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August 19, 2008


How many different airlines have set up office only to close it because the company says it's losing money? Such a good excuse....

Pan Am was said to have had a monopoly on the island...then, Continental Airlines... there was Braniff and TWA and Hawaiian Airline, South Pacific Airlines, Asiana, Korean Airlines, Japan Airlines, ANA, Northwest Airlines,and even Garuda under the guise of Continental Air Mike....the little props and on and on....I have to say that TWA and Braniff weren't afraid to keep the prices low...for awhile. The U.S. owned carried mail or moved military dependents so they could afford to fly here....but....we know that those days changed big time over the years, the worst being those in the '90's when the economy of Japan hit rock bottom...not to mention, the island suffered a few hellish typhoons and a massive earthquake....and did I tell you about the SARS scare?
So.....like all those beautiful kodak moments you may have had with any of the above airlines, another one bites the dust.....
Sayonara, ANA, it was nice while you were here and even if the folks at GVB say you won't be missed because you carried but a few.....you
will be missed.

We seem to be such a 'disposable' community. Maybe if we had more airlines the air fares wouldn't be so unreal. So alright already, the price of fuel is unreal, but it hasn't always been that way....the people of Guam and Micronesia have always been over charaged and we've always been so willing to believe all the reason for the outrageous charges....but...these fares will remain expensive as long as we pay for them.(When was the last time Continental/Micro reduced their fares to anywhere......other than to Manila doesn't count)

If you're interested in saving big dollars and you have a bit of extra time....buy one of Continental's cheapest fares to Manila and book your destination flight there. I know we do and the savings are pretty significant!

So, ANA, maybe you'll consider returning to our fair isles when the fuel costs are reduced.

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August 18, 2008


If you're wondering, there's been no miracle.....it hasn't rained dollar bills..........and still.......we've got one biiiiiiiig deficit.
I'm not smart enough to figure out how they can play so freely with your money but it mustn't be a bother cuz no one's doin a dang thing about it!

Copy and pasted from Pacific News Center:
Lawmakers Give Staffers Pay Raises Despite Budget Deficit
Written by Josh Tyquiengco, Pacific News Center - Guam, Saipan, CNMI, Asia-Pacific

Guam - The Governor's staff recently received a raise; law enforcement officials just got approved for 40 percent raise over 4 years on Thursday, and now, staffers serving under the 29th Guam Legislature have apparently received a pay raise as well. With over a half a billion dollar deficit in the government to worry about, why is it that lawmakers are saying they are still saving money? "

So.....heard on the grape vine that the big kahuna Daryl Taggerty(sp)
is no longer at this particular circus site....and lordy lord, can't believe that Frank Aguon is working for the republicrat....politics sure does make strange bedfellows.

The police and fire people get their raises in yearly increments....no so the senator's office!!!

Maybe the real reporters will print the agencies that gave raises to whom and how much! Bet these happy employees don't have to worry about power charges or the increasing cost of feeding their children!!!

Happy days are here again? Yup......we're going to have the SAME clowns come November.........we surely deserve what we get!!!

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Why me? What did I do to deserve such a letter?

I was literally embarrassed for those two women who are board members of GPSS. It was the first time they sat face to face with poor Mr.(don't remember his first name) Maestri....Poor dude, he was only sent to Guam so that he could oversee how Uncle Sam's money is being spent!!!
First of all.....if one belongs to a board of directors.....ain't no need to take anything personally.....unless of course the letters pick you out and tell how you're mismanaging Uncle Sams moolah.....that I'm cure comes with a long list of 'okay to do', and 'do not do'..........yet when we get this money, we think of it as if it were a Bingo winning and we spent it helter skelter.....instead of being very careful to follow the letter of the law, we use the funds for whimsical reasons...we don't even bother to get the reports of spending to the agency on time......but???We're not too embarrassed to chastise Mr. Maestri. We don't go out of out way and ask how best we could report and USE these precious funds....these days, we only have enough money for travelling......and that doesn't include per diem!
Anyway, Mr. Maestri, there are many of us that don't hate you and we're not offended when you choose to see where the money goes. Perhaps it's time that we that work at GPSS ran the school as if the lives of our children depended on it.
I truly hope that you recognize that we're not all like those two who turned ugly today. A lot of us are glad that someone's overseeing the use of U.S. funds before they stop sharing it with us.
I hope you have a very enjoyable stay on Guam and that you get to meet those that appreciate all that you do for our children.

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August 16, 2008


Private schools already opened....students and books together for the year...they even have desks and such....yet....the public schools are unready...so what? That's not new....almost not even newsworthy...it's history repeating itself!

There's a brand new high school in the north...Okkodu....and it's reported that the brand-spanking new building leaks....who the heck built the school?
JFK was never maintained so.....their students have to share GW's school....but then, it's only children that are inconvenienced...what's new?
It's pathetic that alumnae of JFK waited to the eleventh hour to protest the double session.....that's not new, either! I personally feel that the structure is torn down and the school built somewhere else....leasing the beautiful view to someone who can keep it up.....GovGuam can certainly use the funds....but there's this hunger to keep the building at that place...
So....guess what? There aren't enough teachers so your children will be in study halls with school aids since the government doesn't have enough moolah to cover substitute teachers.....alas, it's only your children!
So.....maybe all the children who attend public schools will finally be in some sort of class by mid-September....not sure if they'll have books....or teachers, but again, that ain't news...just history repeating itself.
I must however, not make blame to the new Superintendent....she inherited the mess and is trying her best to fix what's broken....no doubt, she'll have white hair before the semester is over!

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