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June 27, 2006


How come the losers won't quit but winners do?

I The bad news on the Breakfast Show this morning was the news that flat-top, Bob Klitzski is not going to seek a third term seat in the coming legislative body.........he's been one of the best senators this island has ever had. He has led by example of how to work for the people, has led by example how to use the people's money without splurging.
There are so many that I'd like to see leave office and go back to digging ditches of lifting weights, perhaps pretending to be doctors...but this hellovagood senator.......no! It sounded as if the man has made up his mind....he ain't gonna run for re-election and that my friends......is our loss!!!! So.........if he's not going to run and Joanne ain't gonna run, that's two republicans less.......two(I think) Does the republican party have anyone that's savvy enough to replace them?
Me thinks it's going to be a demo majority...........and if the 'omen' of Robert'n'Frank's Sunday rally on Sunday is any sign of things to come..........we're gonna have a demo gov and a demo legislature........hmmmmm, did I just make a prediction?
I didn't hear if Robert'n'Frank held a you-had-to-be-there raffle drawing to win a pick-up for all those 10,000 people to do the island roundy-round motorcade.......could it be that Mr. Paulino who used to campaign for Gerry Gutierrez and ran to be her Lt. Gov made some really good friends and Pied Pipered(sp) them to Robert's side? Whatever it was........it worked! I wasn't counting but there sure were a lot of people there. I never got to shake the Adelup tennant wannabes hands, it was just too crowded and too hot........may be next time!

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June 17, 2006


Damn, you paid the vendors instead of payroll? Who told you to do that?

Oh the art of running a government...because in business, it probably wouldn't run that way...at least not in our business....mine and Peter F. Drucker's! But with the Government of Guam, one can do anything! Businesses have been born and died(well, not literally, but you get the point) because of the government.....this week and part of last, some of the employees of the department of education didn't get paid. I can only say it's because the school board(and those who run the school) mismanaged the money...there's no other way to describe the debacle that continues from year to year and it gets worse and worse.
On the radio Friday, I overheard a sound-byte from the governor who said that that there wass $3M at GPSS that could have gone to payroll but was spent on vendor payments instead...and he wasn't happy about that. Put yourself in the shoes of a vendor who hasn't been paid for six months....eight months....and when paid, you're paid with no interest....and when you're finally paid....the governor's not happy....
These are interesting times......and will make for a very interesting gubernatorial election!
Who do you think can handle both Adelup and GPSS?

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So, who said he was gonna stick to his word?

I thought it was strange that after three years of dread and dreary only rain to bank on at the Paseo during Liberation Day festivities the gov would actually allow gambling.....who were those evil people whispering in his ears....telling him to allow gambling at the sacred ground...earning monies to build the museum, build something to memorialize the life of Angel Santos and whatever that third thingy was....wow, I already forgot what we were going to earn that evil money for? I think I'll have to call that Dave Tydingco person and Ask him, he doesn't seem to mind the flipping and flopping.
So if you're a die hard gambler.....stick to those 24-hour bingo machines in your neighborhood. (I heard some are even at the Compadres Mall), heard they pay a bunch in cash.....and Rev'n'Tax donna take their share outta the pay out!!! Just take your SS number and that's only if you give the person the right SS number that they'll get eventually get their share!)
So I'm thinking.....since the BINGO machines seem to be already legal (since they're already in public places, why don't we just move a few down to the Paseo, or the parking lot and charge big dollars for them and we'll have the best of both worlds.....the good.....and the bad.....and let Uncle Art Illagan get his share out of the Bingoers and the vendors will get their customers?
In the meantime, if the evil ones don't get to play gamble.......they ain't gonna be no wild rush the Paseo with the exception of the parade, but who cares, we've gone without a museum this long, we can wait another coupla years...
See ya at the Bingo Hall, but you'll have to have an idea how to play the machine, it's pretty tricky...

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June 10, 2006


Those activists that don't want the U.S. Forces or the Marines and chant 'Yankee go home'........band together today.....return your food stamps!

