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February 17, 2009


It's not great being known a 'trendsetter'.......Alas! We could almost print a 'how to book' for those that are on the same path as we're on.

Does the government need money in order to keep operating? Does the government need funds to pay tax refunds....pay bills from vendors?
Yup!!! As I write this..........the government needs your tax refund money to pay for the bodies that work for govGuam...it needs it to pay other bills, ya know, fixing pot holes, hire real teachers other than school aides to babysit during what should be a learning environment for Dick and Jane, oopsk meant Jesus yan Maria. We're out of funds to do almost anything that would benefit the community.......and what does happen to keep things going.......is to keep your tax refunds to keep afloat..........and we're already talking about increasing sugar and non-sugar sodas and beer and cigs......I'm sure that the able staff of Ms.Boss at BBMR, Bertha the miracle worker can write instructions on how to survive..........and once the feds want their million dollars a week order, she might be able to sell how she and her colleagues found the funds to keep the government open...........but, I digress........
This is really a testament to fact that there's no bottomless pit that has billions to screw around with..........In national news tonight, there are states that are going to be taxing movies and other luxuries(ha, who says going to a movie is a luxury) taxing sodas and other items AND, not pay tax refunds.........that's so Guam, isn't it? Heck, we've been not paying tax refunds for years, you'd think the various states would have learned our secret years ago!
So California and Kansas and other money-less states........check out how we're running our government......heck, you might even learn how to borrow from retirement funds as well! Biba Guam.........trendsetter again!

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February 06, 2009


A must read for those with(or without) children.

I'm probably years behind because the book has probably been on coffee tables for at least a year, but I finally read the book written by Gennie Calvo about her daughter who had an incurable disease.
The entire book was lyrical. Each page was lovingly written, almost as if one was reading the journal with pictures. There was no place in the book that mother or daughter played themselves to be victims, thus, the book was about being a hero and accepting God's Will. The daughter accepted what was given her and she lived out her young years not blaming God for her condition. Gennie Calvo didn't damn God for taking away this beautiful child that had so much to live for. Instead, she continued to pray for her daughter and did what she could to make her daughter's last years filled with as much love as possible.
Each of us who have children have no clue for what comes next. Some of us are lucky that the children grow up without getting caught up in drugs, DYA or DOC.....and grow up without incurable diseases and we take these blessings for granted. After you read Let Go, and Let God, you'll have a different feeling about what it's like to raise a child and spend the last years of her life travelling to and from hospitals in the states to get her well....or to do this and in the end, she dies anyway.
I am applaud Gennie's courage to write the book and pray that God continues to bless her and give her the strength to live her life without her beloved daughter.

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If the dude wants to wear last year's uniform.......let him.......just don't give him the money for one if he's not going to buy a new one!

There's so many situations that confirm "stupid is as stupid does!"
I can't understand why the government is howling over the fact that it's given X number of firemen/women allowances for uniforms and they are used for something else........
Stupid........if you want the men and women to wear the uniforms, don't give them a uniform allowance, you know they aren't going to spend it on the darn things........maybe a new cell phone or other macho gadget but uniform? Ha ha, guess again.
I say that if you want the men and women to wear the uniforms, have them turn in a request along with sizes(probably sizes XXL and XXXL) and have the department order the garments.........we already know that we can't trust them to buy uniforms on an annual basis so.......don't hand out the funds until they send in an order for same......don't bother having the dudes turn in a receipt for new uniforms........we all know they're best friends with the providers and that a receipt written by Mr. or Miss Friend working at the tailor will write a receipt any time one asks for one..........
I can't believe that as we get older.......we become more stupid......I don't see the problem with the school children that are mandated to wearing uniforms!

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Some things he'll be asked at the gates of heaven.

