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March 30, 2006


If I saw the writing on the wall and knew I was going to be booted out anyway, I think I'd save the government the money, save my family the embarrassment....and resign....but...

I've been thinking about the Talofofo mayor and the fact that the villagers want to oust him from his job because of some personal things that he did that didn't meet with their approval.(As if they-the villagers- were perfect and were without fault!!!) We're all sinners and we're all stained in one way or another, but the commissioner was elected and there's a part of the law that dictates that if so many people sign a petition, there can be a recall and can boot him out of his position...there are enough signatures so it's a go and the vote will happen this September and he's sure to be ousted-if all those who signed the petition vote to oust him.
The commissioner can go to the election commission and see who signed the petition and see if he can't change those people's minds....or, he can save the taxpayer's money....all $46K plus dollars and resign, saving himself, his family and his new SO embarrassment....
It's such an odd thing for the village to be so righteous on this matter considering the morals of this day and age. I'm sure that the stats for teen pregnancy in Talofofo is as high as in other villages, the drug problems, shacking up, etc as high, et cetera, et cetera.....it seems so hypocritical to call the commissioner on his morals when the very morals of those signing the petition are in question as well...but hey, they aren't an elected official, so I guess it's okay if they do it, but don't want the commish to do it...'do as I say, not as I do!'.
It'll be interesting to see if the villagers (most of those that call the afternoon talk shows are mostly men-totally hypocrites---bet you can see their cars at various massage parlors and whine and whine about the commish) oust the 'sinner' out of his office.
You can be sure that nothing will happen to the others that hold high positions that have wives and two or three significant others....gosh, talk to a few people and you might hear them say that it's part of the culture...so, we're just selective about who we want to be 'cultured'!

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An invite...cut and paste style

Hafa Adai!

I am Doris Maanao Aguon from Yona, Guam who is extending an invitation
and voter information to Chamoru's residing in the mainland.
I invite you to visit our website:

I am pleased to announce Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot
information may be obtained thru the website:

Office Location: (GCIC: 2nd. Floor/ Room #200)
Guam Election Commission
414 W. Soledad Avenue, Hagatna
Tel: (671) 477-9791/ 2 Fax: 477-1895

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box BG, Hagatna, Guam 96932

Date of Primary Election: Saturday, September 2, 2006

Date of General Election: Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Team Guam '2006

Si Yu'us Ma'ase,

Doris Maanao Aguon
(671) 483-9776 "

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March 23, 2006


Alas! Who do you predict will win?

So, at lunch today, there was a lively discussion about who we thought would be victorious at the gubernatorial primary this September, taking into consideration the release of Patient A, of course, darn, would this have come into the picture if it wasn't released before the prayer to the great Oracle? After careful consideration, and blind vote, we came up with the Republicrat team of Kaleo/Santos and Underwood/Aguon.
I gasped a bit surprised. There's hardly been any media advertisement from the UA team. I was quite surprised that they would win over the very charismatic Guiterrez who's pretty adored by the grass root voters. After a long discussion, my friends said that the republicrats would be easy to beat and that Mr. Aguon had enough charm to balance what Underwood lacks and that he has enough grass root connections in the south and that the great prediction for the next passenger of the black Ford Expedition is going to be one Robert A. Underwood.
So, it only cost $9.90 plus a little tip for lunch a little peek at what may be(or not) the next team that leads us out of the rut we're in.(or not!)
As the song goes, "Who can say
Where the road goes
Where the day flows
- Only time "

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One has to wonder why it took such a long time to release the information.

Talk about the release of the sealed information on Patient A and the Dr. Davina Lujan's case with Uncle Fed fills the talk shows this afternoon. The vernacular says their listeners shouldn't listen to the white people at the other station. Actually, I'm wondering why since the white guy is actually asking why it took such a long time for such a release of information and if the release of same has something to do with the running of Patient A for re-election for head at Adelup. If one listened closely, one would realize that the white man was actually on Patient A's side, asking why about the timing of the release, but then I've never understood the logic of those activists at the vernacular station and the Debbie lady....but I too, wonder about the timing of the release about the info of Patient A and the percoset prescriptions.

