change, (did you see the frothing of Mr. Sedfrey L. as he yelled at one of the parents in news package? He was rabid! ), only their lives would change....forever.
Mr. Arce stood up for what he thought was right. He thought that Juan Flores was doing a good job, his girls were obviously learning faster than in previous years and he wanted to keep the tempo going...whatever the reason, he wanted the man to stay. He fought the fight and paid for it with his life. He made a difference and the price was dear.
There are many parents who could care less about what goes on in the schools, let alone attend PTA meetings. These children slip through the cracks. They either drop out or get promoted socially and when it comes time to fill out an employment application, can't....pity!
It is my hope that this community seek out the little girls and make sure that they are well taken care of....they are our children now...we are the village...we have to make sure that the education that their father was trying to fix is fixed. We can't let his death be in vain!
Adios, Gerald, you were a good father and a good citizen, thank you for your good example! We will watch over your children.

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February 22, 2006


The history of Guam Cable News

In my hurry to congratulate ABC 14 on their first newscast, I sold Guam Cable News to KUAM. A reader corrected me and I stand corrected.
Guam Cable T.V. was indeed sold to MCV and not KUAM. I think my brain was either out to lunch or on pause.
Thank you for clearing the air and hope that I didn't offend anyone because of the error.

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THe smile was real and it made you feel warm and fuzzy...but the news after the speech took the feelings away as quickly as it came!

What a handsome man he was, walking down the aisle, his cabinet standing in attention, waiting for the words that would make them all look good, all feel good. After all, if they all did what they were supposed to do, it meant that he could stand up there and tell the world that all was good, that Guam, his island was in good shape....and today, at least for a half hour, he said that it was good. He told about how many more buses we had for our precious children to ride to and from school in, how many more ambulances our precious people could be transported to and from the hospital in (he didn't say anything about what kind of care they would get once they got to the hospital, but then that could be another speech, some other time, maybe). He spoke of more vehicles, more police officers. He spoke of more jobs and he spoke of more tourists and a better economy and the smile never left his face and oddly, that beautiful, purple, orchid lei never slipped from his shoulder, almost as if it was glued in place. It was surreal watching the camera pan the crowd. The cabinet clapped on cue, about thirty times I heard some radio talk show host saying....but, my favorite pet peeve was alive and well in the hallowed hall....every other attendee was either chewing 'pugua' or chewing gum. People really never think how rediculous they look when they're in public chewing away, some with their mouths open as they pop their gum....anyway, I digress....for good reason...because after the 30 minute feel good workout, reality set in....no one called the reporters of the news and told them to hold off and not report that the power bills were probably going to be increased by almost 5% in April and that the street lights were in the process of being disconnected and somewhere down the way, the water was probably going to be increased as well, never mind that we haven't paid out the tax refunds for 2003/4 and 5, the EITC or fixed the retirement fund problem. And there's that crazy problem at Tiyan that's costing bucks in legal fees because we're going to have to figure out what we're going to do to win-win the problem with the people and the Feds so that we don't lose the money from the Feds and keeping peace within the home front.
Yeah, we have more vehicles, but it isn't because we planted our own version of money trees....Compact Impact money trees bloomed those dollars.....the very dollars that could have bloomed schools instead of vehicles....but who am I to say that we need schools more than buses and police cars? The writer of a speech had better be on the side of reality because it's always there to hit you in the face after the speech is over and if you don't believe me, catch ABC 14's Macaluso's package. Mr. Robert Underwood was quite exacting with his remarks on the speech, perhaps you'd like to hear him as well.

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February 21, 2006


But....will we ever find the man?

It was in Yigo this morning that a man, wearing steel-rimmed glasses, in his twenties tried to kidnap a twelve year old girl as she waited for her school bus. It was daylight when the man in his silver colored car drove up as he dried to push the girl into his car. Can you imagine how easily he could have done this if we were on daylight saving time?
Either way, this has already happened, daylight saving time or not. A man did kidnap a little girl and did something bad and he drove a red car and we even have a police drawing of his face from what ever the girl could remember from the trauma of that awful day, but we haven't found him. It's been rumored that he's a military man and that's he's since left.
I see these children at the various school bus stops and remember the movie about the penguins as they first move away from their mothers, learning how to be on their own, the bird predators swooping down to pick out the weak ones, no matter how many other penguins there are around the one, it always seems to get picked out. There isn't always safety in number, not when it comes to children, perhaps the reason hubby and I chose to drive the children to school when they were young. And while the story is new, we'll worry about our little children and we'll watch over them, but after awhile, we'll forget that there are evil people out there and we'll forget our little girls will eventually go back to the bus stops by themselves and be open to prey. Too bad that there aren't any parents in the neighborhood that are willing to volunteer watching bus stops keeping our children safe since it's obvious they're no longer living in a community that holds them cherished and innocent.
If the predator is caught, I will be totally surprised....but greatful...in the meantime, if parents can, I suggest they wake up a few minutes earlier and and drive their children to school to make sure they get there sans trauma!

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February 19, 2006


You can be assured, he's going to side with the 'people of the land' when it comes to the huge 'migration' of white marines and their dependents.........

