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October 31, 2008


If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem....especially if you call them 'brats'!

The man isn't one of my favorite. He's an expert on everything, Guam politics, polls and now, the one with the idea that UOG contributed to its own problems. Professor Expert McNinch, wrote in last week's Sunday paper.
He describes a time when he was in his twenties and brags that he could fit in a class where a professor who was late had a scuffle and threw a tabletop lectern against a wall then stormed out according to Sunday's PDN.
Mr. Expert then talks about the PDN's running of articles,opinions and editorials and letters to the editor over an 'artificial' cricis at UOG. Again, PDN says that he says that "these views have been pretty superficial and shallow and to be frank, the public deserves better information and analysis than it is currently getting. In that spirit, I good-naturedly toss my lectern at this wall of graffiti" He hsys he can whine with the best of them.(I'm assuming he's talking about the editorials, articles and letters to the editor?)
According to McExpert, "To be frank, some of the UOG views I have seen and heard sound like spoiled brats whining about the flavor of their ice cream while there are starving children around them. (where are these children....at UOG? Are they starving in GPSS schools? Why aren't they whining?)
PDN further reports that McExpert states that the way of UOG has lost its soul and that's the truth. How demoralizes those who attend this university, and that's not even including the staff....supposedly because they're spending too much time out on the community....yes, probably and spending too many hours on phone calls to the media.
I find it odd that a professor would write this so soon after the arrival of its President, Robert Underwood.
Mr. McNinch, I think you've insulted those students that choose to stay and do their level best at UOG. They don't want to hear that they are whiney brats and that it's okay if they with staff that the university actually needs 28K to run.
Seems to me that you should have been the university president, then you could name yourself chancellor and you can do as you wish with the university system. I hate to think that Robert Underwood took a job that's equal to the Titanic, only this time, sinking into the Marianas Trench. Wow, you even say that the problem isn't one of money. Not sure even you would know how to employ other professors without paying them...or the utilities, etc. and instead of blaming those that could make the UOG work better, your'e blaming the university........even dogs don't eat where they poop!
I would hate to be one of your students wondering if you were thinking I was a whiny person or a brat complaining about the flavor of Ice cream.......
You've left out a lot of what the students need, almost as if they don't matter....Who the hell worries about their needs, certainly not you!
Part two, a comment from one of the concerned students.

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From a friend. Cut/pasted

I don't think the media is very fond of Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is invited to meet with the Pope while he is vacationing south
of Rome in Venice .

The liberal press reluctantly watches the semi-private audience, hoping they
will be able to allot minimal coverage, if any.

The Pope asks Governor Palin to join him on a gondola ride through the
canals of Venice .

They are admiring the sights and agreeing on moral issues when, all of a
sudden, the Pope's hat(zucchetto) blows off his head and out into the water.

The gondolier starts to reach for the Pontiff's cap with his pole, but this
move threatens to overturn the floating craft.

Sarah waves the tour guide off, saying, "Wait, wait. I'll take care of this.
Don't worry."

She steps off the gondola onto the surface of the water and walks out to the
Pope's hat, bends over and picks it up. She walks back across the water to
the gondola and steps aboard. She hands the hat to the Pope. The silence is
deafening. Those looking on are stunned.

The next morning the topic of conversation among Democrats in Congress, CBS
News, NBC News, ABC News, MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, Hollywood
celebrities, on The View and in France and Germany is:


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There are so many questions to ask about this white haired man from Raleigh, NC. I don't have all the answers but I do know that he left Guam in a better place than he found it

It feels so empty knowing that there'll never be another time that I'll run into Ken Jones and have him ask how my parents are, or how the children are doing in school. I'll miss the little bits of news about his horses when they run in Kentucky but that's not what made Ken Jones...he was made from the good stuff. He created jobs, he didn't have acquaintances, he made friends. He shared his profits with the island and if you knew anything at all personal, you knew he adored beautiful Elaine who was never far from him and, he adored his children. He might not have agreed with some of the things the government did, but he never criticized them. He just went his way and made sure that he was doing the right thing for his people. And as long as he had left Raleigh, he never lost that southern accent...which was so smooth, it almost hypnotized you. He was a grand human being who did much for his adopted people. In the grand scheme of things, he's in the Palm of His Hands enjoying his rewards.
But he leaves behind loved ones who will miss him for a very long time and I pray for God gives them the strength to endure their loss and revel in the joy in their hearts that he left behind.
Ken lived every moment of his life and enjoyed it, wasting not one minute, you can be sure that he has brought these memories and the love of his family to the other side where there is no pain, no sorrow and no fear of death.
So dear friend, Godspeed and thank you for everything you've done to help Guam. You will be remembered and missed for a very long time to come.

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October 30, 2008


Okay, just in case you were wondering.........about which candidates will get the nod with the number 2 pencil.

Doug Moylan........He will make sure it's not a circus.
Frank Izhizaki....he's not easily influenced and he's not known to spin the truth.
BJ Cruz..........He doesn't let anything pass and pays attention and doesn't let fellow senators get away with their shananigans.
Eddie Calvo.....He thinks before he talks and keeps his word.

More research.......will let you know if there's anyone else worth voting for.......but then again.......we need 15!

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It takes but one drive through San Vitoris road on Tumon to realize that there are more white(military types) walking around the streets rather than the Asian types........

