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February 27, 2007


Took a long time but it finally hit him....the stipends just wasn't worth the headaches.

According to Mar Vic somebody of the Marianas Variety, Fred Horecky, the smartest man on the Guam Election Board.....is no longer going to be that....cuz, he's running the other way.....like, away from the headaches and havoc that comes with that job that pays less than peanuts. He's really a young man but you couldn't tell it cuz he's totally gray and walks like an old man......you can be sure he got that way from being a member of that board.
MVariety reports that his term expired (I wonder how high in the air he jumped for joy) on 23 Feb.
I guess I'm not totally surprised that Mr. H. is leaving, he's a Demo and it's kinda a repubicrat administration but nonethelike.......tis gonna be interesting who's gonna replace his brain power. Another person that Mar Vic Person says is leaving is that of Greg San Nicolas...seems his term has also expired.
In the end, it's no problem...unless there's a run-off cuz UA pulls off some Supreme Court miracle....it'll be quiet down at that 10 storey building for awhile. I wonder if they're caught up with their utility bills!

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Could it be.....the reason the Greek decided to jump SS(sinking ship) GEDCA?

Alas! I think I know the reason the talented Greek head of GEDCA decided 'no more, no more' was/is because he got a new deputy....can't figure out why since the agency hasn't had one since 19-forgotten.....anyway, it was interesting watching Mr. Blahs interacting with the clowns and COLA spectators this day.
Mr. Blahs is a nice guy and all but one can't say that all the 'screws' are all in the right place....or even that they're tightened .....remember....for several years, he bashed the jokers at Julale....even bashed Adelup and sided BIG TIME for Uncle Carl......now, he jumps the fence and is on Uncle Felix' side? Gonna be interesting what happens if he takes over GEDCA.......
It's such a tightly kept secret why KUAM suddenly got rid of all the talk show hosts....I mean....like., suddenly....the prime 'talker' is outta job and now he surfaces as deputy of GEDCA. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wonders wha happened.
So........the funnies begin....starting with the COLA debacle....then add a sprinkling of Max Havoc and we should be up to some interesting, if not hilarious times ahead.
Welcome aboard, Sir Tony Blahs.......and farethewell, Zorba!

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February 26, 2007


The rats are jumping ship....that's my opinion, of course!

When the rats thing the ship is in grave danger, they smell it...they sense it....and so, rather than take a change of being on it when it sinks, they jump off.
So today, one of the golden=head(he has no hair) advisers of the governor is jumping off the HSS GUAM (his sinking ship) He's leaving his job as the director of GEDCA.......I have to say that having him there was better than not having him there, even if it meant not being able to collect the money from Mark of the Dragon, or whatever that movie was called.........
I will miss his repeat this response 'We're moving forward' everything he was interviewed of when he was caught before those goons in Agana.....but on March 9th........he'll be able to say it with some truth....Andy Jourdaneau will actually be moving forward. The government won't be moving forward(it didn't move forward while he was in it so there'll really be no change-him being there or 'gone'....)
He didn't say on ABC7's news report about where in the public jungle he was going to work but think it will be a conflict with local law that he had been working with GEDCA and come out of there and go directly to work for a bank....(his work with the 'consortium' and the bond issues and the like), then word with the bank that GEDCA may have been negotiating with........just a thought.
Okay, it's time for dinner.........ciao!

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The job only requires the person to have reached the level of the sixth grade. I dare anyone who's passed the 6th grade to apply!

I'm sure as the sun will shine tomorrow that this sixth grade graduate is already working at some bakery in Tamuning and it's a loop hole in the law that we're advertising for someone with his exact qualifications so that he can keep his immigration qualifications in order to keep his slightly over minimum wage job as a cake baker.

Ads such as these will continue to appear in the newspaper and they'll be so exact that no one here will be able to ever qualify for the job.

Aye adai those loop holes.....they sure keep our people from getting the jobs!

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February 25, 2007


Let's see how long PDN lets it last.

I salute PDN for opening up a comment line for the articles they report on-line. Some of the comments are of great interest and are quite 'newsy' themselves.....the comments is a thermometer of how well the island is doing....right now, we're at 1.05f degrees and counting....lots of pathetic news reminding us that we're not making enough money to pay for the cost of living that's increasing almost on a monthly basis. Everything has increased within the last six years, most recently, the water and power have increased and will continue to increase. People who do a bit of farming can hardly make ends meet because they can't afford to pay the new water bill....oh, those new radio meters? Heard they won't start reading until the whole island has been installed and 'working', but don't quote me, I don't always get my stories straight.....anyway.....you almost have to be rich to live on Guam and that's no lie. Even a can of spam or corned beef hits the pocket book.....I digress..........what I'm getting at is that now, there's a place for people to talk to the readers of the PDN about what they think about issues based on the stories that are printed on-line.
I suppose I'm going to give the chat line about six months before the haters start going on-line and bashing people personally and PDN will have to watch the page and start to lose money on same because of the awful stuff that people will print. KUAM had a forum, RleneLive had a forum, Charo had a forum and recently, K57 had one....they've all been shut down because of personal attacks or scandalous comments that weren't pertinent to anything...let's hope that people will keep their comments on the 'high road' and that we'll all be able to discuss how we're all going to survive this ship headed to the bottom of the Marianas Trench.(The ocean, not the Thai food place!!)

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If a private company only paid their employees partial pay checks....you can bet you'd see suits, maybe even jail terms if it happened on a regular basis.....yet.......

