September 04, 2009


A dear friend is on the westcoast awating a heart transplant. He not only needs prayers, but needs cash as well.

Joey Cepeda, deputy manager of GEDA is in the states fighting for his life. He has to have a heart transplant withing the next six months. Supposedly, he'll probably not be able to return to GUam after the surgery.
Both Joey and wife, Loling have jobs here.Joey's too sick to work at this time, but Loling will have need for a job. Hopefully, she'll purchase or rent a home, THey not only need cash donations t will need our prayers as well. Joey's such a nice man and far too young to have such a need but that's what he needs and hopefully, his friends will gat $10in his name and send on some cheer, cash and prayers.

There will be a fundraiser at the Sheraton hotel next week. Donation is only $10.00.
My thoughts and prayers are with Loling and the children.
Get well soon, Joey.

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A dear friend is on the westcoast awating a heart transplant. He not only needs prayers, but needs cash as well.

Joey Cepeda, deputy manager of GEDA is in the states fighting for his life. He has to have a heart transplant withing the next six months. Supposedly, he'll probably not be able to return to GUam after the surgery.
Both Joey and wife, Loling have jobs here.Joey's too sick to work at this time, but Loling will have need for a job. Hopefully, she'll purchase or rent a home, THey not only need cash donations t will need our prayers as well. Joey's such a nice man and far too young to have such a need but that's what he needs and hopefully, his friends will gat $10in his name and send on some cheer, cash and prayers.

There will be a fundraiser at the Sheraton hotel next week. Donation is only $10.00.
My thoughts and prayers are with Loling and the children.
Get well soon, Joey.

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Most move to the desert state of Nevada because there are no income tax. Utilities aren't anywhere near the prices we pay and good medical facilities are near by.

ANother thing that drives them away is the fact that their children will get better education. The school year is ready when it comes time to send the kids to their classes. They have books, that have enough teachers and even have enough school nurses. There no threat for increased utility rates from a czar that can justify an increase any damn time he wishes.
THe school board doesn't seem to think that
it would help matters if they cooperate so the needs of the school children are met. The board doesn't really look into the situation until they have to shut down the schools.

I totally agree with the exodus of our Chamorros who are so happy about the things available for them that they'll probably never return.

I personally feel that DOE should transfer all children to private schools and pay them for their services. I'd contact Atty. Mike Philipps and get him to plan the merge. We're an embarrassment. And that financial officer that quit said it all....she should never have taken the job, she obviously didn't know jack about finances. Good ridance(sp) I'd say

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Most move to the desert state of Nevada because there are no income tax. Utilities aren't anywhere near the prices we pay and good medical facilities are near by.

ANother thing that drives them away is the fact that their children will get better education. The school year is ready when it comes time to send the kids to their classes. They have books, that have enough teachers and even have enough school nurses. There no threat for increased utility rates from a czar that can justify an increase any damn time he wishes.
THe school board doesn't seem to think that
it would help matters if they cooperate so the needs of the school children are met. The board doesn't really look into the situation until they have to shut down the schools.

I totally agree with the exodus of our Chamorros who are so happy about the things available for them that they'll probably never return.

I personally feel that DOE should transfer all children to private schools and pay them for their services. I'd contact Atty. Mike Philipps and get him to plan the merge. We're an embarrassment. And that financial officer that quit said it all....she should never have taken the job, she obviously didn't know jack about finances. Good ridance(sp) I'd say

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June 05, 2009


Sometimes, questions are asked that are either yes, or no. There's no circling around a question when you ask a woman who's obviously pregnant if she's going to have a baby.

Today, Ray Gibson asked Senator Eddie Calvo about the issue of same sex marriage as introduced by Senator B.J. Cruz. He said he respected the people who wanted to be married to a person of the same sex...the question wasn't if he respected those who want to marry a person with the same gender. He said he hasn't read the bill and on and on then said that he was a man who obviously was married to a woman and had children(not verbatim). This is an omen, I think, he'll be in the session hall and will probably be like a banana tree. If the wind blows to the right, he might swing that way or vice versa.

The following is cut and pasted from a cyber source:"It is clear, however, that the Bible condemns homosexuality as an immoral and unnatural sin. Leviticus 18:22 identifies homosexual sex as an abomination, a detestable sin. Romans 1:26-27 declares homosexual desires and actions to be shameful, unnatural, lustful, and indecent. First Corinthians 6:9 states that homosexuals are unrighteous and will not inherit the kingdom of God. Since both homosexual desires and actions are condemned in the Bible, it is clear that homosexuals “marrying” is not God’s will, and would be, in fact, sinful.

Whenever the Bible mentions marriage, it is between a male and a female. The first mention of marriage, Genesis 2:24, describes it as a man leaving his parents and being united to his wife. In passages that contain instructions regarding marriage, such as 1 Corinthians 7:2-16 and Ephesians 5:23-33, the Bible clearly identifies marriage as being between a man and a woman. Biblically speaking, marriage is the lifetime union of a man and a woman, primarily for the purpose of building a family and providing a stable environment for that family.

The Bible alone, however, does not have to be used to demonstrate this understanding of marriage. The biblical viewpoint of marriage has been the universal understanding of marriage in every human civilization in world history. History argues against gay marriage. Modern secular psychology recognizes that men and women are psychologically and emotionally designed to complement one another. In regard to the family, psychologists contend that a union between a man and woman in which both spouses serve as good gender role models is the best environment in which to raise well-adjusted children. Psychology argues against gay marriage. In nature/physicality, clearly, men and women were designed to “fit” together sexually. With the “natural” purpose of sexual intercourse being procreation, clearly only a sexual relationship between a man and a woman can fulfill this purpose. Nature argues against gay marriage."

Times have changed as have values. Few use the bible to guide them through life's journeys. But I say, the answer should be a strong 'yes' or, 'no'. I felt his willy nilly answer came from a person who doesn't want to lose votes. He wants votes from the gays as well as the straights. He wants to have his cake and eat it as well. While George Bush was president, he was against abortion, early or late term. He was unpopular with his stand on stem cell because the stem cells came from an aborted fetus and, he was against same gender marriages because it was unnatural. His no gray area answers didn't endear him to many....but, he was true to himself, to what he believed in.

It doesn't make a fat rat's butt how many states have allowed same gender marriages, we don't have to do what others do just to appease a few. I wonder if this bishop has the spine Bishop Felixberto Flores had when he threatened excommunications to those that voted to legalize abortion. Unfortunately, loopholes have allowed for many lives to be snuffed out while in utero for those who performed the murders, I say, 'karmic pay back's a bitch!'

After same sex marriages do we move on to beastiality?

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June 04, 2009


Youth Congress president, Derek Hill introduces bill for same sex marriage and senator B, J. Cruz picks up and introduces same bill for current Guam Legislature.......

So.......the community was asked to vote for a gambling, no, hellno! The company tried twice to get their initiave passed.....the Bishop and friends made their speeches against the issue, and it didn't pass. Even the old Grayhound Races stopped and the dogs set free.

Yesterday, senator B.J. Cruz picked up on the Youth Congress' bill to introduce same sex marriage law. The archbishop quickly joined in and reminded his flock that marriage is between a man and a woman....I recall reading this in the bible, and growing up knowing this, there was nothing that would ever lead me to think otherwise. There was marriage(between a man and a woman)....and....divorce. I can't imagine what gender God would have picked if he created the first two human beings to complete each other....didn't He say go forth and multiply? Again, I can't imagine how two of the same gender can go and multiply. But I'm thinking this is really old fashioned thinking, almost like an old wives' tale.
I also never imagined that what is reported in national news would ever reach the shores of has.

On the Patti Arroyo show this morning, most of the calls were 'for' the marriage of the same one from the anti-abortion league called to protect the sanctity of marriage, between a man and woman. I suppose that these people are thinking that they'll oppose the bill when the legislature discusses the issue. It may cause a senator or two that votes in favor of same sex marriage. The bishop still has a strong hold on his side and he'll probably gather them to protest the issue when it's discussed at the hallowed halls of the legislature.

The bish doesn't like protests.......when protest threats were made in order for mass to continue at the St. Fidelis Friary before an evening mass at the Cathedral......he changed his edict to allow for mass but no services for death anniversaries, marriages or even funerals...the edict was slightly amended...making sure that all the money for such services continued to be made in 'parish' churches.

There are a group of people who think nothing of aborting a fetus just before its born(stem cells used, of course and that's a good reason for late term abortions/murder). The same group will stand for same sex marriage. Times and values have changed........'O mores, O tempores!

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April 05, 2009


The South Koreans are sighing along with us.........that THING didn't land on us!

Koreans who make Guam home don't always listen to local radio stations.......some of them continue to listen to Korean radio. Last week, a station reported that the North Koreans were going to target Guam as a landing for the rocket that was launched today. I used to think that we were important enough to wipe off the map but thought that Uncle Sam would think as well and would send up an anti-missle if such a threat was carried out.......besides, we have a few fancy, fast-flying planes that would certainly protect us.......hee, hee, I'm so dumb, it would only take about twenty or so minutes to 'gotcha' if the North Koreans really wanted to shut us down.....I said that if anything, the launch, if other than a communications satellite, would aim at cities with more people....and would probably aim for Hawaii, Alaska or the U.S. westcoast............the group was scared....for their relatives in South Korea and for themselves if the threat as reported, would be aimed at Guam.
So........since there's really no country that North Korea listens to....ha, ha, President Obama said that if the N. Koreans launched the satellite he would contact the United Nations........hee, hee, the UN hasn't been able to get any of its members to listen....which is why there are so many rogue, what now? I wonder what Bush would have done/or, said. This reminds me of a parent I was once behind at a neighborhood supermarket........the mother kept telling her unruly child, "If you don't put that drink back, I'm going to spank you!" The child not only didn't put the drink back, he opened it up and started to drink it. Yup, just as you suspected.......she didn't do anything..........perhaps she should have threatened to call the UN!
Bottom line.....we're glad that the darn flying object didn't land here.......we're already stuck with a dump problem and wouldn't be able to handle the additional debris! But, will continue to watch to see if the U.S. does make an official complaint to the UN for North Korea's littering.

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Would that old building in Tamuning be big enough to use as a small hospital?

If I were reporter, I'd just hang out at nightly rosaries for news gathering, of course, a good reporter would have to chase the story to make it 'factual'.........I'm not a reporter so I'll just pass along the latest rumor I've heard at the most recent rosary......that being..........that the old Ben Franklin building in Tamuning is being considered to rent/buy or use as a new hospital. I think there are five floors and an escalator and two elavators which makes it possible but think there will have to be a lot of plumbing work to make it work....oh, then there's the parking issue....

But, I'm no engineer, my brain's too small to wrap around the theory that the building could be used for multiple doctor's offices or out-patient facilities but hospital?........whatever the building becomes would make me feel better........we can't keep talking that we're not bothered by the great depression when we're driving up and down Marine Drive and see a great number of empty buildings such as the old BF building and its sister building that used to house Continental Airlines.

My two cents worth? I think that the old Sherwood Hotel across the condemned JFK high-school would work better as a small hospital because each room already has plumbing......but....who's asking me.

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April 01, 2009


If you live on Guam, you know that the best way to get people to do things is to threaten them...get the masses upset then use their hysteria to your advantage. ..

If those clowns at Julale don't pass this bill, then I'll just threaten to cut off a few hours on those who can't afford it.(The people of course will be made of of the grass roots who will cry and whine and complain to all thier relatives not to vote for those hooligans at Julale. Papa at the front office will tell the grassers that he just doesn't want to cut off their salaries but doesn't have any alternative. Of course, he'll need a full staff so there probably won't be anyone cutting off any time in his back yard.

The criers-victims will make their way to Julale and may even do their own threat thingy.....Ha! You think I'm going to vote for you again, after you've done this to my family? The clowns will put their head down, maybe even shake it, they'll wring their hands and tell the cry-grassers that they're just trying to save auntie and uncle by adding the COLA and whatever else makes it on the bill...of course the cry-grassers won't know any better because they probably got their job at GovGuam cuz they didn't have to have a high-school diploma.....hey, I didn't make it up, it's a law, you don't have to graduate to work there! And if you didn't graduate, then all you'll know how to do is threaten back.........."I promise, my family has 600 voters and they won't be voting for you"......
It's like the song about the wheels on the bus goes round and round(except to FBLG school, that is cuz the dumb principal is using the experience that he used to close JFK has worked at this new the kids an early spring break.....even if Guam doesn't have spring...aye adai, I digress!!!)
What I meant to say is that we're going 'round-n-round' and it's costing money that's mysteriously surfacing. Gawd, I'd love to have been governor for a month..........not pay the million dollar a week punishment from Uncle Fed......and see what he does to the mentally challenged officials.......if uncle's court decided to jail the stubborn......would he place them at a brig at Naval Station or would he let them interact with those at, that would have been fun to watch.....
So I've just read a bunch of comments about the subject dumpy....they're talking about the possibility that the Julalians might not get re-elected.......hmmmmmmm, this looney toon island has a few people who could really make a difference by getting elected......only thing is, they already have careers and don't eat at the public trough(rhymes with cough).....dear lawd, who's going to replace the governor wannabees along with their wannabee lt. govs?
My prophesy is that we'll have the return of the sunshine from Agana Hts............there's no way in hell that a republican would win if they run two sets of wannabees........sorry Eddie, it ain't gonna be your turn again if you can't convince the doctor to go back to GMH where he's needed, although he's spent more time on the island than his friend.....(Hmmm, wouldn't you just like to know how many mileage points his friend earned since he got elected top coconut?)
So........I think it's easier to raise the GRT and let the deadwood continue to keep their 40 hrs....and everyone will be re-elected and we'll live unhappily ever after!

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March 30, 2009


She will be remembered with much love...what a classy lady she was!

It was a week to say 'good-bye' it seems....but, she lived a rich and fulfilled life. She always had a smile for you and always asked about members of your family when you ran into her. She was an example of how it was to be a mother, keeping her children together and by example, teaching how important it is for family to stick together. Times have changed and our values have changed but for Veronica McDonald Calvo, she lived the values until she took her last breath. She was ninety-five years old.....
My thoughts and prayers are with her loving family.
So dear lady, adios. Thank you for your lessons on how to live!

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March 29, 2009


We are judged by what we don't do....sometimes!

A small group of people thought it would be symbolic if we, as part of the bigger picture, could participate in doing without power for just an hour. Who knows what turning off the power would save the world....certainly those 4,000 cities in Australia saved some money by participating in 'offing' the lights that draw so much energy.....

A minute(as in a small amount)group tried to bring the message to the island.....they talked a minute group to shut off 'extra' lights during the Earth Hour last night. We drove around the island to see how many would take part in this symbol of making a difference if but for an hour.............heck, hardly anyone bothered...their lights burned as if there was no endless amount of fuel and it's escalating prices....made no difference....perhaps we've lost touch with what's important, what's too uncomfortable to be without bright lights for an hour. Were we afraid that we would have to talk to eachother or do something with eachother for this hour?

Marine Drive between Tamuning to upper Tumon was so bright that we could have saved tons to have them turned off for sixty lousy minutes. Tumon was lit up like a Christmas need to save here!

We say we care about our earth but our actions say much louder that we talk from both sides of our mouths.....We call the radio station and complain about how we haven't done anything about the dump and are so angry that GovGuam has to pay Uncle Sam a million dollars a week........well, we're so clueless about what's happening to our earth home that we think we're doing right by fighting the Feds over their rule to close the dump..........we're not earth savers....when gas was at the five dollar rate.....few planned their trips....fewer car-pooled........there's an endless pit and we'll abuse the source until it runs out.........last night confirmed this behaviour. When we run out of gas, we'll car-pool, when we run out of diesel, we'll turn off the's such a Guam thing to use things til it's broken...then we whine until someone saves us from ourselves...

I hate that I know which neighbors don't care about not caring about the symbolic need to turn off the lights........when it's all gone(resources)....we have no one but ourselves to blame......we are after all.......just a farce. We say we care.....but oh what a lie we tell by our actions.

Obviously, our priorities are misplaced...........sad hour, that Earth Hour.......!

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Two totally different men who have made their 'difference' pass away and we're poorer because they no longer walk this plain with us.

He was really a part of my life although I never shook his hand or made eye contact with him. He was an 'in your face' man with passion for everything he touched. He quietly returned to home, worked at GMH and you heard about his work there. As he got comfortable, his practice grew, as did his passion for everything he did. He was passionate about GMH, good or bad, he did what he thought was right...and sometimes, he was downright wrong....but he moved ahead, bull-like in big arena. He had a very public and nasty divorce...the t.v. stations dying to get their cameras in the court room. He was Guam's famous doctor now on t.v.,radio and in print. He survived that horrible time and moved on with his life. He fished passionately, rode jet skis while others watched and wondered where he got his energy...he also had a love for the 'hot rods'.....and somewhere in all that, he managed to get elected to serve the legislature....he was passionate about that as well...he had some private and public arguments about how the hospital should be run....he made a few friends and lost a few in the fights.....and when you thought he was down to the count, he became an afternoon talk show host....a time I let him into my life. He was unpredictable, funny, nuts and totally 'certifiable'.....but he brought so much laughter in my life that my belly was a dark day when he quit to join his friend at the Lt. Gov's office....and for a brief while, he was out of sight and thought until it was reported that he was in ICU and that he not only had a stroke, but was battling cancer as well. Dr. Edwardo Cruz, how do you say good-bye to a friend who didn't know that you cared for his well-being? He made a difference in many lives.....he wasn't perfect, but who could fault him for trying to do what he thought was 'best'?
I'll miss the idea that I would hear his laugh, his natural humor, his funny grin and his passion...he perfected all of these....and my thoughts are now with his family that will miss him the most. Surely the happy memories they have of him will carry them through these painful days. Earth's loss....heaven's gain.

Another man, also filled with passion crossed over and left a big void is the man who is known to have made a long trip to the great white father in Washington D.C., and had his hand in the political arena. He was smart. He wanted to know everything about everything...and he would use that knowledge to better the lives of the people of his island home.......He was a leader of leaders, a man of old values, yet managed to live comfortably with the changes of time and morals...Although he chose to live in California, his heart remained on Guam and came for frequent visits....and he would tell 'the story' of this island and how its evolved.....I think he's still telling 'the story', only this time, in heaven.
The old former speaker of the Guam Congress has taken his earthly chores to heaven to perfect. Unlike the other who was only sixty-seven, Carlos P. Taitano lived a full life, crossing over at ninety-two.

So, adios, adios dear friends....and, happy trails!

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February 17, 2009


It's not great being known a 'trendsetter'.......Alas! We could almost print a 'how to book' for those that are on the same path as we're on.

Does the government need money in order to keep operating? Does the government need funds to pay tax bills from vendors?
Yup!!! As I write this..........the government needs your tax refund money to pay for the bodies that work for needs it to pay other bills, ya know, fixing pot holes, hire real teachers other than school aides to babysit during what should be a learning environment for Dick and Jane, oopsk meant Jesus yan Maria. We're out of funds to do almost anything that would benefit the community.......and what does happen to keep things to keep your tax refunds to keep afloat..........and we're already talking about increasing sugar and non-sugar sodas and beer and cigs......I'm sure that the able staff of Ms.Boss at BBMR, Bertha the miracle worker can write instructions on how to survive..........and once the feds want their million dollars a week order, she might be able to sell how she and her colleagues found the funds to keep the government open...........but, I digress........
This is really a testament to fact that there's no bottomless pit that has billions to screw around with..........In national news tonight, there are states that are going to be taxing movies and other luxuries(ha, who says going to a movie is a luxury) taxing sodas and other items AND, not pay tax refunds.........that's so Guam, isn't it? Heck, we've been not paying tax refunds for years, you'd think the various states would have learned our secret years ago!
So California and Kansas and other money-less states........check out how we're running our government......heck, you might even learn how to borrow from retirement funds as well! Biba Guam.........trendsetter again!

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February 06, 2009


A must read for those with(or without) children.

I'm probably years behind because the book has probably been on coffee tables for at least a year, but I finally read the book written by Gennie Calvo about her daughter who had an incurable disease.
The entire book was lyrical. Each page was lovingly written, almost as if one was reading the journal with pictures. There was no place in the book that mother or daughter played themselves to be victims, thus, the book was about being a hero and accepting God's Will. The daughter accepted what was given her and she lived out her young years not blaming God for her condition. Gennie Calvo didn't damn God for taking away this beautiful child that had so much to live for. Instead, she continued to pray for her daughter and did what she could to make her daughter's last years filled with as much love as possible.
Each of us who have children have no clue for what comes next. Some of us are lucky that the children grow up without getting caught up in drugs, DYA or DOC.....and grow up without incurable diseases and we take these blessings for granted. After you read Let Go, and Let God, you'll have a different feeling about what it's like to raise a child and spend the last years of her life travelling to and from hospitals in the states to get her well....or to do this and in the end, she dies anyway.
I am applaud Gennie's courage to write the book and pray that God continues to bless her and give her the strength to live her life without her beloved daughter.

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If the dude wants to wear last year's uniform.......let him.......just don't give him the money for one if he's not going to buy a new one!

There's so many situations that confirm "stupid is as stupid does!"
I can't understand why the government is howling over the fact that it's given X number of firemen/women allowances for uniforms and they are used for something else........
Stupid........if you want the men and women to wear the uniforms, don't give them a uniform allowance, you know they aren't going to spend it on the darn things........maybe a new cell phone or other macho gadget but uniform? Ha ha, guess again.
I say that if you want the men and women to wear the uniforms, have them turn in a request along with sizes(probably sizes XXL and XXXL) and have the department order the garments.........we already know that we can't trust them to buy uniforms on an annual basis so.......don't hand out the funds until they send in an order for same......don't bother having the dudes turn in a receipt for new uniforms........we all know they're best friends with the providers and that a receipt written by Mr. or Miss Friend working at the tailor will write a receipt any time one asks for one..........
I can't believe that as we get older.......we become more stupid......I don't see the problem with the school children that are mandated to wearing uniforms!

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Some things he'll be asked at the gates of heaven.

None of us are judges of a person, especially one who lived his life in print. We think we know him because of his talents. What he wrote about, or even, who he wrote about. He tried to write the 'hard' stuff,but he never really had the punch the story needed. He wrote from the heart and his heart was big and soft and it never meant to harm.
Joe Murphy now stands before the only judge that he'll ever stand before and he'll be asked...."Who did you love? Who loved you? What did you do for those who loved you and for those you loved? Knowing how humble this man was, he'll probably give that little boy, slightly embarrassed laugh and try to come up with an answer. Eventually, he'll come up with the answer that he fiercely loved his Mary Ann and his children, perhaps almost as much as he loved God Himself. He will say that he did whatever and as much as he could to give his family the best that he could provide, no matter how many of them there were....and we know that he did a good job just by how well they grew up and how each of them achieved something for themselves.
For his adopted island, he teased a bit, oh those OOG' fitting they were, but not a one was meant to hurt anything or was just his observations of how his island did things.
I'm not sure if it was for the coffee or for the company that he met almost on a daily basis at the Take Five restaurant just behind the Bank of Hawaii. He and his buddies would talk about the problems of the island and before they dismissed, solved all the problems, but we all know that most of those problems exist and that if the group had anything to do with the government that maybe we wouldn't be in the same situations. Sadly, he won't be around to observe how his pals will receive the twenty thousand Marines and their families....or see what gets changed on the island because of the move. Only the view from his home on the side of a hill will remain the least for awhile. And those whose lives he touched will remember the man who listened and read with interest what his thoughts were that day and will miss him.
And for his family, I give thanks because they allowed him to live his life as he wished. He traveled, he wrote and continued to be the best husband, grandfather and great grandfather there ever was. He will have no problem entering the gates of Heaven. He lived his life and set an example few have ever set. He was humble, sincere, funny, compassionate and was generouse....surely we can learn Life 101 from this man who smoked his pipe as if it was an extension of his being.
For the Murphy have been blessed to have been able to call Joe husband, dad, granddad and I'm certain that God will continue to bless you and give you strength to celebrate this man's life. Do not be sad, a part of him will always be in your hearts and he'll continue to live each time that he's remembered.
So, for the man with the pipe dreams, sleep well. You will be missed for a very long time.

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February 05, 2009


Just in case you want to send me your thoughts

Charo's address is:

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January 14, 2009


Darn, if the dude was 62 and has a master's degree, he'd be too old to be appointed as deputy director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse....but he's 26 and the naysayers are saying he's too young!
u can

So, dearhearts, how old is the best time to be appointed to a govGuam job. Stupid is as stupid does, it was only recently that some sultan of education isn't necessary so a student can quit school at sixteen and doesn't need a high school diploma to work within the GovGuam system............yet, this guy finished college and went for a master's degree.......what the hell wrong with this? And....he's a deputy. He'll have Dr. David Shimizu to look after him.
If I were the dude, I'd sue because he may not get the job because he's too young.....age discrimination I think it there are laws that allow you a job regardless of age, race or creed.......besides, if he's not as smart as his resume reads, then fire him.........
But I ask.........what's the right age to be appointed to a deputy position?
But then again.........we are living in Keystone!

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January 10, 2009


Aye adai, some police officers work twenty years to be promoted because they don't qualify or, there's not enough money or....whatever reason, they don't get promoted........but, if you're related to someone in a very, very high position at the front office through can do magic like nobody's business.

Mindy Aguon's report on KUAM was pretty intensive. The only thing she left out is that former senator Mark Charfauros didn't have to work his way from PO1 officer to that of Captain is that he's related to someone in a high position at the front's not how qualified you are, maybe not even who you know but hell, this is Guam, it's who you're related to.............hmmmmmm, which reporter will actually follow the DNA?
Not sure what Fred Bordallo's rank is but know that he's got a master's degree and spent years as a sargeant in spite of the degree....he's just been promoted..........and his being the brother of Judge Mike Bordallo had nothing to do with the promotion.....he earned the promotion as other officers have..........but there's this magician that comes out of the wood work from time to time to get a high paying government position........follow the DNA!!!!!
Mr. Suba's hands are tied, he does as he's told or he'll be out on the we'll have to put our trust in Senators Ben Pangelinan and Adolfo Palacios to do the right thing.....
It's so obvious to those in the states that we're as crooked as the day is long......maybe it's time we showed them that this government doesn't really run on the 'pare' system.
Isn't there still something going on(as investigation) at the Baseball Stadium regarding fees or was that case dropped while he was filling out his GG1?
Yea~~~one less person unemployed!!!

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January 09, 2009


Is the plight of those greyhound dogs bigger than those of the homeless and the needy?

Turn on the radio these days and you'll hear about the state the greyhound dogs after their home decided to close its doors. The dogs were given away with hopes that they would be well treated. Alas, those that got the grayhounds had no idea what they were getting into. These dogs lived all their lives to chase after that rabbit or whatever stuffed animal it was they were suppose to chase....they were sheltered, walked and fed....then raced. They aren't the kind of dog you bring home and treat like a pet that's used to being around interested humans. Their lives were turned inside out in days and so it's newsworthy that they're being tied up, starved and are dying. I have to think that the interested people now looking for the dogs should have done so in the beginning rather than in the middle of the chaos when more dogs could have been saved.....we're literally trying to unring that damn bell! And being a lover of dogs, hate what's going on...... don't hear much about those people that you see walking around with stolen carts, unkempt and smelly, usually found near fast food outlets begging for a don't hear much about those at Kamalin Karidad that also begs for funds and or food to feed the little is sad about the needs of these people that you wonder if they are less worthy of help than those of the can euthanize a sick dog....what happens to the sick homeless person?
Is it easier to be charitable to the animals in need than we are for the homeless? You can believe that there will be a happy ending for the dogs that have survived long enough to be sent to the states......not so for the homeless that dig through our garbage for their next meal.
Is it possible that we can give equal attention to the needs of both?

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It's a good thing being a so-called fly on the wall then be able to write an opinion about what it is you see or hear....always having an outlet to say what you think or feel.
Several times this year, I've wanted to say how sorry I am/was that someone close to me passed away. One more time, I must say fare-the-well to someone and give condolences anonymously. Sometimes, it's sad to be Charo.

Monique Portusach Cepeda. Was it ten years ago when she began writing to Charo, asking if she was an Academy of Our Lady graduate my style of writing and ideas were similar to those from AOLG. I thought it was funny then because AOLG grads aren't always regarded in ways other than being 'uppity'....she seemed happy to hear that I was not a grad of that great school....but then, I don't recall that she was either. We had long conversations about politics, about our people and how they were all changing and not for the better. She was the brightest star during those exchanges. She gave me a few plans she had and I wished her well. It wasn't frequent but she
would write from time to a fairy cyberspace god-mother....I was so proud of this Chamorro girl that knew exactly what she wanted and nothing was going to stop her....and it didn't until God called her Home.
Minique Cepeda didn't just touch my life, she touched many other lives and made a difference. She wasn't just a memory of the mind but of the heart. She was friendly, upbeat and sincere.....a rare gift for a young person. our Her parents and family have only to be proud of her and I mourn with them.
I have to say, however, that it's said that when the chores given you by God are achieved to His satisfaction, that He calls you Home. I am sure that Monique completed her chores more than He asked of her.
So dear Monique, adios. I will remember our e-mails and will be forever proud of your achievements and will miss opening the in box and not seeing your name.
I hope that many young people got to know you and follow your example..I know that you are where there is no pain or threat of death and that you are where you can see the face of God. With your family, I mourn your loss.
Adios then,pretty girl, enjoy your new life in Heaven!

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December 16, 2008


I'm so glad that many more store clerks say Merry Christmas rather than the politically correct, 'happy holidays'!

Monte Mesa was on the Ray talk show said that he's pleased at the Outlet stores at GPO are doing so well, that business was good....he didn't say that there was no sign of a weakening economy....his sister stores at Tumon Sands was even doing well because the rich were buying..........
Then, the evening news says that due to the weakened economies of Japan and China( it wasn't clear if Taiwan was included) was 'down' as well and that hotels were losing money....I suppose one could figure this out by driving through Tumon....hardly a tourist filling those wide sidewalks...too few to keep traffic at a standstill.
Maybe if the Hotel and Restaurant Associates could get together to reduce prices our rooms would be filled with $100 a night room rates rather than having the room empty.....maybe they could get the stingy Continental Airlines to have air fares that would include a hotel room night and maybe a car or tour pkg as other carriers promote at other destinations. The same stingy airline have packages, really inexpensive ones From Guam rather than To Guam........we always seem to get the raw deal when it comes to airline fares.
And in case you wanted to know, I think the only 'friend' Guam had at Airline Scrooge, Wally Dias, has been relocated to Hongkong...lucky HongKong, poor Guam. His replacement person doesn't seem so 'user friendly'.......but who cares, CO's a monopoly(unless you're young and can survive NWA flights via Japan) and they can do as they damn is it newsworthy to realize that expensive and no real destination activities, at least not cultural ones, Guam have tourists booking their hard earned funds to other destinations.
Truth be told, we don't appreciate our tourists enough to come back.......and we're throwing money out the window spending money the government doesn't have by hiring marketing agencies that don't know 'jack' at marketing Guam.
So boys and girls......until the Marines get here(or those that will come to build the buildings for their arrival).....there ain't any other place to make money other than via tourism.........time we figured this out.......
Let's see if the 90Yen to the $1.00 will encourage our Japanese friends to visit Guam if only to defrost!
Otherwise..........Merry Christmas and prayers for when we grow up and learn their likes and dislikes........does GVB even have exit surveys anymore?

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November 26, 2008


A new address for Charo.

You can now contact Charo at:

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November 21, 2008


I'm still upset because my other hero didn't win the last election...but....I've found a new one!

Sen. Frank Blas jr., is making big noise about making the US recognize that there are more Compact Impactees sucking the life force(known as money) outta GovGuam.........he's talking that it costs more than four hundred thousand dollars to accommodate these people who have come here for the better life.
The CI's go to GMH, get fixed then leave without any intention of paying the bill.....their children attend schools and get free meals because they are too poor to bring their own lunch.....of course, the number of them cause the government to have to hire more teachers, more class rooms, more books, more everything.....then there are the ones that like to go on drinking binges and either kill or get killed...they aren't known to be 'happy' drunks, preferring to fight after a few drinks.....I wonder how many CI's are at DOC today....Not sure what the GHURA housing rules are for the low income families, originally intended for those from Guam..........but I can assure you that they're quite a few of them living there.....
I don't begrudge them the services of the government but the compact impact agreement was between the US government and the Freely Associated states of's their agreement, therefore, their expense.
It would be awful but what would happen if we put these sick CI's on an ambulance and brought them to NRMC when they present themselves at GMH's ER?
It's not fair for Uncle Sam to complain about all the things we haven't one then look the other way because we've run out of money due to their agreement with neighboring island......
My opinion, of course and worth about two cents!

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I hope we have more than 12 police officers to care for 150,000 people. ar.....

On the grand scheme of things, the ugly grafitti painted on walls by thugs isn't as important as those who need real police service.....It takes forever to get an officer if someone's broken into your house and made off with your stuff that can be sold at weekend flea need them for crashes and the like......
I think that we don't have enough officers to babysit buildings...I do however, think that we have enough DUI drivers that can buy 5 gallons of paint and send away the ugly sites...If not the DUI's then send out an army of prisoners....
We really have to stop blaming the police department because there's grafitti on the walls.....
I also think that when we find that teens have done the 'decorating', that we should get his or her parents to pay for the damages and cover their child's work of art. I bet that tge first couple of times we see tan maria and tun jose painting over grafitti, the word will get around and maybe, just maybe, our parents will be more concerned about where their children are and what they're doing!

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It took long enough to arrest the people who allowed the tragedy.

It was reported on broadcast and print media that the parents and God-father of a little two year old boy that was killed because he was allowed to ride on a small bulldozer. While the machine was moving, the boy fell and hit his head and died because the adults thought it was okay for him to ride a dozer that some adults should be on, let alone a baby.
The parents were arrested, the father was booked and confined, as was the God-father.
I never understand parents who buy their child skate boards, not knowing that they use highways to skate on....then mourn the death of a son because he skated right onto route 16 where he was killed...
Unfortunately, my gut tells me that nothing will happen to the arrestees. They'll be outta jail and everything will be forgotten by this community until the next time a child is killed doing something he shouldn't have been doing. No matter, justice will present itself, the three feeling guilty for the rest of their lives.
There's a law against children riding in the back of pickup vehicles...but they're still doing it...and will continue to do until one of those pickups overturns and kills those in the back...
What a waste of a perfectly good life!

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November 12, 2008


From a friend who mourns....cut and pasted



AMERICA, UNITED STATES OF - age 232, passed away Tuesday, November 4, 2008.

The USA had suffered from a rare disease for the better part of the past two
years known as Obama Fever.

The USA was born out of a need for human freedoms unique to the world and
will be missed. The Constitution will experience serious suffering.

The funeral is scheduled for January 21, 2009 in Washington, D.C. at the
Capitol Building.

In lieu of flowers, send your First and Second Amendment Rights. "

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If it sounds too good to be probably is......

The entire letter to Charo is cut and pasted...........

Good Day,

I am Roger Weston,staff of Bristol & West Private
Banking. I am contacting you concerning a deceased
customer and an investment he placed under our banks
management three years ago. I would respectfully
request that you keep the contents of this mail
confidential and respect the integrity of the
information you come by as a result of this mail.I am
making this contact with you based on the committee's
need for an individual/company who is willing to
assist me to stand as the next of kin to my deceased

Being the deceased financial consultant before the
untimely and sudden death and since i am the only one
who has the knowledge where these funds (60million
british pounds sterling) was moved to when the
deceased demanded it be moved from our office Bristol
& West to a security company,i can move this deal
forward to it's successful end once we conclude to
work together.What I expect from you is trust and
commitment.There is a reward for this project and it
is a task well worth undertaking.According to
practice, the Security firm will by the end of this
financial year broadcast a request for statements of
claim to Bristol & West Private Bank, failing to
receive viable claims they will most probably revert
the deposit back to Bristol & West Private Bank. What
I propose now is that if you are the relative to my
client please let me know. I alone have the deposit
details and they will release the deposit to no one
unless I instruct them to do so. I alone know of the
existence of this deposit for as far as Bristol & West
Private Bank is concerned, the transaction with our
late customer concluded when I sent the funds to the
security firm, all outstanding interactions in
relation to the file are just customer services and
due process. The Security firm has no single idea of
what is the history or nature of the deposit. They are
simply awaiting instructions to release the deposit to
any party that comes forward. This is the situation.
This bank has spent great amounts of money trying to
track this man¡¦s family; they have investigated for
months and have found no family. The investigation has
come to an end. My proposal; you share similar details
to the late fellow; I am prepared to place you in a
position to instruct the Securities firm to release
the deposit to you as the closest surviving relation.
Upon receipt of the deposit, I am prepared to share
the money with you in half. That is: I will simply
nominate you as the next of kin and have them release
the deposit to you. We share the proceeds 50/50.I
would have gone ahead to ask the funds be released to
me, but that would have drawn a straight line to me
and my involvement in claiming the deposit. I assure
you that I could have the deposit released to you
within a few days.

I have evaluated the risks and the only risk I have
here is for you to betray my confidence.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Roger Weston "

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November 11, 2008


Even in grief, the man's wife stands strong as family and friends bid her husband farewell.

One of the words I love is 'geopolitical'....politics worldwide, men and women meet to make changes to the world in which they live. I'm pretty sure our friend Ken Jones was in the business of being part of that geopolitical world, he was however a 'geo' businessman and 'geo' friend.
He was from North Carolina....he was a CB who came to fix a broken Guam after world war II...He fixed it in ways that went way beyond the tin and cement....he made a difference in his own person at a time....he wasn't satisfied with just fixing Guam up, he fixed Tinian and Saipan as well and went as far away as Australia to make that difference.
Today, a grieving and greatful family was honored by all those that came to give their condolences as they said good-bye to a long time friend, Ken Jones who the Lord called Home at the end of October.
He may no longer on earth, but his kindness and generosity made heart prints and as long as one of us remain, he shall remain alive.
So, Dear friend, you shall not be forgotten.
Adios, for now and thank you for all that you did to leave this place a better place than you found it!

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November 02, 2008


Perhaps a warning? Cut and pasted.


I have a retired oral surgeon friend (AF) here in Guam. His daughter
Melanie is a missionary in India. Bud sends me a very recent communication
from her. I've attached it to this reply to Gunship Charlie, Jim Cannon and
including you ALL. I believe you'll find her observations quite interesting
and, as her father said, quite frightening. One day it will be a matter of
just who can you trust. All the baddies won't be men in masks. Some will
be women and kids.

Without further comment, or thoughts of which I have plenty, please read
what Melanie has to say about our new world.

What was it that doltish character of long ago used to say, "What? Me
Worry!" You bet your sweet bippy I'm worried. I believe that was Alfred
Neuman, or something like that.

"Subject: RE: A German Lady remembers and speaks

Wow..........Those are some powerful memories. I remember the speeches by
Hitler. Loud, eloquent, speeches with smooth continuity and promises of
heaven in Germany but only for the elite and the superior race....And now
this damn monkey is promising the same thing.

Please read those memories of this lady below and pray that the Christians
of this nation will come to life and defend what we're all about and why
this country was settled.....freedom and freedom of religion.
Jim Cannon

Murphy's law: If it can go wrong it will.
Cannon's corollary: If you try to fix it...It will only get worse"


This elderly lady writes about the rise of Hitler,whose first act was to
confiscate all guns.

Take care.

Cheers - - - Charlie

If it weren't for the United States military,
there'd be NO United States of America.


A German Lady remembers and speaks

by Lori Kalner

In Germany, when Hitler came to power, it was a time of terrible financial
depression. Money was worth nothing.

In Germany people lost homes and jobs, just like in the American Depression
in the 1930s, which we have read about in Thoene's Shiloh books.

In those days, in my homeland, Adolph Hitler was elected to power by
promising "Change."

He blamed the "Zionists" around the world for all our problems.
He told everyone it was greedy Zionist Bankers who had caused every problem
we had.

He promised when he was leader, the greedy Zionist bankers would be punished
The Zionists, he promised, would be wiped off the face of the earth. So
Hitler was elected to power by only 1/3 the popular vote.

A coalition of other political parties in parliament made him supreme leader
Then, when he was leader, he disgraced and expelled everyone in parliament
who did not go along with him.

Yes. Change came to my homeland as the new leader promised it would. The
teachers in German schools began to teach the children to sing songs in
praise of Hitler.

This was the beginning of the Hitler Youth movement. It began with praise of
the Fuhrer's programs on the lips of innocent children.
Hymns in praise of Hitler and his programs were being sung in the
schoolrooms and in the playyard.

Little girls and boys joined hands and sang these songs as they walked home
from school.

My brother came home and told Papa what was happening at school.
The political hymns of children proclaimed Change was coming to our homeland
and the Fuhrer was a leader we could trust.

I will never forget my father's face. Grief and fear. He knew that the best
propaganda of the Nazis was song on the lips of little children.

That evening before he said grace at the dinner table, he placed his hands
upon the heads of my brothers and me and prayed the Living Word upon us from
Jeremiah 1:4-5.

'Now the Word of the Lord came to me, saying,
"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
and before you were born I consecrated you;
I appointed you a prophet to The Nations."

Soon the children's songs praising the Fuhrer were heard everywhere on the
streets and over the radio. "With our Fuhrer to lead us, we can do it! We
can change the world!"

Soon after that Papa, a pastor, was turned away from visiting elderly
parishioners in hospitals. The people he had come to bring comfort of God's
Word, were "no longer there."

Where had they vanished to while under nationalized health care? It became
an open secret.

The elderly and sick began to disappear from hospitals feet first as "mercy
killing" became the policy.

Children with disabilities and those who had Down syndrome were euthanized.

People whispered, "Maybe it is better for them now. Put them out of misery.
They are no longer suffering.And, of course, their death is better for the
treasury of our nation. Our taxes no longer must be spent to care for such a
burden." And so murder was called mercy.

The government took over private business. Industry and health care were
nationalized." (NA-ZI means National Socialist Party)

The businesses of all Jews were seized. (Perhaps you remember our story in
Berlin on Krystalnacht in the book Munich Signature)

The world and God's word were turned upside down. Hitler promised the people
economic Change? Not change. It was, rather, Lucifer's very ancient
Delusion leading to Destruction.

What began with the propaganda of children singing a catchy tune ended in
the deaths of millions of children.

The reality of what came upon us is so horrible that you in this present
generation cannot imagine it. Our suffering is too great to ever tell in a
book or show in a black and white newsreel.

When I spoke to Bodie about some of these things, she wept and said she
could not bear to write them.

Perhaps one day she will, but I asked her, "who could bear to read our
suffering?" Yet with my last breaths I warn every Christian and Jew now in
the name of the Lord .. unless your course of the church in America is
spiritually changed now, returning to the Lord, there are new horrors yet to

I trembled last night when I heard the voices of American children raised in
song, praising the name of Obama, the charismatic fellow who claims he is
the American Messiah. Yet I have heard what this man Obama says about
abortion and the "mercy killing" of tiny babies who are not wanted.

There are so few of us left to warn you.

I have heard that there are 69 million Catholics in America and 70 million
Evangelical Christians.

Where are your voices?
Where is your outrage?
Where is passion and your vote?

Do you vote based on an abortionist's empty promises and economics? Or do
you vote according to the Bible?

Thus says the Lord about every living child still in the womb.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
and before you were born I consecrated you."

I have experienced the signs of the politics of Death in my youth.
I see them again now. Christians! Unless you stand up now, you will lose
your freedom of religion.

In America priests and preachers have already lost their freedom to speak
openly from their pulpits of moral danger in political candidates.

They cannot legally instruct you of which candidate holds fast to the
precepts of scripture! American law forbids this freedom of speech to
conservative pastors or they will lose their "tax exempt" status.

And yet I have heard the words of Obama's pastor Damning America!
I have heard the words of Obama damning and mocking all of you in small
towns because you "Cling to your religion."

But I am a woman whose name is unknown. My life is recorded as a work of
fiction. I have no fear of reprisal when I speak truth to you from the
pages of a book. (Though the Zion Covenant books are mocked and condemned
by the Left in America.)

I am an old woman and will soon go to be with my Lord. I have no fear for
myself, but for all of you and for your children, I tremble.

I tremble at the hymns to a political leaders which your children will sing
at school. (Though even now a hymn or a prayer to God and our Lord Jesus is
against the law in public school!)

Your vote must put a stop to what will come upon America if Barrack Obama is
elected. I pray you will personally heed this warning for the sake of your
children and your grandchildren. Do not be deceived.

The Lord in Jeremiah 1:7-8 commands every believer to speak up!

"Do not say, 'I am only a youth,' for to all whom I send you, you shall go,
and whatever I command you, you shall speak. Do not be afraid of them for I
am with you, declares the Lord!"

I am in Prayer for you, and for the Church!

Spoken to you in the authority of Jesus the Christ,
the Name Above All Names,

Lori Kalner

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November 01, 2008


We're always complaining about the teenagers and how much trouble they cause. Few realize that there are really a few of these teens that actually want to stay home(Guam) and make something of themselves and doing something for the island. In my eyes, I see strangth in their determination to make something of thier lives......and UOG is good enough to stay for.

Raymond D. Gibson asked why the senators are shortchanging his school. He writes about an interview with a senator who said that it's the legislature that oversees the budget, that he's working on a budget for better education for all grades.
Gibson doesn't seem to understand why GPSS gets what they want but the highest learning center(UOG) is shortchanged.
Gibson reports that the short change will result in a limited to no enrollmwnt for both summer and winter intersessions which students use to catch up or grab units to graduate early. He reports that the shortage will phase out or consolidating majors and that every fall, there will be a surcharge on the tuition. How will help a student that's barely hanging on because he/she doesn't have the extra funds, as well, Gibson reports(PDN) that the short changing will discontinue academic programs and that the school will award fewer scholarships.
The young Variety and work awhile with KUAM during his teen years finishes his comment that education is important, especially when people are studying to better their lives and their communities. He says that UOG is the only university able to cater to the needs of students wishing to pursue their academic goals to build and raise living standards in their island nations. "
"Times are tough and toughers times lie ahead but hopes that there's a light at the end of this tunnel."

I should have started the thread with the thoughts and opinions of others that wrote to PDN about the short changing of UOG's budget, but I didn't save the papers but you can be sure that not a one of them(letters to the editor) came from a 'brat' or was whiny.
Mr. Gibson seems to only want to finish his education and go out there to find a job. Short changing the school would affect his scholarships and or the consolidating his majors.
Perhaps if we paid more attention to those attending UOG, we'd have smarter people who could run and take over various parts of the government as well as the Legislature.

If the legislature doesn't give uog it's 28M, then they are part of the fault....the other part falling upon the professor that says students and or staff are whiny and brats!

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October 31, 2008


If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem....especially if you call them 'brats'!

The man isn't one of my favorite. He's an expert on everything, Guam politics, polls and now, the one with the idea that UOG contributed to its own problems. Professor Expert McNinch, wrote in last week's Sunday paper.
He describes a time when he was in his twenties and brags that he could fit in a class where a professor who was late had a scuffle and threw a tabletop lectern against a wall then stormed out according to Sunday's PDN.
Mr. Expert then talks about the PDN's running of articles,opinions and editorials and letters to the editor over an 'artificial' cricis at UOG. Again, PDN says that he says that "these views have been pretty superficial and shallow and to be frank, the public deserves better information and analysis than it is currently getting. In that spirit, I good-naturedly toss my lectern at this wall of graffiti" He hsys he can whine with the best of them.(I'm assuming he's talking about the editorials, articles and letters to the editor?)
According to McExpert, "To be frank, some of the UOG views I have seen and heard sound like spoiled brats whining about the flavor of their ice cream while there are starving children around them. (where are these UOG? Are they starving in GPSS schools? Why aren't they whining?)
PDN further reports that McExpert states that the way of UOG has lost its soul and that's the truth. How demoralizes those who attend this university, and that's not even including the staff....supposedly because they're spending too much time out on the community....yes, probably and spending too many hours on phone calls to the media.
I find it odd that a professor would write this so soon after the arrival of its President, Robert Underwood.
Mr. McNinch, I think you've insulted those students that choose to stay and do their level best at UOG. They don't want to hear that they are whiney brats and that it's okay if they with staff that the university actually needs 28K to run.
Seems to me that you should have been the university president, then you could name yourself chancellor and you can do as you wish with the university system. I hate to think that Robert Underwood took a job that's equal to the Titanic, only this time, sinking into the Marianas Trench. Wow, you even say that the problem isn't one of money. Not sure even you would know how to employ other professors without paying them...or the utilities, etc. and instead of blaming those that could make the UOG work better, your'e blaming the university........even dogs don't eat where they poop!
I would hate to be one of your students wondering if you were thinking I was a whiny person or a brat complaining about the flavor of Ice cream.......
You've left out a lot of what the students need, almost as if they don't matter....Who the hell worries about their needs, certainly not you!
Part two, a comment from one of the concerned students.

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From a friend. Cut/pasted

I don't think the media is very fond of Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is invited to meet with the Pope while he is vacationing south
of Rome in Venice .

The liberal press reluctantly watches the semi-private audience, hoping they
will be able to allot minimal coverage, if any.

The Pope asks Governor Palin to join him on a gondola ride through the
canals of Venice .

They are admiring the sights and agreeing on moral issues when, all of a
sudden, the Pope's hat(zucchetto) blows off his head and out into the water.

The gondolier starts to reach for the Pontiff's cap with his pole, but this
move threatens to overturn the floating craft.

Sarah waves the tour guide off, saying, "Wait, wait. I'll take care of this.
Don't worry."

She steps off the gondola onto the surface of the water and walks out to the
Pope's hat, bends over and picks it up. She walks back across the water to
the gondola and steps aboard. She hands the hat to the Pope. The silence is
deafening. Those looking on are stunned.

The next morning the topic of conversation among Democrats in Congress, CBS
News, NBC News, ABC News, MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, Hollywood
celebrities, on The View and in France and Germany is:


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There are so many questions to ask about this white haired man from Raleigh, NC. I don't have all the answers but I do know that he left Guam in a better place than he found it

It feels so empty knowing that there'll never be another time that I'll run into Ken Jones and have him ask how my parents are, or how the children are doing in school. I'll miss the little bits of news about his horses when they run in Kentucky but that's not what made Ken Jones...he was made from the good stuff. He created jobs, he didn't have acquaintances, he made friends. He shared his profits with the island and if you knew anything at all personal, you knew he adored beautiful Elaine who was never far from him and, he adored his children. He might not have agreed with some of the things the government did, but he never criticized them. He just went his way and made sure that he was doing the right thing for his people. And as long as he had left Raleigh, he never lost that southern accent...which was so smooth, it almost hypnotized you. He was a grand human being who did much for his adopted people. In the grand scheme of things, he's in the Palm of His Hands enjoying his rewards.
But he leaves behind loved ones who will miss him for a very long time and I pray for God gives them the strength to endure their loss and revel in the joy in their hearts that he left behind.
Ken lived every moment of his life and enjoyed it, wasting not one minute, you can be sure that he has brought these memories and the love of his family to the other side where there is no pain, no sorrow and no fear of death.
So dear friend, Godspeed and thank you for everything you've done to help Guam. You will be remembered and missed for a very long time to come.

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October 30, 2008


Okay, just in case you were wondering.........about which candidates will get the nod with the number 2 pencil.

Doug Moylan........He will make sure it's not a circus.
Frank Izhizaki....he's not easily influenced and he's not known to spin the truth.
BJ Cruz..........He doesn't let anything pass and pays attention and doesn't let fellow senators get away with their shananigans.
Eddie Calvo.....He thinks before he talks and keeps his word.

More research.......will let you know if there's anyone else worth voting for.......but then again.......we need 15!

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It takes but one drive through San Vitoris road on Tumon to realize that there are more white(military types) walking around the streets rather than the Asian types........

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that there are more military types walking the streets of San Vitoris on Tumon. I suppose that the tourist bureau would have said something about having less tourists with the cancellation of ANA a month or so ago.....but.........the information that there are few tourists filling the rooms, renting the cars and eating at restaurants has just been reported.....and now, the plans at camp GVB will be putting the invites to the Koreans(not sure if they mentioned the Chinese) and that the arrival would balance the lack of Japanese tourists. Who told them(GVB) to put all the eggs in one basket, anyway?
The news picked up on this story because the Gorilla firm, DFS let go a lot of their employees.....why? Their merchandise is geared to the Japanese tourist(and their pocket books....Koreans and Chinese aren't known to pay $1200 for a Prada purse)........
Don't think that DFS is the only firm that released a few(lots?) employees..........The Hilton Hotel has released many of it's housekeeping crews as do other hotels on what was the island's Golden Egg..........
I cannot blame the hotels or DFS for letting go of the excess employees.....this is what GovGuam should do to balance the budget....these firms are profit can't afford to have 30 housekeepers when only 15 rooms are sold.....I'm sure that when the money/economy chaos reaches a plateau, the tourists will return, in the meantime, maybe the hotels will reduce their rates so that locals can 'get away' on weekends.
The words to remember? ""Don't put all your eggs in one basket!""

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October 29, 2008


Those poor people that stay alive because they devour cheap noodles in a will they ever save up enough money to gamble at the casino?

According to KUAM, "
Public advised not to buy "Cup Noodles" ramen
The Department of Public Health is warning the public not to purchase or consume the "Cup Noodle" instant soup. Nissin Foods in Japan issued a voluntary recall for their product as a bug repellent reportedly was found in the Cup Noodle product. "

The Chinese aren't the only ones who put little extras in food that isn't good for your digestive system.....seems our Japanese friends put little extras in their products as well. A favorite for the children, Cup of Noodles is going to have to far as I know, Campbells are relatively safe, unless of course you're on a salt-free diet.......

I remember a time when those travelling to Saipan couldn't bring in those sugar-water Ice Keki because the water on Saipan wasn't safe enough to eat.........It's been a long time since the electronic press visited neighborhood grocers for out-dated food.......the last time a report was done, an angry Korean store owner nearly beat up a very pregnant reporter, Marissa Borja....I dare the media to check out the stores to make sure what we're paying for is edible.....alas!
it's election time so we'll just have to wait!

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Couldn't copy the item so I've just copied the contents of the sign.

"Waldo says that voting for Obama is like a pig voting for Farmer John. Use your brain, VOTE MCCAIN!"

I don't think that there will ever be another election in the U.S. as we have had this year. You can make a freak out of a woman and few stand up for her, as if she was some dog to kick around. You can hang an efigy of her and say it's free speech, yet if you dare to say anything about the opposition, it's racist!
Perhaps I should use, "Mark my words", if Obama is elected, we're in for the biggest rollercoaster ride of our hang tight, the wonder one will negotiate with those who have nukes aimed in our direction.......then it will be too late because with no real esperience Amadimijad(sp) knows that the new guy will still be trying to find his way out of a paper bag......when that won't matter how much RNC spent of Sarah's wardrobe!

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October 27, 2008


Please feel free to write your thoughts to Charo at:
Your thought will be input with or without your you wish.

Here's what I found written about my thoughts in a google search.
I can understand exactly what the writer feels but I do have to say that I am not for status quo but the stupidity in the government(elected and not) keep us where we'll always be.
We've been conditioned to tolerating the crap we've always waddled in...when we get the spine to actually make the changes by standing up for our rights, then things will change. Some try to make the change but in an ugly way.....a lot goes further with honey.
Here's what he had to say:
I came across the commonsense that so frightens me and waits to welcome me back on Guam on another Chamorro blog, Auntie Charo's soapbox, Lao adahi yanggen pon bisita gui', sa' i "colonzing commonsense" gof atdet, mampos atdet guihi, mas ki malamana.

I hate to reproduce her words her since they are pretty vapid yan taibali, heavily invested in keeping everything the same. For that reason though they are very helpful in getting at how the colonization continues, how it is protected, rearticulated and defended in daily life, through everyday speech, emails, political rhetoric and media representations. I've numbered a few of my numerous objections to this post and you can read more on them below.

I'm embarrassed that I live on an island that can't handle hundreds of thousands of dollars that Uncle Sam gives this government (1) and we still keep our hands out asking for more and groups such as yours continue to yap at the moon whining about the land that you have no idea how to use. And if you don't know what I mean....look around, How much land do you see being used to grow produce?

Lady, you should be thanking your lucky stars Guam's in a strategic location...cuz the only thing we've got going for us is the very fragile tourist industry and we've got that by pure luck! (2)

I suggest you plant some plumeria trees so that you can make some leis for them Marines when they get here.....that's what'll save this island!

In the meantime, I'd choose my friends more carefully. The activists from Korea, the PI and Japan? They're a radical bunch.......sure wouldn't want to be known as one of the birds that flew with that flock! (3)

Note to the U.S. Forces....there aren't many activists and they don't speak for the majority of us. We welcome you and look forward to making you a part of our world. Most of us are hospitable and warm, honest! (4)

(1). Isn't this an interesting slip? I'm pretty sure she meant to say millions of dollars, since if Uncle Sam only gives us "hundreds of thousand" of dollars it actually isn't that much of our economy, and her whole argument is pretty meaningless because it touches the history of intentional American underdevelopment in Guam and Micronesia which you can find discussed in texts such as Remaking Micronesia by David Hanlon, The Colonies in Question Surina Khan or The Secret Guam Study. Of course, you can find it in these scattered places, but never the places where it needs to be discussed the most, Guam and Washington D.C.

(2). Why is this thinking useless for Guam and its future? Becuase, as I've written many times before, she refuses to recognize a possibility for Guam as being anything other than something attached to or dependent upon the United States. She reiterates the rhetoric of former Governor of Guam Joseph Flores, who in his inagural speech made the same point, which can be paraphrased as, "all that matters is that we matter to the United States." Colonization at its most tragic form is the position where the colonized understands themselves brutally fortunate that their colonizer wants them, that they have something that makes them important to the colonizer. This thinking will ultimately lead to Guam's destruction whether by the bombs stored there by the United States, or as in the days prior to its entrance into World War II, by aggressive posturing that pushes the island into war. Why? Because according to this logic, we have no needs other than what we can find through the United States, what they are willing to recognize and give us. Its hegemony in such a horrifically distilled form, since we don't think of ourselves as having any needs or interests independent of the United States, whatever they want from us, or want for us, we should just be grateful for it!

(3). The everyday mission of The Pacific Daily News and the desire of the United States military is accomplished as Guam's relationship to anywhere else in the world must first be filtered through its colonial status to the United States. The relationships and political/economic/social connections that we make to other nations must always be secondary to the American hand that feeds us just as often as it slaps us in the face.

(4). This statement is the reason why I wrote this post in the first place. Here we see the gap between public common sense and multiplicity of feelings and logics that people have. Of that multitude of opinions and feelings on this issue, this singular sentence, that we welcome and want you, makes it out to be the thing that we must all match up and articulate ourselves in step with or in conflict with. Are the majority of Chamorros and others on Guam really ready for this increase? Perhaps they might say they are, or it might seem like they are simply because commonsense says we are all just fine with it. The military history of Guam and our familiarity with it comes full force here in making this seem just fine and dandy. In a radio interview in Australia Robert Underwood said that the majority of people on Guam are fine with this move, since we've seen the island just as militarized before, like when he was growing up. Therefore commonsense would seem to indicate nothing is really happening, when Auntie Charo ludicrously states, that we on Guam are "look[ing] forward to making you a part of our world." Its an easy ass statement because you already are a part of our world right! You are the Marines that saved us in World War II, you are the military whose largesse we live off of. You are the military that gives us democracy, education, politics, everything good in life!

But this simple shortcircuit of weight and potential impact is too too easy when you have the Governor of Guam speaking of the Marines as if he is a love sick teen, and the military are Farah Fawcett-like posters of them on the walls of his room (do I see a billion dollar nipple peaking through the 10 billion dollar bathing suit?). Or the main critique that we get from the media is that we (Guam) suck at utilities and infrastructure so bad that we may not be able to handle as much military as we want to have.

What is not being discussed enough is how dramatic this increase is. Almost 20,000 more people on Guam, and not just any people, but military people, currently fighting the War on Terror. In 2001 people spoke out against the possibility of "enemy combatants" being incarcerated on Guam, because they feared the War on Terror being brought to Guam. With these Marines we find the exact same possibility, the War on Terror bringing brought into Guam, this time split into a number of ways. Yes the Marines will make us more of a target. Yes they will have an incredibly negative effect on everything from social fabric, politics, to environment. Yes, they will subordinate us even more to the interests of the military and hitch our fate to whatever militaristic designs and drives for global hegemony the United States military has.

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Who pushed Bush to the war?

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October 26, 2008


I'm not a nit-picker so I'm not going to ask where the bears and animals were...............but the circus was great just the way it was.

Guam was treated these few days with great imagination and wonderful memories of a childhood that included this circus. The air condition worked perfectly, thank you Peter Roy Martinez!!! And the place was totally full.........perhaps they should have lessened the VIP seats because they were the worst, but what the hey, you just thought you'd see better.........
I hope that more shows like this one come more often........I'm ready for Circ de Soliel.........

Job well down!

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Had to share this with carefully! Works on the Guam election as it does in the US!


While walking down the street one day a U.S. senator is tragically hit by a
truck and dies.

His soul arrives in Heaven and is met by St. Peter at the Golden Gate.

"Welcome to Heaven," says St. Peter. "Before you settle in, it seems there
is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so
we're not sure what to do with you."

"No problem, just let me in," says the senator.

"Well, I'd like to, but I have orders from higher up. What we'll do is have
you spend one day in Hell and one in Heaven. Then you can choose where to
spend eternity."

"Really, I've made up my mind. I want to be in Heaven," says the senator.

"I'm sorry, but we have our rules."

And with that, St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down,
down to Hell. The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green
golf course. In the distance is a clubhouse and standing in front of it are
all his friends and other politicians who had worked with him.

Everyone is very happy and in evening dress. They run to greet him, shake
his hand, and reminisce about the good times they had while getting rich at
the expense of the people.

They play a friendly game of golf and then dine on lobster, caviar and

Also present is the Devil, who really is a very friendly guy who has a good
time dancing and telling jokes.. They are having such a good time that
before he realizes it, it is time to go.

Everyone gives him a hearty farewell and waves while the elevator rises.

The elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens on Heaven where St. Peter
is waiting for him.

"Now it's time to visit Heaven."

So, 24 hours pass with the senator joining a group of contented souls moving
from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They have a good time and
before he realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and St. Peter returns.

"Well, then, you've spent a day in Hll and another in Heaven. Now choose
where you'd like to spend your eternity."

The senator reflects for a minute, then answers: "Well, I would never have
said it before, I
mean Heaven has been delightful, but I think I would be better off in Hell."

So St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to

Now the doors of the elevator open and he's in the middle of a barren land
covered with waste and garbage.

He sees all his friends, dressed in rags, picking up the trash and putting
it in black bags as more trash falls from above.

The Devil comes over to him and puts his arm around his shoulder.

"I don't understand," stammers the senator. "Yesterday I was here and there
was a golf course and clubhouse, and we ate lobster and caviar, drank
champagne, and danced and had a great time. Now there's just a wasteland
full of garbage and my friends look miserable. What happened?"

The Devil looks at him, smiles and says, "Yesterday we were campaigning. Today you

Thanks for sharing amigo!

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October 25, 2008


Check out this site. and check into the directory....then eat your heart out...a great site for the heart.

Turn on your speakers and open the doors to happy times!

Thanks to a great friend who sent me this site.

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Poor lady, she actually thinks I'm dumb enough to respond to her gimmick!
If you get a letter like this........copy it and send it to the AG's office!

Totally cut and pasted!
Dear Beloved,

I hope this email meets you in good health, I have been worried why you are yet to
reply my previous email to you or if you ever received it. Like I told you, I am Mrs
Alice Jones, married to Late Mr Peter Jones, who was a well established business
merchant before he passed on. Please carefully read and understand my reason for
contacting you through this email and Reply me please .

For the past 2 years I have been going through so much depression and I am willing to
share my pains with you. please I do not want you to turn me down at this point
my health depends on it. I lost my husband and my only son to a car accident and this
has really shorted life for me and to crown it all, after the funeral ceremony, my
husbands relatives took all my belonging and everything belonging to me and my family
because I do not have a child for their brother anymore.

