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November 25, 2007


And so I wonder what angelic march music sounds like in Charles Troutman's heaven.

For some odd reason,I always used to think that smart people always grew old...really old...because they all had gray hair. I suppose I took it for granted that this very smart man that has over the years told the way the Organic Act was supposed to be interpreted....or this law, or this Bill. Whatever it was that was questioned...you could be sure that Charles Troutman had the answer and for 99.9% of the time, he was 'right on'.
He liked to listen to K57 and you could count of him calling to correct something was was mis-interpreted. He was so smart that he was the island's compiler of laws and I'm sure as there's a tomorrow, that he memorized every law there ever was created on this island.
And for some silly reason, I just thought this man would live forever. His hair wasn't gray enough to make him an old man......and....he wasn't. When God called him Home...he was only 63.
I'm sure that there are a few smart people out there than can do research on future questions...but it will never answered as quickly as 'Charlie' used to....another odd thing? He was probably the island's smartest man....yet he was humble....he had no airs. He never patted his own back....about the only thing of himself that he spoke of recently was that he loved march music. He had a conversation with Ray Gibson and Bob Gaeth on Veteran's Day morning and told them that he loved march music.
Today, I wonder how much more beautiful the music of Karl King and John Philip Sousa sounds is in Heaven
Adios, Charles Troutman, thank you for choosing to share your life with us all these years. You will be missed for a long time to come1

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He was God's gift to Guam's children. Now he's teaching golf in Heaven and we're poorer because he's no longer with us.

Every once in awhile, a person comes into your life and makes a difference. Joe Lujan Borja Jr. was that kind of person. He was walked with a bit of a limp, loved jokes and probably more than his wife, loved children....his own and others....then, he loved golf.
Way before it was vogue to teach Johnny and Lindy how to hit a golf ball with clubs made of something other than plastic, Joe had this dream.....to teach children how to golf....for him, there was nothing better than the inner and outter game of golf. He make the game of golf available by talking the people at municipal golf course to take in the little ones.
I don't know what his recipe was but he managed to get 'his kids' to fall in love with the game that called for one to hit the ball then go after it....then if lucky, hit the ball into a hole under a really small number of shots. He convinced the kids that this torture was actually fun and that if you were a golfer, would grow into a good human being.
Not only did the kids love golf, they loved him and his wife, Chilang. His love didn't stop with 'his kids', he loved their family(s) as well. He had some medical problems but you would never have known it. He wasn't one to sit and complain about the pain.....he was far too interested in how things were with you. He was just one of the greatest human beings I have ever known.
I grieve for the children that never got to know him or learn how to play the gentleman's game of golf from him. Or, have known his patience to teach this awesome game....or his love for small get-togethers for whatever holiday he wanted to use as a reason to party.
He was an incredible man and I was so fortunate to know him. I will never see a golf ball...or club, putter or big Bertha without remembering this wonderful man.
And thank you, Chilang, for being such a supportive wife. He couldn't have been so great without you encouraging him to be with the kids. We all loved you too!
So, dear, dear friend, death can no longer threaten you and no pain can no longer ruin your days. You are now in the Palm of His Hands, rest now, and watch from above your little ones as they try to follow your giant footsteps.You have touched many lives, I'm glad I was one of the lucky ones.
Rest in Peace, Joe, you've earned the rest.

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November 16, 2007


What was he thinking? Selling fake stuff on Tumon.....he probably could have sold his stash without being caught at the Flea Market in Dededo if he'd waited until the weekend! Hell, nobody ever gets arrested for selling fakes there!

Hungry for a buck? Find a way to make it.....other than selling fake goods, that is.....but if you insist on selling fakery...don't be doin it at Tumon....them cameras work and they're people actually watchin'em and the cameras have a 'zoom' and can pick you out...(Just ask your neighborhood doctor that was caught (allegedly) smoking some herbs there a few weeks ago....
Gina Tabonare of the Marianas Variety wrote today:
A 28-year-old Japanese national who was selling fake Louis Vuitton products was arrested and charged with trafficking of counterfeit goods, a second-degree felony.

Noboyuki Hombo was arrested by police while beating a red light in Tumon on Saturday.

Police was about to arrest Hombo in the parking lot of the Ocean Plaza Hotel after receiving a complaint that someone was trying to sell what appeared to be a counterfeit Louis Vuitton.

Hombo escaped arrest but, on the same day, police officers manning the traffic saw the Japanese ignoring the red light.

When police pulled over Hombo’s vehicle, they asked him to open the car trunk. They discovered several suspected counterfeit Louis Vuitton items, prompting the police to call the manager of Louis Vuitton to verify the luxury goods."

I wonder if the fake providers that appeared on ABC7's news 2 weekends ago were ever arrested....hell! It was on tape!

Not sure which of us is dumb or dumber.....the guy that's selling the fakes or the police that aren't arresting? Oh heck, it's only a second degree felony!