The senator who ran one of the better hospital administrators out of a job because he was white, tell you no lie.... doesn't like(to say it mildly) one very outspoken afternoon talk show host because he's white and works for a statesider-owned station will most likely side with the 'magalahi' who called darling Debbie at KUAM Friday afternoon...he'll probably carry the Guam flag along side the two South Korean left over protestors who are in love with the Nacion people who jumped on their bandwagon when they came to protest at Naval Station and at Andersen AFB...they were easy to make friends with, the Nacion people gave them a Guam flag made in China, go figure! Anyway, the S. Koreans will help the Nacion protest this week, somewhere at some base. Our thinker senator will probably be there if he isn't in D.C. working on some cabotage/free skies or working on research on the vaccine for the Avian flu...
Oddly, this same person will be in agreement with that dude who wants to tell the Marines to take care of the land.........yeah, take better care of the land than the slum lord that developed the land and sold it to the poorest of people and forgot to tell them that the sale didn't include water or flushing toilets.........'my bad'!
I swear, if it wasn't so funny, it would be pathetic! And to think the dude is running for re-election.
The most unfortunate thing is..........there's more grassroot voters who listen to the Debbies of this world than there are that listen to K57.....or any other radio station that makes any sense...The only way you can get a grassrooter's attention is to stop issuing their foodstamp card! That gets their attention really fast!!!! They might even cancel a protest if you tell them that you're going to distribute food stamps that afternoon......funny how they hate anything American except their money and food stamps, eh?
Kuam ran some footage on the soon-to-be-gone-land-owner-protesters at Tiyan Friday afternoon and one woman flat out said that the government wasn't going to get her property back. I looked at her and figured she was about 200 pounds....hmmmmm, I thought, it would take about two Marines to lift her up and put her into a meat wagon and haul her off to some pound where she could cool off with her lawyer. By the time she spent all her life savings on a lawyer, she wouldn't be able to afford getting the lead paint off the walls off the walls of her home or the radon out of her house, that is if the bulldozers hadn't razed it for the highway by then.
Of course, there's always the rumor that the airport's going to get rich on the property and that it(the airport) is the reason that these people are being moved out and not the Feds and that the Feds are mere 'pawns' in the grand sceme of things........alas! I don't think that the Feds would ever play 'pawn' for no airport!
Soooooo glad we bought all the land we own and don't have to worry about losing it!

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February 18, 2006


I hate it when I can get rid of the problem with just the switch of the dial!!!

The other afternoon, I was stuck in traffic! I've been tooling around doing a few errands. Friday afternoon I could have listened to the wonderful classical music that was on K57 or, I could have ground my teeth to the bone with Debbie. I switched back and forth for awhile, thinking that eventually, K57 would come back on and I would be able to listen to what Coffman would find amusing, or, to make fun of. That wasn't the case so I was stuck to listening to the whiners.
I tried to put myself in the shoes of the callers. I tried really, really hard. I envisioned myself being this man who called himself the 'magalahi', imagine someone referring to himself as the leader. I'm thinking, if I was 'the leader', you would already know that and therefore, I wouldn't have to refer to myself as that, but he did. He said that he wanted to tell those thousands and thousands of Marines and their dependents, some say 17 thousand that they better take care of the land, his land as the 'taotao tano' have taken care of the land. Dear gawd, I wanted to get sick, I thought of all the places in the north where people dumped stoves, iceboxes, old cars, junk of all sorts and beaches with pampers and name it and here this man is telling 'Debbie' to tell these people that 'they' better take care of 'his' land as if it was in pristine order?
And Debbie agreed! She said something to the tune of how dare them just come to Guam and 'migrate' and played around with the word 'immigrate' then tried to figure how how it would be if they came here finally using the word 'migrate' from Okinawa. The conversation was quite sickening. I thought about how awful it would be if this kind of conversation took place around people that didn't have feelings one way or the other about the Marines and their families coming to Guam. After hearing about the Marines, thinking that they were coming to Guam to mess it up, gosh, they'd be upset as well, wouldn't they. They'd even feel upset enough to carry a sign!
And here these two were talking about the 17 thousand that were coming to Guam to take advantage of the water and power and phone system, and maybe taking a few seats at the GPO movies and few carts at ROSS, hey, who in the states is complaining that there are probably more Chamorros in the US than there are on Guam this very moment? That they are on welfare, using foodstamps, using medicare, medicaid, et cetera, et cetera and not one U.S. talk show host is talking to one person complaining about them being there.
In 1958,William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick wrote The Ugly American, a bestseller that coined the phrase for the tragic American blunders in Asia and abroad, perhaps one day, a book will be written about the Ugly Chamorro, about the arrogance of the Chamorro and its blunders.
We want the American dollars in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Services as in Public Health, in FEMA dollars, in highway funds in almost everything but food in our mouths but then we turn around and lambast them when there's something they need on our island. This afternoon show had callers that called to say that they want the U.S. to pay to use Guam. I don't know what Section 30 funds are if that's not pay, then I don't know what is. If FEMA funds and all the money that comes after any Act of God comes, I don't know what 'pay' is.
I think that the basic problem is that the so-called 'nation' or 'people of the land' don't understand is that Guam is a territory that belongs....belongs, as in owned, by the U.S. and that the U.S. can do with it as it wants. If the 'nation' wants something else, then it should declare independence and for that, I'm afraid, it will have to do something it will probably lose....not enough time or energy to discuss at this juncture.
So, not to worry, you will be happy to know that most of us will appreciate your presence and we'll be happy to see you spending your hard-earned dollars at Home Depot and K-Mart and our little island will grow in leaps and bounds economically because you're here....there's truth in the saying, the more, the merrier!

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February 17, 2006


Perhaps things don't happen in three's after all, maybe that's just a saying....we've lost four souls to our highways and the month's not even half over!

K57's reporting that the off-duty police officer was driving his own motorcycle which landed him into a ravine sometime last night. He was 34 and was assigned to the Agana Precinct. How many accidents did he have to investigate? How many times did he have to drive to the homes of parents of victims to tell them that their son or daughter died at the crash scene? How many times did he have to tell a wife that her husband had died as the result of an accident as he watched the children playing quietly behind her? How many times did the officer pass an accident scene after it's been cleaned up and remembered the accident scene before it was cleaned up, body parts strewn all over the place? Was it raining last night? Were the street lights working where the victim was riding his bike? Did the man have problems with the bike and lose control of it? What caused the road to win his soul?
I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and as I strapped myself into the seat, I wondered if I was going to survive the trip to upper Harmon. I noticed several poles with crosses and faded flowers that marked places where people had died, reminders that I survived that pole once more.
My thoughts and prayers are with the family of the man who lost his life last night, as it was with the two others last week and the one who is fighting for his life at ICU at GMH. Our roads are roads...just that...they can be safe if the drivers are safe drivers, they are unsafe when drivers are distracted or when 'things' happen to cause accidents, perhaps the very reason we call them 'accidents'...and we will ever know for whom the bells toll and for that very reason, perhaps it's best to be prepared.....to have our souls prepared for that time when it's called.
The next time you buckle up that seat belt, ask the Lord to come along for the ride.....that way, if the road calls for a soul and it yours, the Lord will already be there to take you the rest of the way Home!

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February 15, 2006


I heard it tooooooo........the reader's thoughts, not mine!


