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October 27, 2007


What a farce.....Jerry Perez head of the visitor's bureau talks about how the island needs to get into this 'hafa adai' spirit and has yet to sell his staff on it!!!! Shame on GVB....the very heart of tourism which should lead by example!

Kudos to Mana Silva for having the gall to enter GVB with a camera just to see if Jerry Perez really means for the island to use 'hafa adai' as a greeting to our tourists. It must've been something he thought the reporter should know and probably didn't think she was savvy enough to enter the sacred office of GVB to see if she would be greeted with a 'hafa adai'.......the woman behind the counter wasn't dressed to be at any front desk(she could use the same clothes to clean her house or wash her car!) didn't greet Silva or her camera man. And you'd; think that the office would have learned from watching the package during that evening's news and everyone would be told to use 'hafa adai' as a greeting when anyone entered their office.....Alas.....Gerry talks the talk....but he and his kind....don't walk the walk....a few days after the package aired, Silva sent in her camara man and he was not 'hafa adaied'....Shame! Shame!
So.....we talk about this 'spirit' that we have as islanders. We're friendly and are happy for the tourism industry......but we're so out of the loop that we have no idea how to make our visitors feel welcomed. We don't know how to make those that live here welcomed....how can we make outsiders welcomed when we seem to be embarrassed to say , 'hafa adai'.....
We should greet our visitors in person and over the phone.....I think a radio station should have a call in to various offices and give a prize to those that use 'hafa adai' as a telephone greeting. We should compliment those that are making a difference....but don't expect GVB to make any moves, they're set in their ways....just waiting until they can retire.....or go off island on a trip. Me thinks that GVB isn't really tourist minded and you can tell that just from how they act towards a camera that's obviously rolling and trying to do better the 'next' time. We'll see if Silva gives them a third chance!
But........if you really want to experience the 'hafa adai' spirit, get on a plane and fly to Saipan where the people are friendly and when you're tired of their friendly spirit,; fly to Rota.....those Chamorros know the 'hafa adai' spirit and live it each and every day...to visitors and those that live there.

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Sabrina Matanane of KUAM asks priest if church can co-exist with the legendary taotaomona....it's halloween week....must be a joke, ya think?

History writers tell that the people who lived on Guam before western contact were skull worshippers....after burying their dead, they'd eventually dig up the skull and bones from the hand and placed them in the home where family members could consult with the dead person. The Chamorros believed that the spirit of their dead loved ones would oversee their crops, their well-being and even control the weather. They believed in an after life because they would bury their loved ones with the best tools and other goods that the person could use on the other side.
So it should be of no surprise that living Chamorros believe that the spirit of their ancestors still walk about. The taotaomona may represent the 'maganiti' or the dark ancestor that is a menace or scary rather than the 'aniti' or spirit that is earth-bound. Some would like to think that all taotaomonas are evil because there have been so many stories told about them. Again, it's no surprise because in this life, there is good as well as evil....enter Catholicism.
In Catholicism, there are special rituals and special clergy that are trained to exorcize a person who has decided to take over his/er life. If you don't believe that the church believes in evil spirits....watch them walk around the altar with their cute smokers ousting the evil spirits that might find themselves there before a high mass.....or, the next time you're at a funeral, watch the priest walk around the casket with the insense burner....smoking away the evil before bringing the remains to the cemetary to be buried in hallowed ground.
As for supernatural events...you can be sure that the church believes in that as well....wasn't it an angel that appeared before the young Mary and told her she would bear the Son of God? Of course, I wouldn't put the taotaomona lure on the same level as those conversations with humans from the angels....
Besides.....you wouldn't be 'catholic' if you didn't believe in life after death...then there's the time Jesus turned water into wine.....oh, and more recent to that, there was a priest by the name of Padre Pio that could be at two places at the same time(has witnesses) and when he heard your confession, would remind you about the sins you omitted....and if you were suffering from an illness, he'd tell you what to do about the disease(kinda like Edgar Cacey without communion-or penance).
It's said we're made in the image and likeness of God.....our sixth sense can tell when there's a spirit around....some who wish to be more aware, can see the dead in a veiled manner, especially those who are earthbound....as well, the bible teaches against witches....but...there are two kinds....the white and the black...Alas! An evil witch and a witch that heals.
I could go on and on and not make a big deal that evil is right there waiting to tempt me....it's a personal choice then to choose good over evil.....the spirit of the taotaomona merely needs to be acknowledged as one walks through his/er space.
Happy Hallow's Eve......and remember the question came up strictly because it we're about to celebrate a pagan holiday.......the question then should have been more about how the Catholic priest felt about Catholics celebrating pagan feasts.....I can surely tell you that the Christian churches don't.....you can be sure that the kids at Harvest and St. Paul's ain't gonna parade their little ones in ghoulish custumes.
But in the event that you encounter a taotaomona, throw a bit of rice and liquor at him/er....and they'll be sure to leave you alone to search out the homes that give away free candy!