Yet.......many govGuam agencies do it over and over and over again......the lady AG said that it was not legal to make partial payments on an employee's salary.....the director of GPSS said he didn't want to go to jail and generally agreed with the law that states that an employee should be fully paid for the work done.......
Yet........employees of GPSS got checks that weren't complete....the figures in today's PDN about what the agency needs within the next few weeks for GPA, retirement, payroll is huge........and then there's the issue of the recent raise.
Couldn't we just ask the private schools how much they'd charge the government to take over the school system? I've yet to hear that Bishop Baumgartner or Harvest or St. Pauls, or San Vicente or any other parochial school has come close to a payless payday....or even a partial one. Sure they charge for their students, but the parents get results for the dollars they spend since the kids usually do well....it's quite obvious that these private schools know how to manage their meager funds. They even manage to pay their bills within 90 days and one of them even built a brand new gym....
I swear.....if I ran a company(or agency) that couldn't find its way out of a paper bag, I sure as hell wouldn't give not a one of them a raise....with the exception of the underpaid teachers in the trenches who've long been unappreciated and underpaid.
Maybe it's time we got rid of a few secretaries and the PIO and give their salaries to the teachers.....if those that have secretaries can't type their own letters and file their own material....then their salaries should be examined.....
The Feds must be laughing big time at us.......especially when we ask for money for this or for that.........heck, they're liable to start asking us for a paper trail for all the money they give us before they give us any new money......that would not be a good thing! And you wonder why our teachers went to Las Vegas....or....DODEA....

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February 23, 2007


Ask a poor person how he survives....then perhaps we should make a list on how to save money for our broke-down government!

I think it is a Scottish that had the saying; "Penny wise, Pound foolish." Seems these days the mucky-mucks of GovGuam are just that..penny wise, etc. According to KUAM, the actg. Gov. has put together a list of things that government can and can't do to save bucks.......I like the part about the travel. During the first part of this administration's term.....all the agencies discovered parts of this whole world....China, Europe, the U.S., etc.......at what cost, who knows. Now, we're talking travel, but at the cheapest fares......hmm, he didn't say that the agencies should be savvy enough to arrange their travel in time for saving big bucks....like the 7-day, 14-day etc., air fares.....but more than that.....he(and his boss) can almost make all the travel for the entire government entirely free........by making all government paid travel tickets have the perks turned over to a government account. Various private companies fly their employees for free using mileage points. We can surely use these mileage points for those that need air fares to hospitals in the U.S. or the P.I....
Then of course, there's the power that the entire govGuam agencies use as if there was no tomorrow.......when the offices close up for the day......the air cons don't necessarily go off, the computers aren't turned off....etc.....I'm sure that there are agencies that can't turn these mentioned items off but most agencies can almost turn off the main switch when they close up for the night.
And...I'm sure the people at Advance Management aren't going to love me but.........can't we get the students to pick up a mop and broom to pick up the room before they leave the class room at the end of the day? (rotate it so that all get the wonderful chance to help)...Those that misbehave can do the yard work. I hear that's how Fr. Duenas Memorial High School keeps their grounds in such good shape. I think it's called, 'justice for God' or, JUG for short. I've heard that some boys have been known to lay tile and hang doors for the school. I'm not suggesting that public school students lay tile or fix air conditioners but they can do light work to instill pride in where they attend school and the government can save a few buck....paying a few dollars for what the kids can't do such as fixing or maintenance and the like........
Oh....and those streetlights that working 24-7....they're everywhere....bet if we drove around the island and fixed them to work only after dark.......we'd save at least a dollar ninety-eight!
And those wonderful cell phones......I think it's time to review the accounts payables and see just how many dollars we've been spending on them.......I don't think we all need to have a cell phone........gosh, I remember when it was vogue to have a beeper! I think this is where the actg. gov. should consider the cheapest rates....I've seen some pretty snazzy phones....the ones that take pictures and all........hmm, maybe I'm just jealous because I don't own a phone....
And how about those car rental units....or those who get reimbursed for gas....does anyone really check those chits when they're turned in?
There's a ton of ways for the government to save money.....but it'll be hard to break the spending habit....it's so easy to spend the money when it's not yours. There's a thinking about money and government and unless you're outside looking it, you never 'get it'....remember the issue about the dump and the big fine from uncle Sam of more than $3K per day or something like this and the director of DPW says publicly....oh well, it's just $3k per day? I'm not sure how much the fine amounts to at this writing but I'm sure it's in the ten$ of thou$and$......and we'll continue to keep the dump open because it's just a small fine that we have to pay.......
How many other agency directors think this way? I wonder if the actg. Gov. should call a cabinet meeting and have a think tank going on how to save pennies........truly.....if you pick enough of them up.......you'll have a hefty amount at the end of the day....and that's a beginning.
Gosh.....we could even get trash cans at all govGuam agencies and collect aluminum cans........I know someone that treats his family to a great dinner out once a month just on the cans he collects...just a thought.
That's my laundry list.......what's yours?

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And I bet they get to keep their jobs...good example for the other employees to follow cuz nutin happens when you break tha law, dude!

