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May 24, 2006


The dude gets to keep his job!

The other day, I had a quiet conversation at the airport while waiting for hubby's flight. A teenager was waiting for his flight to take him to some wrestling match. We were talking about the DUI arrest of the utility czar. I asked what he thought about it. He said that since he was in sports he didn't drink and was afraid of being hit by a drunk every time he got into his car. He told me that the teenagers were always blamed for drinking and driving and that though he agreed alcohol would hurt their brain and that they should prolong drinking as long as possible, that drinking was really a problem with adults. He said that it was really ugly to have the man who managed the power and water company to be arrested twice within a year of being drunk and fighting in a bar because it not only gave a bad example for those working for him but gives a bad example to teens. He said that when he and his friends meet that they talk about the fact that there aren't many good men role models for teens to look up to.
He talked about how people don't seem to care about cheating on their wives or stealing from the government or doing drugs. He brought up the story about the two men who were caught smoking dope at the Chinese park, one of them a reporter for the Stars and Stripes. He said that we live in an island where 'anything goes'.
I looked at the boy who was all dressed up to go and wrestle his heart out in some new place. He really wasn't a 'boy', he had the mind of a man. I pray that he'll grow up and want to run for some elected office, and remember that we need a government that doesn't stand for a system that allows for 'anything going'....I pray that he doesn't hop on an airplane and go away like others have done when they get tired of the 'anything goes' system.
Before the boy left, I asked if he thought the utility board would keep the twice arrested employee or if he thought he'd be terminated. The boy smiled, "Ma'am, you know the answer to that question. He's going to keep his job. I'm sure he's friends with everybody on the board, right?"
I was surprised that he knew there was a utility board. "You know there's a board?"
"Yes, Ma'am, my friend's father's on the board."
Whatever the reason.....we all knew there would be no termination....that just wasn't in the cards! It would have had to be a DUI with injury!

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May 21, 2006


Talofofo Mayor keeps job!

There weren't enough naysayers to boot the mayor of Talofofo out of his job. You can read the highlights of the expensive attempt to boot him out of office on KUAM's webpage or in today's on-line webpage of the PDN.
I don't think that the rest of the man's term of office will be without problems, though, since those that voted to have him evicted from office will make his job very difficult.
The process was the first time to recall any elected official ever happened on Guam and was an expensive one. There were many that called K57 talk show hosts to support the good work that the mayor did for the village.

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Cool down time for the czar of utilities...but who cares, he'll keep his job, he's got friends in high places!

Well....the front page of today's birdcage liner announced that the utility czar is arrested for DUI(alleged/again) on a Friday, one would think that himself would be in the klink for the weekend....but don't hold your breath...the dude has friends in high places...three day weekends are only for dudes/dudettes who don't have friends...they shoot guns in their back yards...they stay in jail....they DUI again on weekends, they stay put until Monday....
But the question isn't about having friends, it's more about the example our highly paid people give to the public, to people who work for them...people who drive vehicles of these utilities who themselves are arrested for DUIs....how many times do they have to be arrested before we say it's enough? Three?
I wonder what Dr. Tom Shieh thinks of alcohol and utility czars an examples for the youngsters just getting out of high schools...after all, he and other groups are trying to get the drinking age to change from 18 to 21....wow....I wonder what the youngsters think when they read that a person who makes over $100K is arrested twice for DUI and gets to keep his job. Does he or she put that bit of information in some secret part of his/er brain and sometime down the line of life play it back and drive after six or seven drinks? This time plowing their SUV on to a family and killing one or all of them? Do we not demand more from our officials?
Not many weeks ago, a Congressman drove while on a sleep medication and some other drug in DC. He admittedhe was addicted to pain medication. It was said he was also at a bar drinking before his accident in DC. He went to the Mayo Clinic for some rehab work for his problem, perhaps our czar should consider doing likewise, if not for himself, for those that share the roadways after he's had 'a few'.
I think that if the man was working in the privat sector and made the front page of a newspaper....twice.....he probably wouldn't be working there.......but government of Guam has some very wierd rules, they find all kinds of reasons to keep their employees on the payroll.

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May 18, 2006


I suggest the other candidates learn a few Tagalog words.....

Me thinks the last of the gubernatorial candidates picked up their candidate packets from the election commission yesterday.....me also thinks that that team is gonna give the other three the biggest fight of their political lives, certainly the most expensive in the media because they're going to have to spend some really big bucks to reach more people to off set those thousands of grassroot voters that follow the 'sunshine' as those that followed pied piper....on a really, really, really hot afternoon, a throng of people followed Carl and BJ and waved and waved and waved to anyone who wanted to listen to how Carl and BJ would bring back a government for the people. Carl said on t.v. last night that things hadn't gotten better since he left office and that he'd leave the day to day operation of government to the former judge and senator to handle and he'd travel far and wide(my words, of course) to bring new money and new ideas to grow the economy.
Of course, one wouldn't really have to do this because with the Marines coming, the construction coming before them, there's plenty of moolah coming before them and the economy will come all on its own which should pull us out of stagnation-economically, the only thing needed is help for the water and power...which, if the DOD has anything to do with the move, will help with same....and we'll be sitting pretty.
But.....the wave and the humanity that followed the charismatic Carl yesterday said much about the coming election.....Mr. Gutierrez is going to be one tough candidate to beat. He's got the Filipino vote...and did you note the Tagalog blurb in the speech on the tube? I think the other three candidates better learn a few handy phrases and it better be more than the usual, 'salamat po', that ain't gonna be enough to get the foot in the door...or, keep it there!
The race for Adelup is on........and one team seems to be half way there and it ain't the one that's already there.......

