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August 31, 2006


It used to matter, there are so many abortions these days, it's almost as casual as birth control pills, so who cares that only one person said he was against abortion?

Oh, I remember the days when Elizabeth Perez Arriola would stand up for the rights of a fetus and would do everything possible to keep it from being legal on Guam. There was even a time that a lawyer daughter of hers took a side against her(being pro-choice-which I'm sure broke her heart, but she was such a lady, didn't bring her pain or embarrassment to the public eye.
Those days, when we had a Bishop who had a spine and was more interested in real church stuff rather than this neo movement that's dividing the Catholics from the regulars to the elite..I digress. The days when Bishop Flores supported people who had moral values and didn't support those who didn't have moral values. I recall that he said that he would tell his people not to vote for those senators or elected officials who were for pro-choice. The threat was a good threat....the bill didn't pass and what ever it was(I can't recall the issue)...didn't pass and many surprise pregancies made it to term rather than being sucked out by some unfeeling doctor. Then, the Bishop would have made sure that his parish priests would encourage Catholics island-wide not to vote for candidates who were for pro-choice.
I have this gut feeling that the bishop doesn't really care about pro-choice or abortions. Perhaps it's because it's a non-issue in the neo-movement, or maybe he doesn't like the candidate who's pro life and would rather he didn't win and is looking the other way, hoping he loses. I think he's not supporting this man who's pro life because this candidate also attends another church in addition tho the one at the hospital and St. Anthony's.
No one really cares about abortion issues anymore. Abortion these days is just another way of birth control, a bit more expensive and sometimes more messy. Few will stand for the innocent little gifts of God.
The man that was brave enough to say that he's against abortion is Felix Camacho. He may not have been a perfect governor, but in my eyes, he's a perfect Christian.
Perhaps his support of the unborn is the reason he's so far ahead of the others.

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August 28, 2006


It might be better and put the bad one out of business!

I have this group of friends who meet for lunch once a month. They're the movers and shakers of the island. All educated and powerful, a few of them have two or three degrees. Gosh, I wonder how smart I'd be if I had more than one! If I did, I bet I'd be getting paid for this blogging thingy...but that's a whole other story and I digress....so I'm watching this guy on KUAM tonight (Sonya, you have great shoes!) and he's talking about Peter Sgro's hospital forum and the possibility of the creation of a hospital that might just be built to run as a hospital should run....with doctors, nurses, JACO accreditation, etc.....and reasons for the sick not to have to leave the island and their loved ones when they get sick...at least that's what I'm hearing the reason Sgro and company are working their behinds off trying to get the hospital built....
The hospital is going to be a non-profit hospital and will not compete with GMH and will compliment the hospital rather than compete with same....it will try to lure the likes of Dr. Noel Conception from Modesto to come to Guam to do heart surgery rather than have the pation pay for one of Continental's planes to fly to Modesto to have a heart fixed.
I can't believe that Phillip Flores, an educated banker, board chair for GMH's hospital board, would come on t.v. and say that Sgro's Forum and or, hospital would take doctors and nurses from GMH and would run GMH into the ground and that the last time there were two hospitals that's what happened.
What this educated man didn't say, which I find kind stupid, is that the second hospital was a Gucci hospital built by the Catholic Church and that it was in direct competion with GMH and that in the end, the church couldn't pay the Korean doctors and nurses and old governor Ricky Bordallo had to buy the hospital inorder to bail the church out...(I think that's who bailed the church out....it may have been another governor, but I think it was Ricky).....The Catholic Church had not the foggiest idea how to run a hospital....therefore......you got the picture........?
So, Sgro and his group of businessmen gather and pick their brains and the hospital won't have two bricks side by side until the group decide on a business plan, unlike what happened during the days of Bishop Flores. If anything, the forum will consider that the hospital will work hand in hand with UOG's nursing department, using their senior nurses, as well, luring resident doctors from the west coast and Hawaii...there are lots of ideas from the great think tank. Perhaps Mr. Flores has sour grapes taste buds because he can't seem to get things working right at GMH and he's been there a long time and nothing's worked the whole time he's been there.......alas! Maybe he can get some good tips from Sgro's group.

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August 27, 2006


So.....what's new?

So, does KUAM think this is news? I'm not dissing, KUAM, don't get me wrong. It's just like......this happens every year....like an anniversary thingy....confirmation that we hire stupid people and keep them working no matter how stupid they are! Once they're classified, you can't fire them!!!! Heck, it's only the kids that suffer anyway, what's the problem?
I have the solution to this whole school problem and I don't even have to run for public office...for Adelup or Sinajana or anywhere.....just give whatever it is you're giving GPSS(and fire all those people that are on the board-actually, disolve the board) and give the money to the private schools and tell them to take over the school system....in less time than you can say, 'jack be nimble', the problem will be solved....we won't even have to keep Jerry Cruz employed or his friends at Central that keep that empire going.
Guam is the laughing stock for the people in D.C. Once, it used to be easy to ask for money and get it. These days, the government knows that we're not only stupid, we waste it or over spend it or use it for something else and now, make us sit up and beg for it. Now, our true color is showing and we're no longer just a laughing stock, now we're a laughing stock and pathetic.
How can we run a school without school books? How can we actually look someone in the eye and tell them that we know what we're doing and at the same time we say that our kids are important, but, by the way, 'the kids will be needing school books because they don't have any yet'.....'oh, maybe they're cutting out pictures from magazines?'
Gawd, I'm so ashamed to say I'm from here, sometimes. When I visit the states, I pretend I'm from Nepal or India....Guam's pretty third world, the only thing missing is the human pedaled bike ride.

