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January 25, 2007


Sponsored violent-oriented activities don't help much, but no one seems to care!

It's front page and 'news breaking' stuff, the bullying, the beating, the shooting of pellet guns in out schools....our children seem to want to beat or kill one another, not two weeks after one of their own was buried after having died from being beaten up while at school, which we all thought he'd be safe at.
First of all.....being safe at school is the last place your child is safe at(forget the preposition at the end of the sentence!!!) Your child is either not safe there because his teacher or aide will molest him/er....or.....another child will bully him/er or....beat him/er up.
The next place your children is not safe at is at a park.....especially if the park is at Dededo.....last night....a gang of thugs beat up a few kids while two insensitive kids video taped the beatings...of course they stopped the taping to take part in the beating themselves...equal beating opportunity.....of course!
I'm not going to play shrink and say that the two working parents, the absent grandparents at the home when Johnny and Julia come home is the root cause of the rage that seems to fill the souls of these desparate children. Our kids see violence wholesale on a daily basis! They watch t.v. and are encouraged to watch the promotions from beer or liquor companies that show off those who want to punch out opponent's lights....beat'em up....mean like. Macho....like....
It's great to be the school bully....who wants to be the school wimp?
We blame the school for the child that brings the pellet gun to school....wow, when I was going to school.....if I brought a pellet gun to school, that was the end of my story...I'd probably still be grounded, picking up trash from Lujan's store to the old Town House! I say, make the parents of these children pay the price for that child...it's time the parents got involved in their children's activities.....and people who don't have the time to raise children properly....shouldn't have them....for pete's sake....stop having children you can't raise. This government, DYA, DOC can't raise them for you! I firmly believe that if the parents were held responsible for the criminal actions of their children.....there'd be a little less bullying...a fewer less pellet gun shootings and zero deaths for the beating of students.
As for the violent oriented promotions that encourage the island's youth to fight and be violent....I think it's time that we stood up for our kids and started boycotting those companies that promote and encourage violence....
We really do have to take a stand on violence....the next child injured or beaten to death my be yours....a neice or nephew.....

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January 13, 2007


So, do we make a big deal out of it or should we quietly work out a relationship so that we don't have the problems that 'they' had?

KUAM's webpage reports that a group of peacenics from Japan were here recently, warning Chamorros and the Chamorro Nation about the coming of the Marines. Here's what KUAM reports: "Members of the Forum for Peace, Human Rights and Environment came to Guam this week to meet with island officials and members of the community. Yamashiro Hiroji spoke through an interpreter about the purpose of their visit, saying, "We came here to exchange our ideas with Chammorros and the Chammorro Nation, we'd also like to know more about the situation with Guam and U.S. bases."
Hiroji says the goal of this organization, which boasts millions of members is to promote peace and remove all U.S. bases from Japan. As for the transfer of Marines from Okinawa to Guam, Hiroji says that he has mixed feelings. On one hand he is happy to have less U.S. military personnel in Japan, but on the other hand he's concerned about the burden that it transfers to Guam. Hiroji says that in Japan the U.S. military presence brought along a lot of social and political problems. "Because of the U.S. bases it causes tension between the east-Asian countries and Japan," he explained.
In addition to increasing political tensions, Hiroji says that the Marines based in his country are also responsible for an increase in crime. "We had a lot of crimes committed by Marines, especially in 1995," he stated. "In Japan a 15-year-old girl was raped by Marines. This is not the only issue - there are also a lot of homicides committed by Marines, so I'm really worried about so many, 8,000 Marines transferred here."
First of all, these people are a group that want to get rid of ALL Americans-U.S. Bases (per KUAM's report) from Japan and it really doesn't matter whether the Marines are well-behaved or not, they want the military bases GONE!!! TWO: Most of the sins seem to have been committed in 1995 and THREE: They don't say how many homicides the bad Marines have committed. Of course, two homicides is two, too many, but just how many did the Marines commit and what happened to the Marine who murdered the two victims?
I have to say that whenever you import a huge amoung of anything, you're bound to get a few bad apples, so adding 8,000 Marines means that you'll probably get 100 bad Marines, 100 bad dependents, etc...I'm guessing the number, as it's anyone's guess how many bad apples will come with the group. In life, there are no guarantees that all will be the perfect guest, just as there are no guarantees that any of us will be the perfect host. How many of our hometown boys will welcome our guests with open arms as they come with their Section 30 monies that we desparately need?
But.....in the meantime....let's not start calling them murderers and rapists before they even become our neighbors....these aren't nice names.....and words such as these are readily available for them to read on the internet....instead, we should let the 8,000 Marines and or their dependents look forward to moving to Guam where the people are known for their warm and friendly hospitality....where problems are handled quietly and intelligently(hopefully away from the Nation people) long before the arrival of our future neighbors.
I also hope that Uncle Sam allows not the Chamorro Nation but the members of the Legislature and the Administration to work hand in glove with the Marines assuring a smooth move to this island paradise and that by the time our friends arrive, our infrastructure problems are solved. (Yes.....I am a dreamer!!!)