Had a rant today - while in the wait line to pick up my children at a Tumon
school, happened upon a bit of banter between this Big Show talk radio host
and a fran about chocolate dipped body parts. Imagine an 8 and 10 year old
asking which body part would be dipped in chocolate.

Please share with your readers and anyone else might have been listening the
following regards to the temperature required to melt and consistency to
pour chocolate to dip fruit bits or body parts (your choice) would cause
blistering and scalding to that dipped body part.

May I be the one to share that knowledge with the hosts' own children in
mid-afternoon time? Not amusing, very awkward and reason enough to listen to
CD's in my sedan. Does this fall in line with your earlier topic of
appropriate cover material on magazines and standards?"

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February 14, 2006


Directions Magazine is doing a story about Jon Anderson leaving radio....perhaps they should consider doing a story about the acting anchor's life....she's come from one planet a whole new world!

The afternoon talk show host talked about studies of how distracting it is for people to watch women anchors because they were either too pretty, wore too much make up, too much jewelry, etc..., that men were were more 'informative' that if you watched the news and a man gave it, that you would glean more from a man than if a woman gave/read it.
Perhaps this is true, I've not read this study, nor do I know if a man had polled/created this study. I think that I would get as much from a commentary from Jayne Flores as I would from Jon Anderson and that it would be insulting to Jayne to say otherwise, jewelry, make-up or attire. I find it offensive and machismo and thought that this kind of thinking was(EEOC-wherefore art thou?)long gone?
I'm not sure I know the reasons Jon Anderson is off-island, but I'm so proud that one of our own is right out there holding her own with the rest of them, showing them that she's arrived. ABC 14's got the best local team ever, they've got Mana, Joy and Patrick, then, they're Jon, of course, the news just wouldn't be the same without him! Congratulations, ABC 14, You've come a long way in a short time!

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Three souls in three days? Truly, our roads are hungry for souls and we should take care whenever we're on them!

On a quiet Sunday morning, a young man crosses a street in Mangilao and he's killed. All anyone knows is that a black or dark colored car hit and killed him and drove into the night never to be found. I'm not sure but think the young man may be from one of our neighbor islands. The lad probably doesn't know how to cross a street with more than two lanes, let alone seven, never mind that the speed limit is 55MPH and drivers usually run about 70MPH. If he was lucky, he didn't know what hit him.
Sunday morning, a woman in her forties coming or going to church tried to make a left turn on Marine Drive. She had a car full of Valentine Day crafts to be delivered that were strewn all over the multi-lane highway, one of her step-in shoes thrown a distance from where her body might have been thrown where a huge Pick up hit her broad side. It was a Sunday morning, for Pete's sake, what was the rush? For either driver...
As I write this, a young fellow is either dead or seriously fighting for his life at GMH as he tried at breakneck speed(he may have lost control of his vehicle) to make a left turn at Micro Mall) and hit a wall. The cops at the scene were talking as if the crash was a fatality, but I can't say for sure, only know that by the looks of that Sentra, the person behind that wheel was so seriously injured that he probably would not want to survive because he probably would be comatose for the duration of his life.
The hit and runs will happen whether or not there are median strips. The accident this afternoon happened where there are strips but not knowing where the accident happened, can't say that the crash could have been prevented, even if speed had been a factor. Unfortunately, median strips can't stop cars that are low flying objects.
The crash between the Tacoma and the sedan on Sunday happened in East Agana where there are no median strips. I think that if there had been a divider, there could not have been a left turn, therefore the possibility of two cars colliding could not have happened.
I'm all for median strips.....and can't for the life of me, figure out why we don't have them everywhere!!!!
How many more souls will our roads call for and take before we start to drive more carefully?

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They're moving out! Read all about it! Read all about it!

Here's what the search on the above revealed on the Marines and the almost $6Billion dollars it's going to cost to move our Marines out of Okinawa.
I quote the Japan Times per reader input:

The Japan Times

February 12, 2006

WASHINGTON (Kyodo) The U.S. Marine Corps has come up with a $ 5.6 billion
estimate and a four-stage process for constructing facilities in Guam
necessary to take in 6,000 marines from Okinawa by 2012, U.S. defense
sources said.

The calculations show the U.S. military has been working to determine a
substantive cost estimate behind the scenes as negotiations continue during
which Washington has presented an $ 8 billion estimate to Japan as the basis
for nailing down the cost of the move and their respective share of the

The sources said Friday the total cost will probably end up at around $ 6
billion, indicating the U.S. eyes the figure as a possible compromise.

Japan will be expected to foot up to 60 percent of the bill.

The Marine Corps began the studies last year in preparations for launching
the project as soon as the two nations agree on an implementation plan to
move 7,000 marines out of Okinawa -- 6,000 to Guam and 1,000 to other places
in Japan -- under a broad package of accords reached in October on
realignment of the U.S. military presence.

The early action also reflects the fact that environmental impact studies
required for new facilities in Guam will take at least 12 months, the
sources said.

U.S. Defense Department officials declined to comment on the estimated cost
for the Guam construction but confirmed preliminary studies are being
carried out there. The Pentagon is seeking $ 15 million for the studies as
part of the fiscal 2007 budget.

"The funding will support preliminary studies, environment impact assessment
and planning and concept development associated with the Marine Corps
relocation," an official said. "There are numerous factors that must be
studied before we commit to building adequate facilities."

The sources said the Marine Corps has already sounded out Guam about the
need to include outside contractors and workers to double the annual
construction capacity there to $ 800 million, meaning the project would cost
some $ 5.6 billion under a seven-year 2012 completion goal targeted by Japan
and the United States.

The Marine Corps has also set a four-stage "road map" -- renovating existing
unused facilities, embarking on utility works, refurnishing and upgrading
existing in-use facilities, and lastly, starting construction of new
facilities, the sources said.

They said the Marine Corps plans to begin moving troops from Okinawa in 2008
but also has other options, such as starting to move some to renovated
facilities next July or January.

On the diplomatic side, the U.S. has come up with various cost estimates,
ranging from $ 3.5 billion to nearly $ 9 billion, and the two nations have
started to sort out necessary facilities based on the top-end estimate to
nail down the cost.

The initial low-end estimate was based on a local calculation that Guam's
current construction capacity is about $ 400 million annually and that the
project will take more than 10 years.

