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January 14, 2009


Darn, if the dude was 62 and has a master's degree, he'd be too old to be appointed as deputy director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse....but he's 26 and the naysayers are saying he's too young!
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So, dearhearts, how old is the best time to be appointed to a govGuam job. Stupid is as stupid does, it was only recently that some sultan of education isn't necessary so a student can quit school at sixteen and doesn't need a high school diploma to work within the GovGuam system............yet, this guy finished college and went for a master's degree.......what the hell wrong with this? And....he's a deputy. He'll have Dr. David Shimizu to look after him.
If I were the dude, I'd sue because he may not get the job because he's too young.....age discrimination I think it there are laws that allow you a job regardless of age, race or creed.......besides, if he's not as smart as his resume reads, then fire him.........
But I ask.........what's the right age to be appointed to a deputy position?
But then again.........we are living in Keystone!

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January 10, 2009


Aye adai, some police officers work twenty years to be promoted because they don't qualify or, there's not enough money or....whatever reason, they don't get promoted........but, if you're related to someone in a very, very high position at the front office through marriage...........you can do magic like nobody's business.

Mindy Aguon's report on KUAM was pretty intensive. The only thing she left out is that former senator Mark Charfauros didn't have to work his way from PO1 officer to that of Captain is that he's related to someone in a high position at the front office........it's not how qualified you are, maybe not even who you know but hell, this is Guam, it's who you're related to.............hmmmmmm, which reporter will actually follow the DNA?
Not sure what Fred Bordallo's rank is but know that he's got a master's degree and spent years as a sargeant in spite of the degree....he's just been promoted..........and his being the brother of Judge Mike Bordallo had nothing to do with the promotion.....he earned the promotion as other officers have..........but there's this magician that comes out of the wood work from time to time to get a high paying government position........follow the DNA!!!!!
Mr. Suba's hands are tied, he does as he's told or he'll be out on the street.....so we'll have to put our trust in Senators Ben Pangelinan and Adolfo Palacios to do the right thing.....
It's so obvious to those in the states that we're as crooked as the day is long......maybe it's time we showed them that this government doesn't really run on the 'pare' system.
Isn't there still something going on(as investigation) at the Baseball Stadium regarding fees or was that case dropped while he was filling out his GG1?
Yea~~~one less person unemployed!!!

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January 09, 2009


Is the plight of those greyhound dogs bigger than those of the homeless and the needy?

Turn on the radio these days and you'll hear about the state the greyhound dogs after their home decided to close its doors. The dogs were given away with hopes that they would be well treated. Alas, those that got the grayhounds had no idea what they were getting into. These dogs lived all their lives to chase after that rabbit or whatever stuffed animal it was they were suppose to chase....they were sheltered, walked and fed....then raced. They aren't the kind of dog you bring home and treat like a pet that's used to being around interested humans. Their lives were turned inside out in days and so it's newsworthy that they're being tied up, starved and are dying. I have to think that the interested people now looking for the dogs should have done so in the beginning rather than in the middle of the chaos when more dogs could have been saved.....we're literally trying to unring that damn bell! And being a lover of dogs, hate what's going on......
But.....you don't hear much about those people that you see walking around with stolen carts, unkempt and smelly, usually found near fast food outlets begging for a meal.......you don't hear much about those at Kamalin Karidad that also begs for funds and or food to feed the homeless.....so little is sad about the needs of these people that you wonder if they are less worthy of help than those of the dogs...you can euthanize a sick dog....what happens to the sick homeless person?
Is it easier to be charitable to the animals in need than we are for the homeless? You can believe that there will be a happy ending for the dogs that have survived long enough to be sent to the states......not so for the homeless that dig through our garbage for their next meal.
Is it possible that we can give equal attention to the needs of both?

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It's a good thing being a so-called fly on the wall then be able to write an opinion about what it is you see or hear....always having an outlet to say what you think or feel.
Several times this year, I've wanted to say how sorry I am/was that someone close to me passed away. One more time, I must say fare-the-well to someone and give condolences anonymously. Sometimes, it's sad to be Charo.

Monique Portusach Cepeda. Was it ten years ago when she began writing to Charo, asking if she was an Academy of Our Lady graduate my style of writing and ideas were similar to those from AOLG. I thought it was funny then because AOLG grads aren't always regarded in ways other than being 'uppity'....she seemed happy to hear that I was not a grad of that great school....but then, I don't recall that she was either. We had long conversations about politics, about our people and how they were all changing and not for the better. She was the brightest star during those exchanges. She gave me a few plans she had and I wished her well. It wasn't frequent but she
would write from time to time....to a fairy cyberspace god-mother....I was so proud of this Chamorro girl that knew exactly what she wanted and nothing was going to stop her....and it didn't until God called her Home.
Minique Cepeda didn't just touch my life, she touched many other lives and made a difference. She wasn't just a memory of the mind but of the heart. She was friendly, upbeat and sincere.....a rare gift for a young person. our Her parents and family have only to be proud of her and I mourn with them.
I have to say, however, that it's said that when the chores given you by God are achieved to His satisfaction, that He calls you Home. I am sure that Monique completed her chores more than He asked of her.
So dear Monique, adios. I will remember our e-mails and will be forever proud of your achievements and will miss opening the in box and not seeing your name.
I hope that many young people got to know you and follow your example..I know that you are where there is no pain or threat of death and that you are where you can see the face of God. With your family, I mourn your loss.
Adios then,pretty girl, enjoy your new life in Heaven!

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