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May 14, 2006


Elected board now stands for GWA water over bottled water!

One always has to watch t.v. news, if not for being better informed about what's happening, then for pure entertainment....the people in the news, entertaining the audience. Last night's news was pure entertainment for hubby and me!!! Nearly choked on the BBQ as we watched mouth-breather board chair of GPSS elected officio defending yellow rust water coming out of semi-working water fountains in GPSS schools being better than bottled water being brought in by students.
Mr. MBreather actually stood before parents who he appeared to be convinced to know better than....and told them that the water from the taps were actually more pure than the water from the bottle. He didn't specify which bottles so I'm assuming that he meant ALL bottles. WOW! I'm thinking that Aquafina, Evian and other off-island brands will be happy to know that they've been included with the others that are locally bottled, which I'm assuming Mr. MB's talking about, which if I were Pepsi or Foremost would ask Mr. MB how he got his information about the impurities of same and get him to retract the idea, etc., because now I'm doubting that the water's no better than that which I use to water the plants with. Either way, Mr. Mouth Breather was quite entertaining with his lack of knowledge on the island water and how his team of elected banditos are handling the bomb-making student problem in the schools.
If you want to make sure the students are bringing in real water or real drinks and not drinks that have been altered and can cause harm as in bombs...then have someone at all entrances that can check to see if these drinks are still sealed. If the seal is broken, then make the student take the unsealed drink to a garbage container and throw it away. If it contains a bomb, then it will explode with the rest of the garbage, that being better than in some hallway where innocent students are.
One of the reasons the students made the bomb is because they're upset...duh!!! We need to get to the reason they're upset. Has anyone gathered the kids and asked how they think they can handle the problem of safety in the schools-each school gathering the kids and asking the question. How best they can enter and leave the school and be safe at the same time. How they can keep from getting into fights, what their thoughts are about safety, about their teachers, their thoughts about school in general. We seem to be doing a lot about backpacks and bottled water/drinks but we haven't gotten the input of the children and how it's going to affect them. I saw some parents last night and agree with their thoughts. I think that if a parent wants to give his child bottled water because he/she thinks it's better for him/er than rusty water coming from a water fountain, than that parent's wishes should be respected...even if it means that the child hand carry the bottle to school outside of a bag.
In the meantime, I don't think we elected a school board to tell us that bottled water is worse than that which comes from the tap! I just wish the cameraman had panned the camera around the tables of those mouth breathers to see what they were drinking.......you can bet your bottom dollar that they weren't drinking Mr. Craddick's tap water!
Funny, funny those GPSS board members, they'd make me laugh but they're too pathetic!
On a side note....Mr. Big Time MB...says he's standing by his board members because they work hard......yeah...hard and long....never saw a board work so hard and long to get rid of a superintendent in all my life...suppose they'll relax now that he's outta there....chillax time, ya think?

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May 12, 2006


Don't like'em.....kik'em out!

Juan Flores wasn't the media darling (or as pretty/charming) that was the acting DOE supe, Narissa Shafer(sp) was. He was, however, always available for comment whenever someone in the media had a question about anything that related to the school system-even if I am still confused about why the DI thingy got changed and the stateside DOE folks got upset that we decided to put a hold on our DI instructions, etc...and why our grades didn't go up all that much even if we did throw bunches more money at GPSS.
Anyway...Mr. Juan Flores was a burr in the sides(oh and he must have been a big burr because there are some really big sides)of those elected GPSS board members. They've already fired him once, his departure the first time around to be in August...then this week, during a meeting, they either didn't like his shirt or after shave lotion or both and gave him the boot and at four in the morning after the rooster crowed three times, one of the GPSS clan was messengered to his home to give him the final boot. I'm assuming that he was allowed to return to clean out his desk?
Now many weeks ago, a group of teens held a conference at the Hyatt Hotel to talk about mediation. They talked about how it is better to sit down and discuss issues with calm and level heads rather than to argue or fight about issues and to walk away when emotions got into the picture. The local courts now have mediation as part of its process, something that it advertises in this part of America in Asia. Is there something that the mouth breathers at GPSS don't understand? Are they like that lady in Yigo? Do they shoot first then ask questions? Fire Flores first then face the consequences?
Firing the head of GPSS at the end of the school and at the time when the agency is asking for a budget isn't exactly the best time to be without a titular head, ya think-dummies-but then, you A.,you don't have to be smart to be a board member of the school board, or B., gather many votes to be a board member. Let's pray it's just as easy to get rid of them!!!
I'm not defending Mr. Flores. Nobody died and made him king. I just think that there are better ways to running a school system and firing the head of a school when its asking for a big budget isn't the right time....and sending a goof-off to his house at four a.m. to deliver his walking papers ain't the right way to do it, either!
I always wondered where on Guam they would flush the toilet if there were such a place...now I know....now...you know!!!
I'm glad you chose not to say anything about those mouth breathers, Mr. Flores, you've got far too much class.
Unfortunately, the losers aren't the mouth breathers, not Mr. Flores, the losers are the children. The test scores won't increase next year, there will still be a shortage of teachers next years, perhaps there will be a shortage of books and the schools will be in deplorable condition and perhaps those same people that sit on that board will have some excuse for why those conditions exist and you'll just accept it because you've been conditioned to do so...year after year after year.
How very, very sad.