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January 12, 2007


At a local school a student uses other students as targets with a pellet gun....how's that for being the campus bully?

One can't fault the students and other minors for being violent....every where they look, the adults are showing them that it's okay to be violent....heck, they learn while todlers (at home) that it's okay to hit mommie(or daddy, or even brother Jose and sister Kathy) torture the cat or family pet. Little is done with kids that beat up other kids in school. If one brings a gun to school, the kid gets a 10-day suspension- big wow.....the student gets a ten day vacation......
So, Johnny brings a pellet gun to F.B. Leon Guerro School and shoots students....the kid is arrested, suspended and is at DYA....not much else is known...but betcha he's out within days and he'll be back at school....bragging about being at DYA...he'll be treated like a hero.
How in the world did the boy get a pellet gun into the campus is the $64,000 question since the school is supposed to have a rule in place that requires a see-thru bag which would make it hard to hide such a toy....who's watching out as these kids enter the campus? Who's watching as these kids enter the classrooms? Should we have someone pat them down as they enter each classroom....randomly, perhaps?
Violence is rampant and is really a social problem....one need only read the paper or watch t.v. or read the press releases of what's coming in the form of entertainment....the extreme productions that include the beating of bodies until they bleed....the kicking, the fighting....maybe if we boycotted the companies that promote these violent oriented events, they'd get the idea that it's hurting our minors and put a stop to it....otherwise, our children will continue to be moving targets to the likes of that boy at F.B. Leon Guerrero.

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January 09, 2007


So sad.....the sign of the times.....

One must read Amanda's comments about my opinion on Jeromy Newby's death from his beating from another high-school student from Southern High-School to get a 'feel' about how a teen might feel about the demise of that young boy and how easily his death is to forget, focusing on the living, using the 'forgiveness' as a prod to moving forward and 'getting over it'.
Dear me, I'm all for forgiving and yes, I'm sure that anger probably took over the boy, causing him to beat Jeromy up until he was nothing but a living vegetable, but to forgive without calling for justice just doesn't cut it for me. We can't say that it's Christmas or New Year and it's the season for forgiving and saying that the anger gor the best of someone and to move on after a life has been snuffed out. To do so means that we have de-valued the life of a human being. It means that we can kill again because when it happens, we can blame it on anger or insanity or something in that line of thinking and 'forgive' and move on, forgetting that a life's been taken.
Should I have been saddened because the boy who did the beating was in DYA the whole time the Newby family was in total chaos as they watched their boy's life slip away from them at the ICU unit at GMH? His being at DYA was a result of his choice of action and no one else's. He could have gone to school to learn on that October morning. But he chose to do something else.....and because he chose to do something else, he ended up at DYA, and Jeromy Newby ended up dead.
In time, the boy at DYA will either go to DOC or be released...either way, he'll be able to see his loved ones. He'll be able to hug and kiss his mother, maybe even have a girlfriend and get married, get a high-school diploma and or go to college. He'll have his life and have all the things that God created him to have, but because of what he did, Jeromy Newby will never have anything.....Jeromy and his family being cheated of all of the wonderful milestones a family usually celebrates.....
Yeah, I believe in forgiveness, but it's got to be mixed with justice and so far, no one's talking 'justice'.....but then again, I just can't understand why our children are so angry, so enraged, so mad at the world.
Have you ever made eye contact with a teenager at one of the mall food courts? Their eyes aren't the happy eyes of teens having a good time....or looking to have a good time...they have the eyes of teens mad at the world and if you can't read it in their eyes.....you can read it on their tee-shirts.
So sad.....these times.....!

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January 06, 2007


I think I would have preferred to see the rest of her trek to Fonti River!!!

KUAM reported on tonight's news that Continental was upgrading its entertainment services on "business class aboard Boeing 757s and you can now choose up to 25 movies and 25 SHORT-subject programs and 50 compact discs and that systems will also be installed in the aircraft's economy cabins during the summer of 2007."(Lucky the sardine-packed freaks in the back, they get to choose 25 movies too!
I'm really happy for the passengers flying Continental Airlines i New York and Newark, do you suppose that we'll have some news next week on other upgrades going on between Cleveland and Akron, Memphis and Nashville?
Honest, I'd rather hear that Continental Airlines is lowering its airfares between Guam and Honolulu (forever and not just sometimes when it suits them), but guess any news is news for a slow news day!
I rather enjoyed Jean Hudson's trek with David Lotz and hope that she and camera man spend more time with the trek. We often forget how beautiful our island is until we see others enjoying a walk to visit the pretty parts of it.
Good on you, Jean, hope it's a regular part of your weekend news.

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Honest....they're looking for one, maybe you can help!!!

