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July 31, 2006


Yup, we got armed hold'em ups and stupid people coming into the shacks of old people on Swamp road and tying'em up....and those Marines ain't even here!

I write about these crimes because they're the crimes that people with tattoos(is that double 't' and double 'o') and pony tail flying the 'Chamoru' flag complain about the coming arrival of the Marines. The 'doom and gloomers' think that they're going to come and bring with them the nasty stuff like is reported on t.v. and in the newspaper......only thing is.....it's already here and the poor dears aren't even here! See, when we point fingers at people, we never think that three fingers are pointing back at us.......we never think to look around out own back yards to see that we have a mess before we declare that our neighbor's yards are a mess........
I don't wear rose colored glasses and I won't say that when the 8000 Marines and dependents make their way to Guam there won't be times when they break the law...that would be stupid, they're human. But, we're ahead of ourselves. When they get here and they break more laws than usual, then I'm sure there'll be a Brig big enough to handle the problem, if not, you can be sure that Uncle Sam will get their behinds the hell out of Guam in lickety-split time....in the meantime, I think that we all should recognize that we already have our share of crime and that we should try to figure out how we can make living here safer for the old people who have to stay at home while their children are at work.
I hate to say it, but the lucky ones, are at St. Dominics. There used to be a time when Auntie Loling and Uncle Ben stayed at home when they got old. Their kids cared for them until they died. These days, they get to wait to die at St. Dominics, or, live out their years at the Skilled Nursing Facility at Barrigada Hts. Lucky them, they don't get tied up by some idiots looking for loot for a meth fix!
If you're reading this and your parents are lucky enough to be in your care, living at home with you, please make sure to tell them to keep the doors locked at all times. As well, tell them not to be so friendly with the people who stop by asking for directions. There was a strange looking person who stopped by last week who was asking for directions and I fell for the sham. Fortunately, there aren't many neighbors around where we live and the dogs wouldn't stop barking which made him uncomfortable. Maybe I was spared. Who knows!
I hope they find the guys and I hope the lock the lot of them up and throw away the keys!

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July 30, 2006


Duh, would you hand GPSS five cents when they can't even follow simple directions?

KUAM reported earlier this evening that US DOE hasn't said(or done) anything about the $37Million feds on the release of federal funds. "There were two specific concerns raised by the feds in order for the release of the $37.5 million in federal funding that was withheld due to management instability at GPSS and the alleged mismanagement of federal funding." (per KUAM)
Well, boys and girls, if you were the feds and it was your money, would you be handing over your money to a group (as in govGuam) of people who can't seem to get their act together?
On one hand, we tell the feds that we're going to get it right this time, we're going to hire the right superintendent and we're not going to let the GPSS board have anything to do with the money, then we find out that the board's in bed with the person they just hired.......aint that a shame(hmmmm, is that the name of a song?) Okay, by now, the feds-me things that have a few friends out here, have learned that GPSS hired/appointed a Super to watch over GPSS and she wants to double dip and work part-time at UOG (surely they know that one can't serve two masters, especially since GPSS has mega problems), then there's the issue of the law that says that she has to have credits from a US accredited college/university.....surely US DOE knows all of this...........surely we're not thinking they're dumb enough to mail that fat check? Unless of course the 'we' are working at GPSS, there, 'we' are dumb enough to think the sky is pink, there, 'we' think we can hire anyone and get our friends at the legislature to change the law....
So, friends at KUAM, you can do a count down...the feds probably won't be sending GPSS any funds until the law on that US acreditted thingy is satisfied and the double-dipping and college part-time thingy is settled as well. I think the US DOE is going to move verrrrry slowly from now on.

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And no matter what Jean Hudson of KUAM reports, Tony Sgro has nothing to do with the project!

KUAM reported this evening that a group of developers headed by Peter Ada Sgro, working with a group to get a hospital going here to keep sick people from having to fly to the states or the PI for medical help. According to KUAM's website, the group consists of about 23 members.

"Sgro says representatives on behalf of the Hospital were present at yesterday's forum, adding, "They will be invited to every single one of our meetings. We made a decision early on that this is not about us verses them. This is about us working together. We really believe that two hospitals work together. It's very important that we get the support of the hospital. We briefly discussed certain ways we can do things with this new hospital. For instance, we talked about a specialized hospital where certain types of procedures that are not being done at GMH will be done at this hospital. Another example, this new hospital not having an emergency room, while GMH does have an emergency room. The committees will meet again on August 19. Each is expected to submit a report on their tasks. "

It's a big task, but Mr. Peter Sgro has never balked at hard work. I hope that he and his group can pull this one off. I also hope that KUAM gives him credit for the work he's done on the project.

