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July 21, 2008


The good news? There were 20,000 people who watched the parade...but, no governor or first lady at the reviewing stand...

There was no governor at the reviewing stand....his under study, Mike Cruz played governor....the parade had some pretty sophisticated floats and lots of marching units....it took about 4 hours and the chatter from the government-run KGTF chattered through out the parade...the main lady from KGTF said when they were talking about Sylvan being a sponsor that they educated one children at a time....seems she could have attended a few English classes at Sylvan...she and her employees talked through the whole four house, talking through periods of the parade that you wanted to hear without the chattering....but....the chattering was nothing compared to what happened before the parade....
The Air Force usually sends a plane or two to fly over the Parade as it begins....the TDY raptor planes did their thing but the heavy weight bomber that was supposed to fly over crashed north of the island. There were six people on board. It's reported nd that two people were picked up and taken to the Navy Hospital...not reported, however, were the severity of the injuries.
Not sure if the Air Force should start teaching thier pilots about flying out here....in less than a year, four crashes have happened....
I do hope that all six of the crew survives the crash.
My thoughts and prayers are with the crew and their family.

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If you're related, read on....
copy and pasted, of course!

July 17, 2008
Hello & Hafa Adai Family Members,

We are counting days before celebrating our Second MAKAKA - BALI' TRES Family Reunion. We are excited and we promise this to be a most memorable gathering just like our first.
We, in California, have planned an extravagant surprise for those who plan to be in attendance. So, bring your camcorders, cameras, and your favorite dancing shoes!
On a more serious note, the purpose for this reunion is to afford to re-acquaint us with each other, and to introduce our children so that they, in turn, will meet and get to know their "Roots".

1st Day - Labor Day Weekend
Sunday, August 31, 2008 (12:00 pm to 7:00 pm)
Dinner & Dancing
“Island wear”
Sons & Daughters of Guam Club
Galaide Pavilion

2nd Day
Monday, September 01, 2008 (10:00 am to 5:00 pm)
Bar B-Q at Rohr Park Section R1

On a more serious note, the purpose for this reunion is to afford to re-acquaint us with each other, and to introduce our children so that they, in turn, will meet and get to know their "Roots".

The Makaka - Bali'-Tres in California


Projected Expenses
Galaide Pavilion Rental, Park Permit
Food (to be catered), Live Band & DJ
Make Checks payable to: Jo Ann Aguon Borja (Makaka - Bali'-Tres Reunion)
Mail Checks to: 650 Balsam Drive, El Cajon, Ca. 92019
Please send by no later than August 15, 2008

Number of Attendees: _____________________________
Submitted By: ____________________________________

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July 08, 2008


WHy do the clowns bother themselves with really unimportant bills such as tinted windows?

I really like Sen. Ishizaki. He was one of the best police chiefs and up until the dumb bill on vehicles, I thought I'd vote for him again.....but rather than push important bills on the real things that need fixing such as MIP,eitc refunds, refungs period!!! There are problems at ALL schools, GFD has non-working ambulances, there aren't enough license plates to register cars at R/Tax, etc, etc, etc.....what's important? Well....let's battle the tinted windows....Let's give everybody a raise who is a board member of GPSS.
Hell, let's give everyone a raise so he can afford his gas charges, the increased cost of power, water and the over night expensive food.
Has anyone gone to these markets to find out how many of them increased their fees everytime the gas goes up?
Everynight I pray that a few of the clowns at Julale wake up before they walk into those hallowed halls. They aren't funny you want anymore....oh, and if you want to get re-elected Mr. Shimizu, move your sign away from the road. My sister nearly bought the farm trying to make a left turn just outside Rev and Tax.
Lord, please give us a list of those who will do their best to correct all that's wrong with this island then having changed things Pto the better, leave office. There should be a law that disallows a senator from holding a seat for more than 4 years.
I like Travis Coffman's idea of districting and part-time legislators.
I'm so glad for being able to leave whenever I find myself knee deep in doodoo!

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KUAM's story on tonight's news confirms just how stupid some govGuam ideas are.

How dare GPA complain about not having enough people to do their work then offer to call people before their bills are due to avoid being disconnected. Even banks don't call to remind you that your car payment or mortgage payment is due. In a perfect world....or a pie in the sky dream....give me a puff on that guys, that must be some strong stuff!!

Here's a copy and pasted story that appears on KUAM's website:
It's not exactly the phone call you'd like to receive. A call from the Guam Power Authority informing you that your power is going to be disconnected. Believe it or not, there are ratepayers who actually signed up for this type of service. The problem now, according to GPA Communications Director Art Perez, is that these customers haven't been updating their phone numbers, meaning other individuals may be getting notices of disconnection that aren't supposed to.

Perez said, "What's happening is customers aren't updating their contact numbers either or it goes to alternate numbers and in some cases that person that's the alternate point of contact who will receive 2 or 3 notices of disconnection even after they paid their bill."

Because of an increasing amount of wrong numbers in GPA's Automated Trouble Call System, the agency is asking for ratepayers who have signed up for the service to come in, bring an id, and your account number to update the phone number if it has changed.

The article isn't my problem. What is.....is that GPA would actually entertain calling people to remind them that they're going to be disconnected......yet....how many people actually pay their bills online then have to be charged extra so that GPA can get thier money on time.

Most people who can have a meter can darn well pay their bill before it's delinquent. Deadbeats shouldn't get more service than those who pay the bills when they get it. Once inawhile, we get stupid and forget to pay....but we're so embarassed that we dare not say that we could have had a call warning us to pay the bill.