Ever since then, they have paid no attention to my welfare. It was hell for me after
the funeral so I had to leave the family home. While leaving my home, I took along
me the documents concerning my late husbands investment in the value of $5m in one of
the banks in Europe and I have proposed this investment for charity. Due to my poor
health status and the presence of my late husbands relatives around me, I ask for your

Please, I need you to help me secure the investment fund for my welfare and charity
purpose. I want you to partner with me in securing this funds to your account in your
country and use to implement a charity project in my late husbands name.

In appreciation of your help at the successful delivery of the funds to you, you are
keep 30% for yourself, and the remaining 70% for my welfare and my project.

please treat this project with utmost confidentiality and respond to my letter
immediately via my private email ( with the following

1. Your Full names......
2. Your Address......
3. Your Telephone /Fax......

On reception of the above information's, will enable me commence all arrangement for
the purpose of our partnership to the bank so you will represent me as my partner for
the investment to be released to you to commence on my project. Subject to your
response, I will give you more information on how to secure the funds and how we will
handle the project.

Remain Blessed,
Mrs. Alice Jones

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Tis the season to judge good over evil. It seems every one can see all the evils, yet let the obvious get a 'pass', a political word I learned from watching t.v.

No one really give a rat's behind about the growing number of homeless we already have on one really cares much about the constant reporting of adults sexually abusing children, beating up of wives, the horrific accidents on the road due to drunken driving...the obvious threadbare that confronts the delicate fabric of the Catholic church....only three priests remain un-neo-fied....and do the real Catholic thing, others including the Bishop have started a cult with the neo-catecum version of Catholichism....those that are 'neo great' look down on those that
just want to be plain Catholics....if you think I don't know what I'm talking about......try counting the number of Catholic children that are attending Christian schools.....they're happy children that love to sing the songs of the bible, love the incorporation of Jesus into their learning activities....the only flourishing Catholic school today is the one that a lawyer saved....the Mt. Carmel school in Agat...otherwise, many Catholics choose to send their children to Christian schools....the Bishop doesn't seem to mind, although I was taught that if you could, a Catholic child should attend a Catholic school.....most Catholics can afford to send their children to Catholic schools..........the question then asks.....why they choose to send them elsewhere?
Okay.........we seem to overlook what is changing the morals of our community.......pregnant teens, the rampant increase of divorces, etc.......but when it comes to gambling...........seems creeps come out of the wood work to predict what evils it's going to bring to the island.........forgetting that all these evils already exist.....we pick and choose what gambling will bring. Heavens to Betsy...I used to say that while being Convent bred.....gambling ain't gonna bring massage parlors with happy endings......cockfights and bingo for whatever non-profit it says its's all here..oh, and there's the abortion thingy we all overlook...but seems the creme de la creme of clerics only see that which they predict gambling will, for years they forgot about looking into the matter of those Liberty machines..........
So........what's the worst that gambling will bring? If I had anything to do with the marketing, I'd have attached it to the opening of a new dump instead of a convention center, maybe then it could have caught more attention instead of saying it's going to help the school system....we all know that no one cares if Juan and Maria are worth a good education.......I say, let's use the profits to pay for the leveling of the pyramid at a great place to build a new hospital, ya think?
I'm going to vote 'yes'............because it's not going to bring in anything evil that's not already here........unless it's SARS or something like that!
As for E.J. Calvo? Kudos to him. He's calm and he's cool......his parents should be proud of him! Good on you, E.J.! You got my vote!

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October 24, 2008


What makes a person hate or dislike a total stranger? Have we all given up on Christ-like behaviour that we must seek the worst in a person rather than to see the face of God in that being?

I see the hate on CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS. They are lovers of the new boy in town. No matter the questions about where he's really from and what's really in his heart that he should be elected US President. Because he believes in late term abortions, I'd say that he's got the morals of a used car salesman. In the beginning, I really thought that he might just be the change he promised of this country's government and through the months, he turned into the very being he said he wanted to change. He blamed, he lied and he wouldn't answer questions......but the world of good reporting was smitten and gave him songs and praise, be damned the country's hero and the simple woman he picked for his running mate.
If you want to say that the woman doesn't have the exerience, then that's okay, I'm not sure thn anyone has ever been elected president that had the exact amount of experience it takes to run the country.....the cult members of the chosen one had no reverence for the 5 years the older guy was a prisoner of war....only that he's too old to run the country, but that Murtha person who referred to his people as rednecks knows just what they are because he's one......and old one at that!
But that's all happening to where real Americans can, we have a divorcee with her own unwed daughter just having had a baby out of wed-lock....and more at clubs where they sell more than soda pot..............she actually tried to sound lie Couric and washed out Andrea Mitchell who's older than God, talked about the cost of clothing for Palin and her family....paid for by McClain's campaign one said anything about the leased plane of the one with the halo.
Instead of giving Palin the credit that she's a modern day woman that had the courage to take such a daunting challange of running as a VP to a great old man, the woman began her hate for Palin and her nerve to actually buy clothes from Nieman Marcus or where ever it was she picked out her one gave this woman any praise when her Down's Syndrome son needed diapers and the woman picked him up and hurried into WalMart for the needed disposables. She could have asked the FBI to run our and buy a box, maybe even asked one of them to watch the child while she ran into to the store........believe me.....I've been with this and other first ladies and getting out of the car and picking up needed items was not on their daily planner.
So dear lady talk show host. If you're going to play so least Palin's clothes fit her and her chest isn't the first part of her you see....she's a real lady and doesn't talk 'taki' about others....we have much to learn from this old man and the young woman he picked. They don't have to make others look back in order to make themselves look good......
I just have to believe that God in His infinite wisdom,won't allow a man who believes in late term abortions and wants an abortion that lived to be allowed to die instead of trying to save his/er life.......
Only small people stoop to make hateful comments about other people...I never thought you'de stoop so low.
I ptay for that woman to be the first woman vice president.....we need a woman with a heart as the next VP..........
Asmfor the talk show host, I pray you find your;s been missing awhile!

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October 23, 2008


We've all had a good life.....pepsi cartons, bottlesk junk, more junk and more junk................and now, it's full circle time!

The feds say clean up and make a new hole and pay us some $2222222222.0000 or something to the life on the new junk yard,,,.........the news is usually susprising........the fact that we don't have enough, ever to pay for anything is never a surprise.
I think we should all sit down with those dudes that created compact impact............and start from there...........the compact impactees came here and changed our lives far greater than those marines and the government seems stingy to share with us........
In my last life, I was a west indian.....we had a man with a pipe who spoke and when he was finished, another spoke and after everyone had a turn with the pipe, people seem to understand what was needed............I sure hope something like that happens before our friends move here because their move will mean new streets, more stinky water, less rolling brown outs a land fill and some new water wells. Oh, there's the thingy about the compactees using the Navy Hospital because they've taken over GMH and the locals have get on a plane before they can get medical help.
I look forward to the arrival of the Marines..........but don't look that we lose what few dollars we get......spent before their arrival. These times call for mega talks and those darn white peeople from America stop hiding from the governor's office and or the Legislature....there are a few that are actually sane.

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I'm so glad Sen. Frank Izhizaki doesn't back down when the CCU (I think that's what it's called in Keystone) pitbull flares his nostrils and rolls his eyes.

I was never so proud of the good senator when he said on PNC that he's first a cop and the need for the truth is worth more than those of a politico.(not verbatim)
My hero wants to know why the dragon board is so quick to increase the LEAC fuel rates and sooooooooooooooo slooooooooooooow to reduce the rates long after it's been reduced. No one seems to care that in the states, the gallon of gas runs about $'s still over $4.00 here. We're so intimidated by that dragon board that snare and blow smoke in excuses everytime they're asked a question......
And I'm sorry, Mr. Dragon, but just because you think or your elected/appointed puppets think that they've(utilities) have done such a GOOD job over the years.......that they can spend thousands of dollars on radio and t.v. patting themselves on the back.........hell, they don't even anticipate that the Navy will raise the water rates, or that we'll have leaks or even little explosions that leave villages in the dark for illages without water for days in the south........hey, how much of that $8,000 in advertising could have been used to repair those problems.
And to my're the cop....I'm anxious to see if you believe that those once an hour ads on radio and t.v. just cost $8,000.
Trust ain't no $8,000, it's going to be more than $15 to $ me!
I will vote for three men on November 4th....Doug Moylan won't sit around for BS and my long time hero has proved that he's a good representative for the people of Guam, and the former judge with the strange eyesk BJ Cruz. He ain't anyone's doormat!
Otherwise,if you like the way things are...........relect the whiners......and you'll all get what you deserve!

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October 18, 2008


I couldn't sing enough praises when he was the director of GPD....and it seems, he's still pushing for transparency.

Senator Frank Ishizaki wants to know what I want to know........where theCCU gets off boosting their egoes with expensive if they were in competition with some other utility company. My hero wants to know where the money for these ads are coming from.
PDN quotes: Why are these people using utility funds to say how great they are?"
Yep, Mr. H., that's exactly what they're doing.....and you can be sure that each of those people have the biggest egoes around.
Darn, PDN says the chair, biggest ego, says that it's within CCU's right to advertise collective accomplishments in an ad campain as long as they aren't political. Stupid.....everything on Guam is political....even those dumb and dumber people on the board....aren't they elected? If the put haloes on their head and pretend everything is honky-dorry....don't you think that in the back of their minds that they're thinking, "re-election".
You'd think they'd use the damn funds for ads on unpaid bills, decrease rates.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the best CCU on the land? We'll show them.....and we'll use their money to show them.
The very best thing CCU does is increase the rates and allow the payment of the highest salaries on the island....other than that, they aren't smart enough to handle road kill on Marine Drive.....when I grow up, I'm going to run for a seat on CCU....then I can be on t.v. and tell you how great I am....on t.v. and on the radio. I'm so great I can't imagine why I haven't done it yet.
So my hero, Senator Izhizaki, put a stop to the ads and introduce a bill that doesn't allow such senseless ads from clueless agencies!

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October 17, 2008


For the past three days the PDN has reported how sorry a mother was for calling the police to help with her son who had stopped taking his meds for a bi-polar problem.

The story begins with a woman who has a son who was recently diagnosed with a bi-polar problem....not sure whether bi-polar rhymes with manic depressive...I'm no doctor and you all have browsers that focus on the problem he had and what the consequences were/are when one stops taking meds.
Something set this young man off and he thought he needed a knife and a machete to settle whatever it was that was bothering him. Of course this upset his mother. She went to the police station to help her son take his medication. He was more upset after the arrival of the police and as he ran towards them, he was maced which angered him even more. So, in order to settle the problem, to keep the man from harming himself or others......they shot him twice in the chest. Wow, that would stop just about anything from harming himself......that was the kind of help the police thought the mother wanted of them. I can't imagine that three of more police officers couldn't rush him and grab the toys(compared to those damn guns) the victim. They didn't, they cured the temporary problem with a permanent solution.
The mother tells the PDN that she's sorry she called the police....and for the rest of her life, she will be sorry. She even said that she forgave the boys(men use better measures to contain a man with a knife and machete) who killed her son. I am a Christian, but not sure that my forgiveness would have come so soon after my son's life was snuffed out.
So, today, the PDN and other media report that the police are going to learn how to deal with the mentally impaired/challenged....I ask, why didn't they begin this process after that man was shot and killed at the Veteran's Cemetary who was mourning and crazed because his brother comitted suicide? But then, I also wrote about the chaos at 911 yesterday.....if the mother had called 911 instead of going to the police, I'm not sure what the uncertified being would have said or done to help.........the truth? We have no help. We have to learn how to protect ourselves because there's really no one out there to do the job.....and because they can't find their way out of a paper bag.....they'll blame it on funding....I mean, lack of funding!!!
That Palauan man who was loved by many lost his life because of 'funding'. No funding to teach officers that you can shoot at knees, legs or arms that'll stop a crazed person without killing him/er.
Some time ago, we had people who would go to homes where hostages were taken.....the cops usually appeased the hostage taker and no one was injured. What happened to those people? Have they been replaced by gun happy people?
Yes..........and we're not going to do anything about it until it happens to one of our own.
The police should all wear black bands on their uniforms until they learn how not to kill people and keep others safe!
Shame is not a strong enough word for what happened to that dead man.

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October 16, 2008


Aye adai, we spend sooooo much money of dumb things, we've even given these hooligans promotions and raises...........but they don't know jack if you're in need of help!

So, in Keystone, we give good pay for lousy work....the person who answers 911 may as well be asked how to turn the U.S. economy around cuz he sure ain't got the medical knowledge to help you, or who ever it is that's calling for help. Perhaps we should call GMH for help and ask them to send an ambulance........
These people that don't have certificates is conformation that the government of Guam doesn't give jack about whether or not you can get medical help if and when you need it....see, if the employees of govGuam knows that they don't need a high school diploma, they'll also know that nothing will happen to them, promotions, raises et al if they pretend to know how to give medical advice to a 911 the damn director and make sure that only certified people answer 911.
Shame on the people of Guam who allow this to happen...we're a clueless bunch and they'll be selling pistacio ice cream in hell before anyone makes any changes!

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October 11, 2008


Is it easier to just kill a man with a machete and knife if you're a policeman with a gun? Kill first then ask questions later?

I'm sure the reader's memory has a better count of men being killed because the police officer couldn't contain the perp. The last one was killed because he was distraught over the suicide of his brother...the excuse was that he was aiming a gun at the officers.....sharpshooters that they are trained to be.....shot and killed the man. A longer time ago, a Dededo boy had an argument with his dad and drove away with his dad's highly tinted car...there was a wild car chase that ended up with the pre-teen drove off the road. He was ordered to get out of the car.....I can tell you, if I was that boy in that car,I'd be scared to death to get out of the was shot to death...then the officers realized they had killed a kid. And in Tamuning a few years back, there was a nut who was acting crazy...they maced him and he got to put a permanent stop to the man's inability to be controlled, killed the man. KUAM probably still have the film on that senseless death.
So, on Friday night, a Palauan man was acting crazy with machete and knife. His mother couldn't get him to leave so she went to the police to ask that he be removed. He was maced, got angrier and put his focus on the police man against several policemen.
I'm assuming they don't have that gun that if fired, it puts the perp in the net in order to get control over the instead, they just shot him twice and killed him........oh, you can imagine the excuses there will be from the police themselves over this killing.
I am totally naive when it comes to containing a person with a machete or knife but if the mace didn't work(couldn't the police have used a taser on the perp before using the gun) Couldn't the police in any of these shootings shoot just to stop the perp by shooting at his arm or leg or some part of the person's body that wouldn't kill him? I get the feeling that the police seem to be gun happy.....and I'll wonder for a long time why those officers thought that one man who appeared deranged could have hurt any of them with a knife and machete.
I bet that mother who lost her son regrets asking for police help!
May God have mercy on the man's soul and may God find a way for these people to get punished instead of being killed for their bad choices.

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October 10, 2008


We can't afford to reduce the fuel rates because....oh damn, insert your own excuse.....the frequent guest of the morning show says they(CUC....CCU?)might reduce the fuel charges in April........but didn't say which year.

My big question which the reporters don't seem to want to ask is.........where in the hell GPA is getting their money for it's very frequent t.v. ads on how good the agency is.....using board members and I don't know who else but there's a bunch of them so the ad is at least a minute long..........
If the agency is losing money and can't reduce the rates even though the fuel rates have gone can they afford these ads?

And.......why the ads, it's not like they have competition! That generator being built to power up the Agana Shopping Mall isn't why the waste of money......wanna bet that the response is that they're using Federal money? But, the clueless
Keystonians don't know better, they just sit and drink their beer are glad their uncle, cousin or other relative is on t.v......

I'm not sure if I'd rather be clueless or have Alzeihmers....either
way, we lose!

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Remember the story about the lineman RM Cruz who was arrested along with fellow owner of a recycling company? gotta read for yourself and you're's a belly laugh....something that can only happen on Guam, oops, I mean Keystone where the clueless thrive!

It's all on KUAM's website....not sure that they ran the stories together so you could laugh during the news but when you can see both stories on thier's a big laugh and an event that can only happen onthe clueless Guam, oops, I mean Keystone where thrive!
First story:

Police: lineman's arrest "opens up Pandora's Box"
Guam Police Department spokesperson Allan Guzman says that the investigation into copper thefts on-island continues. He says that Thursday's arrest of GPA lineman Raymond Manibusan Cruz was a result of the ongoing investigation of all copper wire thefts on Guam.

Second story?
GPA holds annual lineman rodeo
As part of its celebration of GPA Week the Guam Power Authority held it's second annual lineman rodeo. It's a competition comprised of seven events that showcase the skills of the hardworking GPA linemen. Simon Camacho, assistant manager of transmission and distribution, served as the coordinator for today's event.

Don't forget to insert 'alleged' where it's necessary!
So I ask, were the arrestees allowed to join to join the rodeo, and or, was it a different game to see who could steal the most copper wire before it was connected to the poles? Wonder if they could do one of those, steal the most wire, make friends with recyclers and get away with it with just a slap on the wrist and a few days of paid admin leave.

Wow, wonder if any of these loco rodeoans got paid while they rodeoed...

Yee Haww, another wonnerful day in Keystone U.S.A.!!!

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October 09, 2008


Instead, a senior member of the Circu de legislatura sends complaint letter to the UN to complain about Guam being a colony.

Below is copied and pasted from the Pacific News Center website:
Senator Pangelinan Criticizes U.S. Colonization Of Guam
Written by Kevin Kerrigan

Wednesday, 08 October 2008 19:32

Guam - In testimony presented before the United Nations in New York City, Guam Senator Ben Pangelinan condemned the U.S. colonization of Guam.

Pangelinan was not present to give the testimony. it was read on his behalf by Chamoru attorney Aileen Quan. In his remarks before the U.N.'s decolonization committee, Pangelinan referred to the U.S. government as the "administering authority" saying "recent decisions by our administering authority dilute our right to self-determination" and he called on the world body for support in seeking "the liberation of our people."

Among the activists present at the U.N. was the Chamorro Nation's Victoria Leon Guerrero who praised Pangelinan's remarks and criticized Guam Governor Felix Camacho for failing to appear before the U.N. in his 8 years in office. Pangelinan's office told PNC News that the senator is off island and not available to comment on his U.N. testimony.

Later this week, the Chamoru delegation will be meeting in New York with the president of the U.N. General Assembly to discuss ways to expedite Guam's Chamoru self-determination process."

Unless I'm misinformed, acting senator Ben Pangelinan is not from Guam, supposed it doesn't matter much....Saipan's about to be federalized and boy is that going to be worse than being colonized.
I suppose a plus is that if we're declared 'natives', we can build as many gambling casinos a we wish, just as the West Indians do in the states....of course, that could also possibily mean that Uncle Sam doesn't have to give us 'jack' for capital improvement, food stamps and the like.........Acting legislator Pangelinan wants us to be 'self determined'.....when the Europeans came here in the 1500's, we were Chamorros....we didn't determine ourselves anything....they claimed us and the only determination then was that we were under their rule. After the Spanish/American war, Guam was ceded to the U.S......doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that we now belonged to the U.S. and for years, they watched over us.... and though not described as 'self determination' we got to do the government of Guam thingy, elected idiots that are so egotistic that they only want to be important....not a one of those clowns want to do anything that will help the one has shown that they want to make this island a better place....all they want to do is point fingers are those that are actually spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to those who live here. I dare the U.S. to put a halt to the Medicaid, to the food stamps, to the much reduced low cost housing and FEMA aid after a natural disaster........let me guarantee that they'll be a lot of crying after we become self-determined without the generosity of the U.S.
Guam belongs to the U.S., like it or to make the relationship......just remember the $43M that US DOE could have caused at GPSS if it didn't release the money for those text boox and other operational fees.
I am so tired of people who can't just appreciate today and appreciating that we are in a good location in the geopolitical world and that the military will continue to enjoy 'owning' this island.
To bring such a complaint to the UN is a slap in the face of the US.....we all have the handle of being self-determined.....don't like can always go somewhere else that's 'self-determined'.
Some of the clowns at Circu de Lehislature are burned out.........maybe it's time to plant some papayas!

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You're innocent unless proven guilty so enter 'alleged'when and wherever it's the end, we'll be the dodo birds cuz he'll get paid admin leave and he won't tell the police who his cohorts of the things we can get away with while living in paradise!

It was so obvious that even the most stupid would have figured it out.
New shipment of copper wire, it gets stolen....your ordinary criminal is more interested in chemicals to alter his state of mind, interested in stealing stuff from your car(or your car) in order to sell it to make enough money to pay for his bad habits.....or, feed his children cuz he ain't got no job.......but ain't it logical to take a long look at the linemen who work for Guam Premier Power Authority? They know when the goods arrive, when they're supposed to be dropped off so that can be strung up........etc.....Honest to God,(I learned that in Catholic School, it means you're making a serious statement)the same smart linemen(yes, that's more than just Mr. Ray M. Cruz) make Asian recyclers their new best friends.....hell, these dudes don't care if the copper/brass/bronze comes from cemetaries, placques that memorialize those who suffered during the war....and the like....these people have no human feelings whatsoever....they want the cash and know exactly when to make it happen.
It's only the defectives(oooops mean detectives) and pohleese that don't know what the hell is going on right before their eyes....these theives are hiding in plain sight!!!
Will the defectives see if this dude and his friends the ones who work at the recycle place and his 'padres' have been ripping us off for years.....stealing copper ain't the newest crime....I honestly don't think that these thefts are on anyone's priority.....we don't have enough defectives...and the dude R.M.Cruz? He's probably on paid leave............aye adai, no wonder the Europeans called us the land of thieves! GPA doesn't care much, either........the copper that's stolen will be re-ordered.....and will be stolen and the circle continues.........maybe GPA should turn off(I mean OFF) at the Cruz residence until he's proven innocent....I mean, not innocent!
Maybe we should put some melamine on the wires and the like then jail all those with little kernels in their kidneys!
How come thieves are smarter than us?

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October 07, 2008


The more time we take to build a school, elementary or high....the more expensive it's goint to be......

You see folks, there's already a real shortage of engineers....honest, even hubby was offered a good deal........but....there's this pending, the arrival of 20K of military, their dependents and the people who will be responsible to build homes, military type buildings and the likes......the worker bees will need housing so we'll need worker bees to start with building those barracks.....this will mean that there will be less people around to build any school...or any kind! So, if it costs$200 a square foot today, it'll be two or three times more the closer it gets to the arrival of our new best friends....then we can really talk about how expensive building a school is.
I'm no dummy, but think that the reason our schools are like full to the brim is because of this thing called Compact Impact..........we should figure out how many of them attend our schools then hit Uncle Sam for more they don't pay.....then send the CI(s) to DODEA schools........We clueless people don't know how to stand on our rock and tell the Feds that we can no longer afford to keep their compact contract going....last time I looked, we can barely afford to pay for our own children, hospital, fire and jail charges........hmnnnnn, did you note how many names of immigrant neighbors were arrested for DUI in today's PDN?
It's not like any of us clueless people were invited to the contract for free association....(do you wonder how many 'visitors' reside at DOC?)
Almost forgot.....the dude who said it was too expensive to build a school is none other than our infrequent governor.

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And, we can't blame it on the Navy!

Listen up fellow Keystonians, we're being hoodwinked again, by the infamous, over paid CCU, or is that CUC. Whatever, they warned the clueless a few weeks ago that they is gonna raise(ebonix the next language to learn) dem rates for ya water.....I thunk I hurd t'was cuz dem leaks and the damn Navy raisin rates and all sorts of otha blames to make it look like they be doing their best. The one who appears to have the golf tan who shares a morning talk show has all the rite answers, gosh darn, he even speaks slowly so us dumb'uns can unnerstand him. Ya want reliable water, we need fix the pipes so, like it or not(He doesn't give a rat's behind) we're raising the rates...........
Well, we all know that we clueless Keystonians can't do a damn thing about it so we just find ways to keep the water running and the lights burning..........but today!!!!The truth comes out!!!
For about $110K per annum(and that don't include house, car, move to Guam or any thing else that's usually hidden from the clueless unless they invoke an FOI...and most clueless people don't realize that it takes forever to figure out what's in the pay package cuz it's 'personal'......
So fellow cluelessians, we just hired a water engineer to pay money we can't afford to pay.........of course, before you became clueless, you realize that we've been without Craddick and his big salary for almost a year and nothing's happened..........heck, we get less water outtages.....there's been no dude walking the villages doing research on the water.........and we've survived! And.....we even managed to save on his big salary and other benefits..........
So, don't be so stupid.....there's always a reason for a rate just takes awhile to figure out what his/er name is!
Once again, the laugh's on the Keystonians who live in the land of dumb and dumber!

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October 02, 2008


Yep....used to be we didn't want MSG with the we're thinking better leave it out as well as asked if there's any melamine with the order.....

The Chinese makes you think that you have a lot for your order........too bad it kills babies and puts little things that don't belong in your kidneys......they add it to anything that's made with, bread, cookies, wrappers and just about everything that needs volume......all without conscious....or guilt.

Remember the dog food? The cat food? Oh yeah, let's not forget the lead on the toys we bought for our beloved children.........So, melamine added to food is a great cuts your life short! The lead? They figure you don't buy anything of value for your kids so you may as well stick with the cardboard boxes, unless they're from China, you should be able to get some use ouf ot them...a box that comes with a stove or fridge is great for a house!

Wonder how much melamine the attendees of the Olympics have lingering
in thier kidneys.......oh well, the got the best opening ever, guess that's worth a few grams of melamine!

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October 01, 2008


You can laugh along with me........the hospital tonight announced it's raising its know, keeping up with the price of the barrel of oil.....etc.

But the laughable matter, actually,it's not funny, it's pathetic.........most of the patients that will be charged these rates are the same ones who didn't pay for baby one, two, three or some urgent care........they're the uninsured........and our 'brothers and sisters' from the islands that Uncle Sam says we have to care forget the rates, the really sick get on an airplane........the others are healed on Guam and they don'have to pay a nickle for the service.....does compact impact remind you of anything?
Lately, the DUI arrests and the like have appeared on line.......please note the last names......most of them can't walk on
the roads let alone drive.....and drunk at the same time!!!
I think we should have a purchase order from the government from where these friends come from before they're accepted at GMH!!! OR.........we should shuttle them to NRMC!

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Sure tells what kind of people we really are, huh?

It's not 'new' news.......but news just the less. Seems the hospital has a large number of dead bodies. I'm just not sure how many, but one is more than enough!!!! These dead bodies languish at the morgue, proof confirming that there's no group that cares enough to give them a burial, Christian or otherwise. You'd even think that one of the funeral homes would do something for those dead bodies.
So, to bury one, the cost os over $2,000....there won't be anyone in attendance so you won't have to worry about food or flowers or anything for that matter;.....just a cheap cardboard box thrown quickly into the six foot hole so that we can forget about that body, never mind who he loved or who once loved him/er..........
There are several funeral homes that cremate....that's really cheap...several non-profit associations can gather enough money to cremate those bodies........but that's too simple, we'd rather leave those unloved bodies at the morgue.....out of sight, out of mind.....then we can blame the hospital for not doing anything for always feels good to blame someone else, isn't it?
I suppose I wonder what the Bishop is thinking about when he's not thinking about the gambling'd think he'd do what Jesus would do(oops, He wasn't a neo catacumen)
And honestly, not giving a damn about the remains of the dead ain't a new thing.......we've tons of bones in tons of boxes lined up in various offices under the guise that they're being studied....maybe we can send the dead bodies to these scholars and do a study on what horrible people we are as a society that we wouldn't bury our dead?
No wonder the world is in chaos!

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September 29, 2008


I find it odd that the senor obispo, a neo catholic found it most important to appear before a broadcast camera to whine about the possibility that the initiative for gambling might pass.

Of course, his highness didn't appear before a microphone(radio)t.v. or even a print reporter complaining about the possibility the Guam Music might appeal the fact that their license to use their machines to gather and or pay out monies as many liberty machines were doing.......nope, if he didn't like the machines, it was a well kept secret.
BUT...........when a female inmate has intercourse(I don't think it's been proven that it was a rape) with another inmate during a gathering of how to keep/respect the law.......she got pregnant....only when she discovered she was pregnant did she say anything about the intercourse.....damn, don't they hand out condoms or birth control pills paid for by GovGuam?
So guess what..........some higher up(notice I did't say he/she was smart) says that since the 'act' happened while the govGuam was watching over the was up to them to kill the fetus........I don't care how you put it...........that fetus was a living being, the breath of God breathed into its order to make a bad situation 'right', they(GovGuam-I say...........don't stop until you can name him, his his/er picture on t.v. and in newspapers so that we can tell who the murderer was.....I'm sure one of the infamous aborter doctors did the killing and I'm thinking that this was one of the 'delicate' situations that was spoken about during an early talk show weeks ago........yep, it's a delicate thing....anytime you kill a fetus, it's delicate and here we have hypocrites crying over those precious baby seals by those who kill it for its fur.
Guess the bish was too busy with his neo cults to pay attention to the defense-less fetus who had no say so in his creation...
Remember dear mother, abortist..........what you reap!

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September 28, 2008


Show one is never too old to appreciate the 'right' comfination! Good on you, Unca Bill, keep up the good work!

Hillary ain't Sarah Palin. She has 18,000 women following her. If the half black-half white man had been the boss of his home(as in, he doesn't have to listen to whiney Michey), he and Hillary could be shopping for their designer clothing as I write. The details about Hillary not being good enough to be VP is because Ms.Mickey doesn't like her..........alas!!!! What a would have made history....first black man and white woman holding one and two positions in the U;S..............but the only way they scorned woman would go for it is to give her tuppence for the woman's Hill will end up doing something much more important than to just have been an unwanted VP.....and maybe.....Mr. President won't be the dude but the old man that the Democrats predict he's going to die before the 4 years of the first presidential term is't it be terrible if something happened to Hussien an we'd have to listen to motormouth Binny.

So for now, Uncle Bill, you're my hero, keep up your kind words for the grandfather and his normal American woman who shoots a gun, has 5 children, a husband and those to die for glasses!

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Am I looking at this wrong?





















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Joy James, supposed journalist, trades ethics for gambling

Dang, I thought I knew everything. I had the worst argument with other half that there was absolutely no way that the the girl we see Sunday after Sunday at New Covenant and working as spokesperson for GUM MD show on channel 6 once a week, would support the Gambling initiative...........unless of course God above told her personally that it wasn't bad for the island and it's people...............especially since we just cut off the pay put machines............I bet me last $50.00 and I lost. She's not only on t.v. supporting the gambling initiative but she shows her face on print and on broadcast...........yet, pretty Miss Guam is now for Guam to go down the drain when and if the initiative passes under the guise that several government agencies get money while they make money............
Of course, she ain't no Catholic cuz the head of the neo catecumen head of that church(I think they've split and one's regular=the one that doesn't know the bible and the neos that do who look down on the ones that don't.........I wonder has anything about blessing the dumb and what they'll inherit) anyway, she ain't standing for the long lost electrical machines that pay oooooodles of money for licenses.............and is supporting the gambling that needs an airline ticket in order to get into the place to gamble away his/er estate...........hmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so, will the one way, open ticket work?
Yep, it's just another dumb thing happening to Guam, where it used to be fun and safe to raise a get beat up at school, bus drivers crash and spend time cleaning up his mess and not looking after the injured..............and there's not even talk about how the money ills of the US are going to hurt our very lives................
I'm going to find a non political pastor that will help me communicate my fears to God...............and you can be sure his parish doesn'thave the likes of Joey Cepeda and Joy James and the likes just never know who's going to turn on the community for mere pennies that they're bound to be paid for the ads!

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Damn, you'd think we're all fools...........turn on the tv after dinner and it's the clowns pretending to work their butts off for us, their beloved voters!!!

All of this gnashing of teeth and appearance of being tired and greadesire of pity and empathy could have been saved days, even years ago..........they weren't blind, they could see how stupid the more important idiots were spending the little money we have. They could have put thier foot down months ago, they could have noted that it was that AG and she alone could decide who the head of GPSS was so that we didn't have to waste time for the $40M to be distributed.....I really hate to say this gut they whole bunch of clowns at Julale are one bunch of coconuts and that's an insult to coconuts and what's worse? The whole lot of them are running again!!!! And how stupid will we be when we elect each of them......and this time next year(of course without those running for governor( we'll be having the same problems....and all the problems we have will exist then as they do today...........that's a prediction!
Whwn we will we learn our lessons? When will we say no to relatives
and friends? When will we elect those that will help rather than destroy this beautiful island paradise? When will we get rid of those jerks that dare to put a moratorium to building that's really needed? Can't multitask CCU? The shame of course, is only ours! When we grow up? If it weren't for my parents, we'd invest what little money we have and live in the PI............not drinking any Chinese milk, of course!

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September 26, 2008


You know, don't tell me who's sleeping with who........m.........

I suggest you send your blog to I will cut and paste your information and will leave your name out should you desire!

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Sorry to say, doctors ain't any competition........

When the almost the same age as McCain Carl T.C. Gutierrez puts his name on an applicattion to run Keystone can be sure he'll have the best chance of winning the race. He's been away from Adelup for years, yet, hasn't lost touch with those that served him. He never forgets a favor, big, or small. When the power switch doesn't work and you tell can be sure that it'll work in likity split time. He can smile at the chiefs from America and coax them to do what ever he wants them to do........and still be friends....He's no stranger to the public schools, filthy as they are. And........he ain't got enemies with the radio and t.v. stations...he's never hidden from them.......worse, ran out the back door.
So watch out for his return.........we may just have some success with our new neighbors, the Marines.
And, it'll be nice to see a smiling Auntie Gerry that appreciates the job of being the first lady.

Yep, Uncle're still the one!

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So, I'll just refer to them as they'd like to be referred to....senators of Keystone Town.

I have this book that's titled: Too soon Old, too late smart........I can't for the life of me figure out how we can put the same names on the ballots over and over again......believe me, these dudes and dudettes don't get smarter...just older. This group of clowns have done zilch for this town. I have to say that I give the benefit of the doubt to Jim Espaldon, Frank Ishizaki and sometimes, Eddie slurpie...the rest should do well entertaining the tourists. They could do a script that they're the representative of the people of Keystone.....then we could show with great pride the lowest of the low grades of the natives of Keystone, even though we spend more than about $4,000 per each student in our public schools. I pity Narissa Shaffer. Don't know what she did to deserve the school system. The cult of former don't want to see her succeed so our Rosies, and also ran tubbie that lives near Mt. Dump will do all they can to under mind her.

OH.....and if the governor spent this yeat discovering the world, where was the dude that now wants to take over and rack up the mileage? Did he try to fix the system? Is he trying to get the people's money back from Rev and Tax? Nope, in Keystone, we just pretend to care. WHen our gasoline at five one had the gonads to stand up to the profiteers.....on then there's the cult run by Simon Sanchez..........he co hosts the Ray Gibson show and talks to us as if we were retarded and that he and his croonies are doing the best to keep us broke. Uncle Ben couldn't afford his heart meds because he had to pay his power bill.....But, Sanchez and group don't give a damn, they're making so much money it won't matter if the power rates are increased to $3,000 a month. If we don't like it, we can move to Nevada! But much worse than what's happening in Keystone......not a one of us give a fat rats rear....we call the talk shows and whine and whine.....when are we going to get strong enough to stand up for what our rights are.
Bull Roar for saying that you can't apply for a building or warehouse until April those people at DPW move any faster than a land turtle(sorry turtles, I don't mean to insult you)...
I've been doing this since 1993...........I'm embarassed that I'm still here. Maybe the Marines want the property that I used to grow taro at.........maybe they'll practice firing at the damn the mean time. I'm ashamed to be part of this do nothing, let it go to hell in a basket island. I used to care. Now...I just want to leave!

Haha, let's see which of those clowns make it back to the circus!

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HYPROCRITES! Dumb is as dumb is....I can't believe that Larry King(soooooo much older than McCain and had how many by-passes?) actually had the here evil man on his show.....I wonder if he asked when Iran was going to bomb Israel.....and here I was, thinking King was of the Jewish religion......... The damned PM hates anything American and no matter how hard I prayed, he didn't walk across a busy street and taste a bit of American justice. I guess I used to have respect for King until he began the race to beat Elizabeth Taylor's weddings. You can tell he's become a hater....he loves that air head Joy behar who hates everything but herself. She hates Palin but loves Michelle O'.....what happen to being down the middle and making each feel as if they were standing on even ground? Let me tell you, I've loved many Jewish women and Behar was standing in the wrong like when it came to the receiving of any kindness.....and she's aging rapidly.....she'll get more laughs for her looks than her suppossed to be funnynremarks. Trust me, she ain't funny! Simple Sarah Palin has so much more class than these jealous women who hate her because she made it all on her own!

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September 07, 2008


She's the best hypctire walking around in this political world. She liese and she tries to get you attention, affection and down the way a bit, she wants you to buy so that she can get richer and more powerful.

I often thought that she was above favorites......not so, the man of he color running for president needs her to invite him to her so so that she can lick his feet and bow down to hom....maybe she'll even give away Michelle dolls(hope without the needles.....
So, Pretty Alaskan star, Sarah Palins won't be inviting her to the shollllll. Sarah Palin, you should be glad, the lady's burned out....has to give away expensive presents in order to keep her he day audience. I'm wndering what she's going to give away when the brown man comes for his exclusive interview.........Hope palin finds some one more real.

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September 05, 2008


Gil Shinohara is out of jail. There are years more of probation but he's out of Jail and doesn't have to go to club fed in the states.

He was a model prisoner and perhaps could almost take a lawyer's test, having spent years at the law library.
As happened to some recent parolees such as Thomas Tanaka and John Martinez, Shinohara has to speak before some 200 people and his speech must begginning with something that sounds like he's a convicted felon.

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Two good women surfaced during the RNC convention. There's more than hope offered should they win.

For the last co uple of months, I've watched Cindy McCain. Always behind her husband, rarely a smile and even fewer words. She was pretty but I never thought I'd warm up to her....once again, I judged the book by its cover.
Ms. McCain is a classy lady, but she's warm and generous and kind. She quietly does the Lords work without fanfare. Were it not for a short vignette of her life, I would have never known that she gives freely of her time (and money) to help poor and disfigured children. She will make a wonderful first lady.
The other lady that surface is just the greatest God-send to the Republican party. She's smart, she's loving, she's courageous and she'll make the best vice president ever.
What I gleaned from the second convention is that Republican types are less on ego and much on heart.
The Demos could have been sitting on the catbird seat if they'd have allowed lady Clinton to run as lose~

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September 02, 2008


There's nothing sacred. They're reporter vultures that we allow to report with so much bias that it's possible their reporting will affect the outcome of this race.

If you want to find vulture reporting at its best, check out any of the CNN channels....They hate America and its government but adore Obama and want him to become best vultures are reporters from MSNBC, CBS and some at ABC. If vulture reporting were a poison, we'd have already attended McCain and Palin's funerals.
CNN(all of them including the old man that's been married as many times as Elizabeth Taylor) are haters. They hate McCain, hate this administration and are hoping against hope that he loses the election. Although they barely know Sarah Palin, McC's vice president, want to kill her reputation once and for all. The vultures glee in their rock throwing at Palin, hoping to 'kill' her once and for all. Wonder how many of these reporters are sin-free and how they'd feel if they were in Palin's shoes.
Could it be that these evil mongers would have been happier if that poor Palin daughter have aborted the fetus instead of wanting to give birth to it? I remember a local beauty pageant winner that was reported to have been pregnant, therefore reguiring her to give up her rhinestone crown.....the reporting was so effective that the woman aborted the fetus before returning home. The reporters know who they are....hell awaits them!
If this 17-yr old had forged a check, robbed an elderly couple or committed some other crime....her name and her face would not have been reported....she is after all, a minor....and if she had chosen to abort the fetus, there would have been no many abortions go baby, no shame. can't turn on the news without seeing this poor child's face, shaming her before the entire world. People in Sri Lanka, Sweden, Costa Rica or anywhere else know exactly what happened to this girl. She will probably never undo the shame brought upon her by these vultures....miserable all, have been feasting at this girl's pain and are getting highly paid for it.
Not satisfied about ruining the girl's reputation, the vultures are actually blaming the mother for the girl's pregnancy. The only way I would be responsible for any such allegation is if I arranged the love fest....Does anyone really think that Palin wanted this for her daughter?
Michelle Obama was right when she said that we're 'meanspirited'...most national reporters are just that....mean spirited....and hateful....and the only way I can get past this is to know that what you reap. May all hateful reporters reap what they've sowed!
In the meantime, chose your candidates because you think that they'll do a good job....and....leaving the judging to God!

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August 19, 2008


How many different airlines have set up office only to close it because the company says it's losing money? Such a good excuse....

Pan Am was said to have had a monopoly on the island...then, Continental Airlines... there was Braniff and TWA and Hawaiian Airline, South Pacific Airlines, Asiana, Korean Airlines, Japan Airlines, ANA, Northwest Airlines,and even Garuda under the guise of Continental Air Mike....the little props and on and on....I have to say that TWA and Braniff weren't afraid to keep the prices low...for awhile. The U.S. owned carried mail or moved military dependents so they could afford to fly here....but....we know that those days changed big time over the years, the worst being those in the '90's when the economy of Japan hit rock bottom...not to mention, the island suffered a few hellish typhoons and a massive earthquake....and did I tell you about the SARS scare? all those beautiful kodak moments you may have had with any of the above airlines, another one bites the dust.....
Sayonara, ANA, it was nice while you were here and even if the folks at GVB say you won't be missed because you carried but a
will be missed.

We seem to be such a 'disposable' community. Maybe if we had more airlines the air fares wouldn't be so unreal. So alright already, the price of fuel is unreal, but it hasn't always been that way....the people of Guam and Micronesia have always been over charaged and we've always been so willing to believe all the reason for the outrageous charges....but...these fares will remain expensive as long as we pay for them.(When was the last time Continental/Micro reduced their fares to anywhere......other than to Manila doesn't count)

If you're interested in saving big dollars and you have a bit of extra one of Continental's cheapest fares to Manila and book your destination flight there. I know we do and the savings are pretty significant!

So, ANA, maybe you'll consider returning to our fair isles when the fuel costs are reduced.

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August 18, 2008


Why me? What did I do to deserve such a letter?

I was literally embarrassed for those two women who are board members of GPSS. It was the first time they sat face to face with poor Mr.(don't remember his first name) Maestri....Poor dude, he was only sent to Guam so that he could oversee how Uncle Sam's money is being spent!!!
First of all.....if one belongs to a board of directors.....ain't no need to take anything personally.....unless of course the letters pick you out and tell how you're mismanaging Uncle Sams moolah.....that I'm cure comes with a long list of 'okay to do', and 'do not do'..........yet when we get this money, we think of it as if it were a Bingo winning and we spent it helter skelter.....instead of being very careful to follow the letter of the law, we use the funds for whimsical reasons...we don't even bother to get the reports of spending to the agency on time......but???We're not too embarrassed to chastise Mr. Maestri. We don't go out of out way and ask how best we could report and USE these precious funds....these days, we only have enough money for travelling......and that doesn't include per diem!
Anyway, Mr. Maestri, there are many of us that don't hate you and we're not offended when you choose to see where the money goes. Perhaps it's time that we that work at GPSS ran the school as if the lives of our children depended on it.
I truly hope that you recognize that we're not all like those two who turned ugly today. A lot of us are glad that someone's overseeing the use of U.S. funds before they stop sharing it with us.
I hope you have a very enjoyable stay on Guam and that you get to meet those that appreciate all that you do for our children.

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August 16, 2008


Private schools already opened....students and books together for the year...they even have desks and such....yet....the public schools are what? That's not new....almost not even's history repeating itself!

There's a brand new high school in the north...Okkodu....and it's reported that the brand-spanking new building leaks....who the heck built the school?
JFK was never maintained so.....their students have to share GW's school....but then, it's only children that are inconvenienced...what's new?
It's pathetic that alumnae of JFK waited to the eleventh hour to protest the double session.....that's not new, either! I personally feel that the structure is torn down and the school built somewhere else....leasing the beautiful view to someone who can keep it up.....GovGuam can certainly use the funds....but there's this hunger to keep the building at that place...
So....guess what? There aren't enough teachers so your children will be in study halls with school aids since the government doesn't have enough moolah to cover substitute teachers.....alas, it's only your children!
So.....maybe all the children who attend public schools will finally be in some sort of class by mid-September....not sure if they'll have books....or teachers, but again, that ain't news...just history repeating itself.
I must however, not make blame to the new Superintendent....she inherited the mess and is trying her best to fix what's doubt, she'll have white hair before the semester is over!

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July 21, 2008


The good news? There were 20,000 people who watched the parade...but, no governor or first lady at the reviewing stand...

There was no governor at the reviewing stand....his under study, Mike Cruz played governor....the parade had some pretty sophisticated floats and lots of marching took about 4 hours and the chatter from the government-run KGTF chattered through out the parade...the main lady from KGTF said when they were talking about Sylvan being a sponsor that they educated one children at a time....seems she could have attended a few English classes at Sylvan...she and her employees talked through the whole four house, talking through periods of the parade that you wanted to hear without the chattering....but....the chattering was nothing compared to what happened before the parade....
The Air Force usually sends a plane or two to fly over the Parade as it begins....the TDY raptor planes did their thing but the heavy weight bomber that was supposed to fly over crashed north of the island. There were six people on board. It's reported nd that two people were picked up and taken to the Navy Hospital...not reported, however, were the severity of the injuries.
Not sure if the Air Force should start teaching thier pilots about flying out less than a year, four crashes have happened....
I do hope that all six of the crew survives the crash.
My thoughts and prayers are with the crew and their family.

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If you're related, read on....
copy and pasted, of course!

July 17, 2008
Hello & Hafa Adai Family Members,

We are counting days before celebrating our Second MAKAKA - BALI' TRES Family Reunion. We are excited and we promise this to be a most memorable gathering just like our first.
We, in California, have planned an extravagant surprise for those who plan to be in attendance. So, bring your camcorders, cameras, and your favorite dancing shoes!
On a more serious note, the purpose for this reunion is to afford to re-acquaint us with each other, and to introduce our children so that they, in turn, will meet and get to know their "Roots".

1st Day - Labor Day Weekend
Sunday, August 31, 2008 (12:00 pm to 7:00 pm)
Dinner & Dancing
“Island wear”
Sons & Daughters of Guam Club
Galaide Pavilion

2nd Day
Monday, September 01, 2008 (10:00 am to 5:00 pm)
Bar B-Q at Rohr Park Section R1

On a more serious note, the purpose for this reunion is to afford to re-acquaint us with each other, and to introduce our children so that they, in turn, will meet and get to know their "Roots".

The Makaka - Bali'-Tres in California


Projected Expenses
Galaide Pavilion Rental, Park Permit
Food (to be catered), Live Band & DJ
Make Checks payable to: Jo Ann Aguon Borja (Makaka - Bali'-Tres Reunion)
Mail Checks to: 650 Balsam Drive, El Cajon, Ca. 92019
Please send by no later than August 15, 2008

Number of Attendees: _____________________________
Submitted By: ____________________________________

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July 08, 2008


WHy do the clowns bother themselves with really unimportant bills such as tinted windows?

I really like Sen. Ishizaki. He was one of the best police chiefs and up until the dumb bill on vehicles, I thought I'd vote for him again.....but rather than push important bills on the real things that need fixing such as MIP,eitc refunds, refungs period!!! There are problems at ALL schools, GFD has non-working ambulances, there aren't enough license plates to register cars at R/Tax, etc, etc, etc.....what's important? Well....let's battle the tinted windows....Let's give everybody a raise who is a board member of GPSS.
Hell, let's give everyone a raise so he can afford his gas charges, the increased cost of power, water and the over night expensive food.
Has anyone gone to these markets to find out how many of them increased their fees everytime the gas goes up?
Everynight I pray that a few of the clowns at Julale wake up before they walk into those hallowed halls. They aren't funny you want anymore....oh, and if you want to get re-elected Mr. Shimizu, move your sign away from the road. My sister nearly bought the farm trying to make a left turn just outside Rev and Tax.
Lord, please give us a list of those who will do their best to correct all that's wrong with this island then having changed things Pto the better, leave office. There should be a law that disallows a senator from holding a seat for more than 4 years.
I like Travis Coffman's idea of districting and part-time legislators.
I'm so glad for being able to leave whenever I find myself knee deep in doodoo!

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KUAM's story on tonight's news confirms just how stupid some govGuam ideas are.

How dare GPA complain about not having enough people to do their work then offer to call people before their bills are due to avoid being disconnected. Even banks don't call to remind you that your car payment or mortgage payment is due. In a perfect world....or a pie in the sky dream....give me a puff on that guys, that must be some strong stuff!!

Here's a copy and pasted story that appears on KUAM's website:
It's not exactly the phone call you'd like to receive. A call from the Guam Power Authority informing you that your power is going to be disconnected. Believe it or not, there are ratepayers who actually signed up for this type of service. The problem now, according to GPA Communications Director Art Perez, is that these customers haven't been updating their phone numbers, meaning other individuals may be getting notices of disconnection that aren't supposed to.

Perez said, "What's happening is customers aren't updating their contact numbers either or it goes to alternate numbers and in some cases that person that's the alternate point of contact who will receive 2 or 3 notices of disconnection even after they paid their bill."

Because of an increasing amount of wrong numbers in GPA's Automated Trouble Call System, the agency is asking for ratepayers who have signed up for the service to come in, bring an id, and your account number to update the phone number if it has changed.

The article isn't my problem. What that GPA would actually entertain calling people to remind them that they're going to be many people actually pay their bills online then have to be charged extra so that GPA can get thier money on time.

Most people who can have a meter can darn well pay their bill before it's delinquent. Deadbeats shouldn't get more service than those who pay the bills when they get it. Once inawhile, we get stupid and forget to pay....but we're so embarassed that we dare not say that we could have had a call warning us to pay the bill.

I want Lord Sanchez and his minions to treat all rate payers equally....we should all have to pay our bills on time. We don't
and we're without the most expensive power in the world! Don't charge fees for those who want to pay promptly and play kiss butt for those rate payer divas that want to be your dreamsk dude!

Oh yeah, don't come on Gibson's talk show and whine about not having enough money at GPA and waterworks and a half hour later, we listening to radio ads. What the hell is that about? You're (gpa and waterworks) are the only we can get water and power....who do you think you're advertising to....Unless the Feds(and they're not that crazy but I could be wrong) have asked you to advertise on their have no business advertizing....unless of course you want to get ahead a bit from the rumored coal generating for the shopping mall in Agana.

We've got some really strange people pretending to be financial's no wonder we're so screwed up!

So, rather than have your power or water turned off.....I say, first thing tomorrow, pick up the phone and call GPA and waterworks and ask them to remind you a few days before your bill is due.....if they're not cooperative, quote KUAM's story to them.

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July 07, 2008



From an Okinawa newspaper.

Retired Marine General Stackhouse doesn't believe in the move of the Marines
from Okinawa to Guam.

I'm not so sure I disagree with him, but not for the same reasons. I'm not
so sure Guam can accommodate such an immense change in population or the
activity preceding the planned move. It will most assuredly create chaos on
this small island. Much will have to be done to improve the infrastructure.

Then there is the matter of the billions of dollars and the inept management
of Guam's leaders in preparing for the move and more than that their bulging
eyeballs at the amount of money involved and just how much of it they can

Going to be interesting to see what develops over the next few years. Going
to be a lot of gut wrenching and unsociable exchanges of pleasantries
between 'them' and 'us'. A gnashing of teeth and biting of the lips?

There is already those who are unhappy with DOD having it's own school
system because Guam couldn't, and still can't, operate a quality one of it's
own. The current young lady AG is closing down schools every week and
rightfully so because of mismanagement and neglect.

What if the military decided to build it's own power and water systems
because Guam's isn't up to speed? True, they'll need help with what they
have now, but need to put some of their own resources into it. But, what
resources? Most of what monies are taken into the coffers goes to
government employee salaries, great government of Guam retiree benefits,
free' COLA (even for those born and raised here and many of whom are
millionaires), leaving little else for services paid for by the taxpaying

Do I rant? Yes, I guess I do. I'm one of the taxpayers I refer to.

n.b. I do believethat we're not mature enough to handle this great gift of Marines and that we'll somehow screw it two pennies, of course!

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Little by little, our big roads are beginning to be infused with two wheeled scooters, that almost rimind you of those that zip everywhere in the small streets of Europe....but they're the ones who will/or won't, survive the gas

Today, I thought about the poor, the not so poor that's trying to make a life for themselves(family). I thought, wow, these people can't afford to buy a house, have to get meals and subsidized housing until their offspring are old enough to eat at the public trough(rhymes with cough). Power costs are unbelievable. $900.00 for a family of three adults and ne child. The take cold showers, have a gas stove and gas drier and they're hardly ever at home.
The ripple effect of the cost of the barrel of oil is akin to feeding a bit of rat poison at a time....slowly but surely, we are all drowning, few having the extra dollars necessary to live with the skyrocketting prices at the pump, the grocery store, utilities.
Sadly, we don't have anyone, elected or appointed, to do a think tank of what we can and cannot do.

The next time I'm in the states, I'm going to check out Vespa like scooter. I can use it around the village to run small errands.

I sure hope we're praying for better times ahead....and more cops...cuz we're going to be having more and more burglary/robbery.

We're at the bottom of the pickle barrel and don't know how to get out of it! Biba Nevada!

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Long headline....says it all. We all want to be king....certainly we want to put the AG to a power test and the games begin....the political olympics...always alive and well!

Whenever we return from our now frequent trips, I have to play catch up with the news. We don't always get 'everything' that's happening insubscribers the PDN/Mvariety online....guess they save much for subscribers that pay money for the news.....anyway...seems that the direction from the AG's office that Guam is free from gambling devices(I've been talking about these BINGO gambling machines for months!!!
Okay, so the AG says to the Dir. of Rev and Tax...let's not renew their business licenses. The machines are illegal. So the good director agrees and cuts them off.......for a whole month, nothing was done except for the talk on talk radio...on the last day, the owners of the devices came from out of the woodwork and.....talked to the acting governor/doctor decided....hmmmmm, this has to be tried in court....picks up the phone and tells Mr. Director to renew the licenses...the same ones that don't collect taxes from wins and every other loop hole not closed.
The doctor acting governor stood his ground. All sorts of 'stories' were said to have been in someone's pockets and the like.....The callers on the talk shows kept reminding listeners that the gambling inneciative failed....people(cept a few) dLn't want gambling on their island.....seems the actor governor forgot that and found his own loop hole to keep the machines.
As if the taxpayers don't already have millions of wasted dollars....the issue will now make a few lawyers will be making mega bucks representing the owners of the machine and the AG's office will lose manpower so that they can fight this dumb, dumb decision.
And guess what, the neo-bishop who was frothing at the mouth when the Greyhound folks were trying to get the gambling initiave passed is no where to be found. Not a peep from those 'in frock'....guess gambling on those liberty machines aren't illegal.
Sadly, there just aren't enough people with backbones to stand up for or against gambling. I'm of the opinion that since it's going to be here anyway(gambling), we may as well create laws to tax it, tax the winners. We're a bunch of losers, we may as well admit it.
Biba gambling, Biba.....I've lost respect for one more elected person...hope he doesn't make it the next time he runs.

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June 10, 2008


If you want your child to have a good education.....send him/er to a private school!!!

The power lords have been promising to build new schools in the north and south and wherever kids need a school.....nope!!! Not a one surprise, we never keep our promises. Today's news is about the cracked walls that'll suishrely kill a JFK student if she/he's under that buckled ceiling during an earthquake.
The attorney general has made trips to the schools to close up those that are unsanitary and unsafe. We now have several schools that can be fixed only with the help of a bulldozer. Your government working to bring the best to your children!!

In the meantime....the Bshop and friends at the Cathedral is passing out packets for boys and girls to attend the newsest, the best high school since printed money! There will be tests for entry....and you'll need a lot of money(no, probably not as much as you dole out at St. John's, but expensive.....but little Dick and Jane will have a small class ratio and school will be run as if the education means success to the students.

Last year, Atty. Mike Philipps picked up the rope and ran with it in Agat. The Mt. Carmel School ran out of money, students and teachers.
Mike Philipps said 'no' and turned the school around. It is now one of the best schools to attend.

So....if the private schools can run with less money than GPSS is eating up like a hungry monster.....why aren't we giving away vouchers so more children can attend these schools?

Welcome to the school community, St. Thomas Aquinas, you're sorely needed.....and appreciated!

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Everyday, one is faced with the rising cost of living on Guam. Everything is costing more....yet, the elected, sit and play with their fiddles as Guam runs out of control.

So, the gas now costs $4.67? Who cares. You need gas, pay for it!
Your power bill is going to be hiked by 15%? Pay it or live in a cardboard box. Your streetlights have been taken down and it's dark where you live and you fear those young thugs roaming around during the dark of night? Buy a damn gun!
Payless Mkts. recently gave away green bags to save the earth!! But nothing's being said about the rising cost they have to pay for power, water, gas and the rising cost of bringing in the food....with or without salmonella or it's first cousin e-coli!
We're all victims and no one is out there trying to figure out how we can survive this modern day crucifixion.
I wish I could give you ten answers on how you can live through this perfect storm but I can't, you see, I'm a victim too! I suppose we'll know we're in the thick of it when we start seeing the creation of clothes lines.
As for mass's a pipe dream. We're just going to talk about it until the gas reaches $5.50 a gallon....then we'll decide to talk seriously about putting a working transit system wonder the governor and his underlords are gone....who the hell wants to stay here but those that can no longer afford an airline ticket?
We'll never get those brains that fled the last time Guam was in trouble to come back.....anywhere seems to be a better place than Guam......unless of course you live in tornado alley!

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June 05, 2008


What the hell were you thinking when you paid those DRC people $M more than we owed? Haven't you heard? There's a drought and the money trees all died!

I suppose that when you're miraculously healed from having HIV that it might short change your thinking process. The PDN tried to explain away at the overblown over payment but tell ya, I didn't understand a bit of it. You get a bill for $7 dollars, and you pay the $7. and not a penny more. I can't figure out you were thinking and hope that the AG has the time to figure out why your agency could over pay a bill.
Honestly, more and more, we confirm that we are a Keystone government..noonw knows what to do and no one seems to be bothered by our overspending.
We certainly must keep you in our prayers....there's bound to be more delinquent invoices that you decide to be over generous.
Too soon old, too late smart!

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June 03, 2008


So, mommie and daddy are at work(well, you see, they have to....ya know, the price of gas, groceries, power and water bills) and Junior and sibling are out of school. Who's watching the kids? Will the older ones get summer jobs?

AHRD.....that used to be the agency that found summer jobs for kids to hang out at during the summer. They were paid minimum wages for the most part and spent time at Ypao and other neat places while they earned these bucks....but haven't heard that they're(ahrd) gonna do anything this summer....could it be that the Feds didn't deposit anything into their bank account?
Other about jobs for the 16-yr olds and above that are still in school and want to earn a few bucks during the summer....what's there for them? Most of the adults from neighboring islands have filled most entry level positions permanently and unless they quit....there but a few positions that our kids(local and otherwise) that can work the little time before they have to return to schools(that may or may not be ready in time for classes).
So I'm thinking that these kids that are mobile will be hanging around the malls day in and day out....the best day care of course are the, they can drop the kids off at GPO and leave them there for hours...
Not a happy way to spend the summer, I'm thinking...but, what to do?

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No more big wins without paying the tax man!

I have questioned for months why rev and tax allowed the electronic poker and bingo machines in various places on island to continue to pay out thousands of dollars...I mean thou$and$ of bucks!
Several people who've played the machines at the Royal Orchid have won between seven to seventeen thousand using those darling bingo machines. Guess what....only the friends got bits and peices of the win....and not a penny to rev/tax. It's gone on so long that there are actual buildings on Route 8 that stay open 24 hours so that gambling addicts can get their fill of winning and losing.
Finally, rev/tax has noted what it has lost in revenue and are putting a stop to the gambling machines.
Okay.....since the economy is soooooo bad and soooo many addicts are out there at these machines, why not just hike the cost of the licenses by the thousands of dollars and......TAX all wins by the submission of SS numbers.....or.....have the 'house' keep ten percent of the win and submit it(with proper paper work) to rev/tax. I probably didn't win any points with the bishop but hey, if the government needs money for schools, hospitals and safety people, we may as well tax the sinners....and that goes to cigarrettes and it beer or whiskey or wine coolers....but that's just me, trying to find a way to make a few extra bucks.....
Now.....I'm wondering what rev/tax is going to do about all the massage parlors......a lot's going on in thar there rooms that could be taxed....hmmmm, grt on sex? How much could we make on those happy endings at those parlors? So much for taxes and simple pleasures!

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No more big wins without paying the tax man!

I have questioned for months why rev and tax allowed the electronic poker and bingo machines in various places on island to continue to pay out thousands of dollars...I mean thou$and$ of bucks!
Several people who've played the machines at the Royal Orchid have won between seven to seventeen thousand using those darling bingo machines. Guess what....only the friends got bits and peices of the win....and not a penny to rev/tax. It's gone on so long that there are actual buildings on Route 8 that stay open 24 hours so that gambling addicts can get their fill of winning and losing.
Finally, rev/tax has noted what it has lost in revenue and are putting a stop to the gambling machines.
Okay.....since the economy is soooooo bad and soooo many addicts are out there at these machines, why not just hike the cost of the licenses by the thousands of dollars and......TAX all wins by the submission of SS numbers.....or.....have the 'house' keep ten percent of the win and submit it(with proper paper work) to rev/tax. I probably didn't win any points with the bishop but hey, if the government needs money for schools, hospitals and safety people, we may as well tax the sinners....and that goes to cigarrettes and it beer or whiskey or wine coolers....but that's just me, trying to find a way to make a few extra bucks.....
Now.....I'm wondering what rev/tax is going to do about all the massage parlors......a lot's going on in thar there rooms that could be taxed....hmmmm, grt on sex? How much could we make on those happy endings at those parlors? So much for taxes and simple pleasures!

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When things get bad in paradise, the middle class find a reason to go somewhere many are leaving because they can no longer afford to live here?

When you can no longer afford to drive your car, buy staples or even afford the cost to educate your children in private think of how much more affordable it is on the otherside of the fence...I know dozens of people who've gathered their most precious belongings and have moved to where it's more affordable....places that don't have the talking head of CCU spinning the need to increase our power rates. Gads, so many of those people can look you in the eye and lie like hell....especially the talking head of the public school system....he talks as if everything in the schools are tip top then the Attorney General arrives and discovers that it's all a myth...
I've lost respect for those talking heads, aka, PIO persons....oh the lies they've told about Southern High School.....and all the others that aren't fit for rats and cockroaches!
So, your power goes up, the water rates go up, groceries go up, you can't afford to fill your gas tank....and the people you elected to represent you aren't doing a thing about anything....will you relect the entire bunch? You the last time and look at where it has gotten us....further into hell on earth. Or, will you just take the easy way out and move to the states?
I say....if you don't say anything about what's bothering us....then we're part of the problem and not the solution.

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When things get bad in paradise, the middle class find a reason to go somewhere many are leaving because they can no longer afford to live here?

When you can no longer afford to drive your car, buy staples or even afford the cost to educate your children in private think of how much more affordable it is on the otherside of the fence...I know dozens of people who've gathered their most precious belongings and have moved to where it's more affordable....places that don't have the talking head of CCU spinning the need to increase our power rates. Gads, so many of those people can look you in the eye and lie like hell....especially the talking head of the public school system....he talks as if everything in the schools are tip top then the Attorney General arrives and discovers that it's all a myth...
I've lost respect for those talking heads, aka, PIO persons....oh the lies they've told about Southern High School.....and all the others that aren't fit for rats and cockroaches!
So, your power goes up, the water rates go up, groceries go up, you can't afford to fill your gas tank....and the people you elected to represent you aren't doing a thing about anything....will you relect the entire bunch? You the last time and look at where it has gotten us....further into hell on earth. Or, will you just take the easy way out and move to the states?
I say....if you don't say anything about what's bothering us....then we're part of the problem and not the solution.

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If you need a job and want to get fit.....get a job at GIAA...they want new bennies for you...OHHHHHHH, we have so much money to spend!