I can't imagine getting his name mixed up. The station's Calvo owned, Sgro's wife is a Calvo, and the reporter still gets Mr. Sgro's name wrong?
Good on ya, Peter!

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July 29, 2006


Me thinks Peter John Camach(o) should have enlisted the help of the able idiots of the GPSS board to select the candidates...bet they would've hired one!

Everything these days is either 'out-source' or 'privatize'.......it's 'RFP'd' or whatever it is that the government does to do the bid thingy(sometimes, that is!!!).......and so, it seems that GMH tried to find some nice people to manage the hospital so that it could be managed like most hospitals run.........like a business(the profit kind...you know, it makes money so that it can use the profits to paint, repair the place, give raises to nurses, pay retirement benefits, et cetera and the like, as most businesses usually do)....but, as KUAM reports, that didn't happen.....and I'm thinking....someone who was in the selection process.....probably saw some 'no-no' and crossed off the 'bidders'....making the process a no go, the entire process going back to the drawing board........
But, I bet that if this had been at the able hand of the likes of the mouth breathers of the GPSS board...........bet they would have chosen one of those bidders......I bet my last dollar that one of them would be here setting up an office as Dr. J. gets ready to set up her new office......heck, who cares about rules and laws, we could just get Rory R. to get his buddies to change the rules and regs....isn't that the way we do business around here, anyway?
You hire....then you change the law!!! So I can't understand why GMH couldn't get one of those bidders to get the bid to run the hospital......it's so confusing sometimes how one agency gets to bypass the law and others just don't try...it's like they don't know that the likes of Rory and friends aren't around to fix things....I just don't get it sometimes!
I kinda like this thingy about doing things and changing the law afterwards, it makes for flexible living....almost like confession...hmmmm, like adultery....or even having one's marriage annulled after years of being married.....with the flick of a finger..and the quick signature of a bishop, you were never married...voila! So, being flexible also means you can be flexible, unless of course you're a lowly teacher,(who can't) double-dip, teach part time at your favorite university and do whatever you want....just as long as you have friends in high places..
I think the governor should make the GPSS board select all future directors/hires and privatizations...they know best about qualifications!

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July 28, 2006


Just ask your favorite bars.

Last week, I said that Mack and Marty's should be just as liable for the arrest of the DUI minors who were arrested for DUI along with the gov's son. After speaking to many parents about the issue of teens drinking and going to bars, I was told that a lot of these teens are computer literate and have access to cutting edge programs that create identifications that copy IDs showing that they are eighteen years of age.
A minor only needs to get the driver's license of an eighteen year-old, copy the license and exchange the picture and bio-data and 'viola', he/she has an ID! That's how Juan and Maria gets in and out of Mack and Marty's, or, anywhere else, for that matter and that's how the kids get served their drinks. It's not up to the bartender to make sure the ID is authentic or not and for the most part, the ID will probably look better than the real one because the programs are better than those coming from GovGuam.
Suffice it to say, it's up to the parents to snoop into their children's purses(yes, I said 'snoop') and see if they have one of those illegal IDs......especially if he/she doesn't come home 'til 4a.m...
There's a lot going on in your computer than just on MYSPACE.COM, or XANADU.COM,hmmmm,or is it, ZANGO.COM?

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Idiots, the machines are already here!

I always have to laugh when the who's who in anti-gambling get on the radio and harp about their anti-gambling reasonings. Don't get me wrong....I don't believe in gambling. I don't gamble, but if you want to...by all means...gamble! I just think that it should be legal and that GovGuam should have it's share in taxes...likewise prostitution!
Okay.....gambling....Grayhound wants to have gambling machines at their place....heck, why not? The naive anti-gambling freaks have no idea(I tell you not.....those blinders aren't only worn by horses!!!) that those machines are already on the island........have you ever been to the Orchid Hotel? You can win up to $3,000 per nite, or more or less on the machines......playing Bingo on the machine. There's a place in Barrigada on Rte.8!!! The place is open 24 hours.....what's the big deal...get the Bishop on the radio and all his minions....talk, talk, talk.....blind to the issue, the machines are here and they don't even know about it.....their flock have already been gambling and they didn't even know about it....perhaps because it's only a venial sin to lose their pay check/mortgage/child support?
The Orchid Hotel only gets Social Security numbers....the winners don't have to pay the 10% tax....if they're honest, they'll pay the tax, otherwise, they keep the entire winnings....ain't that grand?
So, I say, good on Grayhound, they're trying to do the right thing by asking for the license to gamble unlike those that got the machines by loop-hole in the dark of night.........
In the meantime........I like the shade of the blinders.....they cut out a lot of light.....and information on what's really happening out in the 'real' world!

