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March 19, 2008


I used to dream paradise, now it'a a nightmare and more and more will make their exodus to Vegas.

It used to be a paradise, lovely beaches, warm,friendly and hospitable locals. It's supposed to be 'duty free' but that's a whole 'nuther story.The girls get pregnant...the baby and its father have a choice of moving in with either parent's house because neither children(teens) have a job that can pay the rent, in fact, unless you have a really good job(govGuam, of course!) you can only afford a cardboard box or live in a cave, eat your meals at the soup kitchens and so on.
The public schools? They don't even come close to being a real school. Imagine if you will that your child attends one and has to ask the teacher for toilet paper if he's going potty...if he goes more than once, he's s... out of luck! And of course, the air conditioning never works so teachers bring their fans from home....what kind of leaders do we think we're teaching? Unless there's a wholesale miracles....these kids are going to end up just like their moms and dads did.....ghura with a credit card from the feds.
Everything with the exception of breathing has a price added...no value added, or course!
Watch the legislature and imagine that those children in our schools are one day going to take over that mess....and the ones there, with the exception of the great pretender, all went to college, or at least a private school which gave them a chance. If you decide to live here, I say buy the biggest dog and bring it with you beause if you leave your home, some thug will rip out all your copper and aluminum shutters. If someone in your family passes away, don't bother enhancing the crypt of grave with a pretty bronze candle holder, the thugs steal that too and the damn foreigners can't wait to get it on a ship sailing to China....that's how bucks are made....by stealing what the foreigners (Asian, of course) love to send home. When the thugs stole the plaques that held the names of WWII survivors.....the governor got mad....closed down the foreign' "I'll buy it if you'll steal it' companies got really ticked off....and for awhile, we didn't have to worry about losing our copper tubing....well, the governor either forgot the rule or he decided that it was 'all clear' and the foreigners started buying again......now, most of the vacant buildings have to be re-wired.
I'm really dismayed. I had such high hopes for this island. I wanted my children to bring their children home so that we could live as I lived with a complete family, mom, dads, aunts, cousins and grandparents that the kids would learn from.
So, if the story about the Marines coming to Guam is for certain, then my hubby and I will do as we promised we'd never do, and sell our home and make a life in the states where the power bill for a 5 bedroom home runs under $200. a month and lettuce sells for eighty five cents a head and strawberries are only $5.00 a package if it's a huge 4 or 5 pound container.
We have really silly people that worry about the language dying...We'd best learn to speak Chuuckese, Chamorro isn't going to come in handy in Vegas, Hayward or Tacoma.
And.....we did it all to ourselves....and if you don't believe me, just count how many people come to the public hearings that affect their lives....
Guam is paradise lost!

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March 18, 2008


I bet those dudes and dudettes at the legislature don't think being the town's big leaders now that the Feds have discovered that it's pretty easy to step in and take over.....

I say, they'd better hire a few activists to fly their flags and complain about Uncle Sam....cuz they mean bizness and I mean, bizness!
They ain't gonna sit on the sidelines and watch as we bury ourselves in doodoo. They're going to watch how we do bizness very closely and if we ain't doin it right, they's gonna step in and do it for us!
So if those newly in power at the Legislature thought it was worth the fight for that gavel....they'd best think again. They should've left the mess to the gavel holders....at least they could have had a laugh or two.
Bet those people who were here attending the great forum are laughing out loud...wondering how the fight for power was more important than the budget, the schools that had to be closed down because it didn't have enough working restrooms. With all the stupidity going on, it'll be a real shock if they decide to do business on Guam....wondering if the Marines moving here is really going to make it worth their time!
Let's see how many Keystone legislators we're going to re-elect! Bet Uncle Sam wonders as well!

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It had to be you......remember the song? How about, you're still the one? I'll remember you....Aloha Oe.....how about Enya's Only Time?
They've come to roost and they ain't chickens!