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that there are more military types walking the streets of San Vitoris on Tumon. I suppose that the tourist bureau would have said something about having less tourists with the cancellation of ANA a month or so ago.....but.........the information that there are few tourists filling the rooms, renting the cars and eating at restaurants has just been reported.....and now, the plans at camp GVB will be putting the invites to the Koreans(not sure if they mentioned the Chinese) and that the arrival would balance the lack of Japanese tourists. Who told them(GVB) to put all the eggs in one basket, anyway?
The news picked up on this story because the Gorilla firm, DFS let go a lot of their employees.....why? Their merchandise is geared to the Japanese tourist(and their pocket books....Koreans and Chinese aren't known to pay $1200 for a Prada purse)........
Don't think that DFS is the only firm that released a few(lots?) employees..........The Hilton Hotel has released many of it's housekeeping crews as do other hotels on what was the island's Golden Egg..........
I cannot blame the hotels or DFS for letting go of the excess employees.....this is what GovGuam should do to balance the budget....these firms are profit oriented........you can't afford to have 30 housekeepers when only 15 rooms are sold.....I'm sure that when the money/economy chaos reaches a plateau, the tourists will return, in the meantime, maybe the hotels will reduce their rates so that locals can 'get away' on weekends.
The words to remember? ""Don't put all your eggs in one basket!""

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October 29, 2008


Those poor people that stay alive because they devour cheap noodles in a cup....how will they ever save up enough money to gamble at the casino?

According to KUAM, "
Public advised not to buy "Cup Noodles" ramen
The Department of Public Health is warning the public not to purchase or consume the "Cup Noodle" instant soup. Nissin Foods in Japan issued a voluntary recall for their product as a bug repellent reportedly was found in the Cup Noodle product. "

The Chinese aren't the only ones who put little extras in food that isn't good for your digestive system.....seems our Japanese friends put little extras in their products as well. A favorite for the children, Cup of Noodles is going to have to switched.....so far as I know, Campbells are relatively safe, unless of course you're on a salt-free diet.......

I remember a time when those travelling to Saipan couldn't bring in those sugar-water Ice Keki because the water on Saipan wasn't safe enough to eat.........It's been a long time since the electronic press visited neighborhood grocers for out-dated food.......the last time a report was done, an angry Korean store owner nearly beat up a very pregnant reporter, Marissa Borja....I dare the media to check out the stores to make sure what we're paying for is edible.....alas!
it's election time so we'll just have to wait!

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Couldn't copy the item so I've just copied the contents of the sign.

"Waldo says that voting for Obama is like a pig voting for Farmer John. Use your brain, VOTE MCCAIN!"

I don't think that there will ever be another election in the U.S. as we have had this year. You can make a freak out of a woman and few stand up for her, as if she was some dog to kick around. You can hang an efigy of her and say it's free speech, yet if you dare to say anything about the opposition, it's racist!
Perhaps I should use, "Mark my words", if Obama is elected, we're in for the biggest rollercoaster ride of our lives.........so hang tight, the wonder one will negotiate with those who have nukes aimed in our direction.......then it will be too late because with no real esperience Amadimijad(sp) knows that the new guy will still be trying to find his way out of a paper bag......when that happens.....it won't matter how much RNC spent of Sarah's wardrobe!

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October 27, 2008


Please feel free to write your thoughts to Charo at:
Your thought will be input with or without your names....as you wish.

Here's what I found written about my thoughts in a google search.
I can understand exactly what the writer feels but I do have to say that I am not for status quo but the stupidity in the government(elected and not) keep us where we'll always be.
We've been conditioned to tolerating the crap we've always waddled in...when we get the spine to actually make the changes by standing up for our rights, then things will change. Some try to make the change but in an ugly way.....a lot goes further with honey.
Here's what he had to say:
I came across the commonsense that so frightens me and waits to welcome me back on Guam on another Chamorro blog, Auntie Charo's soapbox, http://charo.guam.net. Lao adahi yanggen pon bisita gui', sa' i "colonzing commonsense" gof atdet, mampos atdet guihi, mas ki malamana.

I hate to reproduce her words her since they are pretty vapid yan taibali, heavily invested in keeping everything the same. For that reason though they are very helpful in getting at how the colonization continues, how it is protected, rearticulated and defended in daily life, through everyday speech, emails, political rhetoric and media representations. I've numbered a few of my numerous objections to this post and you can read more on them below.

I'm embarrassed that I live on an island that can't handle hundreds of thousands of dollars that Uncle Sam gives this government (1) and we still keep our hands out asking for more and groups such as yours continue to yap at the moon whining about the land that you have no idea how to use. And if you don't know what I mean....look around, How much land do you see being used to grow produce?

Lady, you should be thanking your lucky stars Guam's in a strategic location...cuz the only thing we've got going for us is the very fragile tourist industry and we've got that by pure luck! (2)

I suggest you plant some plumeria trees so that you can make some leis for them Marines when they get here.....that's what'll save this island!

In the meantime, I'd choose my friends more carefully. The activists from Korea, the PI and Japan? They're a radical bunch.......sure wouldn't want to be known as one of the birds that flew with that flock! (3)

Note to the U.S. Forces....there aren't many activists and they don't speak for the majority of us. We welcome you and look forward to making you a part of our world. Most of us are hospitable and warm, honest! (4)

(1). Isn't this an interesting slip? I'm pretty sure she meant to say millions of dollars, since if Uncle Sam only gives us "hundreds of thousand" of dollars it actually isn't that much of our economy, and her whole argument is pretty meaningless because it touches the history of intentional American underdevelopment in Guam and Micronesia which you can find discussed in texts such as Remaking Micronesia by David Hanlon, The Colonies in Question Surina Khan or The Secret Guam Study. Of course, you can find it in these scattered places, but never the places where it needs to be discussed the most, Guam and Washington D.C.

(2). Why is this thinking useless for Guam and its future? Becuase, as I've written many times before, she refuses to recognize a possibility for Guam as being anything other than something attached to or dependent upon the United States. She reiterates the rhetoric of former Governor of Guam Joseph Flores, who in his inagural speech made the same point, which can be paraphrased as, "all that matters is that we matter to the United States." Colonization at its most tragic form is the position where the colonized understands themselves brutally fortunate that their colonizer wants them, that they have something that makes them important to the colonizer. This thinking will ultimately lead to Guam's destruction whether by the bombs stored there by the United States, or as in the days prior to its entrance into World War II, by aggressive posturing that pushes the island into war. Why? Because according to this logic, we have no needs other than what we can find through the United States, what they are willing to recognize and give us. Its hegemony in such a horrifically distilled form, since we don't think of ourselves as having any needs or interests independent of the United States, whatever they want from us, or want for us, we should just be grateful for it!