Okay...I'm not a dummy....I'm aware that GIAA is an autonomous agency...they can do as they darn well please....but hell, what nerve they have to offer gym memberships to its employees. If the employee is too fat and lethargic, fire him/er!!!
Nero's playing the fiddle, gang, get your face out of the sand. We need money for the schools, we need money for the hospital, GPD and GFD.
I have to ask.....are those people up there awake? They seem not to be and are in the midst of stupid dreaming. I have to say, when the boat's sinking, the rats jump ship, not that he's a rat but what do you suppose the reason was that caused Mr. Frank Blas to jump ship? He was the chairman of the board, wasn't he?
Too bad we have so little values, so little knowledge of what's important....believe me, that agency can survive without gym memberships!

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How sad its become to live in on!

As a member of this community(mostly part-time these days), I've experienced the cost of breathing a real challenge. The gas has gone up and we seem totally unable to change that so we lie, cheat, steal and drill our ways into gas hoses to get our fill of gas without paying for it.
The government hasn't paid for street lights, or even have taken the non-needed ones down so they don't continue to cost the taxpayers money....there's a cliff-hanger on the further power disconnection because the gov's credit is good and we've borrowed money to pay GPA so that they don't pro-rate the bucks into our bills. We're stuck with the LEAC and will continue to see the rise of this charge, GPA is threatening(actually in their verbage, this means 'promise', to disconnect those poor people that are 30 days past due. You see, those people have to come up with the payment or they eat in the dark. Doesn't mean a fat rodent's behind that the government owes millions. But....who the hell cares...we can't do jack about the rising cost of power.
The hospital? It's still full, a room means a bed in the hallways....not funny when you have a dying relative. Peter Sgro, when are you going to save this island with an alternative way to live?
We all received green bags from Payless markets but can hardly afford to fill them up with groceries. But I can't blame them...they too have to pay for the rising cost of living we can't boycott them because we have to eat. Spam is now over $2.50 a can.....
And I bet after saying all of this and maybe you're going to agree with my opinion, are not going to do anything but change your daily, comfortable habits and turn into grovelling (sp) citizens...maybe you'll even consider stealing copper and sell it to the creatures that buy the stuff to make ends meet!!!

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Reader defends DPW's Larry Perez at DPW. I say that it's an agency that continues to 'non-finish' it's projects, or, when projects are completed, have to be re-done because it wasn't done right in the first place. can read what I've pasted below and make up your mind.

Just wanted to comment on the issues you blogged in regards to DPW in its state of disfunction.

It seems that a certain amount of name calling has been expressed without fully comprehending the exacting issues these employees faced.

the label "jerks" being affixed on these employees.

I find it amazing that should issues and concerns should arise it would be an employee or group of employees would be blamed and the appointed authority would be deemed blameless.

Fact of the matter is that Larry PErez made an unsubstantiated claim against employees which these employees felt needed clarification from the Governor.

These so called "jerks" were said to be "unsupervised" and therefore "disorganized" it was naturally required to reorganize them, all because Larry PErez said so.

So in retrospect, considering the comments expressed here, do you still feel satisfied with the performance of someone who you deemed was just doing his job?

1.Failure in the compliance of the consent decree and Solid waste management going into receivership.

2. The inability to implement FHWA projects.

3. Streetlights have been turned off.

4. Trash collection problems continue to persist post reorg.

5. Roads are still potholed.

6. DPW continues to lose its lionshare of federal monies due to noncompliance.

These jerks must really be outsmarting Director Larry Perez, while he continues to do his job. RIght?

Do you really believe he is doing his job?

1. He champions the museum claiming to justify the use of FHWA monies for the construction of a new museum.
2. He is an active committee member of the military build- up and continues to travel as required.
3 He is now touting his expertise in transportation and is willing contribute in collaboration with Department of Administration in fixing problems.

Do you still think Larry Perez is doing his job?

ALl the problems at DPW which is affecting this community are the fault of those "jerks". After all, as was stated, Larry Perez is doing his job.


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March 19, 2008


I used to dream paradise, now it'a a nightmare and more and more will make their exodus to Vegas.

It used to be a paradise, lovely beaches, warm,friendly and hospitable locals. It's supposed to be 'duty free' but that's a whole 'nuther story.The girls get pregnant...the baby and its father have a choice of moving in with either parent's house because neither children(teens) have a job that can pay the rent, in fact, unless you have a really good job(govGuam, of course!) you can only afford a cardboard box or live in a cave, eat your meals at the soup kitchens and so on.
The public schools? They don't even come close to being a real school. Imagine if you will that your child attends one and has to ask the teacher for toilet paper if he's going potty...if he goes more than once, he's s... out of luck! And of course, the air conditioning never works so teachers bring their fans from home....what kind of leaders do we think we're teaching? Unless there's a wholesale miracles....these kids are going to end up just like their moms and dads did.....ghura with a credit card from the feds.
Everything with the exception of breathing has a price value added, or course!
Watch the legislature and imagine that those children in our schools are one day going to take over that mess....and the ones there, with the exception of the great pretender, all went to college, or at least a private school which gave them a chance. If you decide to live here, I say buy the biggest dog and bring it with you beause if you leave your home, some thug will rip out all your copper and aluminum shutters. If someone in your family passes away, don't bother enhancing the crypt of grave with a pretty bronze candle holder, the thugs steal that too and the damn foreigners can't wait to get it on a ship sailing to China....that's how bucks are stealing what the foreigners (Asian, of course) love to send home. When the thugs stole the plaques that held the names of WWII survivors.....the governor got mad....closed down the foreign' "I'll buy it if you'll steal it' companies got really ticked off....and for awhile, we didn't have to worry about losing our copper tubing....well, the governor either forgot the rule or he decided that it was 'all clear' and the foreigners started buying, most of the vacant buildings have to be re-wired.
I'm really dismayed. I had such high hopes for this island. I wanted my children to bring their children home so that we could live as I lived with a complete family, mom, dads, aunts, cousins and grandparents that the kids would learn from.
So, if the story about the Marines coming to Guam is for certain, then my hubby and I will do as we promised we'd never do, and sell our home and make a life in the states where the power bill for a 5 bedroom home runs under $200. a month and lettuce sells for eighty five cents a head and strawberries are only $5.00 a package if it's a huge 4 or 5 pound container.
We have really silly people that worry about the language dying...We'd best learn to speak Chuuckese, Chamorro isn't going to come in handy in Vegas, Hayward or Tacoma.
And.....we did it all to ourselves....and if you don't believe me, just count how many people come to the public hearings that affect their lives....
Guam is paradise lost!

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March 18, 2008


I bet those dudes and dudettes at the legislature don't think being the town's big leaders now that the Feds have discovered that it's pretty easy to step in and take over.....

I say, they'd better hire a few activists to fly their flags and complain about Uncle Sam....cuz they mean bizness and I mean, bizness!
They ain't gonna sit on the sidelines and watch as we bury ourselves in doodoo. They're going to watch how we do bizness very closely and if we ain't doin it right, they's gonna step in and do it for us!
So if those newly in power at the Legislature thought it was worth the fight for that gavel....they'd best think again. They should've left the mess to the gavel least they could have had a laugh or two.
Bet those people who were here attending the great forum are laughing out loud...wondering how the fight for power was more important than the budget, the schools that had to be closed down because it didn't have enough working restrooms. With all the stupidity going on, it'll be a real shock if they decide to do business on Guam....wondering if the Marines moving here is really going to make it worth their time!
Let's see how many Keystone legislators we're going to re-elect! Bet Uncle Sam wonders as well!

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It had to be you......remember the song? How about, you're still the one? I'll remember you....Aloha about Enya's Only Time?
They've come to roost and they ain't chickens!

If you were confused about the entry of this relates to song titles....relating mostly to what's happened to the Taotao Tano and their loss of the garbage game....and a reminder that we're really not a bunch of delinquents living out here without a big brother watching....and if we don't pay attention to their instructions, they'll be back to do it their way.....and we'll have to pay for them to do it.
Kinda makes you thing about the time your mom said that if you've got to do it, you'd better do it right the first time....seems govGuam didn't have such a mother, at least where the garbage system is concerned.
For years, Uncle Fed has told us to close Mt. Ordot...we're not doing this, that right. Then, they told us to close it.....but no one listened, they kept making up excuses. When the Feds fined govGuam, the DPW director said, "It's only $2,000 a month, no big deal."
So now, it's a big deal, Uncle Fed has put its big feet into the mess and they're going to make sure that there's a new land fill and the government's going to pay big time because they didn't pay attention to the instructions.
All over the radio and t.v., those that are in power say that 'it's a good thing' that Big Brother is taking over~ as in receivership~ the land fill and garbage pick up....and it doesn't mean that Big Fed is going to pay to pick up your means that the government is going to be paying and since they don't have the moolah, they're going to be charging you to pay their share!
How come we can't do it right the first time but have the time to do it right the next?
I suppose it's a good thing that Uncle Fed is going to take over because it'll be done right....but at the same time, I'm ashamed that they had to come in and rescue us because we were too dumb to do it right ourselves!
Maybe we'll do some easter egg hunting at Mt. Ordot while it's still open......smells the same!

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March 13, 2008


We're rolling in hundred dollar bills. It's falling out of the sky and growing on trees only those that don't work for GovGuam know how which trees to pick from.

According to today's PDN(on the front page) it records that 436 days have passed and the precious kids attending Southern High School are without working air conditioners. Hell, who cares, they're just a bunch of kids, what do they know about comfort? And it ain't only Southern High that doesn't have working units. Teachers there as in other schools, have to keep the toilet paper so that they can hand it to the student that needs to do some natural stuff in the restrooms...Gawd, there are tons of problems that exist that are too numerous to report. Ask any public school students and they'll tell you what's missing and wrong with his school.....
YET....some very lucky people, namely Joe San Agustin and Rosana San Miguel,and I think Luis Reyes are going(on your dime) to take a trip to the tune of $10K to check out a small school in Clovis, Ca.
The PDN reports that GPSS thinks they're going to learn something on how schools operate in similar sized communities.
On junkets, I think that only those who work for GPSS should go because sending transient board members don't do jack for the system. They're just going for the thrill of the ride! Do you think they'll all come back and put into place the good things they learned while junketing?
With the economy on empty, you'd think the more frequent traveller would order that only urgent trips be made, especially if the government is going to pay for it.
I spoke of it in one of the articles I posted yesterday.....Remember Harold Allen of UOG? How many trips did he make to China to lure students to Guam....hahahahahaha, he probably saw the Great Wall and dined on Peking Duck and didn't bring one Chinese student to the college.
I guarantee that nothing will come out of this trip...we really should not be so eager to give our board members such expensive treats.....and $10K What are they doing, flying on the air ambulance? Surely there's a cheaper fare than $10K!
Again, shame on us for allowing these no shame people to go on short vacations! If anyone hasn't noticed, govGuam doesn't have any money it the bank and that the machine that prints the money needs some parts that they can't afford to pay.....
We're in dire straits here boys and girls....if you want to go on an airplane for it yourself!'s an excerpt from the famous song, Shame shame on you!

Don't take me on no, no
Don't take me on no, no
Ddon't take me ooon
Shattered the lie but you think I don't already know,
Don't try to deny cos my fuse is ready to blow
Its your turn to learn I think that you know where to go
It's a shame, shame, shame for you

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, will Tony be saved from the fall?

Today's PDN had a front page story about the second supersedingindictment against former Sup. Ct.'s Ton Sanchez and friend/lobbyist Amramoff for sending(and receiving via lawyer's office) to the tune of $324,000 beginning on 25 Jan,2001 and Feb.28 of 2003 from appropriated funds of the court. The details are all on front page and page 4 of today's PDN....good reading but not good enough for me to go into it.
So.....if the allegations turn out to be true, will Uncle Tony serve just enough time to get the 'get out of jail free' from his former classmate who lives on the hill?
I'm sure that the classmate will say that nothing will be served if we put this brilliant man behind bars.(I'm sure that he's not talented enough to make furniture from that fenced in place with pot smoking guards.....
He's been under the radar range recently, the issue only surfacing because of the 2nd indictment.
Of course if Joe S. Cruz had committed the same alleged crime, you can be sure he'd be thrown into the clink and the keys would be thrown away...some luckier than others!
The full story is on today's PDN!

Happy trails to you, until we meet again
Some trails are happy ones,
Others are blue.
It's the way you ride the trail that counts,
Here's a happy one for you.

So much for stories that only a few in the media will publish.
Happy trails to you, until we meet again

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If prostitution was legal and they had to pay GRT.....govGuam would be rich beyond description!

All this news about that poor man that temporarily forgot that he had a beautiful and smart wife and three daughters waiting at home for him.
Damn, if we didn't we might lose out on hefty charges as paid for by the governor of New York!

Mindy Fothergil of Kuam reports that:
"A superseding indictment was handed down Wednesday afternoon against Mi Kyung Bosley (aka, "Mi Kyung Park") and In Hyun Kim (aka, "Dominic") for three counts of alien smuggling and conspiracy. The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service currently offers a Guam Tourist Visa Waiver program that allows foreign nationals, including Korean citizens to come to Guam only as tourists for a period of no more than 15 days. The program does not allow Korean citizens to come to Guam for employment or to stay beyond the 15 days.

Bosley and Kim are accused of conspiring with others to bring Korean women into Guam under the Tourist Visa Waiver program and employing them at nightclubs and bars, even after their stay on the island had expired. According to the indictment, Bosley paid Kim between $300-$400 per employee, for filling out certain departure records so it appeared to INS officials that the women had left Guam. The scheme allegedly occurred between January 2005 until January 30 of last year. At least five Korean women were employed by the owners of Club Miso and Apple Lounge, allegedly participating in the conspiracy by paying cash to Bosley to have the documents turned into federal officials."

So, recent interviews published in the print media report that these women are bring brought in to you know.....bring pleasure to the Viagra addicts. Does the Mann Act apply here?
Can you imagine that if these prostitution havens were legalized, the government would be rich beyond means...especially if men such as the New York decided it was time to 'bond' with an escort woman...imagine the grt on $4100. Then there's the trade from Japan and China, bet even men from the neighboring islands would come....darn, govGuam would make more money that it currently makes from the grt of Home Depot...

Okay, it's a sad thing that the gov's(NY) wife and three daughters are suffering like they've never suffered before and so I don't make light of the pain the gov has cause, but nonetheless, the government would make umpteen dollars from the fake massage, I'm not serious, but let's not look at NY and think that we don't have the same things happening here!

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Skate board anyone? How about a $6000. funeral?

I was in Dededo and ran into the new skate park. Neat, I thought, a place for those with nothing to do to go to!!!
I'm not for scary type fun. I never learned how to skate, probably because I kept losing that damn key that came with the heavy roller skates, and oh, that not so pretty head on with an on-coming car. I actually dented his car as I met, up close and personal with the asphalt street. I managed to get thirteen stitches and now sport a few scars. In those days, there was no such thing as a helmet...probably because there were no sidewalks where I could fall and crack my head open. All they did have was lots and lots of merthiolate(sp) and gauze. The man whose car I dented brought me home, a bloody mess. The lost keys were no longer a problem because my parents threw away the beloved skates. And I had to work extra chores so that I could earn enough to pay for the man's damages.

Supposedly GHURA gave the money for the skate land to be built. I wonder if they know that since they did, that they would probably be sued big time if a kid fell and cracked his see, there's no one that gives a damn about them.....they don't matter. Kids are replace-able and don't matter in the greater scheme of things...These poor dears don't have to wear safety devices that would save them from a nasty fall.

Again, unless there's a bad injury and or a death.....there's no need for a darn requirement for these kids to have protective attire when they come to use the GHURA provided skate land.

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Instead of watching the various 'reality' shows on t.v., I've decided to spend time watching the 'reality' debacle at the downtown circus.
Wow, the new speaker can shriek like a fisherman's wife and cousin Ben who looks like a heavy-set Juan Malimanga and getting husky, Rory Respecio are working for the coconut award.

When I was a little girl, 325b.c., I use to sing this song...I think after what's happened over the past few weeks, I think you'll agree that this song can be the song that describes this current 'Rogue' legislature and it goes like this:

I don't want to play in your yard,
I don't like you anymore,
You'll be sorry when you see me,
Sliding down our cellar door,
You can't holler down our rainbarrel,
You can't climb our apple tree,
I don't want to play in your yard,
If you won't be good to me.

See, see my playmate,
Come out and play with me
And bring your dollies three
Climb up my apple tree
Holler down my rain barrel
Slide down my cellar door
And we'll be jolly friends
Forever evermore.

My dollies have the flu
Boo hoo boo hoo
Can't holler down rain barrels
Or slide down a cellar door
But we'll be jolly friends
Forever evermore.

Say, say, my playmate
Don't come and play with me
Don't bring your dollies three
Cut down my apple tree
Fall off my rainbow,
Into my cellar door
And we'll be enemies
Forever evermore.
Say, say my enemy.
Come out and fight with me.
And bring your bulldogs three.
Climb up my sticker tree.
Slide down my lightning.
Into my dungeon door
And we'll be jolly enemies
Forever evermore.

Say say old enemy
Come out and fight with me
And bring your bb gun
And we'll have lots of fun
I'll scratch your eyes out
And make you bleed to death
And we'll be jolly enemies
Forever evermore.

Sadly, there's no song that I know of, for the people whose lives are affected by the circus arena, who wake up each day, wondering if they should buy their meds and waste gas as they drive to pick it up because both cost far more than what they have in their wallets. The clowns aren't concerned with our lives, just as long as they have POWER, absolute power. Ray Tenorio and Judy Wonpat had more concern over that gavel than they do about the ever increasing costs of living here. Which of these clowns are worried that the hospital doesn't have simple CBC kits...a mundane little unit that when properly used, tells the doctor exactly what your blood tells them about your condition.
Gawd, I can talk and talk and talk, but it's all history and you're all a part of it because it isn't fixed and you're not upset about it.
There's another election coming up this November, I pray you'll all think about our lives and if we're no better off than we were when the clowns were sworn in....then I beg you to pick some new faces...At least if they have no experience in manipulating the government, they'll do the best they can to make Guam a paradise(affordable) once more.
There's no one to blame about what's going on at the circus. We put them there and we deserve what they're not doing to better our lives...or those of your children's lives.
I'm not picking sides. I don't know enough about standing rules of order...or, who's right and who's wrong....I just know that adults know how to compromise...those in the 29th Guam Legislature would rather make us a laughing stock than sit down and quietly discuss a win-win situation. They didn't...obviously, we're not deserving of a better life....or even an affordable one!

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We have this dummy thinking that only outsiders are capable of running the university! If Robert's promoted to take over Allen's failed attempts to run UOG, I'll shave my head!

Harold remember him. He made more money than the governor and more money even than the medical examiner who makes tons of much money that Allen got a free car and other free bonuses just to run UOG. Truth be said, Helen Whippie was the heart and soul of the university and she got 'jack' for the good work she does.
Guam embraced the the outsider and paid him far beyond what he was worth...and what did he do? Take a few trips to China at your dime and the trip was as successful as my taro patch that the neighbor's pigs delighted in.
Now, there's a Mr./Dr/ Liu from Hawaii. Supposedly he's got a background of working with colleges....which of course means he's going to ask for your right and left arm for a salary and don't know how much more for coming to a dreadful place to run UOG. Alas, Dr. Politician Perez said that he(Liu) even knew more than the regents....ha ha, who would admit this, that's what we have running ship UOG!
Robert Underwood knows the UOG as much as he knows the lines on the palms of his hands. He's a native, he's proven leadership capabilities and knows what works and what doesn't at UOG because he's been there longer than anyone else. He may not have been successful as a gubernatorial candidate but education? He's doctored it! But, that's the reason the regents won't pick him...he's too native, too unfamous like that Dr. Liu that's in Hawaii. The regent aren't known for promoting from within...that would be too cheap!
And, if you're not going to put Underwood in the big seat, then consider Ms. Whippie. I have no idea where she's been or what glowing words came with her when she was hired, preferring instead that she's been a hard worker. She lost a husband and returned to her job, working harder than ever. She's most capable at running UOG.
But, Underwood and Ms. Whippie won't get the nod.....the outsider with the words on paper that's he good for UOG will get the job, the great salary, the housing, the house, the kitchen sink....why?
Because he's not a local!
I truly hope I'm wrong about what I foresee!

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I won't bore you with the long vacation, suffice it to say, I'm back, half of me glad, the other, frustrated.

When I complained to Kiku about the frustration, he said that my option was to stay and shut up, or, go back to where the kids are settled and happy. And so, I'm back, but I'm not going to stop reminding you that you're all responsible for what's going on here. You(we) allow everything that's going on because you're too 'laid back' to do a damn thing about the problems.
What? They're finally fixing the Ilig bridge....why now? Why don't we wait until someone is killed then really do a good job? Since no one died, we're going to call it an emergency and put band aids on it.
What the hell are those people from the south doing about their lively hood? Just sit on their hands, their mouths gagged and do nothing? Shame, shame on you southerners for not doing anything about what could save the lives of your children!!!
Damn, we have the biggest collection of dummies.
Why haven't all the southerners marched to DPW or the Gov's office and demonstrate their feelings about having their children drive way out of the way to come downtown?
We keep giving govGuam employee raises....they're the priority....the safety of our roads and the safety of our families are way down on the priority list.
So what, you think five days is enough to fix the damn bridge?

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November 25, 2007


And so I wonder what angelic march music sounds like in Charles Troutman's heaven.

For some odd reason,I always used to think that smart people always grew old...really old...because they all had gray hair. I suppose I took it for granted that this very smart man that has over the years told the way the Organic Act was supposed to be interpreted....or this law, or this Bill. Whatever it was that was could be sure that Charles Troutman had the answer and for 99.9% of the time, he was 'right on'.
He liked to listen to K57 and you could count of him calling to correct something was was mis-interpreted. He was so smart that he was the island's compiler of laws and I'm sure as there's a tomorrow, that he memorized every law there ever was created on this island.
And for some silly reason, I just thought this man would live forever. His hair wasn't gray enough to make him an old man......and....he wasn't. When God called him Home...he was only 63.
I'm sure that there are a few smart people out there than can do research on future questions...but it will never answered as quickly as 'Charlie' used to....another odd thing? He was probably the island's smartest man....yet he was humble....he had no airs. He never patted his own back....about the only thing of himself that he spoke of recently was that he loved march music. He had a conversation with Ray Gibson and Bob Gaeth on Veteran's Day morning and told them that he loved march music.
Today, I wonder how much more beautiful the music of Karl King and John Philip Sousa sounds is in Heaven
Adios, Charles Troutman, thank you for choosing to share your life with us all these years. You will be missed for a long time to come1

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He was God's gift to Guam's children. Now he's teaching golf in Heaven and we're poorer because he's no longer with us.

Every once in awhile, a person comes into your life and makes a difference. Joe Lujan Borja Jr. was that kind of person. He was walked with a bit of a limp, loved jokes and probably more than his wife, loved children....his own and others....then, he loved golf.
Way before it was vogue to teach Johnny and Lindy how to hit a golf ball with clubs made of something other than plastic, Joe had this teach children how to golf....for him, there was nothing better than the inner and outter game of golf. He make the game of golf available by talking the people at municipal golf course to take in the little ones.
I don't know what his recipe was but he managed to get 'his kids' to fall in love with the game that called for one to hit the ball then go after it....then if lucky, hit the ball into a hole under a really small number of shots. He convinced the kids that this torture was actually fun and that if you were a golfer, would grow into a good human being.
Not only did the kids love golf, they loved him and his wife, Chilang. His love didn't stop with 'his kids', he loved their family(s) as well. He had some medical problems but you would never have known it. He wasn't one to sit and complain about the pain.....he was far too interested in how things were with you. He was just one of the greatest human beings I have ever known.
I grieve for the children that never got to know him or learn how to play the gentleman's game of golf from him. Or, have known his patience to teach this awesome game....or his love for small get-togethers for whatever holiday he wanted to use as a reason to party.
He was an incredible man and I was so fortunate to know him. I will never see a golf ball...or club, putter or big Bertha without remembering this wonderful man.
And thank you, Chilang, for being such a supportive wife. He couldn't have been so great without you encouraging him to be with the kids. We all loved you too!
So, dear, dear friend, death can no longer threaten you and no pain can no longer ruin your days. You are now in the Palm of His Hands, rest now, and watch from above your little ones as they try to follow your giant footsteps.You have touched many lives, I'm glad I was one of the lucky ones.
Rest in Peace, Joe, you've earned the rest.

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November 16, 2007


Never mind that he was drop dead looking but the man who spoke at the two day forum about this island's past being closely associated with those of Spain had a lot of substance...

And if we listened close enough and did some good research of what kind of a life we lived during the times the Spanish were here, go into what we ate, how we were educated and even input the religion that they infused onto the natives...
We are so much more than those naked people that were put down by the earlier settlers....we seem to only want to show the slingstones and those really stupid looking shell necklaces our men(yes, they even use them in the legislature)....even when we do our protests to whatever it is the US is doing that we don't like, we protest as savages. I still can't forget that awful activist that pulled at his crotch as a woman attendee to a forum at the Hyatt Hotel. I was so ashamed to have admitted that I was a native. I don't ever want anyone to think that I am a savage, a dirty one at that because most of them smell!
We should embrace those two Spanish gentlemen and the agency that sent them to Guam. We should go back to wearing mistizas when we greet the tourists...Yesssss! We wore mistizas, even after 1902 when the Americans settled here. We have much to offer....we 'almost' European at one time....let's show the good parts of that well as the pre-western contact times....and let's also play on the fact that we are lucky to a free people, now living under the US flag.
Let's celebrate that we are different...believe it or not....tourists like this kinda stuff.
We're so diverse that you can hear the same local person say 'hafa adai' when he sees you and 'Adios' when you leave....some even say, 'esta qui' or if you're in the 'bro' group....'esta later'...

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Today, Dr. Tan Siu Lin and his family, celebrated 35 years of doing business on Guam.

They've got tons of money and influence but you would never know it. The father of the Tan clan quietly spoke at the library at UOG which will now house a statue for the man's success and generosity to the school. Today, he gave the school $1M dollars. A big deal was made of his donation because of its amount.....but truth be told, the Tan clan are quite generous with this community, giving many times with no fan fare. They are known locally for their generosity...perhaps what most don't know is that the Tan children grew up on Guam and attended the University of Guam....and loved the island(and Saipan) enough to stay.
L&T Guam Corporation began its entity in 1972...the last company purchased is that of Dickerson and Quinn during this year. They're in insurance, in fish, in the movies, into entertaining children, into import and exports, travel agency, aviation, realty and other big companies that they are investors in such as TakeCare Health Systems...
So as we say a warm Hafa Adai to the newest company to open on Guam, we say a heartfelt thank you to the Tans for their efforts to make life here a better place to be. With all the companies listed in a flier, this low key and understated company didn't brag about how many people they employ.....
So then.....Congratulations Dr. Tan Siu Lin, on your many successes and for chosing Guam for the best of your companies....and for that wonderful donation to those seeking a good education at UOG.
Xie Xie!

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Someone at our new best friend, Home Depot, was bragging that the company issued over a $1M in credit cards............Yikes, I thought they wanted to do buisiness on Guam for a long time.

It's a pretty neat thing to be able to walk in and get a credit card for the opening of a new store.......but to give away that much credit to total strangers ain't going to do much for their profits down the way.......
A few of my friends who do fixers uppers walked around last night and got a good look at the prices and found that many of the items there are more expensive than those at Benson or Ace....a similar thing happened when K-Mart opened and they immediately advertised that they'd match or beat the price of the same merchandise....we'll see if HD does like wise.
Nonetheless, any competition is good for the consumer. If there was something that this new best friend can do to reduce gas prices and keep power rates down.....they'd really be successful.
Besides.....what heppened to the furniture...did they decide against it?
Still, we're glad for the store.....and hope that it's mutually beneficial to all!

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Not to worry, I'm aware that the lady that was given a job after she lost the last election(government job--high pay but not as high as the auditors working at Do's place! Ohhhh, I digress....I meant to say, I'm aware that Telo Taitague is running cute, she called it 'sprinting' on the Patti Show this morning....

She's an okay lady...sings pretty, talks pretty on camera....but she ain't got a prayer in heaven running with the big guns.....I tell you, even if I were a republican, I'd still vote for BJ Cruz.....and if he weren't running....I'd be voting for Tom. Those two are sooooo smart they'd run circles around the lady....and wow....what happened to the rumor during those rosary nights about 'hell no telo'?
So....if there's an election because we settled the gambling thingy.....places your bets on BJ.

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And it ain't gonna be in tune with the members of the 'boys' group that did jack after they kicked him out of the boys' game1

It wasn't enough that Macris beat out Dr. T. Sheih....he brought in some 'heat' and we'll all be watching what they do to make the vigaro fly in the 'flymaster'.
The new who aren't know to quietly enter or leave a room are: Dr. Sam Friedman the veep, Dr. Ed Schroeder, the secretary, handling the money as treasurer, Dr. Maimie Balajadia and at Large members being Dr. Jerone Landstrom and Dr. Jerry Richter.
Dr. Macris isn't likely to play mickey mouse games with the hospital and will be backed by those elected into this year's are the days of Dr. Edweirdo and company.....
One can predict, however, that there will be the unsatisfieds that will try to oust Macris....
So, Dr. Macris, what do you think of the surgery performed on Sen. Tony Unpingco by an uncertified fact, I'd like to know if either of those surgeons were board certified.....
Being board certified is kinda like the teachers that teach our little chillin....the certified teachers are hired but those that work in the cafeteria or push brooms....or mops are the ones who baby sit the kids.....too bad Macris can't find out what the results of the SAT 10 scores are!!!!
Give 'em hell, George!

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November 15, 2007


I hope that you appreciate the great welcome you have received from the people of Guam. And as the days turn into weeks and months and even years, I hope that unlike your neighber to the north, you give back to the community.

I was thinking about the time we all waited with baited breath for K-Mart to open. Lordy lord, we forgot Gibson's, the Town House and other stores that couldn't buy in bulk but had been our community friends for whatever our needs were. Several stores closed their doors after K-mart opened. Stores that when asked to donate sports uniforms, or support a team or even give a gift of merchandise whenever asked....they gave generously. The big guy that closed them up is known for how stingy the store is. They don't even spend advertising dollars. Rarely and I mean rarely, do you hear the store do advertising in the broadcast media...I've heard that the only local organization that's allowed to do anything on store property are the Bell Ringers from the Salvation Army. I've never heard of them giving anything of any substance to a local organization. If you want something from'd better have the moolah.
I really hope that as you walk around in shock and awe at Home Depot, that you remember how very generous the Pangelinan family who own ACE Hardware is with this community...they give until it hurts. Welcome our new friends, but don't turn your back on those that gave to your children's ball team's trip to Palau, or gave merchandise for a raffle fundraiser and the list is long.
And to our new friends, we'd like you to know about our warm Hafa Adai spirit. We'll move heaven and earth for you and hope that you give your advertising dollars to those that work here and shop at your store. Buy some local t.v. ads, I'd love to see whose house you helped with a project. And hopefully, you aren't stingy when asked to help a community cause for those less fortunate.
I hope that we have a mutually profitable relationship for many, many years to come....And to the manager who's quite savvy when he said, 'Biba Guam'....You just got some good return, I say, "BIBA HOME DEPOT".

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Yet another confirmation that we get motivated to make things right only after someone dies to teach us the lesson.

We seem to build buildings then hope that everything goes smoothly. It might have been a good idea to built the new skateboarding rink in Dededo...where they thought was a good place to build it and they will come...our children are so hungry for places to go to just be children....but....we chose a place to build the rink without thinking that it was being built without a water fountain or bathroom facilities.....just where in the hell did these builders think the kids were going to relieve themselves and in the hot sun and the physical stress of skateboarding, surely someone thought that these kids would be thirsty at some time....
Well, they didn't...they built it and probably decided that they would make the changes as the days passed....unfortunately, the first lesson was a fatal one as two girls ran across the 'big' road to go to the bathroom. It was just after dark on a night that they could be outside because there was a holiday the next day....I have no idea where the curfew law comes into play here, but the girls walked from their homes in Liguan to be at this new magnet for kids to be.
The mayor of Dededo said that she had called for the non-working streetlights to be changed a few days before the auto-pedestrain accident...she....or Dededo are obviously not a priority....the lamps weren't changed until days after a 13-yr-old was hit by a car being driven(allegedly)by a drunk driver. Two really bad things looking for a place to happen.
So now we're all talking to anyone who'll listen about how we're going to do this, do that...and I ask you, why didn't ask these questions before we even opened up that skateboard rink? Why do we always wait until someons is killed before we think it's the right time to act?
I have my own questions about why the child's parents didn't walk her or drive her to the rink....I certainly didn't have the freedom to be on my own after dark on any evening, let alone a Sunday one. Let there be no doubt, I didn't like being 'bound' at home for my safety or those of my sibling but at least I lived past 13....but times have changed within our lives and our children are allowed all sorts of freedom...unfortunately, the other girl that survived the accident (I think without injury) will probably be a little less free...thankfully, she may live out a good life past her teen age years.
My heart breaks for the girl's family and though they could have been more restrictive with their young daughter, their lives are changed forever. There will always be a big void in their lives......Alas! This is an accident that could have been prevented.
The coming weeks, the Dededo mayor will move heaven and earth to get the rink 'right'.....too late for Joanna Jasmin.
And while we're at it? Why are we still tolerating the children being passengers in the flatbed of a pickup? Oh....forget I asked...I already know the answer. When one or two, maybe four children are thrown out of the back and the pickup rolls over them.....the dudes at GPD, the legislature and maybe even the children's parents will do everything they can to 'make things right', wow, we might even enforce the law that prohits children from being passengers at a place meant for cargo!
Too soon old, too late smart!
Just a question....couldn't they(Ghura et others) have built the rink back there where the kids play soccer? Believe me....the kids will still run across that damn freeway to get to their friends....they don't know any better!

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October 27, 2007


What a farce.....Jerry Perez head of the visitor's bureau talks about how the island needs to get into this 'hafa adai' spirit and has yet to sell his staff on it!!!! Shame on GVB....the very heart of tourism which should lead by example!

Kudos to Mana Silva for having the gall to enter GVB with a camera just to see if Jerry Perez really means for the island to use 'hafa adai' as a greeting to our tourists. It must've been something he thought the reporter should know and probably didn't think she was savvy enough to enter the sacred office of GVB to see if she would be greeted with a 'hafa adai'.......the woman behind the counter wasn't dressed to be at any front desk(she could use the same clothes to clean her house or wash her car!) didn't greet Silva or her camera man. And you'd; think that the office would have learned from watching the package during that evening's news and everyone would be told to use 'hafa adai' as a greeting when anyone entered their office.....Alas.....Gerry talks the talk....but he and his kind....don't walk the walk....a few days after the package aired, Silva sent in her camara man and he was not 'hafa adaied'....Shame! Shame!
So.....we talk about this 'spirit' that we have as islanders. We're friendly and are happy for the tourism industry......but we're so out of the loop that we have no idea how to make our visitors feel welcomed. We don't know how to make those that live here can we make outsiders welcomed when we seem to be embarrassed to say , 'hafa adai'.....
We should greet our visitors in person and over the phone.....I think a radio station should have a call in to various offices and give a prize to those that use 'hafa adai' as a telephone greeting. We should compliment those that are making a difference....but don't expect GVB to make any moves, they're set in their ways....just waiting until they can retire.....or go off island on a trip. Me thinks that GVB isn't really tourist minded and you can tell that just from how they act towards a camera that's obviously rolling and trying to do better the 'next' time. We'll see if Silva gives them a third chance!
But........if you really want to experience the 'hafa adai' spirit, get on a plane and fly to Saipan where the people are friendly and when you're tired of their friendly spirit,; fly to Rota.....those Chamorros know the 'hafa adai' spirit and live it each and every visitors and those that live there.

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Sabrina Matanane of KUAM asks priest if church can co-exist with the legendary's halloween week....must be a joke, ya think?

History writers tell that the people who lived on Guam before western contact were skull worshippers....after burying their dead, they'd eventually dig up the skull and bones from the hand and placed them in the home where family members could consult with the dead person. The Chamorros believed that the spirit of their dead loved ones would oversee their crops, their well-being and even control the weather. They believed in an after life because they would bury their loved ones with the best tools and other goods that the person could use on the other side.
So it should be of no surprise that living Chamorros believe that the spirit of their ancestors still walk about. The taotaomona may represent the 'maganiti' or the dark ancestor that is a menace or scary rather than the 'aniti' or spirit that is earth-bound. Some would like to think that all taotaomonas are evil because there have been so many stories told about them. Again, it's no surprise because in this life, there is good as well as evil....enter Catholicism.
In Catholicism, there are special rituals and special clergy that are trained to exorcize a person who has decided to take over his/er life. If you don't believe that the church believes in evil them walk around the altar with their cute smokers ousting the evil spirits that might find themselves there before a high mass.....or, the next time you're at a funeral, watch the priest walk around the casket with the insense burner....smoking away the evil before bringing the remains to the cemetary to be buried in hallowed ground.
As for supernatural can be sure that the church believes in that as well....wasn't it an angel that appeared before the young Mary and told her she would bear the Son of God? Of course, I wouldn't put the taotaomona lure on the same level as those conversations with humans from the angels.... wouldn't be 'catholic' if you didn't believe in life after death...then there's the time Jesus turned water into wine.....oh, and more recent to that, there was a priest by the name of Padre Pio that could be at two places at the same time(has witnesses) and when he heard your confession, would remind you about the sins you omitted....and if you were suffering from an illness, he'd tell you what to do about the disease(kinda like Edgar Cacey without communion-or penance).
It's said we're made in the image and likeness of God.....our sixth sense can tell when there's a spirit around....some who wish to be more aware, can see the dead in a veiled manner, especially those who are well, the bible teaches against witches....but...there are two kinds....the white and the black...Alas! An evil witch and a witch that heals.
I could go on and on and not make a big deal that evil is right there waiting to tempt's a personal choice then to choose good over evil.....the spirit of the taotaomona merely needs to be acknowledged as one walks through his/er space.
Happy Hallow's Eve......and remember the question came up strictly because it we're about to celebrate a pagan holiday.......the question then should have been more about how the Catholic priest felt about Catholics celebrating pagan feasts.....I can surely tell you that the Christian churches don' can be sure that the kids at Harvest and St. Paul's ain't gonna parade their little ones in ghoulish custumes.
But in the event that you encounter a taotaomona, throw a bit of rice and liquor at him/er....and they'll be sure to leave you alone to search out the homes that give away free candy!

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Added to the lead in their toys, now movie makers are making movies to bring the poison to their hearts.

I'd like to say that discussing religion and politics in nobody's business but your own....but I have to say that when it comes to discussing movies that are aimed to warp the brains and hearts of your children...then I have to put my two cents in!
The following is an excerpt from the website listed below which you can peruse to get more disgusting information. It's my sincere hope that you boycott the movie....that is, if you believe in God...Who's Son's birthday we're celebrating not many days after the movie opens.
"THE GOLDEN COMPASS, a new movie targeted at
children, will be released December 7, 2007. This
movie is based on a the first book of a trilogy by
atheist Philip Pullman. In the final book a boy and
girl kill God so they can do as they please. Pullman
left little doubt about his intentions when he said in
a 2003 interview that "My books are about killing

The movie is a watered down version of the first
book and is designed to be very attractive in the
hope unsuspecting parents will take their children
to see the the movie and that the children will
want the books for Christmas.

The movie has a well known cast, including Nicole
Kidman, Kevin Bacon, and Sam Elliott. It will
probably be advertised extensively, so it is crucial
that we get the word out to warn parents to avoid
this movie.

You can research this for yourself. Start with this
article on, then go to Google."

I can't imagine what it is that makes people want to erase God from our lives....and it's not just in the movie making....there's a dollar coin that totally evades that 'we' trust in God......and they got away with it. Hope you don't accept those coins either!

Oh well,there's a warm place for those that don't believe in Him!

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October 20, 2007


The vultures circle and people are lining up to take his place and he isn't even buried yet!

One other senator passed away while he was a sitting senator, the man, nicknamed 'jeep' what reason I keep forgetting about. He was a very good man and a good senator but was wasn't Tony Unpingco,and even though they were related by marriage, didn't have his charisma, his tireless efforts too keep both sides talking to eachother, the constant need for Unpingco to keep unity. When Uncle Frank passed away, names were tossed in like crazy, but a young son, Frank Santos jr.(I think he's a junior) ran to finish his father's work. It would be unfair to say that young Frank was elected because of the sympathy people had for his dad. I'd like to think that he was elected(along with the sympathy) because he was a smart person and could easily complete his father's goals. I'm not sure how long Senator Frank Santos jr. stayed a senator, but it's possible that since Tony Unpingco was his uncle that he might toss in his hat to complete his uncle's goals.
After the rosary at the church this evening, people were already talking about who should run for the barely cold Unpingco. The republicans were talking about maybe Chris Duenas, Sam Sousa who ran the last election but lost and is now directing the Agana Library, there's Telo Taitagui who finished #16 but why would she want to leave her cushy job....possibility the governor's wife JoAnn.
The demos are talking probably BJ Cruz, Frank Aguon and Joe Mesa and the King of the Road, Carl T.C. Guiterrez.
The feelers are out everywhere, even at the office that's called " Home of the good guys"....a place which was named that by none other than Speaker Tony Unpingco while he worked there.
Rumor had it that the governor was talking to a former running mate to run for the office, after all, he's one of the good guys. Have to admit, Kaleo did a good job while he was a senator.
Whatever happens who ever is elected....if the Democrates remain in the majority they can undo all sorts of things which could affect the comming Marines...last I heard, they ain't too happy with the idea that there will be more military in their midst. I'm betting Uncle Fed and friends are watching the island with a very close eye.
I guess I'm a bit surprised that talk about who's going to run for his seat is a bit cold for a man just hasn't been dead more than 48 hours. No matter, who ever wins his seat will have one hell of a time filling his shoes and that khaki Member's Only jacket.
Tony you will be matter who is elected. I miss you already.

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October 19, 2007


Blessed are those who mourn as they will be comforted. But we will be poor because a great man has left our midst. Guam has lost a great friend and tireless servant.

Everything about this man was great. He was a great husband, father, brother and friend. He was tireless in his job as a servant. He was a great role model in everything that he did. He loved his family and his church, probably as much as he loved his island home. He lived such a short time for a man who could do so much more. His earthly chores completed, he was called Home by the Lord where there is no longer the threat of death, where there is no pain or physical discomfort. Now, he rests in peace and we pray that his family is comforted as we pray that they are comforted during this time of loss.
I could list a very long list of this man's virtues but I think that the readers already most of them. He was kind and compassionate,considerate and considerate. He was cooperative in most issues taking the high road as peacemaker. He was comitted to all aspects of his life with untold courage and determination. He was detached but to only those matters that were negative. He was quick to forgive and never held a grudge. He was also very generous of his time and money. Probably humility and honesty were his greatest virtues. He never boasted his great achievements. He was an honorable man who wanted so much to help others. He was both joyful as he was just and he had a sense of humor which made you want to be in his company. He was loyal and steadfast that knew no boundaries. He might have been a republican but his heart didn't know the difference and treated all equally and, he had perseverance and patient.
He was a special person that we thought would live forever and so we will feel his loss and forever more be thankful that he was amongst us, that we were fortunate to have him as a relative, neighbor and public servant.
Like his family, we mourn his passing and we'll miss him for a very long time.
To his family, our heartfelt thanks for sharing this man with us...we're forever indebted.
Good-bye, then, Senator, speaker and great human being, Tony Unpingco. God Speed good man, it has been a privilege knowing you. Rest in Peace.

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October 09, 2007


A staunch Republican businessman approached a republican senator and asked him to rezone some property in the 'norf'(Chamorro pidgin for north) part of the island.....New dude senator gung ho to change the zoning law.....I wonder if he would have been so determined if the applicant hadn't been a republicrat!

You saw the fire in his eye and heard the determination in his voice....Sen. Bgen Pangelinan wasn't going to make it easy to move north and ruin the water sources there.
If you can still catch the news this morning, you'll understand why Ben doesn't want Jim Adkins to move his company over the water aquafirs.....especially since we're still wincing at what our next water bill is going to be with the Navy raising their rates.
If Joann Brown had been down there, she would have been as upset.....thankfully, Ben's still watching out for what water we still have control over!
Good on you, Ben!

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We'll fix the building, make it pretty, then it will be used/abused/trashed, then we'll have to fix it again. That's SOP for the government. Let's see if it happens as predicted.

I like Senator Palacios, he's like his co-senator Judy Won Pat....they have these high in the sky ideas and it's great for all....but.....they put small band aids on big problems then think it's going to cure the problem.
I'm not going to talk about the stupid idea about a stupid suruhanu from GPSS that will do all he/she can do to keep the agency from being sued....that's what foxes do in hen was a stupid idea and stupid people actually voted it into law.
This morning,(how I dread waiting for incoming flights), I'm going to tell you about the really great idea Sen. Palacios has for the refurbishing of the Veteran's interdenominational chapel at the Veteran's Cemetary....not sure which news group ran the story that it would be in time for the All Soul's day ceremony.....bottom line is.....there's a Veteran's Day coming up in November and if he wants it fixed, it should be focused on fixing it by then.
But like all pie in the sky dreams, they just make the suggestion, find the funds to fix the problem.....then have no plans of how to get money to keep it maintained. Last I heard, the duhendes and taotaomona quit working for free for a long time.....
I think Sen. Palacious have a secretary pick up the phone and pretend to be in the need for a church to house the remains of a family member from 8am to let's say, about 2:30pm......Have her/im list the charges for the chairs in the social hall in the back, the cost for the air conditioning and the like.
It's an unfortunate thing when our hearts are devastated because we've lost a loved one.....even if you keep the remains in your home til it's time to have church blessings, you'll still have to pay for the church and the priest and other the hundreds of dollars.
So....if we fix the veteran's chapel, we'll have to have a minimal charge for the set up of the chapel before, during and after the chapel....mourners aren't known for cleaning up after themselves after the ceremony....all they want to do is go home and cry....So, does the good senator plan to charge for the use of the chapel after it's repaired? Will he trust those wonderful folks at Parks and wrecks that aren't always totally responsible for handling money?
Fixing a building is like those shows on's what you do after to maintain it so that it can be used over and over.....
If you don't believe that we have a problem of not maintaining our buildings....spend a few dollars on gas and drive around and look at a few dismal public schools......but....I agree that the chapel be'll still be cheaper than any Catholic CHurch for funerals.

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October 07, 2007


Besides, if there was a wouldn't be accurate why even bother asking about....or requiring one!

KUAM news reports that it's been noted that govGuam doesn't have an accurate or current list of the vehicles it owns or...leases. The report quotes the czar of dumps, Larry Perez(not their words): ""We have to make decisions within DPW in terms of the priority scheme of everything. Is that better and more important than the Ordot [Dump] closure? Probably not, so it goes down.
"Is it better or more important than safe bridges for our traversing? Probably not. So you see what's happening. I only have so many resources, not just money, even human resources to take care of these things. We wholly agree with the report; we want to get there, but the question is do we have enough resources and finances to mitigate the situation?"
So I'm thinking.....doesn't the dude have a list of things to do...ya know, like, there are 10 cars, 22 buses and 4 garbage trucks.....or something like that....but that would be if he were profit see, vehicles and buses and the like are called 'assets' counting desks, electric typewriters and laptops.(Hmmmmm, wonder how many laptops are left at GWA...remember when a high mucky-mucker thought it was a good idea for a few employees to have use of same 'in the field'?)I digress....I'm thinking the auditor should be savvy enough(although they're highly paid and should be) to realize that the Czar isn't smart enough to have the basics.....a list of things to do and things to have....but....he's savvy enough to be able to blame the lack of having a list on the lack of the like.
Does he have a list of all the suits against his agency by Uncle Fed? Having or creating a list doesn't take much time or expensive soft ware....a pen and a sheet of paper and his secretary is really all he needs. It's called inventory....surely he knows how to do one.
Who keeps the list of accounts payable? Bet that person knows how to count cars and buses and trucks(working or not)....doesn't have anything to do with priorities or resources.....his people are already getting paid, why can't he just assign one to do the counting....accurately!
These people(the highly paid mucky muckers) are so fast to blame the lack of money whenever they're asked about something.....they think that the answer to this whole mess is to borrow money to 'fix' it. Any amount given to DPW will be wasted as it has been in the past.....their real problem is that they don't know how to do with what they have.
A small family in today's world knows that if it's going to survive a $70 dollar water bill and a $200 power bill and still go to blockbusters on the weekend that it needs to buy a cheaper can of spam and make sandwiches with's called survival. If that same family were sued by the federal government, it would downsize like hell, fix whatever it is they're saying to fix.....the head of household isn't likely to go before a television camera or newspaper reporter and say, 'It's only $10,000. a month' (for not closing the dump....I wonder how much DPW owes Uncle Fed in that suit.....does DPW have a list of what it owes the Feds?
I really like Larry Perez. He's a heck of a nice guy but he needs to get 'real' with the public. He needs to own up to the problems that are happening under his watch. He can't continue to blame the lack of resources for the things that should be done from his agency. Maybe it's time he traded places with George Bamba, ya think?
Wonder how George Bamba would run DPW.....maybe George would create the list then worry about priorities.....
And if you haven't noticed.....the bridges and roads have been in need of a repair for a long time....longer than its been since the purchase and lease of those vehicles.
As they say at govGuam.....let's move infinity! (sorry Buzz)

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October 04, 2007


For the life of me, I can't figure out what kind of laws Guam has(has not) regarding these machines that are like slot machines that are bleeding untold thousands of dollars in taxes from Rev-n-Tax.

....a favorite for many Asian women, at least for the machines at the Orchid Hotel, is the Bingo machine. Two weeks ago, a very lucky woman won a whole 20,000 dollars....not play money....and better than that, she got the moolah that night and not one red cent was paid to rev and tax..........
Several members of the Bingo group managed to win $7K, $11K and $900....none of them paid taxes on their winnings either.
Honest to God....I've heard that there's a loop hole and that the people at the tax place can't go after the winnings. If that's the case and there's so much money being made on these machines, why haven't the clowns at Julale amend the law and become co-winners.
And here I thought gambling was illigal on GUam!

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The more the police try to answer the questions on the radio, the more confusing the explanations. So, what if it was just a pellet gun the victim was waving around. And the autopsy....we'll never know about that either.

The Marianas Examiner will use the excuse that there's a case 'on-going' and he won't release the results of the victim;s autopsy. Only when the family get the young man's body for burial will they note how many bullets rattled his body...
I think it would best if the Police Chief had a press conference and showed the gun the man was using to threaten(allegedly) the cops....that it was, or wasn't a pellet gun...if it was, cops not close enough didn't know. The gun was pointed at them, scaring them and....they show back.....(unfortunately, it was in the order of a firing squad) Let the investigation get on but I think that there are some information that can be released to placate a very angry public. Not doing so just hurts to cops who are going about trying to do their job with a public that seems to no longer trust them.
The issue will get worse as it comes closer to burying the victim.
There are no winners in this poor story....and that's not a good thing.

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October 02, 2007


They don't make them like Msgr. Zuilo Camacho...a man of God...and of the land.

Some priests are known for their ability for loooong sermons...who never know when to stop talking because the people in the front pews are so bored they've fallen asleep and have started snoring.....some priests like to put your problems onto their busy schedules...seeing you when it's convenient for them.....I've known a few in my life....but this isn't about's about this very special man who quietly did his work to Glorify his Maker. He did his work requiring no accolades. In Fact, the only accolade he enjoyed was how much you enjoyed the vegetable or fruit he gave you. He wasn't involved with the politics of the Catholic Church. He was very humble and when you were by him, you could feel his 'holiness'. He didn't judge, didn't criticize but when asked, gave you all the encouragement you needed. He was somebody that was truly interested in how you were doing, or even, what you were doing. He made you feel important and when you said good-bye to him, you were sad to leave his company.
This week, we'll be saying our good-bye to this great man and it'll be sad but we'll be thankful that we were lucky enough to have known him.
So adios, Fr. Zuilo, you were a great man and a great priest and you will be very missed.

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It's a perfect example of why Govdumb is bloated with employees! Just add another person and it'll fix the problem....NOT!, Marianas Variety reports that Mr. Peter Ada(what a disappointment he is to the kids that attend GPSS) is happy that Sen. Judi Won Pat and her fellow clowns added a Suruhanu to that this person could stall or spin the constant problems that keep our children from getting an adequate education. If there's a suruhanu, there's someone to complain to.....hell, the list of complaints is far too long for me to elaborate...try not having working Xerox machines...not enough toilet paper for you know where and that these days,, more kids are being baby-sat in cafeterias instead of in their classrooms.

When things go wrong and they do on a minute by minute basis, we just create a new position.....sometimes we have two highly paid positions and give them to one person....(does GPA and GWA ring a bell?)

So, there's this law that says you have a child that's attending a public school and he/she doesn't get an adequate can sue the government....ha ha and ha, just ask the geriatric retirement group still waiting for their COLA payments that they got through litigation.....seems Ms. Won Pat and her cohorts think that a suruhanu will be a good band aid fix instead of repairing the problems at the schools....

What's the suruhanu going to say about a complaint that junior and Macela are spending more time at the cafeteria with custodians than in the classroom? Just call any school and check out how many kids spend more time at the eating place instead of at the learning(classroom) place?

Our government if bloated with toooooo many employees. We wouldn't have to borrow money that our great-grandchildren will have to pay for if we kept the good employees and got rid of the deadwood.....a suruhanu would be just impotent wimp who'll have to find someone else to complain to...the only way a suruhanu can work is if he/she could fix(not temporary) the problem and keep it fixed....seems to me there's no person on Guam that can do that!
As far as I'm concerned....we're just throwing more money out the window and Mr. Pete Ada and Ms. Won Pat think that's a good idea.
Poor kids!
See you at the cafeteria!!!

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The more I hear about the shooting at the Veteran's Cemetary, the more I think about death by firing squad. You just can't convince me that it was just another 'over kill' killing a fly with a sledge hammer!

When you watch a t.v. show that has the police trying to corner a victim...the officers climb the buildings so that they can sharp shoot...they form a circle around the perp so that he's intimidated enough to drop his gun, if in fact, the victim had a gun. I envisioned that the swat teem circled this man yesterday so that they could yell at him and tell him he was surrounded and that he'd better drop his weapon. But that didn't happen, it seems that not much happened to keep the man from dying at their(police) hands. And after I listened to the Patti Arroyo Show this morning, I think the man was disposable because he had an earlier problem dealing with the police....or he was arrested for a crime, or whatever...the Police Chief on the radio didn't want to elaborate after he let out the bit of history.
So....if the victim had broken the law and was dealt with by the Police, it's public record...the police blotter is open to the public...anyone that goes through a court system for breaking the law is public....what did the victim do that made him so was okay to shoot him to death? It's so awful to think that the guy never had a chance. He was wearing a tee-shirt and his opponents were wearing flak jackets.
I'm not siding with the victim...he was certainly scary running around a cemetary that a brother was buried at and soon would have yet another brother. He wasn't thinking straight...but how come he didn't merit the police killing him as a last resort? Having read the coverage, I'm not sure he had a chance...he had a previous encounter with the cops...what chance did he deserve?
In the end....all that the man got were angry bullets. He wasn't worth the time for any negotiations to save his life and the fact that his family was kept away from him certainly confirmed that.
Shoot first....ask questions later!
Today, I feel sorry for the police chief...he tried to be transparent for his officers by coming on the radio yesterday and this morning....he was criticized for doing so...and so I wonder....will this hurt his pending confirmation as the Chief of Police with the legislators?
So many few answers.

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October 01, 2007


It took a whole bunch of cops to down one emotionally distraught man...I wonder if an investigative reporter will recall on evening news similar times when victims were 'over killed'...

Today, a man from Agana Heights went to view his brother who passed away last Friday....what was in his mind as he left his mourning family as he drove to the Veteran's Cemetary where his brother will ultimately be buried? Did he have any idea that this day would be his last? Did he even imagine that it would take a whole team of cops to put him down?
Did this man who supposedly had a gun actually shoot it? Could the cops have spent a little more time trying to calm this man down? It was obvious that this man was in emotional turmoil...needing a hug more than he needed bullets...but fate decided that he needed the bullets, KUAM's site says maybe nine of them...just like those used to kill a really bad man in third world countries.....I suppose I don't understand the rush to fire a gun when there's more of 'us' than that poor soul. I suppose it's totally naive of me to say that some trigger happy cop could've shot him somewhere on his body that wasn't going to be a fatal one...totally naive!
KUAM says that CID will investigate the cops who did the shooting.....isn't that wonderful, cops investigating themselves....I suppose if I were a relative I'd insist that someone outside of copsville was in on the 'investigating'...but then....I'm totally naive. was a dreary day in rained the whole gray day and a man who was mourning his brother went a little nuts and was killed and we'll never really know what or why it had to happen.
Tonight, I pray for that man's family and for the cops who thought shooting was better than negotiating....

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Another stupid attempt at convincing you that Govdumb really cares about your children being partially...

KUAM reported tonight that public law 28-45 just ain't gonna be met....the law being that requires fourteen specific rules making sure that your Juan and Shenawa won't be getting their version of Govdumb's adequate education....hell, we can't even give them a probable education, let alone 'adequate'.

KUAM reports that there isn't enough time or resources to bring this law into reality....gads, how much time did GPSS need? The air-heads knew October was going to come after September...they knew they didn't have the, one would think they'd make this known to the clowns in Julale to do something about it before the smart parents start litigations.

But hey, a suit's a suit(as in litigation)....Anybody can sue Govdumb...they'll just not pay it.......ask various govdumb agencies(DPW is one that comes to mind) how much they haven't paid because their agency was sued. This government doesn't know a thing about rules or deadlines....just look at the front page of the's been almost a year before Southern High School's air conditioning has been properly repaired.

KUAM's reporter quotes a GPSS official who says, "My honest opinion, there's no GPSS school that will be ready for Monday's deadline. That's my honest opinion, said Upi Elementary School PTO president Tino Conceicao. Plain and simple, he says, he and Guam Public School Officials agree that the deadline to meet the 14 points of the Every Child Deserves An Adequate Public Education Act will not be met on time. Spokesperson Gerry Cruz says the passage of the law and the realization that now parents and the community will be able to take GPSS to court as a push to remedy problems has the potential to cost the School System and the Government of Guam a lot of money.

In the meantime, Cruz is hoping mediation will buy GPSS more time. "We don't feel that we can hit that target and address every point on that law so what we're trying to do is work with the legislature to see if we can secure other funding that can try to mitigate some of the situations in the school," he said."

So....GPSS central found the 'resources' to spruce up their offices and I'll bet my last dollar that those offices are air conditioned to the hilt!

It's safe to say that our children will be educated to be smart enough to flip burgers or mow lawns...their parents might sue GPSS for non-compliance of the law but not a damn thing will happen. Our schools know how to be sub-standard and no number of suits filed will change or no law, they'll always be at the bottom when it comes to a priority. Heck, it's only our children that will suffer because they'll graduate from school still being a dummy...and in a way, that's a good thing....they'll not be traumatized when the news hits them in their adult years that this present government has borrowed more than they can pay back and will have to pay even more for utility fees!
Aren't we just a bunch of dumb coconuts?
Do me a favor, the next time a candidate running for an elected position and talks about what he's going to do for 'our precious children', walk away and don't vote for him...because he's just lying to get your vote....and the next time there's an election....remember the dummies in the 29th Legislature...they surely aren't doing a darn thing to make it better for your public schools.....don't vote for any of them either!!!

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September 30, 2007

I'LL HAVE LESS FRIENDS AFTER THIS OPINION's been bothering me and I'll bust if I don't get it off my chest!
If we're going to be warm and hospitable to our future neighbors that will live behind the fence in the north....then we must gather and make our needs known.

From the beginning, I said I was all for the Marines and their dependents coming to my paradise idland. I wanted us to be proud that we could embrace those that serve our country that we might be safe. I still feel that feeling, but another one's surfaced, and that because because Uncle Robert Lee said with a very straight face at a recent town meeting, that Uncle Somebody was not going to spend one red cent(not his exact words) on GUAM. This means to me that they want to come to Guam because they own the island. They'll be building a big Nordstrom's in the North in that biggeee mall and on and on....but will they help us with the problems we have due to the dumbells we've elected to pretend to spend Uncle's money? Nope! You figure out where to put the garbage from those that will come to build the castles for these nomadic soldiers. You figure out how you're going to live with more people needing more power and water....after all dear losers, we will be coming with Section 30 money.....and if you don't think this sort of thinking your memory of the recent increase of water from the sneaky admiral and 'colleague' of how to make and keep friends.

I say this.....let not one day pass. Gather all elected representatives and get them to be of one voice. If Uncle Sam can't help outside the gate get better before and during the move to Guam......then Guam can't afford to have those wonderful, albiet not wanted in Okinawa, Marines to our shores.

If we don't stand up for our rights, we'll be railroaded into the same situation the Compact of Free Association put us into. Have you ever wondered how much money GMH would have saved if that damned compact authorized the free immigrating FSMers to seek medical attention at the Navy HOspital? Why does the great white father in D.C. think we can afford to litereally give away our services on the measely reimbursements they give us? In Hawaii....our neighbor cousins get to go to Tripler........why can't they do likewise here?

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Why in the hell didn't the dear lady send a quick e-mail to whoever was in charge of Govdumb(George the Great is always off-island,so don't be sending him nothing!!!

Anyway, the owners ot the water at Fena Lake have been in the plan-making about raising the fees for.. their water for the 'locos'....The Sneaky Team French told his people to go on ahead and raise the rates....those 'dodos' outside the newly-built gate won't be doing a damn thing but....paying the damned increase. You see, he's watched enough of the goings on in Keystone Island to know that the dumb citizens don't do anything. They're stupid. Tell them a big story and they'll pay the fee. Hell, all they have to do is drive to Tumon or some dark area and snatch a few purses, steal or rob or even, the new thing learned from T.V., do a home invasion....heck...the only ones who'll have problems with the increased fee are the really stupid ones that will pay for it and try to put their house hold on some budget!
Everybody who didn't want their name known by thelisteners called the Patti/Ray Shoe to whine about 'why, how can they do that, we're good nausueam(sp)....
Ladies y gentlemen....French and his sneaks can charge whatever they want for their water because.........they can....and if you have any intention to live or survive as a human'll pay the increase and worse than won't do jack!!!
And isn't it sad that things went straight to hell the day after Dave Craddick got on that jet plane? I almost miss his multi-colored hair. No matter. He was the best thing Guam ever had... He was smart.....he knew he couldn't save the locals from their elected officials.

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It's absolutely disgusting that instead of learning from our mistakes, we're making more that don't have solutions. It's disgusting that the taxpayers are a bunch of wimps and allow the status quo to continue!

Being without a computer sometimes is a 'good thing'.....Being able to pick up and fly away to Palau and Rota is a 'good thing'....because it keeps me from grinding my teeth and being constantly upset. But I seem to be a part of a minority.....the majority is just lovin' every financial increase Simon Sanchez and the likes of him have thrown at them....smack in the face. It's like....let's see how much we can increase their water and power rates, their sometimes dumped garbage and see if they don't start stealing copper, aluminum shutters and snatching purses from our tourists.
But, Simon ain't the only one on the top of my wish he's focus on getting laundry done....I'm as upset with the dear man that's supposed to be RUNNING the school. Damn!!!!! Doesn't he get embarrassed at watching the number of days Southern High School is without air conditioning? Damn the parents of those poor students, too! WHy don't they march down to the school and force those that have air conditioning in their comfy offices to turn it off so that they can all attend the island's sauna! I say, Mr. L.Reyes(you deserved a D+ on your evaluation and should really read up on how to be a proper superintendent! You've managed to let children down in all of your 37 schools. Imagine that 26 teachers played sick last week and you didn't send any of your barely dressed assistants at Central.....where the air conditioning requires clerks to wear sweaters!
I'm sorry, dear the other've had your head in the sand because you didn't do jack to make anything better. Let's hope you don't have any children in public school because you're guaranteed to have a dummy!

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June 17, 2007


If you think otherwise, a few of us would be doing things to change the way things operate around here!