KUAM reports that a GFD fire chief says: "there is no excuse for drug use in GFD, considering the firefighters' significant responsibilities to the public. While he has a zero-tolerance approach to drugs in the agency, Peredo does say those who tested positive will be able to go through a drug rehabilitation program. He said, cautiously optimistic, "If they complete that and successfully pass and satisfy enrollment in that program, then that particular employee has the right to come back to work provide that he does not revert back to using that substance again."
So........if the fire chief says there's there's a zero tolerance for drugs, one would think.......ZERO....as in....none....none in the blood, none in the lockers, none in the wallets, none in the urine.... It's nonsense to say there's a zero tolerance for anything then dance around the issue when 'stuff' is found in the drug tests.
It's like being pregnant....you ain't ever just half pregnant! The dudes are druggies and if they want to be druggies, they should find jobs that allow them to have the stuff in their urine tests....and GFD should only keep employees that stay within the rules and regs.....otherwise....why have them? (rules, regs...or the damn employees that can't stay straight!)
KUAM further reports that the chief didn't release the names of the druggies......well, let me tell you.......the whole lot of GFD know who they are because they ain't working their regular duties.....and....if they get to keep on working after they're caught...what kind of example is it to the others that follow the law and pass every drug test...random or otherwise?
According to KUAM, chief says:"We just can't afford for our personnel to be under this situation at any time...yes, I am disappointed, but it happened and what we can do is find ways to fix it and don't let these things happen again."
Dude......you're the boss....the way to fix the problem is to get rid of the employees that break the law....if you fire those employees that break the rules, others won't be so tempted to do drugs....right now.....who the hell cares about whether you're disappointed or not...they'll do whatever the hell they want and you'll just go on the air and whine about finding ways to fix the problem.
One of our biggest problems....in my most humble opinion, of course....is that we don't have a backbone......we're so hell-bent on being liked that we don't know how to kick butt........I'm still remembering the drugs and stuff used with it found in lockers at the new(then) fire station in Astumbo.....those dudes didn't lose their jobs either.......
Unfortunately....the lack of spines is contagious.....GWA and other govGuam agencies have had druggies who failed their urine tests and didn't lose their jobs either.........so I wonder why stuff like this even makes the news when it's such a common event......and it wasn't even a slow news day!

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February 22, 2007


He sure had a lot of 'listeners' but what exactly was his message?

I watched a bit of the interpreted talk between the Japanese politician and the mucky-mucks at the hallowed halls a few days ago....The man's arrival was advertised big time on talk radio....he was going to address the tangantangan nation members at UOG. He supposedly had something important to say to the zooes as they sat at his feet listening to his very words about Okinawa, the Japanese Diet(not the kind you go on to gain or lose weight) and the 6 billion dollars that the Japanese Diet might 'lend'(I swear, that's what I heard translated) the Americans to help move the Marines from Okinawa to DUVA.
The dude said things like it's better for the military to interact with the people outside the gate rather than just stay inside the gate....wow, that's really big news....good for Lone Star and OutBack steak house....he was vague about the horrors of the Marines and Okinawa and mentioned that yes, they did buy trinkets that helps the economy somewhat(my interpretation of the interpretation) I even gathered that one of the reasons the Okinawans want the Marines to move is because the people want their property back.
The clowns seemed to want the words to come from the dude's mouth...words such as....tell the members of the Japanese Diet to tell the American Government to make sure that some of that 6 billion is used for infrastructure for outside the gate....but.....the man didn't respond.....seems the language barrier becomes a real hurdle when necessary....as well, someone said the no-no words and the translation really got lost....war reparation(s) went right over the dude's head as well as his English spokesperson....
What the dude said over and over and over, however......is that if the officials(he wasn't exact about which officials would be the ones to be the ones to do the task) wanted to make sure that some of the 6 billion dollars was to be spent outside the gate.....that the officials had to demand it be spent on whatever the officials wanted...the dude also sympathized that the clowns were clueless as to what's happening or going to happen with the coming move of some 8,000 Marines.
I'm sure that I'm naive and just didn't get the reason for the man's important meetings.....and that I misunderstood everything that I heard/watched on the 'local government' t.v. channel......but I sure thought that it sure was a strange thing for a Japanese politician to come to Guam to possibly instigate problems between the 'locals' and the military....especially since several elected officials already feel left out of the military planning meetings.
And I'm naive enough to wonder if the Japanese Diet, or any local state government in Japan would appreciate one of our elected officials to come to one of their towns to hold a 'town hall' like meeting, suggesting that their people demonstrate or demand from the government what they want.
I'm sure there's a very simple explanation to the man's visit.....but the island's already tense enough about the coming move that we don't need any help making the natives more restless.
Wakarimasu ka?
Iie, wakarimasen!

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February 19, 2007


I don't have permission to publish his missive so I'll leave his name out of the picture. Just know that he isn't painting the coming Marines, their dependents and other military personnel with the same awful paintbrush.

I cut and pasted the letter without the writer's name;"January 13, 2007Something from Auntie Charo whom I consider a special cyber friend. We've been exchanging thoughts for several years now, though I haven't heard from her in several months. Here's what she has to say about the uproar that some are making about the Marines coming from Okinawa. Some even elected public officials.
I totally agree with Charo and have so said in a few previous e-mails to most of you guys. Enough of this the sky is falling bull puckey, I say! As you know my wife *** is Okinawan. Neither she, nor her large family ever harbored any ill will or hostility towards Americans. That would include Marines. And hopefully me too since I married their daughter/sister. Her brother ******* ******* was an Okinawan policeman for 41 years and I've never heard him criticize Americans or Marines. He lives in Ishikawa, just
a few miles from the Marine's Camp Hansen, where my wife worked in the Base Exchange during our second tour in Okinawa. She thought they were gentlemen and treated her kindly. Her brother ****, who has worked on Kadena AB for more than 30 years and he isn't critical of Americans either. Three years ago he and his wife visited Guam. Enjoyed a day of golf on Andersen. His wife's mother resided in Agat until her death some years ago and she now resides in Our Lady of Peace cemetery in Windward Hills. The point is, as Charo points out, that there will always be some malcontents and problem cases in any large group. I don't think it's any secret that many crimes, especially assaults, have been committed by locals against Americans and yes, even against those big tough Marines. The same is most likely going to occur when they arrive here on Guam. It will be
interesting to see how many locals chime in and say, "I told you so!". I'm sure one lady senator already has her words ready for the press. I guess since she's spent a few days in Okinawa, and briefed by some Okinawans, that she is now qualified to address the matter.
What I wish the lady would pay more attention to are the abhorrent crimes taking place right here on island Guam. Does a week ever pass that a young child isn't abused in some fashion? How many such acts are committed that aren't even reported and kept secret within the family? More than a few I'd guess. What would you and I know, eh Sgamby? Or any of the other Marines receiving this who have spent some time in the 3rd Marine Division. Color me very disappointed in what I've seen on TV, heard on the radio or have read in Mr.
Webber's newspaper. The one some call fish wrap. Why is that Lee?
Fish wrap is a term often used on K-57's Message Board before it was so unkindly 'deep-sixxed.' There used to be some very smart people posting there. Pretty sure many of the elected officials, our Fearless Leaders like Felix and King Karl and his minions, didn't appreciate what was being put into print. The truth hurts maybe?
OK, stop reading my malarkey and read what the nice lady Charo has to say. For Charo: Hopefully more like you will be receiving the Marines, and the Air Force and Navy new arrivals too, as you do. You'd make a great Director of Hospitality, if there were such a position. ****** in Guam"