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Never mind that he was drop dead looking but the man who spoke at the two day forum about this island's past being closely associated with those of Spain had a lot of substance...

And if we listened close enough and did some good research of what kind of a life we lived during the times the Spanish were here, go into what we ate, how we were educated and even input the religion that they infused onto the natives...
We are so much more than those naked people that were put down by the earlier settlers....we seem to only want to show the slingstones and those really stupid looking shell necklaces our men(yes, they even use them in the legislature)....even when we do our protests to whatever it is the US is doing that we don't like, we protest as savages. I still can't forget that awful activist that pulled at his crotch as a woman attendee to a forum at the Hyatt Hotel. I was so ashamed to have admitted that I was a native. I don't ever want anyone to think that I am a savage, a dirty one at that because most of them smell!
We should embrace those two Spanish gentlemen and the agency that sent them to Guam. We should go back to wearing mistizas when we greet the tourists...Yesssss! We wore mistizas, even after 1902 when the Americans settled here. We have much to offer....we 'almost' European at one time....let's show the good parts of that era....as well as the pre-western contact times....and let's also play on the fact that we are lucky to a free people, now living under the US flag.
Let's celebrate that we are different...believe it or not....tourists like this kinda stuff.
We're so diverse that you can hear the same local person say 'hafa adai' when he sees you and 'Adios' when you leave....some even say, 'esta qui' or if you're in the 'bro' group....'esta later'...

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Today, Dr. Tan Siu Lin and his family, celebrated 35 years of doing business on Guam.

They've got tons of money and influence but you would never know it. The father of the Tan clan quietly spoke at the library at UOG which will now house a statue for the man's success and generosity to the school. Today, he gave the school $1M dollars. A big deal was made of his donation because of its amount.....but truth be told, the Tan clan are quite generous with this community, giving many times with no fan fare. They are known locally for their generosity...perhaps what most don't know is that the Tan children grew up on Guam and attended the University of Guam....and loved the island(and Saipan) enough to stay.
L&T Guam Corporation began its entity in 1972...the last company purchased is that of Dickerson and Quinn during this year. They're in insurance, in fish, in the movies, into entertaining children, into import and exports, travel agency, aviation, realty and other big companies that they are investors in such as TakeCare Health Systems...
So as we say a warm Hafa Adai to the newest company to open on Guam, we say a heartfelt thank you to the Tans for their efforts to make life here a better place to be. With all the companies listed in a flier, this low key and understated company didn't brag about how many people they employ.....
So then.....Congratulations Dr. Tan Siu Lin, on your many successes and for chosing Guam for the best of your companies....and for that wonderful donation to those seeking a good education at UOG.
Xie Xie!

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Someone at our new best friend, Home Depot, was bragging that the company issued over a $1M in credit cards............Yikes, I thought they wanted to do buisiness on Guam for a long time.

It's a pretty neat thing to be able to walk in and get a credit card for the opening of a new store.......but to give away that much credit to total strangers ain't going to do much for their profits down the way.......
A few of my friends who do fixers uppers walked around last night and got a good look at the prices and found that many of the items there are more expensive than those at Benson or Ace....a similar thing happened when K-Mart opened and they immediately advertised that they'd match or beat the price of the same merchandise....we'll see if HD does like wise.
Nonetheless, any competition is good for the consumer. If there was something that this new best friend can do to reduce gas prices and keep power rates down.....they'd really be successful.
Besides.....what heppened to the furniture...did they decide against it?
Still, we're glad for the store.....and hope that it's mutually beneficial to all!

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Not to worry, I'm aware that the lady that was given a job after she lost the last election(government job--high pay but not as high as the auditors working at Do's place! Ohhhh, I digress....I meant to say, I'm aware that Telo Taitague is running too....how cute, she called it 'sprinting' on the Patti Show this morning....

She's an okay lady...sings pretty, talks pretty on camera....but she ain't got a prayer in heaven running with the big guns.....I tell you, even if I were a republican, I'd still vote for BJ Cruz.....and if he weren't running....I'd be voting for Tom. Those two are sooooo smart they'd run circles around the lady....and wow....what happened to the rumor during those rosary nights about 'hell no telo'?
So....if there's an election because we settled the gambling thingy.....places your bets on BJ.

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And it ain't gonna be in tune with the members of the 'boys' group that did jack after they kicked him out of the boys' game1

It wasn't enough that Macris beat out Dr. T. Sheih....he brought in some 'heat' and we'll all be watching what they do to make the vigaro fly in the 'flymaster'.
The new who aren't know to quietly enter or leave a room are: Dr. Sam Friedman the veep, Dr. Ed Schroeder, the secretary, handling the money as treasurer, Dr. Maimie Balajadia and at Large members being Dr. Jerone Landstrom and Dr. Jerry Richter.
Dr. Macris isn't likely to play mickey mouse games with the hospital and will be backed by those elected into this year's society....like......gone are the days of Dr. Edweirdo and company.....
One can predict, however, that there will be the unsatisfieds that will try to oust Macris....
So, Dr. Macris, what do you think of the surgery performed on Sen. Tony Unpingco by an uncertified surgeon......in fact, I'd like to know if either of those surgeons were board certified.....
Being board certified is kinda like the teachers that teach our little chillin....the certified teachers are hired but those that work in the cafeteria or push brooms....or mops are the ones who baby sit the kids.....too bad Macris can't find out what the results of the SAT 10 scores are!!!!
Give 'em hell, George!