(3). The everyday mission of The Pacific Daily News and the desire of the United States military is accomplished as Guam's relationship to anywhere else in the world must first be filtered through its colonial status to the United States. The relationships and political/economic/social connections that we make to other nations must always be secondary to the American hand that feeds us just as often as it slaps us in the face.

(4). This statement is the reason why I wrote this post in the first place. Here we see the gap between public common sense and multiplicity of feelings and logics that people have. Of that multitude of opinions and feelings on this issue, this singular sentence, that we welcome and want you, makes it out to be the thing that we must all match up and articulate ourselves in step with or in conflict with. Are the majority of Chamorros and others on Guam really ready for this increase? Perhaps they might say they are, or it might seem like they are simply because commonsense says we are all just fine with it. The military history of Guam and our familiarity with it comes full force here in making this seem just fine and dandy. In a radio interview in Australia Robert Underwood said that the majority of people on Guam are fine with this move, since we've seen the island just as militarized before, like when he was growing up. Therefore commonsense would seem to indicate nothing is really happening, when Auntie Charo ludicrously states, that we on Guam are "look[ing] forward to making you a part of our world." Its an easy ass statement because you already are a part of our world right! You are the Marines that saved us in World War II, you are the military whose largesse we live off of. You are the military that gives us democracy, education, politics, everything good in life!

But this simple shortcircuit of weight and potential impact is too too easy when you have the Governor of Guam speaking of the Marines as if he is a love sick teen, and the military are Farah Fawcett-like posters of them on the walls of his room (do I see a billion dollar nipple peaking through the 10 billion dollar bathing suit?). Or the main critique that we get from the media is that we (Guam) suck at utilities and infrastructure so bad that we may not be able to handle as much military as we want to have.

What is not being discussed enough is how dramatic this increase is. Almost 20,000 more people on Guam, and not just any people, but military people, currently fighting the War on Terror. In 2001 people spoke out against the possibility of "enemy combatants" being incarcerated on Guam, because they feared the War on Terror being brought to Guam. With these Marines we find the exact same possibility, the War on Terror bringing brought into Guam, this time split into a number of ways. Yes the Marines will make us more of a target. Yes they will have an incredibly negative effect on everything from social fabric, politics, to environment. Yes, they will subordinate us even more to the interests of the military and hitch our fate to whatever militaristic designs and drives for global hegemony the United States military has.

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Who pushed Bush to the war?


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October 26, 2008


I'm not a nit-picker so I'm not going to ask where the bears and animals were...............but the circus was great just the way it was.

Guam was treated these few days with great imagination and wonderful memories of a childhood that included this circus. The air condition worked perfectly, thank you Peter Roy Martinez!!! And the place was totally full.........perhaps they should have lessened the VIP seats because they were the worst, but what the hey, you just thought you'd see better.........
I hope that more shows like this one come more often........I'm ready for Circ de Soliel.........

Job well down!

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Had to share this with you...........read carefully! Works on the Guam election as it does in the US!


While walking down the street one day a U.S. senator is tragically hit by a
truck and dies.

His soul arrives in Heaven and is met by St. Peter at the Golden Gate.

"Welcome to Heaven," says St. Peter. "Before you settle in, it seems there
is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so
we're not sure what to do with you."

"No problem, just let me in," says the senator.

"Well, I'd like to, but I have orders from higher up. What we'll do is have
you spend one day in Hell and one in Heaven. Then you can choose where to
spend eternity."

"Really, I've made up my mind. I want to be in Heaven," says the senator.

"I'm sorry, but we have our rules."

And with that, St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down,
down to Hell. The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green
golf course. In the distance is a clubhouse and standing in front of it are
all his friends and other politicians who had worked with him.

Everyone is very happy and in evening dress. They run to greet him, shake
his hand, and reminisce about the good times they had while getting rich at
the expense of the people.

They play a friendly game of golf and then dine on lobster, caviar and

Also present is the Devil, who really is a very friendly guy who has a good
time dancing and telling jokes.. They are having such a good time that
before he realizes it, it is time to go.

Everyone gives him a hearty farewell and waves while the elevator rises.

The elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens on Heaven where St. Peter
is waiting for him.

"Now it's time to visit Heaven."

So, 24 hours pass with the senator joining a group of contented souls moving
from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They have a good time and
before he realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and St. Peter returns.

"Well, then, you've spent a day in Hll and another in Heaven. Now choose
where you'd like to spend your eternity."

The senator reflects for a minute, then answers: "Well, I would never have
said it before, I
mean Heaven has been delightful, but I think I would be better off in Hell."

So St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to

Now the doors of the elevator open and he's in the middle of a barren land
covered with waste and garbage.

He sees all his friends, dressed in rags, picking up the trash and putting
it in black bags as more trash falls from above.

The Devil comes over to him and puts his arm around his shoulder.

"I don't understand," stammers the senator. "Yesterday I was here and there
was a golf course and clubhouse, and we ate lobster and caviar, drank
champagne, and danced and had a great time. Now there's just a wasteland
full of garbage and my friends look miserable. What happened?"

The Devil looks at him, smiles and says, "Yesterday we were campaigning. Today you

Thanks for sharing amigo!

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October 25, 2008


Check out this site.

www.greatdanepro.com and check into the directory....then eat your heart out...a great site for the heart.

Turn on your speakers and open the doors to happy times!

Thanks to a great friend who sent me this site.

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Poor lady, she actually thinks I'm dumb enough to respond to her gimmick!
If you get a letter like this........copy it and send it to the AG's office!

