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September 29, 2006


The ads are insulting. The Prop B people think we're gullible!

I pity Jon Anderson in his new position of having to 'spin' the slots into miracles that will do such things as make prescription drugs cheaper, fix the school system and all the other promises it's making through the various ads. Jon tries so hard to get the lie across that his head shakes or bobs as the words leave his mouth, trying to convince the viewer that the slot machines are going to help Guam's economy.
Big deal that children under 18 won't be allowed where the slot machines are. Heck, they're not the ones with the money to gamble anyway so it's no biggy. These kids are spending their money on fixing up their cars or buying expensive designer clothes so they can hang out at the mall.
If I were interested in getting the tourist dollar, then I would have had Prop B for slots at the sterile areas. Lots of slots at both the arrival and departure areas. The tourists could blow what ever change they had at the time of their departure and having it there would mean that Joe Cruz and Maria Taitingfong could only play with the one arm bandits on her way out of here which reduces her losing her mortgage...........
Having the slot machines at the Greyhound establishment may be a form of entertainment for the tourist. If they lose a $1,000.00 it'll be 'no biggy' because they won't have to be homeless on Guam..........if a local person loses his paycheck of a thousand bucks........you can be sure that we'll all be affected by his loss.
In the meantime, It would be nice if the ads were more truthful and less insulting to our intelligence................
I sure hope that Jon got a lot of money for this move.........it'll be a long time before anyone things he's other than a spin meister.

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September 27, 2006


Did doing his job cause him to fall from grace?

In the private sector, one us usually commended for doing what she/he can to save the company money...by rearranging or reorganizing.....for instance, if the company has 17 steamrollers and 34 steamroller drivers, some of the drivers would be given positions doing something else....(if they were working for me, and I didn't have a position that they knew how to perform, they'd be gone).....so, Larry Perez tried to 'fix' DPW by putting all the people to work....to earn their salaries.......well, seems the guys/gals who weren't used to working decided to march to Adelup and Julale to intimidate(it is after all an election year!!!) and poor Larry Perez has all but been demoted for trying to do a good job.....
get this........he even got a deputy........
I'm willing to bet that the deputy will be there long enough to learn the ropes and dear Larry will find himself in some mail room doing something else........
The front office hasn't minced words about Perez' not following SOP procedures.........very demoralizing for the man who has to work with the marching jerks who he got to because he wanted them to work for their money..........I'm thinking that instead of sending Andy Leon Guerrero from the airport or wherever he came from to DPW, the front office should have sent the brilliant Tony Sanchez to DPW. He would know exactly what to do........remember how he fixed the EITC problem?
Oh well, maybe there's a job for Perez at GTA where his efforts would be appreciated.

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If you want to know how I came to know why, check out Vern Perez' answer to the Bond issue and the U.S. Supreme Ct. on K57's webpage then check the lady's response to the question.

I have to say that while Ray Gibson was away my ears were tuned to the other station, with exception to the time Mike Phillips was on. These days, I watch channel 2 and listen to the folks who are still waiting for the war reparations. This morning I paid a bit more attention which helped me and hubby because up to this time, neither of us had decided on which AG candidate we were going to vote for.......and when the issue of the U.S. Supreme Court hearing of AG Doug Moylan's case of GovGuam borrowing too much money and not having the means to pay it(etc.,)back came up and Gibson giving the question to the AG candidates.........we listened carefully to the lady's response.
I have to say that Alicia must wake up very early in the morning and that her thinking begins as soon as her eyes are open. She answered the questions as if she had weeks if not months to prepare for the question. She didn't dilly-dally with what she was going to do about the issue of the hearing if/when she was elected to the position of AG........One of the things I liked about Doug is that he's always sure of himself. One of the things I like about Alicia is that she is sure of herself. She is confident.
I'm not going to bash Vern Perez. I think he answered the question the way he did because he's currently a cabinet member of this administration which is the same administration which is trying to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars(and is running a promise to do this campaign)to pay of debts, etc....suffice it to say, when you sell your soul to you know who.........you have to do his bidding.....listen to the reply on K57's website and draw your own conclusion.
In a perfect world(at least in my mind), Alicia Limtiaco wins the election, hires Doug Moylan and has him do the leg work for the hearing since he already knows the ins and outs of the case, but that probably won't happen. Whatever happens, Doug Moylan will have left his mark long after he's left office....and wouldn't it be wonderful if there was an appraisal of property and it's discovered that we've all over-paid thousands of dollars for same and won't have to pay for same for years to come.........hmmmmm, must now wake up, I'm dreaming again!
Congratulations, Alicia, you'll make a fine first woman attorney general!