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Added to the lead in their toys, now movie makers are making movies to bring the poison to their hearts.

I'd like to say that discussing religion and politics in nobody's business but your own....but I have to say that when it comes to discussing movies that are aimed to warp the brains and hearts of your children...then I have to put my two cents in!
The following is an excerpt from the website listed below which you can peruse to get more disgusting information. It's my sincere hope that you boycott the movie....that is, if you believe in God...Who's Son's birthday we're celebrating not many days after the movie opens.
"THE GOLDEN COMPASS, a new movie targeted at
children, will be released December 7, 2007. This
movie is based on a the first book of a trilogy by
atheist Philip Pullman. In the final book a boy and
girl kill God so they can do as they please. Pullman
left little doubt about his intentions when he said in
a 2003 interview that "My books are about killing

The movie is a watered down version of the first
book and is designed to be very attractive in the
hope unsuspecting parents will take their children
to see the the movie and that the children will
want the books for Christmas.

The movie has a well known cast, including Nicole
Kidman, Kevin Bacon, and Sam Elliott. It will
probably be advertised extensively, so it is crucial
that we get the word out to warn parents to avoid
this movie.

You can research this for yourself. Start with this
article on Snopes.com, then go to Google.


I can't imagine what it is that makes people want to erase God from our lives....and it's not just in the movie making....there's a dollar coin that totally evades that 'we' trust in God......and they got away with it. Hope you don't accept those coins either!

Oh well,there's a warm place for those that don't believe in Him!

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October 26, 2007


Until you're convicted....anything you get arrested for is 'alleged'....even doctors smoke pot....allegedly....of course!

There's this doctor that is passionate about using marijuana for medicinal purposes....in fact, he ran several times for a seat at the Guam Legislature....he frequently calls talk shows pushing the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes....
He works for two clinics......and should be a role model me thinks....but, he was caught lighting up in Tumon....allegedly, that is....so...I ask.....if the allegations are true....will he get to keep his license to practice medicine on Guam?
If you're interested in reading more, check out; www.pacificnewscenter.com.....his name is listed on that site.
One would think that he'd be smart enough to light up in private....heavens to Betsy...lighting up in front of Rotary Sushi in Tumon is just plain stupid.....hmmmm, I mean 'allegedly' lighting up. Good going!

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October 20, 2007


The vultures circle and people are lining up to take his place and he isn't even buried yet!