I can't, for the life of me, understand why Patient A couldn't have just gone to the doctor for the medication if he was in real pain. If he has the back pain as he is said to suffer from. He could have saved his brother-in-law and the good Dr. Davina Lujan their careers if he had just gone to them on a monthly basis for visits and follow-ups and gotten the prescriptions the way most people in pain do.

So, the pretty doctor takes the fall and pays the price for the favors of having been named the head of the island hospital...was that the price she paid for the career she lost?

Will the release of the information make any difference on the re-election of Patient A and his run for Adelup? Personally? I don't think so. He's got a lot of charisma and he's done a heck of a lot for the masses, the grass roots and there are a heck of a lot of them. They have long memories and they'll vote for him out of loyalty. He'll be hard to overcome this election...release or no...he's still the one!

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May he rest in peace. His survivors will surely won't. Who's at fault, here? Change the drinking age? YES!

I usually count to ten before I write about an issue that burns me up. The death of that sixteen-year old lad caused me to count much further than ten! What were they serving at the party the boy and his brother attended? Why wasn't anyone watching to see if he wasn't sneaking a drink, or two? Boys in their teens have that 'macho' need to drink, to show off, to be 'one of the boys'. He was probably showing his older brother that he could drink and hold his own. If I were the 21-yr. old brother, I'd deny that I knew anything about little brother drinking. Heck, I'd deny it to my grave. I'd even deny that I smelled liquor on his breath. If he(the brother) was drunk, or drinking, he couldn't smell liquor on anyone's breath because he couldn't smell any further than his own breath, duh! All the dumb questions one asks after a tragedy.
I see Dr. Tom Shieh's face on television as I write these words. Change the drinking age. The family's picture on the front page of the Pacific Daily News should be on the poster board for the changing of the drinking age Bill. This needless death and destruction of that family's life is the very reason that the drinking age should be changed. It would be a start for people to realize that the culture of this island be carefully reviewed, that it's not a 'compliment' for a beer company to create a canvas to hang over the homeowner's garage announcing a birthday, wedding, Christening celebration, touting lots and lots of Bud or Miller Beer. What an embarrassment if the party where this young boy attended had a celebratory canvas touting the beer and he died because he drank too much of the stuff!
It would be foolish of me to say that this boy just drank because he thought it was the macho thing to do. There are many more causes and there isn't enough time or bandwidth to go into the whys one does such things at such an early age, suffice it to say, perhaps as parents, we should take the time to listen to our teenagers, to the things that bother them, and to give them love and affection. They appear as if they don't need or want it, but as human beings, we all need that hug, that reinforcement, that acknowledgment that we matter. It may be too late for this boy, but don't let it be too late for your child. Don't let a sun set without telling your children that you love and care for them. You may get a call in the middle of the night and be told that they dead, 'I love you' forever locked in your throat.

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The waste still falls on the northern drinking water...

What then was the rush to evict them two months ago? What was the reason for the threats to evict those people in the two subdivions? All for nothing but public display? For rattling their cages? For nights on end, all we saw were the anxious faces of those poor people waiting for the other shoe to fall. Everybody who was anybody threatened to shoo them out of their homes because they didn't have hook ups to the sewer system, or proper septic tanks.....they still don't...and miracle of miracles something happened and now they breathe a sigh of relief because they have a stay as reported by KUAM news last night and I quote:"a request for progressive compliance". It gives the residents until April 4 to get portable toilets and contracts for servicing them. Then the residents have until April 25 to begin to remove noncompliant commodes and submit plans for construction of the sewer line and gray water disposal. The community still needs help from engineers in designing a gray water removal system, one that removes wastewater besides toilet water (i.e., dish, shower and laundry water). Construction on the gray water removal system needs to begin on May 10 and be completed by June 29 to comply with the EPA's letter. Compliance will earn residents a sixty-five day extension to stay in their homes, but non-compliance will earn them fines accruing daily starting April 5. Another Government of Guam entity interested in the state of Gill-Baza's lack of infrastructure is the Consolidated Commission on Utilities. CCU chairman Simon Sanchez says the members in private executive session last night to become privy to the consent decree and potential litigation by the Attorney General, the Department of Public Works and the Guam EPA against subdivider Cyfred. Sablan referred to this offer "progressive compliance".