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November 15, 2007


I hope that you appreciate the great welcome you have received from the people of Guam. And as the days turn into weeks and months and even years, I hope that unlike your neighber to the north, you give back to the community.

I was thinking about the time we all waited with baited breath for K-Mart to open. Lordy lord, we forgot Gibson's, the Town House and other stores that couldn't buy in bulk but had been our community friends for whatever our needs were. Several stores closed their doors after K-mart opened. Stores that when asked to donate sports uniforms, or support a team or even give a gift of merchandise whenever asked....they gave generously. The big guy that closed them up is known for how stingy the store is. They don't even spend advertising dollars. Rarely and I mean rarely, do you hear the store do advertising in the broadcast media...I've heard that the only local organization that's allowed to do anything on store property are the Bell Ringers from the Salvation Army. I've never heard of them giving anything of any substance to a local organization. If you want something from K-Mart...you'd better have the moolah.
I really hope that as you walk around in shock and awe at Home Depot, that you remember how very generous the Pangelinan family who own ACE Hardware is with this community...they give until it hurts. Welcome our new friends, but don't turn your back on those that gave to your children's ball team's trip to Palau, or gave merchandise for a raffle fundraiser and the list is long.
And to our new friends, we'd like you to know about our warm Hafa Adai spirit. We'll move heaven and earth for you and hope that you give your advertising dollars to those that work here and shop at your store. Buy some local t.v. ads, I'd love to see whose house you helped with a project. And hopefully, you aren't stingy when asked to help a community cause for those less fortunate.
I hope that we have a mutually profitable relationship for many, many years to come....And to the manager who's quite savvy when he said, 'Biba Guam'....You just got some good points....in return, I say, "BIBA HOME DEPOT".

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Yet another confirmation that we get motivated to make things right only after someone dies to teach us the lesson.

We seem to build buildings then hope that everything goes smoothly. It might have been a good idea to built the new skateboarding rink in Dededo...where they thought was a good place to build it......build it and they will come...our children are so hungry for places to go to just be children....but....we chose a place to build the rink without thinking that it was being built without a water fountain or bathroom facilities.....just where in the hell did these builders think the kids were going to relieve themselves and in the hot sun and the physical stress of skateboarding, surely someone thought that these kids would be thirsty at some time....
Well, they didn't...they built it and probably decided that they would make the changes as the days passed....unfortunately, the first lesson was a fatal one as two girls ran across the 'big' road to go to the bathroom. It was just after dark on a night that they could be outside because there was a holiday the next day....I have no idea where the curfew law comes into play here, but the girls walked from their homes in Liguan to be at this new magnet for kids to be.
The mayor of Dededo said that she had called for the non-working streetlights to be changed a few days before the auto-pedestrain accident...she....or Dededo are obviously not a priority....the lamps weren't changed until days after a 13-yr-old was hit by a car being driven(allegedly)by a drunk driver. Two really bad things looking for a place to happen.
So now we're all talking to anyone who'll listen about how we're going to do this, do that...and I ask you, why didn't ask these questions before we even opened up that skateboard rink? Why do we always wait until someons is killed before we think it's the right time to act?
I have my own questions about why the child's parents didn't walk her or drive her to the rink....I certainly didn't have the freedom to be on my own after dark on any evening, let alone a Sunday one. Let there be no doubt, I didn't like being 'bound' at home for my safety or those of my sibling but at least I lived past 13....but times have changed within our lives and our children are allowed all sorts of freedom...unfortunately, the other girl that survived the accident (I think without injury) will probably be a little less free...thankfully, she may live out a good life past her teen age years.
My heart breaks for the girl's family and though they could have been more restrictive with their young daughter, their lives are changed forever. There will always be a big void in their lives......Alas! This is an accident that could have been prevented.
The coming weeks, the Dededo mayor will move heaven and earth to get the rink 'right'.....too late for Joanna Jasmin.
And while we're at it? Why are we still tolerating the children being passengers in the flatbed of a pickup? Oh....forget I asked...I already know the answer. When one or two, maybe four children are thrown out of the back and the pickup rolls over them.....the dudes at GPD, the legislature and maybe even the children's parents will do everything they can to 'make things right', wow, we might even enforce the law that prohits children from being passengers at a place meant for cargo!
Too soon old, too late smart!
Just a question....couldn't they(Ghura et others) have built the rink back there where the kids play soccer? Believe me....the kids will still run across that damn freeway to get to their friends....they don't know any better!

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