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September 26, 2006


If your doctor is still practicing, does it mean she/he's never had a malpractice suit? Only his/er hairdresser knows!!!

The topic of discussion yesterday on the Patty Arroyo show had to do with the secret/cloaked story of a malpractice suit between Esperanza Sablan(I think she's the wife of Rudy Sablan) which GMH(your tax dollars) paid some $65K because supposedly Drrs. Mike Cruz and Ric Eusebio did surgery on her and she died. This case is supposedly sealed and how it was unsealed and made it to the radio waves is quite mysterious......anyway, the hospital paid it and supposedly, the two doctors were taken off the case(which I can't figure out because if they didn't do the cutting, then nothing would have happened to the woman and the hospital wouldn't have had to pay out the large amount of your money....like....she didn't perform surgery on herself........like.......I'm a bit confused!
So...Dr. M. Cruz says it's all political.........perhaps....but it's also a secret that GMH has kept since it (GMH) was supposed to report all settlements of malpractice to some AMA place which it has never done......there were several settlements that you(taxpayers) paid that were never reported.......and since you don't know which doctor is foot loose and fancy free, won't know if you'll have a Kelly clamp left in your abdomen the next time you're operated on....or a sponge, even....they've been known to be found long after a patient's been sewn up!
So this afternoon.......on the Dr. Edweirdo Cruz show, which I absolutely love....mostly because I could be bi-polar and still be normal after or while I listen to him........he spoke about Dr. Macris 'outing'(my word) Dr. M. Cruz. He said that Dr. Macris wasn't pure as the lily and that there were things pending on him, that he didn't go to a good doctor school and that he failed at some business venture....whatever it was, I found the bashing to be quite unprofessional....but then, I don't listen to Dr. Cruz for his medical profession. I rather like to listen to him because he's really quite funny. The man can talk about missiles from N. Korea, the Nuclear subs that are coming to Guam, the nuclear sub tenders and can address local problems and still laugh about almost anything....a laugh that makes you wonder how he can still be a real and practicing doctor.....
He's for four more years and encourages most callers to vote for four more. He's a really funny guy on the radio......but how he keeps his medical license current is a whole other story.
In the meantime....the big question remains unanswered.......how will we know if the doctor we think is the best hasn't killed a patient? I would want to know that if I was about to have major surgery- especially at GMH!

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Director finds ways to use resources and is said to have done it illegally.....so the dumb-dumbs march to Adelup....go figure!

Okay, okay, so there's a civil service organization that keeps all govGuam employees employed whether they're smoking pot, driving agency vehicles, stealing or breaking the law.....the government may as well be a company in Japan where employees have to die before they lose a job..........
I say kudos to Larry Perez who tried to make use of the people(aka employees) at DPW. He moved people around so that these people were actually working for their pay checks........well, guess what...their lazy behinds put a stop to the 're-arranging' and called 'foul'. They went to the governor's office...who's heard to have said it should return to the way it was, then the dopes marched to Adelup, weren't happy talking to Shawn Gumatootoo and whoever then decided to visit Frank Aguon who might be the island's next Lt. Gov.....(who if elected, will want these beings re-arranged so that they do earn their keep.....as in WORK for their damn money and not just sit around and barbecue.
The fact that there are rules and regs aren't lost on me and that maybe Mr. L. Perez could have made use of same.....but who's used rules and regs for the last umpteen years when re-arranging people....I think this was the first time ever. I personally think Mr. Larry Perez should be given a trophy for trying to put order in one of the government's most disorganized agencies...
Poor Larry, to have done all that work only to be told to undo it.....what a shame! Must be we like our people to be paid to be lazy and not working while on the government clock!