I hate that Marines and the building for the arrival of same is equal to money and for that, people are running in circles trying to get a cut of the pie......otherwise, they hate the coming of the Marines.
What hypocrites we are.

It's so stupid that we can't all forsee that more Marines and their dependents will be earing more hamburgers from the fast food joints, that more of them will watch movies, shop at K-Mart, shop at Home Depot, who may be trained in teaching and will(if we're lucky enough) will apply to teach our children, giving them a view of the world from the eyes of someone new. I'm sorry(and I say this tongue in cheek) I fear more for the safety of the marines rather than the safety of our people. What a wonderful and perfect world it would be if we could practice getting along with them as we wait for their arrival.

Dear Marines and your fmilies. Chamorros are basically a loving and hospitable people. They will adopt you as their own. They'll delight in teaching you about our favorite delicacies. We'll love your children and we'll enjoy being envited to your homes. Please don't let those who have hate in their heart scare you into thinking that your tour of duty will be anything but a happy and a loving one. I grant that when the time comes, there'll be tears spent because you'll be leaving behind people who love you and who'll miss you.

How ever long way ahead your arrival will be.........I anticipate i'll b a happy one. Welcome to Guam!

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February 17, 2007


If you want me to run any advertisements for events, please send them to me in a text form. I don't open attachments.






NEICE OF JOJO BORJA (619) 993-1348

TIME: 5 P.M. TO 10 P.M.



Quality Entertainment you & your guests deserve to have...
(951) 265-4540 / (530) 749-1107

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I'm tired of reading about 49-yr-old men raping an 11-yr-old girl and basically nothing happens.

During the past month or more, there have been so many reports of criminal sexual assault on a minor, sometimes todlers and or infants that I want to scream everytime I read or hear about it because nothing really happens. It's like we turn away. Heck, it happened to someone else's daughter/son, what's it to me?
I suggest that the child's psyche has been ruind for life that real justice should include the wearing of something by the 'perp' as he's paraded around a busy street with a sign that announces what he's done to a helpless and innocent child. Go ahead, hate me for saying this, but I think he should be made to pick up the garbage while wearing the banner or whatever it is that shows what a beast of a human being he is. I think that the law should put this perp away for his life and that all the money he makes while in prison is given to the person whose life he destroyed. I think that the justice for the crime is nothing compared to the damage it has done to the child......and it's so sad because so many of us don't do anything to keep it from continuing, yet....each day there's a story about a man who's molested a child......worse than this, there are mothers who have less love for their child than a stray animal and allow their boyfriends to molest their children.....they too should be made to pay a hefty price for the pain the child will suffer for the rest of her life.
But....we've all changed.....no one seems to care....and the girls become more cheap and become little tramps before they're even 12....then we wonder why there's so many teen pregnancy.....what's happened to our families.....aren't there anymore fathers like mine that lived his whole life making sure his 'baby' was safe from harm?
The sexual molestation of our children will stop when we begin to get more involved in our children's lives.....if we put more work into the family unit. If the family is broken.....then anything can happen and daily, the blotter proves just how broken our families have become....dysfunctional no longer the operative word.
It's 10p.m...........where's your teenager? More important....when was the last time you held him/er in your arms and told him/er how much you love him/er?
Do something different tonight.......write a short note about how much you love your child and are proud of him and stick it under his pillow............He'll think you're looney, but you'll fill his heart big time.....don't wait until it's too late.....tell him/er often how important he/she is to you and how empty your life would be without him/er in it..........say it soon....you have no idea how much time you have left to get this message across.
Let's let 2007 the year we put our children on a pedestal.....the year we mean it when we say our children are important and come first in our lives!

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I donna speka the goot kina English, but I ain't thu numbah two man at GP$$, either!