In the meantime....continue drinking your bottled water, it may be sometime before we can be sure that those people really comply with this progressive thingy they say they're gonna do while they become compliant with whatever it is they're gonna do to become stop waste in to contaminating our drinking water in the north. So much for rattling cages! Sigh!

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March 18, 2006


Par for the course and I don't mean the one with 18 holes!

KUAM's Samantha Lynott reported last night that the National Family Caregiver Support Program in coollaboration with the division of senior citizens will be celebrating those who have reached a hundred years of age. It'll be a small party, to be sure, but there'll be tons of family who'll tag along pretending that they're taking good care of Tan Lole and Tun Jose. According to Lynott, there will be a proclamation signing(sigh, another proclamation) designating a month for these centenarians....and as you've probably guessed, the agency of Senior Citizens is asking the public to come up with those who have reached the age of a hundred...you can give the information to any of the twelve senior centers around the island or to the department of Public Health in Mangilao.

Oh.........and while you're at it, the agency is also seeking food and drink sponsors for the party..................like........we're throwing a party.....and, you're invited and if you want to drink, better bring your favorite brew and if you want to eat, better bring your favorite food.......how's that for celebrating those who have lived long enough to reach the age of 100! Good thing most of them are in their second childhood and don't know the difference, huh?

Unfortunately, these people will probably be given a party and every one will make a big deal over them for a few hours then they'll be shoved back into some hell hole where they'll get minimal care, bed sores and very limited affection and or attention. If you don't believe me, take a trip to St. Dominics and ask the nuns how frequently the families visit the fifty or so clients there....then think about your own mortality and wonder who'll be there when you get old and useless and some dumb organization wants to throw you a party because you've reached a hundred and they'll have to ask for food and drinks in order to throw that party.
Perhaps you could change your karma by visiting those fifty people at St.Dominics and seeing to their needs. Quite basic, actually, socks, tee-shirts, lotion, baby oil, fruits maybe some old magazines and videos, working radio and things that need to be repaired. If you own a hotel, you can give away your old blankets, sheets and the like..otherwise, you can picture yourself all alone one day, sitting in a wheelchair watching the sunset....waiting for some dumb organization to recognize that you've reached the age of 100!

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March 16, 2006


Haters eventually cause good things to end.

Here's what Marianas Variety had to say about the reason we can no longer read the thoughts and opinions of some good posts on K57's message board: "By Mar-Vic Cagurangan
Variety News Staff

Sorensen Pacific Broadcasting on Tuesday shut down the Newstalk K57 message board, citing “concerns over liability exposure caused by statements made in message posts and topic threads.”
The K57 message board has served as Guam residents’ online forum for discussion and debates on political issues and other current events but some registered users have turned it into a venue for political attacks.
“It’s a politically charged message board with some members probably having a political background,” said Ray Gibson, host of the morning Breakfast Show.
In a letter to the editor published in Variety’s March 14 issue, Dededo resident Billy Lee complained about a March 9 entry, which he said was loaded with racial slurs.
Lee was referring to a posted comment suggesting that donations to any Filipino organizations “will result in the money being scammed, stolen, ripped off.”
“As a news talk station we obviously support the rights of residents to express themselves. But some members took advantage of the anonymity the Internet provides to say some reckless things,” Gibson said.
“We decided that we did not want to be associated in any way with those statements and the people who made them. Any benefits we derived from the message board were simply not worth endangering our reputation as responsible members of the media,” he added.
Gibson said the network’s decision to discontinue the chat room “was based on a series of discussions to evaluate the message board.”
“While we considered it useful in terms of gauging the relative popularity of our islands many topics, we simply weren’t satisfied that it was worth the constant moderation, editing and scrutiny it required to keep it up to our standards of acceptability,” Gibson said. "

I remember the days when Charo had an open forum. I had to be up most of the time just to read what was being said about others so that I could delete the posts. I finally decided that there wasn't enough valium to keep the angst away and decided that there were more haters than there were good thoughts and so with a sad heart, decided to close the page. I see that K57 decided to do likewise. Now where will we go for our rumor fix?

