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June 17, 2007


If you think otherwise, a few of us would be doing things to change the way things operate around here!

I used to think that my opinion counted for something....but....it doesn't. I say that our children deserve the best they can get....especially in school....but day after day, the calendar in the PDN adds the days that the children continue to survive in the heat at Tamuning Elementary and Southern High School....there are other schools that don't have working air conditioners but I'm thinking that the PDN just doesn't have the space to add up all those days, besides, our school administrators are totally shameless and don't give a damn who suffers in the heat....the poorly paid teachers or the children.....as long as those at the central office are enjoying their cool offices....of course. I would think that caring parents would put their feet down and say that as long as there's no air-con working in schools that those at central have to suffer....but our parents don't give a damn.
And so there's a whole long list of things I read and opine about and some write about how wonderful the opinions are.....yet, things remain the same. Our roads have claimed 13 people....wow....does this mean we can rule the roads because there aren't enough cops on the roads to scare these unidentified flying objects?
What's got my attention is what was done at Gun Beach this last week. Nothing will ever bring back what could have been recovered from the burial site because of the over-anxious contractor. I hope it costs big time....in money and in time. How many movies have we seen about homes being haunted because they were built on burial sites....Alas! We're building a slew of buildings on burial sites and we haven't even learned our lessons from the Nikko Hotel(remember the rumor of the dancing after midnight on top of the Chinese restaurant) and the 13th(if there's one) at the Marriot Hotel where the camera's pick up filmy objects moving down hallways-I said rumor......but the people who told it were pretty real about the experience!!! Anyway, we're now going to be adding a bunch of tall buildings on top of burial grounds where the Atchaot and Matua once threw their fishnets, where Latte Stones survived World War II, earthquakes and typhoons.......but not those damn bulldozers.....hope the Koreans aren't superstitious(sp)....4th floors? Don't even know how to appease the spirit of those ancestors.
I hope we don't get a group of smiley faces that will say it's okay if we can get the burial body parts into cardboard boxes and place them in cement vaults like we did for the last hotel that raked over ancestral graves.
Not going to list the government and its problems........you can read all of last year's papers(and the years before that) the articles are still current....just some of the names changed....some directors went back to their classified jobs.
WWIII at Tiyan may begin soon when the airport decides it needs to reclaim property to build the road......we'll see if there's a blood war that won't be carried out at the Paseo Stadium.....
So, I'm still here, still opinionated, just think that anyone really cares enough about where this island is going to make a difference. We seem to do best when there's no power and no water.....when the government runs out of money.....power and water will be the only parts that work and believe me, only the rich will be able to afford it....hardly one poor person went to the hearings to complain about the continually increasing charges.
I've come to believe that this place is fully of baloney.....not something you want to hear on a frequent basis.

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