I always think that LOTE classes and the money spent for same in our public schools are geared for those coming from nearby countries....I mean, Federated nations that get federated funds from Unc Sam and should speak English....but....don't.......then there are those that come from the Philippines.....but.....those from the PI that I know are so proud of knowing how to speak English they incorporate it in with the various dialects....something know these days as 'TagLish'.......so where am I going with this you're asking........
Well........I'm thinking that maybe during the time that one high mucky-muck at GP$$ he should have been studying English as a second language. The story on KUAM's webpage is vague so I'm not sure if he's a former or a current acting super-super at GP$$, but it seems he's the information gestapo of sorts because he wants everything that leaves the department to meet with his approval.....and after watching/listening to his reasons, I'm sure it ain't because he's going to check the 'info' for improper use of the king's language.......
Here's Mr. Former-Something-but still at GP$$ earning really big buck$ Chargualaf said about the information leaving his department....according to KUAM's Irish lassie, Ronna Sweeney:"
Chargualaf stated this afternoon the reasoning behind the supposed gag order. "Many information are being sent out to the community and we're being used to represent the GPSS [sic]. Many of those information may be inaccurate and not factual at all."
Do you suppose he should have entrusted the know-it-all-defensive Gerry Cruz to give him a bit of coaching? Oooops, wrong guy....the dude ain't speak so good, either, but that's probably a requirement for being able to do the PIO thingy and make big buck$.....heck, Mr. Heffalump is in agreement with the gestapo tactic.....no one should know what's going on at GP$$ unless it passes Mr. Chargualaf's desk....and don't you just wonder what the hell the punishment is if some dumb-dumb writes a letter to the editor and says something truthful about GP$$ that doesn't make the mucky-mucks look good?
I don't believe in micro-management.......but think that Peter Ada and Joe San Agustine should de-throne a few of those people at GP$$ central.......that there empire is a bit too big for it$ britches..and looking at that defensive PIO....I'd say he's got some pretty big britches that could stand being taken in a bit.....the way he acts on air these days, one would think he was the head of the school system and not Mr. Luis!
What is it that Mr. Chargualaf doesn't want the public to konw, that the school system pretended to pay gross amounts this last pay period but didn't? Or,.......doesn't he want someone to slip out a letter from the vendors of the school system that threaten to stop working with the school because their company went belly up waiting to be paid? Truly, he just wants to save his cushy job and keep the real problems from being leaked to the public.....too bad, Mr. C., we already know your guys do your best to provide the worst school system for our children....that's no secret, just take a look at the most recent SAT scores....that's if you've paid for them yet, that is.
Please, Mr. Chargualaf and Mr. G. Cruz, quite continuing to insult yourselves by thinking that you're fooling us.......We're a lot smarter than you give us credit for........and if I had any time at all, I'd gather a group of people to downsize salaries for those that try to keep the public from knowing what's really going on that you're all trying to hide.
I am so sorry for the school children of Guam that have to attend public school. I'm sorry for the teachers that are employed by GP$$...know one seems to know how to run a school.
I suggest that the government have a serious talk with the private schools and negotiate the take over of the system. I can assure you that the children will be treated as if they were the island's most precious resource.
What a laugh every once-in-awhile when a nutty senator suggests that the incoming military families place thier children in our public schools...it's so pathetic it's not funny......but then again....a few of them might just learn about many information and grow into a job that pays more than the governor of Guam is earning. Ain't life twisted?

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February 15, 2007


Mindy Fothergil of KUAM reported that a fireman, "Newby was charged with obstructing government operations, disorderly conduct, harassment, assault against a police officer, and resisting arrest. The Guam Fire Department is now conducting an internal affairs investigation into the arrest."

Let me say that everyone is innocent until proven guilty so anything quoted is strictly an allegation.......sadly, the name, the man is known to us. We watched he and his family hovered over Jeromy Newby, his 15-yr-old son who died because of injuries he received while at school.
We saw this man leave his child at GMH's ICU, to talk to the students of Southern High School about what happened when one acted out in anger, when one became violent, etc. We watched this man and his family in grief when Jeromy lost his fight to stay alive some months later. I don't know how I would have reacted if I was in this man's shoes. That some child beat up his boy and caused him to die surely changed the way he thinks, at least temporarily since his pain is fresh and raw, living his loss on a daily basis.
Fothergil further states that:" A local firefighter was arrested today accused of causing a scene at Agueda Johnston Middle School where he went to pick up a relative. John Newby was picking up a minor at the school who had been found in possession of a marijuana pipe. When he arrived, he allegedly got into an argument with school officials. When he was escorted outside by police, a physical altercation ensued."
One has to question how a minor was in possession of marijuana pipe while at school. Was the child just showing it off to be 'machismo or machisma'? Was the child a user? I'm sure the investigations will reveal what happened on this day when Jeromy's father's mind was transported to another time, another place where he could do nothing but be angry and disruptive. Would he have acted differently if his son hadn't died as a result of a beating while at school? Will Mr. Newby senior always feel this loss and anger everytime he's at a school where children are supposed to be safe? What triggered the outburst?
Forthergil finishes her report:"Newby is the father of the late Jeromy Newby, the Southern High sophomore who was brutally beaten at the Santa Rita campus last October and was in a coma for more than ten weeks before he died on January 5 due to complications." The complications regarding any possible recovery for little Newby is that there was no brain activity for weeks and it's said that his parents didn't have the heart to have the breathing machines disconnected.
The complication regarding Jeromy Newby wasn't with GMH or the breathing machine or the fact that he just never regained consciousness after he was beaten up. The complication that kept him from living out a long and fruitful life stems from an act from a child who lost control and alleged beat him up. This act comes with it many, many tentacles that years of counseling may or may not fix. As I write this, I would be surprised to learn that the boy's family was given the opportunity to heal with the help of a psychiatrist, with someone who'd help them contain the anger that has to come because they are mere mortals whose son was killed. Who's helping this family live with the complication that happened at Southern High School?
I saw brothers an sisters grieving Jeromy's death. Will they be able to contain their anger when the time comes, or will they falter as their father did because no one thought that they might need help just surving the loss of their loved one?
There are many tentacles that come with the loss of a child and family member, especially if the death was provoked....I'm really sorry for Mr. Newby. He wasn't at his best today, that ugly tentacle just wrapped itself around his better judgement. I don't condone what he's alleged to have done, but he's drowing in a pool of tears and hurt and I don't see anyone offering a lifejacket.
While GPD investigates the allegations, let's pray for the Newby family.....and thank God that our own families have been spared the murder of one of our children.

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She's got class, she's reasonable, personable and a great role model....oh, almost forgot.....and a great new attorney general.