Isn't it funny (as in odd) that it was news worthy enough to make it a story on M. Variety? I really like that paper....more and more, there's more local news in that paper than the one that's printed here.

Anyway K57, it was fun while it lasted........I shall miss the page but I won't miss the haters and their sarcastic/cynical posts. It's too bad that they don't realize there's help for their mental condition and some pretty decent drugs for their attitude.

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March 10, 2006


Kinda interesting where he talk meanders.

I heard Romeo Carlos for the first time last Friday. He didn't yell in my ears which I thought was cool. He didn't try to convince me to think the way he did...I thought that was cool too. He seemed to know about local politics, mostly democrat-oriented, but that was also cool. I thought, cool, I could listen to the guy must especially since he didn't insult or argue with the callers. Yesterday, he sat in for the afternoon show host who was away on assignment. He had democrat guests, I don't know if Ron McNinch was supposed to be a referee but thought he could have invited a republican to 'balance' the discussion, but hey, that's not my show...nor my call. He did, however, ask the questions why the senators why they thought the former governor should be re-elected. I had company and wasn't able to hear the rest of the show.
This morning, I heard my favorite caller, Flora call Ray Gibson's show to publicly apologize to Mr. Carlos because she called to say something to him. This morning, I also heard Mr. Carlos mention Marissa Eusebio's name for doing a story on him and not getting the facts straight, as well as some other stuff that seems to be going on on the K57 webpage that's really a petty place where petty people write petty things.
I hated to hear Mr. Carlos being reduced to a person using his time on K57 to get even with all those people who may have said or reported untruths about him. If they were untrue, his goodness will prove the naysayers. But to try to whitewash your character and try to right every wrong anyone's said about you on the radio will just bring you down to the level of the people that have told the lies about you. Mr. Carlos you need to rise above the naysayers. You need to take the high road. I think you have a lot of good ideas and you're perfect for getting your thoughts across to the listeners. I think you can make a difference to those who listen. I think you are the kind of talk show host who can stimulate the thoughts of the listener. Don't waste your time by those people who didn't appreciate or see your greatness, mentioning them only causes us to think that you have come to K57 with flaws. I'd like to think that you don't. To think that you are bothered by a rookie reporter is crazy and not worth a moment's thought, certaintly not worth mentioning on the air.
May I suggest a few women who make things happen on Guam that deserve your praise? Lillian Posadas at GMH, Jennifer Rosario at GMH, Doctor Annie Bordallo, Dr. Ellen Bez, Dr. Rosie Villagomez-Palisson, Sister Cabrini Taitano,(President of the Sisters of Mercy) Dr. Jitka Lom, Dr. Anita San Nicolas of Take Care Eye Care, Cerila Rapadas of Catholic Social Service(the counter part of the Salvation Army)these are just a few of the quiet army of women who don't make the news on a daily basis but touch lives and make a difference. I wish I had the space to name them all because there are more women out there than just the Rlenes and the people that do things that make the news. But...I agree 100% with you on Jayne Flores! She shoots from the heart and hits on target every time.
Welcome to the uncharted territory of talk radio, Romeo!

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Lady needs help...

Cut and pasted: "


I am Doris Maanao Aguon from Yona, Guam who is soliciting your favorable
assistance in putting me in contact with your Chamoru Club President's
there in
the mainland.

I will be sending out information; Register to Vote and Absentee Ballot
for this up-coming election.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Doris Maanao Aguon
(671) 483-9776"

She didn't say which Chamoru Club she was interested in but copied Annabelle Cruz and Pete Cepeda Jr. Hope she gets the help she needs.

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March 07, 2006


One child was desperate..and..fool-hardy....and he's dead...his pal was lucky. Will your child be as lucky as the pal that dodged death?