One other senator passed away while he was a sitting senator, the man, nicknamed 'jeep' what reason I keep forgetting about. He was a very good man and a good senator but was wasn't Tony Unpingco,and even though they were related by marriage, didn't have his charisma, his tireless efforts too keep both sides talking to eachother, the constant need for Unpingco to keep unity. When Uncle Frank passed away, names were tossed in like crazy, but a young son, Frank Santos jr.(I think he's a junior) ran to finish his father's work. It would be unfair to say that young Frank was elected because of the sympathy people had for his dad. I'd like to think that he was elected(along with the sympathy) because he was a smart person and could easily complete his father's goals. I'm not sure how long Senator Frank Santos jr. stayed a senator, but it's possible that since Tony Unpingco was his uncle that he might toss in his hat to complete his uncle's goals.
After the rosary at the church this evening, people were already talking about who should run for the barely cold Unpingco. The republicans were talking about maybe Chris Duenas, Sam Sousa who ran the last election but lost and is now directing the Agana Library, there's Telo Taitagui who finished #16 but why would she want to leave her cushy job....possibility the governor's wife JoAnn.
The demos are talking probably BJ Cruz, Frank Aguon and Joe Mesa and the King of the Road, Carl T.C. Guiterrez.
The feelers are out everywhere, even at the office that's called " Home of the good guys"....a place which was named that by none other than Speaker Tony Unpingco while he worked there.
Rumor had it that the governor was talking to a former running mate to run for the office, after all, he's one of the good guys. Have to admit, Kaleo did a good job while he was a senator.
Whatever happens who ever is elected....if the Democrates remain in the majority they can undo all sorts of things which could affect the comming Marines...last I heard, they ain't too happy with the idea that there will be more military in their midst. I'm betting Uncle Fed and friends are watching the island with a very close eye.
I guess I'm a bit surprised that talk about who's going to run for his seat is a bit cold for a man just hasn't been dead more than 48 hours. No matter, who ever wins his seat will have one hell of a time filling his shoes and that khaki Member's Only jacket.
Tony you will be missed....no matter who is elected. I miss you already.

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October 19, 2007


Blessed are those who mourn as they will be comforted. But we will be poor because a great man has left our midst. Guam has lost a great friend and tireless servant.

Everything about this man was great. He was a great husband, father, brother and friend. He was tireless in his job as a servant. He was a great role model in everything that he did. He loved his family and his church, probably as much as he loved his island home. He lived such a short time for a man who could do so much more. His earthly chores completed, he was called Home by the Lord where there is no longer the threat of death, where there is no pain or physical discomfort. Now, he rests in peace and we pray that his family is comforted as we pray that they are comforted during this time of loss.
I could list a very long list of this man's virtues but I think that the readers already most of them. He was kind and compassionate,considerate and considerate. He was cooperative in most issues taking the high road as peacemaker. He was comitted to all aspects of his life with untold courage and determination. He was detached but to only those matters that were negative. He was quick to forgive and never held a grudge. He was also very generous of his time and money. Probably humility and honesty were his greatest virtues. He never boasted his great achievements. He was an honorable man who wanted so much to help others. He was both joyful as he was just and he had a sense of humor which made you want to be in his company. He was loyal and steadfast that knew no boundaries. He might have been a republican but his heart didn't know the difference and treated all equally and, he had perseverance and patient.
He was a special person that we thought would live forever and so we will feel his loss and forever more be thankful that he was amongst us, that we were fortunate to have him as a relative, neighbor and public servant.
Like his family, we mourn his passing and we'll miss him for a very long time.
To his family, our heartfelt thanks for sharing this man with us...we're forever indebted.
Good-bye, then, Senator, speaker and great human being, Tony Unpingco. God Speed good man, it has been a privilege knowing you. Rest in Peace.

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October 09, 2007


A staunch Republican businessman approached a republican senator and asked him to rezone some property in the 'norf'(Chamorro pidgin for north) part of the island.....New dude senator gung ho to change the zoning law.....I wonder if he would have been so determined if the applicant hadn't been a republicrat!

You saw the fire in his eye and heard the determination in his voice....Sen. Bgen Pangelinan wasn't going to make it easy to move north and ruin the water sources there.
If you can still catch the news this morning, you'll understand why Ben doesn't want Jim Adkins to move his company over the water aquafirs.....especially since we're still wincing at what our next water bill is going to be with the Navy raising their rates.
If Joann Brown had been down there, she would have been as upset.....thankfully, Ben's still watching out for what water we still have control over!
Good on you, Ben!

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We'll fix the building, make it pretty, then it will be used/abused/trashed, then we'll have to fix it again. That's SOP for the government. Let's see if it happens as predicted.