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Hmmmm,anyone ask her?

Saw the pretty lady, auntie Maddy Bordallo endorsing BJ Cruz on t.v. last night about a zillion times and darn, every time I saw it, the thought came across me mind.....did the endorsement bother/upset/hurt her sister-in-law, Annie Bordallo? Like, uh, Annie's husband is Ricky's brother and Annie's brother is Robert and he's running for governor and you'd think(I mean, I'd think) that Auntie Maddy wouldn't be publicly supporting either gubernatorial candidates, no matter how closely related she was to him.....at least not in the primary....
Some close friends say that Ms. Bordallo is verry close to Annie who's very close to Robert. Same close friends say that Ms. Bordallo is very close to BJ....but....blood is thicker than water?.....at least in the primary?
Is this a case of politics making strange bedfellows?
Yikes, what happens when Maddy has to attend Bordallo functions....now...I'm sure they support Robert, right? Whoa....!!!! This election is sure confusing me!!! First you have a democrat jumping the fence and running as a democrat and now you have a Bordallo supporting a non-Bordallo, what's going to happen next? Oh, I know, we're going to have legalized gambling!

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July 19, 2006


It takes a village, seems to me Mac'n Marty's failed their part?

I'm all for raising the drinking age. Last night's arrest of the gov's son could have been much worse. The police could have been there with the two minors and the gov's son because the alleged drunk under age driver was dead, or had killed someone because the three were involved in a DUI with injury crash. Thank God it was just a cop pulling over a suspicious vehicle and the kids were returned to their parents.
Dr. Shieh and the group of people that want to raise the drinking age to 21 have three more reasons to raise the drinking age. Seems to me that if these kids were at Mac'n'Marty's and were drinking, that the establishment was just as at fault as the person the police arrested. If the governor's son was arrested because he was an adult and had jurisdiction over a minor who was allegedly drunk and shouldn't have been driving, then the bar shouldn't have been selling that child any alcohol. I say that the owners of that bar should have been arrested as well. We can't continue to place the blame just on the children. Maybe if we arrest the sellers as well as the 'users' we'll get more cooperation in the future. If we arrest the families that allow the children to drink during fiesta celebrations, they'll stop allowing their children to drink beer, or at least pay more attention to who they're supposedly getting the beer for.
I know I'm going to get laughed at and you can start laughing now but what happened to the curfew laws? Were they changed? Do they exist? What happened to our little girls coming home at midnight? My daughter had to come home at midnight until the time she went away to college and even when she came home the few short time after, she still came home at midnight.
O tempore, o more..............

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July 17, 2006


The price of campaigns....has the price of gas taking its toll on how today's 'officio' campaigns?

In the 'olden' days, one could hardly stand to watch the news. There were as many gubernatorial ads as were running, as many senatorial ads as were running, et cetera. This election, maybe one for Moylan or Camacho, seldom one for the other two. However, U/A has frequent ads on K57 and I assume M/S has many on Daddy's station.
But the big bucks seem to have been spent big time on the signs on the high-ways. Colorful pictures of the candidates that don't say anything about what the candidate can bring to the government.
Gone are the creative advertising days when people came before a camera to say, "I know George Bamba." or, "I like George Bamba". It was catchy. These days, you watch people as they try to read something that was written by someone else that they have a hard time pronouncing words as they read from the script...it's no wonder they can't afford more ads.
During the last election, it was a big deal that Camacho and Kaleo wore handsome business suits wherever they went. Well, they don't go anywhere together(duh!!!)and neither wear suits, in fact, Mr. Camacho often appears as if he's come right from a golf game. A recent ad shows Robert in a navy blue suit...rather handsome, at that! Uncle Carl? Well, for the most part, he's always in yellow and looks spiffy no matter the heat.
I suppose that the media will get their share of big bucks just before the primary and I'll complain because of the campaign ads....can't win for losing, huh?

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Wonder if the Feds will let her have anything to do with their grants..