Totally cut and pasted!
Dear Beloved,

I hope this email meets you in good health, I have been worried why you are yet to
reply my previous email to you or if you ever received it. Like I told you, I am Mrs
Alice Jones, married to Late Mr Peter Jones, who was a well established business
merchant before he passed on. Please carefully read and understand my reason for
contacting you through this email and Reply me please .

For the past 2 years I have been going through so much depression and I am willing to
share my pains with you. please I do not want you to turn me down at this point
my health depends on it. I lost my husband and my only son to a car accident and this
has really shorted life for me and to crown it all, after the funeral ceremony, my
husbands relatives took all my belonging and everything belonging to me and my family
because I do not have a child for their brother anymore.

Ever since then, they have paid no attention to my welfare. It was hell for me after
the funeral so I had to leave the family home. While leaving my home, I took along
me the documents concerning my late husbands investment in the value of $5m in one of
the banks in Europe and I have proposed this investment for charity. Due to my poor
health status and the presence of my late husbands relatives around me, I ask for your

Please, I need you to help me secure the investment fund for my welfare and charity
purpose. I want you to partner with me in securing this funds to your account in your
country and use to implement a charity project in my late husbands name.

In appreciation of your help at the successful delivery of the funds to you, you are
keep 30% for yourself, and the remaining 70% for my welfare and my project.

please treat this project with utmost confidentiality and respond to my letter
immediately via my private email (alicejones_mine@hotmail.com) with the following

1. Your Full names......
2. Your Address......
3. Your Telephone /Fax......

On reception of the above information's, will enable me commence all arrangement for
the purpose of our partnership to the bank so you will represent me as my partner for
the investment to be released to you to commence on my project. Subject to your
response, I will give you more information on how to secure the funds and how we will
handle the project.

Remain Blessed,
Mrs. Alice Jones

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Tis the season to judge good over evil. It seems every one can see all the evils, yet let the obvious get a 'pass', a political word I learned from watching t.v.

No one really give a rat's behind about the growing number of homeless we already have on island....no one really cares much about the constant reporting of adults sexually abusing children, beating up of wives, the horrific accidents on the road due to drunken driving...the obvious threadbare that confronts the delicate fabric of the Catholic church....only three priests remain un-neo-fied....and do the real Catholic thing, others including the Bishop have started a cult with the neo-catecum version of Catholichism....those that are 'neo great' look down on those that
just want to be plain Catholics....if you think I don't know what I'm talking about......try counting the number of Catholic children that are attending Christian schools.....they're happy children that love to sing the songs of the bible, love the incorporation of Jesus into their learning activities....the only flourishing Catholic school today is the one that a lawyer saved....the Mt. Carmel school in Agat...otherwise, many Catholics choose to send their children to Christian schools....the Bishop doesn't seem to mind, although I was taught that if you could, a Catholic child should attend a Catholic school.....most Catholics can afford to send their children to Catholic schools..........the question then asks.....why they choose to send them elsewhere?
Okay.........we seem to overlook what is changing the morals of our community.......pregnant teens, the rampant increase of divorces, etc.......but when it comes to gambling...........seems creeps come out of the wood work to predict what evils it's going to bring to the island.........forgetting that all these evils already exist.....we pick and choose what gambling will bring. Heavens to Betsy...I used to say that while being Convent bred.....gambling ain't gonna bring massage parlors with happy endings......cockfights and bingo for whatever non-profit it says its for.........it's all here..oh, and there's the abortion thingy we all overlook...but seems the creme de la creme of clerics only see that which they predict gambling will bring..........wow, for years they forgot about looking into the matter of those Liberty machines..........
So........what's the worst that gambling will bring? If I had anything to do with the marketing, I'd have attached it to the opening of a new dump instead of a convention center, maybe then it could have caught more attention instead of saying it's going to help the school system....we all know that no one cares if Juan and Maria are worth a good education.......I say, let's use the profits to pay for the leveling of the pyramid at Ordot.........be a great place to build a new hospital, ya think?
I'm going to vote 'yes'............because it's not going to bring in anything evil that's not already here........unless it's SARS or something like that!
As for E.J. Calvo? Kudos to him. He's calm and he's cool......his parents should be proud of him! Good on you, E.J.! You got my vote!

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October 24, 2008


What makes a person hate or dislike a total stranger? Have we all given up on Christ-like behaviour that we must seek the worst in a person rather than to see the face of God in that being?

I see the hate on CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS. They are lovers of the new boy in town. No matter the questions about where he's really from and what's really in his heart that he should be elected US President. Because he believes in late term abortions, I'd say that he's got the morals of a used car salesman. In the beginning, I really thought that he might just be the change he promised of this country's government and through the months, he turned into the very being he said he wanted to change. He blamed, he lied and he wouldn't answer questions......but the world of good reporting was smitten and gave him songs and praise, be damned the country's hero and the simple woman he picked for his running mate.
If you want to say that the woman doesn't have the exerience, then that's okay, I'm not sure thn anyone has ever been elected president that had the exact amount of experience it takes to run the country.....the cult members of the chosen one had no reverence for the 5 years the older guy was a prisoner of war....only that he's too old to run the country, but that Murtha person who referred to his people as rednecks knows just what they are because he's one......and old one at that!
But that's all happening to where real Americans can vote.......here, we have a divorcee with her own unwed daughter just having had a baby out of wed-lock....and more at clubs where they sell more than soda pot..............she actually tried to sound lie Couric and washed out Andrea Mitchell who's older than God, talked about the cost of clothing for Palin and her family....paid for by McClain's campaign funds..........no one said anything about the leased plane of the one with the halo.
Instead of giving Palin the credit that she's a modern day woman that had the courage to take such a daunting challange of running as a VP to a great old man, the woman began her hate for Palin and her nerve to actually buy clothes from Nieman Marcus or where ever it was she picked out her clothes............no one gave this woman any praise when her Down's Syndrome son needed diapers and the woman picked him up and hurried into WalMart for the needed disposables. She could have asked the FBI to run our and buy a box, maybe even asked one of them to watch the child while she ran into to the store........believe me.....I've been with this and other first ladies and getting out of the car and picking up needed items was not on their daily planner.
So dear lady talk show host. If you're going to play judge....do so fairly.........at least Palin's clothes fit her and her chest isn't the first part of her you see....she's a real lady and doesn't talk 'taki' about others....we have much to learn from this old man and the young woman he picked. They don't have to make others look back in order to make themselves look good......
I just have to believe that God in His infinite wisdom,won't allow a man who believes in late term abortions and wants an abortion that lived to be allowed to die instead of trying to save his/er life.......
Only small people stoop to make hateful comments about other people...I never thought you'de stoop so low.
I ptay for that woman to be the first woman vice president.....we need a woman with a heart as the next VP..........
Asmfor the talk show host, I pray you find your heart....it;s been missing awhile!