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But....me thinks the landscaper thinks they were used as vases! Dummies and taxpayers are paying for this clueless-ness!

Okay, so I'm not going to say with certainty that the Latte Stone was the foundation of the Long House, or the not-so-long-house, but have seen drawings and read enough history books to know that scholars think they were foundations of homes and that somewhere in the area of Ho Chi Minh City, the same were used before the great flood 4,000 years ago which is where our supposed ancestors came from, as they(the same place) and if you've done any stomping around in the boonies, you'll have found that there are no lips on the caps that will allow any bougainvilla bush, or any other bush or plant to be grown on the top of that Latte Stone top.
So I wonder each time I pass that triangle that the great airport of Guam is spending realllllly big bucks these days....what the heck was the landscaper thinking when he put the lip on the Latte Stone....was he thinking that it was a decoration and that the decoration needed a plant in the middle of it? And who in tarnation is his supervisor that allowed him to continue to plant more than one....since now most have plants in them. I really think we're just plain stupid and we've all flunked our local history lessons and that we think the Latte Stone is a planter and not what might have been the foundation of a house to keep it off the ground all those years ago when the Taotaomoanas roamed the island.
Heck, maybe that's what we get when we don't give a damn how or who tells our 'story'. Unfortunately, I'll be the only one that makes this comment and no one will care enough to change the planters into what they should have been, a reminder that once, we were a people who built houses on foundations on Latte Stones. Once we were a people who had flying Proas. Once, we had pride in who we were. Now, we have no pride in who we were. Now, we don't even have pride in who we are. If you think for a minute that I'm kidding, just take a look at our school system!

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August 13, 2006


I'm willing to bet it's just another way to get money from the Feds then do nothing about it once it's in hand.

I love good intentions. A bunch of people are into the trip thingy to Okinawa. A few of them have been on the Big Breakfast Show talking about going on their own dime, talking about meeting with the Okinawans about the Marines and how they're handling them.(the Marines)........Like the trip is Marines 101.......and all of a sudden, they're experts.
Tonight's tube news(KUAM's, ABC doesn't do weekend news, Jon needs the rest)reports that the island mayors have a 'wish' list....so that they can show the Marines and their dependents local traditions(or something like that)...hhmmmmm, over-flowing garbage/trash cans, packs of dogs wandering around the village, chickens and or pigs roaming through out same, etc., There's the over-grown and unkempt yards and the like and oh.....the grafitti.......we're really good at that and that's classic!
I think KUAM should report what's on the list and ask what the mayors are going to do about the above problem before they go asking for any money....how safe are the villages of Dededo, Yona, Agat, Barrigada or Sinajana....at night?
We have no business asking for money from anybody. Mayors should first learn how to make a business plan on how to run their village and learn how to balance their expenses then work out a plan for how they're going to make life better for a military family moving to their village....be it the building of a skateboard ramp, tennis court or child's play yard. Having a wish list ain't news worthy....putting it on the news is like telling the world that the mayors are daydreaming again!
Perhaps the next time the mayors need some air time, they should be caught planting flowering or fruit trees in their villages....that would be newsworthy....cutting the lawn at their village school or getting it ready for school would even be more newsworthy....but then again....today was a slow newsday.

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Her press release meant jack!

Sometimes being ignored hurts the most. When babies are born and they are ignored, they fail to thrive. But this isn't a lesson on babies being loved and thriving. More, it's a lesson on having respect for one's wishes. Last week, Madeline Z. Bordallo, the island's Congressional Delegate issued a press release stating that she was not endorsing any candidate until after the primary.
She issued this after a long campaign ad had her endorcing the campaign of BJ Cruz in his run for Lt.Gov with Gutierrez.
Although she's extremely close to BJ Cruz, she's also extremely close to the Bordallo family because she was married to Ricardo J. Bordallo, the brother of Fred Bordallo, the husband of Annie Underwood Bordallo, Robert Underwood's sister. She's in between the devil and the deep blue sea as some would say.........yet tonight.....on KUAM....they played the ad.....auntie Maddy, endorsing the golden haired BJ Cruz......against her wishes......wishes be damned, who the hell is she to decide what we can run or not run, it's our campaign, not hers!
And so it goes......all's fair in love, war and campaigns.......I guess!
The question to ask here is if BJ asked that the ad be pulled...or not played....and....if it was played anyway......if his wishes meant anything......oh heck, there'd be an excuse for that as well and I bet it would be blamed on KUAM.......around here, we seem to always be able to find someone to blame..........
Happy trails to you, who cares about the clouds when we're together?
Bet Annie and Fred and family do!!!