I used to think that my opinion counted for doesn't. I say that our children deserve the best they can get....especially in school....but day after day, the calendar in the PDN adds the days that the children continue to survive in the heat at Tamuning Elementary and Southern High School....there are other schools that don't have working air conditioners but I'm thinking that the PDN just doesn't have the space to add up all those days, besides, our school administrators are totally shameless and don't give a damn who suffers in the heat....the poorly paid teachers or the long as those at the central office are enjoying their cool offices....of course. I would think that caring parents would put their feet down and say that as long as there's no air-con working in schools that those at central have to suffer....but our parents don't give a damn.
And so there's a whole long list of things I read and opine about and some write about how wonderful the opinions are.....yet, things remain the same. Our roads have claimed 13 this mean we can rule the roads because there aren't enough cops on the roads to scare these unidentified flying objects?
What's got my attention is what was done at Gun Beach this last week. Nothing will ever bring back what could have been recovered from the burial site because of the over-anxious contractor. I hope it costs big money and in time. How many movies have we seen about homes being haunted because they were built on burial sites....Alas! We're building a slew of buildings on burial sites and we haven't even learned our lessons from the Nikko Hotel(remember the rumor of the dancing after midnight on top of the Chinese restaurant) and the 13th(if there's one) at the Marriot Hotel where the camera's pick up filmy objects moving down hallways-I said rumor......but the people who told it were pretty real about the experience!!! Anyway, we're now going to be adding a bunch of tall buildings on top of burial grounds where the Atchaot and Matua once threw their fishnets, where Latte Stones survived World War II, earthquakes and typhoons.......but not those damn bulldozers.....hope the Koreans aren't superstitious(sp)....4th floors? Don't even know how to appease the spirit of those ancestors.
I hope we don't get a group of smiley faces that will say it's okay if we can get the burial body parts into cardboard boxes and place them in cement vaults like we did for the last hotel that raked over ancestral graves.
Not going to list the government and its can read all of last year's papers(and the years before that) the articles are still current....just some of the names changed....some directors went back to their classified jobs.
WWIII at Tiyan may begin soon when the airport decides it needs to reclaim property to build the road......we'll see if there's a blood war that won't be carried out at the Paseo Stadium.....
So, I'm still here, still opinionated, just think that anyone really cares enough about where this island is going to make a difference. We seem to do best when there's no power and no water.....when the government runs out of money.....power and water will be the only parts that work and believe me, only the rich will be able to afford it....hardly one poor person went to the hearings to complain about the continually increasing charges.
I've come to believe that this place is fully of baloney.....not something you want to hear on a frequent basis.

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May 04, 2007


And why not, not a damn thing happens to the bullies.....only the victim, if he's lucky, gets the ride to ER.....and if he's really lucky, gets to go home. The one before this more recent one wasn't so lucky!

And what happened to the boy at Southern High School that beat the hell, I mean, the life out of the Newby boy? Not a damn thing!!!! Big deal, he wanted to go to the parents and tell them he was sorry? Yeah, damn right I'd want to tell them I was sorry. I'd tell them pretty much anything to keep myself out of jail! But....Jeromy's still dead and the boy's still lounging at DYA and in the end, nothing will happen to him for what he did to end this young boy's life.
So you ask, why would these two teens from GW want to beat up another boy during school hours? Why not? Nothing's going to happen to them!!! Heck, they're probably the big boys on campus, the kids looking up to them. They have a black belt in bullism and there's nothing that anyone seems to want to do to stop it. So what happens? We are guaranteed that more and more will be beat up and until we have a day like the one that happened at Virgina Tech, we'll continue to do nothing! By then, it'll be too late!
Personally, I think DYA has become too easy on their clients. It's like being on vacation there.
I think that the parents of these bullies are responsible for how their kids turn out as well. I'm willing to bet that these kids are disrespectful at home and barely/rarely get the proper discipline.....perhaps the parents should call Sanctuary and ask if there's some kind of help they can get for their children before it's too late.
And you wonder why the Military decided to create their own school system? And you wonder why they're going to move the schools behind the fence where our bullies can't get to them? What happened to the 'friendly, laid back people' we were once said to be?

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You can tell GVB wasn't involved.....there were no hula dancers at the airport to greet the competitors!

I have mixed feelings about the Amazing Race that was aired here this week. On the plus didn't show the never-ending debate at the circus for a balanced budget for this year....... B., it didn't take the contestants to any public schools that had no working air conditioners and it didn't take them to any of the filthy restrooms..
On the not-so-inviting side, as in, if-I-were-looking-for-a-destination-to-visit-I-wouldn't-want-to-go-there, the race taking place on Guam made Guam appear as if it was 99% military. I loved seeing the air drop and the footage at Naval Station......but hated the ugly back room at the Hafa Day Taxi, making it appear to be a dirty back room, almost scary to ride a cab.
Don't get me wrong. I liked the idea of promoting the military, but the Race doesn't really do that. They go to places and from the footage, you almost want to get on an airplane and visit the place. I'm not sure that after you saw the Guam footage, you were eager to want to visit a Military post.
But.....I'm sure that the only way Guam was ever going to get on the Amazing Race was if it was going to be with the see, the GVB has become a knife and fork club, bringing its dance troups to faraway places and isn't really interested in participating in anything local so they probably threw away the letter advising them that AR was interested in filming the competition on Guam.
Everyone talks about tourism needing to have the locals participate....can't see that happening since the GVB has no interaction with any locals other than those thay buy them dinner or invite them to socials. There was so much that we could have done to make Guam shine on that show..........but, as usual, the folks at GVB were at siesta.....doing what they're best at!

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They talk the talk but don't seem to be able to walk the walk....what's new!

When I left the first time.....the dudes and dudettes at the circus were yelling and screaming at eachother about balancing the budget. The newbies were on t.v. and on the radio talking about cutting off such money drains as the Qualifying Certificates, raising the property taxes, possibly laying off people to streamline the government and so on and so on......then somewhere along the line, they got dream dusted on them and decided to raise everything that wasn't nailed down by law.....they could do this because you and I can't say it's exactly raising 'taxes'......and I don't have the space to tell you what the hooligans raised.....but did they put their foot down and tell the government that the big problem is that we have too many employees and that no matter how much we increase the fees and raise taxes, etc, as long as they're working for the government, we'll never make enough money to pay the salaries and have enough to build schools, hospitals, police buildings, colleges...or any other type building for that matter....hell, we don't even have enough money for asphalt for pot holes.....
So I went away, hoping that the ranting and raving would stop and they'd grow up and pass something to show that they had matured........
But.....they didn't....for weeks, they took dollars away from agencies.....only to put most of the money back into the same agencies....these people have revolving minds. They don't even know that they're changing their minds because they've lost focus on everything but that damned vote the next time they run for re-election.
We're such laughing stock that the people in the states no longer talk about the snakes....they're not talking about what idiots we are, trying to run the government.....trying to run an agency that's supposed to pick up garbage but can't seem to get all the trucks running at the same time.
About the only thing I can be sure of anymore....stay or that Guam will always be a laughing stock.....and worse than that....we pay the actors pretty hefty salaries!
I suppose the incoming Military (to include Marines) can use our lack of knowledge in running a government as comic relief.

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March 22, 2007


The challenge for Montel Mess' protege, Brie Beebee to take over the port began when he (Brie) discovered the portees(like, employees) dinna wanna have him as their bossman......

Then, the media got involved and decided to FOI the FOI and get the FOI (like the truth and nothing but the truth on Brie's background) to see if he be the man for the job.......Montel said he hand-picked the protege....the best amongst the best.......but darn, must've been something they be hiding because a member of the media invoked the freedom of information act and got the door closed on their face......hey, like, there's more than one way to skin that damn kat! He don't be working here yet and we don't be having his infotel....I mean, resume, not like continue, but like the written history of his job experience. All of a sudden, we ain't got permission to be asking why the man be gonna paid $90,000.....see, like if we saw that he oversaw the building of or managed the Burg al Arab, (7 Star hotel) in Dubai..or some other great, that FOI thingy became the first dead fly in the ointment......Montel says he hadn't accepted the job but friends who have friends say that Brie wuz at the job....working free ain't bad, these days, check some of those teachers out, half of them don't get a full salary, so the dude's a good dude to work for free, ya think? But, being on the job didn't impress the masses(as in 'en masse') A bunch of them decided that he not be the chosen one and today, without too much fan fare, Brie decided not to take the position, even if his mentor told the press for people of Guam to 'put up or shut up'...........hey adai, they only wanted to know what the guy had in his experience that was a good enough reason for a defunct government to pay such a high salary. It's moot.........the dude ain't gonna take the job and Montel and friends are going to have to go shopping again.........let's see if the next one will receive $90,000 and if his/er resume will be beyond FOI!
Now, if Brie is lucky, he can go back to where he was working and they'll take him back with open arms, just like Guam Visitor's Bureau did for Ernie Puppy who left the bureau for greener pastures at GTA......when that didn't work out......his friends bailed him out and brought him back to the fold.........awe, isn't that sweet? Not all employers are so eager to bring back quitters, but Great GovGuam will employee just about anyone, ex-convicts and all.
Hmmmmm, maybe Ernie Puppy can go to the port, they liked him at most of the places he worked before GTA, maybe he'll take the job for a few dollars less, even.

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I'm sure a few in D.C. would love copies of the comic books. In that form, the getting-worse-situation will be funnier, they can get their laughs.....then get to work on repairing what we've wrought!

The following is cut and pasted from today's Marianas Variety, as reported by Gerardo R. Partido. He talks about the situation at our school system. Read on and wonder (like me) how we allowed all of this to happen right before our very eyes! Truly, the dumb ones are those who enable the situation to continue. Perhaps in a comic book, it will make us appear as living in a place where there's a Keystone Government and where children's needs are places where empires can be built.

"By Gerardo R. Partido
Variety News Staff

THE deficit facing the Guam Public School System can be attributed to the bigger payroll that GPSS has at present, the Office of the Public Auditor concluded in its latest report released yesterday.
According to OPA, employee count trends in fiscal year 2007 show steady increases per pay period since September 2006, the end of FY 2006.
As of February 2007, OPA said 120 additional employees had been added to the GPSS payroll since September 2006, from 2,999 to 3,119.
Labor costs for the pay period ending Feb. 17, 2007 like-wise increased by $120,991, or 2 percent, compared to labor costs for the pay period ending Oct. 14, 2006, the first payroll in FY 2007.
The actual payroll data provided as of February 2007 shows GPSS salaries and benefits are generally consistent with the cash drawdown schedule that OPA provided to the GPSS superintendent and the Department of Administration.
However, OPA pointed out that the public school system is faced with a $42.1 million deficit and $53.4 million in liabilities as of FY 2005.
Had GPSS not incurred additional personnel costs, OPA said more money could have been used to pay down the deficit, as well as meet current operational needs.
OPA said the public school system deficit is the cumulative effect of expenditures exceeding revenues.
From FY 2002 through FY 2005, GPSS overspent budgeted expenditures by $23.2 million, but also received $19.6 million less than budgeted revenues.
OPA said public school system expenditures for personnel and utilities exceeded budgeted amounts by $6.6 million and $16 million, respectively.
Comparisons of actual labor costs from Sept. 20, 2003 and Feb. 17, 2007 indicate that GPSS has increased its labor costs by $1.2 million, or 26 percent. Part of this increase has been attributed by OPA to the following:
* The increase in government retirement contribution rates from 18 percent in FY 2003 to 22.94 percent in FY 2007;
* The reinstatement of salary increments by Public Law 27-106 in FY 2005;
* The pay adjustments granted to teachers, principals, and administrators in FY 2007; and
* The increase in the number of locally funded employees by 204, or 7 percent, from 2,915 as of the pay period ending Sept. 20, 2003, to 3,119 employees as of the pay period ending Feb. 17, 2007. "

Does it make you wonder why Juan FLores was fired? Why Nerissa Shafer(sp) wasn't hired to super-intend the system? They were far too strong and could stand up to those who have empires within the system. I'm thinking it's time to do a little(actually, a lot) sweeping....pretty soon, Uncle Sam's going to get tired of the mess we keep making and put a stop to all their generous donations......then those nuts can have reason to carry the signs....because, if the Feds stop paying everytime we mess up, a few nut cases will become paranoid(or are they already paranoid?) and carry even bigger signs.

Man, we really do have to put a top to what's going on at GPSS....they haven't even tried to cut costs.

Wonder what this island would be called if we were to be 'discovered'..........the last time, we were called the island of thieves.........perhaps we could be called the island of coconut heads? (That's an insult to the coconut, I take it back!)

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March 20, 2007


Darn.....I thought everybody knew about the great pyramid of power at GPSS.........long time and now it appears to be frontpage news that there's actually a bunch of lowlife that call the shots! Not news, boys and girls....'tis history!

Unless you were born yesterday or have had your head under a rock(and many of you have).........there's been several levels of power at GPSS....and you can confirm this based on the frequent turnover of superintendents.........Juan Flores didn't kiss ya know what and he's fired at dawn! The powerful find a way to get the weakest link appointed to the top so that they can use him as a door mat....pathetically(sp), he lets them......a bit masochistic but he gets a good salary so why not?
The dodo that can lie and look into the camera has so many strings pulling him (he's a puppet) that he's beginning to believe his lies...yup, we're doing our best, we're only interested in our children....I mean your children...
Ms. Nerissa Shafer(sp) was perfect....a lady, spoke English and didn't make up stories for the media....was a 'no no'.......she has too many principles and the empirical couldn't stand to have her hold a high position....hell, she might do her job so well and the school would run properly that they'd lose their got rid of her................
I ask you.......look back a few years.....who are the players that surface everytime there's a problem and money's short........hmmmmm, heard that the man who wrote the check for the Liberation Day Queen contest is actually back at his old job.........
Let's see if Peter Ada and Joe San Agustin have the spine to shake the tree of its monkeys......I'm betting you are too!
And.......until these empire people die or move to'll be 'same o, same o', at GPSS.
Dumb us....we think that we'll find out what's wrong if we spend $250K on an audit. I'll do it for free.....get rid of the monkeys and their friends/cousins and run the school the same way the private schools run theirs........with the children's interest at heart.
And some darn fool thinks it's all going to be okay because he's going to boil 9,000 eggs for the kiddies to hunt for........maybe they should spend the money on fixing the air conditioners....ber than than a trampled-on egg!

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Once we've made up our mind that we're going to be in control of who, where, when, how and how much the Moving Marines are one else will ever be right.....about anything!

Listening to the Big Show this afternoon was kinda sickening. So many people calling and whining and complaining about the damn military this and military that! Seems the likes of some big wigs(or maybe even not so big) are coming to Guam during Holy see, it's something like they work and it's the only time they might be able to 'fit' Guam into their schedule. The Biggies want to give the Guammies a chance to talk-talk about how they feel about the Marines, or whatever it is that's coming with them.
So instead of sitting back and saying....darn, they're actually coming to Guam to listen to what we have to say........they're all complaining about the fact that the Biggies are going to be here on Holy Thursday and can only conduct the meeting/talking/grip sessions that evening.
So.....on Holy Thursday night, some high big wig of the Catholic church will be asked to be humbled enough to wash the feet of Archie at San Ramon Hill. It's a ritual about humility, etc....don't even let me get theological......the people that will be at that very moving ceremony are not those that will attend the whine and complain session. They are confident that things will work out and just like before, 20,000 more people will mix with the population and you'll never know that there were signs up asking them(Yankees) to go home.....the people who are really into the Holy Week ceremonies aren't your run of the mill whiners.....they probably don't even listen to talk shows or get involved with the Chicken Littles of the island.............the hypocrites, however, call the talk shows and whine and complain that poor them are going to be burdened because those damned D.C. Biggies dare to come to Guam during Holy Week.
Poor souls, those DC'ers, they can't win for losing.
The whiner/complainers get mad because they aren't included and when they are included, complain about the time and date.......can't please a damn one of'em.......
But.........the complainer/lawmakers sure don't return that sacred Section 30 money..........which of course will increase when there are more military deployed here........
It's a little confusing trying to figure out why adults....with education....can act like little's no wonder the feds don't want to include the locals in their plans.....who wants to be blasted for just wanting to meet and greet for a few hours.
I dare say.....not a one of those who complained to Coffman of the Big Show will be at Church instead of the's just an excuse....they want their cake and eat it.......and it look like they's gonna do both......
Locals need fed bucks..........better be real hard if Unc Sam decided to get stingy on us whiners!
Otherwise, Ms/mssrs hypocrites.......quit your bellyaching....if you're insulted that the feds can only meet with you on H.Thursday.......then don't go! Believe me, ya won't be missed!

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We're sinking faster and faster into oblivion financially and instead of worrying about getting some real answers to the chaos, we're introducing bills that allow drinking alcohol in a moving vehicle, is that dumb or what?

Marianas Variety reports that Sen. A. Palacios; "NEWLY wed couples may soon be able to have that first glass of champagne together as husband and wife in a limousine en route to the wedding reception.
Sen. Adolpho Palacios, D-Ordot/Chalan Pago, introduced Bill 67 which seeks to apply existing rules and regulations from the “On Sale” Guam Code Annotated to a law passed in the 28th Guam Legislature.
“This bill would do nothing more but link the current rules and regulations that apply to ‘on sale’ liquor license to the mobile liquor license. The mobile license bill was passed early on in the last legislature,” said Palacios. “It would allow for the consumption of alcoholic beverages, like wine and champagne, in a limousine or chartered van.”
Okay, so since we're enticing people to drink in moving vehicles and dis-allowing others to drink in their moving about if we charge a huge amoung of money for that license? We seem to be going way out of our way to promote why don't we charge big time to make it available, likewise licenses for those who sell cigs to minors....I don't know how I lucked out with the two children's not needing to look 'macho' or 'machisma' by smoking while standing outside K-Mart after school. I think we should take a few of pictures of how ugly those 'hot' girls look while they're puffing away and place it next to the glamour ads that appear in print from time to time. Maybe if they saw how pathetic they appear with that ugly cigarette dangling from their mouth(which will have lines from the top of their upper lip to their nose when they're about 25 and those crow's feet lines by their eyes caused by their desire to be 'in'............
Yeah, we're not balance the budget, those COLArites aren't gonna get their dough.......why not introduce dumb bills so you can look like you're doing something.....even if it's wrong!

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March 09, 2007


Now we know what can happen to good people whan bad things happen to them.

KUAM's webpage reports that Johny Newby, 47, the father of Jeromy Newby, a 15-yr-old who died due to injuries sustained while at Southern High School by another teenager.

Newby is the father of the late Jeromy Newby, the Southern High sophomore who was brutally beaten at the Santa Rita campus last October. Jeromy's story shocked and saddened our tightly-knit island community, coming to a tragic and heartbreaking ending when, after being in a coma for more than ten weeks, Jeromy died on January 5 due to complications with his injuries.
KUAM reports that: "This is the second time Newby has been arrested this year. On February 14 police arrested the Talofofo man after he was removed from a public school campus after allegedly getting into a verbal argument with school officials. "This is the second time Newby has been arrested this year. On February 14 police arrested the Talofofo man after he was removed from a public school campus after allegedly getting into a verbal argument with school officials. "
He is now in jail after a search that revealed he was in the possession of ICE and was under the influence of alcohol and drugs...not to forget he was driving under the influence of same. He was booked and confined.

It's easy to gather the news, report it and even make a sensation over it, but what of the deeper issue, that the man mourns the loss of a son. Who can just get a life back after watching a son slowly die after being brutally beaten up? I don't condone the use of drugs or alcohol as a means of escaping reality....perhaps he was doing just that, but while doing that, he brings more pain to his family that continues to mourn their loss. Is what he's doing his own way of giving up on the world? A slow way to leave the world? I liken it to Anna Nicole. I think all those drugs didn't make her happy, especially after she buried her son. I think she took whatever it was to escape with the idea that it would speed up her end days. Could this be what Mr. Newby's doing?

I hope that there's someone in the jail system that can reach the man's psyche, recover his soul and save it before it's totally lost. The next time Mr. N. does the ICE/alcohol thingy, it may just be his last time. The man surely needs help. Hopefully, someone at DOC will befriend him long enough to allow him to grieve his son's loss and realize that his use of drugs is shortening his life, bringing more pain to his family who does not deserve it. Maybe someone at DOC will be able to teach this man how to pray, to know that he is Loved by God. One can only pray that this man finally finds peace, finds God.

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Equal opportunity! Whatever you do is okay, even if you've been convicted, you'll always have a the wonder no one trusts those people to get us out of this mess!

I've heard that convicted felons are very smart...keen, could it be that they're great hires for positions at the hallowed(BS, it's spelled, shallowed) halls of the 29th Guam Legislature........
So....I'm reading KUAM's online webpage and find that Jess Lujan has introduced a bill that will require all elected and appointed government officials to disclose any felonies that they may have been convicted of.......Mr. Dude says; "that any elected or appointed office that has the confidence of the people should be able to disclose any felony records." about the elected officio's staff who may be a convicted ya suppose the public will jump up and down with joy that this person has access to just about everything......soup to nuts about you? After all, he can call any agency and ask about you saying he's doing it for his boss..
KUAM further reports: "that there is also a law already on the books that requires Government of Guam officials to undergo ethics(ha ha and your dream....I don't think the word ethics is in their Direct Instruction text!) training adding that his bill would help improve the transparance of the government." Oh boy, 'transparancy' ain't in their DI text, either, infact, it ain't in most govGuam agency texts. For all they know, ethics could be a seasoning that you put on a sloppy joe sandwich, something like MSG at a Chinese Restaurant!

So, on the same subject of felony and conviction (I think we could make a new game and market it....something like Monopoly.....only instead of buying places, you could make them agencies and figure out how best you can get a felony and conviction pass and the one who can get out and work for a senator wins the game.....what'dya think?) KUAM reports that:" Former Guam Police Department captain Gene Tennessen is working for the Government of Guam again. KUAM News has confirmed that Tennessen, who was convicted on felony theft charges and official misconduct and who is currently on trial for witness tampering, now works for former police chief and newly elected senator Frank Ishizaki (R). According to the senator, Tennessen is very competent and experienced worker who is now a staff assistant at his office. "You know, other people have had convictions on crime and had been given a chance to work for this government, I don't see why Tennessen should be treated differently. I have a lot of faith and confidence in him and I don't believe he is guilty and I think he was wrongfully convicted," said Izhizaki, who was elected to his first senatorial term last November."
So, okay.....I'm thinking that maybe this dude had a special kinda court thingy? The former chief'o'pohleece says:"I don't believe he is guilty and I think he was wrongfully convicted." So, who were the idiots that wrongfully convicted this poor man, wow, that's a bummer!!! How could they go and do that? And then there's the big 'wonder' about what the treatment was for this poor ole nice guy that was mis-wrongfully-convicted by the coppers because the chief'o didn't think he wuz guilty. the guy that's on drugs and keeps on driving the school bus, the deputy director that shoots strange thingies in the night when he's not supposed to cuz it's not 'that time o'the year' and firepeople who fail their urine tests cuz it's clouded with drugs....we'll continue to hire these people and they'll continue to give the example that it's okay to do whatever.......cuz you're gonna appeal your case.
What picture does this hiring paint for the cops? The bad cops will certainly continue to be bad, perhaps even get 'badder' and the good cops will hang their head in shame that no matter how hard they try to do their job, someone's always gonna doubt them....making them look like they didn't do their job right.......wrongfully convicting is something that happens when a cop does a bad job of gathering his/er facts..........
But I keep forgetting it's Christmas time and I haven't gotten into the mood yet..........hey, Mr. Felonios, welcome to the zoo, may all your days be interesting ones!

Good job, KUAM.....

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Seems Mr. Absent-my-mind P. of the Agana Zoo wants and his friend professor wants to give away more money that we don't have. Prof. McCinch has been here too long, he's acting like one of us!

According to KUAM news, 'I'm-not-in-my-right-mind senator wants to reinstate one-step increments for the lucky govGuam employees on paid vacation and receiving Doc Sanchez scholarships. "If passed into law, would give a one-step merit pay adjustment fo Government of Guam employees who graduate under the program."

Merrrrrrry Christmas and it's not even Easter. Why is everyone hell bent on spending what we don't have? Number One.........we're wasting time even talking about stuff like this exclusive scholarship.......surely at least one of those sitting on the side of the table that gets their coffee served can figure out that this isn't the time for raises or one-step increases. Hell, they should be thinking about three step decreases. I dare say, the 'I think I know everything political about Guam professor' doesn't seem to realize that his very own university should be on 'downsize mode' instead of conjuring up ways for idiots at Julale to give away money like it's growing like mold at Southern High School!

Perhaps we should talk about why the one-step became a 'no step' in 1998 and leave it at that. Perhaps even then GovGuam was already leaning like the tower of Pisa........oooops, the lawmakers haven't reached this chapter in their direct instruction textbooks, yet....maybe when they get to it, they'll realize that we should simply stop what we're doing and try to figure out how we're going to run the government with less people because we can no longer afford to feed everyone at the public trough(rhymes with cough!)
It's so much fun to watch the playtime on Channel 13.....It's probably the only time you get to see an entire bunch of people who have bipolar disorder. Could it be that's why they think it's already Christmas and want to give away money in little increments?

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March 08, 2007


Do those idiots really believe that money grows on trees?

It was a weary day and so I thought I'd get some comic relief by watching the clowns at the public hearing. What a bunch of them we have and they were actually serious when they sat before these lawmakers that know good and well that there's not a damn dime in the register for a postage stamp let alone a state of the art museum for Judi Gutherz' father's Samurai sword that he found in some cave in Agana.
Sure, Podunk Town in the U.S. of A. might sport a museum and there's even one in New Caledonia.....but there ain't any ice cream in hell and for the next eight to ten years, there ain't gonna be no state of the art museum, Sylvia Flores or friend, Tony Palomo or who ever it is that wants one built.
Oh, don't get me wrong, I'd love to have had one built after the days of the old Mrs. Thelma Glenn, when the island still had some of the neat stuff in that little 'mamposteria' building at the Plaza in Agana, but if we can't pay our bills and can't figure out how to educate our children without crashing the government, a museum is a luxury this island can ill afford. How many of us remember the days when Mrs. Rita Teehan brought the plight of the stuff that was at the Agana Library to the t.v. cameras and we all shed crocodile tears...boy, for weeks we wailed and screamed. We were going to save those precious papers and artifacts. Betcha they're either lost or stolen.......then, we weren't as desparate as we are today, then, we might have been able to have housed the artifacts at the old Legislative building across the street from the Agana Cathedral....
We're a dumb bunch of people that come before the elected few, using the biggest words we know, especially since there are cameras that show us on cable t.v.....and we ask for this museum, for our kids, our culture, tradition....but we can't even manage the libraries.
I remember when my daughter was about twelve and she visited the Agana Library for the first time. She felt to important as she filled out that library card application. Her hopes were dashed...she never got the card and we borrowed the books using my see, I didn't ever get a card but was allowed to borrow anyway. I thought then that they could have charged money for the card and actually use the money for new books or whatever it was that the library was always in need of.
Likewise, the museum, would it charge an entry fee to recover expenses for maintenance, etc? Who knows. These days, we only know how to hire and hire and borrow and borrow to get ourselves out of debt instead of thinking how we can actually have our cake and eat it too!
So, dear lawmakers, don't be intimidated by those who make you feel like you're the reason that we won't have a museum if you don't pass whatever bill is out there.....we don't have the money for a dump....right now, dear hearts, that's more important than a place to hang Magellan's picture....or whatever it is that Sylvia thinks will draw awe and attention to the room!
Oh....and to put another $3.00 a day on those poor tourist's hotel bill during these lean times? That may just be the straw that breaks the camel's back....hmmmm, should that be a carabao, instead? the Navy still culling the carabao at Fena? Just thought I'd ask.

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March 03, 2007


So, if you're in the states and jonesing for some Chamorro might just get lucky at this party below!

5PM - 10PM





"CHAMORRO PRIDE" celebration with "ALYSSA" Saturday, March 3, 2007, music by: "DJ

Please join us and make a difference, because "We Care and You Count".

Flyer attached for more information.

"nihi ta fan baila"
si JoJo

Download this as a file

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February 27, 2007


Took a long time but it finally hit him....the stipends just wasn't worth the headaches.

According to Mar Vic somebody of the Marianas Variety, Fred Horecky, the smartest man on the Guam Election no longer going to be that....cuz, he's running the other, away from the headaches and havoc that comes with that job that pays less than peanuts. He's really a young man but you couldn't tell it cuz he's totally gray and walks like an old can be sure he got that way from being a member of that board.
MVariety reports that his term expired (I wonder how high in the air he jumped for joy) on 23 Feb.
I guess I'm not totally surprised that Mr. H. is leaving, he's a Demo and it's kinda a repubicrat administration but nonethelike.......tis gonna be interesting who's gonna replace his brain power. Another person that Mar Vic Person says is leaving is that of Greg San Nicolas...seems his term has also expired.
In the end, it's no problem...unless there's a run-off cuz UA pulls off some Supreme Court'll be quiet down at that 10 storey building for awhile. I wonder if they're caught up with their utility bills!

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Could it be.....the reason the Greek decided to jump SS(sinking ship) GEDCA?

Alas! I think I know the reason the talented Greek head of GEDCA decided 'no more, no more' was/is because he got a new deputy....can't figure out why since the agency hasn't had one since 19-forgotten.....anyway, it was interesting watching Mr. Blahs interacting with the clowns and COLA spectators this day.
Mr. Blahs is a nice guy and all but one can't say that all the 'screws' are all in the right place....or even that they're tightened .....remember....for several years, he bashed the jokers at Julale....even bashed Adelup and sided BIG TIME for Uncle, he jumps the fence and is on Uncle Felix' side? Gonna be interesting what happens if he takes over GEDCA.......
It's such a tightly kept secret why KUAM suddenly got rid of all the talk show hosts....I, suddenly....the prime 'talker' is outta job and now he surfaces as deputy of GEDCA. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wonders wha happened.
So........the funnies begin....starting with the COLA debacle....then add a sprinkling of Max Havoc and we should be up to some interesting, if not hilarious times ahead.
Welcome aboard, Sir Tony Blahs.......and farethewell, Zorba!

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February 26, 2007


The rats are jumping ship....that's my opinion, of course!

When the rats thing the ship is in grave danger, they smell it...they sense it....and so, rather than take a change of being on it when it sinks, they jump off.
So today, one of the golden=head(he has no hair) advisers of the governor is jumping off the HSS GUAM (his sinking ship) He's leaving his job as the director of GEDCA.......I have to say that having him there was better than not having him there, even if it meant not being able to collect the money from Mark of the Dragon, or whatever that movie was called.........
I will miss his repeat this response 'We're moving forward' everything he was interviewed of when he was caught before those goons in Agana.....but on March 9th........he'll be able to say it with some truth....Andy Jourdaneau will actually be moving forward. The government won't be moving forward(it didn't move forward while he was in it so there'll really be no change-him being there or 'gone'....)
He didn't say on ABC7's news report about where in the public jungle he was going to work but think it will be a conflict with local law that he had been working with GEDCA and come out of there and go directly to work for a bank....(his work with the 'consortium' and the bond issues and the like), then word with the bank that GEDCA may have been negotiating with........just a thought.
Okay, it's time for dinner.........ciao!

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The job only requires the person to have reached the level of the sixth grade. I dare anyone who's passed the 6th grade to apply!

I'm sure as the sun will shine tomorrow that this sixth grade graduate is already working at some bakery in Tamuning and it's a loop hole in the law that we're advertising for someone with his exact qualifications so that he can keep his immigration qualifications in order to keep his slightly over minimum wage job as a cake baker.

Ads such as these will continue to appear in the newspaper and they'll be so exact that no one here will be able to ever qualify for the job.

Aye adai those loop holes.....they sure keep our people from getting the jobs!

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February 25, 2007


Let's see how long PDN lets it last.

I salute PDN for opening up a comment line for the articles they report on-line. Some of the comments are of great interest and are quite 'newsy' themselves.....the comments is a thermometer of how well the island is doing....right now, we're at 1.05f degrees and counting....lots of pathetic news reminding us that we're not making enough money to pay for the cost of living that's increasing almost on a monthly basis. Everything has increased within the last six years, most recently, the water and power have increased and will continue to increase. People who do a bit of farming can hardly make ends meet because they can't afford to pay the new water bill....oh, those new radio meters? Heard they won't start reading until the whole island has been installed and 'working', but don't quote me, I don't always get my stories almost have to be rich to live on Guam and that's no lie. Even a can of spam or corned beef hits the pocket book.....I digress..........what I'm getting at is that now, there's a place for people to talk to the readers of the PDN about what they think about issues based on the stories that are printed on-line.
I suppose I'm going to give the chat line about six months before the haters start going on-line and bashing people personally and PDN will have to watch the page and start to lose money on same because of the awful stuff that people will print. KUAM had a forum, RleneLive had a forum, Charo had a forum and recently, K57 had one....they've all been shut down because of personal attacks or scandalous comments that weren't pertinent to anything...let's hope that people will keep their comments on the 'high road' and that we'll all be able to discuss how we're all going to survive this ship headed to the bottom of the Marianas Trench.(The ocean, not the Thai food place!!)

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If a private company only paid their employees partial pay can bet you'd see suits, maybe even jail terms if it happened on a regular basis.....yet.......

Yet.......many govGuam agencies do it over and over and over again......the lady AG said that it was not legal to make partial payments on an employee's salary.....the director of GPSS said he didn't want to go to jail and generally agreed with the law that states that an employee should be fully paid for the work done.......
Yet........employees of GPSS got checks that weren't complete....the figures in today's PDN about what the agency needs within the next few weeks for GPA, retirement, payroll is huge........and then there's the issue of the recent raise.
Couldn't we just ask the private schools how much they'd charge the government to take over the school system? I've yet to hear that Bishop Baumgartner or Harvest or St. Pauls, or San Vicente or any other parochial school has come close to a payless payday....or even a partial one. Sure they charge for their students, but the parents get results for the dollars they spend since the kids usually do's quite obvious that these private schools know how to manage their meager funds. They even manage to pay their bills within 90 days and one of them even built a brand new gym....
I swear.....if I ran a company(or agency) that couldn't find its way out of a paper bag, I sure as hell wouldn't give not a one of them a raise....with the exception of the underpaid teachers in the trenches who've long been unappreciated and underpaid.
Maybe it's time we got rid of a few secretaries and the PIO and give their salaries to the teachers.....if those that have secretaries can't type their own letters and file their own material....then their salaries should be examined.....
The Feds must be laughing big time at us.......especially when we ask for money for this or for that.........heck, they're liable to start asking us for a paper trail for all the money they give us before they give us any new money......that would not be a good thing! And you wonder why our teachers went to Las Vegas....or....DODEA....

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February 23, 2007


Ask a poor person how he survives....then perhaps we should make a list on how to save money for our broke-down government!

I think it is a Scottish that had the saying; "Penny wise, Pound foolish." Seems these days the mucky-mucks of GovGuam are just that..penny wise, etc. According to KUAM, the actg. Gov. has put together a list of things that government can and can't do to save bucks.......I like the part about the travel. During the first part of this administration's term.....all the agencies discovered parts of this whole world....China, Europe, the U.S., what cost, who knows. Now, we're talking travel, but at the cheapest fares......hmm, he didn't say that the agencies should be savvy enough to arrange their travel in time for saving big the 7-day, 14-day etc., air fares.....but more than that.....he(and his boss) can almost make all the travel for the entire government entirely making all government paid travel tickets have the perks turned over to a government account. Various private companies fly their employees for free using mileage points. We can surely use these mileage points for those that need air fares to hospitals in the U.S. or the P.I....
Then of course, there's the power that the entire govGuam agencies use as if there was no tomorrow.......when the offices close up for the day......the air cons don't necessarily go off, the computers aren't turned off....etc.....I'm sure that there are agencies that can't turn these mentioned items off but most agencies can almost turn off the main switch when they close up for the night.
And...I'm sure the people at Advance Management aren't going to love me but.........can't we get the students to pick up a mop and broom to pick up the room before they leave the class room at the end of the day? (rotate it so that all get the wonderful chance to help)...Those that misbehave can do the yard work. I hear that's how Fr. Duenas Memorial High School keeps their grounds in such good shape. I think it's called, 'justice for God' or, JUG for short. I've heard that some boys have been known to lay tile and hang doors for the school. I'm not suggesting that public school students lay tile or fix air conditioners but they can do light work to instill pride in where they attend school and the government can save a few buck....paying a few dollars for what the kids can't do such as fixing or maintenance and the like........
Oh....and those streetlights that working 24-7....they're if we drove around the island and fixed them to work only after dark.......we'd save at least a dollar ninety-eight!
And those wonderful cell phones......I think it's time to review the accounts payables and see just how many dollars we've been spending on them.......I don't think we all need to have a cell phone........gosh, I remember when it was vogue to have a beeper! I think this is where the actg. gov. should consider the cheapest rates....I've seen some pretty snazzy phones....the ones that take pictures and all........hmm, maybe I'm just jealous because I don't own a phone....
And how about those car rental units....or those who get reimbursed for gas....does anyone really check those chits when they're turned in?
There's a ton of ways for the government to save money.....but it'll be hard to break the spending's so easy to spend the money when it's not yours. There's a thinking about money and government and unless you're outside looking it, you never 'get it'....remember the issue about the dump and the big fine from uncle Sam of more than $3K per day or something like this and the director of DPW says publicly....oh well, it's just $3k per day? I'm not sure how much the fine amounts to at this writing but I'm sure it's in the ten$ of thou$and$......and we'll continue to keep the dump open because it's just a small fine that we have to pay.......
How many other agency directors think this way? I wonder if the actg. Gov. should call a cabinet meeting and have a think tank going on how to save pennies........truly.....if you pick enough of them'll have a hefty amount at the end of the day....and that's a beginning.
Gosh.....we could even get trash cans at all govGuam agencies and collect aluminum cans........I know someone that treats his family to a great dinner out once a month just on the cans he collects...just a thought.
That's my laundry list.......what's yours?

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And I bet they get to keep their jobs...good example for the other employees to follow cuz nutin happens when you break tha law, dude!

KUAM reports that a GFD fire chief says: "there is no excuse for drug use in GFD, considering the firefighters' significant responsibilities to the public. While he has a zero-tolerance approach to drugs in the agency, Peredo does say those who tested positive will be able to go through a drug rehabilitation program. He said, cautiously optimistic, "If they complete that and successfully pass and satisfy enrollment in that program, then that particular employee has the right to come back to work provide that he does not revert back to using that substance again."
So........if the fire chief says there's there's a zero tolerance for drugs, one would in....none....none in the blood, none in the lockers, none in the wallets, none in the urine.... It's nonsense to say there's a zero tolerance for anything then dance around the issue when 'stuff' is found in the drug tests.
It's like being ain't ever just half pregnant! The dudes are druggies and if they want to be druggies, they should find jobs that allow them to have the stuff in their urine tests....and GFD should only keep employees that stay within the rules and regs.....otherwise....why have them? (rules, regs...or the damn employees that can't stay straight!)
KUAM further reports that the chief didn't release the names of the druggies......well, let me tell you.......the whole lot of GFD know who they are because they ain't working their regular duties.....and....if they get to keep on working after they're caught...what kind of example is it to the others that follow the law and pass every drug test...random or otherwise?
According to KUAM, chief says:"We just can't afford for our personnel to be under this situation at any time...yes, I am disappointed, but it happened and what we can do is find ways to fix it and don't let these things happen again."'re the boss....the way to fix the problem is to get rid of the employees that break the law....if you fire those employees that break the rules, others won't be so tempted to do drugs....right now.....who the hell cares about whether you're disappointed or not...they'll do whatever the hell they want and you'll just go on the air and whine about finding ways to fix the problem.
One of our biggest my most humble opinion, of that we don't have a backbone......we're so hell-bent on being liked that we don't know how to kick butt........I'm still remembering the drugs and stuff used with it found in lockers at the new(then) fire station in Astumbo.....those dudes didn't lose their jobs either.......
Unfortunately....the lack of spines is contagious.....GWA and other govGuam agencies have had druggies who failed their urine tests and didn't lose their jobs I wonder why stuff like this even makes the news when it's such a common event......and it wasn't even a slow news day!

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February 22, 2007


He sure had a lot of 'listeners' but what exactly was his message?

I watched a bit of the interpreted talk between the Japanese politician and the mucky-mucks at the hallowed halls a few days ago....The man's arrival was advertised big time on talk radio....he was going to address the tangantangan nation members at UOG. He supposedly had something important to say to the zooes as they sat at his feet listening to his very words about Okinawa, the Japanese Diet(not the kind you go on to gain or lose weight) and the 6 billion dollars that the Japanese Diet might 'lend'(I swear, that's what I heard translated) the Americans to help move the Marines from Okinawa to DUVA.
The dude said things like it's better for the military to interact with the people outside the gate rather than just stay inside the, that's really big news....good for Lone Star and OutBack steak house....he was vague about the horrors of the Marines and Okinawa and mentioned that yes, they did buy trinkets that helps the economy somewhat(my interpretation of the interpretation) I even gathered that one of the reasons the Okinawans want the Marines to move is because the people want their property back.
The clowns seemed to want the words to come from the dude's mouth...words such as....tell the members of the Japanese Diet to tell the American Government to make sure that some of that 6 billion is used for infrastructure for outside the gate....but.....the man didn't respond.....seems the language barrier becomes a real hurdle when well, someone said the no-no words and the translation really got lost....war reparation(s) went right over the dude's head as well as his English spokesperson....
What the dude said over and over and over, that if the officials(he wasn't exact about which officials would be the ones to be the ones to do the task) wanted to make sure that some of the 6 billion dollars was to be spent outside the gate.....that the officials had to demand it be spent on whatever the officials wanted...the dude also sympathized that the clowns were clueless as to what's happening or going to happen with the coming move of some 8,000 Marines.
I'm sure that I'm naive and just didn't get the reason for the man's important meetings.....and that I misunderstood everything that I heard/watched on the 'local government' t.v. channel......but I sure thought that it sure was a strange thing for a Japanese politician to come to Guam to possibly instigate problems between the 'locals' and the military....especially since several elected officials already feel left out of the military planning meetings.
And I'm naive enough to wonder if the Japanese Diet, or any local state government in Japan would appreciate one of our elected officials to come to one of their towns to hold a 'town hall' like meeting, suggesting that their people demonstrate or demand from the government what they want.
I'm sure there's a very simple explanation to the man's visit.....but the island's already tense enough about the coming move that we don't need any help making the natives more restless.
Wakarimasu ka?
Iie, wakarimasen!

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February 19, 2007


I don't have permission to publish his missive so I'll leave his name out of the picture. Just know that he isn't painting the coming Marines, their dependents and other military personnel with the same awful paintbrush.

I cut and pasted the letter without the writer's name;"January 13, 2007Something from Auntie Charo whom I consider a special cyber friend. We've been exchanging thoughts for several years now, though I haven't heard from her in several months. Here's what she has to say about the uproar that some are making about the Marines coming from Okinawa. Some even elected public officials.
I totally agree with Charo and have so said in a few previous e-mails to most of you guys. Enough of this the sky is falling bull puckey, I say! As you know my wife *** is Okinawan. Neither she, nor her large family ever harbored any ill will or hostility towards Americans. That would include Marines. And hopefully me too since I married their daughter/sister. Her brother ******* ******* was an Okinawan policeman for 41 years and I've never heard him criticize Americans or Marines. He lives in Ishikawa, just
a few miles from the Marine's Camp Hansen, where my wife worked in the Base Exchange during our second tour in Okinawa. She thought they were gentlemen and treated her kindly. Her brother ****, who has worked on Kadena AB for more than 30 years and he isn't critical of Americans either. Three years ago he and his wife visited Guam. Enjoyed a day of golf on Andersen. His wife's mother resided in Agat until her death some years ago and she now resides in Our Lady of Peace cemetery in Windward Hills. The point is, as Charo points out, that there will always be some malcontents and problem cases in any large group. I don't think it's any secret that many crimes, especially assaults, have been committed by locals against Americans and yes, even against those big tough Marines. The same is most likely going to occur when they arrive here on Guam. It will be
interesting to see how many locals chime in and say, "I told you so!". I'm sure one lady senator already has her words ready for the press. I guess since she's spent a few days in Okinawa, and briefed by some Okinawans, that she is now qualified to address the matter.
What I wish the lady would pay more attention to are the abhorrent crimes taking place right here on island Guam. Does a week ever pass that a young child isn't abused in some fashion? How many such acts are committed that aren't even reported and kept secret within the family? More than a few I'd guess. What would you and I know, eh Sgamby? Or any of the other Marines receiving this who have spent some time in the 3rd Marine Division. Color me very disappointed in what I've seen on TV, heard on the radio or have read in Mr.
Webber's newspaper. The one some call fish wrap. Why is that Lee?
Fish wrap is a term often used on K-57's Message Board before it was so unkindly 'deep-sixxed.' There used to be some very smart people posting there. Pretty sure many of the elected officials, our Fearless Leaders like Felix and King Karl and his minions, didn't appreciate what was being put into print. The truth hurts maybe?
OK, stop reading my malarkey and read what the nice lady Charo has to say. For Charo: Hopefully more like you will be receiving the Marines, and the Air Force and Navy new arrivals too, as you do. You'd make a great Director of Hospitality, if there were such a position. ****** in Guam"

I hate that Marines and the building for the arrival of same is equal to money and for that, people are running in circles trying to get a cut of the pie......otherwise, they hate the coming of the Marines.
What hypocrites we are.

It's so stupid that we can't all forsee that more Marines and their dependents will be earing more hamburgers from the fast food joints, that more of them will watch movies, shop at K-Mart, shop at Home Depot, who may be trained in teaching and will(if we're lucky enough) will apply to teach our children, giving them a view of the world from the eyes of someone new. I'm sorry(and I say this tongue in cheek) I fear more for the safety of the marines rather than the safety of our people. What a wonderful and perfect world it would be if we could practice getting along with them as we wait for their arrival.

Dear Marines and your fmilies. Chamorros are basically a loving and hospitable people. They will adopt you as their own. They'll delight in teaching you about our favorite delicacies. We'll love your children and we'll enjoy being envited to your homes. Please don't let those who have hate in their heart scare you into thinking that your tour of duty will be anything but a happy and a loving one. I grant that when the time comes, there'll be tears spent because you'll be leaving behind people who love you and who'll miss you.

How ever long way ahead your arrival will be.........I anticipate i'll b a happy one. Welcome to Guam!

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February 17, 2007


If you want me to run any advertisements for events, please send them to me in a text form. I don't open attachments.






NEICE OF JOJO BORJA (619) 993-1348

TIME: 5 P.M. TO 10 P.M.



Quality Entertainment you & your guests deserve to have...
(951) 265-4540 / (530) 749-1107

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I'm tired of reading about 49-yr-old men raping an 11-yr-old girl and basically nothing happens.

During the past month or more, there have been so many reports of criminal sexual assault on a minor, sometimes todlers and or infants that I want to scream everytime I read or hear about it because nothing really happens. It's like we turn away. Heck, it happened to someone else's daughter/son, what's it to me?
I suggest that the child's psyche has been ruind for life that real justice should include the wearing of something by the 'perp' as he's paraded around a busy street with a sign that announces what he's done to a helpless and innocent child. Go ahead, hate me for saying this, but I think he should be made to pick up the garbage while wearing the banner or whatever it is that shows what a beast of a human being he is. I think that the law should put this perp away for his life and that all the money he makes while in prison is given to the person whose life he destroyed. I think that the justice for the crime is nothing compared to the damage it has done to the child......and it's so sad because so many of us don't do anything to keep it from continuing, yet....each day there's a story about a man who's molested a child......worse than this, there are mothers who have less love for their child than a stray animal and allow their boyfriends to molest their children.....they too should be made to pay a hefty price for the pain the child will suffer for the rest of her life.
But....we've all one seems to care....and the girls become more cheap and become little tramps before they're even 12....then we wonder why there's so many teen pregnancy.....what's happened to our families.....aren't there anymore fathers like mine that lived his whole life making sure his 'baby' was safe from harm?
The sexual molestation of our children will stop when we begin to get more involved in our children's lives.....if we put more work into the family unit. If the family is broken.....then anything can happen and daily, the blotter proves just how broken our families have become....dysfunctional no longer the operative word.
It's 10p.m...........where's your teenager? More important....when was the last time you held him/er in your arms and told him/er how much you love him/er?
Do something different tonight.......write a short note about how much you love your child and are proud of him and stick it under his pillow............He'll think you're looney, but you'll fill his heart big time.....don't wait until it's too late.....tell him/er often how important he/she is to you and how empty your life would be without him/er in it..........say it have no idea how much time you have left to get this message across.
Let's let 2007 the year we put our children on a pedestal.....the year we mean it when we say our children are important and come first in our lives!

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I donna speka the goot kina English, but I ain't thu numbah two man at GP$$, either!

I always think that LOTE classes and the money spent for same in our public schools are geared for those coming from nearby countries....I mean, Federated nations that get federated funds from Unc Sam and should speak English....but....don't.......then there are those that come from the Philippines.....but.....those from the PI that I know are so proud of knowing how to speak English they incorporate it in with the various dialects....something know these days as 'TagLish' where am I going with this you're asking........
Well........I'm thinking that maybe during the time that one high mucky-muck at GP$$ he should have been studying English as a second language. The story on KUAM's webpage is vague so I'm not sure if he's a former or a current acting super-super at GP$$, but it seems he's the information gestapo of sorts because he wants everything that leaves the department to meet with his approval.....and after watching/listening to his reasons, I'm sure it ain't because he's going to check the 'info' for improper use of the king's language.......
Here's Mr. Former-Something-but still at GP$$ earning really big buck$ Chargualaf said about the information leaving his department....according to KUAM's Irish lassie, Ronna Sweeney:"
Chargualaf stated this afternoon the reasoning behind the supposed gag order. "Many information are being sent out to the community and we're being used to represent the GPSS [sic]. Many of those information may be inaccurate and not factual at all."
Do you suppose he should have entrusted the know-it-all-defensive Gerry Cruz to give him a bit of coaching? Oooops, wrong guy....the dude ain't speak so good, either, but that's probably a requirement for being able to do the PIO thingy and make big buck$.....heck, Mr. Heffalump is in agreement with the gestapo one should know what's going on at GP$$ unless it passes Mr. Chargualaf's desk....and don't you just wonder what the hell the punishment is if some dumb-dumb writes a letter to the editor and says something truthful about GP$$ that doesn't make the mucky-mucks look good?
I don't believe in micro-management.......but think that Peter Ada and Joe San Agustine should de-throne a few of those people at GP$$ central.......that there empire is a bit too big for it$ britches..and looking at that defensive PIO....I'd say he's got some pretty big britches that could stand being taken in a bit.....the way he acts on air these days, one would think he was the head of the school system and not Mr. Luis!
What is it that Mr. Chargualaf doesn't want the public to konw, that the school system pretended to pay gross amounts this last pay period but didn't? Or,.......doesn't he want someone to slip out a letter from the vendors of the school system that threaten to stop working with the school because their company went belly up waiting to be paid? Truly, he just wants to save his cushy job and keep the real problems from being leaked to the public.....too bad, Mr. C., we already know your guys do your best to provide the worst school system for our children....that's no secret, just take a look at the most recent SAT scores....that's if you've paid for them yet, that is.
Please, Mr. Chargualaf and Mr. G. Cruz, quite continuing to insult yourselves by thinking that you're fooling us.......We're a lot smarter than you give us credit for........and if I had any time at all, I'd gather a group of people to downsize salaries for those that try to keep the public from knowing what's really going on that you're all trying to hide.
I am so sorry for the school children of Guam that have to attend public school. I'm sorry for the teachers that are employed by GP$$...know one seems to know how to run a school.
I suggest that the government have a serious talk with the private schools and negotiate the take over of the system. I can assure you that the children will be treated as if they were the island's most precious resource.
What a laugh every once-in-awhile when a nutty senator suggests that the incoming military families place thier children in our public's so pathetic it's not funny......but then again....a few of them might just learn about many information and grow into a job that pays more than the governor of Guam is earning. Ain't life twisted?

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February 15, 2007


Mindy Fothergil of KUAM reported that a fireman, "Newby was charged with obstructing government operations, disorderly conduct, harassment, assault against a police officer, and resisting arrest. The Guam Fire Department is now conducting an internal affairs investigation into the arrest."

Let me say that everyone is innocent until proven guilty so anything quoted is strictly an allegation.......sadly, the name, the man is known to us. We watched he and his family hovered over Jeromy Newby, his 15-yr-old son who died because of injuries he received while at school.
We saw this man leave his child at GMH's ICU, to talk to the students of Southern High School about what happened when one acted out in anger, when one became violent, etc. We watched this man and his family in grief when Jeromy lost his fight to stay alive some months later. I don't know how I would have reacted if I was in this man's shoes. That some child beat up his boy and caused him to die surely changed the way he thinks, at least temporarily since his pain is fresh and raw, living his loss on a daily basis.
Fothergil further states that:" A local firefighter was arrested today accused of causing a scene at Agueda Johnston Middle School where he went to pick up a relative. John Newby was picking up a minor at the school who had been found in possession of a marijuana pipe. When he arrived, he allegedly got into an argument with school officials. When he was escorted outside by police, a physical altercation ensued."
One has to question how a minor was in possession of marijuana pipe while at school. Was the child just showing it off to be 'machismo or machisma'? Was the child a user? I'm sure the investigations will reveal what happened on this day when Jeromy's father's mind was transported to another time, another place where he could do nothing but be angry and disruptive. Would he have acted differently if his son hadn't died as a result of a beating while at school? Will Mr. Newby senior always feel this loss and anger everytime he's at a school where children are supposed to be safe? What triggered the outburst?
Forthergil finishes her report:"Newby is the father of the late Jeromy Newby, the Southern High sophomore who was brutally beaten at the Santa Rita campus last October and was in a coma for more than ten weeks before he died on January 5 due to complications." The complications regarding any possible recovery for little Newby is that there was no brain activity for weeks and it's said that his parents didn't have the heart to have the breathing machines disconnected.
The complication regarding Jeromy Newby wasn't with GMH or the breathing machine or the fact that he just never regained consciousness after he was beaten up. The complication that kept him from living out a long and fruitful life stems from an act from a child who lost control and alleged beat him up. This act comes with it many, many tentacles that years of counseling may or may not fix. As I write this, I would be surprised to learn that the boy's family was given the opportunity to heal with the help of a psychiatrist, with someone who'd help them contain the anger that has to come because they are mere mortals whose son was killed. Who's helping this family live with the complication that happened at Southern High School?
I saw brothers an sisters grieving Jeromy's death. Will they be able to contain their anger when the time comes, or will they falter as their father did because no one thought that they might need help just surving the loss of their loved one?
There are many tentacles that come with the loss of a child and family member, especially if the death was provoked....I'm really sorry for Mr. Newby. He wasn't at his best today, that ugly tentacle just wrapped itself around his better judgement. I don't condone what he's alleged to have done, but he's drowing in a pool of tears and hurt and I don't see anyone offering a lifejacket.
While GPD investigates the allegations, let's pray for the Newby family.....and thank God that our own families have been spared the murder of one of our children.

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She's got class, she's reasonable, personable and a great role model....oh, almost forgot.....and a great new attorney general.

I'm no great expert on attorney types or the like, but know that when a person has heart and mind in the right place that it can cause that person to be anything he or she wants to be. Alicia Limtiaco (in my humble opinion) is that person. In the few weeks that she's been the island's second elected AG.(the island's first elected woman AG) I've listened to interviews with her on the radio and thought her responses well thought out and put into a language that could be understood by most of the listeners.
This last Sunday, I watched Ms. Limtiaco on t.v. and found that she was not stiff nor stuffy. She was relaxed and comfortable and wasn't a know-it-all....nor did she try to outsmart or outtalk the t.v. host. She was quite the lady.....almost Madeline Z.B.-like.
Hubby made a comment about Ms. Limtiaco. He said that she was comfortable in her skin.
An odd description, I thought.....and I've thought about this for the two days or so. What would make this new AG comfortable in her skin....on radio and on t.v.? This afternoon, I heard her talking to the same radio/t.v. host, Ray Gibson who asked about her opinion about her choice not to get involved in the government's borrowing money to pay off debts until the case was heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. She spoke slowly and clearly, describing why she came to make the decision. Stuck in traffic long after the show ended and hearing more about her decision on a simulcast, hubby again reminded me how she was comfortable in her skin.
Since we were in bumper to bumper traffic anyway, I decided to ask just what he meant by the odd description. "She's comfortable being the AG because she knows her stuff. She doesn't have to prove how smart she is because she knows how smart she is and doesn't have to prove it to anyone. She's comfortable talking on the radio and on t.v. because she doesn't have an agenda other than doing what an AG does. She knows she has authority but doesn't need to show it off to feel powerful because she isn't ego-driven. She's got guts and class and she's nice at the same time, you know, like-she's comfortable in her skin."
"Wow, and she's pretty to boot!" He'd forgotten to include the beauty part in describing our new AG.
"Yeah, Nen, she's pretty but even that comes from inside.!" Hubby replies.
The light had turned to green and the car ahead of us didn't move, causing all sorts of horns to sound.....I was figuring that these horn-honkers weren't a bit comfortable in their skin, not comfortable in their vehicle, surely not happy to be on Marine Drive heading to Agana....."You don't suppose the AG would honk her horn to get traffic moving, do you?"
"Naw, she's smarter than that, besides, I think she's patient, don't you?"
"Yup, she's everything he said she was/is and I'm thinking we're pretty lucky to have her for the next four years and best of all, lucky to have her as a role model for young women on this island to emulate. She's a career woman, a wife,a mother and a great AG....what more can one ask for than for one that's comfortable in her skin.

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February 14, 2007


A group of people were promised a present of COLA....and so many people had to design ways to keep the people from getting the promised present.

And everyday, for hundreds of days, old men and old women would call radio sations and they'd tell their life stories....actually, some of them called to tell death stories, hoping to bring tears to the eyes, pain to the heart and 'I don't know what' to the conscience. Some would call and be angry about how long it was taking to get the precious present....others called to complain about the tricks being played on those promised this unique gift. Some people got together and brought the problem to the court....surely, they thought, a judge would bring justice to their group. He would declare that the gift was indeed theirs and that the government should pay the gift.....and right that!
Alas! A few would wake to realize that the judge was a mere mortal who wanted to help these promised thousands was related to a few who were amongst the promised. People called the station and complained about the judge who took the case. They said that his father and mother were amongst the promised. Now, they want a new judge. One that has no relations to anyone. I'm supposing that maybe they'll place an ad in a small town paper in Couer D'Alene, Idaho to find a judge that doesn't know anyone on the promise list....or better.....not related to any of them.
Anyway, the promised group will have to wait a bit longer for their dream to be realized-if see, there's this thing about maybe not being able to borrow the money and the U.S. Supreme Court.
So in the meantime, the promisees will continue to call the talk shows (they wore the lines up at the other station and now it's off the air) and we'll hear a death story from time to time because some of them are reallllllllly old. Oddly, the ones that aren't soooooo old? They're the ones that are promised a lot of in the $60,000 and over........this is just another neverending story about promises.....and life in what's turning out to be a very expensive to live at paradise!
And if you're wondering.....I'm related to quite a few of those old folks waiting for their gift$.......I'm probably also related to one or two of those who want to start a tax-payer suit to keep these people from ever getting their money......what a mess they've played with those poor people's brains ! It would have been so much easier to just say there's no money...there's no COLA. Someone lied to you.....and....get over it! But that would have been the honest thing to do and we're not there yet!

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Of course it's all allegations but this lady seems kinda on the violent side to be a customs ya'suppos they'll re-think her position?

Here's what Mindy Fothergil said about the lady customs officer and her little stint."A customs officer was placed behind bars after being accused of making threats. Cathy Leon Guerrero Santos, 37, of Santa Rita was arrested last night on numerous charges to include terrorizing, criminal mischief, assault, family violence, official misconduct, and criminal trespass. Police were called to a residence in the southern village around 9pm Tuesday. A woman told police that Santos became angry and began throwing things, and allegedly threatened to hurt her with her duty weapon. An internal affairs investigation has been launched into the arrest. "
So......I'm no judge and jury but the blotter stuff wasn't exactly what one does in a play pen.....meaning that Dear Heart probably doesn't play well with others.........
GovGuam's good for keeping employees on the job for pretty much anything they're accused of......hmmmm, maybe except for the dudette will probably be at work after she makes bail...or whatever it is that one does to get out of the klink.....and she'll probably not get any counseling which probably means she'll probably go 'postal' a time bomb waiting to explode. The $64,000 question is.........will she keep her cushy job and we'll all forget the above allegations like it never all the other times we alleged other govGuam employees were drunk and driving government vehicles........doing drugs on the job, etc?
Only inquiring minds want to know!!! you're wondering what kind of Valentine Day dinner I just had.........actually, it was the most delicious meal I've had in a very long time and the cake was divine! It's just today's news that's been a bummer!

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12 air conditioners to make attendees comfortable, forget that someone should have planned for its usage for the students of the school. We've lied so much we now believe our lies!

Jayne Flores, boss lady of ABC and FOX news had an editorial about the 12 brand new 3-ton plus air conditioners that will cool one large gym at a school for a few days. Stupid is as stupid does, the system purchased the units, installed them then decided what to do about the screens on the windows and the aluminum louvres.....oh, and there's that door problem that doesn't close properly so no matter how many units are on....they'll cool the rest of the village because the 'stupidoes' didn't factor in the doors.
Heck, I should be on my knees kissing the ground because the stupidoes bought the 12 units and that someday living athletes will actually play basketball or something similar in that gym without losing 10 pounds in the process.....but you see.....the units have been in the wall(or it's reported to have been by the two tubers) and that the kids have played 'sweating it out'......until this big deal seminar've discovered the money and can now figure out the window/screen/aluminum louvre problems......all in time for the sacred meeting!!!!!! Lucky usual, they always manage to end up with the crumbs!!!
I'm really glad Jayne Flores recognized the problem and 'editorialized' the situation.......she sure rattled Gerry Cruz(boy, didn't he used to work for Jayne at Cable doing sports----should still be doing sports cuz he ain't earning his keep doing what he's doing for GP$$!) I digress(don't you just hate that?) Okay, so she was talking to the kinda mixed-up afternoon talk show with Ray Gibson today and his cage was so rattled, I thought he was going to have an MI (look it up....his BMI is more than it should be for someone at a public school). He was really defending the spending of the funds for the show-off workshop! He was so upset....there was a Freudian slip about those lucky duckies who have certificates that got raises 'big time'...............
I'm not a believer of PIO least not his type of PIO-ing.......the PIO at UOG is such a refined person that you appreciate whatever it is she's 'selling'......even if you know there's no other college and that she doesn't really need to be 'selling'........then there's the new kid at GWA.......Gretchen, Hilda or whatever Ballendorf, bless her heart, calls to report the leaks.....compared to the dude that used to work there....lady Ballendorf(why can't I remember her name?) earns every penny she's paid........
So in closing......I'm thinking that with Mr. G. Cruz' defensive attitude about the falling down house of cards that GP$$ is......should really be working some place like the maintenance department.......since GP$$ can't afford to pay its bills, perhaps he can do something worthwhile and help the newly rich certified people and keep the schools clean, repaired and painted.....maybe there.....he can keep his temper in check......but then, it's late and I must be dreaming......but you got the picture!
Good editorial, Jayne!

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February 09, 2007


It's time we got the parents to pay for the damages their little children cause.....starting today is a day too late!