I like Senator Palacios, he's like his co-senator Judy Won Pat....they have these high in the sky ideas and it's great for all....but.....they put small band aids on big problems then think it's going to cure the problem.
I'm not going to talk about the stupid idea about a stupid suruhanu from GPSS that will do all he/she can do to keep the agency from being sued....that's what foxes do in hen houses....it was a stupid idea and stupid people actually voted it into law.
This morning,(how I dread waiting for incoming flights), I'm going to tell you about the really great idea Sen. Palacios has for the refurbishing of the Veteran's interdenominational chapel at the Veteran's Cemetary....not sure which news group ran the story that it would be in time for the All Soul's day ceremony.....bottom line is.....there's a Veteran's Day coming up in November and if he wants it fixed, it should be focused on fixing it by then.
But like all pie in the sky dreams, they just make the suggestion, find the funds to fix the problem.....then have no plans of how to get money to keep it maintained. Last I heard, the duhendes and taotaomona quit working for free for a long time.....
I think Sen. Palacious have a secretary pick up the phone and pretend to be in the need for a church to house the remains of a family member from 8am to let's say, about 2:30pm......Have her/im list the charges for the chairs in the social hall in the back, the cost for the air conditioning and the like.
It's an unfortunate thing when our hearts are devastated because we've lost a loved one.....even if you keep the remains in your home til it's time to have church blessings, you'll still have to pay for the church and the priest and other co-celebrants...in the hundreds of dollars.
So....if we fix the veteran's chapel, we'll have to have a minimal charge for the set up of the chapel before, during and after the chapel....mourners aren't known for cleaning up after themselves after the ceremony....all they want to do is go home and cry....So, does the good senator plan to charge for the use of the chapel after it's repaired? Will he trust those wonderful folks at Parks and wrecks that aren't always totally responsible for handling money?
Fixing a building is like those shows on t.v........it's what you do after to maintain it so that it can be used over and over.....
If you don't believe that we have a problem of not maintaining our buildings....spend a few dollars on gas and drive around and look at a few dismal public schools......but....I agree that the chapel be fixed.....it'll still be cheaper than any Catholic CHurch for funerals.

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October 07, 2007


Besides, if there was a list....it wouldn't be accurate anyway....so why even bother asking about....or requiring one!

KUAM news reports that it's been noted that govGuam doesn't have an accurate or current list of the vehicles it owns or...leases. The report quotes the czar of dumps, Larry Perez(not their words): ""We have to make decisions within DPW in terms of the priority scheme of everything. Is that better and more important than the Ordot [Dump] closure? Probably not, so it goes down.
"Is it better or more important than safe bridges for our traversing? Probably not. So you see what's happening. I only have so many resources, not just money, even human resources to take care of these things. We wholly agree with the report; we want to get there, but the question is do we have enough resources and finances to mitigate the situation?"
So I'm thinking.....doesn't the dude have a list of things to do...ya know, like, there are 10 cars, 22 buses and 4 garbage trucks.....or something like that....but that would be if he were profit conscious.....you see, vehicles and buses and the like are called 'assets'.....like counting desks, electric typewriters and laptops.(Hmmmmm, wonder how many laptops are left at GWA...remember when a high mucky-mucker thought it was a good idea for a few employees to have use of same 'in the field'?)I digress....I'm thinking the auditor should be savvy enough(although they're highly paid and should be) to realize that the Czar isn't smart enough to have the basics.....a list of things to do and things to have....but....he's savvy enough to be able to blame the lack of having a list on the lack of resources...et the like.
Does he have a list of all the suits against his agency by Uncle Fed? Having or creating a list doesn't take much time or expensive soft ware....a pen and a sheet of paper and his secretary is really all he needs. It's called inventory....surely he knows how to do one.
Who keeps the list of accounts payable? Bet that person knows how to count cars and buses and trucks(working or not)....doesn't have anything to do with priorities or resources.....his people are already getting paid, why can't he just assign one to do the counting....accurately!
These people(the highly paid mucky muckers) are so fast to blame the lack of money whenever they're asked about something.....they think that the answer to this whole mess is to borrow money to 'fix' it. Any amount given to DPW will be wasted as it has been in the past.....their real problem is that they don't know how to do with what they have.
A small family in today's world knows that if it's going to survive a $70 dollar water bill and a $200 power bill and still go to blockbusters on the weekend that it needs to buy a cheaper can of spam and make sandwiches with it...it's called survival. If that same family were sued by the federal government, it would downsize like hell, fix whatever it is they're saying to fix.....the head of household isn't likely to go before a television camera or newspaper reporter and say, 'It's only $10,000. a month' (for not closing the dump....I wonder how much DPW owes Uncle Fed in that suit.....does DPW have a list of what it owes the Feds?
I really like Larry Perez. He's a heck of a nice guy but he needs to get 'real' with the public. He needs to own up to the problems that are happening under his watch. He can't continue to blame the lack of resources for the things that should be done from his agency. Maybe it's time he traded places with George Bamba, ya think?
Wonder how George Bamba would run DPW.....maybe George would create the list then worry about priorities.....
And if you haven't noticed.....the bridges and roads have been in need of a repair for a long time....longer than its been since the purchase and lease of those vehicles.
As they say at govGuam.....let's move forward......to infinity! (sorry Buzz)