It's not like there's a lot of people(there's only one that I would hire) lining up for the supe position for the island's public school system.....but KUAM reports that a former clown's thrown her hat into the ring(excuse the pun!!!) and wants to be considered for the position along with the other wannabees...(hmmmm, is there a plural to this word?) Okay, this one time senator-clown person phd Car Fernandez was a real trip as a senator. I couldn't tell if she was for real as a senator. Never knew her while she worked at UOG so don't know if she was 'real' there, but if she's anything like she was as a senator........best she don't get any position at GPSS cuz the Feds ain't gonna give GPSS no bucks if she's declared boss there.
I recall that she doesn't work well with others, had a hard time keeping employees longer than a month at a time and there's already a revolving door at GPSS so I'm thinking we should just hand the lady a pen with invisible ink and give her a number and disconnect the phone after she leaves the building.........
I don't want to jinx it but think the only one that can handle the system and I pity her for it, is Ms. Shaffer. She knows the school system inside-out and can work with both a republican and democrat administration. For the life of me, I can't figure out why she would ever want to take a job as the head of that white elephant but she's handled it before and the system didn't collapse while she was its director so we may as well make the position a permanent one...but who listens to me?

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July 02, 2006


There used to be a time when women were loved and respected.....

There was a time when boys were raised by loving mothers. The boys met and married women and loved and respected them as they loved and respected their mothers. These days, men come into beauty parlors and beat beautiful Viet Namese women to death with blunt objects. These days, men take women to over looks and manage(both are alleged to have happened...of course!!!until the jury decides otherwise!!!)
Times have changed. Women have changed. They dress differently, they act differently. They aren't the sweet young things that stayed at home cooking, washing and watching over babies anymore. They're out there in the front lines fighting right along the men in Iraq, they drive big wheeled vehicles and some are downright more masculine than most men I know.......but this doesn't mean that you can kill them with blunt objects or push them over 50 foot cliffs......and I suppose this goes for men as well.....these days, we just don't seem to care much for the value of life.
The frequency of homicides on Guam seem so frequent these days that it just doesn't seem to be news anymore......and to think that we're worried about what the Marines are going to bring to the island.....Heck, they should be worried about what they're coming to!!

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Now......U.S. DOE has decided to withhold millions because the board under Johnny Rivera and friends of GPSS couldn't find their way out of a paper bag!!!!!!!

It's only about $34M, what the hell, it's a drop in the bucket...that's nothing when you have that much more to pay the retirement board, vendors, the power and water and phone bill....oh, then there's the payroll. For some reason, the board members of GPSS screwed up so much that the US department of education decided to withhold some $34M because the board and the public school system couldn't follow directions..........like....they can't understand English.........
All the way up to the 11th hour, the interim acting director,(poor man) Luis Reyes, claimed there was no problem.....yup....no problem....for the feds....all they had to say was....Guam, you don't know how to follow directions...you can't be trusted to handle the money we give you....so, we're not going to give you anymore! Period....end of conversation.
What we gonna do now, Tonto?
Oh, I almost lost my breakfast when I heard that Mr. Personality himself, Sigfried Linsangan(sp) of the current GPSS board(the one who yells at people who speak during public hearings) is going to run for the legislature............mercy, mercy.......he's not fit to run for dog catcher....do not, and I mean, do not put into an office where he could yell at some one bad enough to cause the man(or woman) to have a massive stroke. Surely we remember what happened that night when he was frothing at the mouth during one of the GPSS board meetings when a parent literally died defending his desire to keep direct instruction from being removed. As it turned out....it was....and the Feds decided to keep their money........no telling what commotion Mr. Linseed will cause in another elected office. Perhaps we can ask the new governor to appoint him to the department of agriculture to oversee the coqui frogs.

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Boy, he say, she(oooops, there's no gonna be no girls in this story except for da former gov's daughter but she don't gonna count cuz she jus stander byer.......

Today's PDN put Jackie Abramoff's confession/investigation on the whole frontpage and the next three pages on what he said, what the former gov, Carl Gutierrez supposedly said and what Markie Charfauros(sp)said about poor old(gads, is he old or not, don't really know how old or young the dude is) Fred Black of the US Attorney's office is.....remember, the guy that braved the Rotary Club meeting a few weeks ago with the hot and spicy questions to the former gov while he was speaker to the knify-fork league lunchee meet? Well, seems Jackie's admitting that he does know the former gov after all and that he may have tried to oust Mr. Black, who he referred to as a 'commie'........hmmm, I kinda like ole Freddie, can't say that I'd say he acts like a 'commie', come to think of it, he's somewhat like most capitalists I know.......
I don't think that the issue of the big story and the big pictures of the dude with the hat and the former gov and his friend Markie et others is going to hurt his run for re-election.......there's just too many grass roots people out there that don't read the paper. The supporters and die hards have already made up their minds and there's nothing short of a murder that will keep Carl's supporters from voting for him this primary......for if the story on the front page was to lure away votes from the Gutierrez/Cruz camp...........it didn't work.........
I have done my own little survey and most bet their paychecks on Carl's being the island's next governor.
Don't shoot me.........I'm just the messenger!

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