Marianas Variety, the island's most complete local newspaper, reports the following: "Guam Police Department public affairs officer Allan Guzman said Hagatna Precinct officers conducted a follow up investigation on Wednesday’s arrest and were able to take five additional minors into custody. “Officers were able to locate five more suspects linked to numerous criminal mischief incidents and thefts of vehicles in the West Gate Apartments in Toto. Damage to vehicles included that to an official GPD Jeep Cherokee,” Guzman said.
The arrested minors were aged 12, 13, 14, and two 15-year-olds.
They were all charged by GPD with theft of property, theft of a motor vehicle, conspiracy to commit theft, and guilt established by complicity. They remain in the custody of the Department of Youth Affairs."
I say.....bring in the parents and get them to pay for everything their little children broke, stole, etc. After the bills have been paid, they should then bring the children to DYA and should be made to paint over grafitti, etc...
I would also take the time to befriend them and ask where they got the ideas for their adventures. Perhaps they watch too much t.v.....perhaps the violent games cause them to dream up their acts....whatever it is.....the parents should be made to pay.....after the parents have done all the work, send the children home for a short visit.....believe me....those kids will be more than happy to return to DYA after the parents use the 'coreas'(belt) on their littl bottome............
I know I'm aging me self but when I was 12, 14 and 16? I was playing stick ball on the street. We once hit a neighbor's car and we were so in trouble that the owner called our parents begging them not to spank us since it was just an accident....oh the age.....the time when we left the screen door so that the wind could cool the house while we slept. The wood door was never closed and the window screens was so easy to break in that most of our friends used them as doors to visit us during the day.During those days, the boys ages 12, 14 and 16 were home feeding the chickens, pigs, working with the garding or out in the ocean working with the traps with their father.....but then, that was when there were fathers who lived with their wives. Sometimes I dream of those days and wonder if t.v., movies, magazines and the migration of all the different kinds of people caused my own people to change and now we must live as prisoners in our homes. I certainly don't feel safe outdoors without my husband or big dog who's recently learn how to attack with a few commands.

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On one of the tube newscasts, she was pontificated.....what a woman of great worth. She was finally retiring. Seems everyone remembered everything but the little stint in a federal pen.

Tube 7 reported a litany of the woman's great work. All the lady's first milestones, done by no other Chamorro woman. She attended the best school in California, was a vice-speaker, etc....etc. While listening to the diatribe, it was almost as if the next thing from the reporter's voice was the announcement that she would be beatified by the sitting pope. I wondered how this reporter could leave out one of the worst things that this woman suffered because of bad judgement and how she was sent away because her judgement caused her to break federal laws. The reporter trivialized this part, as if it had never happened.
And so, it seems that others had forgotten the time the woman served in whatever prison it was for however many years she spent, paying her debt back to society because of her bad choices. Tonight's KUAM news reports: "Through her long journey as a public servant, Dr. Katherine Aguon became the first Chamorro woman to receive a doctoral degree, receiving hers from the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Aguon was also the first female to become vice-speaker during her first term in the 14th Guam Legislature and served as a senator for two terms. She retired from her position as the administrator of the Division of Research, Publication and Training for the Department of Chamorro Affairs. She is known for her guidance and leadership in promoting the preservation of the Chamorro language and has published several books that focus on teaching Guam's indigenous tongue and the island's rich history and culture. Dr. Aguon stated at a retirement ceremony held in her honor Wednesday afternoon in Adelup, "Now I am going to catch up on all the time I have missed with my family, they were there for me from the beginning and are here with me now, at the end of a long career."
Kuam also reports that the acting Gov gave her an ward for her services. "Acting governor Mike Cruz presented Dr. Aguon with the Guahan Award for her commitment to the island and its people." Of course this makes one wonder if they'll give the award to just anywone.
My personal opinion is that Ms. Aguon doesn't hide from her past and would have not been offended if the months/years or whatever time it was that she vacationed with Uncle Sam was mentioned as a part of her celebration. The lady that she is, she was able to make something of herself after she served her term. I have to say that she is one of the island's true 'givers', giving of herself to anyone who needs her help. Knowing her, I think that she probably didn't want such a public presentation.
Unfortunately, what we did was again, send the wrong message to our children. We basically said that it's okay to break the law....and when you'll be given a good party. There's a double standard that we seem to have when it fits our needs. We've got to stop doing this. It's either black or white......too many gray areas confuse our's no wonder our children lie, cheat, steal and destroy the our island. They're so confused about what's right and wrong that they're stealing cars and breaking into homes.....after all, we'll all forget what they've done and some day, even through them a going away party.
What very funny times we live in!

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Listen to the talk show callers and all they have to say about the run-away teen pregnancies. The teens are having sex like it's going out of style....the by product being children. Used to be, these kids have adults to look up to. Adults that grew up doing the right thing, no matter what.
These days, the children have few people to look up stars certainly set no standards worth following. I thought for awhile, we might have had our very own famous athlete that the restless teens could emulate. Go out there and live your can be anything you want to be....if you work hard enough, practice enough, etc. Have some shame for the baby that's that's to bless your love and have him/er born into a marriage blessed by God.
Then, he appears on t.v. with his girlfriend and talk matter-factly about the baby their going to have sometime down the road....with no talk of it's okay to shack up and impregnate a woman and it's cool. The interviewer was actually buying into the milestone. I love babies and believe that they're gifts from God, but I also think that with babies come great responsibilities. It takes a father and mother to raise that child. And most important....a famous athlete that wants the kids of the island to look up to him should do the right thing....right his mistake. He got his girlfriend pregnant. He should marry the girl. Don't aspire to achieve your dreams, but not be responsible for your actions....almost being hypocritical. Not marrying the mother of your child sends mixed signals to our children. What you're doing continues to glamourize unwed motherhood, no matter how old you are, it's still not matter how old your girlfriend is.
Don't tell the children one thing and do the other.
You've lowered the standards and it's sad after all the endorsements and your hard work.

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February 08, 2007


Damn, we even have to have an ad for a Japanese-speaking jewellry salesclerk.....a temporary one at that!

I'm not looking for a job but from time to time, I read the classified ads and ads that advertise openings for various openings....and yes, the ones that dept of labor(the govGuam one) advertises to satisfy the H2 need before a company can bring an employee to the island because it(the company) can't find an employee qualified for that special job. The ad that ran last week got my goat....Ms. Maria Connelly, dir of DOL advertised a position opening for some 45 days...had to be Japanese speaking.
Now tell me......(and I'm not dense) how many people on this island speak Japanese and how many of them couldn't/wouldn't fill that position without having to have it(the position) filled by some imported alien...(not the UFO kind!!!)
I'm hoping a whole bunch of people go to DOL and apply for that temporary job....providing of course they speak Japanese and only need the job for 45 days!
I'm so glad that the contractors that will be building whatever it is for the military won't be needing employees other than those who qualify for the job.(like...they can read a blue print)...and who can speak English!

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There's a joke about leprosy, but I won't go into's no joke when history repeats itself!

A long, long time ago in the village of Tamuning, probably by where that big and lonely building stands behind Ben Franklin, or maybe even in Tumon where the buildings are taller, lived many, many natives with leprosy. They were loaded onto a ship and sent to the Philippines.
Gosh, there were stories that perhaps the 'gupalaos' were the ones that were the ones infected with the disease, others said it was a combination of Chamorros and 'gupalaos'(those from the Micronesian islands-although there was no such thing as Micronesia in those days!)
KUAM's report on their webpage about the possibility that one could get leprosy, is quite interesting in that it reports that people, families who sleep together or have close contact are likely to catch the disease. " According to Dr. George Macris with the Harmon Doctors' Clinic, leprosy comes in two forms, confirming that the student supposedly has tuberculosis leprosy, the more common and mild version of the two. Even though the student had been attending school, Macris says other students are likely not at risk of catching the disease, saying, "Again, leprosy is not a disease that spreads very easily. Very close contact is necessary. Years ago people caught leprosy in families that slept together with very close personal contact. It's not one of these diseases that for example like influenza that you can catch it from merely not washing hands or a cough in the face."
How many of us are aware of people from the neighboring islands who rent or live in homes that are built to house four people but actually house eighteen or more? I know of a family who live in a house with no running water and no electricity.....and this house is in the middle of Mangilao. After this article, I'm quite surprised that there aren't more leprosy cases and certainly won't be surprised if it comes back unless the people at Public Health does something about it.
I wonder if KUAM will do research on the person who has the disease and report the nationality of the person with the disease.....inquiring minds want to know!

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January 25, 2007


Sponsored violent-oriented activities don't help much, but no one seems to care!

It's front page and 'news breaking' stuff, the bullying, the beating, the shooting of pellet guns in out schools....our children seem to want to beat or kill one another, not two weeks after one of their own was buried after having died from being beaten up while at school, which we all thought he'd be safe at.
First of all.....being safe at school is the last place your child is safe at(forget the preposition at the end of the sentence!!!) Your child is either not safe there because his teacher or aide will molest him/er....or.....another child will bully him/er or....beat him/er up.
The next place your children is not safe at is at a park.....especially if the park is at Dededo.....last night....a gang of thugs beat up a few kids while two insensitive kids video taped the beatings...of course they stopped the taping to take part in the beating themselves...equal beating opportunity.....of course!
I'm not going to play shrink and say that the two working parents, the absent grandparents at the home when Johnny and Julia come home is the root cause of the rage that seems to fill the souls of these desparate children. Our kids see violence wholesale on a daily basis! They watch t.v. and are encouraged to watch the promotions from beer or liquor companies that show off those who want to punch out opponent's lights....beat'em up....mean like.
It's great to be the school bully....who wants to be the school wimp?
We blame the school for the child that brings the pellet gun to, when I was going to school.....if I brought a pellet gun to school, that was the end of my story...I'd probably still be grounded, picking up trash from Lujan's store to the old Town House! I say, make the parents of these children pay the price for that's time the parents got involved in their children's activities.....and people who don't have the time to raise children properly....shouldn't have them....for pete's sake....stop having children you can't raise. This government, DYA, DOC can't raise them for you! I firmly believe that if the parents were held responsible for the criminal actions of their children.....there'd be a little less bullying...a fewer less pellet gun shootings and zero deaths for the beating of students.
As for the violent oriented promotions that encourage the island's youth to fight and be violent....I think it's time that we stood up for our kids and started boycotting those companies that promote and encourage violence....
We really do have to take a stand on violence....the next child injured or beaten to death my be yours....a neice or nephew.....

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January 13, 2007


So, do we make a big deal out of it or should we quietly work out a relationship so that we don't have the problems that 'they' had?

KUAM's webpage reports that a group of peacenics from Japan were here recently, warning Chamorros and the Chamorro Nation about the coming of the Marines. Here's what KUAM reports: "Members of the Forum for Peace, Human Rights and Environment came to Guam this week to meet with island officials and members of the community. Yamashiro Hiroji spoke through an interpreter about the purpose of their visit, saying, "We came here to exchange our ideas with Chammorros and the Chammorro Nation, we'd also like to know more about the situation with Guam and U.S. bases."
Hiroji says the goal of this organization, which boasts millions of members is to promote peace and remove all U.S. bases from Japan. As for the transfer of Marines from Okinawa to Guam, Hiroji says that he has mixed feelings. On one hand he is happy to have less U.S. military personnel in Japan, but on the other hand he's concerned about the burden that it transfers to Guam. Hiroji says that in Japan the U.S. military presence brought along a lot of social and political problems. "Because of the U.S. bases it causes tension between the east-Asian countries and Japan," he explained.
In addition to increasing political tensions, Hiroji says that the Marines based in his country are also responsible for an increase in crime. "We had a lot of crimes committed by Marines, especially in 1995," he stated. "In Japan a 15-year-old girl was raped by Marines. This is not the only issue - there are also a lot of homicides committed by Marines, so I'm really worried about so many, 8,000 Marines transferred here."
First of all, these people are a group that want to get rid of ALL Americans-U.S. Bases (per KUAM's report) from Japan and it really doesn't matter whether the Marines are well-behaved or not, they want the military bases GONE!!! TWO: Most of the sins seem to have been committed in 1995 and THREE: They don't say how many homicides the bad Marines have committed. Of course, two homicides is two, too many, but just how many did the Marines commit and what happened to the Marine who murdered the two victims?
I have to say that whenever you import a huge amoung of anything, you're bound to get a few bad apples, so adding 8,000 Marines means that you'll probably get 100 bad Marines, 100 bad dependents, etc...I'm guessing the number, as it's anyone's guess how many bad apples will come with the group. In life, there are no guarantees that all will be the perfect guest, just as there are no guarantees that any of us will be the perfect host. How many of our hometown boys will welcome our guests with open arms as they come with their Section 30 monies that we desparately need? the meantime....let's not start calling them murderers and rapists before they even become our neighbors....these aren't nice names.....and words such as these are readily available for them to read on the internet....instead, we should let the 8,000 Marines and or their dependents look forward to moving to Guam where the people are known for their warm and friendly hospitality....where problems are handled quietly and intelligently(hopefully away from the Nation people) long before the arrival of our future neighbors.
I also hope that Uncle Sam allows not the Chamorro Nation but the members of the Legislature and the Administration to work hand in glove with the Marines assuring a smooth move to this island paradise and that by the time our friends arrive, our infrastructure problems are solved. (Yes.....I am a dreamer!!!)

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January 12, 2007


At a local school a student uses other students as targets with a pellet's that for being the campus bully?

One can't fault the students and other minors for being violent....every where they look, the adults are showing them that it's okay to be violent....heck, they learn while todlers (at home) that it's okay to hit mommie(or daddy, or even brother Jose and sister Kathy) torture the cat or family pet. Little is done with kids that beat up other kids in school. If one brings a gun to school, the kid gets a 10-day suspension- big wow.....the student gets a ten day vacation......
So, Johnny brings a pellet gun to F.B. Leon Guerro School and shoots students....the kid is arrested, suspended and is at DYA....not much else is known...but betcha he's out within days and he'll be back at school....bragging about being at DYA...he'll be treated like a hero.
How in the world did the boy get a pellet gun into the campus is the $64,000 question since the school is supposed to have a rule in place that requires a see-thru bag which would make it hard to hide such a toy....who's watching out as these kids enter the campus? Who's watching as these kids enter the classrooms? Should we have someone pat them down as they enter each classroom....randomly, perhaps?
Violence is rampant and is really a social need only read the paper or watch t.v. or read the press releases of what's coming in the form of entertainment....the extreme productions that include the beating of bodies until they bleed....the kicking, the fighting....maybe if we boycotted the companies that promote these violent oriented events, they'd get the idea that it's hurting our minors and put a stop to it....otherwise, our children will continue to be moving targets to the likes of that boy at F.B. Leon Guerrero.

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January 09, 2007


So sad.....the sign of the times.....

One must read Amanda's comments about my opinion on Jeromy Newby's death from his beating from another high-school student from Southern High-School to get a 'feel' about how a teen might feel about the demise of that young boy and how easily his death is to forget, focusing on the living, using the 'forgiveness' as a prod to moving forward and 'getting over it'.
Dear me, I'm all for forgiving and yes, I'm sure that anger probably took over the boy, causing him to beat Jeromy up until he was nothing but a living vegetable, but to forgive without calling for justice just doesn't cut it for me. We can't say that it's Christmas or New Year and it's the season for forgiving and saying that the anger gor the best of someone and to move on after a life has been snuffed out. To do so means that we have de-valued the life of a human being. It means that we can kill again because when it happens, we can blame it on anger or insanity or something in that line of thinking and 'forgive' and move on, forgetting that a life's been taken.
Should I have been saddened because the boy who did the beating was in DYA the whole time the Newby family was in total chaos as they watched their boy's life slip away from them at the ICU unit at GMH? His being at DYA was a result of his choice of action and no one else's. He could have gone to school to learn on that October morning. But he chose to do something else.....and because he chose to do something else, he ended up at DYA, and Jeromy Newby ended up dead.
In time, the boy at DYA will either go to DOC or be released...either way, he'll be able to see his loved ones. He'll be able to hug and kiss his mother, maybe even have a girlfriend and get married, get a high-school diploma and or go to college. He'll have his life and have all the things that God created him to have, but because of what he did, Jeromy Newby will never have anything.....Jeromy and his family being cheated of all of the wonderful milestones a family usually celebrates.....
Yeah, I believe in forgiveness, but it's got to be mixed with justice and so far, no one's talking 'justice'.....but then again, I just can't understand why our children are so angry, so enraged, so mad at the world.
Have you ever made eye contact with a teenager at one of the mall food courts? Their eyes aren't the happy eyes of teens having a good time....or looking to have a good time...they have the eyes of teens mad at the world and if you can't read it in their can read it on their tee-shirts.
So sad.....these times.....!

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January 06, 2007


I think I would have preferred to see the rest of her trek to Fonti River!!!

KUAM reported on tonight's news that Continental was upgrading its entertainment services on "business class aboard Boeing 757s and you can now choose up to 25 movies and 25 SHORT-subject programs and 50 compact discs and that systems will also be installed in the aircraft's economy cabins during the summer of 2007."(Lucky the sardine-packed freaks in the back, they get to choose 25 movies too!
I'm really happy for the passengers flying Continental Airlines i New York and Newark, do you suppose that we'll have some news next week on other upgrades going on between Cleveland and Akron, Memphis and Nashville?
Honest, I'd rather hear that Continental Airlines is lowering its airfares between Guam and Honolulu (forever and not just sometimes when it suits them), but guess any news is news for a slow news day!
I rather enjoyed Jean Hudson's trek with David Lotz and hope that she and camera man spend more time with the trek. We often forget how beautiful our island is until we see others enjoying a walk to visit the pretty parts of it.
Good on you, Jean, hope it's a regular part of your weekend news.

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Honest....they're looking for one, maybe you can help!!!

Cut and pasted from Charo's mail.
"Hafa Adai Family and Friends out there!
The Sons & Daughters of Guam Club, Inc. in San Diego,
is seeking young Chamorritas between the ages of 16 and 25 to compete for the title of 2007 SDGC, Inc. Liberation Queen.
She must be of Chamorro heritage, or born on Guam, or another nationality reared by a Chamorro, and must be familiar with the Chamorro Culture.

The Contest provides an opportunity to compete for the Crown and earn a percentage of proceeds from fundraising events.

The Liberation Queen Contest starts with the Kick-Off Dinner Dance on January 20, 2007 and ends on June 18, 2007.

The Title and Crown will be awarded at the Liberation Ball on July 7, 2007 at the SDGC, Inc. Pavilion, to the candidate who raises and submits the highest net dollar amount to the Club at the close of the final tabulation on June 18, 2007.

Upon receipt of an official invitation from the Guam Liberation Committee, SDGC,Inc. will provide one round trip airline ticket to Guam, for any qualified Royal Court member who raises $25,000 or more, to participate in the Guam Liberation Festivities.

If you know of a young lady who may be interested, or need more information, please contact Julie Holwitz, 2007 Queen Chairperson, at (619) 825-9936 or (619) 992-2112 ,
or Marte Quichocho, Liberation Committee Chairperson, at (825) 254-3058 before January 15, 2006."

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I miss my kookie friends...what happened to them...were they really all fired?

I'm going through withdrawals.....I lost my air head friends and refuse to believe that they were all 'fired' as a caller to K57 claims.
I'm referring to the Talk Show hosts at KUAM 610 a.m. radio. When I tuned in this week and heard only music, I thought that the host was MIA (as in missing in action), but for the next couple of days, the station was still playing elevator music. WOW, I thought, the station had some really unreliable hosts....then this Howard Hemsing person calls the Ray Gibson show and claims all the talk show hosts at KUAM were fired and that K57 was the only talk broadcasting station on the island...
So, where will the complainers and whiners call, the local activists and Nation people, where will they call and who will they speak Chamorro to when someone answere Line 1,2, or 3?
I'm really quite surprised that the station changed the the entire format. I just assumed that the station was more than breaking even (financially) doing the talk show thing.
In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to learn how to use the MP3 won't be as entertaining as KUAM's talk show personalities but it'll work until I can find something as hilarious!
Adios, amigos, esta later!!

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The fight was over a girl, now a 15-yr. old is dead because a school bully beat him until his brain turned to the consistency of jello....yet we've yet to hear about any arrest.

Jeremy Castro Newby was on life-support since October after being beat up by a student at Southern High School. Supposedly, the fight was over a girl. I hope the boy is happy now, there's no way Jeremy will ever get the girl...Jeremy went to heaven today, leaving his parents and siblings to mourn his loss.
Jeremy's father spoke to the students at Southern High, telling the students that fighting wasn't the way to communicate thoughts. He wanted the students there to be aware of what happened to his son when violence was the avenue used to communicate. He did this hours after his son lost consciousness.
The case was discussed everywhere and often, then other 'breaking news' stories surfaced and Jeremy's story was one asked what happened to the person who did the beating....if he stayed more than 3 days at DYA....while Jeremy was alive, it was just an assault issue. The issue is a grave issue now....a young man has passed away because someone who couldn't control his temper beat him up....if the boy wasn't beaten up, he'd still be the wonderful and happy child the Newby's had, a child who had much to live for.
So I ask....who's going to make sure that someone pays the price for Jeremy's death?
Just thought I'd ask!!!

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January 01, 2007


It's a reality.....our health counts for everything!

In the last three weeks(not exactly 21 days, but the days don't matter in this situation), three policemen passed away. Three men in the prime of their lives, maybe mid-forties, certainly not senior citizens. I know that two of them died of heart attacks, think the other one died of the same cause but am not totally sure....
Their deaths beg the there anyone at GPD that checks up on their health and well-being? Is there an exercize program? Is there a diet requirement for those that are obviously overweight? Is there someone watching out for the mental well-being of these men and women who are out there. albeit, one has to look hard to find them, looking out for out best interest and safety?
Does the passing of three young men an epidemic?
If we had a GPD doctor assigned to oversee the health of men in blue on a monthly basis.....could we have saved three lives in the last three weeks? It's too late for those who have crossed into the gates of Heaven, but I think there's still time to help those who are obviously unhealthy that we see in the daily papers and on t.v. on a daily basis. If we don't try to save their lives for themselves, then let's try to save it for their families!
Sadly, one has only to watch the same evening news and peruse the same papers for pictures of other government employees that have countless chins....bad health choices are alive and well at most GovGUam offices. It's no wonder we can't seem to get the Body Mass Index program for the kids in school underway......we're such bad examples its no wonder our children are headed for diabetes II....
We really have to do something about being's quite a serious issue....our lives depend on it!
You can be a millionaire but if you don't have your have nothing but a nice hospital bed, perhaps with a good view!

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December 24, 2006


The dude managed to kill a cyclist at 7 a.m.......a DUI...pray tell, was he drinking all night long?

KUAM news reports on their webpage that a sailor on the USS Frank Cable killed a cyclist and injured two others(cyclists) at 7 a.m. this morning. He was arrested for DUI....since he'll have to be tried for vehicular homicide, I'll insert alleged for homicide and injuries of the other two due to DUI and recklessness, even if the cop seemed sure that speed and alcohol was a factor for the crash and death of the man from Barrigada Hts.
What baffles me is how one can still be drunk and driving drunk at 7 a.m......, heck, the sun's up at 7 a.m., who would want to be drunk so early in the morning?
I hate to say it but the fact that the man involved is in the military is going to raise some hairs on the back of some locals and we'll be talking about it next week on the talk shows....predicting that more of the same will sure to happen when the Marines arrive.....unfortunately, whether it's the Marines or the Army or Navy, it you bring in 8,000 more people, you're bound to bring in people that will drink and drive and be always get some bad apples in a barrel...seems this sailor just happens to be one of them...but not to worry, he'll have his day in court and there'll be some 'down time' at the ole DOC where he ain't gonna be a happy camper!
How many more will our roads claim before the year is up? We never seem to learn our lesson on drinking and driving.......if you want to survive the new year celebrations.....stay home.......preferably're reminded of course that we have idiots that like to shoot their guns off for no reason and from time to time, the bullets fall and injure people who are at the wrong place at the wrong time......otherwise, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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December 23, 2006


Robert Underwood and Frank Aguon, celebrate Christmas and the New Year, the next four years will be worry free!!!

I never could understand why the Washington delegate wanted to leave the cushy job in D.C....., with the exception of the lousy traffic and extra cold winters. He could have kept the job until he died....if he wanted it.(the job! Now, Maddy will keep the job until she doesn't want it!)
Of course, what's perplexing is why he and Frank Aguon would want that haunted office at Adelup what with the financial state (deplorable) of the government. The two would continually be putting out fires from day 1, wondering from the time they were sworn in where the money was going to come from for tax refunds, teacher's pay checks, COLA payments, EITCs, etc., etc., The headaches would be non-stop. Why anyone would want that job would have to have his brain checked.
So I'm thinking that the supreme beings at the court did Robert and Frang(k) a big favor by not asking for the great runoff(not that the UA team was going to win) but that there was closure to the election and that Felix and Mike got the mess they wanted to much to clean up.
The natives are still restless....if you don't believe me, listen to them on KUAM(any hour of the day) and you'll hear them whining....woe is me....didn't get my COLA check....dude, you'll get your damn check after those checks for $70K and over are released and not sooner so get in the back of the damn line!!! Forget bringing that gray-haired lady to court...the silent ones who don't bother to go to court will get their hefty checks first....they got clout over the 'low-lifes', I mean, lowly-paid....
And then there's the issue of the dump....Robert and don't have to get the scolding from Unc Sam.....cuz you guys ain't at Adelup.....and aren't you happy 'bout dat? You guys weren't at Adelup when you's were told to close the damn place up!!!
There are a lot more examples of the broken down government but I won't list them because I think you know most of talked about them during the cammpaign....too bad not everybody believed you!
So, take it from me.....jump up and down with joy....losing the election is really a get to keep your health....physically and mentally. Enjoy your grandchild(Frank, enjoy your children and if you're old enough to have a grandchild, enjoy him or her as well)
KMart has a sale on Thank You might want to send the supreme judges a card for voting in your favor.....
"Oh, we are a lovely bunch of coconuts!"

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December 16, 2006


May they live happily ever after!!!

The two weddings that are going to take place tomorrow for Princess Jessica at the House of the People(as in the governor's mansion) is either going to be legalized/performed by a protestant minister or.....a high government official for the Governor's eldest daughter and her fiancee(sp) Somebody Blas(think he's a cop or customs officer-think he used to be the former gov's daughter's fiancee(sp)...OR......Vatican 2 changed the rules and my brain was on pause again or I was on some really good day dream and didn't get the message and it's okay to wed during the advent season...
And if the other rumor's correct about princess Hannah(I'm kinda biased to this princess, she's loyal to her dad and is a very brilliant lawyer and close to her family, a good trait to have.....we won't have to worry about her parking, unlike Princess Jessica's wedding.
Princess Hannah will have her wedding at the Skinner's that for a huge venue????? Since she's marrying an Arroyo, a family who just happens to have it's own Monsignorek you'd think he'd officiate the ceremony......and assuming if he is, the rules and regs of the Catholic church have either been changed to accommodate the princess parties.......or..... the princesses are going to marry with officials of the goverment or non-Catholic churches........interesting confusion....almost makes you want to be a wedding crasher!!!
Congratulations to the two couples. May you always be as happy as you are on your wedding day and may you be blessed with many children and may you live happilly ever after.

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Sorry, couldn't get it to paste as a calander. I'm sure you've got the gist of it, though!

1 New Year’s Day
Senior Lunch Closed
CH- Nino Perdido Asan
Novena 6:45 p.m
3 Senior Lunch
CH- Nino Perdido Asan
Novena 6:45 p.m.
No Line Dance, resumes 04/11/07
CH-Nino Perdido Asan
Novena 6:45 p.m. #2
5 Senior Lunch
CH-Nino Perdido Asan
Novena 6:45 p.m. #2
St. Jude Appreciation
CH- Nino Perdido Asan
Novena 12 p.m.
CH-Vicky Altamurano
Sta Rita Golden Acorn
Ldrshp 12 p.m.
*GenAssy 2pm
CH- Nino Perdido Asan
Novena 4 p.m.
8 Senior Lunch
CH-Nino Perdido Asan
Novena 6:45 p.m.
CH- Nino Perdido Asan
Novena 6:45 p.m.
10 Senior Lunch
CH- Nino Perdido Asan
6:45 p.m. Finakpo
Board Mtg.6 p.m.
12 Senior Lunch
13 Nino Perdido Fiesta La Mesa
Comm Cntr Novena & Mass 3pm
14 CH - Cruz
15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Seniors’ Valentine Casino Fund Raiser
Senior Lunch Closed
17 Senior Lunch
Birthdays- Cake & Ais Krim
19 Senior Lunch
20 Liberation Kick Off Dinner $25
5to10:30 pm
21 TBD CH 1-4
History & Cultural Perspective – Mr. Carlos Taitano SDCCC
22 Senior Lunch
24 Senior Lunch
26 Senior Lunch
CH- Lizama/Santos
28 LQCBrunch? 9-2
CH-Sta Rita Mtg 3 - 5 p.m.
Agat Casino Run
29 Senior Lunch
31 Senior Lunch
Jan 2007
SDGC, Inc. Kalendario **January 2007 Prepared by Benni Schwab Please email changes/additions/corrections to (619)507-8880 ** Events, Dates and Times Subject to Change w/o notice*
2 Senior Lunch
3 Liberation Queen Candidate Dinner Dance #1: 5-10 p.m.
4 LQCBrunch? 9-2* Ldrshp Mtg. 12 p.m.
Super Bowl XLI Miami 6p.m. EST
Go Chargers!
5 Senior Lunch
7 Senior Lunch
Board Mtg.6 p.m.
9 Senior Lunch
10 Liberation Queen Candidate Dinner Dance #2: 5-10 p.m.
11 LQCBrunch? 9-2
12 Senior Lunch
14 Valentine’s Day Seniors’ Sweetheart’s Dance -Lunch
16 Senior Lunch
17 Liberation Queen Candidate Dinner Dance #3: 5-10 p.m.
St. Francis/Yona
to Laughlin
18 LQCBrunch? 9-2
CH-Sta Rita Mtg 3 - 5 p.m.
Agat Casino Run
19 President’s Day
Senior Lunch Closed
21 Senior Lunch Senior Lunch
Birthdays- Cake & Ais Krim???
Ash Wednesday
23 Senior Lunch
St. Francis Mtg 7pm
24 Liberation Queen Candidate Dinner Dance #4: 5-10 p.m.
25 CH –Marte Hara Quichocho
Feb 2007
SDGC, Inc. Kalendario **February 2007 Prepared by Benni Schwab Please email changes/additions/corrections to (619)507-8880 ** Events, Dates and Times Subject to Change w/o notice*
Chamoru Month
2 Senior Lunch
3 Liberation Queen Candidate Dinner Dance #5: 5-10 p.m.
4 LQCBrunch? 9-2
*Ldrshp Mtg 12 p.m.
*GenAssy 2pm
5 Senior Lunch
7 Senior Lunch
Board Mtg.6 p.m.
9 Senior Lunch
10 CH-Stephanie Echaverria
11 Daylight Savings Starts
LQCBrunch? 9-2
CH-St Jude Mtg 5 p.m.
12 Senior Lunch
14 Senior Lunch
16 Senior Lunch
17 St. Patrick’s Day
Liberation Queen Candidate Dinner Dance #6: 5-10 p.m.
18 LQCBrunch? 9-2
CH-Sta Rita Mtg 3 - 5 p.m.
Agat Casino Run
19 Senior Lunch
21 Senior Lunch
Birthdays- Cake & Ais Krim
23 Senior Lunch
24 Liberation Queen Candidate Dinner Dance #7: 5-10 p.m.
**First Tabulation** **12 pm - Potluck
26 Senior Lunch
28 Senior Lunch
30 Senior Lunch
31 Pav-
Javier Venegas 280-6150
Mar 2007
SDGC, Inc. Kalendario **March 2007 Prepared by Benni Schwab Please email changes/additions/corrections to (619)507-8880 ** Events, Dates and Times Subject to Change w/o notice*
1 LQCBrunch? 9-2
*Ldrshp Mtg 12 p.m.
*GenAssy 2 pm
Palm Sunday
2 Senior Lunch
4 Senior Lunch
Board Mtg.6 p.m.
6 Senior Lunch
Good Friday
7 Holy Saturday
8 Easter
9 Senior Lunch
11 Senior Lunch
Line Dance 7 :00p.m
13 Senior Lunch
14 >> Pav-Carlos Bautista 381-8099
15 LQCBrunch? 9-2
CIHA Annual Fund Raiser Picnic
Garden Grove Park
CH-St Jude Mtg 5 p.m.
16 Senior Lunch
18 Senior Lunch
Birthdays- Cake & Ais Krim
Line Dance 7 :00p.m
CH St. Joseph Novena
7 p.m.#1
20 Senior Lunch
CH St. Joseph Novena 7 p.m. #2
CH-St. Joseph Novena 12 pm #3
>> Pav--Jose Ursua
22 LQCBrunch? 9-2
CH St. Joseph Novena 7 p.m. #4
23 Senior Lunch
CH St. Joseph Novena 7 p.m. #5
CH St. Joseph Novena 7 p.m. #6
25 Senior Lunch
CH St. Joseph Novena 7 p.m. #7
Line Dance 7 :00p.m
CH St. Joseph Novena 7 p.m. #8
27 Senior Lunch
CH St. Joseph Novena 7 p.m. #9 Finakpu’
>> Pavilion- San Dimas Fiesta
29 LQCBrunch? 9-2
CH-Sta Rita Mtg 3 - 5 p.m.
Agat Casino Run
30 Senior Lunch
Apr 2007
SDGC, Inc. Kalendario **April 2007 Prepared by Benni Schwab Please email changes/additions/corrections to (619)507-8880 ** Events, Dates and Times Subject to Change w/o notice*
Prepared by B ni Schwab Please em l changes/additions s to
/correctionSD. Qlie H47
) 8
6 Prin
CH Sta Marian Kamelen
Novena/Rosary 7 pm
2 Senior Lunch
CH Sta M Kamelen
Novena/Rosary 7 pm
CH Sta M Kamelen
Novena/Rosary 7 pm
4 Senior Lunch
CH Sta M Kamelen
Novena/Rosary 7 pm
5 CH *Sta MKamelen
Novena/Rosary 12 pm
*St. Joseph
Inarajan Fiesta
La Mesa CommCntr
Cinco de Mayo
6 LQCBrunch? 9-2
*Ldrshp Mtg 12 p.m.
*Gen Assy 2 pm
CH *Sta M Kamelen
Novena/Rosary 7 pm
7 Senior Lunch
CH Sta M Kamelen
Novena/Rosary 7 pm
CH Sta M Kamelen
Novena/Rosary 7 pm
9 Senior Lunch
CH Sta M Kamelen
Novena/Rosary 7 pm
Board Mtg.6 p.m.
11 Senior Lunch
Santa M Kamalen Work Party
CH 7 p.m.-San Roke Mtg.
12 Pav Santa M Kamalen 31st Anniv. Procession 11:30a.m. Mass:12p.m. St Joseph’s Cathedral
Reception Pavilion
13 Mother’s Day
14 Senior Lunch
CH Sta Rita Novena #1 7 pm
CH Sta Rita Novena #2 7 pm
16 Senior Lunch
Birthdays- Cake & Ais Krim
CH Sta Rita Novena #3 7 pm
Line Dance 7 :00p.m
CH Sta Rita Novena #4 7 pm
18 Senior Lunch
CH Sta Rita Novena #5 12 pm
19 CH Sta Rita Novena #6 12 pm
Liberation Queen Candidate Dinner Dance #8: 5-10 p.m.
GCN-Tan Chong Padula Awards
20 LQCBrunch? 9-2
CH -St Jude Mtg 5 p.m.
CH *Sta Rita Novena #7 7 pm
21 Senior Lunch
CH Sta Rita Novena #8 7 pm
CH Sta Rita Novena #9 7 pm Finakpo´
23 Senior Lunch
Line Dance 7 :00p.m
25 Senior Lunch
Pav-Sta Rita Work Party
26 Pav-
Sta Rita Fiesta
27 LQCBrunch? 9-2
Agat Casino Run
28 Memorial Day
Senior Lunch Closed
30 Senior Lunch
Line Dance 7 :00p.m
SDGC, Inc. Kalendario **May 2007
Prepared by Benni Schwab Please email changes/additions/corrections to (619)507-8880 ** Events, Dates and Times Subject to Change w/o notice*
Fri 1
Senior Lunch
2 Liberation Queen Candidate Dinner Dance #9: 5-10 p.m.
3 LQCBrunch? 9-2
*Ldrshp Mtg 12 p.m.
*Gen Assy 2 pm
4 Senior Lunch
6 Senior Lunch
Board Mtg.6 p.m.
Line Dance 7 :00p.m
8 Senior Lunch
CH 7 p.m.-San Roke Mtg.
9 Liberation Queen Candidate Dinner Dance #10: 5-10 p.m.
Corpus Christi Oceanside
CH St Jude Mtg 5 p.m.
11 Senior Lunch
13 Senior Lunch
Line Dance 7 :00p.m
15 Senior Lunch
16 Pav-Delosantos Pablina 264-3726
17 Father’s Day
18 Senior Lunch
Liberation Final
Tabulation 6:30 pm
20 Senior Lunch
Birthdays- Cake & Ais Krim
Line Dance 7 :00p.m
22 Senior Lunch
23 Pav- Irma Ramirez
24 Pav-Mozo
CH Sta Rita
Election Mtg. 3pm
Agat Casino Run
St. Francis Mtg.
Off site
25 Senior Lunch
27 Senior Lunch
Line Dance 7 :00p.m
29 Senior Lunch
30 Pav Mana Tapia
Jun 2007
SDGC, Inc. Kalendario **June 2007
Prepared by Benni Schwab Please email changes/additions/corrections to (619)507-8880 ** Events, Dates and Times Subject to Change w/o notice*
*Ldrshp Mtg 12 p.m.
*Gen Assy 2 pm
2 Senior Lunch
4 Senior Lunch Closed
Independence Day
6 Senior Lunch
7 *63rd Liberation Coronation Ball
SDGC, Inc. Pavilion
St Jude Mtg 5 p.m.
9 Senior Lunch
11 Senior Lunch
Board Mtg.6 p.m.
13 Senior Lunch
CH 7 p.m.-San Roke Mtg.
14 CH –Mendiola??
16 Senior Lunch
18 Senior Lunch
Birthdays- Cake & Ais Krim
20 Senior Lunch
21 Pav -G. Perez
Agat Casino Run
23 Senior Lunch
25 Senior Lunch
27 Senior Lunch
CH 7 p.m.-San Roke Mtg.
28 Pav-Carmen Miranda
St. Francis Casino Run
30 Senior Lunch
Jul 2007
SDGC, Inc. Kalendario **July 2007
Prepared by Benni Schwab Please email changes/additions/corrections to (619)507-8880 ** Events, Dates and Times Subject to Change w/o notice*
1 Senior Lunch
3 Senior Lunch
CH 7 p.m.-San Roke Mtg.
4 Pav-Maria Cortez
5*Brunch 10 a.m.
*Ldrshp Mtg 12 p.m.
*Gen Assy 2 pm
CH *Agat/Santa Rosa Novena 7 p.m.
6 Senior Lunch
CH Agat/Santa Rosa Novena 7 p.m.
CH Agat/Santa Rosa Novena 7 p.m.
8 Senior Lunch
CH Agat/Santa Rosa Novena 7 p.m.
Board Mtg.6 p.m.
CH Agat/Santa Rosa Novena 7 p.m.
10 Senior Lunch
CH Agat/Santa Rosa Novena 7 p.m.
7 p.m.-San Roke Mtg.
11 Pav-Artemio Sanchez
CH *Agat/Santa Rosa Novena 12 p.m.
CH *Agat/Santa Rosa Novena 7 p.m.
St Jude Family Potluck Picnic
13 Senior Lunch
CH Agat/Santa Rosa Finakpo´ 6:30 p.m.
CH 7 pm-San RokeNovena
15 Senior Lunch
Birthdays- Cake & Ais Krim
CH 7 pm-San RokeNovena
CH 7 pm-San RokeNovena
17 Senior Lunch
Pav Agat/Santa Rosa Work Party
CH 7 pm-San RokeNovena
18 CH 12 pm-San RokeNovena *
Agat/Santa Rosa Fiesta
La Mesa CC
CH 7 pm-San RokeNovena
20 Senior Lunch
CH 7 pm-San RokeNovena
CH 7 pm-San RokeNovena
22 Senior Lunch
CH 7 pm-San RokeNovena
24 Senior Lunch
CH 6 a.m. San Roke Work Party
25 Pav San Roke Fiesta
3 p.m. Nobena, Procession, Mass
27 Senior Lunch
29 Senior Lunch
31 Senior Lunch
SDGC, Inc. Kalendario **August 2007
Prepared by Benni Schwab Please email changes/additions/corrections to (619)507-8880 ** Events, Dates and Times Subject to Change w/o notice*
St. Francis/Yona
to Laughlin
3 Labor Day
Senior Lunch Closed
5 Senior Lunch
7 Senior Lunch
8 Pav –Nancy Mendez
9*Brunch 10 a.m.
*Ldrshp Mtg 12 p.m.
*Gen Assy 2 pm
St Jude Mtg 5 p.m.
10 Senior Lunch
CH 6:45 p.m. Sta Teresita Novena
CH 6:45 p.m. Sta Teresita Novena
12 Senior Lunch
Board Mtg.6 p.m.
CH 6:45 p.m. Sta Teresita Novena
CH 6:45 p.m. Sta Teresita Novena
14 Senior Lunch
CH 6:45 p.m. Sta Teresita Novena
CH 12 p.m. Sta Teresita Novena
CIHA Annual Fund Raiser Picnic
Garden Grove Park
CH 12 p.m. Sta Teresita Novena
17 Senior Lunch
CH 6:45 p.m. Sta Teresita Novena
CH 6:45 p.m. Sta Teresita Novena Finakpu’
19 Senior Lunch
Birthdays- Cake & Ais Krim
21 Senior Lunch
CH St. Francis 2pm
CH St Jude Mtg 5 pm
24 Senior Lunch
26 Senior Lunch
28 Senior Lunch
Sep 2007
SDGC, Inc. Kalendario **September 2007
Prepared by Benni Schwab Please email changes/additions/corrections to (619)507-8880 ** Events, Dates and Times Subject to Change w/o notice*
1 Senior Lunch
3 Senior Lunch
5 Senior Lunch
Sta Teresita Fiesta Work Party
6 Pav- Santa Teresita Fiesta
7*Brunch 10 a.m.
*Ldrshp Mtg 12 p.m.
*Gen Assy 2 pm
St Jude Mtg 5 p.m.
8 Senior Lunch Columbus Day
CH St Jude
Novena 6:45 p.m.
10 Senior Lunch
Board Mtg.6 p.m.
CH St Jude
Novena 6:45 p.m.
CH St Jude
Novena 6:45 p.m.
12 Senior Lunch
CH St Jude
Novena 6:45 p.m.
13 CH St Jude
Novena 12 p.m.
Pav Saint Francis Fiesta
60’s Class Reunion
Northern California
CH St Jude
Novena 6:45 p.m.
15 Senior Lunch
CH St Jude
Novena 6:45 p.m.
CH St Jude
Novena 6:45 p.m.
17 Senior Lunch
Birthdays- Cake & Ais Krim
CH St Jude Finakpu’
Novena 6:45 p.m.
19 Senior Lunch
St Jude Work Party
St. Jude Fiesta`
Holy Trinity
Agat Casino Run
22 Senior Lunch
St Jude Special Mass for the sick- CH
24 Senior Lunch
26 Senior Lunch
CH St Jude Recap-5pm
29 Senior Lunch
31 Senior Lunch
Oct 2007
SDGC, Inc. Kalendario **October 2007
Prepared by Benni Schwab Please email changes/additions/corrections to (619)507-8880 ** Events, Dates and Times Subject to Change w/o notice*
1 All Saints Day
2 Senior Lunch
4 Daylight Savings Ends?
*Ldrshp Mtg 12 p.m.
*Gen Assy 2 pm
5 Senior Lunch
7 Senior Lunch
Board Mtg.6 p.m.
9 Senior Lunch
11 Veteran’s Day
12 Veteran’s Day Observed
14 Senior Lunch
16 Senior Lunch
19 Thanksgiving Senior Lunch
Senior Lunch Closed
22 Thanksgiving Day
Senior Lunch Closed
Agat Casino Run
26 Senior Lunch
28 Senior Lunch
30 Senior Lunch
Sta Maria
Novena 7 p.m.
Nov 2007
SDGC, Inc. Kalendario **November 2007
Prepared by Benni Schwab Please email changes/additions/corrections to (619)507-8880 ** Events, Dates and Times Subject to Change w/o notice*
Sat 1
Sta Maria
Novena 12 p.m.
*Gen Assy 2 pm
3 Senior Lunch
Sta Maria
Novena 7 p.m.
Sta Maria
Novena 7 p.m.
5 Senior Lunch
Sta Maria
Novena 7 p.m.
Board Mtg.6 p.m.
Sta Maria
Novena 7 p.m.
7 Senior Lunch
Sta Maria
Novena 6 p.m.
Mass 6:30 p.m.
Bishop Chavez
8 Sta Maria
Novena- 6 ?? p.m.
Mass 6:30?? p.m.
Bishop Chavez ??
maculate Conception the Virgin Mary.
10 Senior Lunch
12 Senior Lunch
Our Lady of Guadalupe Living Rosary 6:15 p.m. Nobenan Niño 7 p.m. Host Sta Rita.
Nobenan Niño 7 p.m. Host:?____________
14 Senior Lunch
Nobenan Niño 7 p.m. Host:?____________
Nobenan Niño 12 p.m. Host:?____________
Nobenan Niño 12 p.m. Host:?____________
17 Senior Lunch
Nobenan Niño 7 p.m. Host:?____________
Nobenan Niño 7 p.m. Host:?____________
19 Senior Lunch
Birthdays- Cake & Ais Krim
Nobenan Niño 7 Host:?____________
Nobenan Niño 7 p.m. Novena 6:00
Mass 6:30 p.m.
Bishop Chavez ??
21 X-mas Senior Lunch
Senior Lunch Closed
25 Christmas
Holy Day of Obligation
26 Senior Lunch
28 Senior Lunch
31 SDGC, Inc.
Dec 2007
SDGC, Inc. Kalendario **December 2007


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December 08, 2006


It's okay to beat the hell out of a're not arrested and almost nothing happens to you.........

Jeremy Newby who is in a coma because a student who attends the same school he did was so enraged, he beat him up...but good! The boy's brain dead and the machines are the only things giving him life......lucky for the boy who did the beating....he's out there somewhere shopping for Christmas and enjoying the the meantime, Newby's parents can't think of anything else but their son and what's right to do....or not to do.
I can't, for the life of me, figure out why we can't treat these beyond control buggers as adults when they pull such an adult act.
Heck, it's Christmas....everyone's looking the other way and the only one that's suffering from this problem is the Newby family.
The fact that nothing has been done to the boy who caused the coma sets an example. Today, a woman called a radio station to beg GPSS to take care of her son who's attending public school(elementary grade), the kid's only in the first grade and he's already been hit by a school bully which caused him to undergo some stitches to his head.......oh fun!!!
Well, you can guess that nothing's happened to little Johnny boy....oh, he's such a darling, it was an accident......then there's the issue of the school aide........have you ever seen a school aide? Some of them are down right scary!!!Messy hair, wild make up and chewing gum making smaking noises, most (when girls) wear tight jeans that leave nothing to the imagination.....if they can speak English(Agana Shopping Mall English will do) GPSS has struck gold........most speak their own form of ebonics........
If we already have bullies in the first grade can be sure that they'll be leaders of the gangs in the higher grades....I say refer these poor kids to psychiatrists....if not clipped in the'll have enabled a kid just like the one who knocked Jeremy Newby's lights out.
I hope someone reminds this dude how he ruined the Newby Family's Christmas!

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November 26, 2006


GovGuam employees, please note how employees are handled when they are caught with their hands in the company register.(Allegedly)

How many times in the last two years(maybe even more recent than that) that employees of GWA were caught stealing money from GWA and GPA. As far as I can remember, absolutely nothing happened.
The lady that stole money from the children at one of the island's schools got away with murder(oops, I mean stealing-stealing money that the children fund-raised) Nothing's happening to her.
But look at how swiftly justice is meted when it happens in a private firm........the action is swift. No favoritism, no nothing.
The employees were caught red-handed(alleged since they haven't been found guilty in a court of law)and they're outta their civil service that's protecting their sorry butts!
If this happened in more than a few GovGuam can bet the employees would be more careful......but there's no director with the spine(oh, I could use more colorful language but I won't)to kick out the scum that brings down the agency.
Bet our friends in D.C. think we're comic relief....we can be pretty rediculous!

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Monkey see.........monkey do! At least with the use(or abuse) of the company credit card. And me thinks ain't a damn thing gonna be done about it......yet......a guy went to jail and others have spent life earnings for fighting cases for alleged abuse of same for other govGuam agencies.........

I just can't seem to get how stupid we are....we're adults. It was obvious we couldn't be trusted with the use of credit cards which were owned by GovGuam agencies......yet, it seems we continue to have them.....and use them.....and abuse them......and dumb as it seems.....we seem to think that the whole debacle will be saved because we have employed a bean counter to over see the use(or abuse) of same....let me tell you how things work in the government of Guam. I'm the boss. I use the card. I tell the bean counter. I have the receipt. Re0imburse me the funds and I'll give you the receipts tomorrow..........alas! Tomorrow never comes.....or, the receipts aren't complete, or they're in Chinese or Korean or because the massage came from same! Ooops, I mean in gift! Physical or the other kind that's wrapped in paper!
So instead of stopping the use of the company card.....we're just gonna hire bean counters and continue hearing from Doris-OPA-Brooks advise that we can't be trusted with the use of same.....and magically, we'll appear on t.v. and smile and tell the public who we think we're fooling that we have hired a bean counter that'll take care of the situation.....anyway, we're gonna borrow a zillion dollars from the bond market, hell, we'll be swimming in money, who the hell cares if we over spent or, abused the credit card.
What's so pathetic about this story is that the two directors of GVB that were responsible for the agency at the time the cards were being mis-used(allegedly-if you don't believe Brooks' audit) will smile and pretend that nothing happened. Hell, one of those guys has a high and mighty position in another office..........
Kinda not fair that we punish some and not the others.....

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So many forwarded e-mails, but so few touch the heart as this one. Thought I'd share it with you. I hope that after you've read it, you remember those that are far and away in your thoughts prayers, that they're allowed to come home safely.

A Different Christmas Poem

The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light,
I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight.
My wife was asleep, her head on my chest,
My daughter beside me, angelic in rest.
Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white,
Transforming the yard to a winter delight.
The sparkling lights in the tree I believe,
Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve.
My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep,
Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep.
In perfect contentment, or so it would seem,
So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream.

The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near,
But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear.
Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the
sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow.
My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear,
And I crept to the door just to see who was near.
Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night,
A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight.

A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years old,
Perhaps a Marine, huddled here in the cold.
Alone in the dark, he looked up and smiled,
Standing watch over me, and my wife and my child.
"What are you doing?" I asked without fear,
"Come in this moment, it's freezing out here!
Put down your pack, brush the snow from your sleeve,
You should be at home on a cold Christmas Eve!"

For barely a moment I saw his eyes shift,
Away from the cold and the snow blown in drifts..
To the window that danced with a warm fire's light
Then he sighed and he said "Its really all right,
I'm out here by choice. I'm here every night." "It's my duty to stand at the
front of the line,
That separates you from the darkest of times.
No one had to ask or beg or implore me,
I'm proud to stand here like my fathers before me.
My Gramps died at 'Pearl on a day in December,"
Then he sighed, "That's a Christmas 'Gram always remembers."
My dad stood his watch in the jungles of 'Nam',
And now it is my turn and so, here I am.
I've not seen my own son in more than a while,
But my wife sends me pictures, he's sure got her smile.

Then he bent and he carefully pulled from his bag,
The red, white, and blue... an American flag.
I can live through the cold and the being alone,
Away from my family, my house and my home.
I can stand at my post through the rain and the sleet,
I can sleep in a foxhole with little to eat.
I can carry the weight of killing another,
Or lay down my life with my sister and brother..
Who stand at the front against any and all,
To ensure for all time that this flag will not fall."

"So go back inside," he said, "harbor no fright,
Your family is waiting and I'll be all right."
"But isn't there something I can do, at the least,
"Give you money," I asked, "or prepare you a feast?
It seems all too little for all that you've done,
For being away from your wife and your son."
Then his eye welled a tear that held no regret,
"Just tell us you love us, and never forget.
To fight for our rights back at home while we're gone,
To stand your own watch, no matter how long.
For when we come home, either standing or dead,
To know you remember we fought and we bled.
Is payment enough, and with that we will trust,
That we mattered to you as you mattered to us."

PLEASE, Would you do me the kind favor of sending this to as many people as
you can? Christmas will be coming soon and some credit is due to our
U.S.service men and women for our being able to celebrate these festivities.
Let's try in this small way to pay a tiny bit of what we owe. Make people
stop and think of our heroes, living and dead, who sacrificed themselves for

LCDR Jeff Giles, SC, USN
30th Naval Construction Regiment
OIC, Logistics Cell One
Al Taqqadum, Iraq.

Steve Maschue
999 N Pacific #D310
Oceanside CA 92054

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November 11, 2006


This election(with all the cases being 'filed')isn't over and it makes for great comic relief...if it weren't so pathetic!

I think that the great white father in D.C. and his government must be pondering all sorts of thoughts with this never ending election....and wondering what the hell his(Unc Sam) Marines and their dependents are going to do once they get here. We can't seem to do anything right....not run a primary, an election or anything that closely relates to that. We have court cases before a judge,(and just why the heck is that poor guy swamped with all these cases. Isn't there any others that can help with the various cases stemming from CHAOS '06?)about a primary that may just invalidate the election the commission just certified.....
We on Guam confirm the existence of Keystone.....anytime you want to verify it, just pick a GovGuam agency....the best one to test is none other than the election commission.....they have the best experts to botch up anything to do with initiatives....just ask the folks that are behind Prop A.
I could go on and on and bore you with every detail of everything that's gone awry, but I won't, instead, I ask you to wonder(with me) if the folks in D.C., aren't looking at this latest fiasco and wondering what kind of government is going to govern the island that they're(the military part of D.C.)sending their Marines to!
I say, Uncle Sam.........give 'em a subscription to a few comic books and they'll fit right in.....heck, if you have a living Gomer Pyle type, we may have a job for him at GEC!
Now you know why I didn't bother to write about the election thingy....I was just too busy laughing at the children claiming to be adults claiming to run an agency!

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October 31, 2006


Do as the teacher says, not as she/he does....sometimes their examples are the most pathetic!!!

I think most of the children from Yona and Dededo went to Prop B's halloween party last night because they sure weren't at my house, but I digress....what I really want to say is that I missed the news and found this exciting bit of news on the KUAM site that I just had to copy so that you could read it entirely. It was written by Sonya Artero.
"The Government of Guam Retirement Fund's acting director, Paula Blas, says she expects that by the end of the business day today, the Fund should be finished running-off approximately 7,000 checks at $1,100 apiece for "regular retirees" from the Government of Guam. Although Governor Felix Camacho pledged to pay out the cost of living allowance by October 30, Blas says the earliest the Department of Administration will receive the checks is by November 1. As to whether DOA even has the estimated $7 million to cover COLA checks is a question that agency's deputy director, Joey Manibusan, could not answer saying, he doesn't really know. "
In plain language, the boss lady is saying that she's going to write some seven thousand checks for eleven hundred dollars a peice and will mail them all out by the end of this month. Her male employee says that he doesn't know if there's enough money to cover the checks.
So, is it any wonder why the youngsters in this community end up bouncing checks, having their cars repo'ed, their homes foreclosed, etc., etc.? This is your government working at its best....
Actually, the answer is quite clear, a bunch of people have called the Chamorro talk station and have threatened that if their checks weren't released by the end of this months(as well as the settlement of the other COLA issue), that they would not vote for the re-election of this administration.
So, here's hoping those checks don't bounce until after the election, huh? You'd think that someone would check to see that there was money in the account before the checks were written....but that would be in a perfect world!

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October 30, 2006


Dr. George Macris seems to have been 'released'(as in fired) from his position at GMH's ER then rehired all within a few days....what's the story?

It must not have been a good enough story since it didn't make print or t.v. news. Heard that he was 'let go' because he made too many 'booboos' on the Dr. E. Cruz show last week, then heard this morning's Ray Gibson show that he was re-instated with pay. So one has to wonder what the 'hay' is going on at GMH, like, don't they have better things to do than fire ER doctors?
It's bad enough that the boy that was seriously injured at school was brought into ER last Friday at 1p.m. and wasn't really taken care of until his heart went into cardiac arrest at 5a.m......heard that the hospital couldn't locate the on-call surgeon....anyway, the rumor about Dr. Macris' release is that there was no reason given for the termination and that a judge re-instated him, with pay this not sure what happened to the 'booboos' he was said to have made.....anyway, isn't it unethical to talk about fellow doctors....especially on the radio?
And while we're at it, there's a rumor that if you go to and do a search you can find that three of our local doctors aren't board certified? Interesting? Who? Inquiring minds want to know.

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How would you feel if you had to write about how you felt about a brain dead child who should be getting ready to accompany his younger sister or brother on Halloween nite but he can't because some outraged teen bashed him mercilessly 'til his brain stopped functioning?

I've been 'opinionated' since the beginning of '94. I've laughed with you, laughed at you, praised you, scolded you, was mad at you and now, I cry because of you. I cry because my heart aches for that family whose fifteen year-old brain-dead son lays on a hospital bed because an outraged boy beat him up....for what? What made that boy so angry that he had to make mush out of this child's brain?
What happen to the on-call surgeon who's said not to have come to the hospital after many calls and the boy didn't get the critical care he needed? What has happened to us? Why have we allowed this child's life to slip into a coma? What have we done as a society to have caused the other boy(perhaps more that one boy, or girl(s)) to be so anguished, to outraged to injure or beat another child, almost to death when it wasn't so long ago when a few youngsters in a nearby village beat up a younger child, a girl, to death.?
I wonder if the boy who beat this once happy boy into a vegetable would feel so 'macho' if he were brought into Jeremy's room to sit and watch over him for a few hours and watch the family as they pray for their child. Bet after an hour of watching the frail little Jeremy in that big bed with all the tubes running in and out of his little body, that boy would feel differently about what he did Friday before last.
Why is there so much violence and rage in our hearts, in the hearts of our children, young, and teens alike? I know that there are hardly any school counselors in the public school system, could that be the problem? I don't think so....the molding of the hearts of our children begin in the home, where mommy and daddy are the child's first teachers. If the parents are loving, then they teach their children love. If they are violent and angry, then the child will be violent and angry.
The public school superintendent's bandaid fix on Southern High's problem of not enough people to watch over the student population by placing more school aids in the school ground is just that....a bandaid! The problem is much, much deeper. The problem starts in day care, in Kindergarten, in elementary school and so on and so on. We have to teach our children that hitting another child is not an acceptable way to solve a problem even if his father or mother choses to do so at home!
I hope that you can find it in your heart to remember the family of Jeremy Newby in your thoughts and prayers, that they find the strength to deal with this tragedy. And for Jeremy, I will pray that what ever God decides, He will give the Newby family the strength to deal with His decision.
These are sad times for this community.

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October 04, 2006


When all else fails, blame someone else...and these days, it's vogue to lay blame on someone in order to make oneself appear to be the better person.

What a terrible example we're giving the generation that now vote for the first time.
For the past two days, I've been glued to K57 and KUAM and have listened to people both young and old, with Chamorro and Filipino accents calling to lay blame on Underwood and Aguon for the COLA debacle. Thankfully, the U/A team got a bit of reprieve this afternoon on Dr. E. Cruz' show because it was Bash Dr. Macris day and so a few people got on that bandwagon, but for the most part, almost every ail this island has suffered from 1898 was blamed on Robert and Frank...
The blaming game is really quite insulting to the team of Camacho/Cruz. It means that they aren't good enough to stand on their own merit and have to make the U/A team look like the dogs that built the Gill/Baza subdivision then evicted the tenants.....
Instead of calling up and giving kudos to the wonderful things Camacho has done for the island, the callers are wasting their time bringing down Underwood and Aguon, making one wonder if there was nothing wonderful that was done during the four years Camacho was governor. Do I have to make you look bad in order for me to look good? Are these calls to the two stations what desparate people do when they're desparate?
It doesn't go without notice that the U/A team is taking the 'high road' attitude during these muddy times. It's something that Madeline Z. Bordallo did when her COS was fired, or when she and her boss didn't see eye to eye. Underwood and Aguon want the keys to Adelup but I don't think they want it at the expense of losing their character.
I really think it's mean is it when radio talk show hosts allow callers to say that Underwood has called the people of the south (Guam) and Filipinos names...things that are said on the radio last long after the election and no matter how often Underwood calls to say he didn't say it, will never clear his name. How much easier would it be if the talk show host just said at the beginning of the show that he would like his listeners not to vote for the Underwood/Aguon team. That would be much more understandable than allowing the racism to fester.
I know we don't live in a perfect world, but wouldn't it be nice if we took the time to know what was good about each candidate then allow each voter to decide which one to vote for. Let that voter find the candidate and ask the hard questions, then let him/er decide.
The other night on Fredalyn Hecita's show when the governor was playing the guitar and singing, I wondered why his backers couldn't just call and talk about what a talented and nice guy their guv'nor really was. I'll say it for them, he's talented, and likeable and he doesn't need to have his opponents trashed to be made to look good....
Otherwise, U/A, please get rid of the rain, the smog, my trash hasn't been collected(again), gasoline's too expensive, tax refunds' late(again),EITC(hmm, what's that?) Won't bore you with the rest of the long list, I'm sure your list is the same as mine!!!

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September 29, 2006


The ads are insulting. The Prop B people think we're gullible!

I pity Jon Anderson in his new position of having to 'spin' the slots into miracles that will do such things as make prescription drugs cheaper, fix the school system and all the other promises it's making through the various ads. Jon tries so hard to get the lie across that his head shakes or bobs as the words leave his mouth, trying to convince the viewer that the slot machines are going to help Guam's economy.
Big deal that children under 18 won't be allowed where the slot machines are. Heck, they're not the ones with the money to gamble anyway so it's no biggy. These kids are spending their money on fixing up their cars or buying expensive designer clothes so they can hang out at the mall.
If I were interested in getting the tourist dollar, then I would have had Prop B for slots at the sterile areas. Lots of slots at both the arrival and departure areas. The tourists could blow what ever change they had at the time of their departure and having it there would mean that Joe Cruz and Maria Taitingfong could only play with the one arm bandits on her way out of here which reduces her losing her mortgage...........
Having the slot machines at the Greyhound establishment may be a form of entertainment for the tourist. If they lose a $1,000.00 it'll be 'no biggy' because they won't have to be homeless on Guam..........if a local person loses his paycheck of a thousand can be sure that we'll all be affected by his loss.
In the meantime, It would be nice if the ads were more truthful and less insulting to our intelligence................
I sure hope that Jon got a lot of money for this'll be a long time before anyone things he's other than a spin meister.

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September 27, 2006


Did doing his job cause him to fall from grace?

In the private sector, one us usually commended for doing what she/he can to save the company rearranging or reorganizing.....for instance, if the company has 17 steamrollers and 34 steamroller drivers, some of the drivers would be given positions doing something else....(if they were working for me, and I didn't have a position that they knew how to perform, they'd be gone), Larry Perez tried to 'fix' DPW by putting all the people to earn their salaries.......well, seems the guys/gals who weren't used to working decided to march to Adelup and Julale to intimidate(it is after all an election year!!!) and poor Larry Perez has all but been demoted for trying to do a good job.....
get this........he even got a deputy........
I'm willing to bet that the deputy will be there long enough to learn the ropes and dear Larry will find himself in some mail room doing something else........
The front office hasn't minced words about Perez' not following SOP procedures.........very demoralizing for the man who has to work with the marching jerks who he got to because he wanted them to work for their money..........I'm thinking that instead of sending Andy Leon Guerrero from the airport or wherever he came from to DPW, the front office should have sent the brilliant Tony Sanchez to DPW. He would know exactly what to do........remember how he fixed the EITC problem?
Oh well, maybe there's a job for Perez at GTA where his efforts would be appreciated.

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If you want to know how I came to know why, check out Vern Perez' answer to the Bond issue and the U.S. Supreme Ct. on K57's webpage then check the lady's response to the question.

