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March 30, 2009


She will be remembered with much love...what a classy lady she was!

It was a week to say 'good-bye' it seems....but, she lived a rich and fulfilled life. She always had a smile for you and always asked about members of your family when you ran into her. She was an example of how it was to be a mother, keeping her children together and by example, teaching how important it is for family to stick together. Times have changed and our values have changed but for Veronica McDonald Calvo, she lived the values until she took her last breath. She was ninety-five years old.....
My thoughts and prayers are with her loving family.
So dear lady, adios. Thank you for your lessons on how to live and...love!

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March 29, 2009


We are judged by what we don't do....sometimes!

A small group of people thought it would be symbolic if we, as part of the bigger picture, could participate in doing without power for just an hour. Who knows what turning off the power would save the world....certainly those 4,000 cities in Australia saved some money by participating in 'offing' the lights that draw so much energy.....

A minute(as in a small amount)group tried to bring the message to the island.....they talked a minute group to shut off 'extra' lights during the Earth Hour last night. We drove around the island to see how many would take part in this symbol of making a difference if but for an hour.............heck, hardly anyone bothered...their lights burned as if there was no tomorrow....an endless amount of fuel and it's escalating prices....made no difference....perhaps we've lost touch with what's important, what's too uncomfortable to be without bright lights for an hour. Were we afraid that we would have to talk to eachother or do something with eachother for this hour?

Marine Drive between Tamuning to upper Tumon was so bright that we could have saved tons to have them turned off for sixty lousy minutes. Tumon was lit up like a Christmas tree.....no need to save here!

We say we care about our earth but our actions say much louder that we talk from both sides of our mouths.....We call the radio station and complain about how we haven't done anything about the dump and are so angry that GovGuam has to pay Uncle Sam a million dollars a week........well, we're so clueless about what's happening to our earth home that we think we're doing right by fighting the Feds over their rule to close the dump..........we're not earth savers....when gas was at the five dollar rate.....few planned their trips....fewer car-pooled........there's an endless pit and we'll abuse the source until it runs out.........last night confirmed this behaviour. When we run out of gas, we'll car-pool, when we run out of diesel, we'll turn off the lights.......it's such a Guam thing to use things til it's broken...then we whine until someone saves us from ourselves...

I hate that I know which neighbors don't care about not caring about the symbolic need to turn off the lights........when it's all gone(resources)....we have no one but ourselves to blame......we are after all.......just a farce. We say we care.....but oh what a lie we tell by our actions.

Obviously, our priorities are misplaced...........sad hour, that Earth Hour.......!

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Two totally different men who have made their 'difference' pass away and we're poorer because they no longer walk this plain with us.

He was really a part of my life although I never shook his hand or made eye contact with him. He was an 'in your face' man with passion for everything he touched. He quietly returned to home, worked at GMH and you heard about his work there. As he got comfortable, his practice grew, as did his passion for everything he did. He was passionate about GMH, good or bad, he did what he thought was right...and sometimes, he was downright wrong....but he moved ahead, bull-like in big arena. He had a very public and nasty divorce...the t.v. stations dying to get their cameras in the court room. He was Guam's famous doctor now on t.v.,radio and in print. He survived that horrible time and moved on with his life. He fished passionately, rode jet skis while others watched and wondered where he got his energy...he also had a love for the 'hot rods'.....and somewhere in all that, he managed to get elected to serve the legislature....he was passionate about that as well...he had some private and public arguments about how the hospital should be run....he made a few friends and lost a few in the fights.....and when you thought he was down to the count, he became an afternoon talk show host....a time I let him into my life. He was unpredictable, funny, nuts and totally 'certifiable'.....but he brought so much laughter in my life that my belly hurt.....it was a dark day when he quit to join his friend at the Lt. Gov's office....and for a brief while, he was out of sight and thought until it was reported that he was in ICU and that he not only had a stroke, but was battling cancer as well. Dr. Edwardo Cruz, how do you say good-bye to a friend who didn't know that you cared for his well-being? He made a difference in many lives.....he wasn't perfect, but who could fault him for trying to do what he thought was 'best'?
I'll miss the idea that I would hear his laugh, his natural humor, his funny grin and his passion...he perfected all of these....and my thoughts are now with his family that will miss him the most. Surely the happy memories they have of him will carry them through these painful days. Earth's loss....heaven's gain.

Another man, also filled with passion crossed over and left a big void is the man who is known to have made a long trip to the great white father in Washington D.C., and had his hand in the political arena. He was smart. He wanted to know everything about everything...and he would use that knowledge to better the lives of the people of his island home.......He was a leader of leaders, a man of old values, yet managed to live comfortably with the changes of time and morals...Although he chose to live in California, his heart remained on Guam and came for frequent visits....and he would tell 'the story' of this island and how its evolved.....I think he's still telling 'the story', only this time, in heaven.
The old former speaker of the Guam Congress has taken his earthly chores to heaven to perfect. Unlike the other who was only sixty-seven, Carlos P. Taitano lived a full life, crossing over at ninety-two.

So, adios, adios dear friends....and, happy trails!

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