But given that the 2012 goal requires speeding up the project and bringing
in advanced construction technology, more outside contractors and workers,
the U.S. has revised the estimates upward.

The U.S. has officially set the total estimated cost at about $ 8 billion,
and is reportedly asking Japan to pay 75 percent, or about $ 6 billion.

But the top-end cost is aimed at facilitating the bilateral work to narrow
down necessary facilities, and it comprises the Marine Corps' full wish list
such as "world-class" training areas in Guam and the Northern Mariana
Islands, housing, medical facilities, schools, utility infrastructure and
bases, the sources said.

Should Washington be willing to pay $ 2 billion, or 25 percent of the $ 8
billion cost, the U.S. side is likely to settle with Japan's share of less
than 60 percent under a possible $ 6 billion compromise deal, one source

But the source cautioned that the scenario is just simple arithmetic and is
separate from negotiation tactics.

Japan needs to reduce its burden as much as possible to gain domestic
support for a project that involves funding construction of military
facilities overseas for a foreign power, with uncertainties prevailing over
whether the Finance Ministry will fully accept such budget requests.

The sources said a final agreement depends on the extent of U.S. concessions
the cost of raising Guam's capacity, and how much of the burden Japan is
willing to share and if it would sacrifice the goal of completing the
relocation by 2012 to bring down the cost.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is committed to solving the cost issue,
especially given that the Pentagon is focused on Guam as the center of its
plan for a greater Pacific presence against China under the Quadrennial
Defense Review report issued last week.

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February 12, 2006


They're coming....to a neighborhood near you....near Tumon, Tamuning, Dededo, Agana and Harmon....and Tiyan Village while the Nacion people still live there!

I was happy to see that the Home Depot got the red carpet treatment. I think the last time any company got the red carpet treatment was when the folks at K-Mart opened....they got full-on treatment, even got the stop light thingy...thank God for that, bunches of people would be dead were it not for those lights! And it's a good thing, the red carpet thing....We should be private business 'oriented', putting out the red carpet not just for those coming from America(or off-island) but for those that come from those from our local families who put together their hard earned dollars, taking risks that their dreams will be realized. I know that there was a sorta red carpet treatment when the Sagua Managu opened, even got a QC(no taxes) when it opened several years ago (hmmm, did Home Depot get a QC?) And it was good of the governor to instruct his boys and girls at the various govGuam agencies to cooperate with the HD with the permitting processes so that the company could open before it's target month of August....but does this ever happen for Jesus Cruz' of the island?
I'm happy that HD is coming and that it's going to hire 200 employees. Unfortunately, probably all of those will come from Benson and Ace who have trained them how to use business machines and computers over the years, sadly, that's the way the 'cookie crumbles' as the youngsters are often heard to say. And the only ones who'll want to work at the old places will be our neighbors who come to Guam to fulfill their dreams....take a look at how many ring up your charges at K-Mart, or take your orders at the fast food drive-thru's...our local kids don't seem to like these entry level jobs...not sure if that's a good thing or not! The good thing is that our neighbor entry level people contribute to the tax base and that...is a good thing and it's said that for the most part, they tend not to bound from one job to the next...another good thing.
I glanced over K57's forum on thoughts of Benson and ACE and the coming of Home Depot and note how unhappy some people are about the two old friends(for some reason, I don't recall Oceanic Lumber and Southern Pacific) and remember what happened to the grand old friends the Town House, Gibson's and Jerry's as they quietly passed away after K-Mart opened its doors.
We all forgot how much these stores and their owners were a part of our lives as we passed their stores on the way to K-Mart. We forgot the donations to hundreds of local drives of all sorts, their families related in some ways to ours, if not related, then some way a friend or member of the same civic club. It's like that toilet paper story I told about Juan Flores.....people are disposable, after we're through using them, we throw them away. Likewise the businesses, once there's a bigger place with cheaper prices, we've no need for the older, less fancy store, no matter how long the company served the island, it's disposable as well, no matter how many employees there are working there.
So, before the arrival of Home Depot, I place my own red carpet down for the likes of Ace Hardware and Benson and would like to thank them for the helpful ways they've been to hubby and me with our constant barrage of questions. They've always had time for answers and always went out of their way to keep costs down when they could have charged more. The prices weren't as cheap as K-Mart's, but they can't purchase in the volume that K-Mart can and when HD comes to town, you'll note that even the grand dame K-Mart's prices will be costlier than those of HD...
There will always be a place for ACE and Benson....even after HD opens its doors! I hope we don't all forget those who have been our friends for years. I hate to see them die the way Town House, Gibson, Eileen Kershaw's, Jerry's, Diana's and other stores like them did.
I guess the next predator to worry about is GTA's arrival into the t.v. world....will it harm or kill MTV/kuentos? Is there room in this little market for the two to survive?
I know, it's pretty elementary, but in the end, it's pretty sad....see this big fish, honey? It eats this little fish.....and no, they don't live happily ever after....only the big fish lives happily ever after....until the bigger fish come into town!

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February 10, 2006


All day yesterday and most of today, K57's talk show hosts have talked about Juan Flores' job....coming to an end...

I recalled how easily disposable that pretty woman, Narissa Shaffer was when the board or whatever it was that caused getting rid of her was some years ago. Nothing she did or said was good enough. The teachers adored her, the media loved her. She was even tagged a 'media darling' because she was easy to find for answers....but she didn't make everyone in the central office happy, didn't jump when they ordered her to jump and in the end, they looked far and wide and she was ceremoniously replaced. She took the high road and stepped down....
Juan Flores left a job that he supposedly made big bucks at and came to save his island's school system. He was the saviour of the system. The man coming to the island, riding the white horse. He was the male version of Shaffer, easy to contact and on the radio whenever he was called....but like toilet paper, he outlived his usefulness....he couldn't, didn't make friends with everybody. He didn't please everybody and I'm sure that there's a line of names behind his just like there was behind Shaffer's...you see, when we don't get our way(when all of the people aren't pleased) we don't try to work out any compromises...we fire, we get rid of....one just has to remember Kin Perez, Madeline Bordallo's COS. Someone in the front office didn't like him. There was no way taken to try to work with him...wait for Madeline to return from her trip to try to work out a way to find a way to work with him....nope, he was fired....totally disposable! Likewise, there's that Bertha Duenas in this administration, I think she held a high position, not sure if she was a COS in the lt. gov's office.....she did something that the front office and instead of working out a compromise....she was fired....not by her boss, but by the front office. The same thing happened at GMH, several times. Don't like the man? Fire him!
So there's a call to remove the board because of their call to get ride of Juan Flores. Getting rid of them is just as bad as getting rid of Flores. We have to find out what caused them to vote the way they did to remove Flores. They have fifteen or so reasons that they say he didn't do(or whatever number it is) The man appears to have done a good job, how grave were those chores that it caused the man to lose his job? I think that having secret meetings just makes it appear that directors are like toilet paper....totally disposable and useless....which makes us wonder why we bother to pay them such huge salaries!