I have to say that while Ray Gibson was away my ears were tuned to the other station, with exception to the time Mike Phillips was on. These days, I watch channel 2 and listen to the folks who are still waiting for the war reparations. This morning I paid a bit more attention which helped me and hubby because up to this time, neither of us had decided on which AG candidate we were going to vote for.......and when the issue of the U.S. Supreme Court hearing of AG Doug Moylan's case of GovGuam borrowing too much money and not having the means to pay it(etc.,)back came up and Gibson giving the question to the AG candidates.........we listened carefully to the lady's response.
I have to say that Alicia must wake up very early in the morning and that her thinking begins as soon as her eyes are open. She answered the questions as if she had weeks if not months to prepare for the question. She didn't dilly-dally with what she was going to do about the issue of the hearing if/when she was elected to the position of AG........One of the things I liked about Doug is that he's always sure of himself. One of the things I like about Alicia is that she is sure of herself. She is confident.
I'm not going to bash Vern Perez. I think he answered the question the way he did because he's currently a cabinet member of this administration which is the same administration which is trying to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars(and is running a promise to do this campaign)to pay of debts, etc....suffice it to say, when you sell your soul to you know have to do his bidding.....listen to the reply on K57's website and draw your own conclusion.
In a perfect world(at least in my mind), Alicia Limtiaco wins the election, hires Doug Moylan and has him do the leg work for the hearing since he already knows the ins and outs of the case, but that probably won't happen. Whatever happens, Doug Moylan will have left his mark long after he's left office....and wouldn't it be wonderful if there was an appraisal of property and it's discovered that we've all over-paid thousands of dollars for same and won't have to pay for same for years to come.........hmmmmm, must now wake up, I'm dreaming again!
Congratulations, Alicia, you'll make a fine first woman attorney general!

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September 26, 2006


If your doctor is still practicing, does it mean she/he's never had a malpractice suit? Only his/er hairdresser knows!!!

The topic of discussion yesterday on the Patty Arroyo show had to do with the secret/cloaked story of a malpractice suit between Esperanza Sablan(I think she's the wife of Rudy Sablan) which GMH(your tax dollars) paid some $65K because supposedly Drrs. Mike Cruz and Ric Eusebio did surgery on her and she died. This case is supposedly sealed and how it was unsealed and made it to the radio waves is quite mysterious......anyway, the hospital paid it and supposedly, the two doctors were taken off the case(which I can't figure out because if they didn't do the cutting, then nothing would have happened to the woman and the hospital wouldn't have had to pay out the large amount of your didn't perform surgery on'm a bit confused!
So...Dr. M. Cruz says it's all political.........perhaps....but it's also a secret that GMH has kept since it (GMH) was supposed to report all settlements of malpractice to some AMA place which it has never done......there were several settlements that you(taxpayers) paid that were never reported.......and since you don't know which doctor is foot loose and fancy free, won't know if you'll have a Kelly clamp left in your abdomen the next time you're operated on....or a sponge, even....they've been known to be found long after a patient's been sewn up!
So this afternoon.......on the Dr. Edweirdo Cruz show, which I absolutely love....mostly because I could be bi-polar and still be normal after or while I listen to him........he spoke about Dr. Macris 'outing'(my word) Dr. M. Cruz. He said that Dr. Macris wasn't pure as the lily and that there were things pending on him, that he didn't go to a good doctor school and that he failed at some business venture....whatever it was, I found the bashing to be quite unprofessional....but then, I don't listen to Dr. Cruz for his medical profession. I rather like to listen to him because he's really quite funny. The man can talk about missiles from N. Korea, the Nuclear subs that are coming to Guam, the nuclear sub tenders and can address local problems and still laugh about almost anything....a laugh that makes you wonder how he can still be a real and practicing doctor.....
He's for four more years and encourages most callers to vote for four more. He's a really funny guy on the radio......but how he keeps his medical license current is a whole other story.
In the meantime....the big question remains will we know if the doctor we think is the best hasn't killed a patient? I would want to know that if I was about to have major surgery- especially at GMH!

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Director finds ways to use resources and is said to have done it the dumb-dumbs march to Adelup....go figure!

Okay, okay, so there's a civil service organization that keeps all govGuam employees employed whether they're smoking pot, driving agency vehicles, stealing or breaking the law.....the government may as well be a company in Japan where employees have to die before they lose a job..........
I say kudos to Larry Perez who tried to make use of the people(aka employees) at DPW. He moved people around so that these people were actually working for their pay checks........well, guess what...their lazy behinds put a stop to the 're-arranging' and called 'foul'. They went to the governor's office...who's heard to have said it should return to the way it was, then the dopes marched to Adelup, weren't happy talking to Shawn Gumatootoo and whoever then decided to visit Frank Aguon who might be the island's next Lt. Gov.....(who if elected, will want these beings re-arranged so that they do earn their in WORK for their damn money and not just sit around and barbecue.
The fact that there are rules and regs aren't lost on me and that maybe Mr. L. Perez could have made use of same.....but who's used rules and regs for the last umpteen years when re-arranging people....I think this was the first time ever. I personally think Mr. Larry Perez should be given a trophy for trying to put order in one of the government's most disorganized agencies...
Poor Larry, to have done all that work only to be told to undo it.....what a shame! Must be we like our people to be paid to be lazy and not working while on the government clock!

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September 22, 2006


No wonder they found e.coli and it's cousin bacteria...who knows what else lives in that kitchen!

Hubby and I were doing the Phad Thai noodle thing while watching the tube news last night and literally had to stop eating after we watched the news on the on-going story of what made 130 school children sick this last week.
YUCK and YUCK and YUCK....who in his/er right mind would cook in a filthy kitchen and send food out of that kitchen at the Tamuning Elementary School to be eaten by public school children. I think KUAM's website has a picture on-line of what's tide to the faucets at that school at this time...I've seen cleaner mops!
This person, I. Santos actually admitted that the changing of the filters fell through the cracks and haven't been changed or maintained for the past 'who knows' number of years and e.coli and family have been living there and have decided it's time for a, get those kids sick time.......oh, and a few adults got sick too....
But, not maintaining isn't a big deal with GPSS(formerly known as DOE) or the grandmother of agencies all........govGuam......most agencies don't maintain anything...from firetrucks, to ambulances to police cars to air conditioners to anything.......they work whatever it is until it's broken then they buy a new that's just exactly what's going to happen at Tamuning Elementary from what I gathered from last night's tube least according to GPSS........they're going to by-pass the filtering system(who knows what the system cost govGuam, if it's still working) now that they think GWA's water is 'better' and going to use GWA's water........of course, we all know that GWA's water has a lot of those 'white' thingy's in it so whatever water fountains you're gonna be using, it's gonna need to be changed because those white thingy's are gonna screw up the pipes....they've done it everytime....expecially in in the Tamuning and Tumon area, just ask anyone who's lived there!
Anyway.....this isn't about the minerals in the water....of the chlorine which wasn't enough to kill mr and mrs e.coli and family, it's about the filth in that kitchen that was used to prepare meals for school children.............wonder where the public health inspectors have been lately.

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September 20, 2006


Support the Greyhound revolution and they'll stop 'hounding' you at that taotaomona station.

'Honest to God', we used to say before we would make a strong point when we were much, Honest to God, Robert, if you want the taotaomona station to stop hounding you about that infamous letter you wrote on behalf of the Marshallese(sp?), the letter that poor John Vega (how sad that he has diabetes and feel he has to put you down in order to make his candidate appear credible- does he not realize that this act contribute to his illness? Does he not realize that he's being used...again?) And now that you're in the middle of a divorce(I guess that's what you're going through, the whispering about it is so loud it's deafening) they're making you out to be a, each newscast has you having to leave your campaign to fly back to satisfy the court because of some crook!
Okay, so, you really shoulda/coulda come out and said that you were gonna get a woulda/shoulda/coulda kept those big traps shut and kept talk show hosts interviewing wives from alluding to the fact that there would be no 1st lady if you were elected governor. If you had said there was a divorce in progress(if that's the process) then the lady wouldn't have had to play coy about it....It's not like a man is crippled if he's elected governor and doesn't have a wife. You have a perfectly good sister to stand by your side and a teacher daughter that can stand in the place of a wife when a woman is needed and when all fails, I'm sure you can find a date....'s water under the bridge and your public wasn't advised and the taotaos in the norf are having a blast at your expense with your personal problems with your divorce problems. I sure do wonder what you did to those people......they sure don't like you.......but..
If you want it to stop leaste with that place? Put your entire support behind the slot machines........tell them that you'll walk to each village and that you'll tell all the people that their children will have better schools, better hospital care, more cops, more street lights, faster tax refunds and pay raises for every govGuam employee if they vote for that Prop, you'll win their hearts..........and you'll be their hero....and they'll find someone else to beat up.......and you might get your chance at that seat at Adelup.
Gotta go now, my tongue's stuck in my cheek!

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It's on the floor somewhere....

I can't believe Jon Anderson's really off the air. I'm thinking this retirement is a ploy of sorts. He's not going to throw away a quarter of a century of his life on behalf of a few slot machines at doggy tracks in Tamuning. I'm thinking he's on a vacation or sabatical. He's too smart to just walk away from doing what he loves to do.....unless of course....there'$ a lot of money involved......rumor(don't you ju$t love them?) has it that he's making over $250K Yeah, I'd leave my mike job too if some one offered me a job that paid those bucks..........
Anyway.....if you've not heard, Jon Anderson, the voice of the Marianas is no longer on t.v., he's now pushing for Prop B...the legalization of slot machines at Guam Greyhound.......he'll try to convince the voters that his company will be hiring bunches of people, will build a state of the art performing arts center and will fund hospital and education needs..........
I guess the Bishop will have ha hard time saying 'no' to Jon if he calls for an appointment.........or any of the senators....
My personal opinion on the matter is.......there are already gambling machines in various locations........what's the big deal....if it means the government can earn a few bucks, why not? It's not like we're not already gambling! We may as well make it legal!!!

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Some throw rocks, others sling mud.......but hey, isn't that what you do when you're running on 'fear'?

What a sad day it is when we can't keep our focus on whether the man who is running for Adelup is qualified to run the government, or that he has picked a good running mate and that he and this mate would stay a 'team' for the entire four years doing what they promise to do for the island.
Perhaps this team is reaching those who are tired of headlines that declare the hospital's almost out of blood, or that there's no water in the south for another week or two, or that the dialysis machines at GMH haven't been working for weeks at GMH, or that there's a shortage of teachers and that high-school graduates are teaching our children...and on and on and on...perhaps there's a groundswell of support for the Underwood/Aguon team that's making a whole bunch of people upset.......upset enough to pick up fists full of mud....and sling it!
And sling these scardy cats do.........on KUAM airways----several talk show hosts actually encourage callers to bash Robert and talk about him with so much contempt that you can almost feel the hatred coming from the woman's heart, almost see the foam coming from her mouth.
Before the infamous (the current one) anti-Filipino brochure was passed around, there was the letter written in 1997 on behalf of the Marshall Island government. Frothing at the mouth, it was localized and the issue became an Underwood-vs-Guam issue. Entire days were spent on the air bashing Underwood. He was accused of all sorts of things...even called a coward because he didn't come to KUAM to explain why he wrote the letter....of course, no one there thought to call his office because if they had, they would have discovered that the man was off-island.....anyway, the letter written on behalf of the Marshall Island was strike one, then the anti-Filipino brochure, strike two, and the orchestra continues to play with strike three.....KUAM gets an anonymous tip that Underwood has to appear in a Fairfax, Va., court for failing to do something....contempt charges probably having to do with his divorce....breaking story....of course, anything to besmirch him...hoping that he would lose credibility....and votes.
And so they say that all's fair in love and war....and I'm thinking that when one runs for Adelup, one joins a war and there are no rules. Just throw mud and hope it sticks and hope that your candidate continues to appear with out fault....lily white.
Are we concerned about the issues that took place in 1997 or what's happening in our schools....or what caused 90 elementary school children to become so sick they had to be sent home from school today? Are we concerned about Underwood's divorce status or should we concern ourselves that there's going to be enough blood on hand at GMH in case of tour bus accident and more than 40 pints of blood is needed?
Isn't it awful that the other camp has to besmirch Underwood inorder to make their candidate appear credible....or...qualified to remain in office despite all the problems, bloated government and the high cost of living.
Perhaps the gestapo general should stop the mud slinging....he may just cause enough pity for Underwood that people would actually pity the man and vote for him because they've made him an under dog......boy....I went from Underwood to under I end it here!
Then there's the crab mentality....we Chamorro's are known for having it! That's a whole other subject!!!

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September 03, 2006


Actions say a lot about a person....even long after an event.

Long after the break up of the Camacho-Moylan team, one wonders why the two could never get back together for 'the sake of the people', (you know, as married people- for the sake of the kids)
When Carl Gutierrez fired Kin Perez, Auntie Maddy's COS, she took the high road (for the sake of the people and the democratic party and pretended to remain friends least in public. They attended events together and did all sorts of things together---as governor and lt. governors are supposed to do....privately, (actually, most people knew every detail) the gov's staff hated the lt.'s staff and vice-versa) but the government ran and ran and ran...or, is that supposed to be 'operated'.
Okay, when Camacho fired Moylan's Bertha Duenas, Moylan's director of the state clearing house, or whatever her title was, the fight was permanent and there was no saving the relationship for God or the people.....and just as those before them....the staff of each, can't stand the staff of the other....and the government hobbles and people in D.C. laugh at the people of Guam that the two leaders behave like little 2nd graders.(insult to second graders)
So......after I watched Gutierrez and Cruz walk over to the Underwood camp last night, I (am so naive) thought that maybe, just maybe, Mr. Moylan and Mr.(I think I'm democrat-no, I'm a republican,-no, I'm a democrat)Francis Santos would at least pick up a cell phone and concede, at least to look good to those watching the way, jose!!!!What would Jesus do you ask? Jesus wasn't a republican......
So, instead of conceding, Mr. Moylan said something mundane and thanked those at UOG and I began then to wonder where I had parked my car....I imagined that maybe Felix had asked to be forgiven for whatever it was that caused the problem and there was no forgiveness least not in this lifetime.....and last night, it was obvious who the 'un-forgiver' was.(in my humble opinion, of course!)
There is really no room in one's heart for bitterness, no matter how
great the assault to our pride, which I think is what happened when Camacho fired Duenas and refused to allow Moylan to rehire her. After the actions shown this morning, I'm sure that there was never the effort to quietly sit down with Felix to discuss best they could salvage their friendship, the administration and Duenas' job. At least as long as Moylan was being unforgiving and bitter. The administration could have done wonders for this island because both Camacho and Moylan are smart men, but this is water way past the bridge. I hope that leaders learn from their mistake and I hope that we learn that as long as we have bitterness in our heart for what others have done to injure or pride(also known as egos), that we have given our very power to those people until the very day that we have forgiven them and have let go of that excess baggage.
So many of us allow what's happened in the past to determine our future.
So I'm guessing that tonight's meeting at the M/S headquarters is about how they're going to bring the votes of their supporters to the U/A ballots.......Underwood's sitting in the catbird seat....ain't he the lucky one?

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Those that lost have started their engines and all roads lead to the old Chin Fee restaurant!

I predict that Robert A. Underwood and Frank B. Aguon lead the next administration. The prediction isn't based on any scientific polls or any scrying or the reading of tea leaves or coffee grounds. The U/A team will win in the same way that Camacho and Moylan won four years ago, only this morning, it was more apparent what's going to happen.....if U/A play their card right, Adelup will be theirs......a few jobs for a few hard-working leaders of the G/C and M/S teams and the election is theirs! That's the oil that fuels this second and final fun for Adelup.
I have to say that it took a lot of humility to bring Carl Gutierrez to Underwood's camp this morning to concede the election. Not only did he bring his running mate,he brought along his children. That takes a very big person. Say what you might about Carl Gutierrez, but this morning, he was not a sore loser, nor was he a cry baby about losing. Instead, he pushed away his personal feelings and thought about his party and the work of his people and walked to the opponent's camp and gave them his(their) support. Whether or not the act is sincere or it was done for a photo of-which I don't think it was, it took a big person, especially as proud as Gutierrez is, to have made that walk.
Underwood, Aguon and their people were gracious and obviously appreciative and perhaps must've imagine that such might've happened since there was the playing of the GC theme as the group made its way to the UA camp.
In a way, Gutierrez' visit to the Underwood camp took away some of the victory that Underwood and Aguon could have felt, the champagne bottles being opened and the like....the moment went to the greatness of a team that lost but weren't too proud to join forces in the name of their party.
What a way to start the second phase of the run for Adelup.
Carl and BJ, you might've lost the keys to Adelup, but you won a lot of hearts by your humility and graciousness. What you did was a class act....good on you!

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August 31, 2006


It used to matter, there are so many abortions these days, it's almost as casual as birth control pills, so who cares that only one person said he was against abortion?

Oh, I remember the days when Elizabeth Perez Arriola would stand up for the rights of a fetus and would do everything possible to keep it from being legal on Guam. There was even a time that a lawyer daughter of hers took a side against her(being pro-choice-which I'm sure broke her heart, but she was such a lady, didn't bring her pain or embarrassment to the public eye.
Those days, when we had a Bishop who had a spine and was more interested in real church stuff rather than this neo movement that's dividing the Catholics from the regulars to the elite..I digress. The days when Bishop Flores supported people who had moral values and didn't support those who didn't have moral values. I recall that he said that he would tell his people not to vote for those senators or elected officials who were for pro-choice. The threat was a good threat....the bill didn't pass and what ever it was(I can't recall the issue)...didn't pass and many surprise pregancies made it to term rather than being sucked out by some unfeeling doctor. Then, the Bishop would have made sure that his parish priests would encourage Catholics island-wide not to vote for candidates who were for pro-choice.
I have this gut feeling that the bishop doesn't really care about pro-choice or abortions. Perhaps it's because it's a non-issue in the neo-movement, or maybe he doesn't like the candidate who's pro life and would rather he didn't win and is looking the other way, hoping he loses. I think he's not supporting this man who's pro life because this candidate also attends another church in addition tho the one at the hospital and St. Anthony's.
No one really cares about abortion issues anymore. Abortion these days is just another way of birth control, a bit more expensive and sometimes more messy. Few will stand for the innocent little gifts of God.
The man that was brave enough to say that he's against abortion is Felix Camacho. He may not have been a perfect governor, but in my eyes, he's a perfect Christian.
Perhaps his support of the unborn is the reason he's so far ahead of the others.

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August 28, 2006


It might be better and put the bad one out of business!

I have this group of friends who meet for lunch once a month. They're the movers and shakers of the island. All educated and powerful, a few of them have two or three degrees. Gosh, I wonder how smart I'd be if I had more than one! If I did, I bet I'd be getting paid for this blogging thingy...but that's a whole other story and I I'm watching this guy on KUAM tonight (Sonya, you have great shoes!) and he's talking about Peter Sgro's hospital forum and the possibility of the creation of a hospital that might just be built to run as a hospital should run....with doctors, nurses, JACO accreditation, etc.....and reasons for the sick not to have to leave the island and their loved ones when they get least that's what I'm hearing the reason Sgro and company are working their behinds off trying to get the hospital built....
The hospital is going to be a non-profit hospital and will not compete with GMH and will compliment the hospital rather than compete with will try to lure the likes of Dr. Noel Conception from Modesto to come to Guam to do heart surgery rather than have the pation pay for one of Continental's planes to fly to Modesto to have a heart fixed.
I can't believe that Phillip Flores, an educated banker, board chair for GMH's hospital board, would come on t.v. and say that Sgro's Forum and or, hospital would take doctors and nurses from GMH and would run GMH into the ground and that the last time there were two hospitals that's what happened.
What this educated man didn't say, which I find kind stupid, is that the second hospital was a Gucci hospital built by the Catholic Church and that it was in direct competion with GMH and that in the end, the church couldn't pay the Korean doctors and nurses and old governor Ricky Bordallo had to buy the hospital inorder to bail the church out...(I think that's who bailed the church may have been another governor, but I think it was Ricky).....The Catholic Church had not the foggiest idea how to run a got the picture........?
So, Sgro and his group of businessmen gather and pick their brains and the hospital won't have two bricks side by side until the group decide on a business plan, unlike what happened during the days of Bishop Flores. If anything, the forum will consider that the hospital will work hand in hand with UOG's nursing department, using their senior nurses, as well, luring resident doctors from the west coast and Hawaii...there are lots of ideas from the great think tank. Perhaps Mr. Flores has sour grapes taste buds because he can't seem to get things working right at GMH and he's been there a long time and nothing's worked the whole time he's been there.......alas! Maybe he can get some good tips from Sgro's group.

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August 27, 2006


So.....what's new?

So, does KUAM think this is news? I'm not dissing, KUAM, don't get me wrong. It's just like......this happens every an anniversary thingy....confirmation that we hire stupid people and keep them working no matter how stupid they are! Once they're classified, you can't fire them!!!! Heck, it's only the kids that suffer anyway, what's the problem?
I have the solution to this whole school problem and I don't even have to run for public office...for Adelup or Sinajana or anywhere.....just give whatever it is you're giving GPSS(and fire all those people that are on the board-actually, disolve the board) and give the money to the private schools and tell them to take over the school less time than you can say, 'jack be nimble', the problem will be solved....we won't even have to keep Jerry Cruz employed or his friends at Central that keep that empire going.
Guam is the laughing stock for the people in D.C. Once, it used to be easy to ask for money and get it. These days, the government knows that we're not only stupid, we waste it or over spend it or use it for something else and now, make us sit up and beg for it. Now, our true color is showing and we're no longer just a laughing stock, now we're a laughing stock and pathetic.
How can we run a school without school books? How can we actually look someone in the eye and tell them that we know what we're doing and at the same time we say that our kids are important, but, by the way, 'the kids will be needing school books because they don't have any yet'.....'oh, maybe they're cutting out pictures from magazines?'
Gawd, I'm so ashamed to say I'm from here, sometimes. When I visit the states, I pretend I'm from Nepal or India....Guam's pretty third world, the only thing missing is the human pedaled bike ride.

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SOME ONE AT THE AIRPORT DOESN'T KNOW WHAT THE LATTE STONE WAS ORIGINALLY THOUGHT TO BE USED FOR thinks the landscaper thinks they were used as vases! Dummies and taxpayers are paying for this clueless-ness!

Okay, so I'm not going to say with certainty that the Latte Stone was the foundation of the Long House, or the not-so-long-house, but have seen drawings and read enough history books to know that scholars think they were foundations of homes and that somewhere in the area of Ho Chi Minh City, the same were used before the great flood 4,000 years ago which is where our supposed ancestors came from, as they(the same place) and if you've done any stomping around in the boonies, you'll have found that there are no lips on the caps that will allow any bougainvilla bush, or any other bush or plant to be grown on the top of that Latte Stone top.
So I wonder each time I pass that triangle that the great airport of Guam is spending realllllly big bucks these days....what the heck was the landscaper thinking when he put the lip on the Latte Stone....was he thinking that it was a decoration and that the decoration needed a plant in the middle of it? And who in tarnation is his supervisor that allowed him to continue to plant more than one....since now most have plants in them. I really think we're just plain stupid and we've all flunked our local history lessons and that we think the Latte Stone is a planter and not what might have been the foundation of a house to keep it off the ground all those years ago when the Taotaomoanas roamed the island.
Heck, maybe that's what we get when we don't give a damn how or who tells our 'story'. Unfortunately, I'll be the only one that makes this comment and no one will care enough to change the planters into what they should have been, a reminder that once, we were a people who built houses on foundations on Latte Stones. Once we were a people who had flying Proas. Once, we had pride in who we were. Now, we have no pride in who we were. Now, we don't even have pride in who we are. If you think for a minute that I'm kidding, just take a look at our school system!

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August 13, 2006


I'm willing to bet it's just another way to get money from the Feds then do nothing about it once it's in hand.

I love good intentions. A bunch of people are into the trip thingy to Okinawa. A few of them have been on the Big Breakfast Show talking about going on their own dime, talking about meeting with the Okinawans about the Marines and how they're handling them.(the Marines)........Like the trip is Marines 101.......and all of a sudden, they're experts.
Tonight's tube news(KUAM's, ABC doesn't do weekend news, Jon needs the rest)reports that the island mayors have a 'wish' that they can show the Marines and their dependents local traditions(or something like that)...hhmmmmm, over-flowing garbage/trash cans, packs of dogs wandering around the village, chickens and or pigs roaming through out same, etc., There's the over-grown and unkempt yards and the like and oh.....the grafitti.......we're really good at that and that's classic!
I think KUAM should report what's on the list and ask what the mayors are going to do about the above problem before they go asking for any safe are the villages of Dededo, Yona, Agat, Barrigada or night?
We have no business asking for money from anybody. Mayors should first learn how to make a business plan on how to run their village and learn how to balance their expenses then work out a plan for how they're going to make life better for a military family moving to their it the building of a skateboard ramp, tennis court or child's play yard. Having a wish list ain't news worthy....putting it on the news is like telling the world that the mayors are daydreaming again!
Perhaps the next time the mayors need some air time, they should be caught planting flowering or fruit trees in their villages....that would be newsworthy....cutting the lawn at their village school or getting it ready for school would even be more newsworthy....but then was a slow newsday.

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Her press release meant jack!

Sometimes being ignored hurts the most. When babies are born and they are ignored, they fail to thrive. But this isn't a lesson on babies being loved and thriving. More, it's a lesson on having respect for one's wishes. Last week, Madeline Z. Bordallo, the island's Congressional Delegate issued a press release stating that she was not endorsing any candidate until after the primary.
She issued this after a long campaign ad had her endorcing the campaign of BJ Cruz in his run for Lt.Gov with Gutierrez.
Although she's extremely close to BJ Cruz, she's also extremely close to the Bordallo family because she was married to Ricardo J. Bordallo, the brother of Fred Bordallo, the husband of Annie Underwood Bordallo, Robert Underwood's sister. She's in between the devil and the deep blue sea as some would say.........yet tonight.....on KUAM....they played the ad.....auntie Maddy, endorsing the golden haired BJ Cruz......against her wishes......wishes be damned, who the hell is she to decide what we can run or not run, it's our campaign, not hers!
And so it goes......all's fair in love, war and campaigns.......I guess!
The question to ask here is if BJ asked that the ad be pulled...or not played....and....if it was played anyway......if his wishes meant anything......oh heck, there'd be an excuse for that as well and I bet it would be blamed on KUAM.......around here, we seem to always be able to find someone to blame..........
Happy trails to you, who cares about the clouds when we're together?
Bet Annie and Fred and family do!!!

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August 12, 2006


Nothing in tubes, no gels, and no liquids.....just like on the airplanes....even if you have see-through bags!

I was thinking of the new superintendent and the recent decision for public school kids to have to carry see-thru back packs because some wise guys decided to mix a bit of vinegar and whatever and caused a bit of ruckus at Sanchez High causing a bit of terror for the teachers and kids...........while watching Fox & CNN the past day and a half............hmmmmm, I thought, wonder if the folks at GPSS is watching...surely they'll think that the kids will think that the red gator ade will have some chemical that when mixed with some other chemical will make some explosion and cause more than 'ruckus' at their school......yikes, then.....cause the board to make a whole new rule and ban even the see-thru bag packs and reduce everything to the sandwich bags....just like those required of those having to travel on the aero planes.........
It was a bit odd that the news readers came verrrrry close to giving the recipe for the bombs that the terrorists were going to use on those planes from the UK to the US. Gads, you'd think they'd just report the story rather than give out the know you can go on-line and learn how to make a Molotov Cocktail!!!
Oh well, don't be surprised if the looney toon members of GPSS board don't come up with a new idea of what the kids should bring to school changes........They'll use the excuse that they're doing it for, 'the kids'! (Oh, the guy that's on the board that's running for the 29th Guam Legislature? Remember that he can't play well with others when it comes time to vote this primary election.....don't vote for him...if he doesn't get his way, he'll do likewise if elected!)

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I hope he survives his new job!

The new GPSS school superintendent is a smart person. He's a nice individual and on the radio the last couple of days, he said he's up for 'the challenge'. He said that as a school counselor, he's qualified for the job in the requirements for teaching classrooms for 5 years because he played counselor and the AG's office opened the loophole and said so. I don't begrudge the man the job because of that loophole, although, teaching children, between 24 to 30 of them at one time or another for 5 years is quite different than interacting with them as a counselor, but then, what are loopholes for?
But the real issue here is that the man has to be strapped to a wheelchair and must have someone at all times to wheel him around. The job as superintendent is on that's 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When earthquakes happen, he must be there to see what needs to be done right after it happens and not all of the damage is easy to manage when one is in a wheelchair. Likewise, when there's a typhoon, before, during and after, one must be physically strong enough to move about, sometimes hurriedly in order to get the job done, not an easy job for someone in a wheelchair. Then there's all the fuss that comes with the job, between the union, the teachers, the central office, the parents, and the press. Travis Coffman asked some pretty hard questions of the new Supe yesterday. Can the man stand the heat, day after day after day and still enjoy the job as well as being strapped in that wheelchair?
I'm sorry to say, Mr. Nice Guy got the job because the school board knows they can control Mr. Nice Guy and because they were told not to appoint Ms. Bretannia-Shaeffer(sp) because she's too smart, related to someone they don't like, or perhaps, four in the school board don't like her choice of politics. Whatever it was, the board's choice was anybody-but-Nerissa'.
I just hope that Mr. Luis Basa survives this appointment. I also hope that the U.S. DOE doesn't realize that the GPSS board chose him because they can control the man and that he'll do their bidding, because if they figure that out....we'll never get that $37Million......good-bye my money.....good-bye school books!
Between you-n-me........I think the U.S. DOE would have been very happy and would have released their money if Ms. Shaefer had been me thinks they're gonna sit and think verrrrrrry hard about giving it away and if I were them.............I'd think hard, too!

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August 04, 2006


Online dictionary says it's impervious to disgrace, but leaves out the pictures of those sitting on the GPSS board.

I'm trying to think why those who sit on the GPSS board decided to accept the offer to either run for the GPSS board, or to accept the appoint to sit on the board. I'm thinking that they originally thought 'it was for the kids', people who run for some office always say 'it's for the kids', then turn around and lie like hell. Really, it's for 'me' and only me. Running for any office for most is strictly food for the ego. Few are selfless, the bigger word being altruistic. Few run then do the 'right' thing for 'the people', 'the kids'.
If we had a 'real board', then there would already be a superintendent, perhaps even the one that was there that wasn't fired just after the cock crowed for the third time, but that's water long past the bridge. Now we're talking after the Gutherz and 'oops-we-didn't-see-the-PI-degree-thingy-debacle', that the fools should have seen.
Then should have been adults about the issue, picked themselves up after the fall, apoligized for their error and given the job to the very capable alternate, Ms. Bretana-Shaefer(sp) and 'moved forward'(hate these over used words!!!) But....NO.....they(Bozo's) have to go back to the sandbox and start all over again(confirming to the U.S. DOE that they're totally inept.(No wonder they don't want them to have anything to do with their funds!!!)
Suffice it to say, the shameless don't care that the U.S. DOE isn't sending almost $40M to the public school system or that the public school children are about to start school without a titular head.
What an absolute shame! Our children deserve more than this. But what's more shameful is that no one seems to be upset enough to do anything about it.'s cheap...and all we seem to do is the meantime, the children suffer. Such a pity!
Shame on us!

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July 31, 2006


Yup, we got armed hold'em ups and stupid people coming into the shacks of old people on Swamp road and tying'em up....and those Marines ain't even here!

I write about these crimes because they're the crimes that people with tattoos(is that double 't' and double 'o') and pony tail flying the 'Chamoru' flag complain about the coming arrival of the Marines. The 'doom and gloomers' think that they're going to come and bring with them the nasty stuff like is reported on t.v. and in the newspaper......only thing's already here and the poor dears aren't even here! See, when we point fingers at people, we never think that three fingers are pointing back at us.......we never think to look around out own back yards to see that we have a mess before we declare that our neighbor's yards are a mess........
I don't wear rose colored glasses and I won't say that when the 8000 Marines and dependents make their way to Guam there won't be times when they break the law...that would be stupid, they're human. But, we're ahead of ourselves. When they get here and they break more laws than usual, then I'm sure there'll be a Brig big enough to handle the problem, if not, you can be sure that Uncle Sam will get their behinds the hell out of Guam in lickety-split the meantime, I think that we all should recognize that we already have our share of crime and that we should try to figure out how we can make living here safer for the old people who have to stay at home while their children are at work.
I hate to say it, but the lucky ones, are at St. Dominics. There used to be a time when Auntie Loling and Uncle Ben stayed at home when they got old. Their kids cared for them until they died. These days, they get to wait to die at St. Dominics, or, live out their years at the Skilled Nursing Facility at Barrigada Hts. Lucky them, they don't get tied up by some idiots looking for loot for a meth fix!
If you're reading this and your parents are lucky enough to be in your care, living at home with you, please make sure to tell them to keep the doors locked at all times. As well, tell them not to be so friendly with the people who stop by asking for directions. There was a strange looking person who stopped by last week who was asking for directions and I fell for the sham. Fortunately, there aren't many neighbors around where we live and the dogs wouldn't stop barking which made him uncomfortable. Maybe I was spared. Who knows!
I hope they find the guys and I hope the lock the lot of them up and throw away the keys!

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July 30, 2006


Duh, would you hand GPSS five cents when they can't even follow simple directions?

KUAM reported earlier this evening that US DOE hasn't said(or done) anything about the $37Million feds on the release of federal funds. "There were two specific concerns raised by the feds in order for the release of the $37.5 million in federal funding that was withheld due to management instability at GPSS and the alleged mismanagement of federal funding." (per KUAM)
Well, boys and girls, if you were the feds and it was your money, would you be handing over your money to a group (as in govGuam) of people who can't seem to get their act together?
On one hand, we tell the feds that we're going to get it right this time, we're going to hire the right superintendent and we're not going to let the GPSS board have anything to do with the money, then we find out that the board's in bed with the person they just hired.......aint that a shame(hmmmm, is that the name of a song?) Okay, by now, the feds-me things that have a few friends out here, have learned that GPSS hired/appointed a Super to watch over GPSS and she wants to double dip and work part-time at UOG (surely they know that one can't serve two masters, especially since GPSS has mega problems), then there's the issue of the law that says that she has to have credits from a US accredited college/university.....surely US DOE knows all of this...........surely we're not thinking they're dumb enough to mail that fat check? Unless of course the 'we' are working at GPSS, there, 'we' are dumb enough to think the sky is pink, there, 'we' think we can hire anyone and get our friends at the legislature to change the law....
So, friends at KUAM, you can do a count down...the feds probably won't be sending GPSS any funds until the law on that US acreditted thingy is satisfied and the double-dipping and college part-time thingy is settled as well. I think the US DOE is going to move verrrrry slowly from now on.

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And no matter what Jean Hudson of KUAM reports, Tony Sgro has nothing to do with the project!

KUAM reported this evening that a group of developers headed by Peter Ada Sgro, working with a group to get a hospital going here to keep sick people from having to fly to the states or the PI for medical help. According to KUAM's website, the group consists of about 23 members.

"Sgro says representatives on behalf of the Hospital were present at yesterday's forum, adding, "They will be invited to every single one of our meetings. We made a decision early on that this is not about us verses them. This is about us working together. We really believe that two hospitals work together. It's very important that we get the support of the hospital. We briefly discussed certain ways we can do things with this new hospital. For instance, we talked about a specialized hospital where certain types of procedures that are not being done at GMH will be done at this hospital. Another example, this new hospital not having an emergency room, while GMH does have an emergency room. The committees will meet again on August 19. Each is expected to submit a report on their tasks. "

It's a big task, but Mr. Peter Sgro has never balked at hard work. I hope that he and his group can pull this one off. I also hope that KUAM gives him credit for the work he's done on the project.

I can't imagine getting his name mixed up. The station's Calvo owned, Sgro's wife is a Calvo, and the reporter still gets Mr. Sgro's name wrong?
Good on ya, Peter!

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July 29, 2006


Me thinks Peter John Camach(o) should have enlisted the help of the able idiots of the GPSS board to select the they would've hired one!

Everything these days is either 'out-source' or 'privatize''s 'RFP'd' or whatever it is that the government does to do the bid thingy(sometimes, that is!!!).......and so, it seems that GMH tried to find some nice people to manage the hospital so that it could be managed like most hospitals a business(the profit know, it makes money so that it can use the profits to paint, repair the place, give raises to nurses, pay retirement benefits, et cetera and the like, as most businesses usually do)....but, as KUAM reports, that didn't happen.....and I'm thinking....someone who was in the selection process.....probably saw some 'no-no' and crossed off the 'bidders'....making the process a no go, the entire process going back to the drawing board........
But, I bet that if this had been at the able hand of the likes of the mouth breathers of the GPSS they would have chosen one of those bidders......I bet my last dollar that one of them would be here setting up an office as Dr. J. gets ready to set up her new office......heck, who cares about rules and laws, we could just get Rory R. to get his buddies to change the rules and regs....isn't that the way we do business around here, anyway?
You hire....then you change the law!!! So I can't understand why GMH couldn't get one of those bidders to get the bid to run the's so confusing sometimes how one agency gets to bypass the law and others just don't's like they don't know that the likes of Rory and friends aren't around to fix things....I just don't get it sometimes!
I kinda like this thingy about doing things and changing the law afterwards, it makes for flexible living....almost like confession...hmmmm, like adultery....or even having one's marriage annulled after years of being married.....with the flick of a finger..and the quick signature of a bishop, you were never married...voila! So, being flexible also means you can be flexible, unless of course you're a lowly teacher,(who can't) double-dip, teach part time at your favorite university and do whatever you want....just as long as you have friends in high places..
I think the governor should make the GPSS board select all future directors/hires and privatizations...they know best about qualifications!

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July 28, 2006


Just ask your favorite bars.

Last week, I said that Mack and Marty's should be just as liable for the arrest of the DUI minors who were arrested for DUI along with the gov's son. After speaking to many parents about the issue of teens drinking and going to bars, I was told that a lot of these teens are computer literate and have access to cutting edge programs that create identifications that copy IDs showing that they are eighteen years of age.
A minor only needs to get the driver's license of an eighteen year-old, copy the license and exchange the picture and bio-data and 'viola', he/she has an ID! That's how Juan and Maria gets in and out of Mack and Marty's, or, anywhere else, for that matter and that's how the kids get served their drinks. It's not up to the bartender to make sure the ID is authentic or not and for the most part, the ID will probably look better than the real one because the programs are better than those coming from GovGuam.
Suffice it to say, it's up to the parents to snoop into their children's purses(yes, I said 'snoop') and see if they have one of those illegal IDs......especially if he/she doesn't come home 'til 4a.m...
There's a lot going on in your computer than just on MYSPACE.COM, or XANADU.COM,hmmmm,or is it, ZANGO.COM?

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Idiots, the machines are already here!

I always have to laugh when the who's who in anti-gambling get on the radio and harp about their anti-gambling reasonings. Don't get me wrong....I don't believe in gambling. I don't gamble, but if you want all means...gamble! I just think that it should be legal and that GovGuam should have it's share in taxes...likewise prostitution!
Okay.....gambling....Grayhound wants to have gambling machines at their place....heck, why not? The naive anti-gambling freaks have no idea(I tell you not.....those blinders aren't only worn by horses!!!) that those machines are already on the island........have you ever been to the Orchid Hotel? You can win up to $3,000 per nite, or more or less on the machines......playing Bingo on the machine. There's a place in Barrigada on Rte.8!!! The place is open 24 hours.....what's the big deal...get the Bishop on the radio and all his, talk, talk.....blind to the issue, the machines are here and they don't even know about it.....their flock have already been gambling and they didn't even know about it....perhaps because it's only a venial sin to lose their pay check/mortgage/child support?
The Orchid Hotel only gets Social Security numbers....the winners don't have to pay the 10% tax....if they're honest, they'll pay the tax, otherwise, they keep the entire winnings....ain't that grand?
So, I say, good on Grayhound, they're trying to do the right thing by asking for the license to gamble unlike those that got the machines by loop-hole in the dark of night.........
In the meantime........I like the shade of the blinders.....they cut out a lot of light.....and information on what's really happening out in the 'real' world!

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Hmmmm,anyone ask her?

Saw the pretty lady, auntie Maddy Bordallo endorsing BJ Cruz on t.v. last night about a zillion times and darn, every time I saw it, the thought came across me mind.....did the endorsement bother/upset/hurt her sister-in-law, Annie Bordallo? Like, uh, Annie's husband is Ricky's brother and Annie's brother is Robert and he's running for governor and you'd think(I mean, I'd think) that Auntie Maddy wouldn't be publicly supporting either gubernatorial candidates, no matter how closely related she was to least not in the primary....
Some close friends say that Ms. Bordallo is verry close to Annie who's very close to Robert. Same close friends say that Ms. Bordallo is very close to BJ....but....blood is thicker than water? least in the primary?
Is this a case of politics making strange bedfellows?
Yikes, what happens when Maddy has to attend Bordallo'm sure they support Robert, right? Whoa....!!!! This election is sure confusing me!!! First you have a democrat jumping the fence and running as a democrat and now you have a Bordallo supporting a non-Bordallo, what's going to happen next? Oh, I know, we're going to have legalized gambling!

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July 19, 2006


It takes a village, seems to me Mac'n Marty's failed their part?

I'm all for raising the drinking age. Last night's arrest of the gov's son could have been much worse. The police could have been there with the two minors and the gov's son because the alleged drunk under age driver was dead, or had killed someone because the three were involved in a DUI with injury crash. Thank God it was just a cop pulling over a suspicious vehicle and the kids were returned to their parents.
Dr. Shieh and the group of people that want to raise the drinking age to 21 have three more reasons to raise the drinking age. Seems to me that if these kids were at Mac'n'Marty's and were drinking, that the establishment was just as at fault as the person the police arrested. If the governor's son was arrested because he was an adult and had jurisdiction over a minor who was allegedly drunk and shouldn't have been driving, then the bar shouldn't have been selling that child any alcohol. I say that the owners of that bar should have been arrested as well. We can't continue to place the blame just on the children. Maybe if we arrest the sellers as well as the 'users' we'll get more cooperation in the future. If we arrest the families that allow the children to drink during fiesta celebrations, they'll stop allowing their children to drink beer, or at least pay more attention to who they're supposedly getting the beer for.
I know I'm going to get laughed at and you can start laughing now but what happened to the curfew laws? Were they changed? Do they exist? What happened to our little girls coming home at midnight? My daughter had to come home at midnight until the time she went away to college and even when she came home the few short time after, she still came home at midnight.
O tempore, o more..............

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July 17, 2006


The price of campaigns....has the price of gas taking its toll on how today's 'officio' campaigns?

In the 'olden' days, one could hardly stand to watch the news. There were as many gubernatorial ads as were running, as many senatorial ads as were running, et cetera. This election, maybe one for Moylan or Camacho, seldom one for the other two. However, U/A has frequent ads on K57 and I assume M/S has many on Daddy's station.
But the big bucks seem to have been spent big time on the signs on the high-ways. Colorful pictures of the candidates that don't say anything about what the candidate can bring to the government.
Gone are the creative advertising days when people came before a camera to say, "I know George Bamba." or, "I like George Bamba". It was catchy. These days, you watch people as they try to read something that was written by someone else that they have a hard time pronouncing words as they read from the's no wonder they can't afford more ads.
During the last election, it was a big deal that Camacho and Kaleo wore handsome business suits wherever they went. Well, they don't go anywhere together(duh!!!)and neither wear suits, in fact, Mr. Camacho often appears as if he's come right from a golf game. A recent ad shows Robert in a navy blue suit...rather handsome, at that! Uncle Carl? Well, for the most part, he's always in yellow and looks spiffy no matter the heat.
I suppose that the media will get their share of big bucks just before the primary and I'll complain because of the campaign ads....can't win for losing, huh?

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Wonder if the Feds will let her have anything to do with their grants..

It's not like there's a lot of people(there's only one that I would hire) lining up for the supe position for the island's public school system.....but KUAM reports that a former clown's thrown her hat into the ring(excuse the pun!!!) and wants to be considered for the position along with the other wannabees...(hmmmm, is there a plural to this word?) Okay, this one time senator-clown person phd Car Fernandez was a real trip as a senator. I couldn't tell if she was for real as a senator. Never knew her while she worked at UOG so don't know if she was 'real' there, but if she's anything like she was as a she don't get any position at GPSS cuz the Feds ain't gonna give GPSS no bucks if she's declared boss there.
I recall that she doesn't work well with others, had a hard time keeping employees longer than a month at a time and there's already a revolving door at GPSS so I'm thinking we should just hand the lady a pen with invisible ink and give her a number and disconnect the phone after she leaves the building.........
I don't want to jinx it but think the only one that can handle the system and I pity her for it, is Ms. Shaffer. She knows the school system inside-out and can work with both a republican and democrat administration. For the life of me, I can't figure out why she would ever want to take a job as the head of that white elephant but she's handled it before and the system didn't collapse while she was its director so we may as well make the position a permanent one...but who listens to me?

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July 02, 2006


There used to be a time when women were loved and respected.....

There was a time when boys were raised by loving mothers. The boys met and married women and loved and respected them as they loved and respected their mothers. These days, men come into beauty parlors and beat beautiful Viet Namese women to death with blunt objects. These days, men take women to over looks and manage(both are alleged to have happened...of course!!!until the jury decides otherwise!!!)
Times have changed. Women have changed. They dress differently, they act differently. They aren't the sweet young things that stayed at home cooking, washing and watching over babies anymore. They're out there in the front lines fighting right along the men in Iraq, they drive big wheeled vehicles and some are downright more masculine than most men I know.......but this doesn't mean that you can kill them with blunt objects or push them over 50 foot cliffs......and I suppose this goes for men as well.....these days, we just don't seem to care much for the value of life.
The frequency of homicides on Guam seem so frequent these days that it just doesn't seem to be news anymore......and to think that we're worried about what the Marines are going to bring to the island.....Heck, they should be worried about what they're coming to!!

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Now......U.S. DOE has decided to withhold millions because the board under Johnny Rivera and friends of GPSS couldn't find their way out of a paper bag!!!!!!!

It's only about $34M, what the hell, it's a drop in the bucket...that's nothing when you have that much more to pay the retirement board, vendors, the power and water and phone bill....oh, then there's the payroll. For some reason, the board members of GPSS screwed up so much that the US department of education decided to withhold some $34M because the board and the public school system couldn't follow can't understand English.........
All the way up to the 11th hour, the interim acting director,(poor man) Luis Reyes, claimed there was no problem....for the feds....all they had to say was....Guam, you don't know how to follow can't be trusted to handle the money we give, we're not going to give you anymore! Period....end of conversation.
What we gonna do now, Tonto?
Oh, I almost lost my breakfast when I heard that Mr. Personality himself, Sigfried Linsangan(sp) of the current GPSS board(the one who yells at people who speak during public hearings) is going to run for the legislature............mercy, mercy.......he's not fit to run for dog not, and I mean, do not put into an office where he could yell at some one bad enough to cause the man(or woman) to have a massive stroke. Surely we remember what happened that night when he was frothing at the mouth during one of the GPSS board meetings when a parent literally died defending his desire to keep direct instruction from being removed. As it turned was....and the Feds decided to keep their telling what commotion Mr. Linseed will cause in another elected office. Perhaps we can ask the new governor to appoint him to the department of agriculture to oversee the coqui frogs.

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Boy, he say, she(oooops, there's no gonna be no girls in this story except for da former gov's daughter but she don't gonna count cuz she jus stander byer.......

Today's PDN put Jackie Abramoff's confession/investigation on the whole frontpage and the next three pages on what he said, what the former gov, Carl Gutierrez supposedly said and what Markie Charfauros(sp)said about poor old(gads, is he old or not, don't really know how old or young the dude is) Fred Black of the US Attorney's office is.....remember, the guy that braved the Rotary Club meeting a few weeks ago with the hot and spicy questions to the former gov while he was speaker to the knify-fork league lunchee meet? Well, seems Jackie's admitting that he does know the former gov after all and that he may have tried to oust Mr. Black, who he referred to as a 'commie'........hmmm, I kinda like ole Freddie, can't say that I'd say he acts like a 'commie', come to think of it, he's somewhat like most capitalists I know.......
I don't think that the issue of the big story and the big pictures of the dude with the hat and the former gov and his friend Markie et others is going to hurt his run for re-election.......there's just too many grass roots people out there that don't read the paper. The supporters and die hards have already made up their minds and there's nothing short of a murder that will keep Carl's supporters from voting for him this primary......for if the story on the front page was to lure away votes from the Gutierrez/Cruz didn't work.........
I have done my own little survey and most bet their paychecks on Carl's being the island's next governor.
Don't shoot me.........I'm just the messenger!

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June 27, 2006


How come the losers won't quit but winners do?

I The bad news on the Breakfast Show this morning was the news that flat-top, Bob Klitzski is not going to seek a third term seat in the coming legislative body.........he's been one of the best senators this island has ever had. He has led by example of how to work for the people, has led by example how to use the people's money without splurging.
There are so many that I'd like to see leave office and go back to digging ditches of lifting weights, perhaps pretending to be doctors...but this hellovagood! It sounded as if the man has made up his mind....he ain't gonna run for re-election and that my our loss!!!! So.........if he's not going to run and Joanne ain't gonna run, that's two republicans less.......two(I think) Does the republican party have anyone that's savvy enough to replace them?
Me thinks it's going to be a demo majority...........and if the 'omen' of Robert'n'Frank's Sunday rally on Sunday is any sign of things to come..........we're gonna have a demo gov and a demo legislature........hmmmmm, did I just make a prediction?
I didn't hear if Robert'n'Frank held a you-had-to-be-there raffle drawing to win a pick-up for all those 10,000 people to do the island roundy-round motorcade.......could it be that Mr. Paulino who used to campaign for Gerry Gutierrez and ran to be her Lt. Gov made some really good friends and Pied Pipered(sp) them to Robert's side? Whatever it worked! I wasn't counting but there sure were a lot of people there. I never got to shake the Adelup tennant wannabes hands, it was just too crowded and too hot........may be next time!

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June 17, 2006


Damn, you paid the vendors instead of payroll? Who told you to do that?

Oh the art of running a government...because in business, it probably wouldn't run that least not in our business....mine and Peter F. Drucker's! But with the Government of Guam, one can do anything! Businesses have been born and died(well, not literally, but you get the point) because of the government.....this week and part of last, some of the employees of the department of education didn't get paid. I can only say it's because the school board(and those who run the school) mismanaged the money...there's no other way to describe the debacle that continues from year to year and it gets worse and worse.
On the radio Friday, I overheard a sound-byte from the governor who said that that there wass $3M at GPSS that could have gone to payroll but was spent on vendor payments instead...and he wasn't happy about that. Put yourself in the shoes of a vendor who hasn't been paid for six months....eight months....and when paid, you're paid with no interest....and when you're finally paid....the governor's not happy....
These are interesting times......and will make for a very interesting gubernatorial election!
Who do you think can handle both Adelup and GPSS?

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So, who said he was gonna stick to his word?

I thought it was strange that after three years of dread and dreary only rain to bank on at the Paseo during Liberation Day festivities the gov would actually allow gambling.....who were those evil people whispering in his ears....telling him to allow gambling at the sacred ground...earning monies to build the museum, build something to memorialize the life of Angel Santos and whatever that third thingy, I already forgot what we were going to earn that evil money for? I think I'll have to call that Dave Tydingco person and Ask him, he doesn't seem to mind the flipping and flopping.
So if you're a die hard gambler.....stick to those 24-hour bingo machines in your neighborhood. (I heard some are even at the Compadres Mall), heard they pay a bunch in cash.....and Rev'n'Tax donna take their share outta the pay out!!! Just take your SS number and that's only if you give the person the right SS number that they'll get eventually get their share!)
So I'm thinking.....since the BINGO machines seem to be already legal (since they're already in public places, why don't we just move a few down to the Paseo, or the parking lot and charge big dollars for them and we'll have the best of both worlds.....the good.....and the bad.....and let Uncle Art Illagan get his share out of the Bingoers and the vendors will get their customers?
In the meantime, if the evil ones don't get to play gamble.......they ain't gonna be no wild rush the Paseo with the exception of the parade, but who cares, we've gone without a museum this long, we can wait another coupla years...
See ya at the Bingo Hall, but you'll have to have an idea how to play the machine, it's pretty tricky...

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June 10, 2006


Those activists that don't want the U.S. Forces or the Marines and chant 'Yankee go home' together today.....return your food stamps!

Today's on-line issue of the Marianas Variety quotes the Ursula-size activist Ms Q, on sending a spokesperson to some conference to: "strengthen our position that U.S. forces should be sent back home — to the U.S., and that lands be given back to the local people,” Quinata said.
Okay, Ms. Ursula-Q, how about if we send all the Yanks and the likes of ALL the U.S. military back home and their Section 30 money with them, as well as the FEMA monies after typhoons, monies for GPSS, monies for capital improvement, etc. Why don't ALL your members immediately return every one of their food stamp cards, subsidized housing coupons and everything else that they get from Public Health and whatever else they get from agencies that get funding from the U.S. government. Let's see how quickly your activist friends from the Philippines, Korea and Japan come to your aid.
Your group would be comic relief if it wasn't so pathetic. I'm embarrassed that I live on an island that can't handle hundreds of thousands of dollars that Uncle Sam gives this government and we still keep our hands out asking for more and groups such as yours continue to yap at the moon whining about the land that you have no idea how to use. And if you don't know what I mean....look around, How much land do you see being used to grow produce?
Lady, you should be thanking your lucky stars Guam's in a strategic location...cuz the only thing we've got going for us is the very fragile tourist industry and we've got that by pure luck!
I suggest you plant some plumeria trees so that you can make some leis for them Marines when they get here.....that's what'll save this island!
In the meantime, I'd choose my friends more carefully. The activists from Korea, the PI and Japan? They're a radical bunch.......sure wouldn't want to be known as one of the birds that flew with that flock!

Note to the U.S. Forces....there aren't many activists and they don't speak for the majority of us. We welcome you and look forward to making you a part of our world. Most of us are hospitable and warm, honest!

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They finally got the idea.........gambling makes money.......sin makes money so we may as well legalize least during the Liberation day festivities!!!!

We're all's just a matter of price! We tried to celebrate the last three Liberation Day festivities wearing haloes on our heads....nope, it's a sin to have gambling. The Lord doesn't like gambling so we can't/won't have it! It's not a family activity, bady people come to gamble and they'll do bad things and can't be trusted around the families so we'll just have to celebrate without having the money-making gambling vendors.
And so, the story goes...........each year, the vendors have gone home in the red....blood red....broke, especially when it rained...soooo, guess what? Some body finally woke up and decided to throw away that rusty halo and found a good excuse/or a good spin and decided that this year........they're(THE committee) is going to allow the sinners-AKA the evil spenders with money to lose)to play to their hearts content at the LD festivities.......making sure, of course, to keep the sinners away from the haloed ones....
I think I overheard the Breakfast Show talk show host say the administration flip-flopped on the issue while speaking with the chair of the committee, Chris Duenas but don't recall that he got an answer to the comment.......
I a spade a spade..........lets just make money from the sinners. If you've got sinners that like to gamble, then let's set up a place and make it legal......allow rev-n-tax to collect the winnings/business licenses, etc........but let's not be sneaky about it......let's just admit that when we stopped allowing the gambling....we lost money.....Big Time!!
Biba gambling!!! Pay Red, Pay Red!

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Except that with my luck, I'd be at the wrong meeting!

Seems there was a really lively meeting at the Hilton Hotel at lunch time the other day while the Rotarians were having their meeting. What should have been a meeting to hear what the former governor Carl T.C. Gutierrez had to say about the past/present and future and a somewhat tasty lunch turned out to be a front row seat at what made the evening's breaking news! Only the death of the most wanted Al Qaeda(sp) topped the confrontation between the former gov and one of the US deputy AGs, Fred Black.

I'm not going to take sides. I suppose that if I were the gov and asked the questions that I feel were out of place at that forum, I'd have taken the 'high road' and not given the man what he wanted, which was exactly what he wanted. He wanted to push the gov's button and got just that.

I don't think that one invites a speaker to speak at one's club then insults him with questions such as the ones asked the former governor. If it were somewhere else other than the Rotary club where the questioner wasn't a member of the club, then perhaps one could say that it wasn't an insult to the quest speaker. But to invite a speaker to address the club then insult him.....that's a whole other story!

Either way.....there sure was some fireworks at that luncheon and Carl didn't appear to be the loser by the sound of the applause he got from the audience.

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May 24, 2006


The dude gets to keep his job!

The other day, I had a quiet conversation at the airport while waiting for hubby's flight. A teenager was waiting for his flight to take him to some wrestling match. We were talking about the DUI arrest of the utility czar. I asked what he thought about it. He said that since he was in sports he didn't drink and was afraid of being hit by a drunk every time he got into his car. He told me that the teenagers were always blamed for drinking and driving and that though he agreed alcohol would hurt their brain and that they should prolong drinking as long as possible, that drinking was really a problem with adults. He said that it was really ugly to have the man who managed the power and water company to be arrested twice within a year of being drunk and fighting in a bar because it not only gave a bad example for those working for him but gives a bad example to teens. He said that when he and his friends meet that they talk about the fact that there aren't many good men role models for teens to look up to.
He talked about how people don't seem to care about cheating on their wives or stealing from the government or doing drugs. He brought up the story about the two men who were caught smoking dope at the Chinese park, one of them a reporter for the Stars and Stripes. He said that we live in an island where 'anything goes'.
I looked at the boy who was all dressed up to go and wrestle his heart out in some new place. He really wasn't a 'boy', he had the mind of a man. I pray that he'll grow up and want to run for some elected office, and remember that we need a government that doesn't stand for a system that allows for 'anything going'....I pray that he doesn't hop on an airplane and go away like others have done when they get tired of the 'anything goes' system.
Before the boy left, I asked if he thought the utility board would keep the twice arrested employee or if he thought he'd be terminated. The boy smiled, "Ma'am, you know the answer to that question. He's going to keep his job. I'm sure he's friends with everybody on the board, right?"
I was surprised that he knew there was a utility board. "You know there's a board?"
"Yes, Ma'am, my friend's father's on the board."
Whatever the reason.....we all knew there would be no termination....that just wasn't in the cards! It would have had to be a DUI with injury!

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May 21, 2006


Talofofo Mayor keeps job!

There weren't enough naysayers to boot the mayor of Talofofo out of his job. You can read the highlights of the expensive attempt to boot him out of office on KUAM's webpage or in today's on-line webpage of the PDN.
I don't think that the rest of the man's term of office will be without problems, though, since those that voted to have him evicted from office will make his job very difficult.
The process was the first time to recall any elected official ever happened on Guam and was an expensive one. There were many that called K57 talk show hosts to support the good work that the mayor did for the village.

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Cool down time for the czar of utilities...but who cares, he'll keep his job, he's got friends in high places!

Well....the front page of today's birdcage liner announced that the utility czar is arrested for DUI(alleged/again) on a Friday, one would think that himself would be in the klink for the weekend....but don't hold your breath...the dude has friends in high places...three day weekends are only for dudes/dudettes who don't have friends...they shoot guns in their back yards...they stay in jail....they DUI again on weekends, they stay put until Monday....
But the question isn't about having friends, it's more about the example our highly paid people give to the public, to people who work for them...people who drive vehicles of these utilities who themselves are arrested for many times do they have to be arrested before we say it's enough? Three?
I wonder what Dr. Tom Shieh thinks of alcohol and utility czars an examples for the youngsters just getting out of high schools...after all, he and other groups are trying to get the drinking age to change from 18 to wonder what the youngsters think when they read that a person who makes over $100K is arrested twice for DUI and gets to keep his job. Does he or she put that bit of information in some secret part of his/er brain and sometime down the line of life play it back and drive after six or seven drinks? This time plowing their SUV on to a family and killing one or all of them? Do we not demand more from our officials?
Not many weeks ago, a Congressman drove while on a sleep medication and some other drug in DC. He admittedhe was addicted to pain medication. It was said he was also at a bar drinking before his accident in DC. He went to the Mayo Clinic for some rehab work for his problem, perhaps our czar should consider doing likewise, if not for himself, for those that share the roadways after he's had 'a few'.
I think that if the man was working in the privat sector and made the front page of a newspaper....twice.....he probably wouldn't be working there.......but government of Guam has some very wierd rules, they find all kinds of reasons to keep their employees on the payroll.

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May 18, 2006


I suggest the other candidates learn a few Tagalog words.....

Me thinks the last of the gubernatorial candidates picked up their candidate packets from the election commission also thinks that that team is gonna give the other three the biggest fight of their political lives, certainly the most expensive in the media because they're going to have to spend some really big bucks to reach more people to off set those thousands of grassroot voters that follow the 'sunshine' as those that followed pied piper....on a really, really, really hot afternoon, a throng of people followed Carl and BJ and waved and waved and waved to anyone who wanted to listen to how Carl and BJ would bring back a government for the people. Carl said on t.v. last night that things hadn't gotten better since he left office and that he'd leave the day to day operation of government to the former judge and senator to handle and he'd travel far and wide(my words, of course) to bring new money and new ideas to grow the economy.
Of course, one wouldn't really have to do this because with the Marines coming, the construction coming before them, there's plenty of moolah coming before them and the economy will come all on its own which should pull us out of stagnation-economically, the only thing needed is help for the water and power...which, if the DOD has anything to do with the move, will help with same....and we'll be sitting pretty.
But.....the wave and the humanity that followed the charismatic Carl yesterday said much about the coming election.....Mr. Gutierrez is going to be one tough candidate to beat. He's got the Filipino vote...and did you note the Tagalog blurb in the speech on the tube? I think the other three candidates better learn a few handy phrases and it better be more than the usual, 'salamat po', that ain't gonna be enough to get the foot in the door...or, keep it there!
The race for Adelup is on........and one team seems to be half way there and it ain't the one that's already there.......

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May 14, 2006


Elected board now stands for GWA water over bottled water!

One always has to watch t.v. news, if not for being better informed about what's happening, then for pure entertainment....the people in the news, entertaining the audience. Last night's news was pure entertainment for hubby and me!!! Nearly choked on the BBQ as we watched mouth-breather board chair of GPSS elected officio defending yellow rust water coming out of semi-working water fountains in GPSS schools being better than bottled water being brought in by students.
Mr. MBreather actually stood before parents who he appeared to be convinced to know better than....and told them that the water from the taps were actually more pure than the water from the bottle. He didn't specify which bottles so I'm assuming that he meant ALL bottles. WOW! I'm thinking that Aquafina, Evian and other off-island brands will be happy to know that they've been included with the others that are locally bottled, which I'm assuming Mr. MB's talking about, which if I were Pepsi or Foremost would ask Mr. MB how he got his information about the impurities of same and get him to retract the idea, etc., because now I'm doubting that the water's no better than that which I use to water the plants with. Either way, Mr. Mouth Breather was quite entertaining with his lack of knowledge on the island water and how his team of elected banditos are handling the bomb-making student problem in the schools.
If you want to make sure the students are bringing in real water or real drinks and not drinks that have been altered and can cause harm as in bombs...then have someone at all entrances that can check to see if these drinks are still sealed. If the seal is broken, then make the student take the unsealed drink to a garbage container and throw it away. If it contains a bomb, then it will explode with the rest of the garbage, that being better than in some hallway where innocent students are.
One of the reasons the students made the bomb is because they're upset...duh!!! We need to get to the reason they're upset. Has anyone gathered the kids and asked how they think they can handle the problem of safety in the schools-each school gathering the kids and asking the question. How best they can enter and leave the school and be safe at the same time. How they can keep from getting into fights, what their thoughts are about safety, about their teachers, their thoughts about school in general. We seem to be doing a lot about backpacks and bottled water/drinks but we haven't gotten the input of the children and how it's going to affect them. I saw some parents last night and agree with their thoughts. I think that if a parent wants to give his child bottled water because he/she thinks it's better for him/er than rusty water coming from a water fountain, than that parent's wishes should be respected...even if it means that the child hand carry the bottle to school outside of a bag.
In the meantime, I don't think we elected a school board to tell us that bottled water is worse than that which comes from the tap! I just wish the cameraman had panned the camera around the tables of those mouth breathers to see what they were can bet your bottom dollar that they weren't drinking Mr. Craddick's tap water!
Funny, funny those GPSS board members, they'd make me laugh but they're too pathetic!
On a side note....Mr. Big Time MB...says he's standing by his board members because they work hard......yeah...hard and long....never saw a board work so hard and long to get rid of a superintendent in all my life...suppose they'll relax now that he's outta there....chillax time, ya think?