If you were confused about the entry of this opinion....it relates to song titles....relating mostly to what's happened to the Taotao Tano and their loss of the garbage game....and a reminder that we're really not a bunch of delinquents living out here without a big brother watching....and if we don't pay attention to their instructions, they'll be back to do it their way.....and we'll have to pay for them to do it.
Kinda makes you thing about the time your mom said that if you've got to do it, you'd better do it right the first time....seems govGuam didn't have such a mother, at least where the garbage system is concerned.
For years, Uncle Fed has told us to close Mt. Ordot...we're not doing this, that right. Then, they told us to close it.....but no one listened, they kept making up excuses. When the Feds fined govGuam, the DPW director said, "It's only $2,000 a month, no big deal."
So now, it's a big deal, Uncle Fed has put its big feet into the mess and they're going to make sure that there's a new land fill and the government's going to pay big time because they didn't pay attention to the instructions.
All over the radio and t.v., those that are in power say that 'it's a good thing' that Big Brother is taking over~ as in receivership~ the land fill and garbage pick up....and it doesn't mean that Big Fed is going to pay to pick up your junk....it means that the government is going to be paying and since they don't have the moolah, they're going to be charging you to pay their share!
How come we can't do it right the first time but have the time to do it right the next?
I suppose it's a good thing that Uncle Fed is going to take over because it'll be done right....but at the same time, I'm ashamed that they had to come in and rescue us because we were too dumb to do it right ourselves!
Maybe we'll do some easter egg hunting at Mt. Ordot while it's still open......smells the same!

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March 13, 2008


We're rolling in hundred dollar bills. It's falling out of the sky and growing on trees only those that don't work for GovGuam know how which trees to pick from.

According to today's PDN(on the front page) it records that 436 days have passed and the precious kids attending Southern High School are without working air conditioners. Hell, who cares, they're just a bunch of kids, what do they know about comfort? And it ain't only Southern High that doesn't have working units. Teachers there as in other schools, have to keep the toilet paper so that they can hand it to the student that needs to do some natural stuff in the restrooms...Gawd, there are tons of problems that exist that are too numerous to report. Ask any public school students and they'll tell you what's missing and wrong with his school.....
YET....some very lucky people, namely Joe San Agustin and Rosana San Miguel,and I think Luis Reyes are going(on your dime) to take a trip to the tune of $10K to check out a small school in Clovis, Ca.
The PDN reports that GPSS thinks they're going to learn something on how schools operate in similar sized communities.
On junkets, I think that only those who work for GPSS should go because sending transient board members don't do jack for the system. They're just going for the thrill of the ride! Do you think they'll all come back and put into place the good things they learned while junketing?
With the economy on empty, you'd think the more frequent traveller would order that only urgent trips be made, especially if the government is going to pay for it.
I spoke of it in one of the articles I posted yesterday.....Remember Harold Allen of UOG? How many trips did he make to China to lure students to Guam....hahahahahaha, he probably saw the Great Wall and dined on Peking Duck and didn't bring one Chinese student to the college.
I guarantee that nothing will come out of this trip...we really should not be so eager to give our board members such expensive treats.....and $10K What are they doing, flying on the air ambulance? Surely there's a cheaper fare than $10K!
Again, shame on us for allowing these no shame people to go on short vacations! If anyone hasn't noticed, govGuam doesn't have any money it the bank and that the machine that prints the money needs some parts that they can't afford to pay.....
We're in dire straits here boys and girls....if you want to go on an airplane ride....pay for it yourself!
SO....here's an excerpt from the famous song, Shame shame on you!

Don't take me on no, no
Don't take me on no, no
Ddon't take me ooon
Shattered the lie but you think I don't already know,
Don't try to deny cos my fuse is ready to blow
Its your turn to learn I think that you know where to go
It's a shame, shame, shame for you

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, will Tony be saved from the fall?

Today's PDN had a front page story about the second supersedingindictment against former Sup. Ct.'s Ton Sanchez and friend/lobbyist Amramoff for sending(and receiving via lawyer's office) to the tune of $324,000 beginning on 25 Jan,2001 and Feb.28 of 2003 from appropriated funds of the court. The details are all on front page and page 4 of today's PDN....good reading but not good enough for me to go into it.
So.....if the allegations turn out to be true, will Uncle Tony serve just enough time to get the 'get out of jail free' from his former classmate who lives on the hill?
I'm sure that the classmate will say that nothing will be served if we put this brilliant man behind bars.(I'm sure that he's not talented enough to make furniture from that fenced in place with pot smoking guards.....
He's been under the radar range recently, the issue only surfacing because of the 2nd indictment.
Of course if Joe S. Cruz had committed the same alleged crime, you can be sure he'd be thrown into the clink and the keys would be thrown away...some luckier than others!
The full story is on today's PDN!

Happy trails to you, until we meet again
Some trails are happy ones,
Others are blue.
It's the way you ride the trail that counts,
Here's a happy one for you.

So much for stories that only a few in the media will publish.
Happy trails to you, until we meet again

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If prostitution was legal and they had to pay GRT.....govGuam would be rich beyond description!

All this news about that poor man that temporarily forgot that he had a beautiful and smart wife and three daughters waiting at home for him.
Damn, if we didn't we might lose out on hefty charges as paid for by the governor of New York!

