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December 16, 2008


I'm so glad that many more store clerks say Merry Christmas rather than the politically correct, 'happy holidays'!

Monte Mesa was on the Ray talk show said that he's pleased at the Outlet stores at GPO are doing so well, that business was good....he didn't say that there was no sign of a weakening economy....his sister stores at Tumon Sands was even doing well because the rich were buying..........
Then, the evening news says that due to the weakened economies of Japan and China( it wasn't clear if Taiwan was included) was 'down' as well and that hotels were losing money....I suppose one could figure this out by driving through Tumon....hardly a tourist filling those wide sidewalks...too few to keep traffic at a standstill.
Maybe if the Hotel and Restaurant Associates could get together to reduce prices our rooms would be filled with $100 a night room rates rather than having the room empty.....maybe they could get the stingy Continental Airlines to have air fares that would include a hotel room night and maybe a car or tour pkg as other carriers promote at other destinations. The same stingy airline have packages, really inexpensive ones From Guam rather than To Guam........we always seem to get the raw deal when it comes to airline fares.
And in case you wanted to know, I think the only 'friend' Guam had at Airline Scrooge, Wally Dias, has been relocated to Hongkong...lucky HongKong, poor Guam. His replacement person doesn't seem so 'user friendly'.......but who cares, CO's a monopoly(unless you're young and can survive NWA flights via Japan) and they can do as they damn please.........so.....why is it newsworthy to realize that expensive and no real destination activities, at least not cultural ones, Guam have tourists booking their hard earned funds to other destinations.
Truth be told, we don't appreciate our tourists enough to come back.......and we're throwing money out the window spending money the government doesn't have by hiring marketing agencies that don't know 'jack' at marketing Guam.
So boys and girls......until the Marines get here(or those that will come to build the buildings for their arrival).....there ain't any other place to make money other than via tourism.........time we figured this out.......
Let's see if the 90Yen to the $1.00 will encourage our Japanese friends to visit Guam if only to defrost!
Otherwise..........Merry Christmas and prayers for when we grow up and learn their likes and dislikes........does GVB even have exit surveys anymore?

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