Today's on-line issue of the Marianas Variety quotes the Ursula-size activist Ms Q, on sending a spokesperson to some conference to: "strengthen our position that U.S. forces should be sent back home — to the U.S., and that lands be given back to the local people,” Quinata said.
Okay, Ms. Ursula-Q, how about if we send all the Yanks and the likes of ALL the U.S. military back home and their Section 30 money with them, as well as the FEMA monies after typhoons, monies for GPSS, monies for capital improvement, etc. Why don't ALL your members immediately return every one of their food stamp cards, subsidized housing coupons and everything else that they get from Public Health and whatever else they get from agencies that get funding from the U.S. government. Let's see how quickly your activist friends from the Philippines, Korea and Japan come to your aid.
Your group would be comic relief if it wasn't so pathetic. I'm embarrassed that I live on an island that can't handle hundreds of thousands of dollars that Uncle Sam gives this government and we still keep our hands out asking for more and groups such as yours continue to yap at the moon whining about the land that you have no idea how to use. And if you don't know what I mean....look around, How much land do you see being used to grow produce?
Lady, you should be thanking your lucky stars Guam's in a strategic location...cuz the only thing we've got going for us is the very fragile tourist industry and we've got that by pure luck!
I suggest you plant some plumeria trees so that you can make some leis for them Marines when they get here.....that's what'll save this island!
In the meantime, I'd choose my friends more carefully. The activists from Korea, the PI and Japan? They're a radical bunch.......sure wouldn't want to be known as one of the birds that flew with that flock!

Note to the U.S. Forces....there aren't many activists and they don't speak for the majority of us. We welcome you and look forward to making you a part of our world. Most of us are hospitable and warm, honest!

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They finally got the idea.........gambling makes money.......sin makes money so we may as well legalize it.........at least during the Liberation day festivities!!!!

We're all prostitutes...it's just a matter of price! We tried to celebrate the last three Liberation Day festivities wearing haloes on our heads....nope, it's a sin to have gambling. The Lord doesn't like gambling so we can't/won't have it! It's not a family activity, bady people come to gamble and they'll do bad things and can't be trusted around the families so we'll just have to celebrate without having the money-making gambling vendors.
And so, the story goes...........each year, the vendors have gone home in the red....blood red....broke, especially when it rained...soooo, guess what? Some body finally woke up and decided to throw away that rusty halo and found a good excuse/or a good spin and decided that this year........they're(THE committee) is going to allow the sinners-AKA the evil spenders with money to lose)to play to their hearts content at the LD festivities.......making sure, of course, to keep the sinners away from the haloed ones....
I think I overheard the Breakfast Show talk show host say the administration flip-flopped on the issue while speaking with the chair of the committee, Chris Duenas but don't recall that he got an answer to the comment.......
I say.......call a spade a spade..........lets just make money from the sinners. If you've got sinners that like to gamble, then let's set up a place and make it legal......allow rev-n-tax to collect the winnings/business licenses, etc........but let's not be sneaky about it......let's just admit that when we stopped allowing the gambling....we lost money.....Big Time!!
Biba gambling!!! Pay Red, Pay Red!

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Except that with my luck, I'd be at the wrong meeting!

Seems there was a really lively meeting at the Hilton Hotel at lunch time the other day while the Rotarians were having their meeting. What should have been a meeting to hear what the former governor Carl T.C. Gutierrez had to say about the past/present and future and a somewhat tasty lunch turned out to be a front row seat at what made the evening's breaking news! Only the death of the most wanted Al Qaeda(sp) topped the confrontation between the former gov and one of the US deputy AGs, Fred Black.

I'm not going to take sides. I suppose that if I were the gov and asked the questions that I feel were out of place at that forum, I'd have taken the 'high road' and not given the man what he wanted, which was exactly what he wanted. He wanted to push the gov's button and got just that.

I don't think that one invites a speaker to speak at one's club then insults him with questions such as the ones asked the former governor. If it were somewhere else other than the Rotary club where the questioner wasn't a member of the club, then perhaps one could say that it wasn't an insult to the quest speaker. But to invite a speaker to address the club then insult him.....that's a whole other story!

Either way.....there sure was some fireworks at that luncheon and Carl didn't appear to be the loser by the sound of the applause he got from the audience.

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