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May 12, 2006


Don't like'em.....kik'em out!

Juan Flores wasn't the media darling (or as pretty/charming) that was the acting DOE supe, Narissa Shafer(sp) was. He was, however, always available for comment whenever someone in the media had a question about anything that related to the school system-even if I am still confused about why the DI thingy got changed and the stateside DOE folks got upset that we decided to put a hold on our DI instructions, etc...and why our grades didn't go up all that much even if we did throw bunches more money at GPSS.
Anyway...Mr. Juan Flores was a burr in the sides(oh and he must have been a big burr because there are some really big sides)of those elected GPSS board members. They've already fired him once, his departure the first time around to be in August...then this week, during a meeting, they either didn't like his shirt or after shave lotion or both and gave him the boot and at four in the morning after the rooster crowed three times, one of the GPSS clan was messengered to his home to give him the final boot. I'm assuming that he was allowed to return to clean out his desk?
Now many weeks ago, a group of teens held a conference at the Hyatt Hotel to talk about mediation. They talked about how it is better to sit down and discuss issues with calm and level heads rather than to argue or fight about issues and to walk away when emotions got into the picture. The local courts now have mediation as part of its process, something that it advertises in this part of America in Asia. Is there something that the mouth breathers at GPSS don't understand? Are they like that lady in Yigo? Do they shoot first then ask questions? Fire Flores first then face the consequences?
Firing the head of GPSS at the end of the school and at the time when the agency is asking for a budget isn't exactly the best time to be without a titular head, ya think-dummies-but then, you A.,you don't have to be smart to be a board member of the school board, or B., gather many votes to be a board member. Let's pray it's just as easy to get rid of them!!!
I'm not defending Mr. Flores. Nobody died and made him king. I just think that there are better ways to running a school system and firing the head of a school when its asking for a big budget isn't the right time....and sending a goof-off to his house at four a.m. to deliver his walking papers ain't the right way to do it, either!
I always wondered where on Guam they would flush the toilet if there were such a I know!!!
I'm glad you chose not to say anything about those mouth breathers, Mr. Flores, you've got far too much class.
Unfortunately, the losers aren't the mouth breathers, not Mr. Flores, the losers are the children. The test scores won't increase next year, there will still be a shortage of teachers next years, perhaps there will be a shortage of books and the schools will be in deplorable condition and perhaps those same people that sit on that board will have some excuse for why those conditions exist and you'll just accept it because you've been conditioned to do so...year after year after year.
How very, very sad.

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May 02, 2006


Kudos to KUAM's new look!

Competition sure has its made some pretty nice changes to KUAM's set. Very cool and soothing colors, easy on the eyes, very professional, no distracting crawl news that competes with the anchors.
Congratulations to the design team for both the Prime Time and Extra sets...job's well done!

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May 01, 2006


Once again, road wins!

I don't know how, it didn't seem like such a busy day, at least not on the back road to Andersen, A.F.B. on Rte. 15., but then, that's the best time to SPEED!!!
So today, someone was either on speed or was testing motorcycle's speed or crossing the road and not speedy enough, not sure which, but one person was killed on that horrible road that calls for souls several times a year. One life was taken not many days ago not far from that very road near Price Elementary School a few days ago when a man became a flying object when the pick-up bed he was being transported on came to a sudden stop on another vehicle propelled him into the air and cracked his skull and killed him. (I'm being deliberate, hoping you'll read this and call your favorite senator and tell him/er to create a law that bans human beings and or live animals from being transported in the back of pickups. Maybe if I could describe what brain matter looked like when it has to be scraped off the sidewalk people would think before they climbed on the bed of a pick-up!)
So, how is it that on a beautiful paradise island, one guy gets shot and killed and another riding a motor bike on a long and narrow back road die for absolutely no reason. I know someone who doesn't have very long to live who'd love to have had the years left on either of those two lives who were cut short because of bad choices, two men dying on that road on the same week's kinda awful. Kinda makes you wonder what the hurry's all about! The island's only about 30 miles long about 8 miles wide...what the heck's the hurry, Guam time, even if you're late, you're's getting there that counts.

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The dude wasn't Chinese and maybe it was or wasn't a drug deal gone bad....

And, maybe he was or wasn't making noise, but a neighbor watched from her apartment window and said she heard the yelling and then the shot. KUAM news reported tonight that the man who was shot died. Hmmm, hope we get to punish the guy or gal who did the shooting this time around, would be nice, ya think?

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April 30, 2006


When all else fails, shoot!

The youth for youth kids were at the Hyatt doing their thing talking about mediation instead of fighting it out, talking about doing the right thing instead of drinking, doing without instead of teen pregnancy and STD, the Filipina Ladies Association talked a dozen doctors plus into staying on-island and giving their time as well as many more nurses to volunteer their time at the Expo Hall at Manila Mall for hours and hours to talk about Daibetes and high blood pressure and high cholesterol and the damages caused by no exercize, eating without stopping, smoking without stopping and drinking without stopping, however, I'm not sure the subject matter didn't include shooting when drug deals went sour or shooting out the back door when you heard pigs and dogs or noises....whatever, there were people behind or near Kautz Glazing in lower Barrigada Hts. that had nothing better to do than shoot at eachother at around seven last night, supposedly of Chinese descent and one now fights for his life at GMH in critical condition.
I used to think that we should ban guns, now I think we should just ban bullets. We could control who sells bullets more than we could control the sale of guns, since we seem not to be able to control the sale of guns. Heck, we can't control anything around here, what am I talking about? The smart thing to do is stay indoors after it gets dark. If you have to be in the boonies, don't make any noises and your neighbors won't shoot at you. If you want your children safe, keep them in the house with you after it gets dark and in daylight, don't let them play outside unless you're with them 100% of the time. The only real way to be safe is if you take control of your life, everything else is beyond control. When was the last time you were on Marine Drive and saw a GPD patrol car? Feel safe now that you remember how many you remember seeing? Yeah, I bet you do! But not to worry, we have 12 ambulances to bring you to GMH! In the meantime, happy dodging, seems they're shooting everywhere these days!

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Get your jitterbug shoes on! (cut and pasted)



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Who ever said the economy was looking good was wearing rose colored glases!

Money ain't growing on trees, there ain't been no FEMA money lately, no more Red Cross money, either, so it looks like Payless at North Gate's closing its doors because it's not paying its way which is exactly what I'd do if I owned it. (hint, hint govGuam-when you're losing money, you down size!)
Owners of Payless are saying that they've invested their money in upgrading their other markets and closing down the one at the foot of airport road. It's the place you stop to buy beer and cold drinks before you go to the beach....but mostly that's because the store at Ypao that was owned by the Perez family closed down as well because it wasn't making money either-right there in Tumon, with its various Chamorro sweet delights.
So if you were thinking that the economy was as 'up' as people want you to believe it is, look around you and count how many stores and mom'n'pop stores have closed up because they lost money. Two really big hotels sit empty in Tumon, huge office buildings are empty as you drive on Marine Drive, left side, right side, you choose, they're on both sides and perhaps more will close as the price of fuel increases.
I don't blame the Calvo's for closing the store, it's a smart choice, it's a form of survival. It's too bad that the public sector doesn't take note of how it's done!

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April 28, 2006


I sure hope they get punished.....if they're caught, that is!

Yesterday, there was a bomb scare at one of the northern high schools, I think it was Sanchez High. I think it was reported that the idiot kids were caught....hello, idiots, caller ID, you can be traced even if you don't talk longer than a second, just let the phone ring more than once and you're logged on!!!

So me thinks the kiddos were arrested and are happily checking life out at DYA. See, the problem is, they're being treated with kid gloves there. No punishment, kid gloves. Awe, so sorry, you're here, you'll be okay, we'll treat you just like at home, honest! And, they probably will.

The parents should be punished as well because when these spoiled brats come out of DYA, they'll make darned sure their brats don't make bomb scare calls to schools. Besides, isn't that a federal offense?

So today, it seems some angry, perhaps restless kids, and or, adult, decided not to call in a bomb scare. Instead, they decided to toss a self made bomb instead, injuring three students at Sanchez High and if that wasn't enough, almost simultaneously called (maybe not the same perps) called a bomb scare and closed down JFK at the same time, challenging GPD and the rest of the island's rescue teams. Seriously, this is a federal offense!

I'm thinking that these perps and their parents should be caught and punished before the eyes of all to see, maybe at the Plaza de Espana (as in Scared Straight) so that no other restless or angry student is ever tempted to call in a bomb scare or decides to make a chemical bomb and toss it into a school gym to injure innocent students. This really has to stop, it's terrorism at it's best and it's the children terrorizing the adults and we're letting them get away with it.

Catch'em and punish'em and make an example of the just punishment so that others won't be tempted to copy their stupid pranks, that being a stupid word to use to describe the terror that was felt by parents whose children attended the two high-schools today.

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April 27, 2006


Proof that there are many ways to die other than driving under the influence.

We yell and scream all day long because stupid people don't use their seat belts. We watch stupid people drive by with their precious todlers standing in front seats or being held by kids not much older than the todlers, seat belt not fastened. Insert yell and scream!!!
We even have fire fighters asking for funds so that they can go to places like Manila Mall and GPO to teach dumb parents how to properly install baby seats. Most parents are too dumb to read instructions and need help from fire fighters who need help themselves with the installation. Am I boring you yet? Okay, we spend an inordinate amount of time on fixing something that's not broken and look the other way when it comes to the problem that's right infront of our nose! Those damned pick-up trucks that transport tiny little children and not so tiny people. And those damned pick-up trucks don't follow the speed limits most of the time. And guess what, those damned pick-ups don't have seat belts that keep the passengers from becoming flying objects when the pick-up becomes a hood ornament on another vehicle.
Who's surprised that we had a death on one of our roads yesterday morning involving a man who flew out of the back of a pick-up truck? It wasn't the first time, it wasn't even the first time on that road. A few years ago, a man from one of the neighboring islands flew out of a pick-up on the same road just a few miles north from where yesterday's accident took place. Did we do anything to stop the transport by pick-up bed? Nope! Do our legislators have the time to change the law to make it illegal to transport human being-young and old in the back of same? Yep! Did they take the time to change the law? Nope! Will you re-elect them? Probably...why? Because apathetic! You just don't care. Those goons waste your money and you sit back and do nothing.
Yesterday's accident killed a man that you're not related to so who cares. Around here, if it doesn't happen to us, who cares? How sad that we've gotten this way. How did we get this way?
Senator Robert Klitzkie has proposed a Bill that will make the legislature a part-time legislature that will save this government millions of dollars. The senators who don't know how to do anything else but shuffle papers are against the Bill. They need to eat out of the public trough(rhymes with cough). They'll stand up and argue and argue so that the Bill won't pass. I dare you not to re-elect those who vote against this Bill. I dare you to promote this Bill to bring bake the real politicians who want to work for real government from the heart rather than from their check book.
The same senators that are against the Bill to make the legislature part-time are probably the same ones who sit on their hands that won't change the law making it illegal to ride in the back of a pick-up!

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Readers ask for prayers. Request cut and pasted.

"Hafa adai todos!Hey, I just got back tonight from visiting Dean Tajalle at the Naval Medical Hospital Center in Bethesda with John Salas and John Espinal. If you hadn't heard about it, it was in the Guam PDN a while back. He got injured in Iraq, it's been 2 months today that he's been there. Why I haven't been up there to visit earlier is because I like most of you get so wrapped up in our own little worlds with our own little problems and lives to live.
It was pretty sad for me to see a Chamorro brother (son) hurt like that laying in a coma with a wife and 3 young children in the ICU waiting room, with all hope of him pulling through. His mom is there also with 2 sisters, mom comes up from Columbia, SC, the one sister is here visiting from Ft. Hood, Texas. His Mother-in-law flew in from American Samoa. Dean is fighting for his life, so please keep him in your prayers for a miracle. He seemed to be responding when we talked to him, but God only knows what is going on. Please keep his whole family in your prayers as well especially the young family he has, 3 kids, 11 yr old girl, 5 yr old boy, and 15 month old little girl. Dean's mother and family have been driving up from Columbia, SC, every week to be with him. Pele, his wife, a very beautiful young Samoan lady, is so optimistic that he will pull through. Let's pray that he does!!
If you have the time, make the time, go visit. Pele will take you in
to see him, it's Guam pasted all over his ICU room with flags, cards,
pictures. Please show your Chamorro spirit and go visit, if not, send a card. He's in the ICU unit at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center and can probably take a few visitors at a time only. I'm sure you can find the address on line, I'll try and paste it on here before I sign off. Let's show Dean and his family all the love that Chamorros have for each other!! Send a card, his wife Pele will read it to him.
Address: Mr. Dean Tajalle, ICU
National Naval Medical Center
8901 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, Maryland 20889

Si Yu'os Maase!
Lou Barrett
Ms. Lourdes Q. Barrett "

(this comes from the reader through the comments section of the website)

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Read his/er thoughts and see if you don't agree.

Cut/pasted thoughts:
"Didn't I just say that the woman wouldn't be charged? I'm wondering if she's still going to be allowed to retain her weapons permit and handle weapons in the future. I guess the fact that it was at least negligence wasn't a consideration.
An Only on Guam and not at all surprising. This is tantamount to getting away with murder. All one has to do now is say they were shooting at dogs or pigs. Doesn't matter that you couldn't see them.
Glad she is not my neighbor. I'm sure to mind my own business from now on. No charges will be brought against woman arrested for shooting death of the teen."

April 27, 2006
Criminal charges against 54-year-old Linda Rabon Torres were dismissed today after a Superior Court grand jury handed a no true bill against the Yigo woman. Essentially the grand jury did not find enough evidence to charge Torres with a crime.
The 54-year-old was arrested following the shooting death of a 14-year-old boy. Police were investigating claims that Torres was firing her gun into the jungle area where dogs and pigs were fighting.
Court officials confirm the case against Torres has been closed.

I must agree with the reader. The woman used her gun recklessly. Someone should have been punished for that boy's life. We can't go shooting off our guns every time we hear noises. Did she bother calling 911 to report the noise or did she shoot first then call the police? I hope she remembers what the boy looked like dead on her property every time she closes her eyes before she sleeps, it'll be little consolation for the boy's parents and siblings.
Nice laws, ya think?

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April 19, 2006


No show didn't embarrass the AG but the no showee...

There was but one judge that attended what was like the state of the AG's report card reading for the last year at the Legislature. Few senators didn't think enough to attend. Did it make them look good by not attending? No! It just meant that it wasn't important enough to attend showing the people that they represent that they can't really work with every branch of the government and that they take 'things personally' and that if things don't go their way, they choose the highway. The gov didn't go and I think I can understand why he chose not to, but I can't, for the life of me, figure out why the judges of the Superior and Supreme Court boycotted the speech. What does that say to the public? Does it mean that they are so disdainful of the AG that they just think everything he does is trash and that he and his staff mean so little that nothing he has to say is worth getting dressed up for?
It sends mixed messages to the kids at UOG who are attending college who think that members of the various branches of government should get along, if not personally, on a civil basis. Boybotting such meetings as today shows no respect for the office. You don't have to like the man, but there were invited dignataries, their absence boycotted them as well!
That those people weren't there shows the very reason why Mr. Moylan had such a hard time doing his job for the last four years. I'm sure that who ever gets the job will have the same lack of cooperation. People don't want to share their empires.

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A two year old girl called to heaven years before her time! Does anyone out there care that they're killing our children right before our very eyes?

There have been more children killed on Guam in the last two days than there have been adults killed in New York or LA in the same amount of time(I'm betting) this and last week and I'm betting no one gives a rat's behind except one of the parents!
Allegedly, the child's mother's boyfriend wasn't watching the child who was in deep waters and the child was struggling in the waters....well whatdoya thing, the child instintively knows how to swim if you throw her into the deep? Or was he jealous of the amount of time the child was spent on her by the mother? If I were the girlfriend, would I allow my boyfriend to care for my todler? Whatever, it's water under the bridge, the little girl is gone and once more, we have people listening to the radio and making small talk about the tragedy at rosary gatherings. "Did you hear?" "Poor mother!" "Poor Child!" Then they go back to their lives and do nothing!
The conversation at a rosary last night was about the lady with the gun that heard noises during the day and the machisma took her big gun and shot into the not-so-woody area behind her yard and guess what, she didn't kill the pig she thought was making the noise. Instead, she killed a 14-yr-old boy!
I think we're losing our marbles rather quickly and reading the headlines in either papers or watching tube(either) confirms that. We've turned pretty violent and if we don't do something about it, we'll soon have more people at DOC for killing kids than we will those who are there for dealing with ICE!
Wake up Guam, We're supposed to love our kids, not kill them!

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April 18, 2006


This time, it's a fourteen year old boy.

KUAM reported this evening that a fourteen year old boy was shot and killed by(allegedly) a 54-year old woman who is the neighbor of the child.
Mindy Fothergil reports:"Just after 5pm police reclassified the case as a homicide, arresting 54-year-old Linda Rabon Torres of Yigo. She has been charged with negligent homicide, reckless conduct, possession and use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony, and unlawful discharge of a firearm in a residential area. Police confirm Torres did have a firearms ID and was the registered owner of a .22-caliber rifle.
My brain isn't configured to solve why a woman would need to use a rifle so if it was an accident I can't figure out why she would even have the rifle in the first place. I certainly don't have any idea why people have to have guns in their homes, but guess it doesn't matter because if you're evil enough, you can use a knife just as easily to kill a child. I guess I'm in total disbelief. I just can't figure out why people have this need to be so violent, have this need to have ojbects that kill.
I hope that if the woman did in fact kill this boy who will not return to school after his little Easter break and be promoted to the next grade, graduate from high school, get married, join the military ,get married or have children that she goes to jail and is reminded every day of her life by way of a picture of this boy's dead body, and pictures of his parents and siblings as they mourn the loss of his life. Maybe one of the two t.v. news stations will make a PSA of the this so that it becomes a lesson to those who go to the gun before engaging the brain the next time they get mad.
I never really believed in suicide before, but after yesterday's killing of that three-year old and today's killing of the 14-year old.......I much prefer seeing the death of evil one over that of the innocent victim.
What in the hell is happening to these people, have they all gone nuts? April's supposed to be Child Abuse Awareness's not supposed to be a month to kill as many children as possible!
With all that's going on, I've yet to see anyone from Mental Health coming on the tube to say that help is available for those that have problems controlling their anger.....
Mental Health doesn't have enough funds to hire enough doctors/drugs, help outside of MH is too expensive and most HMO's don't cover antidepressants and or shrink do as they please, get mad, kill their kids then turn the gun on themselves...Remember the man who killed his former wife, self and little Erica in Dededo? She tried to hide under the bed so that he wouldn't kill her....he did anyway. There's a house named after her at Tiyan...nothing changes, just the names of the victims.
Shame on us for not trying harder to help these people.

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April 17, 2006


I didn't get my wish!

I've looked and searched for the word I could use for a father killing a child but couldn't find one. There is a word for a child killing a father,(patricide), a mother (matricide), even one for killing a sibling(fraticide), even one for an infant(infanticide), but a child? Nary a word!.

Here's an excerpt from something I stumbled upon on-line:"the English speaking people create the words like “ patricide, matricide, fratricide, infanticide, pesticide and even genocide”. In English, you will find when more complex ideas are expressed, logical relationship between one event and another will not be expressed by conjunction such as because and so." Obviously, mankind has been known to kill its own, why would there be words to name the acts if they didn't happen more than once, but why not a word for the killing of a child older than an infant? What is the word used for a father or mother killing a three-yr-old?

I hate that the man died. I wanted him to live and be conscious for a long, long time. I wanted him to realize what he did to his little boy and his little girl. I wanted him to pay for his sin. I didn't want him to get the easy way out. I'm a little upset with God gave him for giving him the easy way out, but can only surmise that He knows what's best. I hope that in His infinite mercy, he gives the children's mother the strength to endure the pain she must be going through with the lost of her little boy and the worry she must be going through for the little girl.

We have Erica's house just for cases like separations such as this man and woman had. What happen. Why weren't the children brought to Erica's house to be picked up there? Surely the mother knew that the man had emotionally unstable. Whatever we discuss, the milk is spilled and no going over the event will bring back the little boy. We can only learn from this sad event and pray that it never happens again.

What a terrible way to celebrate Easter for that poor family. I hope that the woman had a good network of support and that whoever reads this will remember her in their prayers.

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Reader thinks ill of the man who brought death to his child as well.

(cut and pasted)"
What a way to start off Easter Sunday. NOT so good.

When fetching the Pacific Daily News (Guam's daily 'rag') out of the box this morning the headlines tell the sad tale of a 3-year-old boy stabbed to death by his father yesterday. His 1-year-old sister was also stabbed and is in stable condition. That is a bit of good news. The father who did the dastardly deed is in critical condition and hopefully won't survive. It would preclude the expense of a lot of time and money by not having to go through a trial. It would also spare the family more public exposure and embarrassment.
I don't buy into the 'guilty until proven innocent' crap in cases like this or the sordid tale that follows below this story from today's paper:
Father suspect in son's murder 1-year-old daughter also stabbed, in stable condition

Pacific Sunday News

April 16, 2006
A 3-year-old boy is dead and his 1-year-old sister remains in stable
condition at Guam Memorial Hospital after they were both found yesterday stabbed in the chest inside their father's Dededo home.
Medics responding to a reported hanging at the Chalan Palauan house around noon yesterday found the two children with stab wounds, and their father -- 23-year-old Frank Reyes Jr. -- hanging by the neck. (IMO...he probably didn't initiate the hanging until the cops were at the door and who could save his sorry @ss!)
Police said Reyes is a suspect in the homicide investigation. (IMO...let's skip the 'suspect' and 'alleged' crap...he is GUILTY).
The three were transported to the hospital. The boy was pronounced dead at about 12:55 p.m. As of press time, the girl was in stable condition and being watched closely while their father was listed in critical condition, according to the nursing supervisor.
The children live with their mother but were in the care of their father that afternoon, said Dennis Santos, a special agent with the Criminal Investigation Section. He also noted the couple had just separated. "Later that afternoon, the children's mother called to make arrangements to pick them up when her and Reyes had a disagreement on the phone," Santos said.
"The relationship recently ended, and I guess with (Reyes), it appears he was having problems accepting it," Santos said. Police did not release the mother's name. (IMO...and the kids pay for the problems of the parents.. mother and father. Mother should have been more concerned, I say, considering that family violence is rampant on this little island!) After getting off the phone with Reyes, the mother called police out of concern, Santos said, but would not elaborate. (Concern...too late!!!)
When police arrived at the scene, they found Guam Fire Department medics treating the children and Reyes.
About a dozen police officers and detectives yesterday scoured Reyes'
wood-and-tin home, which was cordoned off with yellow police tape. Only two other houses were visible in the isolated area and police also were monitoring those houses.
Santos said he could not release any information other than that the
investigation continues. No arrests have been made and an autopsy has yet to be scheduled.
The other bad news was on FOX and the 'live' news report of the subhuman man in Oklahoma who murdered (butchered is more descriptiive) a 10-year-old girl and had plans to eat her. It's a shame that he would even afforded a trial and waste time and money to convict him. Then a probable death sentence and more years of appeals before they put him away. I say, DO IT NOW!!! In the
days of the Old West that's what they'd have done.

I couldn't do to an animal what he did to that poor little girl.

Maybe I got too soft a ? Or another one of those days that I'm not being very nice maybe.

Despite the bad news above I wish YOU and YOURS a Happy Easter! "

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April 15, 2006


So I hang myself or do I just cry myself to sleep each night for the rest of my life?

As each of us prepare to celebrate Easter, there's a child that will never celebrate his fourth birthday, his sister at GMH, fighting for her life because their father allegedly stabbed the three-year-old to death and almost killing the little girl.
KUAM reported this evening that the father who's 23 is in critical condition after he tried to hang himself. In a perfect world, no one would judge the man who now fights for his life at GMH, the same hospital which the little girl fights for her life. I'm not sure that if I were a doctor or nurse that I would be as caring for the man who could bring himself to stab a child hoping that it would kill the child.
How could a human being look into a child's innocent eyes, loving and caring, joyful, eyes that perhaps look forward to looking for Easter eggs and stab it to death? I can't begin to imagine it, let alone bring myself to pick up a sharp instrument and kill a living lowly animal, let alone a precious child. What has gone wrong with our people?
I think that somewhere in some newscast, I heard that April is the month for the awareness of Child Abuse. I think that we haven't done enough to bring the awareness to those who have become parents of little ones. I have shopped at Ross and at K-Mart and have witnessed mothers who talk to their children as if they were trash, not only using vile language, but mean spirited as well. I leave wondering how they'd feel if those words were the last ones their children had ever heard, but the parents that they are, they'd probably not give a care.
We really have to figure out how to handle our child abuse problem. We can't go on abusing or killing our children. We can't continue looking the other way. I hope this guy lives and I hope he pays for what he's done(allegedly) to his son and daughter and that whoever's reading this reaches out and hugs his/er child real tight and is glad for the gift of that child and that you'll say a little prayer for the little boy who went to Heaven before he got to look for the Easter eggs and for his sister who now fights for her life.

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A reader sends a message that one of our own appears to the a finalist on the reality show. What a boost if she wins. Her name's Tracy!


----- Original Message -----
From: "Mike Cruz"
Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2006 2:49 AM
Subject: Fw: My Tracey on THE APPRENTICE tv reality show

> Pa'ri,
> Can you pass this on!
> Si Yu'os Ma'ase',
> si mike
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Julie Holwitz"
> To: "Randy Camacho" ; "Marte Quichocho"
> ; "Bennie Schwab" ; "Janice Waller
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> Thomas"
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> ; ; "Elaine Hollis"
> Cc: "Tracey Juliana Holwitz"
> Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006 10:12 PM
> Subject: My Tracey on THE APPRENTICE tv reality show
>> Hello dearest friends:
>> My daughter Tracey is a finalist for the TV reality
>> show, THE APPRENTICE. If you havent seen the show, it
>> is a chance for Tracey to battle for the spot to
>> ultimately work for Donald Trump for a year and win a
>> million dollar salary!
>> I'm confident my Tracey will make it, but we need your
>> help! Tracey was asked to film a 5 minute video of her
>> life, and she cherishes her family and Chamorro
>> heritage very much so she would like to film a short
>> segment at the Club and have all of you there to
>> support!
>> We will be meeting at the clubhouse this Wednesday
>> (the 12th) at 7:00 pm (before line dance at 7:30) to
>> film a segment of our support to Tracey in her
>> endeavor!
>> Please let me know if you can make it...WE HOPE TO SEE
>> YOU THERE! Please forward this invite to your Chamorro
>> friends in San Diego. The MORE THE MERRIER!
>> Si Yu'us Ma'ase!
>> Julie (619-825-9936 for more info)

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April 05, 2006


Do you suppose the has some regrets? I bet she wishes she could unring and ring the the first bell?

On the webs we weave...and try to unweave...the bells we ring and try to unring...say and try to unsay? This morning, Dr. D. Lujan went to the Uncle Fed court and was told by a visiting judge that she couldn't hire her unc lawyer because he's the lawyer for Patient A in her case and that it's like.....a conflict of't someone have figured that out in the first place? Okay, so, the dude in Hawaii doesn't have a license to play for keeps on Guam so he's got to hook up with some firm who's not connected with patient A or anyone who's related with anyone in her case....and she's got a week to find the golden egg...oops, when's Easter? Never mind, she's got a week!
She went to court with her estranged attorney Mr. H. Trapp....who she said she didn't have any confidence with....gosh, that must've made him feel bad...wonder if he still gets paid......and, according to Jon Anderson who was on the Patti A. talk show, said the doc talked around the lawyer, talking to another attorney, one that she can't use because they represent the 'patient'.....
So, the bottom line in this very confusing case is........she's going to try to unring the bell, unsay what's said and she's got a week to find someone that can undo what's been done.........which will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and many, many hours of lost sleep...and what would she have gotten if she had taken the advise of her first and second lawyers' advice to plead guilty and talk about patient A and whatever else she talked about to Uncle Fed and friends? Well.....she could have gotten five years of probation and a $10K fine..............a heck of a better payment plan than her friend, Dr. V. Batoyan got for a similar I'm thinking, is the doc wondering if she should have just stayed with the guilty plea and taken her chances?

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April 04, 2006


Is there a bogeyman and does he live in DC? Did he rig the '98 election? Will the outcome of this election be caused by him?

If what you hear and read is true and the powerful Tony S. and Mark C. and the Republican judge and friends wanted to rig the 98 elections so that friends could once again rule Adelup by way of doing 'things' in DC so that ugly 'news' would appear on behalf of ....(actually, if it's true, then what happened backfired because grassroots didn't buy into the 'news', they weren't going to let their sunshine team of Madeline and Carl lose the election, no matter what investigations were going on.)
Now it seems that the bogeyman has decided to tell the Feds exactly what he's done so that he doesn't have to go to jail for the rest of his life, which means that he'll probably tell everybody what he did to disrupt our elections...what he did then is coming to the surface now and is having a bad affect on Felix Camacho's run for re-election. It makes it appear that he's in the same side of the ring as the bogeyman since he's on the same side of the ring as Tony S., who's on the same side as Jack A., the Judge, et company, et cetera, et cetera....birds of a cetera....and the investigations of other people continue and continue and continue so we don't know it they're legit or if someone in DC is friends with someone here and is doing someone here a 'favor' like someone did a few years ago.....what is it about politics making strange bedfellows?
I actually kinda feel sorry for Felix because I really don't think he knew about the Abramoff deal, he's not that kind of dude, but someone who wanted him at Adelup might have done it for him....and now, he may lose the re-election bid because the issue has surfaced.
Intrigue.........and confusing.....I sure do miss K57's website....wonder what all those people would say about this now!

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How do you take back the words?

I know that I could never be a lawyer because I would be too confused about how I could save my doctor client after she told all the Feds that she gave drugs to Patient A and his friends and that she was guilty of same. I wouldn't know how to go back to those people (the Feds) with a straight face and say, "Oops, we meant to say, we're not guilty! Oh, and what she said? She didn't mean it!"
So, it seems, according to KUAM's reporting, that Dr. D. Lujan told her first lawyer that she didn't want to plead guilty but he told her to so she did...then...she got the other lawyer and he told her to plead guilty and that she could change later but later never came even after she asked and asked...letters supposedly showing that she asked to change the plea....but the lawyer never changed the plea....and finally.....days, hours before the sentencing....after all the words are out there/here/everywhere/patient A revealed.....she gets a new lawyer hires her uncle/cousin/relative and wants a change in plea and says that she really was never guilty in the first place and wants a trial........and I am....really confused...
How do you reveal all those secrets and claim you're innocent? I'm thinking that if she told the Feds everything they wanted to know that they would have given her the same sentence they gave one John Martinez who cooperated with them in a case against Gil Shinohara and Willy Flores et company....Martinez getting no jail time...could it be that the doctor got cold feet at the last minute? Could it be that she didn't tell all? What could it be that she'd want to put herself through hell with a trial, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars plus angst? I'm so confused!
We'll see what Uncle Fed says tomorrow...there's still a hearing in her honor at that nice big building in's a sentencing for her...maybe they'll play nice nice and she won't have to have a trial after all?

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March 30, 2006


If I saw the writing on the wall and knew I was going to be booted out anyway, I think I'd save the government the money, save my family the embarrassment....and resign....but...

I've been thinking about the Talofofo mayor and the fact that the villagers want to oust him from his job because of some personal things that he did that didn't meet with their approval.(As if they-the villagers- were perfect and were without fault!!!) We're all sinners and we're all stained in one way or another, but the commissioner was elected and there's a part of the law that dictates that if so many people sign a petition, there can be a recall and can boot him out of his position...there are enough signatures so it's a go and the vote will happen this September and he's sure to be ousted-if all those who signed the petition vote to oust him.
The commissioner can go to the election commission and see who signed the petition and see if he can't change those people's minds....or, he can save the taxpayer's money....all $46K plus dollars and resign, saving himself, his family and his new SO embarrassment....
It's such an odd thing for the village to be so righteous on this matter considering the morals of this day and age. I'm sure that the stats for teen pregnancy in Talofofo is as high as in other villages, the drug problems, shacking up, etc as high, et cetera, et seems so hypocritical to call the commissioner on his morals when the very morals of those signing the petition are in question as well...but hey, they aren't an elected official, so I guess it's okay if they do it, but don't want the commish to do it...'do as I say, not as I do!'.
It'll be interesting to see if the villagers (most of those that call the afternoon talk shows are mostly men-totally hypocrites---bet you can see their cars at various massage parlors and whine and whine about the commish) oust the 'sinner' out of his office.
You can be sure that nothing will happen to the others that hold high positions that have wives and two or three significant others....gosh, talk to a few people and you might hear them say that it's part of the, we're just selective about who we want to be 'cultured'!

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An invite...cut and paste style

Hafa Adai!

I am Doris Maanao Aguon from Yona, Guam who is extending an invitation
and voter information to Chamoru's residing in the mainland.
I invite you to visit our website:

I am pleased to announce Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot
information may be obtained thru the website:

Office Location: (GCIC: 2nd. Floor/ Room #200)
Guam Election Commission
414 W. Soledad Avenue, Hagatna
Tel: (671) 477-9791/ 2 Fax: 477-1895

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box BG, Hagatna, Guam 96932

Date of Primary Election: Saturday, September 2, 2006

Date of General Election: Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Team Guam '2006

Si Yu'us Ma'ase,

Doris Maanao Aguon
(671) 483-9776 "

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March 23, 2006


Alas! Who do you predict will win?

So, at lunch today, there was a lively discussion about who we thought would be victorious at the gubernatorial primary this September, taking into consideration the release of Patient A, of course, darn, would this have come into the picture if it wasn't released before the prayer to the great Oracle? After careful consideration, and blind vote, we came up with the Republicrat team of Kaleo/Santos and Underwood/Aguon.
I gasped a bit surprised. There's hardly been any media advertisement from the UA team. I was quite surprised that they would win over the very charismatic Guiterrez who's pretty adored by the grass root voters. After a long discussion, my friends said that the republicrats would be easy to beat and that Mr. Aguon had enough charm to balance what Underwood lacks and that he has enough grass root connections in the south and that the great prediction for the next passenger of the black Ford Expedition is going to be one Robert A. Underwood.
So, it only cost $9.90 plus a little tip for lunch a little peek at what may be(or not) the next team that leads us out of the rut we're in.(or not!)
As the song goes, "Who can say
Where the road goes
Where the day flows
- Only time "

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One has to wonder why it took such a long time to release the information.

Talk about the release of the sealed information on Patient A and the Dr. Davina Lujan's case with Uncle Fed fills the talk shows this afternoon. The vernacular says their listeners shouldn't listen to the white people at the other station. Actually, I'm wondering why since the white guy is actually asking why it took such a long time for such a release of information and if the release of same has something to do with the running of Patient A for re-election for head at Adelup. If one listened closely, one would realize that the white man was actually on Patient A's side, asking why about the timing of the release, but then I've never understood the logic of those activists at the vernacular station and the Debbie lady....but I too, wonder about the timing of the release about the info of Patient A and the percoset prescriptions.

I can't, for the life of me, understand why Patient A couldn't have just gone to the doctor for the medication if he was in real pain. If he has the back pain as he is said to suffer from. He could have saved his brother-in-law and the good Dr. Davina Lujan their careers if he had just gone to them on a monthly basis for visits and follow-ups and gotten the prescriptions the way most people in pain do.

So, the pretty doctor takes the fall and pays the price for the favors of having been named the head of the island hospital...was that the price she paid for the career she lost?

Will the release of the information make any difference on the re-election of Patient A and his run for Adelup? Personally? I don't think so. He's got a lot of charisma and he's done a heck of a lot for the masses, the grass roots and there are a heck of a lot of them. They have long memories and they'll vote for him out of loyalty. He'll be hard to overcome this election...release or no...he's still the one!

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May he rest in peace. His survivors will surely won't. Who's at fault, here? Change the drinking age? YES!

I usually count to ten before I write about an issue that burns me up. The death of that sixteen-year old lad caused me to count much further than ten! What were they serving at the party the boy and his brother attended? Why wasn't anyone watching to see if he wasn't sneaking a drink, or two? Boys in their teens have that 'macho' need to drink, to show off, to be 'one of the boys'. He was probably showing his older brother that he could drink and hold his own. If I were the 21-yr. old brother, I'd deny that I knew anything about little brother drinking. Heck, I'd deny it to my grave. I'd even deny that I smelled liquor on his breath. If he(the brother) was drunk, or drinking, he couldn't smell liquor on anyone's breath because he couldn't smell any further than his own breath, duh! All the dumb questions one asks after a tragedy.
I see Dr. Tom Shieh's face on television as I write these words. Change the drinking age. The family's picture on the front page of the Pacific Daily News should be on the poster board for the changing of the drinking age Bill. This needless death and destruction of that family's life is the very reason that the drinking age should be changed. It would be a start for people to realize that the culture of this island be carefully reviewed, that it's not a 'compliment' for a beer company to create a canvas to hang over the homeowner's garage announcing a birthday, wedding, Christening celebration, touting lots and lots of Bud or Miller Beer. What an embarrassment if the party where this young boy attended had a celebratory canvas touting the beer and he died because he drank too much of the stuff!
It would be foolish of me to say that this boy just drank because he thought it was the macho thing to do. There are many more causes and there isn't enough time or bandwidth to go into the whys one does such things at such an early age, suffice it to say, perhaps as parents, we should take the time to listen to our teenagers, to the things that bother them, and to give them love and affection. They appear as if they don't need or want it, but as human beings, we all need that hug, that reinforcement, that acknowledgment that we matter. It may be too late for this boy, but don't let it be too late for your child. Don't let a sun set without telling your children that you love and care for them. You may get a call in the middle of the night and be told that they dead, 'I love you' forever locked in your throat.

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The waste still falls on the northern drinking water...

What then was the rush to evict them two months ago? What was the reason for the threats to evict those people in the two subdivions? All for nothing but public display? For rattling their cages? For nights on end, all we saw were the anxious faces of those poor people waiting for the other shoe to fall. Everybody who was anybody threatened to shoo them out of their homes because they didn't have hook ups to the sewer system, or proper septic tanks.....they still don't...and miracle of miracles something happened and now they breathe a sigh of relief because they have a stay as reported by KUAM news last night and I quote:"a request for progressive compliance". It gives the residents until April 4 to get portable toilets and contracts for servicing them. Then the residents have until April 25 to begin to remove noncompliant commodes and submit plans for construction of the sewer line and gray water disposal. The community still needs help from engineers in designing a gray water removal system, one that removes wastewater besides toilet water (i.e., dish, shower and laundry water). Construction on the gray water removal system needs to begin on May 10 and be completed by June 29 to comply with the EPA's letter. Compliance will earn residents a sixty-five day extension to stay in their homes, but non-compliance will earn them fines accruing daily starting April 5. Another Government of Guam entity interested in the state of Gill-Baza's lack of infrastructure is the Consolidated Commission on Utilities. CCU chairman Simon Sanchez says the members in private executive session last night to become privy to the consent decree and potential litigation by the Attorney General, the Department of Public Works and the Guam EPA against subdivider Cyfred. Sablan referred to this offer "progressive compliance".

In the meantime....continue drinking your bottled water, it may be sometime before we can be sure that those people really comply with this progressive thingy they say they're gonna do while they become compliant with whatever it is they're gonna do to become stop waste in to contaminating our drinking water in the north. So much for rattling cages! Sigh!

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March 18, 2006


Par for the course and I don't mean the one with 18 holes!

KUAM's Samantha Lynott reported last night that the National Family Caregiver Support Program in coollaboration with the division of senior citizens will be celebrating those who have reached a hundred years of age. It'll be a small party, to be sure, but there'll be tons of family who'll tag along pretending that they're taking good care of Tan Lole and Tun Jose. According to Lynott, there will be a proclamation signing(sigh, another proclamation) designating a month for these centenarians....and as you've probably guessed, the agency of Senior Citizens is asking the public to come up with those who have reached the age of a can give the information to any of the twelve senior centers around the island or to the department of Public Health in Mangilao.

Oh.........and while you're at it, the agency is also seeking food and drink sponsors for the're throwing a party.....and, you're invited and if you want to drink, better bring your favorite brew and if you want to eat, better bring your favorite's that for celebrating those who have lived long enough to reach the age of 100! Good thing most of them are in their second childhood and don't know the difference, huh?

Unfortunately, these people will probably be given a party and every one will make a big deal over them for a few hours then they'll be shoved back into some hell hole where they'll get minimal care, bed sores and very limited affection and or attention. If you don't believe me, take a trip to St. Dominics and ask the nuns how frequently the families visit the fifty or so clients there....then think about your own mortality and wonder who'll be there when you get old and useless and some dumb organization wants to throw you a party because you've reached a hundred and they'll have to ask for food and drinks in order to throw that party.
Perhaps you could change your karma by visiting those fifty people at St.Dominics and seeing to their needs. Quite basic, actually, socks, tee-shirts, lotion, baby oil, fruits maybe some old magazines and videos, working radio and things that need to be repaired. If you own a hotel, you can give away your old blankets, sheets and the like..otherwise, you can picture yourself all alone one day, sitting in a wheelchair watching the sunset....waiting for some dumb organization to recognize that you've reached the age of 100!

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March 16, 2006


Haters eventually cause good things to end.

Here's what Marianas Variety had to say about the reason we can no longer read the thoughts and opinions of some good posts on K57's message board: "By Mar-Vic Cagurangan
Variety News Staff

Sorensen Pacific Broadcasting on Tuesday shut down the Newstalk K57 message board, citing “concerns over liability exposure caused by statements made in message posts and topic threads.”
The K57 message board has served as Guam residents’ online forum for discussion and debates on political issues and other current events but some registered users have turned it into a venue for political attacks.
“It’s a politically charged message board with some members probably having a political background,” said Ray Gibson, host of the morning Breakfast Show.
In a letter to the editor published in Variety’s March 14 issue, Dededo resident Billy Lee complained about a March 9 entry, which he said was loaded with racial slurs.
Lee was referring to a posted comment suggesting that donations to any Filipino organizations “will result in the money being scammed, stolen, ripped off.”
“As a news talk station we obviously support the rights of residents to express themselves. But some members took advantage of the anonymity the Internet provides to say some reckless things,” Gibson said.
“We decided that we did not want to be associated in any way with those statements and the people who made them. Any benefits we derived from the message board were simply not worth endangering our reputation as responsible members of the media,” he added.
Gibson said the network’s decision to discontinue the chat room “was based on a series of discussions to evaluate the message board.”
“While we considered it useful in terms of gauging the relative popularity of our islands many topics, we simply weren’t satisfied that it was worth the constant moderation, editing and scrutiny it required to keep it up to our standards of acceptability,” Gibson said. "

I remember the days when Charo had an open forum. I had to be up most of the time just to read what was being said about others so that I could delete the posts. I finally decided that there wasn't enough valium to keep the angst away and decided that there were more haters than there were good thoughts and so with a sad heart, decided to close the page. I see that K57 decided to do likewise. Now where will we go for our rumor fix?

Isn't it funny (as in odd) that it was news worthy enough to make it a story on M. Variety? I really like that paper....more and more, there's more local news in that paper than the one that's printed here.

Anyway K57, it was fun while it lasted........I shall miss the page but I won't miss the haters and their sarcastic/cynical posts. It's too bad that they don't realize there's help for their mental condition and some pretty decent drugs for their attitude.

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March 10, 2006


Kinda interesting where he talk meanders.

I heard Romeo Carlos for the first time last Friday. He didn't yell in my ears which I thought was cool. He didn't try to convince me to think the way he did...I thought that was cool too. He seemed to know about local politics, mostly democrat-oriented, but that was also cool. I thought, cool, I could listen to the guy must especially since he didn't insult or argue with the callers. Yesterday, he sat in for the afternoon show host who was away on assignment. He had democrat guests, I don't know if Ron McNinch was supposed to be a referee but thought he could have invited a republican to 'balance' the discussion, but hey, that's not my show...nor my call. He did, however, ask the questions why the senators why they thought the former governor should be re-elected. I had company and wasn't able to hear the rest of the show.
This morning, I heard my favorite caller, Flora call Ray Gibson's show to publicly apologize to Mr. Carlos because she called to say something to him. This morning, I also heard Mr. Carlos mention Marissa Eusebio's name for doing a story on him and not getting the facts straight, as well as some other stuff that seems to be going on on the K57 webpage that's really a petty place where petty people write petty things.
I hated to hear Mr. Carlos being reduced to a person using his time on K57 to get even with all those people who may have said or reported untruths about him. If they were untrue, his goodness will prove the naysayers. But to try to whitewash your character and try to right every wrong anyone's said about you on the radio will just bring you down to the level of the people that have told the lies about you. Mr. Carlos you need to rise above the naysayers. You need to take the high road. I think you have a lot of good ideas and you're perfect for getting your thoughts across to the listeners. I think you can make a difference to those who listen. I think you are the kind of talk show host who can stimulate the thoughts of the listener. Don't waste your time by those people who didn't appreciate or see your greatness, mentioning them only causes us to think that you have come to K57 with flaws. I'd like to think that you don't. To think that you are bothered by a rookie reporter is crazy and not worth a moment's thought, certaintly not worth mentioning on the air.
May I suggest a few women who make things happen on Guam that deserve your praise? Lillian Posadas at GMH, Jennifer Rosario at GMH, Doctor Annie Bordallo, Dr. Ellen Bez, Dr. Rosie Villagomez-Palisson, Sister Cabrini Taitano,(President of the Sisters of Mercy) Dr. Jitka Lom, Dr. Anita San Nicolas of Take Care Eye Care, Cerila Rapadas of Catholic Social Service(the counter part of the Salvation Army)these are just a few of the quiet army of women who don't make the news on a daily basis but touch lives and make a difference. I wish I had the space to name them all because there are more women out there than just the Rlenes and the people that do things that make the news. But...I agree 100% with you on Jayne Flores! She shoots from the heart and hits on target every time.
Welcome to the uncharted territory of talk radio, Romeo!

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Lady needs help...

Cut and pasted: "


I am Doris Maanao Aguon from Yona, Guam who is soliciting your favorable
assistance in putting me in contact with your Chamoru Club President's
there in
the mainland.

I will be sending out information; Register to Vote and Absentee Ballot
for this up-coming election.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Doris Maanao Aguon
(671) 483-9776"

She didn't say which Chamoru Club she was interested in but copied Annabelle Cruz and Pete Cepeda Jr. Hope she gets the help she needs.

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March 07, 2006


One child was desperate..and..fool-hardy....and he's dead...his pal was lucky. Will your child be as lucky as the pal that dodged death?

I don't know how far back the posts are archived but I wrote about the 'huffing' not so very long ago. I had to laugh at myself because I wasn't aware of these mind altering chemicals that came from white-out, nail polish and stuff that beings use on a daily basis. I can't remember the last time I used butane. I don't think I even know where to buy it. I'm sure hubby does, but then he'd be the one to buy that sort of thing. Nail polish and white out, glue and stuff I know the source, although I'm not one to snort the stuff since I do a lot of gardening and polish just isn't in the cards for these nails and since the computers, nor is white out! But the stuff at my house isn't important. There aren't any children here anymore. The two babies are in the states and friends rarely bring little ones to visit so there's no way that they could find anything to sniff or huff that would give them a 'high' or death.
When the children were growing up, hubby and I used to worry about them visiting their friends' home. We worried that their friends' parents owned a gun and that they would find it and get shot by accident. I worried about it from the time they were in kindergarten until the two were in high-school. These days, one has to worry about such things as butane and things in aerosol cans or ice-making supplies. You have to worry about the state of that friend's mind if he comes from a dysfunctional family, if he'd take the keys to the family car and go joy-riding and crash into something, killing himself and your child. Life is so much more fragile these days than it was when my generation was raising children. I'd like to think that there were more values and that our rules were more strict and that when we said 'no', it meant just that.
I don't know if I could have survived the death of my child because he 'huffed' butane. I would feel the guilt for the rest of my entire life. I'm sure my friend and counselors would say that it wasn't my fault and that it wasn't my 'choice' to 'huff' and that my child didn't know better....but I have to think that if things were 'right' at home, if I was there for my child, if I had an open and good dialog with my child/ren, that we would have/could have discussed mechanisms to solve life's problems that happen when hormones go crazy during teen times.
Did this boy have parents that gave his the time to listen to his problems? Were they there to support him? Or did they just treat him like the boy that was good for taking out the garbage, feeding the animals, cleaning his room, doing his homework and other household chores. Was he ever seated at the dinner table with the family where his day was shared? Days when he could talk about his friends and the fun/or not so fun things happened, or where he could share the things that worried or bothered him? These are very important things in a boy/or girl. It's a time when they need a sounding board, when they can be told how proud the parent is for the job they are doing, even if it's just for being a loving child. There is always something positive that you can find to praise to raise your child's esteem and if you did this several times a week, he/she would never need to escape into breathing butane or anyother mind-altering chemical.
I know that no one can go to the family of that 14-yr-old....but one can wonder....when the last time the parents of that child put their arms around that boy and gave him a big and strong hug and praised him and told him that they loved him. I wonder as I write this what their last words were to this boy that lived on the edge of the world and jumped off as he inhaled those poisonous vapors.
As I write this, GPSS fights about Direct Instruction and other curriculum data...somewhere in this fight, I hope they find the time to include from the youngest students up...the lessons that life is very fragile and that sniffing these things can cause your death and that causing your death is against God's law. But they probably won't because no one seems to want to talk about God these days.
My heart cries for the parents of the fourteen year old. I can't imagine the pain they must be going through. I hope his death is not in vain and that we use his death as a lesson and that parents take better care of their children...

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March 04, 2006


Who'll watch'em now?

There was a lotta hoopla about the cameras and listening equipment at the airport towards the end of this week. Everybody that's anybody didn't want to lay claim to knowing anything about last head tenant didn't know anything about it and the new head tenant doesn't know anything about it and the dude at TSA either doesn't know anything about it or he tells tall tales.....either way, the equipment was 'live' as in 'hooked up' when it was being dismantled.
I'm sure that the there were listeners and watchers at the other end and that 'someone' knows who they are but the timing thingy isn't right at this juncture....gads, with the toxins and stuff going on at Tiyan, there's just too much to handle with the press and all and I note that the lady with the long name hasn't been calling the talk shows with the answers to the various questions lately, just the man with the twenty-five cent words.
I'm thinking that the cameras and listening device were trained and aimed at the customs area because not so many years ago, there were some sticky fingered custom officers who were removing things that weren't theres from tourist handbags.......okay.....go back to your files, PDN, it's all happened several it's really likely that the camera/listening device were placed there to make sure that the custom guys/gals were not tempted to grab what wasn't theirs.......period....and years later.....the cure for what ailed the division was discovered.........and now that it's been can probably predict that in the not too distant future, we'll be hearing about tourists missing their favorite yen/won, digital cameras, et cetera.........but then......I could be wrong........there's hope, no?

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February 25, 2006


Sadly, in trying to make a difference, two little girls lives are shattered, and the education their father was trying to change will probably remain the same.

The night before last, the public school board held a public meeting that allowed the public to speak. Gerald Arce who was known to call K57 with his thoughts about how wrong the elected school board was about the removal of the current superintendent was collecting signatures to recall the elected members. He spoke his displeasure to the board that night. He was not mean spirited nor did he call any one names. He merely said how wrong the board was about the removal then apologized about his passion because of his children and their education. When he returned to his seat, he collapsed. By the time he got to the hospital, he was dead.
He was a single parent. Where he went, his girls went. They were there and watched with pride as their father stood up for their rights for a better education. They were also there when people began to do CPR on their father, watching while he was put into an ambulance, taking him away from them, their life being changed forever, never knowing that the education that their father was working to change would probably not change, (did you see the frothing of Mr. Sedfrey L. as he yelled at one of the parents in news package? He was rabid! ), only their lives would change....forever.
Mr. Arce stood up for what he thought was right. He thought that Juan Flores was doing a good job, his girls were obviously learning faster than in previous years and he wanted to keep the tempo going...whatever the reason, he wanted the man to stay. He fought the fight and paid for it with his life. He made a difference and the price was dear.
There are many parents who could care less about what goes on in the schools, let alone attend PTA meetings. These children slip through the cracks. They either drop out or get promoted socially and when it comes time to fill out an employment application, can't....pity!
It is my hope that this community seek out the little girls and make sure that they are well taken care of....they are our children now...we are the village...we have to make sure that the education that their father was trying to fix is fixed. We can't let his death be in vain!
Adios, Gerald, you were a good father and a good citizen, thank you for your good example! We will watch over your children.

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February 22, 2006


The history of Guam Cable News

In my hurry to congratulate ABC 14 on their first newscast, I sold Guam Cable News to KUAM. A reader corrected me and I stand corrected.
Guam Cable T.V. was indeed sold to MCV and not KUAM. I think my brain was either out to lunch or on pause.
Thank you for clearing the air and hope that I didn't offend anyone because of the error.

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THe smile was real and it made you feel warm and fuzzy...but the news after the speech took the feelings away as quickly as it came!

What a handsome man he was, walking down the aisle, his cabinet standing in attention, waiting for the words that would make them all look good, all feel good. After all, if they all did what they were supposed to do, it meant that he could stand up there and tell the world that all was good, that Guam, his island was in good shape....and today, at least for a half hour, he said that it was good. He told about how many more buses we had for our precious children to ride to and from school in, how many more ambulances our precious people could be transported to and from the hospital in (he didn't say anything about what kind of care they would get once they got to the hospital, but then that could be another speech, some other time, maybe). He spoke of more vehicles, more police officers. He spoke of more jobs and he spoke of more tourists and a better economy and the smile never left his face and oddly, that beautiful, purple, orchid lei never slipped from his shoulder, almost as if it was glued in place. It was surreal watching the camera pan the crowd. The cabinet clapped on cue, about thirty times I heard some radio talk show host saying....but, my favorite pet peeve was alive and well in the hallowed hall....every other attendee was either chewing 'pugua' or chewing gum. People really never think how rediculous they look when they're in public chewing away, some with their mouths open as they pop their gum....anyway, I digress....for good reason...because after the 30 minute feel good workout, reality set one called the reporters of the news and told them to hold off and not report that the power bills were probably going to be increased by almost 5% in April and that the street lights were in the process of being disconnected and somewhere down the way, the water was probably going to be increased as well, never mind that we haven't paid out the tax refunds for 2003/4 and 5, the EITC or fixed the retirement fund problem. And there's that crazy problem at Tiyan that's costing bucks in legal fees because we're going to have to figure out what we're going to do to win-win the problem with the people and the Feds so that we don't lose the money from the Feds and keeping peace within the home front.
Yeah, we have more vehicles, but it isn't because we planted our own version of money trees....Compact Impact money trees bloomed those dollars.....the very dollars that could have bloomed schools instead of vehicles....but who am I to say that we need schools more than buses and police cars? The writer of a speech had better be on the side of reality because it's always there to hit you in the face after the speech is over and if you don't believe me, catch ABC 14's Macaluso's package. Mr. Robert Underwood was quite exacting with his remarks on the speech, perhaps you'd like to hear him as well.

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February 21, 2006


But....will we ever find the man?

It was in Yigo this morning that a man, wearing steel-rimmed glasses, in his twenties tried to kidnap a twelve year old girl as she waited for her school bus. It was daylight when the man in his silver colored car drove up as he dried to push the girl into his car. Can you imagine how easily he could have done this if we were on daylight saving time?
Either way, this has already happened, daylight saving time or not. A man did kidnap a little girl and did something bad and he drove a red car and we even have a police drawing of his face from what ever the girl could remember from the trauma of that awful day, but we haven't found him. It's been rumored that he's a military man and that's he's since left.
I see these children at the various school bus stops and remember the movie about the penguins as they first move away from their mothers, learning how to be on their own, the bird predators swooping down to pick out the weak ones, no matter how many other penguins there are around the one, it always seems to get picked out. There isn't always safety in number, not when it comes to children, perhaps the reason hubby and I chose to drive the children to school when they were young. And while the story is new, we'll worry about our little children and we'll watch over them, but after awhile, we'll forget that there are evil people out there and we'll forget our little girls will eventually go back to the bus stops by themselves and be open to prey. Too bad that there aren't any parents in the neighborhood that are willing to volunteer watching bus stops keeping our children safe since it's obvious they're no longer living in a community that holds them cherished and innocent.
If the predator is caught, I will be totally surprised....but the meantime, if parents can, I suggest they wake up a few minutes earlier and and drive their children to school to make sure they get there sans trauma!

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February 19, 2006


You can be assured, he's going to side with the 'people of the land' when it comes to the huge 'migration' of white marines and their dependents.........

The senator who ran one of the better hospital administrators out of a job because he was white, tell you no lie.... doesn't like(to say it mildly) one very outspoken afternoon talk show host because he's white and works for a statesider-owned station will most likely side with the 'magalahi' who called darling Debbie at KUAM Friday afternoon...he'll probably carry the Guam flag along side the two South Korean left over protestors who are in love with the Nacion people who jumped on their bandwagon when they came to protest at Naval Station and at Andersen AFB...they were easy to make friends with, the Nacion people gave them a Guam flag made in China, go figure! Anyway, the S. Koreans will help the Nacion protest this week, somewhere at some base. Our thinker senator will probably be there if he isn't in D.C. working on some cabotage/free skies or working on research on the vaccine for the Avian flu...
Oddly, this same person will be in agreement with that dude who wants to tell the Marines to take care of the land.........yeah, take better care of the land than the slum lord that developed the land and sold it to the poorest of people and forgot to tell them that the sale didn't include water or flushing toilets.........'my bad'!
I swear, if it wasn't so funny, it would be pathetic! And to think the dude is running for re-election.
The most unfortunate thing is..........there's more grassroot voters who listen to the Debbies of this world than there are that listen to K57.....or any other radio station that makes any sense...The only way you can get a grassrooter's attention is to stop issuing their foodstamp card! That gets their attention really fast!!!! They might even cancel a protest if you tell them that you're going to distribute food stamps that afternoon......funny how they hate anything American except their money and food stamps, eh?
Kuam ran some footage on the soon-to-be-gone-land-owner-protesters at Tiyan Friday afternoon and one woman flat out said that the government wasn't going to get her property back. I looked at her and figured she was about 200 pounds....hmmmmm, I thought, it would take about two Marines to lift her up and put her into a meat wagon and haul her off to some pound where she could cool off with her lawyer. By the time she spent all her life savings on a lawyer, she wouldn't be able to afford getting the lead paint off the walls off the walls of her home or the radon out of her house, that is if the bulldozers hadn't razed it for the highway by then.
Of course, there's always the rumor that the airport's going to get rich on the property and that it(the airport) is the reason that these people are being moved out and not the Feds and that the Feds are mere 'pawns' in the grand sceme of things........alas! I don't think that the Feds would ever play 'pawn' for no airport!
Soooooo glad we bought all the land we own and don't have to worry about losing it!

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February 18, 2006


I hate it when I can get rid of the problem with just the switch of the dial!!!

The other afternoon, I was stuck in traffic! I've been tooling around doing a few errands. Friday afternoon I could have listened to the wonderful classical music that was on K57 or, I could have ground my teeth to the bone with Debbie. I switched back and forth for awhile, thinking that eventually, K57 would come back on and I would be able to listen to what Coffman would find amusing, or, to make fun of. That wasn't the case so I was stuck to listening to the whiners.
I tried to put myself in the shoes of the callers. I tried really, really hard. I envisioned myself being this man who called himself the 'magalahi', imagine someone referring to himself as the leader. I'm thinking, if I was 'the leader', you would already know that and therefore, I wouldn't have to refer to myself as that, but he did. He said that he wanted to tell those thousands and thousands of Marines and their dependents, some say 17 thousand that they better take care of the land, his land as the 'taotao tano' have taken care of the land. Dear gawd, I wanted to get sick, I thought of all the places in the north where people dumped stoves, iceboxes, old cars, junk of all sorts and beaches with pampers and name it and here this man is telling 'Debbie' to tell these people that 'they' better take care of 'his' land as if it was in pristine order?
And Debbie agreed! She said something to the tune of how dare them just come to Guam and 'migrate' and played around with the word 'immigrate' then tried to figure how how it would be if they came here finally using the word 'migrate' from Okinawa. The conversation was quite sickening. I thought about how awful it would be if this kind of conversation took place around people that didn't have feelings one way or the other about the Marines and their families coming to Guam. After hearing about the Marines, thinking that they were coming to Guam to mess it up, gosh, they'd be upset as well, wouldn't they. They'd even feel upset enough to carry a sign!
And here these two were talking about the 17 thousand that were coming to Guam to take advantage of the water and power and phone system, and maybe taking a few seats at the GPO movies and few carts at ROSS, hey, who in the states is complaining that there are probably more Chamorros in the US than there are on Guam this very moment? That they are on welfare, using foodstamps, using medicare, medicaid, et cetera, et cetera and not one U.S. talk show host is talking to one person complaining about them being there.
In 1958,William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick wrote The Ugly American, a bestseller that coined the phrase for the tragic American blunders in Asia and abroad, perhaps one day, a book will be written about the Ugly Chamorro, about the arrogance of the Chamorro and its blunders.
We want the American dollars in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Services as in Public Health, in FEMA dollars, in highway funds in almost everything but food in our mouths but then we turn around and lambast them when there's something they need on our island. This afternoon show had callers that called to say that they want the U.S. to pay to use Guam. I don't know what Section 30 funds are if that's not pay, then I don't know what is. If FEMA funds and all the money that comes after any Act of God comes, I don't know what 'pay' is.
I think that the basic problem is that the so-called 'nation' or 'people of the land' don't understand is that Guam is a territory that belongs....belongs, as in owned, by the U.S. and that the U.S. can do with it as it wants. If the 'nation' wants something else, then it should declare independence and for that, I'm afraid, it will have to do something it will probably lose....not enough time or energy to discuss at this juncture.
So, not to worry, you will be happy to know that most of us will appreciate your presence and we'll be happy to see you spending your hard-earned dollars at Home Depot and K-Mart and our little island will grow in leaps and bounds economically because you're here....there's truth in the saying, the more, the merrier!

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February 17, 2006


Perhaps things don't happen in three's after all, maybe that's just a saying....we've lost four souls to our highways and the month's not even half over!

K57's reporting that the off-duty police officer was driving his own motorcycle which landed him into a ravine sometime last night. He was 34 and was assigned to the Agana Precinct. How many accidents did he have to investigate? How many times did he have to drive to the homes of parents of victims to tell them that their son or daughter died at the crash scene? How many times did he have to tell a wife that her husband had died as the result of an accident as he watched the children playing quietly behind her? How many times did the officer pass an accident scene after it's been cleaned up and remembered the accident scene before it was cleaned up, body parts strewn all over the place? Was it raining last night? Were the street lights working where the victim was riding his bike? Did the man have problems with the bike and lose control of it? What caused the road to win his soul?
I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and as I strapped myself into the seat, I wondered if I was going to survive the trip to upper Harmon. I noticed several poles with crosses and faded flowers that marked places where people had died, reminders that I survived that pole once more.
My thoughts and prayers are with the family of the man who lost his life last night, as it was with the two others last week and the one who is fighting for his life at ICU at GMH. Our roads are roads...just that...they can be safe if the drivers are safe drivers, they are unsafe when drivers are distracted or when 'things' happen to cause accidents, perhaps the very reason we call them 'accidents'...and we will ever know for whom the bells toll and for that very reason, perhaps it's best to be have our souls prepared for that time when it's called.
The next time you buckle up that seat belt, ask the Lord to come along for the ride.....that way, if the road calls for a soul and it yours, the Lord will already be there to take you the rest of the way Home!

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February 15, 2006


I heard it tooooooo........the reader's thoughts, not mine!


Had a rant today - while in the wait line to pick up my children at a Tumon
school, happened upon a bit of banter between this Big Show talk radio host
and a fran about chocolate dipped body parts. Imagine an 8 and 10 year old
asking which body part would be dipped in chocolate.