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October 23, 2008


We've all had a good life.....pepsi cartons, bottlesk junk, more junk and more junk................and now, it's full circle time!

The feds say clean up and make a new hole and pay us some $2222222222.0000 or something to the life on the new junk yard,,,.........the news is usually susprising........the fact that we don't have enough, ever to pay for anything is never a surprise.
I think we should all sit down with those dudes that created compact impact............and start from there...........the compact impactees came here and changed our lives far greater than those marines and the government seems stingy to share with us........
In my last life, I was a west indian.....we had a man with a pipe who spoke and when he was finished, another spoke and after everyone had a turn with the pipe, people seem to understand what was needed............I sure hope something like that happens before our friends move here because their move will mean new streets, more stinky water, less rolling brown outs a land fill and some new water wells. Oh, there's the thingy about the compactees using the Navy Hospital because they've taken over GMH and the locals have get on a plane before they can get medical help.
I look forward to the arrival of the Marines..........but don't look that we lose what few dollars we get......spent before their arrival. These times call for mega talks and those darn white peeople from America stop hiding from the governor's office and or the Legislature....there are a few that are actually sane.

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I'm so glad Sen. Frank Izhizaki doesn't back down when the CCU (I think that's what it's called in Keystone) pitbull flares his nostrils and rolls his eyes.

I was never so proud of the good senator when he said on PNC that he's first a cop and the need for the truth is worth more than those of a politico.(not verbatim)
My hero wants to know why the dragon board is so quick to increase the LEAC fuel rates and sooooooooooooooo slooooooooooooow to reduce the rates long after it's been reduced. No one seems to care that in the states, the gallon of gas runs about $2.80....it's still over $4.00 here. We're so intimidated by that dragon board that snare and blow smoke in excuses everytime they're asked a question......
And I'm sorry, Mr. Dragon, but just because you think or your elected/appointed puppets think that they've(utilities) have done such a GOOD job over the years.......that they can spend thousands of dollars on radio and t.v. patting themselves on the back.........hell, they don't even anticipate that the Navy will raise the water rates, or that we'll have leaks or even little explosions that leave villages in the dark for hours....vi illages without water for days in the south........hey, how much of that $8,000 in advertising could have been used to repair those problems.
And to my hero.........you're the cop....I'm anxious to see if you believe that those once an hour ads on radio and t.v. just cost $8,000.
Trust me..........it ain't no $8,000, it's going to be more than $15 to $20K.......trust me!
I will vote for three men on November 4th....Doug Moylan won't sit around for BS and my long time hero has proved that he's a good representative for the people of Guam, and the former judge with the strange eyesk BJ Cruz. He ain't anyone's doormat!
Otherwise,if you like the way things are...........relect the whiners......and you'll all get what you deserve!

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October 18, 2008


I couldn't sing enough praises when he was the director of GPD....and it seems, he's still pushing for transparency.

Senator Frank Ishizaki wants to know what I want to know........where theCCU gets off boosting their egoes with expensive ads.....as if they were in competition with some other utility company. My hero wants to know where the money for these ads are coming from.
PDN quotes: Why are these people using utility funds to say how great they are?"
Yep, Mr. H., that's exactly what they're doing.....and you can be sure that each of those people have the biggest egoes around.
Darn, PDN says the chair, biggest ego, says that it's within CCU's right to advertise collective accomplishments in an ad campain as long as they aren't political. Stupid.....everything on Guam is political....even those dumb and dumber people on the board....aren't they elected? If the put haloes on their head and pretend everything is honky-dorry....don't you think that in the back of their minds that they're thinking, "re-election".
You'd think they'd use the damn funds for ads on unpaid bills, decrease rates.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the best CCU on the land? We'll show them.....and we'll use their money to show them.
The very best thing CCU does is increase the rates and allow the payment of the highest salaries on the island....other than that, they aren't smart enough to handle road kill on Marine Drive.....when I grow up, I'm going to run for a seat on CCU....then I can be on t.v. and tell you how great I am....on t.v. and on the radio. I'm so great I can't imagine why I haven't done it yet.
So my hero, Senator Izhizaki, put a stop to the ads and introduce a bill that doesn't allow such senseless ads from clueless agencies!

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October 17, 2008


For the past three days the PDN has reported how sorry a mother was for calling the police to help with her son who had stopped taking his meds for a bi-polar problem.