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October 04, 2007


For the life of me, I can't figure out what kind of laws Guam has(has not) regarding these machines that are like slot machines that are bleeding untold thousands of dollars in taxes from Rev-n-Tax.

....a favorite for many Asian women, at least for the machines at the Orchid Hotel, is the Bingo machine. Two weeks ago, a very lucky woman won a whole 20,000 dollars....not play money....and better than that, she got the moolah that night and not one red cent was paid to rev and tax..........
Several members of the Bingo group managed to win $7K, $11K and $900....none of them paid taxes on their winnings either.
Honest to God....I've heard that there's a loop hole and that the people at the tax place can't go after the winnings. If that's the case and there's so much money being made on these machines, why haven't the clowns at Julale amend the law and become co-winners.
And here I thought gambling was illigal on GUam!

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The more the police try to answer the questions on the radio, the more confusing the explanations. So, what if it was just a pellet gun the victim was waving around. And the autopsy....we'll never know about that either.

The Marianas Examiner will use the excuse that there's a case 'on-going' and he won't release the results of the victim;s autopsy. Only when the family get the young man's body for burial will they note how many bullets rattled his body...
I think it would best if the Police Chief had a press conference and showed the gun the man was using to threaten(allegedly) the cops....that it was, or wasn't a pellet gun...if it was, cops not close enough didn't know. The gun was pointed at them, scaring them and....they show back.....(unfortunately, it was in the order of a firing squad) Let the investigation get on but I think that there are some information that can be released to placate a very angry public. Not doing so just hurts to cops who are going about trying to do their job with a public that seems to no longer trust them.
The issue will get worse as it comes closer to burying the victim.
There are no winners in this poor story....and that's not a good thing.

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October 02, 2007


They don't make them like Msgr. Zuilo Camacho...a man of God...and of the land.

Some priests are known for their ability for loooong sermons...who never know when to stop talking because the people in the front pews are so bored they've fallen asleep and have started snoring.....some priests like to put your problems onto their busy schedules...seeing you when it's convenient for them.....I've known a few in my life....but this isn't about them...it's about this very special man who quietly did his work to Glorify his Maker. He did his work requiring no accolades. In Fact, the only accolade he enjoyed was how much you enjoyed the vegetable or fruit he gave you. He wasn't involved with the politics of the Catholic Church. He was very humble and when you were by him, you could feel his 'holiness'. He didn't judge, didn't criticize but when asked, gave you all the encouragement you needed. He was somebody that was truly interested in how you were doing, or even, what you were doing. He made you feel important and when you said good-bye to him, you were sad to leave his company.
This week, we'll be saying our good-bye to this great man and it'll be sad but we'll be thankful that we were lucky enough to have known him.
So adios, Fr. Zuilo, you were a great man and a great priest and you will be very missed.