I'm no great expert on attorney generals...legal types or the like, but know that when a person has heart and mind in the right place that it can cause that person to be anything he or she wants to be. Alicia Limtiaco (in my humble opinion) is that person. In the few weeks that she's been the island's second elected AG.(the island's first elected woman AG) I've listened to interviews with her on the radio and thought her responses well thought out and put into a language that could be understood by most of the listeners.
This last Sunday, I watched Ms. Limtiaco on t.v. and found that she was not stiff nor stuffy. She was relaxed and comfortable and wasn't a know-it-all....nor did she try to outsmart or outtalk the t.v. host. She was quite the lady.....almost Madeline Z.B.-like.
Hubby made a comment about Ms. Limtiaco. He said that she was comfortable in her skin.
An odd description, I thought.....and I've thought about this for the two days or so. What would make this new AG comfortable in her skin....on radio and on t.v.? This afternoon, I heard her talking to the same radio/t.v. host, Ray Gibson who asked about her opinion about her choice not to get involved in the government's borrowing money to pay off debts until the case was heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. She spoke slowly and clearly, describing why she came to make the decision. Stuck in traffic long after the show ended and hearing more about her decision on a simulcast, hubby again reminded me how she was comfortable in her skin.
Since we were in bumper to bumper traffic anyway, I decided to ask just what he meant by the odd description. "She's comfortable being the AG because she knows her stuff. She doesn't have to prove how smart she is because she knows how smart she is and doesn't have to prove it to anyone. She's comfortable talking on the radio and on t.v. because she doesn't have an agenda other than doing what an AG does. She knows she has authority but doesn't need to show it off to feel powerful because she isn't ego-driven. She's got guts and class and she's nice at the same time, you know, like-she's comfortable in her skin."
"Wow, and she's pretty to boot!" He'd forgotten to include the beauty part in describing our new AG.
"Yeah, Nen, she's pretty but even that comes from inside.!" Hubby replies.
The light had turned to green and the car ahead of us didn't move, causing all sorts of horns to sound.....I was figuring that these horn-honkers weren't a bit comfortable in their skin, not comfortable in their vehicle, surely not happy to be on Marine Drive heading to Agana....."You don't suppose the AG would honk her horn to get traffic moving, do you?"
"Naw, she's smarter than that, besides, I think she's patient, don't you?"
"Yup, she's everything he said she was/is and I'm thinking we're pretty lucky to have her for the next four years and best of all, lucky to have her as a role model for young women on this island to emulate. She's a career woman, a wife,a mother and a great AG....what more can one ask for than for one that's comfortable in her skin.

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February 14, 2007


A group of people were promised a present of COLA....and so many people had to design ways to keep the people from getting the promised present.

And everyday, for hundreds of days, old men and old women would call radio sations and they'd tell their life stories....actually, some of them called to tell death stories, hoping to bring tears to the eyes, pain to the heart and 'I don't know what' to the conscience. Some would call and be angry about how long it was taking to get the precious present....others called to complain about the tricks being played on those promised this unique gift. Some people got together and brought the problem to the court....surely, they thought, a judge would bring justice to their group. He would declare that the gift was indeed theirs and that the government should pay the gift.....and right away...at that!
Alas! A few would wake to realize that the judge was a mere mortal who wanted to help these promised thousands was related to a few who were amongst the promised. People called the station and complained about the judge who took the case. They said that his father and mother were amongst the promised. Now, they want a new judge. One that has no relations to anyone. I'm supposing that maybe they'll place an ad in a small town paper in Couer D'Alene, Idaho to find a judge that doesn't know anyone on the promise list....or better.....not related to any of them.
Anyway, the promised group will have to wait a bit longer for their dream to be realized-if ever.....you see, there's this thing about maybe not being able to borrow the money and the U.S. Supreme Court.
So in the meantime, the promisees will continue to call the talk shows (they wore the lines up at the other station and now it's off the air) and we'll hear a death story from time to time because some of them are reallllllllly old. Oddly, the ones that aren't soooooo old? They're the ones that are promised a lot of moolah.....like in the $60,000 and over........this is just another neverending story about promises.....and life in what's turning out to be a very expensive to live at paradise!
And if you're wondering.....I'm related to quite a few of those old folks waiting for their gift$.......I'm probably also related to one or two of those who want to start a tax-payer suit to keep these people from ever getting their money......what a mess they've played with those poor people's brains ! It would have been so much easier to just say there's no money...there's no COLA. Someone lied to you.....and....get over it! But that would have been the honest thing to do and we're not there yet!

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Of course it's all allegations but this lady seems kinda on the violent side to be a customs officer.........do ya'suppos they'll re-think her position?

Here's what Mindy Fothergil said about the lady customs officer and her little stint."A customs officer was placed behind bars after being accused of making threats. Cathy Leon Guerrero Santos, 37, of Santa Rita was arrested last night on numerous charges to include terrorizing, criminal mischief, assault, family violence, official misconduct, and criminal trespass. Police were called to a residence in the southern village around 9pm Tuesday. A woman told police that Santos became angry and began throwing things, and allegedly threatened to hurt her with her duty weapon. An internal affairs investigation has been launched into the arrest. "
So......I'm no judge and jury but the blotter stuff wasn't exactly what one does in a play pen.....meaning that Dear Heart probably doesn't play well with others.........
GovGuam's good for keeping employees on the job for pretty much anything they're accused of......hmmmm, maybe except for murder....so the dudette will probably be at work after she makes bail...or whatever it is that one does to get out of the klink.....and she'll probably not get any counseling which probably means she'll probably go 'postal' again.....like a time bomb waiting to explode. The $64,000 question is.........will she keep her cushy job and we'll all forget the above allegations like it never happened.....like all the other times we alleged other govGuam employees were drunk and driving government vehicles........doing drugs on the job, etc?
Only inquiring minds want to know!!!
Boy....bet you're wondering what kind of Valentine Day dinner I just had.........actually, it was the most delicious meal I've had in a very long time and the cake was divine! It's just today's news that's been a bummer!