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September 22, 2006


No wonder they found e.coli and it's cousin bacteria...who knows what else lives in that kitchen!

Hubby and I were doing the Phad Thai noodle thing while watching the tube news last night and literally had to stop eating after we watched the news on the on-going story of what made 130 school children sick this last week.
YUCK and YUCK and YUCK....who in his/er right mind would cook in a filthy kitchen and send food out of that kitchen at the Tamuning Elementary School to be eaten by public school children. I think KUAM's website has a picture on-line of what's tide to the faucets at that school at this time...I've seen cleaner mops!
This person, I. Santos actually admitted that the changing of the filters fell through the cracks and haven't been changed or maintained for the past 'who knows' number of years and e.coli and family have been living there and have decided it's time for a change....like, get those kids sick time.......oh, and a few adults got sick too....
But, not maintaining isn't a big deal with GPSS(formerly known as DOE) or the grandmother of agencies all........govGuam......most agencies don't maintain anything...from firetrucks, to ambulances to police cars to air conditioners to anything.......they work whatever it is until it's broken then they buy a new one........so that's just exactly what's going to happen at Tamuning Elementary from what I gathered from last night's tube news........at least according to GPSS........they're going to by-pass the filtering system(who knows what the system cost govGuam, if it's still working) now that they think GWA's water is 'better' and going to use GWA's water........of course, we all know that GWA's water has a lot of those 'white' thingy's in it so whatever water fountains you're gonna be using, it's gonna need to be changed because those white thingy's are gonna screw up the pipes....they've done it everytime....expecially in in the Tamuning and Tumon area, just ask anyone who's lived there!
Anyway.....this isn't about the minerals in the water....of the chlorine which wasn't enough to kill mr and mrs e.coli and family, it's about the filth in that kitchen that was used to prepare meals for school children.............wonder where the public health inspectors have been lately.

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September 20, 2006


Support the Greyhound revolution and they'll stop 'hounding' you at that taotaomona station.

'Honest to God', we used to say before we would make a strong point when we were much younger.........so, Honest to God, Robert, if you want the taotaomona station to stop hounding you about that infamous letter you wrote on behalf of the Marshallese(sp?), the letter that poor John Vega (how sad that he has diabetes and feel he has to put you down in order to make his candidate appear credible- does he not realize that this act contribute to his illness? Does he not realize that he's being used...again?) And now that you're in the middle of a divorce(I guess that's what you're going through, the whispering about it is so loud it's deafening) they're making you out to be a felon....wow, each newscast has you having to leave your campaign to fly back to satisfy the court because of some misdead...you crook!
Okay, so, you really shoulda/coulda come out and said that you were gonna get a divorce....it woulda/shoulda/coulda kept those big traps shut and kept talk show hosts interviewing wives from alluding to the fact that there would be no 1st lady if you were elected governor. If you had said there was a divorce in progress(if that's the process) then the lady wouldn't have had to play coy about it....It's not like a man is crippled if he's elected governor and doesn't have a wife. You have a perfectly good sister to stand by your side and a teacher daughter that can stand in the place of a wife when a woman is needed and when all fails, I'm sure you can find a date....
But.....it's water under the bridge and your public wasn't advised and the taotaos in the norf are having a blast at your expense with your personal problems with your divorce problems. I sure do wonder what you did to those people......they sure don't like you.......but..
If you want it to stop immediately......at leaste with that place? Put your entire support behind the slot machines........tell them that you'll walk to each village and that you'll tell all the people that their children will have better schools, better hospital care, more cops, more street lights, faster tax refunds and pay raises for every govGuam employee if they vote for that Prop B....wow, you'll win their hearts..........and you'll be their hero....and they'll find someone else to beat up.......and you might get your chance at that seat at Adelup.
Gotta go now, my tongue's stuck in my cheek!

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It's on the floor somewhere....