Mindy Fothergil of Kuam reports that:
"A superseding indictment was handed down Wednesday afternoon against Mi Kyung Bosley (aka, "Mi Kyung Park") and In Hyun Kim (aka, "Dominic") for three counts of alien smuggling and conspiracy. The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service currently offers a Guam Tourist Visa Waiver program that allows foreign nationals, including Korean citizens to come to Guam only as tourists for a period of no more than 15 days. The program does not allow Korean citizens to come to Guam for employment or to stay beyond the 15 days.

Bosley and Kim are accused of conspiring with others to bring Korean women into Guam under the Tourist Visa Waiver program and employing them at nightclubs and bars, even after their stay on the island had expired. According to the indictment, Bosley paid Kim between $300-$400 per employee, for filling out certain departure records so it appeared to INS officials that the women had left Guam. The scheme allegedly occurred between January 2005 until January 30 of last year. At least five Korean women were employed by the owners of Club Miso and Apple Lounge, allegedly participating in the conspiracy by paying cash to Bosley to have the documents turned into federal officials."

So, recent interviews published in the print media report that these women are bring brought in to you know.....bring pleasure to the Viagra addicts. Does the Mann Act apply here?
Can you imagine that if these prostitution havens were legalized, the government would be rich beyond means...especially if men such as the New York decided it was time to 'bond' with an escort woman...imagine the grt on $4100. Then there's the trade from Japan and China, bet even men from the neighboring islands would come....darn, govGuam would make more money that it currently makes from the grt of Home Depot...

Okay, it's a sad thing that the gov's(NY) wife and three daughters are suffering like they've never suffered before and so I don't make light of the pain the gov has cause, but nonetheless, the government would make umpteen dollars from the fake massage parlors...no, I'm not serious, but let's not look at NY and think that we don't have the same things happening here!

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Skate board anyone? How about a $6000. funeral?

I was in Dededo and ran into the new skate park. Neat, I thought, a place for those with nothing to do to go to!!!
I'm not for scary type fun. I never learned how to skate, probably because I kept losing that damn key that came with the heavy roller skates, and oh, that not so pretty head on with an on-coming car. I actually dented his car as I met, up close and personal with the asphalt street. I managed to get thirteen stitches and now sport a few scars. In those days, there was no such thing as a helmet...probably because there were no sidewalks where I could fall and crack my head open. All they did have was lots and lots of merthiolate(sp) and gauze. The man whose car I dented brought me home, a bloody mess. The lost keys were no longer a problem because my parents threw away the beloved skates. And I had to work extra chores so that I could earn enough to pay for the man's damages.

Supposedly GHURA gave the money for the skate land to be built. I wonder if they know that since they did, that they would probably be sued big time if a kid fell and cracked his skull....you see, there's no one that gives a damn about them.....they don't matter. Kids are replace-able and don't matter in the greater scheme of things...These poor dears don't have to wear safety devices that would save them from a nasty fall.

Again, unless there's a bad injury and or a death.....there's no need for a darn requirement for these kids to have protective attire when they come to use the GHURA provided skate land.

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Instead of watching the various 'reality' shows on t.v., I've decided to spend time watching the 'reality' debacle at the downtown circus.
Wow, the new speaker can shriek like a fisherman's wife and cousin Ben who looks like a heavy-set Juan Malimanga and getting husky, Rory Respecio are working for the coconut award.

When I was a little girl, 325b.c., I use to sing this song...I think after what's happened over the past few weeks, I think you'll agree that this song can be the song that describes this current 'Rogue' legislature and it goes like this:

I don't want to play in your yard,
I don't like you anymore,
You'll be sorry when you see me,
Sliding down our cellar door,
You can't holler down our rainbarrel,
You can't climb our apple tree,
I don't want to play in your yard,
If you won't be good to me.

See, see my playmate,
Come out and play with me
And bring your dollies three
Climb up my apple tree
Holler down my rain barrel
Slide down my cellar door
And we'll be jolly friends
Forever evermore.

My dollies have the flu
Boo hoo boo hoo
Can't holler down rain barrels
Or slide down a cellar door
But we'll be jolly friends
Forever evermore.

Say, say, my playmate
Don't come and play with me
Don't bring your dollies three
Cut down my apple tree
Fall off my rainbow,
Into my cellar door
And we'll be enemies
Forever evermore.
Say, say my enemy.
Come out and fight with me.
And bring your bulldogs three.
Climb up my sticker tree.
Slide down my lightning.
Into my dungeon door
And we'll be jolly enemies
Forever evermore.