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12 air conditioners to make attendees comfortable, forget that someone should have planned for its usage for the students of the school. We've lied so much we now believe our lies!

Jayne Flores, boss lady of ABC and FOX news had an editorial about the 12 brand new 3-ton plus air conditioners that will cool one large gym at a school for a few days. Stupid is as stupid does, the system purchased the units, installed them then decided what to do about the screens on the windows and the aluminum louvres.....oh, and there's that door problem that doesn't close properly so no matter how many units are on....they'll cool the rest of the village because the 'stupidoes' didn't factor in the doors.
Heck, I should be on my knees kissing the ground because the stupidoes bought the 12 units and that someday living athletes will actually play basketball or something similar in that gym without losing 10 pounds in the process.....but you see.....the units have been in the wall(or it's reported to have been by the two tubers) and that the kids have played 'sweating it out'......until this big deal seminar thingy....now....we've discovered the money and can now figure out the window/screen/aluminum louvre problems......all in time for the sacred meeting!!!!!! Lucky kids....as usual, they always manage to end up with the crumbs!!!
I'm really glad Jayne Flores recognized the problem and 'editorialized' the situation.......she sure rattled Gerry Cruz(boy, didn't he used to work for Jayne at Cable doing sports----should still be doing sports cuz he ain't earning his keep doing what he's doing for GP$$!) I digress(don't you just hate that?) Okay, so she was talking to the kinda mixed-up afternoon talk show with Ray Gibson today and his cage was so rattled, I thought he was going to have an MI (look it up....his BMI is more than it should be for someone at a public school). He was really defending the spending of the funds for the show-off workshop! He was so upset....there was a Freudian slip about those lucky duckies who have certificates that got raises 'big time'...............
I'm not a believer of PIO types.........at least not his type of PIO-ing.......the PIO at UOG is such a refined person that you appreciate whatever it is she's 'selling'......even if you know there's no other college and that she doesn't really need to be 'selling'........then there's the new kid at GWA.......Gretchen, Hilda or whatever Ballendorf, bless her heart, calls to report the leaks.....compared to the dude that used to work there....lady Ballendorf(why can't I remember her name?) earns every penny she's paid........
So in closing......I'm thinking that with Mr. G. Cruz' defensive attitude about the falling down house of cards that GP$$ is......should really be working some place like the maintenance department.......since GP$$ can't afford to pay its bills, perhaps he can do something worthwhile and help the newly rich certified people and keep the schools clean, repaired and painted.....maybe there.....he can keep his temper in check......but then, it's late and I must be dreaming......but you got the picture!
Good editorial, Jayne!

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February 09, 2007


It's time we got the parents to pay for the damages their little children cause.....starting today is a day too late!

Marianas Variety, the island's most complete local newspaper, reports the following: "Guam Police Department public affairs officer Allan Guzman said Hagatna Precinct officers conducted a follow up investigation on Wednesday’s arrest and were able to take five additional minors into custody. “Officers were able to locate five more suspects linked to numerous criminal mischief incidents and thefts of vehicles in the West Gate Apartments in Toto. Damage to vehicles included that to an official GPD Jeep Cherokee,” Guzman said.
The arrested minors were aged 12, 13, 14, and two 15-year-olds.
They were all charged by GPD with theft of property, theft of a motor vehicle, conspiracy to commit theft, and guilt established by complicity. They remain in the custody of the Department of Youth Affairs."
I say.....bring in the parents and get them to pay for everything their little children broke, stole, etc. After the bills have been paid, they should then bring the children to DYA and should be made to paint over grafitti, etc...
I would also take the time to befriend them and ask where they got the ideas for their adventures. Perhaps they watch too much t.v.....perhaps the violent games cause them to dream up their acts....whatever it is.....the parents should be made to pay.....after the parents have done all the work, send the children home for a short visit.....believe me....those kids will be more than happy to return to DYA after the parents use the 'coreas'(belt) on their littl bottome............
I know I'm aging me self but when I was 12, 14 and 16? I was playing stick ball on the street. We once hit a neighbor's car and we were so in trouble that the owner called our parents begging them not to spank us since it was just an accident....oh the age.....the time when we left the screen door so that the wind could cool the house while we slept. The wood door was never closed and the window screens was so easy to break in that most of our friends used them as doors to visit us during the day.During those days, the boys ages 12, 14 and 16 were home feeding the chickens, pigs, working with the garding or out in the ocean working with the traps with their father.....but then, that was when there were fathers who lived with their wives. Sometimes I dream of those days and wonder if t.v., movies, magazines and the migration of all the different kinds of people caused my own people to change and now we must live as prisoners in our homes. I certainly don't feel safe outdoors without my husband or big dog who's recently learn how to attack with a few commands.

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On one of the tube newscasts, she was pontificated.....what a woman of great worth. She was finally retiring. Seems everyone remembered everything but the little stint in a federal pen.