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August 12, 2006


Nothing in tubes, no gels, and no liquids.....just like on the airplanes....even if you have see-through bags!

I was thinking of the new superintendent and the recent decision for public school kids to have to carry see-thru back packs because some wise guys decided to mix a bit of vinegar and whatever and caused a bit of ruckus at Sanchez High causing a bit of terror for the teachers and kids...........while watching Fox & CNN the past day and a half............hmmmmm, I thought, wonder if the folks at GPSS is watching...surely they'll think that the kids will think that the red gator ade will have some chemical that when mixed with some other chemical will make some explosion and cause more than 'ruckus' at their school......yikes, then.....cause the board to make a whole new rule and ban even the see-thru bag packs and reduce everything to the sandwich bags....just like those required of those having to travel on the aero planes.........
It was a bit odd that the news readers came verrrrry close to giving the recipe for the bombs that the terrorists were going to use on those planes from the UK to the US. Gads, you'd think they'd just report the story rather than give out the recipe.....like.....we know you can go on-line and learn how to make a Molotov Cocktail!!!
Oh well, don't be surprised if the looney toon members of GPSS board don't come up with a new idea of what the kids should bring to school changes........They'll use the excuse that they're doing it for, 'the kids'! (Oh, the guy that's on the board that's running for the 29th Guam Legislature? Remember that he can't play well with others when it comes time to vote this primary election.....don't vote for him...if he doesn't get his way, he'll do likewise if elected!)

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I hope he survives his new job!

The new GPSS school superintendent is a smart person. He's a nice individual and on the radio the last couple of days, he said he's up for 'the challenge'. He said that as a school counselor, he's qualified for the job in the requirements for teaching classrooms for 5 years because he played counselor and the AG's office opened the loophole and said so. I don't begrudge the man the job because of that loophole, although, teaching children, between 24 to 30 of them at one time or another for 5 years is quite different than interacting with them as a counselor, but then, what are loopholes for?
But the real issue here is that the man has to be strapped to a wheelchair and must have someone at all times to wheel him around. The job as superintendent is on that's 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When earthquakes happen, he must be there to see what needs to be done right after it happens and not all of the damage is easy to manage when one is in a wheelchair. Likewise, when there's a typhoon, before, during and after, one must be physically strong enough to move about, sometimes hurriedly in order to get the job done, not an easy job for someone in a wheelchair. Then there's all the fuss that comes with the job, between the union, the teachers, the central office, the parents, and the press. Travis Coffman asked some pretty hard questions of the new Supe yesterday. Can the man stand the heat, day after day after day and still enjoy the job as well as being strapped in that wheelchair?
I'm sorry to say, Mr. Nice Guy got the job because the school board knows they can control Mr. Nice Guy and because they were told not to appoint Ms. Bretannia-Shaeffer(sp) because she's too smart, related to someone they don't like, or perhaps, four in the school board don't like her choice of politics. Whatever it was, the board's choice was anybody-but-Nerissa'.
I just hope that Mr. Luis Basa survives this appointment. I also hope that the U.S. DOE doesn't realize that the GPSS board chose him because they can control the man and that he'll do their bidding, because if they figure that out....we'll never get that $37Million......good-bye my money.....good-bye school books!
Between you-n-me........I think the U.S. DOE would have been very happy and would have released their money if Ms. Shaefer had been appointed......now me thinks they're gonna sit and think verrrrrrry hard about giving it away and if I were them.............I'd think hard, too!

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August 04, 2006


Online dictionary says it's impervious to disgrace, but leaves out the pictures of those sitting on the GPSS board.

I'm trying to think why those who sit on the GPSS board decided to accept the offer to either run for the GPSS board, or to accept the appoint to sit on the board. I'm thinking that they originally thought 'it was for the kids', people who run for some office always say 'it's for the kids', then turn around and lie like hell. Really, it's for 'me' and only me. Running for any office for most is strictly food for the ego. Few are selfless, the bigger word being altruistic. Few run then do the 'right' thing for 'the people', 'the kids'.
If we had a 'real board', then there would already be a superintendent, perhaps even the one that was there that wasn't fired just after the cock crowed for the third time, but that's water long past the bridge. Now we're talking after the Gutherz and 'oops-we-didn't-see-the-PI-degree-thingy-debacle', that the fools should have seen.
Then should have been adults about the issue, picked themselves up after the fall, apoligized for their error and given the job to the very capable alternate, Ms. Bretana-Shaefer(sp) and 'moved forward'(hate these over used words!!!) But....NO.....they(Bozo's) have to go back to the sandbox and start all over again(confirming to the U.S. DOE that they're totally inept.(No wonder they don't want them to have anything to do with their funds!!!)
Suffice it to say, the shameless don't care that the U.S. DOE isn't sending almost $40M to the public school system or that the public school children are about to start school without a titular head.
What an absolute shame! Our children deserve more than this. But what's more shameful is that no one seems to be upset enough to do anything about it.
Talk....talk....talk....it's cheap...and all we seem to do is talk....in the meantime, the children suffer. Such a pity!
Shame on us!

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