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May 04, 2007


And why not, not a damn thing happens to the bullies.....only the victim, if he's lucky, gets the ride to ER.....and if he's really lucky, gets to go home. The one before this more recent one wasn't so lucky!

And what happened to the boy at Southern High School that beat the hell, I mean, the life out of the Newby boy? Not a damn thing!!!! Big deal, he wanted to go to the parents and tell them he was sorry? Yeah, damn right I'd want to tell them I was sorry. I'd tell them pretty much anything to keep myself out of jail! But....Jeromy's still dead and the boy's still lounging at DYA and in the end, nothing will happen to him for what he did to end this young boy's life.
So you ask, why would these two teens from GW want to beat up another boy during school hours? Why not? Nothing's going to happen to them!!! Heck, they're probably the big boys on campus, the kids looking up to them. They have a black belt in bullism and there's nothing that anyone seems to want to do to stop it. So what happens? We are guaranteed that more and more will be beat up and until we have a day like the one that happened at Virgina Tech, we'll continue to do nothing! By then, it'll be too late!
Personally, I think DYA has become too easy on their clients. It's like being on vacation there.
I think that the parents of these bullies are responsible for how their kids turn out as well. I'm willing to bet that these kids are disrespectful at home and barely/rarely get the proper discipline.....perhaps the parents should call Sanctuary and ask if there's some kind of help they can get for their children before it's too late.
And you wonder why the Military decided to create their own school system? And you wonder why they're going to move the schools behind the fence where our bullies can't get to them? What happened to the 'friendly, laid back people' we were once said to be?

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You can tell GVB wasn't involved.....there were no hula dancers at the airport to greet the competitors!

I have mixed feelings about the Amazing Race that was aired here this week. On the plus side....it didn't show the never-ending debate at the circus for a balanced budget for this year....... B., it didn't take the contestants to any public schools that had no working air conditioners and it didn't take them to any of the filthy restrooms..
On the not-so-inviting side, as in, if-I-were-looking-for-a-destination-to-visit-I-wouldn't-want-to-go-there, the race taking place on Guam made Guam appear as if it was 99% military. I loved seeing the air drop and the footage at Naval Station......but hated the ugly back room at the Hafa Day Taxi, making it appear to be a dirty back room, almost scary to ride a cab.
Don't get me wrong. I liked the idea of promoting the military, but the Race doesn't really do that. They go to places and from the footage, you almost want to get on an airplane and visit the place. I'm not sure that after you saw the Guam footage, you were eager to want to visit a Military post.
But.....I'm sure that the only way Guam was ever going to get on the Amazing Race was if it was going to be with the Military.....you see, the GVB has become a knife and fork club, bringing its dance troups to faraway places and isn't really interested in participating in anything local so they probably threw away the letter advising them that AR was interested in filming the competition on Guam.
Everyone talks about tourism needing to have the locals participate....can't see that happening since the GVB has no interaction with any locals other than those thay buy them dinner or invite them to socials. There was so much that we could have done to make Guam shine on that show..........but, as usual, the folks at GVB were at siesta.....doing what they're best at!

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They talk the talk but don't seem to be able to walk the walk....what's new!

When I left the first time.....the dudes and dudettes at the circus were yelling and screaming at eachother about balancing the budget. The newbies were on t.v. and on the radio talking about cutting off such money drains as the Qualifying Certificates, raising the property taxes, possibly laying off people to streamline the government and so on and so on......then somewhere along the line, they got dream dusted on them and decided to raise everything that wasn't nailed down by law.....they could do this because you and I can't say it's exactly raising 'taxes'......and I don't have the space to tell you what the hooligans raised.....but did they put their foot down and tell the government that the big problem is that we have too many employees and that no matter how much we increase the fees and raise taxes, etc, as long as they're working for the government, we'll never make enough money to pay the salaries and have enough to build schools, hospitals, police buildings, colleges...or any other type building for that matter....hell, we don't even have enough money for asphalt for pot holes.....
So I went away, hoping that the ranting and raving would stop and they'd grow up and pass something to show that they had matured........
But.....they didn't....for weeks, they took dollars away from agencies.....only to put most of the money back into the same agencies....these people have revolving minds. They don't even know that they're changing their minds because they've lost focus on everything but that damned vote the next time they run for re-election.
We're such laughing stock that the people in the states no longer talk about the snakes....they're not talking about what idiots we are, trying to run the government.....trying to run an agency that's supposed to pick up garbage but can't seem to get all the trucks running at the same time.
About the only thing I can be sure of anymore....stay or leave....is that Guam will always be a laughing stock.....and worse than that....we pay the actors pretty hefty salaries!
I suppose the incoming Military (to include Marines) can use our lack of knowledge in running a government as comic relief.

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