The story begins with a woman who has a son who was recently diagnosed with a bi-polar problem....not sure whether bi-polar rhymes with manic depressive...I'm no doctor and you all have browsers that focus on the problem he had and what the consequences were/are when one stops taking meds.
Something set this young man off and he thought he needed a knife and a machete to settle whatever it was that was bothering him. Of course this upset his mother. She went to the police station to help her son take his medication. He was more upset after the arrival of the police and as he ran towards them, he was maced which angered him even more. So, in order to settle the problem, to keep the man from harming himself or others......they shot him twice in the chest. Wow, that would stop just about anything from harming himself......that was the kind of help the police thought the mother wanted of them. I can't imagine that three of more police officers couldn't rush him and grab the toys(compared to those damn guns) the victim. They didn't, they cured the temporary problem with a permanent solution.
The mother tells the PDN that she's sorry she called the police....and for the rest of her life, she will be sorry. She even said that she forgave the boys(men use better measures to contain a man with a knife and machete) who killed her son. I am a Christian, but not sure that my forgiveness would have come so soon after my son's life was snuffed out.
So, today, the PDN and other media report that the police are going to learn how to deal with the mentally impaired/challenged....I ask, why didn't they begin this process after that man was shot and killed at the Veteran's Cemetary who was mourning and crazed because his brother comitted suicide? But then, I also wrote about the chaos at 911 yesterday.....if the mother had called 911 instead of going to the police, I'm not sure what the uncertified being would have said or done to help.........the truth? We have no help. We have to learn how to protect ourselves because there's really no one out there to do the job.....and because they can't find their way out of a paper bag.....they'll blame it on funding....I mean, lack of funding!!!
That Palauan man who was loved by many lost his life because of 'funding'. No funding to teach officers that you can shoot at knees, legs or arms that'll stop a crazed person without killing him/er.
Some time ago, we had people who would go to homes where hostages were taken.....the cops usually appeased the hostage taker and no one was injured. What happened to those people? Have they been replaced by gun happy people?
Yes..........and we're not going to do anything about it until it happens to one of our own.
The police should all wear black bands on their uniforms until they learn how not to kill people and keep others safe!
Shame is not a strong enough word for what happened to that dead man.

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October 16, 2008


Aye adai, we spend sooooo much money of dumb things, we've even given these hooligans promotions and raises...........but they don't know jack if you're in need of help!

So, in Keystone, we give good pay for lousy work....the person who answers 911 may as well be asked how to turn the U.S. economy around cuz he sure ain't got the medical knowledge to help you, or who ever it is that's calling for help. Perhaps we should call GMH for help and ask them to send an ambulance........
These people that don't have certificates is conformation that the government of Guam doesn't give jack about whether or not you can get medical help if and when you need it....see, if the employees of govGuam knows that they don't need a high school diploma, they'll also know that nothing will happen to them, promotions, raises et al if they pretend to know how to give medical advice to a 911 call......fire the damn director and make sure that only certified people answer 911.
Shame on the people of Guam who allow this to happen...we're a clueless bunch and they'll be selling pistacio ice cream in hell before anyone makes any changes!

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October 11, 2008


Is it easier to just kill a man with a machete and knife if you're a policeman with a gun? Kill first then ask questions later?

I'm sure the reader's memory has a better count of men being killed because the police officer couldn't contain the perp. The last one was killed because he was distraught over the suicide of his brother...the excuse was that he was aiming a gun at the officers.....sharpshooters that they are trained to be.....shot and killed the man. A longer time ago, a Dededo boy had an argument with his dad and drove away with his dad's highly tinted car...there was a wild car chase that ended up with the pre-teen drove off the road. He was ordered to get out of the car.....I can tell you, if I was that boy in that car,I'd be scared to death to get out of the car.......so....he was shot to death...then the officers realized they had killed a kid. And in Tamuning a few years back, there was a nut who was acting crazy...they maced him and he got angrier....so to put a permanent stop to the man's inability to be controlled, killed the man. KUAM probably still have the film on that senseless death.
So, on Friday night, a Palauan man was acting crazy with machete and knife. His mother couldn't get him to leave so she went to the police to ask that he be removed. He was maced, got angrier and put his focus on the police officers....one man against several policemen.
I'm assuming they don't have that gun that if fired, it puts the perp in the net in order to get control over the perp....so instead, they just shot him twice and killed him........oh, you can imagine the excuses there will be from the police themselves over this killing.
I am totally naive when it comes to containing a person with a machete or knife but if the mace didn't work(couldn't the police have used a taser on the perp before using the gun) Couldn't the police in any of these shootings shoot just to stop the perp by shooting at his arm or leg or some part of the person's body that wouldn't kill him? I get the feeling that the police seem to be gun happy.....and I'll wonder for a long time why those officers thought that one man who appeared deranged could have hurt any of them with a knife and machete.
I bet that mother who lost her son regrets asking for police help!
May God have mercy on the man's soul and may God find a way for these people to get punished instead of being killed for their bad choices.

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October 10, 2008


We can't afford to reduce the fuel rates because....oh damn, insert your own excuse.....the frequent guest of the morning show says they(CUC....CCU?)might reduce the fuel charges in April........but didn't say which year.

My big question which the reporters don't seem to want to ask is.........where in the hell GPA is getting their money for it's very frequent t.v. ads on how good the agency is.....using board members and I don't know who else but there's a bunch of them so the ad is at least a minute long..........
If the agency is losing money and can't reduce the rates even though the fuel rates have gone down.......how can they afford these ads?

And.......why the ads, it's not like they have competition! That generator being built to power up the Agana Shopping Mall isn't competition.......so why the waste of money......wanna bet that the response is that they're using Federal money? But, the clueless
Keystonians don't know better, they just sit and drink their beer are glad their uncle, cousin or other relative is on t.v......

I'm not sure if I'd rather be clueless or have Alzeihmers....either
way, we lose!

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Remember the story about the lineman RM Cruz who was arrested along with fellow owner of a recycling company? Well....you gotta read for yourself and you're warned.....it's a belly laugh....something that can only happen on Guam, oops, I mean Keystone where the clueless thrive!

It's all on KUAM's website....not sure that they ran the stories together so you could laugh during the news but when you can see both stories on thier website....it's a big laugh and an event that can only happen onthe clueless Guam, oops, I mean Keystone where thrive!
First story:

Police: lineman's arrest "opens up Pandora's Box"
Guam Police Department spokesperson Allan Guzman says that the investigation into copper thefts on-island continues. He says that Thursday's arrest of GPA lineman Raymond Manibusan Cruz was a result of the ongoing investigation of all copper wire thefts on Guam.