I want Lord Sanchez and his minions to treat all rate payers equally....we should all have to pay our bills on time. We don't
and we're without the most expensive power in the world! Don't charge fees for those who want to pay promptly and play kiss butt for those rate payer divas that want to be reminded....in your dreamsk dude!

Oh yeah, don't come on Gibson's talk show and whine about not having enough money at GPA and waterworks and a half hour later, we listening to radio ads. What the hell is that about? You're (gpa and waterworks) are the only we can get water and power....who do you think you're advertising to....Unless the Feds(and they're not that crazy but I could be wrong) have asked you to advertise on their dime...you have no business advertizing....unless of course you want to get ahead a bit from the rumored coal generating for the shopping mall in Agana.

We've got some really strange people pretending to be financial experts....it's no wonder we're so screwed up!

So, rather than have your power or water turned off.....I say, first thing tomorrow, pick up the phone and call GPA and waterworks and ask them to remind you a few days before your bill is due.....if they're not cooperative, quote KUAM's story to them.

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July 07, 2008



From an Okinawa newspaper.

Retired Marine General Stackhouse doesn't believe in the move of the Marines
from Okinawa to Guam.

I'm not so sure I disagree with him, but not for the same reasons. I'm not
so sure Guam can accommodate such an immense change in population or the
activity preceding the planned move. It will most assuredly create chaos on
this small island. Much will have to be done to improve the infrastructure.

Then there is the matter of the billions of dollars and the inept management
of Guam's leaders in preparing for the move and more than that their bulging
eyeballs at the amount of money involved and just how much of it they can

Going to be interesting to see what develops over the next few years. Going
to be a lot of gut wrenching and unsociable exchanges of pleasantries
between 'them' and 'us'. A gnashing of teeth and biting of the lips?

There is already those who are unhappy with DOD having it's own school
system because Guam couldn't, and still can't, operate a quality one of it's
own. The current young lady AG is closing down schools every week and
rightfully so because of mismanagement and neglect.

What if the military decided to build it's own power and water systems
because Guam's isn't up to speed? True, they'll need help with what they
have now, but need to put some of their own resources into it. But, what
resources? Most of what monies are taken into the coffers goes to
government employee salaries, great government of Guam retiree benefits,
free' COLA (even for those born and raised here and many of whom are
millionaires), leaving little else for services paid for by the taxpaying

Do I rant? Yes, I guess I do. I'm one of the taxpayers I refer to.

n.b. I do believethat we're not mature enough to handle this great gift of Marines and that we'll somehow screw it up.....my two pennies, of course!

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Not sure what Frank wants to invite us to so I'm going to copy and paste it for your information.


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Little by little, our big roads are beginning to be infused with two wheeled scooters, that almost rimind you of those that zip everywhere in the small streets of Europe....but they're the ones who will/or won't, survive the gas gouging.here

Today, I thought about the poor, the not so poor that's trying to make a life for themselves(family). I thought, wow, these people can't afford to buy a house, have to get meals and subsidized housing until their offspring are old enough to eat at the public trough(rhymes with cough). Power costs are unbelievable. $900.00 for a family of three adults and ne child. The take cold showers, have a gas stove and gas drier and they're hardly ever at home.
The ripple effect of the cost of the barrel of oil is akin to feeding a bit of rat poison at a time....slowly but surely, we are all drowning, few having the extra dollars necessary to live with the skyrocketting prices at the pump, the grocery store, utilities.
Sadly, we don't have anyone, elected or appointed, to do a think tank of what we can and cannot do.

The next time I'm in the states, I'm going to check out Vespa like scooter. I can use it around the village to run small errands.

I sure hope we're praying for better times ahead....and more cops...cuz we're going to be having more and more burglary/robbery.

We're at the bottom of the pickle barrel and don't know how to get out of it! Biba Nevada!

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Long headline....says it all. We all want to be king....certainly we want to put the AG to a power test and the games begin....the political olympics...always alive and well!

Whenever we return from our now frequent trips, I have to play catch up with the news. We don't always get 'everything' that's happening insubscribers the PDN/Mvariety online....guess they save much for subscribers that pay money for the news.....anyway...seems that the direction from the AG's office that Guam is free from gambling devices(I've been talking about these BINGO gambling machines for months!!!
Okay, so the AG says to the Dir. of Rev and Tax...let's not renew their business licenses. The machines are illegal. So the good director agrees and cuts them off.......for a whole month, nothing was done except for the talk on talk radio...on the last day, the owners of the devices came from out of the woodwork and.....talked to the acting governor/doctor decided....hmmmmm, this has to be tried in court....picks up the phone and tells Mr. Director to renew the licenses...the same ones that don't collect taxes from wins and every other loop hole not closed.
The doctor acting governor stood his ground. All sorts of 'stories' were said to have been discussed....money in someone's pockets and the like.....The callers on the talk shows kept reminding listeners that the gambling inneciative failed....people(cept a few) dLn't want gambling on their island.....seems the actor governor forgot that and found his own loop hole to keep the machines.
As if the taxpayers don't already have millions of wasted dollars....the issue will now make a few lawyers will be making mega bucks representing the owners of the machine and the AG's office will lose manpower so that they can fight this dumb, dumb decision.
And guess what, the neo-bishop who was frothing at the mouth when the Greyhound folks were trying to get the gambling initiave passed is no where to be found. Not a peep from those 'in frock'....guess gambling on those liberty machines aren't illegal.
Sadly, there just aren't enough people with backbones to stand up for or against gambling. I'm of the opinion that since it's going to be here anyway(gambling), we may as well create laws to tax it, tax the winners. We're a bunch of losers, we may as well admit it.
Biba gambling, Biba.....I've lost respect for one more elected person...hope he doesn't make it the next time he runs.

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