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I still love Marianas Variety...no matter what, but the writing is sometimes confusing.....

By Gina Tabonares
Variety News Staff

TO avoid being arrested, convicted former chief of staff to the governor Gil Shinohara yesterday beat the court deadline and turned himself in to the Hagatna Detention Facility of the Department of Corrections early yesterday morning.
As early as 5 a.m., Shinohara showed up at the entrance gate of the detention center with his lawyer David Lujan and his family.

Do you wonder why David Lujan's family went to the detention center at 5 a.m.? I'm thinking that Shinohara and his family was accompanied by David Lujan, his attorney.....but hey, he might have bonded with Lujan's family and they decided to come along for the ride...

You can read the entire story on MV's on-line site...not sure what else you have to read between the lines.

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February 08, 2006


Odd that it comes from the publisher of a magazine that publishes pictures of whore-like women on the front pages of their magazine...

Maureen Maratita is the publisher of Marine Drive Magazine, an extreme magazine that I find totally disgusting and think totally disrespectful and insulting to the women of this island. The picture also shows the model without the bikini top, she may as well be nude because it shows pretty much everything there is to show. But businesses like the Lone Star and other companies, like it and places that sell car parts buy advertising for the fast and 'easy' crowd and sex sells, so all the MTV wannabe sexpuppies have an outlet. Magazines like Marine Drive lure young girls into the tattoos and body piercing, the tight skirts and spike heels and loose morals. Is there no wonder why the teen pregnancy is on the increase? How about the increase in STDs? How about the increase in AIDs? Those stats don't increase because our girls are members of the Sodality of Mary....I wonder if there's even any such an organization in these days of foot loose and fancy free....no morals....look, mommie, I got my belly button pierced and a dragon tattoo next to my ......! Oh, and lookie here, dad, here I am without my bikini top, isn't that cool?
Our girls turn out this way because they come from homes that are mostly dysfunctional...mommie and daddy are absent or don't give a damn....little girl watches Brittany and MTV, chews gum, has her cell phone with its hundred ring tones, probably has had one or two abortions and is probably anxious to pose for the next FHM cover or be the next Bud or Miller girl...that's her life goal...easy enough to achieve....this isn't the garden that Ms. Maratita will look for the woman of the year and Marine Drive isn't the magazine that will launch the search for same....sneaky, eh? Lucky, the foremost people have two magazines!!!
Ms. Maratita will properly launch the search for the woman of the year from the more 'proper' lady-like section of the world where the ladies have manners, who might know which fork to use when there are more than two next to the plate(oh darn, what ever is that little one for?-oops, there are two spoons too?)Oh, and that napkin, which hand should unfold it? Can I blow my nose on it...hmmmm....to be sure, Guam Business News is the prim and proper magazine which will launch the Woman of the Year search as it does the Man of the Year search and there will be a Gala and people from around the planet will come in their tux and finery and will kiss the feet of the secretly judged and honored one and her name will go in to some hall of fame....
I like the idea of honoring a woman of the year, there are many that quietly serve the needs of this island and rarely get honored for their service but I find it distastful that a publisher who publishes a magazine that portrays women in a distastful and insulting manner is the same one that can turn around and launch a search for that special woman to honor for a year...it just doesn't gel...It's like asking someone who judges ghetto dancing groups to judge a troup of Swan Lake Ballerinas....
If anyone other than Guam Business Magazine launched a woman of the year program, it would be a good thing.......There's Guahan Magazine, so far, that's been the island's best in content and an example in content as well. Anybody but the people who promote 'kuchina' girls.
Sadly, I can safely say that Marine Drive magazine that features kuchina girls and that dear friends, is not a good thing!

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You can park all the pick up trucks across all the roads and protest till the cows come home.....in the end, if Uncle Sam says they want a road built on that land or they take over the airport....

It was quite dramatic listening to Patty Arroyo's show this morning. Some pretty upset women who were led to believe that they could keep the land that the feds returned to govGuam were upset when the governor was served notice....get rid of those living in the homes and build that highway that was supposed to be built or we'll take back the airport....and whatever it is that the package comes with....it puts the governor between the devil and the deep blue sea....he can really do only one thing....build the highway....in the end, Uncle Sam has calls the shots.
I feel sorry for those people who have to move out of the homes they were led to believe they got back once again..I don't know if they got it because it bought votes for the person who got it back for them....all sorts of things come to play in the return of these lands....but there were always 'people' who called K57 talk shows talking about the fact that the return to the original land owners was now legal and that it would someday come back to haunt the government....a person from Yigo named Davis used to predict how this would happen and now it's happening.
This morning, a woman got arrested for blocking traffic to her propterty at Tiyan and she and a few family and friends came to the radio to talk about how unfairly they were being treated. During some of the talk came some angry talk about how the military should pay for everything they do here and some of the talk was ugly, reminding me of the time when Angel Santos climbed over a military fence and spit on a Marine sentry..during this climate of discontent, the military took notice and little by little, the military left, and the section 30 money dwindled and the economy dried up.
We're in a very fragile position at this juncture. We're trying to entice a Navy Carrier to be based here, we're soon to host 7,000 Marines who'll be paying their taxes here and will be shopping at our retail outlets, eating at our restaurants, renting our cars and renting our dive equipment...our position is tenuous...delicate, we can't say how we want the military then turn around and blast them the next minute.
The Navy, the Marines have nothing to do with the land at Tiyan. The agreement was between governors and FAA. Who gave back the land was the one who broke the agreement, not the military and not uncle Sam and has nothing to with the in coming Military.
The law of this land, is federal law and not government of Guam law. If Uncle Sam says it wants the land returned because a clause was not followed, then you can be assured that Uncle Sam will get back the property...regardless of how many pickups block the entrance of Tiyan. Should that happen at some time when Uncle Sam becomes involved in the discussion of the highway project, you can be assured that people will be arrested and will be sent to federal prison. Unlike GPD, the Feds don't take protests lightly.