I can't believe Jon Anderson's really off the air. I'm thinking this retirement is a ploy of sorts. He's not going to throw away a quarter of a century of his life on behalf of a few slot machines at doggy tracks in Tamuning. I'm thinking he's on a vacation or sabatical. He's too smart to just walk away from doing what he loves to do.....unless of course....there'$ a lot of money involved......rumor(don't you ju$t love them?) has it that he's making over $250K Yeah, I'd leave my mike job too if some one offered me a job that paid those bucks..........
Anyway.....if you've not heard, Jon Anderson, the voice of the Marianas is no longer on t.v., he's now pushing for Prop B...the legalization of slot machines at Guam Greyhound.......he'll try to convince the voters that his company will be hiring bunches of people, will build a state of the art performing arts center and will fund hospital and education needs..........
I guess the Bishop will have ha hard time saying 'no' to Jon if he calls for an appointment.........or any of the senators....
My personal opinion on the matter is.......there are already gambling machines in various locations........what's the big deal....if it means the government can earn a few bucks, why not? It's not like we're not already gambling! We may as well make it legal!!!

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Some throw rocks, others sling mud.......but hey, isn't that what you do when you're running on 'fear'?

What a sad day it is when we can't keep our focus on whether the man who is running for Adelup is qualified to run the government, or that he has picked a good running mate and that he and this mate would stay a 'team' for the entire four years doing what they promise to do for the island.
Perhaps this team is reaching those who are tired of headlines that declare the hospital's almost out of blood, or that there's no water in the south for another week or two, or that the dialysis machines at GMH haven't been working for weeks at GMH, or that there's a shortage of teachers and that high-school graduates are teaching our children...and on and on and on...perhaps there's a groundswell of support for the Underwood/Aguon team that's making a whole bunch of people upset.......upset enough to pick up fists full of mud....and sling it!
And sling these scardy cats do.........on KUAM airways----several talk show hosts actually encourage callers to bash Robert and talk about him with so much contempt that you can almost feel the hatred coming from the woman's heart, almost see the foam coming from her mouth.
Before the infamous (the current one) anti-Filipino brochure was passed around, there was the letter written in 1997 on behalf of the Marshall Island government. Frothing at the mouth, it was localized and the issue became an Underwood-vs-Guam issue. Entire days were spent on the air bashing Underwood. He was accused of all sorts of things...even called a coward because he didn't come to KUAM to explain why he wrote the letter....of course, no one there thought to call his office because if they had, they would have discovered that the man was off-island.....anyway, the letter written on behalf of the Marshall Island was strike one, then the anti-Filipino brochure, strike two, and the orchestra continues to play with strike three.....KUAM gets an anonymous tip that Underwood has to appear in a Fairfax, Va., court for failing to do something....contempt charges probably having to do with his divorce....breaking story....of course, anything to besmirch him...hoping that he would lose credibility....and votes.
And so they say that all's fair in love and war....and I'm thinking that when one runs for Adelup, one joins a war and there are no rules. Just throw mud and hope it sticks and hope that your candidate continues to appear with out fault....lily white.
Are we concerned about the issues that took place in 1997 or what's happening in our schools....or what caused 90 elementary school children to become so sick they had to be sent home from school today? Are we concerned about Underwood's divorce status or should we concern ourselves that there's going to be enough blood on hand at GMH in case of tour bus accident and more than 40 pints of blood is needed?
Isn't it awful that the other camp has to besmirch Underwood inorder to make their candidate appear credible....or...qualified to remain in office despite all the problems, bloated government and the high cost of living.
Perhaps the gestapo general should stop the mud slinging....he may just cause enough pity for Underwood that people would actually pity the man and vote for him because they've made him an under dog......boy....I went from Underwood to under dog....best I end it here!
Then there's the crab mentality....we Chamorro's are known for having it! That's a whole other subject!!!

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September 03, 2006


Actions say a lot about a person....even long after an event.