None of us are judges of a person, especially one who lived his life in print. We think we know him because of his talents. What he wrote about, or even, who he wrote about. He tried to write the 'hard' stuff,but he never really had the punch the story needed. He wrote from the heart and his heart was big and soft and it never meant to harm.
Joe Murphy now stands before the only judge that he'll ever stand before and he'll be asked...."Who did you love? Who loved you? What did you do for those who loved you and for those you loved? Knowing how humble this man was, he'll probably give that little boy, slightly embarrassed laugh and try to come up with an answer. Eventually, he'll come up with the answer that he fiercely loved his Mary Ann and his children, perhaps almost as much as he loved God Himself. He will say that he did whatever and as much as he could to give his family the best that he could provide, no matter how many of them there were....and we know that he did a good job just by how well they grew up and how each of them achieved something for themselves.
For his adopted island, he teased a bit, oh those OOG's...how fitting they were, but not a one was meant to hurt anything or anyone...it was just his observations of how his island did things.
I'm not sure if it was for the coffee or for the company that he met almost on a daily basis at the Take Five restaurant just behind the Bank of Hawaii. He and his buddies would talk about the problems of the island and before they dismissed, solved all the problems, but we all know that most of those problems exist and that if the group had anything to do with the government that maybe we wouldn't be in the same situations. Sadly, he won't be around to observe how his pals will receive the twenty thousand Marines and their families....or see what gets changed on the island because of the move. Only the view from his home on the side of a hill will remain the same....at least for awhile. And those whose lives he touched will remember the man who listened and read with interest what his thoughts were that day and will miss him.
And for his family, I give thanks because they allowed him to live his life as he wished. He traveled, he wrote and continued to be the best husband, grandfather and great grandfather there ever was. He will have no problem entering the gates of Heaven. He lived his life and set an example few have ever set. He was humble, sincere, funny, compassionate and was generouse....surely we can learn Life 101 from this man who smoked his pipe as if it was an extension of his being.
For the Murphy family...you have been blessed to have been able to call Joe husband, dad, granddad and I'm certain that God will continue to bless you and give you strength to celebrate this man's life. Do not be sad, a part of him will always be in your hearts and he'll continue to live each time that he's remembered.
So, for the man with the pipe dreams, sleep well. You will be missed for a very long time.

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February 05, 2009


As a mother, I think first of my babies have my focus is on them, and those families that have families. I think of their wellbeing first.

But sometimes I get notes from cyberspace friends that ahare their views.
A close friend has written about the way the grayhound dogs have been treated. I hasten to say that Guam is not the best place to raise a pet. Dogs are certainly not a man's best friend here. Drive aroud and check out how many are tied with heavy chains with no shade and
no water but in the end, their owners are the very strangers. They were free and without knowing how traumatized the animals were, it was vogue to have one to brag about....maybe even fight with a pit bull.
Last week, I was speaking with a young Chuukese girl and she was talking about eating dogs. I immediately worried about the litter waiting to be weaned. But, there are many other nationalities that find the eating of dogs a good thing. I can't imagine that I could ever do this but can do nothing about those that do.
I'm happy that there are some people who care enough about the dogs toget them sent away. Exactly as they were rid of from the place they once called home is exactly the reason we don't deserve to have a man's best friend because sooner or later, the animal becomes a man's worst enemy, not worthy of unconditional love and certainly not worthy of care.become homeless
At the same time, I have to say that the Feds have to help those who come from outer islands because they(U.S.) have an agreement with them. They come here as others do and become homeless. These aren't counted properly because they gather in one house, sometimes three or families at a time and they all have a quest card that the Korean mom and pop stores sell them cigarettes and beer. Most of the lucky won't take a job because it'll affect the amount they get from the Feds. Most won't pay GMH for their medical care...most don't have registration or insurance for their vehicles..........they fill up our jails and drink so much they aren't able to cross the streets.
I feel for the greyhounds, but I feel worse for those that come here and become human parasites and much worse, we can't do a damn thing about it............oh that compact impact agreement.........good for some.........terrible for Guam.......and as I write this, I weigh which of the two is heavier!

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