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September 30, 2007


On the way home from Hawaii.....I overheard a rumor....could it be?

So....it seems that we might have more of the same.....only reversed.
Seems that Dr.LT.Gov is going to be running for the gov's position and the gov is going to be running for the Lt.Gov's position.
Hmmmmmm, how's that for a rumor? Will it mean that when Felis is lt.gov, he'll be staying and Mike will be the traveller?
Has Carlito heard this rumor? I wonder!

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But.....it's been bothering me and I'll bust if I don't get it off my chest!
If we're going to be warm and hospitable to our future neighbors that will live behind the fence in the north....then we must gather and make our needs known.

From the beginning, I said I was all for the Marines and their dependents coming to my paradise idland. I wanted us to be proud that we could embrace those that serve our country that we might be safe. I still feel that feeling, but another one's surfaced, and that because because Uncle Robert Lee said with a very straight face at a recent town meeting, that Uncle Somebody was not going to spend one red cent(not his exact words) on GUAM. This means to me that they want to come to Guam because they own the island. They'll be building a big Nordstrom's in the North in that biggeee mall and on and on....but will they help us with the problems we have due to the dumbells we've elected to pretend to spend Uncle's money? Nope! You figure out where to put the garbage from those that will come to build the castles for these nomadic soldiers. You figure out how you're going to live with more people needing more power and water....after all dear losers, we will be coming with Section 30 money.....and if you don't think this sort of thinking exist....review your memory of the recent increase of water from the sneaky admiral and 'colleague' of how to make and keep friends.

I say this.....let not one day pass. Gather all elected representatives and get them to be of one voice. If Uncle Sam can't help outside the gate get better before and during the move to Guam......then Guam can't afford to have those wonderful, albiet not wanted in Okinawa, Marines to our shores.

If we don't stand up for our rights, we'll be railroaded into the same situation the Compact of Free Association put us into. Have you ever wondered how much money GMH would have saved if that damned compact authorized the free immigrating FSMers to seek medical attention at the Navy HOspital? Why does the great white father in D.C. think we can afford to litereally give away our services on the measely reimbursements they give us? In Hawaii....our neighbor cousins get to go to Tripler........why can't they do likewise here?

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Why in the hell didn't the dear lady send a quick e-mail to whoever was in charge of Govdumb(George the Great is always off-island,so don't be sending him nothing!!!

Anyway, the owners ot the water at Fena Lake have been in the plan-making about raising the fees for.. their water for the 'locos'....The Sneaky Team French told his people to go on ahead and raise the rates....those 'dodos' outside the newly-built gate won't be doing a damn thing but....paying the damned increase. You see, he's watched enough of the goings on in Keystone Island to know that the dumb citizens don't do anything. They're stupid. Tell them a big story and they'll pay the fee. Hell, all they have to do is drive to Tumon or some dark area and snatch a few purses, steal or rob or even, the new thing learned from T.V., do a home invasion....heck...the only ones who'll have problems with the increased fee are the really stupid ones that will pay for it and try to put their house hold on some budget!
Everybody who didn't want their name known by thelisteners called the Patti/Ray Shoe to whine about 'why, how can they do that, we're good neighbors....etc...ad nausueam(sp)....
Ladies y gentlemen....French and his sneaks can charge whatever they want for their water because.........they can....and if you have any intention to live or survive as a human being....you'll pay the increase and worse than that....you won't do jack!!!
And isn't it sad that things went straight to hell the day after Dave Craddick got on that jet plane? I almost miss his multi-colored hair. No matter. He was the best thing Guam ever had... He was smart.....he knew he couldn't save the locals from their elected officials.

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It's absolutely disgusting that instead of learning from our mistakes, we're making more that don't have solutions. It's disgusting that the taxpayers are a bunch of wimps and allow the status quo to continue!

Being without a computer sometimes is a 'good thing'.....Being able to pick up and fly away to Palau and Rota is a 'good thing'....because it keeps me from grinding my teeth and being constantly upset. But I seem to be a part of a minority.....the majority is just lovin' every financial increase Simon Sanchez and the likes of him have thrown at them....smack in the face. It's like....let's see how much we can increase their water and power rates, their sometimes dumped garbage and see if they don't start stealing copper, aluminum shutters and snatching purses from our tourists.
But, Simon ain't the only one on the top of my wish he's focus on getting laundry done....I'm as upset with the dear man that's supposed to be RUNNING the school. Damn!!!!! Doesn't he get embarrassed at watching the number of days Southern High School is without air conditioning? Damn the parents of those poor students, too! WHy don't they march down to the school and force those that have air conditioning in their comfy offices to turn it off so that they can all attend the island's sauna! I say, Mr. L.Reyes(you deserved a D+ on your evaluation and should really read up on how to be a proper superintendent! You've managed to let children down in all of your 37 schools. Imagine that 26 teachers played sick last week and you didn't send any of your barely dressed assistants at Central.....where the air conditioning requires clerks to wear sweaters!
I'm sorry, dear reader.....like the other ostrich....you've had your head in the sand because you didn't do jack to make anything better. Let's hope you don't have any children in public school because you're guaranteed to have a dummy!

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