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Usually, it's the guy running for governor that announces he's running for the office and then he advises who he's running with...........in a perfect world........hmmmm,maybe George Santos was absent during that chapter?

Yup, he sure was....absent during that chapter....cuz as reported by Marianas Variety in yesterday's paper, it seems Mr. G. Santos advised people at GCC that he was going to be the running mate of one Kaleo Moylan......way ahead of Kaleo's announcement that he was running for governor......you know, he's still got that sly, Mona Lisa smile like, I'm not sure but I'll tell you when I am...., or when the time's right....kinda like Robert Underwood and Frank Aguon, every body says they're running but the two of them.....so....was this staged so that Kaleo didn't have to say it and it's a way to have it announced? If it wasn't, will the false start upset Kaleo because it's usually announced with both parties together with supporters and champagne et cetera?
Anyway.....my rumor mill was on target.....and I still have no idea who Mr. Santos is, just that he does a lot of work for the republicrats and is a good worker ant and is good to have on your side so it seems Kaleo's picked a good running mate, even if he lets the cat out of the bag way too soon.....heard Patty Arroyo who seemed knowledgeable about the republicans that there's absolutely no way that there would be a three-way race within the republican party....so either her cousin Felix Camacho is going to bow out of the race(no, they're no way that's going to happen) or, Eddie Calvo's going to do the party a favor and sit this one out....he's a young man and there's lots of time for him to become governor down the line....what's more, he can remain a senator and become a speaker should the republicans remain its majority....anyway, Arroyo didn't say which of the two would be doing the sacrificial thing to save the party.....actually, a two way race splits the party and can easily give the votes to the democrats....one has only to review recent history....If we want a republican governor, we should run one set of candidates....two sets would divide the voters. Those that lose will jump to the democrat side and will vote democrat after the election....this is how this administration got elected.
Election will be murky either way what with the Tiyan evictions and Gill subdivisions and the problems with where we're going to put that dump....it'll be surprising if anyone's talking to anybody by November, let along listening to those phony promises the politicians will be making to get elected! Anyway, Mr. Santos, welcome to the playing field!

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February 06, 2006


The governor waited three hours at the 'leadership' summit....I'm surprised he waited that long! Actually, I'm surprised he attended!

Mar-Vic Cagurangan of the Marianas Variety reported that the gov walked out on the Legislature's 'summit' which he said 'lacks real hard issues and doesn't have a clear direction." Cagurangan also reports that he said that it would have been great and could have been successful in bringing people together if they wanted to accomplish something if it were done away from cameras and held the discussions amongst themselves.
Cagurangan interviewed Lt. Gov Moylan who didn't attend the 'summit' and suggested that the summit's goal-'to solve Guam's problems in 60 days-is an impossible mission.' In his letter to Speaker Mark Forbes, R-Sinajana, Moylan said the issues identified in the summit agenda “will require more than the remainder of the year to solve and will demand fiscal discipline in the many years ahead.”
“And while it will entail legislation that would insure that desperately needed spending controls are in place to manage limited resources, such measures will also need the patience and understanding of the community at large,” he added.
The summit, organized by Forbes, was attended by senators, cabinet officials, department and agency heads, activist leaders, and few representatives from the private sector including the business community and the media.
Forbes said the summit —which has grand agenda — aims at finding solutions to Guam’s problems in 60 days.
During the three-hour session, participants ironed out the agenda by identifying six issues that they said need to be addressed: government debts, education reforms, public safety improvement, healthcare funding, infrastructure development and decolonization and ancestral lands issue.
The governor sat through the summit for three hours, but quietly left the session hall amid the discussion on when the next summit should be held."
When I first heard about the leadership summit, I wondered what it was going to be about and who the 'leaders' were going to be....like, who was going to sit in a circle and pass around the talking stick...of course, the summit was being called for by the Speaker so I assumed he was going to be the holder of the stick and he would be the one who to assign the 'leaders' so, one leader, namely, Kaleo Moylan, opted out, and one Governor, gave him a chance, to see what this talking circle was about....but once the gov saw that all it was about was cameras and 'smoke and mirrors' and that nothing discussed was going to come to fruition within the next 60 days, he decided that he could spend his time better elsewhere. On the plus side, the Legislature can no longer say that he never ever came to their hallowed halls. On the minus side, he should have known better, what possible good, this late in the term can any summit do?
The summit would have been a wonderful idea....GOOD FOR MY PEOPLE OF GUAM, fix the pot holes, fix the broken water pipes, etc....if it had been called for the first months of this legislative term....not now, nine months before the election....who are we trying to kid?
Ya know, I usta have respect for a few of those senatos, until that time when they bin talking bout their fella senatos and their microphones were on and they were talking *hit about the other.....if they have that kinda respect for their colleagues, can ya imagine what kinda respect they have for us....the voters? We're just chopped liver to them dudes after they're sworn in?
This time, make your vote matter.....it does, it matters at GMH, GPD, GPSS, DPW, GWA, Public Health, DOC, EPA and everywhere else that your taxpayer dollars pay for!

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And sadly, the names haven't been changed to protect the innocent...

