March 29, 2009


We are judged by what we don't do....sometimes!

A small group of people thought it would be symbolic if we, as part of the bigger picture, could participate in doing without power for just an hour. Who knows what turning off the power would save the world....certainly those 4,000 cities in Australia saved some money by participating in 'offing' the lights that draw so much energy.....

A minute(as in a small amount)group tried to bring the message to the island.....they talked a minute group to shut off 'extra' lights during the Earth Hour last night. We drove around the island to see how many would take part in this symbol of making a difference if but for an hour.............heck, hardly anyone bothered...their lights burned as if there was no tomorrow....an endless amount of fuel and it's escalating prices....made no difference....perhaps we've lost touch with what's important, what's too uncomfortable to be without bright lights for an hour. Were we afraid that we would have to talk to eachother or do something with eachother for this hour?

Marine Drive between Tamuning to upper Tumon was so bright that we could have saved tons to have them turned off for sixty lousy minutes. Tumon was lit up like a Christmas tree.....no need to save here!

We say we care about our earth but our actions say much louder that we talk from both sides of our mouths.....We call the radio station and complain about how we haven't done anything about the dump and are so angry that GovGuam has to pay Uncle Sam a million dollars a week........well, we're so clueless about what's happening to our earth home that we think we're doing right by fighting the Feds over their rule to close the dump..........we're not earth savers....when gas was at the five dollar rate.....few planned their trips....fewer car-pooled........there's an endless pit and we'll abuse the source until it runs out.........last night confirmed this behaviour. When we run out of gas, we'll car-pool, when we run out of diesel, we'll turn off the lights.......it's such a Guam thing to use things til it's broken...then we whine until someone saves us from ourselves...

I hate that I know which neighbors don't care about not caring about the symbolic need to turn off the lights........when it's all gone(resources)....we have no one but ourselves to blame......we are after all.......just a farce. We say we care.....but oh what a lie we tell by our actions.

Obviously, our priorities are misplaced...........sad hour, that Earth Hour.......!

Posted by auntiecharo at March 29, 2009 04:58 PM


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