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May 03, 2006


Give me a break, lady, baby opens eyes in two weeks?

Gaynor Something-aol, wrote a piece in today's PDN about a few Filipino construction workers who were brought to Guam and are alleged not to have been paid after they got here. Supposedly, they're living in a shack provided them by their not-so-family-like Filipino organization while waiting for justice.
The piece is short of eating rats and worms for survival and I would have been happy reading a story about that if the story had gone that direction but when the usually good business writer wrote that one of the workers left behind a a "2-week old at the time, who had just opened her eyes, not old enough to understand his goodbye.", I wanted to use the paper to throw up on. I've been around a few pets in my lifetime and know of a few that have lived a few weeks before their eyes opened but babies? Nary a one. Most of'em, including the two I had, open'em seconds after they popped out. I'm sure I can say the same for the other babies around the world...born alive, of course!
Maybe it was late at night when Ms. Gaynor Whatername aol was writing this fiction.
Otherwise, I think there's a law that's in place for crooks that bring in people from other countries. If they don't pay these people, then the people are supposed to have return tickets to their place of hire. It seems to me that these people should have gone to the Philippine consulate(why didn't Ms. Gaynor didn't ask the PI consul about what they're doing for these people living as animals-gosh, they're living worse than those people at the Gill-Baza sub-division and I thought that place was horrible!)for assistance. Shouldn't the consulate help these people get paid? Get return tickets? What else is there a consulate for if not to help?
I can't believe that anyone in the Filipino Community knew about these men and didn't do anything to help them. Hopefully, someone who read the 'fiction' on the frontpage will feel sorry for the man whose baby didn't open her eyes for its first couple of days and have enough pity for him and send him a few cans of pork and beans to tide him over until he gets enough money for a ticket home until the jerk who brought him out her pays his salary or goes to jail.
In the meantime, it's fun reading fiction on the front pages of a Gannett paper, ya think?

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May 02, 2006


Kudos to KUAM's new look!

Competition sure has its advantages.....it made some pretty nice changes to KUAM's set. Very cool and soothing colors, easy on the eyes, very professional, no distracting crawl news that competes with the anchors.
Congratulations to the design team for both the Prime Time and Extra sets...job's well done!

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May 01, 2006


Once again, road wins!

I don't know how, it didn't seem like such a busy day, at least not on the back road to Andersen, A.F.B. on Rte. 15., but then, that's the best time to SPEED!!!
So today, someone was either on speed or was testing motorcycle's speed or crossing the road and not speedy enough, not sure which, but one person was killed on that horrible road that calls for souls several times a year. One life was taken not many days ago not far from that very road near Price Elementary School a few days ago when a man became a flying object when the pick-up bed he was being transported on came to a sudden stop on another vehicle propelled him into the air and cracked his skull and killed him. (I'm being deliberate, hoping you'll read this and call your favorite senator and tell him/er to create a law that bans human beings and or live animals from being transported in the back of pickups. Maybe if I could describe what brain matter looked like when it has to be scraped off the sidewalk people would think before they climbed on the bed of a pick-up!)
So, how is it that on a beautiful paradise island, one guy gets shot and killed and another riding a motor bike on a long and narrow back road die for absolutely no reason. I know someone who doesn't have very long to live who'd love to have had the years left on either of those two lives who were cut short because of bad choices, two men dying on that road on the same week's kinda awful. Kinda makes you wonder what the hurry's all about! The island's only about 30 miles long about 8 miles wide...what the heck's the hurry, Guam time, even if you're late, you're early..it's getting there that counts.

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The dude wasn't Chinese and maybe it was or wasn't a drug deal gone bad....

And, maybe he was or wasn't making noise, but a neighbor watched from her apartment window and said she heard the yelling and then the shot. KUAM news reported tonight that the man who was shot died. Hmmm, hope we get to punish the guy or gal who did the shooting this time around, would be nice, ya think?

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