Second story?
GPA holds annual lineman rodeo
As part of its celebration of GPA Week the Guam Power Authority held it's second annual lineman rodeo. It's a competition comprised of seven events that showcase the skills of the hardworking GPA linemen. Simon Camacho, assistant manager of transmission and distribution, served as the coordinator for today's event.

Don't forget to insert 'alleged' where it's necessary!
So I ask, were the arrestees allowed to join to join the rodeo, and or, was it a different game to see who could steal the most copper wire before it was connected to the poles? Wonder if they could do one of those, steal the most wire, make friends with recyclers and get away with it with just a slap on the wrist and a few days of paid admin leave.

Wow, wonder if any of these loco rodeoans got paid while they rodeoed...

Yee Haww, another wonnerful day in Keystone U.S.A.!!!

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October 09, 2008


Instead, a senior member of the Circu de legislatura sends complaint letter to the UN to complain about Guam being a colony.

Below is copied and pasted from the Pacific News Center website:
Senator Pangelinan Criticizes U.S. Colonization Of Guam
Written by Kevin Kerrigan

Wednesday, 08 October 2008 19:32

Guam - In testimony presented before the United Nations in New York City, Guam Senator Ben Pangelinan condemned the U.S. colonization of Guam.

Pangelinan was not present to give the testimony. it was read on his behalf by Chamoru attorney Aileen Quan. In his remarks before the U.N.'s decolonization committee, Pangelinan referred to the U.S. government as the "administering authority" saying "recent decisions by our administering authority dilute our right to self-determination" and he called on the world body for support in seeking "the liberation of our people."

Among the activists present at the U.N. was the Chamorro Nation's Victoria Leon Guerrero who praised Pangelinan's remarks and criticized Guam Governor Felix Camacho for failing to appear before the U.N. in his 8 years in office. Pangelinan's office told PNC News that the senator is off island and not available to comment on his U.N. testimony.

Later this week, the Chamoru delegation will be meeting in New York with the president of the U.N. General Assembly to discuss ways to expedite Guam's Chamoru self-determination process."

Unless I'm misinformed, acting senator Ben Pangelinan is not from Guam, supposed it doesn't matter much....Saipan's about to be federalized and boy is that going to be worse than being colonized.
I suppose a plus is that if we're declared 'natives', we can build as many gambling casinos a we wish, just as the West Indians do in the states....of course, that could also possibily mean that Uncle Sam doesn't have to give us 'jack' for capital improvement, food stamps and the like.........Acting legislator Pangelinan wants us to be 'self determined'.....when the Europeans came here in the 1500's, we were Chamorros....we didn't determine ourselves anything....they claimed us and the only determination then was that we were under their rule. After the Spanish/American war, Guam was ceded to the U.S......doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that we now belonged to the U.S. and for years, they watched over us.... and though not described as 'self determination' we got to do the government of Guam thingy, elected idiots that are so egotistic that they only want to be important....not a one of those clowns want to do anything that will help the island....no one has shown that they want to make this island a better place....all they want to do is point fingers are those that are actually spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to those who live here. I dare the U.S. to put a halt to the Medicaid, to the food stamps, to the much reduced low cost housing and FEMA aid after a natural disaster........let me guarantee that they'll be a lot of crying after we become self-determined without the generosity of the U.S.
Guam belongs to the U.S., like it or not.........best to make the relationship......just remember the $43M that US DOE could have caused at GPSS if it didn't release the money for those text boox and other operational fees.
I am so tired of people who can't just appreciate today and appreciating that we are in a good location in the geopolitical world and that the military will continue to enjoy 'owning' this island.
To bring such a complaint to the UN is a slap in the face of the US.....we all have the handle of being self-determined.....don't like it..........you can always go somewhere else that's 'self-determined'.
Some of the clowns at Circu de Lehislature are burned out.........maybe it's time to plant some papayas!

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You're innocent unless proven guilty so enter 'alleged'when and wherever it's needed...........in the end, we'll be the dodo birds cuz he'll get paid admin leave and he won't tell the police who his cohorts are..........one of the things we can get away with while living in paradise!

It was so obvious that even the most stupid would have figured it out.
New shipment of copper wire, it gets stolen....your ordinary criminal is more interested in chemicals to alter his state of mind, interested in stealing stuff from your car(or your car) in order to sell it to make enough money to pay for his bad habits.....or, feed his children cuz he ain't got no job.......but ain't it logical to take a long look at the linemen who work for Guam Premier Power Authority? They know when the goods arrive, when they're supposed to be dropped off so that can be strung up........etc.....Honest to God,(I learned that in Catholic School, it means you're making a serious statement)the same smart linemen(yes, that's more than just Mr. Ray M. Cruz) make Asian recyclers their new best friends.....hell, these dudes don't care if the copper/brass/bronze comes from cemetaries, placques that memorialize those who suffered during the war....and the like....these people have no human feelings whatsoever....they want the cash and know exactly when to make it happen.
It's only the defectives(oooops mean detectives) and pohleese that don't know what the hell is going on right before their eyes....these theives are hiding in plain sight!!!
Will the defectives see if this dude and his friends the ones who work at the recycle place and his 'padres' have been ripping us off for years.....stealing copper ain't the newest crime....I honestly don't think that these thefts are on anyone's priority.....we don't have enough defectives...and the dude R.M.Cruz? He's probably on paid leave............aye adai, no wonder the Europeans called us the land of thieves! GPA doesn't care much, either........the copper that's stolen will be re-ordered.....and will be stolen and the circle continues.........maybe GPA should turn off(I mean OFF) at the Cruz residence until he's proven innocent....I mean, not innocent!
Maybe we should put some melamine on the wires and the like then jail all those with little kernels in their kidneys!
How come thieves are smarter than us?

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October 07, 2008


The more time we take to build a school, elementary or high....the more expensive it's goint to be......