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It's a perfect example of why Govdumb is bloated with employees! Just add another person and it'll fix the problem....NOT!

So...today, Marianas Variety reports that Mr. Peter Ada(what a disappointment he is to the kids that attend GPSS) is happy that Sen. Judi Won Pat and her fellow clowns added a Suruhanu to GPSS....so that this person could stall or spin the constant problems that keep our children from getting an adequate education. If there's a suruhanu, there's someone to complain to.....hell, the list of complaints is far too long for me to elaborate...try not having working Xerox machines...not enough toilet paper for you know where and that these days,, more kids are being baby-sat in cafeterias instead of in their classrooms.

When things go wrong and they do on a minute by minute basis, we just create a new position.....sometimes we have two highly paid positions and give them to one person....(does GPA and GWA ring a bell?)

So, there's this law that says you have a child that's attending a public school and he/she doesn't get an adequate education....you can sue the government....ha ha and ha, just ask the geriatric retirement group still waiting for their COLA payments that they got through litigation.....seems Ms. Won Pat and her cohorts think that a suruhanu will be a good band aid fix instead of repairing the problems at the schools....

What's the suruhanu going to say about a complaint that junior and Macela are spending more time at the cafeteria with custodians than in the classroom? Just call any school and check out how many kids spend more time at the eating place instead of at the learning(classroom) place?

Our government if bloated with toooooo many employees. We wouldn't have to borrow money that our great-grandchildren will have to pay for if we kept the good employees and got rid of the deadwood.....a suruhanu would be just that....an impotent wimp who'll have to find someone else to complain to...the only way a suruhanu can work is if he/she could fix(not temporary) the problem and keep it fixed....seems to me there's no person on Guam that can do that!
As far as I'm concerned....we're just throwing more money out the window and Mr. Pete Ada and Ms. Won Pat think that's a good idea.
Poor kids!
See you at the cafeteria!!!

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The more I hear about the shooting at the Veteran's Cemetary, the more I think about death by firing squad. You just can't convince me that it was just another 'over kill'....like killing a fly with a sledge hammer!

When you watch a t.v. show that has the police trying to corner a victim...the officers climb the buildings so that they can sharp shoot...they form a circle around the perp so that he's intimidated enough to drop his gun, if in fact, the victim had a gun. I envisioned that the swat teem circled this man yesterday so that they could yell at him and tell him he was surrounded and that he'd better drop his weapon. But that didn't happen, it seems that not much happened to keep the man from dying at their(police) hands. And after I listened to the Patti Arroyo Show this morning, I think the man was disposable because he had an earlier problem dealing with the police....or he was arrested for a crime, or whatever...the Police Chief on the radio didn't want to elaborate after he let out the bit of history.
So....if the victim had broken the law and was dealt with by the Police, it's public record...the police blotter is open to the public...anyone that goes through a court system for breaking the law is public....what did the victim do that made him so despensable...like....it was okay to shoot him to death? It's so awful to think that the guy never had a chance. He was wearing a tee-shirt and his opponents were wearing flak jackets.
I'm not siding with the victim...he was certainly scary running around a cemetary that a brother was buried at and soon would have yet another brother. He wasn't thinking straight...but how come he didn't merit the police killing him as a last resort? Having read the coverage, I'm not sure he had a chance...he had a previous encounter with the cops...what chance did he deserve?
In the end....all that the man got were angry bullets. He wasn't worth the time for any negotiations to save his life and the fact that his family was kept away from him certainly confirmed that.
Shoot first....ask questions later!
Today, I feel sorry for the police chief...he tried to be transparent for his officers by coming on the radio yesterday and this morning....he was criticized for doing so...and so I wonder....will this hurt his pending confirmation as the Chief of Police with the legislators?
So many questions....so few answers.

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October 01, 2007


It took a whole bunch of cops to down one emotionally distraught man...I wonder if an investigative reporter will recall on evening news similar times when victims were 'over killed'...

