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October 31, 2006


Do as the teacher says, not as she/he does....sometimes their examples are the most pathetic!!!

I think most of the children from Yona and Dededo went to Prop B's halloween party last night because they sure weren't at my house, but I digress....what I really want to say is that I missed the news and found this exciting bit of news on the KUAM site that I just had to copy so that you could read it entirely. It was written by Sonya Artero.
"The Government of Guam Retirement Fund's acting director, Paula Blas, says she expects that by the end of the business day today, the Fund should be finished running-off approximately 7,000 checks at $1,100 apiece for "regular retirees" from the Government of Guam. Although Governor Felix Camacho pledged to pay out the cost of living allowance by October 30, Blas says the earliest the Department of Administration will receive the checks is by November 1. As to whether DOA even has the estimated $7 million to cover COLA checks is a question that agency's deputy director, Joey Manibusan, could not answer saying, he doesn't really know. "
In plain language, the boss lady is saying that she's going to write some seven thousand checks for eleven hundred dollars a peice and will mail them all out by the end of this month. Her male employee says that he doesn't know if there's enough money to cover the checks.
So, is it any wonder why the youngsters in this community end up bouncing checks, having their cars repo'ed, their homes foreclosed, etc., etc.? This is your government working at its best....
Actually, the answer is quite clear, a bunch of people have called the Chamorro talk station and have threatened that if their checks weren't released by the end of this months(as well as the settlement of the other COLA issue), that they would not vote for the re-election of this administration.
So, here's hoping those checks don't bounce until after the election, huh? You'd think that someone would check to see that there was money in the account before the checks were written....but that would be in a perfect world!

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October 30, 2006


Dr. George Macris seems to have been 'released'(as in fired) from his position at GMH's ER then rehired all within a few days....what's the story?

It must not have been a good enough story since it didn't make print or t.v. news. Heard that he was 'let go' because he made too many 'booboos' on the Dr. E. Cruz show last week, then heard this morning's Ray Gibson show that he was re-instated with pay. So one has to wonder what the 'hay' is going on at GMH, like, don't they have better things to do than fire ER doctors?
It's bad enough that the boy that was seriously injured at school was brought into ER last Friday at 1p.m. and wasn't really taken care of until his heart went into cardiac arrest at 5a.m......heard that the hospital couldn't locate the on-call surgeon....anyway, the rumor about Dr. Macris' release is that there was no reason given for the termination and that a judge re-instated him, with pay this week...so not sure what happened to the 'booboos' he was said to have made.....anyway, isn't it unethical to talk about fellow doctors....especially on the radio?
And while we're at it, there's a rumor that if you go to abms.org and do a search you can find that three of our local doctors aren't board certified? Interesting? Who? Inquiring minds want to know.

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How would you feel if you had to write about how you felt about a brain dead child who should be getting ready to accompany his younger sister or brother on Halloween nite but he can't because some outraged teen bashed him mercilessly 'til his brain stopped functioning?

I've been 'opinionated' since the beginning of '94. I've laughed with you, laughed at you, praised you, scolded you, was mad at you and now, I cry because of you. I cry because my heart aches for that family whose fifteen year-old brain-dead son lays on a hospital bed because an outraged boy beat him up....for what? What made that boy so angry that he had to make mush out of this child's brain?
What happen to the on-call surgeon who's said not to have come to the hospital after many calls and the boy didn't get the critical care he needed? What has happened to us? Why have we allowed this child's life to slip into a coma? What have we done as a society to have caused the other boy(perhaps more that one boy, or girl(s)) to be so anguished, to outraged to injure or beat another child, almost to death when it wasn't so long ago when a few youngsters in a nearby village beat up a younger child, a girl, to death.?
I wonder if the boy who beat this once happy boy into a vegetable would feel so 'macho' if he were brought into Jeremy's room to sit and watch over him for a few hours and watch the family as they pray for their child. Bet after an hour of watching the frail little Jeremy in that big bed with all the tubes running in and out of his little body, that boy would feel differently about what he did Friday before last.
Why is there so much violence and rage in our hearts, in the hearts of our children, young, and teens alike? I know that there are hardly any school counselors in the public school system, could that be the problem? I don't think so....the molding of the hearts of our children begin in the home, where mommy and daddy are the child's first teachers. If the parents are loving, then they teach their children love. If they are violent and angry, then the child will be violent and angry.
The public school superintendent's bandaid fix on Southern High's problem of not enough people to watch over the student population by placing more school aids in the school ground is just that....a bandaid! The problem is much, much deeper. The problem starts in day care, in Kindergarten, in elementary school and so on and so on. We have to teach our children that hitting another child is not an acceptable way to solve a problem even if his father or mother choses to do so at home!
I hope that you can find it in your heart to remember the family of Jeremy Newby in your thoughts and prayers, that they find the strength to deal with this tragedy. And for Jeremy, I will pray that what ever God decides, He will give the Newby family the strength to deal with His decision.
These are sad times for this community.

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October 04, 2006


When all else fails, blame someone else...and these days, it's vogue to lay blame on someone in order to make oneself appear to be the better person.

What a terrible example we're giving the generation that now vote for the first time.
For the past two days, I've been glued to K57 and KUAM and have listened to people both young and old, with Chamorro and Filipino accents calling to lay blame on Underwood and Aguon for the COLA debacle. Thankfully, the U/A team got a bit of reprieve this afternoon on Dr. E. Cruz' show because it was Bash Dr. Macris day and so a few people got on that bandwagon, but for the most part, almost every ail this island has suffered from 1898 was blamed on Robert and Frank...
The blaming game is really quite insulting to the team of Camacho/Cruz. It means that they aren't good enough to stand on their own merit and have to make the U/A team look like the dogs that built the Gill/Baza subdivision then evicted the tenants.....
Instead of calling up and giving kudos to the wonderful things Camacho has done for the island, the callers are wasting their time bringing down Underwood and Aguon, making one wonder if there was nothing wonderful that was done during the four years Camacho was governor. Do I have to make you look bad in order for me to look good? Are these calls to the two stations what desparate people do when they're desparate?
It doesn't go without notice that the U/A team is taking the 'high road' attitude during these muddy times. It's something that Madeline Z. Bordallo did when her COS was fired, or when she and her boss didn't see eye to eye. Underwood and Aguon want the keys to Adelup but I don't think they want it at the expense of losing their character.
I really think it's mean is it when radio talk show hosts allow callers to say that Underwood has called the people of the south (Guam) and Filipinos names...things that are said on the radio last long after the election and no matter how often Underwood calls to say he didn't say it, will never clear his name. How much easier would it be if the talk show host just said at the beginning of the show that he would like his listeners not to vote for the Underwood/Aguon team. That would be much more understandable than allowing the racism to fester.
I know we don't live in a perfect world, but wouldn't it be nice if we took the time to know what was good about each candidate then allow each voter to decide which one to vote for. Let that voter find the candidate and ask the hard questions, then let him/er decide.
The other night on Fredalyn Hecita's show when the governor was playing the guitar and singing, I wondered why his backers couldn't just call and talk about what a talented and nice guy their guv'nor really was. I'll say it for them, he's talented, and likeable and he doesn't need to have his opponents trashed to be made to look good....
Otherwise, U/A, please get rid of the rain, the smog, my trash hasn't been collected(again), gasoline's too expensive, tax refunds' late(again),EITC(hmm, what's that?) Won't bore you with the rest of the long list, I'm sure your list is the same as mine!!!

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