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April 05, 2009


The South Koreans are sighing along with us.........that THING didn't land on us!

Koreans who make Guam home don't always listen to local radio stations.......some of them continue to listen to Korean radio. Last week, a station reported that the North Koreans were going to target Guam as a landing for the rocket that was launched today. I used to think that we were important enough to wipe off the map but thought that Uncle Sam would think as well and would send up an anti-missle if such a threat was carried out.......besides, we have a few fancy, fast-flying planes that would certainly protect us.......hee, hee, I'm so dumb, it would only take about twenty or so minutes to 'gotcha' if the North Koreans really wanted to shut us down.....I said that if anything, the launch, if other than a communications satellite, would aim at cities with more people....and would probably aim for Hawaii, Alaska or the U.S. westcoast............the group was scared....for their relatives in South Korea and for themselves if the threat as reported, would be aimed at Guam.
So........since there's really no country that North Korea listens to....ha, ha, President Obama said that if the N. Koreans launched the satellite he would contact the United Nations........hee, hee, the UN hasn't been able to get any of its members to listen....which is why there are so many rogue nations......so, what now? I wonder what Bush would have done/or, said. This reminds me of a parent I was once behind at a neighborhood supermarket........the mother kept telling her unruly child, "If you don't put that drink back, I'm going to spank you!" The child not only didn't put the drink back, he opened it up and started to drink it. Yup, just as you suspected.......she didn't do anything..........perhaps she should have threatened to call the UN!
Bottom line.....we're glad that the darn flying object didn't land here.......we're already stuck with a dump problem and wouldn't be able to handle the additional debris! But, will continue to watch to see if the U.S. does make an official complaint to the UN for North Korea's littering.

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Would that old building in Tamuning be big enough to use as a small hospital?

If I were reporter, I'd just hang out at nightly rosaries for news gathering, of course, a good reporter would have to chase the story to make it 'factual'.........I'm not a reporter so I'll just pass along the latest rumor I've heard at the most recent rosary......that being..........that the old Ben Franklin building in Tamuning is being considered to rent/buy or use as a new hospital. I think there are five floors and an escalator and two elavators which makes it possible but think there will have to be a lot of plumbing work to make it work....oh, then there's the parking issue....

But, I'm no engineer, my brain's too small to wrap around the theory that the building could be used for multiple doctor's offices or out-patient facilities but hospital?........whatever the building becomes would make me feel better........we can't keep talking that we're not bothered by the great depression when we're driving up and down Marine Drive and see a great number of empty buildings such as the old BF building and its sister building that used to house Continental Airlines.

My two cents worth? I think that the old Sherwood Hotel across the condemned JFK high-school would work better as a small hospital because each room already has plumbing......but....who's asking me.

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April 01, 2009


If you live on Guam, you know that the best way to get people to do things is to threaten them...get the masses upset then use their hysteria to your advantage. ..

If those clowns at Julale don't pass this bill, then I'll just threaten to cut off a few hours on those who can't afford it.(The people of course will be made of of the grass roots who will cry and whine and complain to all thier relatives not to vote for those hooligans at Julale. Papa at the front office will tell the grassers that he just doesn't want to cut off their salaries but doesn't have any alternative. Of course, he'll need a full staff so there probably won't be anyone cutting off any time in his back yard.

The criers-victims will make their way to Julale and may even do their own threat thingy.....Ha! You think I'm going to vote for you again, after you've done this to my family? The clowns will put their head down, maybe even shake it, they'll wring their hands and tell the cry-grassers that they're just trying to save auntie and uncle by adding the COLA and whatever else makes it on the bill...of course the cry-grassers won't know any better because they probably got their job at GovGuam cuz they didn't have to have a high-school diploma.....hey, I didn't make it up, it's a law, you don't have to graduate to work there! And if you didn't graduate, then all you'll know how to do is threaten back.........."I promise, my family has 600 voters and they won't be voting for you"......
It's like the song about the wheels on the bus goes round and round(except to FBLG school, that is cuz the dumb principal is using the experience that he used to close JFK has worked at this new assignment....giving the kids an early spring break.....even if Guam doesn't have spring...aye adai, I digress!!!)
What I meant to say is that we're going 'round-n-round' and it's costing money that's mysteriously surfacing. Gawd, I'd love to have been governor for a month..........not pay the million dollar a week punishment from Uncle Fed......and see what he does to the mentally challenged officials.......if uncle's court decided to jail the stubborn......would he place them at a brig at Naval Station or would he let them interact with those at DOC........wow, that would have been fun to watch.....
So I've just read a bunch of comments about the subject dumpy....they're talking about the possibility that the Julalians might not get re-elected.......hmmmmmmm, this looney toon island has a few people who could really make a difference by getting elected......only thing is, they already have careers and don't eat at the public trough(rhymes with cough).....dear lawd, who's going to replace the governor wannabees along with their wannabee lt. govs?
My prophesy is that we'll have the return of the sunshine from Agana Hts............there's no way in hell that a republican would win if they run two sets of wannabees........sorry Eddie, it ain't gonna be your turn again if you can't convince the doctor to go back to GMH where he's needed, although he's spent more time on the island than his friend.....(Hmmm, wouldn't you just like to know how many mileage points his friend earned since he got elected top coconut?)
So........I think it's easier to raise the GRT and let the deadwood continue to keep their 40 hrs....and everyone will be re-elected and we'll live unhappily ever after!

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