Today, a man from Agana Heights went to view his brother who passed away last Friday....what was in his mind as he left his mourning family as he drove to the Veteran's Cemetary where his brother will ultimately be buried? Did he have any idea that this day would be his last? Did he even imagine that it would take a whole team of cops to put him down?
Did this man who supposedly had a gun actually shoot it? Could the cops have spent a little more time trying to calm this man down? It was obvious that this man was in emotional turmoil...needing a hug more than he needed bullets...but fate decided that he needed the bullets, KUAM's site says maybe nine of them...just like those used to kill a really bad man in third world countries.....I suppose I don't understand the rush to fire a gun when there's more of 'us' than that poor soul. I suppose it's totally naive of me to say that some trigger happy cop could've shot him somewhere on his body that wasn't going to be a fatal one...totally naive!
KUAM says that CID will investigate the cops who did the shooting.....isn't that wonderful, cops investigating themselves....I suppose if I were a relative I'd insist that someone outside of copsville was in on the 'investigating'...but then....I'm totally naive.
So...today was a dreary day in paradise...it rained the whole gray day and a man who was mourning his brother went a little nuts and was killed and we'll never really know what or why it had to happen.
Tonight, I pray for that man's family and for the cops who thought shooting was better than negotiating....

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Another stupid attempt at convincing you that Govdumb really cares about your children being partially...

KUAM reported tonight that public law 28-45 just ain't gonna be met....the law being that requires fourteen specific rules making sure that your Juan and Shenawa won't be getting their version of Govdumb's adequate education....hell, we can't even give them a probable education, let alone 'adequate'.

KUAM reports that there isn't enough time or resources to bring this law into reality....gads, how much time did GPSS need? The air-heads knew October was going to come after September...they knew they didn't have the money...so, one would think they'd make this known to the clowns in Julale to do something about it before the smart parents start litigations.

But hey, a suit's a suit(as in litigation)....Anybody can sue Govdumb...they'll just not pay it.......ask various govdumb agencies(DPW is one that comes to mind) how much they haven't paid because their agency was sued. This government doesn't know a thing about rules or deadlines....just look at the front page of the PDN.....it's been almost a year before Southern High School's air conditioning has been properly repaired.

KUAM's reporter quotes a GPSS official who says, "My honest opinion, there's no GPSS school that will be ready for Monday's deadline. That's my honest opinion, said Upi Elementary School PTO president Tino Conceicao. Plain and simple, he says, he and Guam Public School Officials agree that the deadline to meet the 14 points of the Every Child Deserves An Adequate Public Education Act will not be met on time. Spokesperson Gerry Cruz says the passage of the law and the realization that now parents and the community will be able to take GPSS to court as a push to remedy problems has the potential to cost the School System and the Government of Guam a lot of money.

In the meantime, Cruz is hoping mediation will buy GPSS more time. "We don't feel that we can hit that target and address every point on that law so what we're trying to do is work with the legislature to see if we can secure other funding that can try to mitigate some of the situations in the school," he said."

So....GPSS central found the 'resources' to spruce up their offices and I'll bet my last dollar that those offices are air conditioned to the hilt!

It's safe to say that our children will be educated to be smart enough to flip burgers or mow lawns...their parents might sue GPSS for non-compliance of the law but not a damn thing will happen. Our schools know how to be sub-standard and no number of suits filed will change that....law or no law, they'll always be at the bottom when it comes to a priority. Heck, it's only our children that will suffer because they'll graduate from school still being a dummy...and in a way, that's a good thing....they'll not be traumatized when the news hits them in their adult years that this present government has borrowed more than they can pay back and will have to pay even more for utility fees!
Aren't we just a bunch of dumb coconuts?
Do me a favor, the next time a candidate running for an elected position and talks about what he's going to do for 'our precious children', walk away and don't vote for him...because he's just lying to get your vote....and the next time there's an election....remember the dummies in the 29th Legislature...they surely aren't doing a darn thing to make it better for your public schools.....don't vote for any of them either!!!

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