I suppose I should say that it's all 'alleged' because I wasn't there and I can't prove that it (the stories) happened, but on a daily basis, one can read the police blotter and read about children being abused and neglected. When I was growing up, children were precious, they were loved and protected. I know there were freak instances when kids were abused but it didn't happen on Guam and it certainly didn't happen in my neighborhood, or to anyone I knew. The only pinching I ever heard of was what happened in church when you didn't keep still or looked around, worse, if you were caught talking, that pinch caused a black and blue on the thigh for at least a week. But the children have become a cheap commodity. They aren't precious anymore, or so it seems. They are raped, or kidnapped and no one seems upset, it's become mundane, like today's laundry. The kid didn't go to school for a month and no one checked? Oh, okay, no problem. I'm assuming that they still do a roll call and the teacher realizes that she doesn't have 33 kids in her class four or five days in a row and that she should ask if the kid fell off the world or something...right? Not sure since the MV reporter didn't say how it came about that the teacher went to the student's home....although she sure remembered to describe how it smelled, et cetera!
So, the family's last name is obviously not Cruz or Santos or Guerrero...if they had a down payment, they'd probably be living at the Gill Baza sub-division...who knows, maybe they used to live there...whatever, the adults probably can't find jobs, can't pay rent and are taking their frustrations out on their children....and CPS will keep the children hoping that the parents will do all of the above so that they can re-unite the family....so that the cycle can begin all over again....shave a zebra and those damned stripes come back every darn time!
Then there's the other story about the 25 year old man hooligan who comes to his parents' (freeloader that he is, still living at home, shame, shame, most at his age should either be paying rent or living some place else)home and causes problems because there's no tea to drink....imagine that, henry, there's no tea for the little prince to drink! His father had to take the dude outside to calm junior down...well, you guessed it, the cops were called and the dysfunctional family will be known by all because their names will appear in the police blotter.....because there was no tea to drink for the selfish little freeloader.....
The last name of the tea drinkers could be 'native' to the island, dysfunction is an equal opportunist......and I include the MV article for your perusal so you don't think that I made up the story....
"By Gina Tabonares
Variety News Staff

A32-year-old mother was left with no choice but to give up her three children to the government’s child protection services after she was found neglecting and abusing them.
Marinta Sop of Maite was charged with family violence, assault and two counts of child abuse after her daughter was seen in school with bruises on her arms, abrasions to her face, sores on her facial and knee area and swelling to her right wrist.
The child abuse case was discovered when school authorities asked the police department to investigate the minor’s status after the girl failed to go to school for a month.
Maryann Echon, a teacher, told investigators that she had gone to the home of Sop and the mother admitted that she hit her daughter.
Police recruit H.M. Matsumoto went to the child’s home where an unclothed male toddler met him.
The officer noted that the apartment had a foul stench and there were flies everywhere in the Sop residence.
When the officer met Sop’s daughter, he observed bruises and abrasions on the minor’s face and arms. The girl indicated that her mother hit her.
After determining that the children are at risk with their mother, child protection services officers took all the minors under their custody.
Man nabbed
for family violence
In other news, the father of a 25-year-old Tamuning resident was forced to call the police after his son became violent upon learning that there was no tea to drink.
According to Serafin Monte Mafnas, his son Joshua began yelling profanities and vulgarities at his mother and the rest of his family.
The father took his son outside their house to calm him down. The father locked the door when Joshua Mafnas remained violent.
At this juncture, Joshua Mafnas began banging and kicking the door and broke the glass of their window to gain entry.
When Joshua Mafnas was able to enter the house, he attempted to strike his younger brother, took some keys and left the house.
The father added that his son also smashed the windshield of his pickup truck.
The son was charged with family violence, assault and criminal mischief, all misdemeanors. "

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February 04, 2006


If he were around and Sabrina Matanane interviewed him about his shares at Gill Baza Mess: "Comprehensive responsibility, of course. And that's why I said to Francis, "This needs to be taken care of, take care of it immediately, regardless of the cost."

Honest to goodness, I has mesmerized, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.....I was sure he must've practiced before a mirror a few times so that he could get the eyes and smiles and answers down just right. Sabrina Matanane of KUAM was asking Jesse Lujan about his shares at Gill Baza sub-division and its problems et cetera and he did everything except get up and dance around the answers. He used big and little words to get around the answers. He said he 'told Francis' to take care of the problem....funny, he's the vice president who supposedly only owns 10% of the company but he's 'telling' the big guy to fix things? Gads, he was gutsy in how he spoke.
The interview is on KUAM's website so I won't bore you with the details but have to say that you missed the drama if you didn't see the Judas act between the senator and Sabrina. There was absolutely no shame or twitching or blushing about anything that he might've done to harm these poor people who put down money only to be fooled because there was no sewer and now they are in a bind. It was as if it was just another day and he was invited to fly a kite somewhere in Asan with the big boys. When the interview was over, I had to shake my head....the people that would vote for this man aren't those that watch the news, they are those who own property near where the dump is going to be placed in the south, the place Lujan is going to make noice about and they will be the one, they the grassroots, will be those that will help him get re-elected....there are more of them than those who read this or watch Sabrina or read the PDN or listen to Travis Coffman.
I wonder how many lots he has in the other Gill subdivision, Gill Breezes..............I understand that too has its share of problems! Some people are known for their Midas touch........others are known for leaving *hit where ever they go!

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Maybe we hated Doug Moylan so much we couldn't see past him to see that the building he was telling us we should buy was a good deal for the taxpayers....whatever the reason....we lost out....and for years to come, our hatred for the man will cost us big bucks!