Cut and pasted from Charo's mail.
"Hafa Adai Family and Friends out there!
The Sons & Daughters of Guam Club, Inc. in San Diego,
is seeking young Chamorritas between the ages of 16 and 25 to compete for the title of 2007 SDGC, Inc. Liberation Queen.
She must be of Chamorro heritage, or born on Guam, or another nationality reared by a Chamorro, and must be familiar with the Chamorro Culture.

The Contest provides an opportunity to compete for the Crown and earn a percentage of proceeds from fundraising events.

The Liberation Queen Contest starts with the Kick-Off Dinner Dance on January 20, 2007 and ends on June 18, 2007.

The Title and Crown will be awarded at the Liberation Ball on July 7, 2007 at the SDGC, Inc. Pavilion, to the candidate who raises and submits the highest net dollar amount to the Club at the close of the final tabulation on June 18, 2007.

Upon receipt of an official invitation from the Guam Liberation Committee, SDGC,Inc. will provide one round trip airline ticket to Guam, for any qualified Royal Court member who raises $25,000 or more, to participate in the Guam Liberation Festivities.

If you know of a young lady who may be interested, or need more information, please contact Julie Holwitz, 2007 Queen Chairperson, at (619) 825-9936 or (619) 992-2112 islagirl45@yahoo.com ,
or Marte Quichocho, Liberation Committee Chairperson, at (825) 254-3058 tsdeditor@yahoo.com before January 15, 2006."

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I miss my kookie friends...what happened to them...were they really all fired?

I'm going through withdrawals.....I lost my air head friends and refuse to believe that they were all 'fired' as a caller to K57 claims.
I'm referring to the Talk Show hosts at KUAM 610 a.m. radio. When I tuned in this week and heard only music, I thought that the host was MIA (as in missing in action), but for the next couple of days, the station was still playing elevator music. WOW, I thought, the station had some really unreliable hosts....then this Howard Hemsing person calls the Ray Gibson show and claims all the talk show hosts at KUAM were fired and that K57 was the only talk broadcasting station on the island...
So, where will the complainers and whiners call, the local activists and Nation people, where will they call and who will they speak Chamorro to when someone answere Line 1,2, or 3?
I'm really quite surprised that the station changed the the entire format. I just assumed that the station was more than breaking even (financially) doing the talk show thing.
In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to learn how to use the MP3 thingy...it won't be as entertaining as KUAM's talk show personalities but it'll work until I can find something as hilarious!
Adios, amigos, esta later!!

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The fight was over a girl, now a 15-yr. old is dead because a school bully beat him until his brain turned to the consistency of jello....yet we've yet to hear about any arrest.

Jeremy Castro Newby was on life-support since October after being beat up by a student at Southern High School. Supposedly, the fight was over a girl. I hope the boy is happy now, there's no way Jeremy will ever get the girl...Jeremy went to heaven today, leaving his parents and siblings to mourn his loss.
Jeremy's father spoke to the students at Southern High, telling the students that fighting wasn't the way to communicate thoughts. He wanted the students there to be aware of what happened to his son when violence was the avenue used to communicate. He did this hours after his son lost consciousness.
The case was discussed everywhere and often, then other 'breaking news' stories surfaced and Jeremy's story was replaced....no one asked what happened to the person who did the beating....if he stayed more than 3 days at DYA....while Jeremy was alive, it was just an assault issue. The issue is a grave issue now....a young man has passed away because someone who couldn't control his temper beat him up....if the boy wasn't beaten up, he'd still be the wonderful and happy child the Newby's had, a child who had much to live for.
So I ask....who's going to make sure that someone pays the price for Jeremy's death?
Just thought I'd ask!!!

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January 01, 2007


It's a reality.....our health counts for everything!

In the last three weeks(not exactly 21 days, but the days don't matter in this situation), three policemen passed away. Three men in the prime of their lives, maybe mid-forties, certainly not senior citizens. I know that two of them died of heart attacks, think the other one died of the same cause but am not totally sure....
Their deaths beg the question.....is there anyone at GPD that checks up on their health and well-being? Is there an exercize program? Is there a diet requirement for those that are obviously overweight? Is there someone watching out for the mental well-being of these men and women who are out there. albeit, one has to look hard to find them, looking out for out best interest and safety?
Does the passing of three young men an epidemic?
If we had a GPD doctor assigned to oversee the health of men in blue on a monthly basis.....could we have saved three lives in the last three weeks? It's too late for those who have crossed into the gates of Heaven, but I think there's still time to help those who are obviously unhealthy that we see in the daily papers and on t.v. on a daily basis. If we don't try to save their lives for themselves, then let's try to save it for their families!
Sadly, one has only to watch the same evening news and peruse the same papers for pictures of other government employees that have countless chins....bad health choices are alive and well at most GovGUam offices. It's no wonder we can't seem to get the Body Mass Index program for the kids in school underway......we're such bad examples its no wonder our children are headed for diabetes II....
We really have to do something about being health....it's quite a serious issue....our lives depend on it!
You can be a millionaire but if you don't have your health.....you have nothing but a nice hospital bed, perhaps with a good view!

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