Long after the break up of the Camacho-Moylan team, one wonders why the two could never get back together for 'the sake of the people', (you know, as married people- for the sake of the kids)
When Carl Gutierrez fired Kin Perez, Auntie Maddy's COS, she took the high road (for the sake of the people and the democratic party and pretended to remain friends forever....at least in public. They attended events together and did all sorts of things together---as governor and lt. governors are supposed to do....privately, (actually, most people knew every detail) the gov's staff hated the lt.'s staff and vice-versa) but the government ran and ran and ran...or, is that supposed to be 'operated'.
Okay, when Camacho fired Moylan's Bertha Duenas, Moylan's director of the state clearing house, or whatever her title was, the fight was permanent and there was no saving the relationship for God or the people.....and just as those before them....the staff of each, can't stand the staff of the other....and the government hobbles and people in D.C. laugh at the people of Guam that the two leaders behave like little 2nd graders.(insult to second graders)
So......after I watched Gutierrez and Cruz walk over to the Underwood camp last night, I (am so naive) thought that maybe, just maybe, Mr. Moylan and Mr.(I think I'm democrat-no, I'm a republican,-no, I'm a democrat)Francis Santos would at least pick up a cell phone and concede, at least to look good to those watching t.v.....to the public......no way, jose!!!!What would Jesus do you ask? Jesus wasn't a republican......
So, instead of conceding, Mr. Moylan said something mundane and thanked those at UOG and I began then to wonder where I had parked my car....I imagined that maybe Felix had asked to be forgiven for whatever it was that caused the problem and there was no forgiveness forthcoming....at least not in this lifetime.....and last night, it was obvious who the 'un-forgiver' was.(in my humble opinion, of course!)
There is really no room in one's heart for bitterness, no matter how
great the assault to our pride, which I think is what happened when Camacho fired Duenas and refused to allow Moylan to rehire her. After the actions shown this morning, I'm sure that there was never the effort to quietly sit down with Felix to discuss best they could salvage their friendship, the administration and Duenas' job. At least as long as Moylan was being unforgiving and bitter. The administration could have done wonders for this island because both Camacho and Moylan are smart men, but this is water way past the bridge. I hope that leaders learn from their mistake and I hope that we learn that as long as we have bitterness in our heart for what others have done to injure or pride(also known as egos), that we have given our very power to those people until the very day that we have forgiven them and have let go of that excess baggage.
So many of us allow what's happened in the past to determine our future.
So I'm guessing that tonight's meeting at the M/S headquarters is about how they're going to bring the votes of their supporters to the U/A ballots.......Underwood's sitting in the catbird seat....ain't he the lucky one?

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Those that lost have started their engines and all roads lead to the old Chin Fee restaurant!

I predict that Robert A. Underwood and Frank B. Aguon lead the next administration. The prediction isn't based on any scientific polls or any scrying or the reading of tea leaves or coffee grounds. The U/A team will win in the same way that Camacho and Moylan won four years ago, only this morning, it was more apparent what's going to happen.....if U/A play their card right, Adelup will be theirs......a few jobs for a few hard-working leaders of the G/C and M/S teams and the election is theirs! That's the oil that fuels this second and final fun for Adelup.
I have to say that it took a lot of humility to bring Carl Gutierrez to Underwood's camp this morning to concede the election. Not only did he bring his running mate,he brought along his children. That takes a very big person. Say what you might about Carl Gutierrez, but this morning, he was not a sore loser, nor was he a cry baby about losing. Instead, he pushed away his personal feelings and thought about his party and the work of his people and walked to the opponent's camp and gave them his(their) support. Whether or not the act is sincere or it was done for a photo of-which I don't think it was, it took a big person, especially as proud as Gutierrez is, to have made that walk.
Underwood, Aguon and their people were gracious and obviously appreciative and perhaps must've imagine that such might've happened since there was the playing of the GC theme as the group made its way to the UA camp.
In a way, Gutierrez' visit to the Underwood camp took away some of the victory that Underwood and Aguon could have felt, the champagne bottles being opened and the like....the moment went to the greatness of a team that lost but weren't too proud to join forces in the name of their party.
What a way to start the second phase of the run for Adelup.
Carl and BJ, you might've lost the keys to Adelup, but you won a lot of hearts by your humility and graciousness. What you did was a class act....good on you!

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