You see folks, there's already a real shortage of engineers....honest, even hubby was offered a good deal........but....there's this pending thing...like, the arrival of 20K of military, their dependents and the people who will be responsible to build homes, military type buildings and the likes......the worker bees will need housing so we'll need worker bees to start with building those barracks.....this will mean that there will be less people around to build any school...or any kind! So, if it costs$200 a square foot today, it'll be two or three times more the closer it gets to the arrival of our new best friends....then we can really talk about how expensive building a school is.
I'm no dummy, but think that the reason our schools are like full to the brim is because of this thing called Compact Impact..........we should figure out how many of them attend our schools then hit Uncle Sam for more money....it they don't pay.....then send the CI(s) to DODEA schools........We clueless people don't know how to stand on our rock and tell the Feds that we can no longer afford to keep their compact contract going....last time I looked, we can barely afford to pay for our own children, hospital, fire and jail charges........hmnnnnn, did you note how many names of immigrant neighbors were arrested for DUI in today's PDN?
It's not like any of us clueless people were invited to the contract for free association....(do you wonder how many 'visitors' reside at DOC?)
Almost forgot.....the dude who said it was too expensive to build a school is none other than our infrequent governor.

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And, we can't blame it on the Navy!

Listen up fellow Keystonians, we're being hoodwinked again, by the infamous, over paid CCU, or is that CUC. Whatever, they warned the clueless a few weeks ago that they is gonna raise(ebonix the next language to learn) dem rates for ya water.....I thunk I hurd t'was cuz dem leaks and the damn Navy raisin rates and all sorts of otha blames to make it look like they be doing their best. The one who appears to have the golf tan who shares a morning talk show has all the rite answers, gosh darn, he even speaks slowly so us dumb'uns can unnerstand him. Ya want reliable water, we need fix the pipes so, like it or not(He doesn't give a rat's behind) we're raising the rates...........
Well, we all know that we clueless Keystonians can't do a damn thing about it so we just find ways to keep the water running and the lights burning..........but today!!!!The truth comes out!!!
For about $110K per annum(and that don't include house, car, move to Guam or any thing else that's usually hidden from the clueless unless they invoke an FOI...and most clueless people don't realize that it takes forever to figure out what's in the pay package cuz it's 'personal'......
So fellow cluelessians, we just hired a water engineer to pay money we can't afford to pay.........of course, before you became clueless, you realize that we've been without Craddick and his big salary for almost a year and nothing's happened..........heck, we get less water outtages.....there's been no dude walking the villages doing research on the water.........and we've survived! And.....we even managed to save on his big salary and other benefits..........
So, don't be so stupid.....there's always a reason for a rate increase.........it just takes awhile to figure out what his/er name is!
Once again, the laugh's on the Keystonians who live in the land of dumb and dumber!

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October 02, 2008


Yep....used to be we didn't want MSG with the order.........now we're thinking better leave it out as well as asked if there's any melamine with the order.....

The Chinese makes you think that you have a lot for your order........too bad it kills babies and puts little things that don't belong in your kidneys......they add it to anything that's made with milk....so, bread, cookies, wrappers and just about everything that needs volume......all without conscious....or guilt.

Remember the dog food? The cat food? Oh yeah, let's not forget the lead on the toys we bought for our beloved children.........So, melamine added to food is a great things......it cuts your life short! The lead? They figure you don't buy anything of value for your kids so you may as well stick with the cardboard boxes, unless they're from China, you should be able to get some use ouf ot them...a box that comes with a stove or fridge is great for a house!

Wonder how much melamine the attendees of the Olympics have lingering
in thier kidneys.......oh well, the got the best opening ever, guess that's worth a few grams of melamine!

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October 01, 2008


You can laugh along with me........the hospital tonight announced it's raising its rates.......you know, keeping up with the price of the barrel of oil.....etc.

But the laughable matter, actually,it's not funny, it's pathetic.........most of the patients that will be charged these rates are the same ones who didn't pay for baby one, two, three or some urgent care........they're the uninsured........and our 'brothers and sisters' from the islands that Uncle Sam says we have to care for............so forget the rates, the really sick get on an airplane........the others are healed on Guam and they don'have to pay a nickle for the service.....does compact impact remind you of anything?
Lately, the DUI arrests and the like have appeared on line.......please note the last names......most of them can't walk on
the roads let alone drive.....and drunk at the same time!!!
I think we should have a purchase order from the government from where these friends come from before they're accepted at GMH!!! OR.........we should shuttle them to NRMC!

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Sure tells what kind of people we really are, huh?

It's not 'new' news.......but news just the less. Seems the hospital has a large number of dead bodies. I'm just not sure how many, but one is more than enough!!!! These dead bodies languish at the morgue, proof confirming that there's no group that cares enough to give them a burial, Christian or otherwise. You'd even think that one of the funeral homes would do something for those dead bodies.
So, to bury one, the cost os over $2,000....there won't be anyone in attendance so you won't have to worry about food or flowers or anything for that matter;.....just a cheap cardboard box thrown quickly into the six foot hole so that we can forget about that body, never mind who he loved or who once loved him/er..........
There are several funeral homes that cremate....that's really cheap...several non-profit associations can gather enough money to cremate those bodies........but that's too simple, we'd rather leave those unloved bodies at the morgue.....out of sight, out of mind.....then we can blame the hospital for not doing anything for them....it always feels good to blame someone else, isn't it?
I suppose I wonder what the Bishop is thinking about when he's not thinking about the gambling deal............you'd think he'd do what Jesus would do(oops, He wasn't a neo catacumen)
And honestly, not giving a damn about the remains of the dead ain't a new thing.......we've tons of bones in tons of boxes lined up in various offices under the guise that they're being studied....maybe we can send the dead bodies to these scholars and do a study on what horrible people we are as a society that we wouldn't bury our dead?
No wonder the world is in chaos!

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