Say say old enemy
Come out and fight with me
And bring your bb gun
And we'll have lots of fun
I'll scratch your eyes out
And make you bleed to death
And we'll be jolly enemies
Forever evermore.

Sadly, there's no song that I know of, for the people whose lives are affected by the circus arena, who wake up each day, wondering if they should buy their meds and waste gas as they drive to pick it up because both cost far more than what they have in their wallets. The clowns aren't concerned with our lives, just as long as they have POWER, absolute power. Ray Tenorio and Judy Wonpat had more concern over that gavel than they do about the ever increasing costs of living here. Which of these clowns are worried that the hospital doesn't have simple CBC kits...a mundane little unit that when properly used, tells the doctor exactly what your blood tells them about your condition.
Gawd, I can talk and talk and talk, but it's all history and you're all a part of it because it isn't fixed and you're not upset about it.
There's another election coming up this November, I pray you'll all think about our lives and if we're no better off than we were when the clowns were sworn in....then I beg you to pick some new faces...At least if they have no experience in manipulating the government, they'll do the best they can to make Guam a paradise(affordable) once more.
There's no one to blame about what's going on at the circus. We put them there and we deserve what they're not doing to better our lives...or those of your children's lives.
I'm not picking sides. I don't know enough about standing rules of order...or, who's right and who's wrong....I just know that adults know how to compromise...those in the 29th Guam Legislature would rather make us a laughing stock than sit down and quietly discuss a win-win situation. They didn't...obviously, we're not deserving of a better life....or even an affordable one!

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We have this dummy thinking that only outsiders are capable of running the university! If Robert's promoted to take over Allen's failed attempts to run UOG, I'll shave my head!

Harold Allen....you remember him. He made more money than the governor and more money even than the medical examiner who makes tons of dollars...so much money that Allen got a free car and other free bonuses just to run UOG. Truth be said, Helen Whippie was the heart and soul of the university and she got 'jack' for the good work she does.
Guam embraced the the outsider and paid him far beyond what he was worth...and what did he do? Take a few trips to China at your dime and the trip was as successful as my taro patch that the neighbor's pigs delighted in.
Now, there's a Mr./Dr/ Liu from Hawaii. Supposedly he's got a background of working with colleges....which of course means he's going to ask for your right and left arm for a salary and don't know how much more for coming to a dreadful place to run UOG. Alas, Dr. Politician Perez said that he(Liu) even knew more than the regents....ha ha, who would admit this, that's what we have running ship UOG!
Robert Underwood knows the UOG as much as he knows the lines on the palms of his hands. He's a native, he's proven leadership capabilities and knows what works and what doesn't at UOG because he's been there longer than anyone else. He may not have been successful as a gubernatorial candidate but education? He's doctored it! But, that's the reason the regents won't pick him...he's too native, too unfamous like that Dr. Liu that's in Hawaii. The regent aren't known for promoting from within...that would be too cheap!
And, if you're not going to put Underwood in the big seat, then consider Ms. Whippie. I have no idea where she's been or what glowing words came with her when she was hired, preferring instead that she's been a hard worker. She lost a husband and returned to her job, working harder than ever. She's most capable at running UOG.
But, Underwood and Ms. Whippie won't get the nod.....the outsider with the words on paper that's he good for UOG will get the job, the great salary, the housing, the house, the kitchen sink....why?
Because he's not a local!
I truly hope I'm wrong about what I foresee!

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I won't bore you with the long vacation, suffice it to say, I'm back, half of me glad, the other, frustrated.

When I complained to Kiku about the frustration, he said that my option was to stay and shut up, or, go back to where the kids are settled and happy. And so, I'm back, but I'm not going to stop reminding you that you're all responsible for what's going on here. You(we) allow everything that's going on because you're too 'laid back' to do a damn thing about the problems.
What? They're finally fixing the Ilig bridge....why now? Why don't we wait until someone is killed then really do a good job? Since no one died, we're going to call it an emergency and put band aids on it.
What the hell are those people from the south doing about their lively hood? Just sit on their hands, their mouths gagged and do nothing? Shame, shame on you southerners for not doing anything about what could save the lives of your children!!!
Damn, we have the biggest collection of dummies.
Why haven't all the southerners marched to DPW or the Gov's office and demonstrate their feelings about having their children drive way out of the way to come downtown?
We keep giving govGuam employee raises....they're the priority....the safety of our roads and the safety of our families are way down on the priority list.
So what, you think five days is enough to fix the damn bridge?

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