Tube 7 reported a litany of the woman's great work. All the lady's first milestones, done by no other Chamorro woman. She attended the best school in California, was a vice-speaker, etc....etc. While listening to the diatribe, it was almost as if the next thing from the reporter's voice was the announcement that she would be beatified by the sitting pope. I wondered how this reporter could leave out one of the worst things that this woman suffered because of bad judgement and how she was sent away because her judgement caused her to break federal laws. The reporter trivialized this part, as if it had never happened.
And so, it seems that others had forgotten the time the woman served in whatever prison it was for however many years she spent, paying her debt back to society because of her bad choices. Tonight's KUAM news reports: "Through her long journey as a public servant, Dr. Katherine Aguon became the first Chamorro woman to receive a doctoral degree, receiving hers from the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Aguon was also the first female to become vice-speaker during her first term in the 14th Guam Legislature and served as a senator for two terms. She retired from her position as the administrator of the Division of Research, Publication and Training for the Department of Chamorro Affairs. She is known for her guidance and leadership in promoting the preservation of the Chamorro language and has published several books that focus on teaching Guam's indigenous tongue and the island's rich history and culture. Dr. Aguon stated at a retirement ceremony held in her honor Wednesday afternoon in Adelup, "Now I am going to catch up on all the time I have missed with my family, they were there for me from the beginning and are here with me now, at the end of a long career."
Kuam also reports that the acting Gov gave her an ward for her services. "Acting governor Mike Cruz presented Dr. Aguon with the Guahan Award for her commitment to the island and its people." Of course this makes one wonder if they'll give the award to just anywone.
My personal opinion is that Ms. Aguon doesn't hide from her past and would have not been offended if the months/years or whatever time it was that she vacationed with Uncle Sam was mentioned as a part of her celebration. The lady that she is, she was able to make something of herself after she served her term. I have to say that she is one of the island's true 'givers', giving of herself to anyone who needs her help. Knowing her, I think that she probably didn't want such a public presentation.
Unfortunately, what we did was again, send the wrong message to our children. We basically said that it's okay to break the law....and when you do....you'll be given a good party. There's a double standard that we seem to have when it fits our needs. We've got to stop doing this. It's either black or white......too many gray areas confuse our children......it's no wonder our children lie, cheat, steal and destroy the our island. They're so confused about what's right and wrong that they're stealing cars and breaking into homes.....after all, we'll all forget what they've done and some day, even through them a going away party.
What very funny times we live in!

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Listen to the talk show callers and all they have to say about the run-away teen pregnancies. The teens are having sex like it's going out of style....the by product being children. Used to be, these kids have adults to look up to. Adults that grew up doing the right thing, no matter what.
These days, the children have few people to look up to....movie stars certainly set no standards worth following. I thought for awhile, we might have had our very own famous athlete that the restless teens could emulate. Go out there and live your dream.....you can be anything you want to be....if you work hard enough, practice enough, etc. Have some shame for the baby that's that's to bless your love and have him/er born into a marriage blessed by God.
Then, he appears on t.v. with his girlfriend and talk matter-factly about the baby their going to have sometime down the road....with no talk of marriage.....like it's okay to shack up and impregnate a woman and it's cool. The interviewer was actually buying into the milestone. I love babies and believe that they're gifts from God, but I also think that with babies come great responsibilities. It takes a father and mother to raise that child. And most important....a famous athlete that wants the kids of the island to look up to him should do the right thing....right his mistake. He got his girlfriend pregnant. He should marry the girl. Don't aspire to achieve your dreams, but not be responsible for your actions....almost being hypocritical. Not marrying the mother of your child sends mixed signals to our children. What you're doing continues to glamourize unwed motherhood, no matter how old you are, it's still not right....no matter how old your girlfriend is.
Don't tell the children one thing and do the other.
You've lowered the standards and it's sad after all the endorsements and your hard work.

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February 08, 2007


Damn, we even have to have an ad for a Japanese-speaking jewellry salesclerk.....a temporary one at that!

I'm not looking for a job but from time to time, I read the classified ads and ads that advertise openings for various openings....and yes, the ones that dept of labor(the govGuam one) advertises to satisfy the H2 need before a company can bring an employee to the island because it(the company) can't find an employee qualified for that special job. The ad that ran last week got my goat....Ms. Maria Connelly, dir of DOL advertised a position opening for some 45 days...had to be Japanese speaking.
Now tell me......(and I'm not dense) how many people on this island speak Japanese and how many of them couldn't/wouldn't fill that position without having to have it(the position) filled by some imported alien...(not the UFO kind!!!)
I'm hoping a whole bunch of people go to DOL and apply for that temporary job....providing of course they speak Japanese and only need the job for 45 days!
I'm so glad that the contractors that will be building whatever it is for the military won't be needing employees other than those who qualify for the job.(like...they can read a blue print)...and who can speak English!

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There's a joke about leprosy, but I won't go into it.....it's no joke when history repeats itself!

A long, long time ago in the village of Tamuning, probably by where that big and lonely building stands behind Ben Franklin, or maybe even in Tumon where the buildings are taller, lived many, many natives with leprosy. They were loaded onto a ship and sent to the Philippines.
Gosh, there were stories that perhaps the 'gupalaos' were the ones that were the ones infected with the disease, others said it was a combination of Chamorros and 'gupalaos'(those from the Micronesian islands-although there was no such thing as Micronesia in those days!)
KUAM's report on their webpage about the possibility that one could get leprosy, is quite interesting in that it reports that people, families who sleep together or have close contact are likely to catch the disease. " According to Dr. George Macris with the Harmon Doctors' Clinic, leprosy comes in two forms, confirming that the student supposedly has tuberculosis leprosy, the more common and mild version of the two. Even though the student had been attending school, Macris says other students are likely not at risk of catching the disease, saying, "Again, leprosy is not a disease that spreads very easily. Very close contact is necessary. Years ago people caught leprosy in families that slept together with very close personal contact. It's not one of these diseases that for example like influenza that you can catch it from merely not washing hands or a cough in the face."
How many of us are aware of people from the neighboring islands who rent or live in homes that are built to house four people but actually house eighteen or more? I know of a family who live in a house with no running water and no electricity.....and this house is in the middle of Mangilao. After this article, I'm quite surprised that there aren't more leprosy cases and certainly won't be surprised if it comes back unless the people at Public Health does something about it.
I wonder if KUAM will do research on the person who has the disease and report the nationality of the person with the disease.....inquiring minds want to know!

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