February 17, 2009


It's not great being known a 'trendsetter'.......Alas! We could almost print a 'how to book' for those that are on the same path as we're on.

Does the government need money in order to keep operating? Does the government need funds to pay tax refunds....pay bills from vendors?
Yup!!! As I write this..........the government needs your tax refund money to pay for the bodies that work for govGuam...it needs it to pay other bills, ya know, fixing pot holes, hire real teachers other than school aides to babysit during what should be a learning environment for Dick and Jane, oopsk meant Jesus yan Maria. We're out of funds to do almost anything that would benefit the community.......and what does happen to keep things going.......is to keep your tax refunds to keep afloat..........and we're already talking about increasing sugar and non-sugar sodas and beer and cigs......I'm sure that the able staff of Ms.Boss at BBMR, Bertha the miracle worker can write instructions on how to survive..........and once the feds want their million dollars a week order, she might be able to sell how she and her colleagues found the funds to keep the government open...........but, I digress........
This is really a testament to fact that there's no bottomless pit that has billions to screw around with..........In national news tonight, there are states that are going to be taxing movies and other luxuries(ha, who says going to a movie is a luxury) taxing sodas and other items AND, not pay tax refunds.........that's so Guam, isn't it? Heck, we've been not paying tax refunds for years, you'd think the various states would have learned our secret years ago!
So California and Kansas and other money-less states........check out how we're running our government......heck, you might even learn how to borrow from retirement funds as well! Biba Guam.........trendsetter again!

Posted by auntiecharo at February 17, 2009 09:52 PM


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