I don't know how far back the posts are archived but I wrote about the 'huffing' not so very long ago. I had to laugh at myself because I wasn't aware of these mind altering chemicals that came from white-out, nail polish and stuff that beings use on a daily basis. I can't remember the last time I used butane. I don't think I even know where to buy it. I'm sure hubby does, but then he'd be the one to buy that sort of thing. Nail polish and white out, glue and stuff I know the source, although I'm not one to snort the stuff since I do a lot of gardening and polish just isn't in the cards for these nails and since the computers, nor is white out! But the stuff at my house isn't important. There aren't any children here anymore. The two babies are in the states and friends rarely bring little ones to visit so there's no way that they could find anything to sniff or huff that would give them a 'high' or death.
When the children were growing up, hubby and I used to worry about them visiting their friends' home. We worried that their friends' parents owned a gun and that they would find it and get shot by accident. I worried about it from the time they were in kindergarten until the two were in high-school. These days, one has to worry about such things as butane and things in aerosol cans or ice-making supplies. You have to worry about the state of that friend's mind if he comes from a dysfunctional family, if he'd take the keys to the family car and go joy-riding and crash into something, killing himself and your child. Life is so much more fragile these days than it was when my generation was raising children. I'd like to think that there were more values and that our rules were more strict and that when we said 'no', it meant just that.
I don't know if I could have survived the death of my child because he 'huffed' butane. I would feel the guilt for the rest of my entire life. I'm sure my friend and counselors would say that it wasn't my fault and that it wasn't my 'choice' to 'huff' and that my child didn't know better....but I have to think that if things were 'right' at home, if I was there for my child, if I had an open and good dialog with my child/ren, that we would have/could have discussed mechanisms to solve life's problems that happen when hormones go crazy during teen times.
Did this boy have parents that gave his the time to listen to his problems? Were they there to support him? Or did they just treat him like the boy that was good for taking out the garbage, feeding the animals, cleaning his room, doing his homework and other household chores. Was he ever seated at the dinner table with the family where his day was shared? Days when he could talk about his friends and the fun/or not so fun things happened, or where he could share the things that worried or bothered him? These are very important things in a boy/or girl. It's a time when they need a sounding board, when they can be told how proud the parent is for the job they are doing, even if it's just for being a loving child. There is always something positive that you can find to praise to raise your child's esteem and if you did this several times a week, he/she would never need to escape into breathing butane or anyother mind-altering chemical.
I know that no one can go to the family of that 14-yr-old....but one can wonder....when the last time the parents of that child put their arms around that boy and gave him a big and strong hug and praised him and told him that they loved him. I wonder as I write this what their last words were to this boy that lived on the edge of the world and jumped off as he inhaled those poisonous vapors.
As I write this, GPSS fights about Direct Instruction and other curriculum data...somewhere in this fight, I hope they find the time to include from the youngest students up...the lessons that life is very fragile and that sniffing these things can cause your death and that causing your death is against God's law. But they probably won't because no one seems to want to talk about God these days.
My heart cries for the parents of the fourteen year old. I can't imagine the pain they must be going through. I hope his death is not in vain and that we use his death as a lesson and that parents take better care of their children...

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March 04, 2006


Who'll watch'em now?

There was a lotta hoopla about the cameras and listening equipment at the airport towards the end of this week. Everybody that's anybody didn't want to lay claim to knowing anything about it....like.....the last head tenant didn't know anything about it and the new head tenant doesn't know anything about it and the dude at TSA either doesn't know anything about it or he tells tall tales.....either way, the equipment was 'live' as in 'hooked up' when it was being dismantled.
I'm sure that the there were listeners and watchers at the other end and that 'someone' knows who they are but the timing thingy isn't right at this juncture....gads, with the toxins and stuff going on at Tiyan, there's just too much to handle with the press and all and I note that the lady with the long name hasn't been calling the talk shows with the answers to the various questions lately, just the man with the twenty-five cent words.
I'm thinking that the cameras and listening device were trained and aimed at the customs area because not so many years ago, there were some sticky fingered custom officers who were removing things that weren't theres from tourist handbags.......okay.....go back to your files, PDN, it's all there...and....it happened several times....so it's really likely that the camera/listening device were placed there to make sure that the custom guys/gals were not tempted to grab what wasn't theirs.......period....and years later.....the cure for what ailed the division was discovered.........and now that it's been removed.....you can probably predict that in the not too distant future, we'll be hearing about tourists missing their favorite yen/won, digital cameras, et cetera.........but then......I could be wrong........there's hope, no?

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