Hubby and I have never gone to a rosary or brunch or lunch or dinner without bumping into people who bring up the subject of the AG. For every one person that has anything kind to say about the man, there are 8 that have nothing but hateful things to say about him. It's almost as if they were talking about Hitler or Stalin or some other evil being that they want to crush. I've never seen anything like this and wonder late into the night why these people have such feelings about the man. People hate him because he washes four cars every day, because he supposedly lets his mother do his decorating in both his office and in his home and on and on and on. I must be nuts because I think it's pretty nice that his mother is around and is healthy enough to do this for him, maybe this is a way she shows him she cares, certainly it's no big deal. I remember a senator who had a fresh rose on his desk each day sent to him from his wife. This was a way she said 'I love you' to him....what is the difference between this woman and the mother? Washing four cars perhaps allows the man the same exercize as going to a fitness center....who cares?
The problem is that people aren't bothered by letting their hatred surface in public. They call talk shows and rant and rave about the man. They make fun of him and if he's really that rotten(Doug), then the very people saying so, have stooped to his level. It's really ugly what we've become, uglier even, the example we're setting for our children. But that's not what this opinion is about....more, it's about our stupidity over the Pedro's Plaza Building that we could have, should have purchased.....didn't purchase.
I listened to Ray Tenorio when he was on somebody's show on K57 last week and he meekly(he's been meek ever since he and Mark Forbes got caught talking *hit about their fellow senators on an open mike some months back)-too bad you can't unspeak words, huh?) said that it takes time to check how sturdy that 'old' building was, etc....it was a flat out excuse which meant in English, 'we're not going to buy it, Doug, don't raise your hopes'. He said some other things that were garbled or muffled that also led one to believe that the deal was dead in the water...or dead period.....blaming the building not being stable, or sturdy, or something. Well, some entity's going to buy the building and is going to keep the AG paying that neat little price of $54K+ per month in the shabby non-sturdy 9 floor building for however long we need an office and guess who's going to lose? You-n-me...........and why? Because there are a few Doug haters in the legislature that will do anything than agree with what he has to say........if there was a typhoon coming and Dough declared it condition 1.....the legislature would go surfing, that's just how smart they are when it comes to Doug Moylan and what he has to say...
It's really sad that we aren't going to get that building, three million dollars is a steal for such a building, we'll never again get such a bargain. In a matter of six or so years, the AG could have paid for the building. And there was really no guarantee that the AG was going to be Doug since he has to campaign to be re-elected, juat as the dummies in the legislature have to be. Thankfully, most of them won't be!
Don't be disappointed about the building, Doug, you didn't lose, the people of Guam did....Big Time!

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February 03, 2006


PACIFIC: US Carrier decision to be purely military..

>> PACIFIC: US Carrier decision to be purely military
Politicians from Guam and Hawaii who are lobbying hard to have a US Navy carrier based in their jurisdictions could be wasting their time. The US Navy is transferring a carrier battle group from the Atlantic to the Pacific soon, and the potential economic benefits of hosting such a large number of military personnel can be very large. That has seen political leaders from the region lobbying Washington intensely, in a bid of influencing the final outcome in their favour. But the Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Gary Roughead, says the decision on where the carrier battle group will be home-ported is a purely military one.

>> PACIFIC: Urgent action needed to minimize climate impact

Urgent action is needed to reduce the impact severe climate events in
the Pacific, according to a report released on Thursday by the World
Bank. The World Bank's recent report says it would be far more
cost-effective to invest in measures to prevent or minimise damage
brought about by climate change, rather than wait for emergency aid
after a major event. The report's 14 international expert authors call
on national governments, donors and regional organisations to work
together more closely on damage prevention measures.


If you want more information you can get more by going to: http://www.abc.net.au/ra/pacbeat/

Thanks to the reader that sends us infofmation from the site from time to time. She's also the one who gave us the eye opener about the Clark county coming to Guam to advertise for teachers. She's got very sharp eyes for such things.

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February 01, 2006


I only wrote about it on the 29th of January.....it's history, but what the heck, at least they're covering it....finally!!!

In defense of Oyaol Ngirairikl, I didn't have the comparative salaries and benefits, but did have the gist of the story.....Clark County needs teachers and we seem to have many.....unhappy teachers that are looking for better feeding grounds and they seem to know that....so they're here with the carrot....
PDN says that there's a $3K higher starting salary and that they're offering a $2K sigh-up salaries and are opening up 10 schools in August. PDN compares salaries at GPSS base at $26.197 with bebbies at $35,197, DODEA at $35,917, not indicating the bennies, Clark Countie reporting a $29,133 base and $40,291 bennies.
So, with the $2K sigh-up fee and the $3k difference in start-up, there's a real good reason to think about leaving the broken school system and go somewhere to earn better money, and I wouldn't blame anyone from doing that, but what would happen to our poor children if that happened?
I see that Senator BJ Cruz wants to give all teachers a $10K increase, perhaps to keep the teachers here....teaching. Unfortunately, he should have introduced this idea/bill earlier on....instead of at this late date. Introducing this now makes it look like a way to buy votes. It also comes at a time when the government has zero dollars. The timing stinks.....I think that the amoung is a bit extreme. I'm sure that raises are due but that they're not necessarily $10K across the board.
Whatever, the teachers need a raise as do our nurses, as do our firemen as do our cops. We can't live without these people. We can give the teaches their raises by cutting the salaries of those who are employed at the central office, we can give the nurses their increases by cutting the salaries of those working in the 'front-Adelup/executive/hospital offices, likewise fire and police officers from their civilian clerks who are found to make more than the officers that are on the streets putting their lives on the line.
We have too many secretaries and PIO people making more money than those who save lives, it's time we reversed salaries.

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But.....he's already said there's no conflict of interest....

K57 talked about it most of the day PDN carried the the editorial about senator Jesse Anderson Lujan stepping down due to his conflict of interest...that being a senator asking for the roads to be repaired on a peice of property he owns that he supposedly maded one and a half million dollars on during the last couple of years....in fact, the dear heart and very generous with your money(if you're a taxpayer and you're reading this), senator Lujan wrote, on his legislative stationary, a requesting DPW(your company) to fix the roads to his slum sub-division in Yigo....then when a vote in the circus came about to fix the roads for almost a million dollars, he voted 'yes' on the vote....which of course, would enhance the value of his property and would increase the value of the un-sold property.
In interviews with Steve Limtiaco, Lujan said that he was not in a conflict of of interest because he was only helping people who needed help.....yep, people helping people....helping the ghetto he built, and helping himself! Yep, no conflict, can't figure out how anyone couldn't figure that out! He's in it for the money....if he gets money while the people are getting help....there's no conflict....that's just plain clever maneuvering....no conflict....clever, clever man, no wonder he has that thinking man pose in his campaign ads! Now we know why....he's always thinking how he can enrich himself on our dime!
So PDN.....you wasted your time on the editoria.....he ain't gonna step down.....ain't no shame gonna come from that man....he had no shame when he was reminded of the days he supposedly claimed he was a thorasic(or was it Jurasic) surgeon....so why do we think he's gonna buckle down with a ghetto project that he's made big bucks from......sadly, he'll probably get re-elected....and do you know why? Cuz he's got many, many friends in the south, he knows the chief of the Clan Grassroots, claiming to be working on putting a stop on the creation of the dump there.......if you don't believe me, just ask my friends who listen to the PL morning show!
Either way.......the dude ain't gonna step down!!! No way Jose....I mean, Jesse!

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