April 05, 2009


The South Koreans are sighing along with us.........that THING didn't land on us!

Koreans who make Guam home don't always listen to local radio stations.......some of them continue to listen to Korean radio. Last week, a station reported that the North Koreans were going to target Guam as a landing for the rocket that was launched today. I used to think that we were important enough to wipe off the map but thought that Uncle Sam would think as well and would send up an anti-missle if such a threat was carried out.......besides, we have a few fancy, fast-flying planes that would certainly protect us.......hee, hee, I'm so dumb, it would only take about twenty or so minutes to 'gotcha' if the North Koreans really wanted to shut us down.....I said that if anything, the launch, if other than a communications satellite, would aim at cities with more people....and would probably aim for Hawaii, Alaska or the U.S. westcoast............the group was scared....for their relatives in South Korea and for themselves if the threat as reported, would be aimed at Guam.
So........since there's really no country that North Korea listens to....ha, ha, President Obama said that if the N. Koreans launched the satellite he would contact the United Nations........hee, hee, the UN hasn't been able to get any of its members to listen....which is why there are so many rogue nations......so, what now? I wonder what Bush would have done/or, said. This reminds me of a parent I was once behind at a neighborhood supermarket........the mother kept telling her unruly child, "If you don't put that drink back, I'm going to spank you!" The child not only didn't put the drink back, he opened it up and started to drink it. Yup, just as you suspected.......she didn't do anything..........perhaps she should have threatened to call the UN!
Bottom line.....we're glad that the darn flying object didn't land here.......we're already stuck with a dump problem and wouldn't be able to handle the additional debris! But, will continue to watch to see if the U.S. does make an official complaint to the UN for North Korea's littering.

Posted by auntiecharo at April 5, 2009 05:34 PM


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