Please share with your readers and anyone else might have been listening the
following regards to the temperature required to melt and consistency to
pour chocolate to dip fruit bits or body parts (your choice) would cause
blistering and scalding to that dipped body part.

May I be the one to share that knowledge with the hosts' own children in
mid-afternoon time? Not amusing, very awkward and reason enough to listen to
CD's in my sedan. Does this fall in line with your earlier topic of
appropriate cover material on magazines and standards?"

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February 14, 2006


Directions Magazine is doing a story about Jon Anderson leaving radio....perhaps they should consider doing a story about the acting anchor's life....she's come from one planet a whole new world!

The afternoon talk show host talked about studies of how distracting it is for people to watch women anchors because they were either too pretty, wore too much make up, too much jewelry, etc..., that men were were more 'informative' that if you watched the news and a man gave it, that you would glean more from a man than if a woman gave/read it.
Perhaps this is true, I've not read this study, nor do I know if a man had polled/created this study. I think that I would get as much from a commentary from Jayne Flores as I would from Jon Anderson and that it would be insulting to Jayne to say otherwise, jewelry, make-up or attire. I find it offensive and machismo and thought that this kind of thinking was(EEOC-wherefore art thou?)long gone?
I'm not sure I know the reasons Jon Anderson is off-island, but I'm so proud that one of our own is right out there holding her own with the rest of them, showing them that she's arrived. ABC 14's got the best local team ever, they've got Mana, Joy and Patrick, then, they're Jon, of course, the news just wouldn't be the same without him! Congratulations, ABC 14, You've come a long way in a short time!

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Three souls in three days? Truly, our roads are hungry for souls and we should take care whenever we're on them!

On a quiet Sunday morning, a young man crosses a street in Mangilao and he's killed. All anyone knows is that a black or dark colored car hit and killed him and drove into the night never to be found. I'm not sure but think the young man may be from one of our neighbor islands. The lad probably doesn't know how to cross a street with more than two lanes, let alone seven, never mind that the speed limit is 55MPH and drivers usually run about 70MPH. If he was lucky, he didn't know what hit him.
Sunday morning, a woman in her forties coming or going to church tried to make a left turn on Marine Drive. She had a car full of Valentine Day crafts to be delivered that were strewn all over the multi-lane highway, one of her step-in shoes thrown a distance from where her body might have been thrown where a huge Pick up hit her broad side. It was a Sunday morning, for Pete's sake, what was the rush? For either driver...
As I write this, a young fellow is either dead or seriously fighting for his life at GMH as he tried at breakneck speed(he may have lost control of his vehicle) to make a left turn at Micro Mall) and hit a wall. The cops at the scene were talking as if the crash was a fatality, but I can't say for sure, only know that by the looks of that Sentra, the person behind that wheel was so seriously injured that he probably would not want to survive because he probably would be comatose for the duration of his life.
The hit and runs will happen whether or not there are median strips. The accident this afternoon happened where there are strips but not knowing where the accident happened, can't say that the crash could have been prevented, even if speed had been a factor. Unfortunately, median strips can't stop cars that are low flying objects.
The crash between the Tacoma and the sedan on Sunday happened in East Agana where there are no median strips. I think that if there had been a divider, there could not have been a left turn, therefore the possibility of two cars colliding could not have happened.
I'm all for median strips.....and can't for the life of me, figure out why we don't have them everywhere!!!!
How many more souls will our roads call for and take before we start to drive more carefully?

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They're moving out! Read all about it! Read all about it!
Here's what the search on the above revealed on the Marines and the almost $6Billion dollars it's going to cost to move our Marines out of Okinawa.
I quote the Japan Times per reader input:

The Japan Times

February 12, 2006

WASHINGTON (Kyodo) The U.S. Marine Corps has come up with a $ 5.6 billion
estimate and a four-stage process for constructing facilities in Guam
necessary to take in 6,000 marines from Okinawa by 2012, U.S. defense
sources said.

The calculations show the U.S. military has been working to determine a
substantive cost estimate behind the scenes as negotiations continue during
which Washington has presented an $ 8 billion estimate to Japan as the basis
for nailing down the cost of the move and their respective share of the

The sources said Friday the total cost will probably end up at around $ 6
billion, indicating the U.S. eyes the figure as a possible compromise.

Japan will be expected to foot up to 60 percent of the bill.

The Marine Corps began the studies last year in preparations for launching
the project as soon as the two nations agree on an implementation plan to
move 7,000 marines out of Okinawa -- 6,000 to Guam and 1,000 to other places
in Japan -- under a broad package of accords reached in October on
realignment of the U.S. military presence.

The early action also reflects the fact that environmental impact studies
required for new facilities in Guam will take at least 12 months, the
sources said.

U.S. Defense Department officials declined to comment on the estimated cost
for the Guam construction but confirmed preliminary studies are being
carried out there. The Pentagon is seeking $ 15 million for the studies as
part of the fiscal 2007 budget.

"The funding will support preliminary studies, environment impact assessment
and planning and concept development associated with the Marine Corps
relocation," an official said. "There are numerous factors that must be
studied before we commit to building adequate facilities."

The sources said the Marine Corps has already sounded out Guam about the
need to include outside contractors and workers to double the annual
construction capacity there to $ 800 million, meaning the project would cost
some $ 5.6 billion under a seven-year 2012 completion goal targeted by Japan
and the United States.

The Marine Corps has also set a four-stage "road map" -- renovating existing
unused facilities, embarking on utility works, refurnishing and upgrading
existing in-use facilities, and lastly, starting construction of new
facilities, the sources said.

They said the Marine Corps plans to begin moving troops from Okinawa in 2008
but also has other options, such as starting to move some to renovated
facilities next July or January.

On the diplomatic side, the U.S. has come up with various cost estimates,
ranging from $ 3.5 billion to nearly $ 9 billion, and the two nations have
started to sort out necessary facilities based on the top-end estimate to
nail down the cost.

The initial low-end estimate was based on a local calculation that Guam's
current construction capacity is about $ 400 million annually and that the
project will take more than 10 years.

But given that the 2012 goal requires speeding up the project and bringing
in advanced construction technology, more outside contractors and workers,
the U.S. has revised the estimates upward.

The U.S. has officially set the total estimated cost at about $ 8 billion,
and is reportedly asking Japan to pay 75 percent, or about $ 6 billion.

But the top-end cost is aimed at facilitating the bilateral work to narrow
down necessary facilities, and it comprises the Marine Corps' full wish list
such as "world-class" training areas in Guam and the Northern Mariana
Islands, housing, medical facilities, schools, utility infrastructure and
bases, the sources said.

Should Washington be willing to pay $ 2 billion, or 25 percent of the $ 8
billion cost, the U.S. side is likely to settle with Japan's share of less
than 60 percent under a possible $ 6 billion compromise deal, one source

But the source cautioned that the scenario is just simple arithmetic and is
separate from negotiation tactics.

Japan needs to reduce its burden as much as possible to gain domestic
support for a project that involves funding construction of military
facilities overseas for a foreign power, with uncertainties prevailing over
whether the Finance Ministry will fully accept such budget requests.

The sources said a final agreement depends on the extent of U.S. concessions
the cost of raising Guam's capacity, and how much of the burden Japan is
willing to share and if it would sacrifice the goal of completing the
relocation by 2012 to bring down the cost.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is committed to solving the cost issue,
especially given that the Pentagon is focused on Guam as the center of its
plan for a greater Pacific presence against China under the Quadrennial
Defense Review report issued last week.

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February 12, 2006


They're a neighborhood near you....near Tumon, Tamuning, Dededo, Agana and Harmon....and Tiyan Village while the Nacion people still live there!

I was happy to see that the Home Depot got the red carpet treatment. I think the last time any company got the red carpet treatment was when the folks at K-Mart opened....they got full-on treatment, even got the stop light thingy...thank God for that, bunches of people would be dead were it not for those lights! And it's a good thing, the red carpet thing....We should be private business 'oriented', putting out the red carpet not just for those coming from America(or off-island) but for those that come from those from our local families who put together their hard earned dollars, taking risks that their dreams will be realized. I know that there was a sorta red carpet treatment when the Sagua Managu opened, even got a QC(no taxes) when it opened several years ago (hmmm, did Home Depot get a QC?) And it was good of the governor to instruct his boys and girls at the various govGuam agencies to cooperate with the HD with the permitting processes so that the company could open before it's target month of August....but does this ever happen for Jesus Cruz' of the island?
I'm happy that HD is coming and that it's going to hire 200 employees. Unfortunately, probably all of those will come from Benson and Ace who have trained them how to use business machines and computers over the years, sadly, that's the way the 'cookie crumbles' as the youngsters are often heard to say. And the only ones who'll want to work at the old places will be our neighbors who come to Guam to fulfill their dreams....take a look at how many ring up your charges at K-Mart, or take your orders at the fast food drive-thru's...our local kids don't seem to like these entry level jobs...not sure if that's a good thing or not! The good thing is that our neighbor entry level people contribute to the tax base and a good thing and it's said that for the most part, they tend not to bound from one job to the next...another good thing.
I glanced over K57's forum on thoughts of Benson and ACE and the coming of Home Depot and note how unhappy some people are about the two old friends(for some reason, I don't recall Oceanic Lumber and Southern Pacific) and remember what happened to the grand old friends the Town House, Gibson's and Jerry's as they quietly passed away after K-Mart opened its doors.
We all forgot how much these stores and their owners were a part of our lives as we passed their stores on the way to K-Mart. We forgot the donations to hundreds of local drives of all sorts, their families related in some ways to ours, if not related, then some way a friend or member of the same civic club. It's like that toilet paper story I told about Juan Flores.....people are disposable, after we're through using them, we throw them away. Likewise the businesses, once there's a bigger place with cheaper prices, we've no need for the older, less fancy store, no matter how long the company served the island, it's disposable as well, no matter how many employees there are working there.
So, before the arrival of Home Depot, I place my own red carpet down for the likes of Ace Hardware and Benson and would like to thank them for the helpful ways they've been to hubby and me with our constant barrage of questions. They've always had time for answers and always went out of their way to keep costs down when they could have charged more. The prices weren't as cheap as K-Mart's, but they can't purchase in the volume that K-Mart can and when HD comes to town, you'll note that even the grand dame K-Mart's prices will be costlier than those of HD...
There will always be a place for ACE and Benson....even after HD opens its doors! I hope we don't all forget those who have been our friends for years. I hate to see them die the way Town House, Gibson, Eileen Kershaw's, Jerry's, Diana's and other stores like them did.
I guess the next predator to worry about is GTA's arrival into the t.v. world....will it harm or kill MTV/kuentos? Is there room in this little market for the two to survive?
I know, it's pretty elementary, but in the end, it's pretty sad....see this big fish, honey? It eats this little fish.....and no, they don't live happily ever after....only the big fish lives happily ever after....until the bigger fish come into town!

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February 10, 2006


All day yesterday and most of today, K57's talk show hosts have talked about Juan Flores' job....coming to an end...

I recalled how easily disposable that pretty woman, Narissa Shaffer was when the board or whatever it was that caused getting rid of her was some years ago. Nothing she did or said was good enough. The teachers adored her, the media loved her. She was even tagged a 'media darling' because she was easy to find for answers....but she didn't make everyone in the central office happy, didn't jump when they ordered her to jump and in the end, they looked far and wide and she was ceremoniously replaced. She took the high road and stepped down....
Juan Flores left a job that he supposedly made big bucks at and came to save his island's school system. He was the saviour of the system. The man coming to the island, riding the white horse. He was the male version of Shaffer, easy to contact and on the radio whenever he was called....but like toilet paper, he outlived his usefulness....he couldn't, didn't make friends with everybody. He didn't please everybody and I'm sure that there's a line of names behind his just like there was behind Shaffer' see, when we don't get our way(when all of the people aren't pleased) we don't try to work out any compromises...we fire, we get rid just has to remember Kin Perez, Madeline Bordallo's COS. Someone in the front office didn't like him. There was no way taken to try to work with him...wait for Madeline to return from her trip to try to work out a way to find a way to work with him....nope, he was fired....totally disposable! Likewise, there's that Bertha Duenas in this administration, I think she held a high position, not sure if she was a COS in the lt. gov's office.....she did something that the front office and instead of working out a compromise....she was fired....not by her boss, but by the front office. The same thing happened at GMH, several times. Don't like the man? Fire him!
So there's a call to remove the board because of their call to get ride of Juan Flores. Getting rid of them is just as bad as getting rid of Flores. We have to find out what caused them to vote the way they did to remove Flores. They have fifteen or so reasons that they say he didn't do(or whatever number it is) The man appears to have done a good job, how grave were those chores that it caused the man to lose his job? I think that having secret meetings just makes it appear that directors are like toilet paper....totally disposable and useless....which makes us wonder why we bother to pay them such huge salaries!

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I still love Marianas matter what, but the writing is sometimes confusing.....

By Gina Tabonares
Variety News Staff

TO avoid being arrested, convicted former chief of staff to the governor Gil Shinohara yesterday beat the court deadline and turned himself in to the Hagatna Detention Facility of the Department of Corrections early yesterday morning.
As early as 5 a.m., Shinohara showed up at the entrance gate of the detention center with his lawyer David Lujan and his family.

Do you wonder why David Lujan's family went to the detention center at 5 a.m.? I'm thinking that Shinohara and his family was accompanied by David Lujan, his attorney.....but hey, he might have bonded with Lujan's family and they decided to come along for the ride...

You can read the entire story on MV's on-line site...not sure what else you have to read between the lines.

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February 08, 2006


Odd that it comes from the publisher of a magazine that publishes pictures of whore-like women on the front pages of their magazine...

Maureen Maratita is the publisher of Marine Drive Magazine, an extreme magazine that I find totally disgusting and think totally disrespectful and insulting to the women of this island. The picture also shows the model without the bikini top, she may as well be nude because it shows pretty much everything there is to show. But businesses like the Lone Star and other companies, like it and places that sell car parts buy advertising for the fast and 'easy' crowd and sex sells, so all the MTV wannabe sexpuppies have an outlet. Magazines like Marine Drive lure young girls into the tattoos and body piercing, the tight skirts and spike heels and loose morals. Is there no wonder why the teen pregnancy is on the increase? How about the increase in STDs? How about the increase in AIDs? Those stats don't increase because our girls are members of the Sodality of Mary....I wonder if there's even any such an organization in these days of foot loose and fancy morals....look, mommie, I got my belly button pierced and a dragon tattoo next to my ......! Oh, and lookie here, dad, here I am without my bikini top, isn't that cool?
Our girls turn out this way because they come from homes that are mostly dysfunctional...mommie and daddy are absent or don't give a damn....little girl watches Brittany and MTV, chews gum, has her cell phone with its hundred ring tones, probably has had one or two abortions and is probably anxious to pose for the next FHM cover or be the next Bud or Miller girl...that's her life goal...easy enough to achieve....this isn't the garden that Ms. Maratita will look for the woman of the year and Marine Drive isn't the magazine that will launch the search for same....sneaky, eh? Lucky, the foremost people have two magazines!!!
Ms. Maratita will properly launch the search for the woman of the year from the more 'proper' lady-like section of the world where the ladies have manners, who might know which fork to use when there are more than two next to the plate(oh darn, what ever is that little one for?-oops, there are two spoons too?)Oh, and that napkin, which hand should unfold it? Can I blow my nose on be sure, Guam Business News is the prim and proper magazine which will launch the Woman of the Year search as it does the Man of the Year search and there will be a Gala and people from around the planet will come in their tux and finery and will kiss the feet of the secretly judged and honored one and her name will go in to some hall of fame....
I like the idea of honoring a woman of the year, there are many that quietly serve the needs of this island and rarely get honored for their service but I find it distastful that a publisher who publishes a magazine that portrays women in a distastful and insulting manner is the same one that can turn around and launch a search for that special woman to honor for a just doesn't gel...It's like asking someone who judges ghetto dancing groups to judge a troup of Swan Lake Ballerinas....
If anyone other than Guam Business Magazine launched a woman of the year program, it would be a good thing.......There's Guahan Magazine, so far, that's been the island's best in content and an example in content as well. Anybody but the people who promote 'kuchina' girls.
Sadly, I can safely say that Marine Drive magazine that features kuchina girls and that dear friends, is not a good thing!

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You can park all the pick up trucks across all the roads and protest till the cows come the end, if Uncle Sam says they want a road built on that land or they take over the airport....

It was quite dramatic listening to Patty Arroyo's show this morning. Some pretty upset women who were led to believe that they could keep the land that the feds returned to govGuam were upset when the governor was served notice....get rid of those living in the homes and build that highway that was supposed to be built or we'll take back the airport....and whatever it is that the package comes puts the governor between the devil and the deep blue sea....he can really do only one the the end, Uncle Sam has calls the shots.
I feel sorry for those people who have to move out of the homes they were led to believe they got back once again..I don't know if they got it because it bought votes for the person who got it back for them....all sorts of things come to play in the return of these lands....but there were always 'people' who called K57 talk shows talking about the fact that the return to the original land owners was now legal and that it would someday come back to haunt the government....a person from Yigo named Davis used to predict how this would happen and now it's happening.
This morning, a woman got arrested for blocking traffic to her propterty at Tiyan and she and a few family and friends came to the radio to talk about how unfairly they were being treated. During some of the talk came some angry talk about how the military should pay for everything they do here and some of the talk was ugly, reminding me of the time when Angel Santos climbed over a military fence and spit on a Marine sentry..during this climate of discontent, the military took notice and little by little, the military left, and the section 30 money dwindled and the economy dried up.
We're in a very fragile position at this juncture. We're trying to entice a Navy Carrier to be based here, we're soon to host 7,000 Marines who'll be paying their taxes here and will be shopping at our retail outlets, eating at our restaurants, renting our cars and renting our dive equipment...our position is tenuous...delicate, we can't say how we want the military then turn around and blast them the next minute.
The Navy, the Marines have nothing to do with the land at Tiyan. The agreement was between governors and FAA. Who gave back the land was the one who broke the agreement, not the military and not uncle Sam and has nothing to with the in coming Military.
The law of this land, is federal law and not government of Guam law. If Uncle Sam says it wants the land returned because a clause was not followed, then you can be assured that Uncle Sam will get back the property...regardless of how many pickups block the entrance of Tiyan. Should that happen at some time when Uncle Sam becomes involved in the discussion of the highway project, you can be assured that people will be arrested and will be sent to federal prison. Unlike GPD, the Feds don't take protests lightly.

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Usually, it's the guy running for governor that announces he's running for the office and then he advises who he's running a perfect world........hmmmm,maybe George Santos was absent during that chapter?

Yup, he sure was....absent during that chapter....cuz as reported by Marianas Variety in yesterday's paper, it seems Mr. G. Santos advised people at GCC that he was going to be the running mate of one Kaleo Moylan......way ahead of Kaleo's announcement that he was running for know, he's still got that sly, Mona Lisa smile like, I'm not sure but I'll tell you when I am...., or when the time's right....kinda like Robert Underwood and Frank Aguon, every body says they're running but the two of this staged so that Kaleo didn't have to say it and it's a way to have it announced? If it wasn't, will the false start upset Kaleo because it's usually announced with both parties together with supporters and champagne et cetera? rumor mill was on target.....and I still have no idea who Mr. Santos is, just that he does a lot of work for the republicrats and is a good worker ant and is good to have on your side so it seems Kaleo's picked a good running mate, even if he lets the cat out of the bag way too soon.....heard Patty Arroyo who seemed knowledgeable about the republicans that there's absolutely no way that there would be a three-way race within the republican either her cousin Felix Camacho is going to bow out of the race(no, they're no way that's going to happen) or, Eddie Calvo's going to do the party a favor and sit this one out....he's a young man and there's lots of time for him to become governor down the line....what's more, he can remain a senator and become a speaker should the republicans remain its majority....anyway, Arroyo didn't say which of the two would be doing the sacrificial thing to save the party.....actually, a two way race splits the party and can easily give the votes to the has only to review recent history....If we want a republican governor, we should run one set of candidates....two sets would divide the voters. Those that lose will jump to the democrat side and will vote democrat after the election....this is how this administration got elected.
Election will be murky either way what with the Tiyan evictions and Gill subdivisions and the problems with where we're going to put that'll be surprising if anyone's talking to anybody by November, let along listening to those phony promises the politicians will be making to get elected! Anyway, Mr. Santos, welcome to the playing field!

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February 06, 2006


The governor waited three hours at the 'leadership' summit....I'm surprised he waited that long! Actually, I'm surprised he attended!

Mar-Vic Cagurangan of the Marianas Variety reported that the gov walked out on the Legislature's 'summit' which he said 'lacks real hard issues and doesn't have a clear direction." Cagurangan also reports that he said that it would have been great and could have been successful in bringing people together if they wanted to accomplish something if it were done away from cameras and held the discussions amongst themselves.
Cagurangan interviewed Lt. Gov Moylan who didn't attend the 'summit' and suggested that the summit's goal-'to solve Guam's problems in 60 days-is an impossible mission.' In his letter to Speaker Mark Forbes, R-Sinajana, Moylan said the issues identified in the summit agenda “will require more than the remainder of the year to solve and will demand fiscal discipline in the many years ahead.”
“And while it will entail legislation that would insure that desperately needed spending controls are in place to manage limited resources, such measures will also need the patience and understanding of the community at large,” he added.
The summit, organized by Forbes, was attended by senators, cabinet officials, department and agency heads, activist leaders, and few representatives from the private sector including the business community and the media.
Forbes said the summit —which has grand agenda — aims at finding solutions to Guam’s problems in 60 days.
During the three-hour session, participants ironed out the agenda by identifying six issues that they said need to be addressed: government debts, education reforms, public safety improvement, healthcare funding, infrastructure development and decolonization and ancestral lands issue.
The governor sat through the summit for three hours, but quietly left the session hall amid the discussion on when the next summit should be held."
When I first heard about the leadership summit, I wondered what it was going to be about and who the 'leaders' were going to, who was going to sit in a circle and pass around the talking stick...of course, the summit was being called for by the Speaker so I assumed he was going to be the holder of the stick and he would be the one who to assign the 'leaders' so, one leader, namely, Kaleo Moylan, opted out, and one Governor, gave him a chance, to see what this talking circle was about....but once the gov saw that all it was about was cameras and 'smoke and mirrors' and that nothing discussed was going to come to fruition within the next 60 days, he decided that he could spend his time better elsewhere. On the plus side, the Legislature can no longer say that he never ever came to their hallowed halls. On the minus side, he should have known better, what possible good, this late in the term can any summit do?
The summit would have been a wonderful idea....GOOD FOR MY PEOPLE OF GUAM, fix the pot holes, fix the broken water pipes, etc....if it had been called for the first months of this legislative term....not now, nine months before the election....who are we trying to kid?
Ya know, I usta have respect for a few of those senatos, until that time when they bin talking bout their fella senatos and their microphones were on and they were talking *hit about the other.....if they have that kinda respect for their colleagues, can ya imagine what kinda respect they have for us....the voters? We're just chopped liver to them dudes after they're sworn in?
This time, make your vote does, it matters at GMH, GPD, GPSS, DPW, GWA, Public Health, DOC, EPA and everywhere else that your taxpayer dollars pay for!

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And sadly, the names haven't been changed to protect the innocent...

I suppose I should say that it's all 'alleged' because I wasn't there and I can't prove that it (the stories) happened, but on a daily basis, one can read the police blotter and read about children being abused and neglected. When I was growing up, children were precious, they were loved and protected. I know there were freak instances when kids were abused but it didn't happen on Guam and it certainly didn't happen in my neighborhood, or to anyone I knew. The only pinching I ever heard of was what happened in church when you didn't keep still or looked around, worse, if you were caught talking, that pinch caused a black and blue on the thigh for at least a week. But the children have become a cheap commodity. They aren't precious anymore, or so it seems. They are raped, or kidnapped and no one seems upset, it's become mundane, like today's laundry. The kid didn't go to school for a month and no one checked? Oh, okay, no problem. I'm assuming that they still do a roll call and the teacher realizes that she doesn't have 33 kids in her class four or five days in a row and that she should ask if the kid fell off the world or something...right? Not sure since the MV reporter didn't say how it came about that the teacher went to the student's home....although she sure remembered to describe how it smelled, et cetera!
So, the family's last name is obviously not Cruz or Santos or Guerrero...if they had a down payment, they'd probably be living at the Gill Baza sub-division...who knows, maybe they used to live there...whatever, the adults probably can't find jobs, can't pay rent and are taking their frustrations out on their children....and CPS will keep the children hoping that the parents will do all of the above so that they can re-unite the that the cycle can begin all over again....shave a zebra and those damned stripes come back every darn time!
Then there's the other story about the 25 year old man hooligan who comes to his parents' (freeloader that he is, still living at home, shame, shame, most at his age should either be paying rent or living some place else)home and causes problems because there's no tea to drink....imagine that, henry, there's no tea for the little prince to drink! His father had to take the dude outside to calm junior down...well, you guessed it, the cops were called and the dysfunctional family will be known by all because their names will appear in the police blotter.....because there was no tea to drink for the selfish little freeloader.....
The last name of the tea drinkers could be 'native' to the island, dysfunction is an equal opportunist......and I include the MV article for your perusal so you don't think that I made up the story....
"By Gina Tabonares
Variety News Staff

A32-year-old mother was left with no choice but to give up her three children to the government’s child protection services after she was found neglecting and abusing them.
Marinta Sop of Maite was charged with family violence, assault and two counts of child abuse after her daughter was seen in school with bruises on her arms, abrasions to her face, sores on her facial and knee area and swelling to her right wrist.
The child abuse case was discovered when school authorities asked the police department to investigate the minor’s status after the girl failed to go to school for a month.
Maryann Echon, a teacher, told investigators that she had gone to the home of Sop and the mother admitted that she hit her daughter.
Police recruit H.M. Matsumoto went to the child’s home where an unclothed male toddler met him.
The officer noted that the apartment had a foul stench and there were flies everywhere in the Sop residence.
When the officer met Sop’s daughter, he observed bruises and abrasions on the minor’s face and arms. The girl indicated that her mother hit her.
After determining that the children are at risk with their mother, child protection services officers took all the minors under their custody.
Man nabbed
for family violence
In other news, the father of a 25-year-old Tamuning resident was forced to call the police after his son became violent upon learning that there was no tea to drink.
According to Serafin Monte Mafnas, his son Joshua began yelling profanities and vulgarities at his mother and the rest of his family.
The father took his son outside their house to calm him down. The father locked the door when Joshua Mafnas remained violent.
At this juncture, Joshua Mafnas began banging and kicking the door and broke the glass of their window to gain entry.
When Joshua Mafnas was able to enter the house, he attempted to strike his younger brother, took some keys and left the house.
The father added that his son also smashed the windshield of his pickup truck.
The son was charged with family violence, assault and criminal mischief, all misdemeanors. "

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February 04, 2006


If he were around and Sabrina Matanane interviewed him about his shares at Gill Baza Mess: "Comprehensive responsibility, of course. And that's why I said to Francis, "This needs to be taken care of, take care of it immediately, regardless of the cost."

Honest to goodness, I has mesmerized, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.....I was sure he must've practiced before a mirror a few times so that he could get the eyes and smiles and answers down just right. Sabrina Matanane of KUAM was asking Jesse Lujan about his shares at Gill Baza sub-division and its problems et cetera and he did everything except get up and dance around the answers. He used big and little words to get around the answers. He said he 'told Francis' to take care of the problem....funny, he's the vice president who supposedly only owns 10% of the company but he's 'telling' the big guy to fix things? Gads, he was gutsy in how he spoke.
The interview is on KUAM's website so I won't bore you with the details but have to say that you missed the drama if you didn't see the Judas act between the senator and Sabrina. There was absolutely no shame or twitching or blushing about anything that he might've done to harm these poor people who put down money only to be fooled because there was no sewer and now they are in a bind. It was as if it was just another day and he was invited to fly a kite somewhere in Asan with the big boys. When the interview was over, I had to shake my head....the people that would vote for this man aren't those that watch the news, they are those who own property near where the dump is going to be placed in the south, the place Lujan is going to make noice about and they will be the one, they the grassroots, will be those that will help him get re-elected....there are more of them than those who read this or watch Sabrina or read the PDN or listen to Travis Coffman.
I wonder how many lots he has in the other Gill subdivision, Gill Breezes..............I understand that too has its share of problems! Some people are known for their Midas touch........others are known for leaving *hit where ever they go!

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Maybe we hated Doug Moylan so much we couldn't see past him to see that the building he was telling us we should buy was a good deal for the taxpayers....whatever the reason....we lost out....and for years to come, our hatred for the man will cost us big bucks!

Hubby and I have never gone to a rosary or brunch or lunch or dinner without bumping into people who bring up the subject of the AG. For every one person that has anything kind to say about the man, there are 8 that have nothing but hateful things to say about him. It's almost as if they were talking about Hitler or Stalin or some other evil being that they want to crush. I've never seen anything like this and wonder late into the night why these people have such feelings about the man. People hate him because he washes four cars every day, because he supposedly lets his mother do his decorating in both his office and in his home and on and on and on. I must be nuts because I think it's pretty nice that his mother is around and is healthy enough to do this for him, maybe this is a way she shows him she cares, certainly it's no big deal. I remember a senator who had a fresh rose on his desk each day sent to him from his wife. This was a way she said 'I love you' to him....what is the difference between this woman and the mother? Washing four cars perhaps allows the man the same exercize as going to a fitness center....who cares?
The problem is that people aren't bothered by letting their hatred surface in public. They call talk shows and rant and rave about the man. They make fun of him and if he's really that rotten(Doug), then the very people saying so, have stooped to his level. It's really ugly what we've become, uglier even, the example we're setting for our children. But that's not what this opinion is about....more, it's about our stupidity over the Pedro's Plaza Building that we could have, should have purchased.....didn't purchase.
I listened to Ray Tenorio when he was on somebody's show on K57 last week and he meekly(he's been meek ever since he and Mark Forbes got caught talking *hit about their fellow senators on an open mike some months back)-too bad you can't unspeak words, huh?) said that it takes time to check how sturdy that 'old' building was, was a flat out excuse which meant in English, 'we're not going to buy it, Doug, don't raise your hopes'. He said some other things that were garbled or muffled that also led one to believe that the deal was dead in the water...or dead period.....blaming the building not being stable, or sturdy, or something. Well, some entity's going to buy the building and is going to keep the AG paying that neat little price of $54K+ per month in the shabby non-sturdy 9 floor building for however long we need an office and guess who's going to lose? You-n-me...........and why? Because there are a few Doug haters in the legislature that will do anything than agree with what he has to say........if there was a typhoon coming and Dough declared it condition 1.....the legislature would go surfing, that's just how smart they are when it comes to Doug Moylan and what he has to say...
It's really sad that we aren't going to get that building, three million dollars is a steal for such a building, we'll never again get such a bargain. In a matter of six or so years, the AG could have paid for the building. And there was really no guarantee that the AG was going to be Doug since he has to campaign to be re-elected, juat as the dummies in the legislature have to be. Thankfully, most of them won't be!
Don't be disappointed about the building, Doug, you didn't lose, the people of Guam did....Big Time!

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February 03, 2006


PACIFIC: US Carrier decision to be purely military..

>> PACIFIC: US Carrier decision to be purely military
Politicians from Guam and Hawaii who are lobbying hard to have a US Navy carrier based in their jurisdictions could be wasting their time. The US Navy is transferring a carrier battle group from the Atlantic to the Pacific soon, and the potential economic benefits of hosting such a large number of military personnel can be very large. That has seen political leaders from the region lobbying Washington intensely, in a bid of influencing the final outcome in their favour. But the Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Gary Roughead, says the decision on where the carrier battle group will be home-ported is a purely military one.

>> PACIFIC: Urgent action needed to minimize climate impact

Urgent action is needed to reduce the impact severe climate events in
the Pacific, according to a report released on Thursday by the World
Bank. The World Bank's recent report says it would be far more
cost-effective to invest in measures to prevent or minimise damage
brought about by climate change, rather than wait for emergency aid
after a major event. The report's 14 international expert authors call
on national governments, donors and regional organisations to work
together more closely on damage prevention measures.

If you want more information you can get more by going to:

Thanks to the reader that sends us infofmation from the site from time to time. She's also the one who gave us the eye opener about the Clark county coming to Guam to advertise for teachers. She's got very sharp eyes for such things.

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February 01, 2006


I only wrote about it on the 29th of's history, but what the heck, at least they're covering it....finally!!!

In defense of Oyaol Ngirairikl, I didn't have the comparative salaries and benefits, but did have the gist of the story.....Clark County needs teachers and we seem to have many.....unhappy teachers that are looking for better feeding grounds and they seem to know they're here with the carrot....
PDN says that there's a $3K higher starting salary and that they're offering a $2K sigh-up salaries and are opening up 10 schools in August. PDN compares salaries at GPSS base at $26.197 with bebbies at $35,197, DODEA at $35,917, not indicating the bennies, Clark Countie reporting a $29,133 base and $40,291 bennies.
So, with the $2K sigh-up fee and the $3k difference in start-up, there's a real good reason to think about leaving the broken school system and go somewhere to earn better money, and I wouldn't blame anyone from doing that, but what would happen to our poor children if that happened?
I see that Senator BJ Cruz wants to give all teachers a $10K increase, perhaps to keep the teachers here....teaching. Unfortunately, he should have introduced this idea/bill earlier on....instead of at this late date. Introducing this now makes it look like a way to buy votes. It also comes at a time when the government has zero dollars. The timing stinks.....I think that the amoung is a bit extreme. I'm sure that raises are due but that they're not necessarily $10K across the board.
Whatever, the teachers need a raise as do our nurses, as do our firemen as do our cops. We can't live without these people. We can give the teaches their raises by cutting the salaries of those who are employed at the central office, we can give the nurses their increases by cutting the salaries of those working in the 'front-Adelup/executive/hospital offices, likewise fire and police officers from their civilian clerks who are found to make more than the officers that are on the streets putting their lives on the line.
We have too many secretaries and PIO people making more money than those who save lives, it's time we reversed salaries.

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But.....he's already said there's no conflict of interest....

K57 talked about it most of the day PDN carried the the editorial about senator Jesse Anderson Lujan stepping down due to his conflict of interest...that being a senator asking for the roads to be repaired on a peice of property he owns that he supposedly maded one and a half million dollars on during the last couple of fact, the dear heart and very generous with your money(if you're a taxpayer and you're reading this), senator Lujan wrote, on his legislative stationary, a requesting DPW(your company) to fix the roads to his slum sub-division in Yigo....then when a vote in the circus came about to fix the roads for almost a million dollars, he voted 'yes' on the vote....which of course, would enhance the value of his property and would increase the value of the un-sold property.
In interviews with Steve Limtiaco, Lujan said that he was not in a conflict of of interest because he was only helping people who needed help.....yep, people helping people....helping the ghetto he built, and helping himself! Yep, no conflict, can't figure out how anyone couldn't figure that out! He's in it for the money....if he gets money while the people are getting help....there's no conflict....that's just plain clever conflict....clever, clever man, no wonder he has that thinking man pose in his campaign ads! Now we know why....he's always thinking how he can enrich himself on our dime!
So wasted your time on the editoria.....he ain't gonna step down.....ain't no shame gonna come from that man....he had no shame when he was reminded of the days he supposedly claimed he was a thorasic(or was it Jurasic) why do we think he's gonna buckle down with a ghetto project that he's made big bucks from......sadly, he'll probably get re-elected....and do you know why? Cuz he's got many, many friends in the south, he knows the chief of the Clan Grassroots, claiming to be working on putting a stop on the creation of the dump there.......if you don't believe me, just ask my friends who listen to the PL morning show!
Either way.......the dude ain't gonna step down!!! No way Jose....I mean, Jesse!

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January 30, 2006


When your son's involved, you'd move heaven and earth to cover his sins(alleged).....he's a good boy, his friends made his do this, he'd never do this on his on.....etc..., etc.....

Marianas Variety's Gina Tabonares reported on-line today that the airport's deputy general manager is being investigated for covering up a case involving her son who allegedly stole some $5K worth of cash last year. The funds were supposedly taken from a vault owned from the Allegro Cafe while the DM's son worked as a manager but happened after he was employed there having had access using an airport badge that he didn't surrender after he was no longer employed with the company. (Believe me, the airport isn't known for making sure those badges are turned in on a timely manner, so if you get a 'T' or visitor's badge, you can keep it long after you're supposed to, especially if 'you know' someone there-friends in high places).
Tabonares further reports that:" Airport police conducted an investigation on the incident when the safety vault of the airport concourse restaurant was emptied. Pangelinan, who used to work with Allegro Café as a manager, was no longer an airport employee when the theft happened. He, however, was able to get an access using his airport badge that he did not surrender. Two airport policemen who were part of the investigation said that when the airport deputy general manager learned about the case, she requested airport police officers A.C. Taitingfong and Oscar Aflague not to pursue the case against her son. The airport deputy general manager, according to the two airport policemen who requested anonymity, made a deal to pay the stolen money with the owners of the airport restaurant that eventually closed."
KUAM reported in their evening news that the airport's deputy has taken leave. One assumes that she's on leave while she's under investigation....and one hopes that Mr. Jesse Torres keeps to his strict rules of no monkey business and fires her and he's fired other employees on the spot for illegal(alleged or otherwise) activities.
There sure were a lot of stealing going on at the airport this last year..........wonder just how much the airport lost to its employees.....but stealing just doesn't happen there, it's an equal opportunity sport, it happens at GWA and GPA and GTA as least it did when GTA was still under govGuam. If you get caught stealing at GTA these days, you're not only out of a job, you'll find yourself in jail, those people don't play games, they're in business for profit....govGuam ain't in business for profit, in fact, I'm not sure they know what that word means, or that stealing is against the law, for that matter!

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If he runs, Eddie walks?

Love second seating brunches....that means the champagne has had time to work and talk is fast and are rumors. Okay, so it is said that if Kaleo-the male version of Mona Lisa-cuz he has that coy smile when he's asked if he's running and he knows he is but wants to be coy and won't answer-Moylan, is running for governor, then Eddie Baza Pepsi Calvo won't split up the republican party three ways to run. Me thinks splitting the party two ways is just as devastating but hey, since when do my two cent-opinions matter? So it's a big rumor that Mr. Calvo and Mr. Forbes won't be running no matter how many Calvo/Forbes stickers you see on cars on the road.
The other rumon of course is who the running mate of Mr. MoLisa-Moylan is going with and it's a rumor because no matter who's asking the question he dodges the question and talkes about beautification projects-said the rumor spreader-she after a mimosa or two....some George Santos, of course, she could have said Jesus Cruz, Jesus Castro or George Benavente since I have never heard of George Santos. She knows this George Santos and says that he's a nice dude and related to the guy that died in a police helicopter crash in Agana Heights some years ago...I remembered the crash, I didn't remember the people in the crash, just how sad the crash was on the families of those that lost their lives in it. I still don't know a George Santos or that there's even such a person but I pass his name on to you because it was linked to Kaleo's as a running mate for Adelup.
I wonder of course if Kaleo will choose someone who talks more than he does since Kaleo isn't known to talk much. Kaleo's more a 'doer' than a talker. He sits back and gets things done rather than talks about it so I assume that who ever it is that he chooses will be someone who'll be his sort of spokesman who'll be getting his message across. It will be interesting to see how he'll run his campaign. The campaign he and Felix ran had Felix doing most of the talking, but then again, Felix was running for governor and should have been doing the talking. I also feel that the team got a majority of the votes because they knew that Kaleo was all brains and no 'mouth' and was a 'doer' and not a talker and that he would work and do what he said he would do on the platform the two were running on...I have long forgotten that platform...I wonder what goal, if any, was achieved...
So dearhearts, in the donkey arena, you have two men over fifty years old seeking a job at Adelup where ghosts walk the hallowed halls at night after all have gone the arena of the elephant, you have two under fifty seeking that same office, two who, two years ago, promised the island that they would bring 'hope' to the island, that they would fix the problems, but in the end, the problem was between the two of them, a broken relationship that broke early on, never to be repaired again, two people, once friends, now barely civil. Kaleo who had so much promise, reduced to the task of the island's beautification. Will he be elected because he's an underdog?
The senior citizen arena has two retirees, one a retired governor, one a retired doctor of education/U.S. Delegate. I personally feel that when Underwood lost the election for Adelup, he should have 'paid his dues' by running for a seat at the funny house in Julale. I think he could have done much for the people here because of who he knows in D.C. and because he knows the machinations of how we can get things from Uncle Fed. This also would have opened him up to the 'masses' here. It would have made his name more 'household' and would have made this election easier because more people would have already known him rather than starting all over again, this time with a whole new running mate. But that's water under the he starts all over's been a long four years, I hope they still remember his name! His challenger is a former two-term governor. Both good for him...and bad for him...good because he made a lot of good friends and did a lot of good things for many people while in office.....bad for him because a lot of scandal happened to many of his key employees while he was governor, in fact, many are now in federal prison because of crimes they committed during his administration. He may not have done anything himself but he was very close to those that did and that proximity makes it all very questionable...On the former governor's plus side, are a throng of grassroot people that are diehard voters that follow him from one village hearing to another. These people will move heaven and earth to get him re-elected. Since this is a popularity vote, one will surmise that he which has more friends will get the prize. At this juncture, one has to say that the former governor has the most friends.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I learned at brunch today....and now, I shall sleep on it!

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January 29, 2006


Go Carl's Jr?

Everybody's saying the economy's better, everything's looking up....well, maybe not everything...for example, at the island's biggest and busiest mall, Micronesian Mall, Carl's Jr. closed its doors and in the heart of Pleasure Island in Tumon, GameWorks closed it's doors this's that for the economy getting better.
A few months ago there was a lot of hype about Home Depot opening up in Tamuning....I ain't seen no ground breaking...which I suppose is good for Oceanic Lumbe, Ace and Benson. Business is brisk at K-Mart and I'm thinking that they're feeling pretty secure these days cuz their prices keep rising and rising like flour and yeast put together on a hot day in Louisiana! Friends used to buy their stuff at K-mart because it was cheaper there than on the base....these days, the same items are now cheaper on base than at K-mart....guess we can blame it on Saddam and the oil prices....alas, there's the issue of Iran and their oil and the Palestian-Hammas situation thingy going on....I'm sure you can put that into the geopolitical can of worms that would be a good excuse for the increase in prices....yeah, the increase in power and water...that's always a good one to use.....
Wuz at the Capriciossa in Agana last Friday and it wasn't as crowded as it usually is...perhaps it wasn't a double payday, perhaps it's because there are a few more eating places to choose from in Agana...but then they were always there when the eatery was crowded-standing room only at that night, the place lost money just keeping the air-conditioners running.
Even heard that Duty Free has its clerks earning their keep on commission basis....yikes.....with the new and cold, morgue appearance of the new place in Tumon, I'd have a hard time selling anything, let alone have the spirit to push the expensive goods to the poor tourists...but then a little touting never hurt anyone, huh?
Hmmmm, maybe we should start teaching touting in first grade or include it as part of our Direct Instructions so that when our kids are old enough they've got the gift and can fit into any tourist related job on Tumon....imagine how well they'd do at the airport just on commissions alone!!! Gosh, we could even convince people to park their cars at the airport and earn commissions if they parked their cars there for days at a time instead of hours at a time! Wow, what a thought! Tout...(push to sell)...a four letter word....every Duty Free Employee's life depends on it! Tout, you can't live without it!
I digress, but the next time you shop at Duty Free and the clerk has been nice to you and you've kept her from helping someone that could have/would have bought something from her and she could have/would have made a commission.....feel sorry for her, she could have bought a package of cherries from Payless Markets for $10.00 a bag with the commission she lost....feel sorry for her....don't waste her time. Oh yeah, those cherries are expensive, but they're tart and you can use them as a salad dressing because they're too sour to know, if you life gives you lemons make lemonade? If you buy a $10.00 bag of cherries at Payless and they're sour, make vinagrette dressing!
Oh, the economy? We're surving....but it's an election year and some of us are going to try like hell to convince you that we've recovered...we've can fool some of the people......etc....etc...etc...

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I wondered and wondered...where could I best bury my beloved rock. Should I wait for the new dump in the south or should I find a special place atop the pyramid in Ordot....oh, sleep on it, I thought!

A friend of mine used to tell me that if ever I had a problem that before I did anything on anything that was of any importance that 'I should sleep on it', well, today, my pet rock died, and I had to decide where to place its remains. I 'slept' on it, just as I was told. During the sleep, I had this dream, that I could find this once cool place with water at the bottom of the pyramid of trash by the villages of Chalan Pago and Ordot...but in the dream, I could only see dead catfish and dead shrimp and dead plants that had once flourished. I then climbed to the top of the pyramid to place my beloved pet but could find no place there so I fled to the new dump site in the south where I discovered a clan of people gathered, chanting chants of praise for this saviour in the laughing house known to the people of the kingdom of Gum who buys land and sells it cheap to migrants who come seeking the good life. They said for me to keep my pet in its velvet case awhile because it would not be placed in the south, their saviour promised this southern clan that he would do all in his power to never have the white man cause a dump to be placed near where he owned(oops, was that in the dream?) property. The chief of the clan who called all the morning talking stick shows was sure that this man would keep his word. He and others like him, known as the grassroots clan, would support this thinking man saviour to be again a member of the laughing kingdom and at that time, a new place would be created and at that time, I would be able to find a resting place for my beloved pet rock, and the saviour and his partners, probably the same ones that he has in the northern part of the kingdom of Gum would be saved from having a dump placed near their property where they could sell it to people who could build their shacks and their very own water wells and septic tanks.
The dream is clear....of course our friend the former doctor/slum lord doesn't want the dump in the south....he's probably got property somewhere next to/close to it....I'm sure someone who's in the media can get that information quicker/better/faster for you than I can....
Go for it, Samantha, I'm sure the folks at Land Management would love to help you far, you've been on target.

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To do nothing means we're in agreement. The lame-brained commissioner of Yigo sat by and watched it all go down then decided to jump up and down only after the t.v. camera started to come around. He did nothing....but watch it happen!

"What has me riled up real bad is the situation at the Gill Baza
development. Why Francis Gill isn't in jail I don't know. He is really messing up the environment and breaking a lot of hearts of low income families with his land selling scheme over there. $42K plus for a quarter acre at 12% for 30 years and a total cost of about $153K. That is terrible and more so considering he didn't install a sewer and water system. Guam cannot afford a health problem of the magnitutde that is possible with what is going on over there. Besides human waste they are dumping household trash in the jungle. And GEPA and the Yigo mayor aren't doing anything about it. I knew about that area for a long time now and I can't believe the mayor of Yigo didn't. He did and waited until it made the PDN headlines and KUAM news before getting involved. There is also the matter of about 40 families or so getting free water from the ball field across from the mayor's office. I'm sympathetic to the problems of those residents over there in Gill Baza Gardens, or whatever it
is, but when the rest of us face an increase in water rates, I don't think it's right that others can get it for free. Like Carl Guitierrez does...or did. He still might be getting it free for all we know Charo. Eviction of all those folks might seem cruel, but public health is most important too. Apparently most are MIcronesians, and at the risk of being accused of racial profiling, I say that they shouldn't be allowed to come to Guam and cause a disease epidemic and create a slum area. One guy has 10 kids. Outrageous. I found it, even with a steady income, tough to finance two kids. The more kids a family has, and not having a decent job and reasonable income, the less quality of a life can be given to
the kids. Little kids will be happy, but little kids grow up and when they realize they're not getting the nice toys and clothes, etc. that other kids are getting it will cause them some personal grief. Some will turn to crime and be in trouble with the law a lot. Read the Police Blotter and see that it's true. More on my mind, but enough for this time. Since you are back I assume you ve posted to your website. I shall drop by and see what you'be posted.
Ah yes...Seagreaves' trial now in March. Will Michelle Limtiaco's family ever see justice done? I'm beginning to have my doubts.
I better sign out before more thoughts enter my wittle mind."

Isn't it wonderful that the Yigo commissioner is so generous with the water that he literally gives it away? The taxpayers having to pay for it? Hey, Gil Shinohara while he was director of which-ever agency it was what he allegedly signed away the performance bond that should have forced Francis Gill to install the sewer system to the Gill Baza sub-division already caused the water agency to pay for the cost of the installation of the infrastructure(big word-hate it) and here's an elected bird brain that's giving the expensive stuff away for free!!!!! Next time my lawn needs some water, I think I'll drive up a few 36 gallon buckets up to the baseball field and fill them up and if anyone asks, I'll just say I live at the Yigo ghetto housing, the one that everybody's talking about. On second thought, I don't have to fib. I deserve that water for free...just as much as anyone of those people who live at either of those ghetto places created by greedy slumlords.
I suppose Mr. Yigo Mayor will be re-elected. Who else gives away free water...probably power too, if you need it!....hmmm, wonder if he gives away free air miles!
I'm really quite surprised that those eighty families are taking being taken on a ride so calmly. KUAM's video of one of the attendee's at the 'town hall meeting with EPA Friday night, caught the man calmly picking his nose....the only thing deep in thought that night wasn't in the ground(as in sewer or paying for another lot to make the slumlord richer)! But....he eventually, maybe, needed water and some anti-bacterial handwash! Oh to be a photographer for a t.v. station!!!

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They come here looking for teachers! What next?

Okay, so a few years ago, we had almost enough nurses to cover our needs here-n-there, course, this meant that some or most of them had to work two jobs in order to do that, but no one complained since the jobs at the hospital and clinics were covered and the nurses were paid and their household bills were paid. Who ever thought to pay them what they were worth so that they had only to work one job!!!! So, a throng of HMOs trot to paradise come to our fair isle and sign up a bunch of nurses with wonderful presents of thou$$$and$ of dollar$ ju$t to $ign up. Of couse it was disastrous because the nurses moved their families to these places only to find out that they were treated like slaves but hey, there was good pay and that's what lured them away from the two jobs....I digress. The slumlords never came back for more nurses and we're still short nurses and we're still fighting with immigration problems for getting more nurses from the PI.
Now, if you're like I am and can't find enough to read about in Sunday's catbox liner and have done the puzzle, read the want ads....find that Clark County Nevada is now coming to Guam looking for....teachers.....alas! These people must not read the papers and must not know that some of them actually(alleged, of course) might bribe people to change scores so that they appear to be certified in order to teach....anyway, if you're certified or pretend to be and want to move to Nevada to be with family and or friends.....they've got a job for you.......just remember it's hotter than hell for about four summers out of the year....I know, I know, you can always stay inside and turn the air-conditions 'up' and it's a 'dry hot' but the oven's a dry hot and I wouldn't want to spend no four months in no oven!!! But if you're a teacher and want to teach in the good months, there's a job for you in Nevada....the ad's in today's PDN.
I wonder what thay's gonna do to the shortage in GPSS? As if we didn't already have a teacher shortage! Now instead of 33 to 35 kids in a classroom, maybe we'll have 60? Ah, shucks, we'll just build more schools, then the teachers will come, you'll see! Better wake up, I must be dreaming!

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January 25, 2006


Like it or not....they have a right just like you 'n me to be there!

In the big meet in Tumon with the gov today, it seems those Adult girls with the big hair in Tumon are giving the island a bad image to the families(not the sailors and the Marines that are need the R'n'R) that need to see the pure image with no short skirts, no one handing out coupons for massage, strip joints or whatever it is adults do while they're down there.
The gov would rather not have them at all but can't force them off the island so he's trying to get his friends at Julale to move they away from their play ground in Tumon where families now play to somewhere where they can't be uncle Tony, the head of tour, travel and transportation Unpingco says that it's probably not constitutional moving those people out of places that they, you can't just up and move them away from a place they call home, like, you know, those people in Zero Down place in Yigo....and that, Gill Baza Sub Division.... thinks that instead of trying to move them down to Anigua, or Yona or Agony Hts, we should make everything adult legal and tax the hell out of it and it would bring in big dollars...A.....doctors would make money because we could make it a law that these adult ladies with the big hair have to have public health licenses that's renewed every three months....and B, the bar or where ever it is they work has to pay a fine if the girls are not licensed.....
There are more than just family tourists, more than just honeymooners...there are sailors, marines, youngsters, adults and those that travel seeking things that they can't find or do at home. Japanese men and women come to Guam to fire guns because they can't fire guns at home. Some men fly three hours just to play golf because they can't afford to play golf in Japan, sadly, some tourists come to the island for 'adult' things that I won't describe because it's not legal or available where they're from as well. If you're going to be a destination, you sometimes have to offer what you'd rather not...have to offer...and when that time comes, it's best to regulate it so that it's safe for all. The military probably doesn't put it in their brochures but they make condoms available to their men(married or not) while they're deployed. That's just being smart.
We would be smart to make the 'adult' stuff legal and tax it and regulate it. Wow! How many families bring their little kids to Las Vegas? Mama Mia!!! Imagine how much better our hospital, schools et cetera would be if we had gambling and legalized 'adult' stuff.....awe, that's just a nightmare, just kidding, must've moved my hand off my bible there for a minute! Full house though that meeting, did you see how many directors were there? Standing room only!

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"The indigenous people of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Chamorros, are set to meet in March for their first-ever pan-Pacific Chamorro conference. Organisers of the meeting, which is scheduled for the end of March, have been travelling to various islands in the Marianas archipelago to spread the word and gain support from government and community leaders."

From the pages of the Pacific Beat and radio australia, it's reported that there'll be a first ever conference scheduled for the end of March. You can read about same by going to: www.
It's an interesting read. Some of the interview sounds like:
"QUINTANILLA: The Chamorro culture has always been there and yes we want to bring it to the forefront and make sure that it is preserved. It is not lost yet. What we're trying to do is ensure that the culture will be there for the generations to come and we want to ensure that the language could be also [preserved]. And so, when we come together as Chamorros we want to make that happen and be able to come up resolutions that we would be able to present to our government to make sure and to ensure that these things are going to be done the right way and preserved for the future generations."
QUINTANILLA: Our mission is to inspire, motivate and empower our Chamorro community and the goal is to promote, preserve and apply traditional knowledge, innovations and expressions of the Chamorro culture.Our objectives are to facilitate methodologies that will relate to the intricacies of authentication with the historical and political evolution of the Chamorros to establish a compilation of data, accomplished by Chamorros and to further research and develop towards the enhancement of the Chamorro community. The third objective is to instil a sense of pride and ownership of our cultural heritage through our Chamorro activities. "
One can hope that the mission is accomplished. Good luck!

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He was a nice guy, you probably knew him, or saw him at mass...

His name was Wallace Burgess, but his friends called him Wally. And you probably didn't see him without his beloved wife, Pilar and if you knew them as a couple, you'd know that her nickname is, 'Polly', two of the island's nicest people. Both involved in the arts, especially the Symphony Society. Wally known to the community for his own craft as a CPA. You might have had him do your books but before long, he became a friend and not long after that, became a part of your family.
He doted on his wife all the way to the end. Pilar, with the assist of the discomfort of crutches walked the long halls of the hospital watching over Wally praying for his recovery, or at least making him comfortable as he waited for God's call. In these days of divorce, it fills the heart that love can transcend 'til death do us part. All the love that Pilar gave Wally will bear him as he makes his way to Heaven and will be her comfort, knowing that she was there night and day in full support of the man she adored.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Polly. Wally's in a place where there's no suffering, that has to give you some comfort.
"And He will raise you up on eagles' wings,
bear you on the breath of dawn,
make you to shine like the sun,
and hold you in the palm of His hand. "
Slán leat, Wally, adios.

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January 24, 2006


Don't say we're on crutches then scoot away from the problem, use them as sticks and beat at the problem until it's fixed!

K57's website was quite captivating about the medical gala where the it's alleged that the gov and his newly-announced running mate, doctor Mike Cruz were humiliated by doctors on the conditions at GMH.
Tonight on KUAM, the new Medical Society Chair, Dr. G. Galgo said that the hospital is on crutches and here's a quote from Mindy Fothergill's online story from the KUAM website:"Healthcare has been fractured, Dr. Galgo likens Guam's ailing healthcare system to a patient standing on crutches. Without more resources and funding to improve services at public health and the Guam Memorial Hospital, the physician says the island's healthcare system will be left even more crippled than it already is. The GMS president blames the problem on elected leaders who he claims have been all talk, but no action. "[During the last election] healthcare was considered as a priority," he stated, "we saw many promises that they told us, but they did not hold true to their promises."
I don't recall what he said verbatim but it sounded like he didn't want to get politically involved. Hullooooo....the fact that he was talking about the problem and talking about all the problems about the hospital and laying blame on the problems on elected people(I really refuse to call them leaders at this juncture) says that he's already involved 'politically. He really must put his money where his mouth is. He must now walk the talk. He must be likened to his patients and be 'very, very brave'.
He must meet with the members of this very elite group of medical people and talk about how each of their votes can help this place where they work. It's called political action and it's legal. It's usually done by $$$upporting a team that's trusted to support the hospital if they're elected to office(oh Lord, oh Lord, who at this juncture can one trust!!!!!!)and by voting for that team.
The problem for Dr. Galgo and his society who I trust are eager to fix all that ails GMH is that it'll always be in the hands of the government, therein, always be a political football which means he and his group will have to find which of those running for Adelup will be willing to work with the group to get the hospital accredited.
When Dr. Vince Akimoto was president of the society, he called both morning talk shows at least three times a week to talk about the problems at GMH, and I dare say, he was passionate about the problems there and this was in addition to the hour show that he hosted in the evenings at K57! Alas! Nothing happened. I think the problems got worse, certainly, GMH lost more money since then. Dr. Tom Shieh took over as the Medical Society president and he was as fervent with the problems and he tried to move heaven and earth to fix the problems, so much so that one of his daughters forbade him from calling the talk shows.
I don't know how long Dr. G. Galgo's term as president of the Medical Society is but elected government people are invincible...they are thick-headed and will out-last his patience. They will pretend to listen to him and they'll make promises just like the ones the others before them did and years from now, the problems will exist. You see, we have come a long way. We no longer have shame. You cannot shame us. You cannot humiliate us, not at your gala events, not on television, not in the newspapers not even on the radio and I'm not talking about this administration because this hospital didn't just happen to get the crutches this week, it's had the crutches for a long time, we just used the term when Dr. Galgo got on board.
The only way you're going to affect change then, Doctor Galgo, is if you get your members together to choose a team that will work with you and after you're satisfied, support their campaign. Doctor Shieh was able to get a bone marrow drive in a matter of days, I can only imagine what he can do if he wanted to put a team at Adelup.
So, the ball's in your court, Dr. G., are you up to walking the talk.....hmmmm, or is it...talking the walk? Either way, the ball's in your court!

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The man points to his house which could have been one of the wooden houses in the the kid rhymes that the wolves could have blown away with three puffs...

Instead, the shirtless man was pointing to his home, albeit, a step above that of a cardboard box, made up of tin and plywood somewhere in northern Guam in a sub-division which has a name...Gil Baza subdivision. Poor Gil Baza to have a slum, or ghetto, named after him. Many problems with the sub division. One, that it sits on water lens and doesn't have proper sewer systems or septic collection tanks which means that 'stuff' goes directly to the drinking water supply...water supply + e.coli....not good! Plus other permitting problems, the families have been given notices of eviction.
These families have no place else to go. They are poorer than dirt. They can't pick up and move. If they had money, they wouldn't be living there. They probably spent their last dime buying whatever it cost for that parcel of land that they're on. Francis Gill is said to have been one of the developers of that property. He was on the Positively Local program this morning saying that he did everything right with the permitting process and that it was up to the buyers to put in the septic tanks when they moved in, blaming the problem on CUC and Simon Sanchez and the current Administration.
Former Governor Carl Gutierrez called the PL show and said that evicting these people out and blaming the problem of waste over the northern aquafir was nothing but politics and that nothing like this would have happened under his administration. He told the people to go ahead and move out and that if he was elected he'd move them back in.
I'm sure that there's enough blame to last a life time. We can blame the last administration, we can blame the developer, DPW, the owner, Gil Shinohara and anyone who now wants to evict these families. The right thing to do is to protect the aquafir. The right thing to do is to protect the rights of these people to have a home. If we say that they can't live where they are living at now, then we must make available a place where they can.
If there was someone, or an entity was at fault and the government can recover any moving or relocation funds, then the government should try to recover its funds via its judicial system.
In the meantime, these people have obviously been living over these water lenses for many years.......which makes one wonder what the rush to move them(as in evict) off the property is about?

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January 23, 2006


But one has to question why K57 continues it's 5:30 news...

Isn't it a bit redundundundant to have the 5:30 report then have the same news reported by the living legend, Jon Anderson at 6 p.m......?
Other was nice to see Patrick Lujan back on sports, he's easy on the eyes and easy to listen to because he's not screaming the sports news at you. Have to admit, the news has touch of class to it, maybe standing up to do the news has something to do with it...congratulations Jon and Patrick.

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They were always here, we just didn't know what they looked like because they were on the radio.

GUAM CABLE NEWS went off the air when it was sold to KUAM umpteen years ago. KUAM was the only t.v. news for the last decade(plus or minus a few years)or so. There was print that added to the news and there was radio news that added to it as well. K57 was likened to a 'living' news because Jon Anderson was 'always' there. It was as if the man never slept. You turned on the radio and he was there, no matter the time of day or night. But, people missed having another venue to 'watch' the news, they missed having a news channel to switch to, as we did when FOX NEWS came on-line recently, most of us switching to FOX, forgetting how glued we once were to CNN when it was the only channel to watch.
Last year, Rex Sorensen bought ABC 14 and decided to invest more money to put t.v. news back on and tonight we get to see the faces behind the names that reported the news to us. We'll watch to see how well they do the t.v. thing because they're radio people and we are all wondering if they learned how to do t.v. Tonight, the 'living' legend, Jon Anderson makes his debut on ABC 14 News.
For years, we longed for a, we have it! Thanks for giving us that opportunity, Rex!

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Who are your ads aimed at? Who are your targets aimed at?

My girlfriend and I watch ABC 14 between the hours of 9 to 11 pm on Sunday nights. For two hours we escape into the wacky world of wacky people and when the shows are over, we return to our normal lives. What was different about watching the shows last night was the constant I-Connect ad that ran a zillion times. It had to be an in-house job because no ad agency could have done such an awful job putting together such an ad, but then again, I've been wrong. I wonder what target audience I-Connect had when it decided to place that obese man dressed in ghetto doing a a ghetto dance which was(in my opinion)stupid. Does it imply that I-connect customers are fat slobs that do ghetto dances at Manila Mall, their pants falling down and have camera phones? Is this the kind of people that have cell phones that only work inside the mall? Gosh, they could've had an ad about a car having a flat tire somewhere in the south and the driver, maybe a female teenage calling her brother, to come help her change the tire, or something like that which shows the need for the phone...
Then there's the really, really stupid GTA ad with the two men checking each other while urinating. That takes the cake and no one seems to care. They're peeing and you're led to believe they're doing the penis size envy thing when all along, one has 'phone envy' because one of the two is peeing with his cell phone, the other looking. Imagine this, two men, urinating, both using their cell phones, two men watching and envying the other's phones. Is that a terribly dumb ad or what? And we wonder why there's an increase sexually transmitted diseases here....gee, I wonder why...Watch some of the phone ads and see how skimpy the girls are dressed...some of those girls make Madonna and Britanny appear overdressed...'you're too cool if you have a cell phone with a ring tone if you're barely wearing any clothes and have your nose pierced and chew gum like a cow chews its cuds!
The next time you're at GPA or the Manila Mall, check out the kids that have cell phones and see if the little babes aren't clones of these ads....check today's Guam Cell ad out in the PDN, the cute little girl texting her frienc, she's about 13? Cute and she's got a phone for 200 minutes, a student plan, I bet...nice pink blouse, very
provocative, suggestive, from this angle, one could almost see her belly button. She's a child model and probably doesn't mind that her body is exposed like this but if I was her mom, I'd be upset that her body wasn't respected, she is after all, just a child. Couldn't Guam Cell's image makers have done just as well having this same child model pose in a middy blouse as if she were a school girl texting a friend, or, wow, novel idea, borrowed a child from a school that wears a uniform, use the phone in an ad?
Some companies have good products but ruin it by the way they advertise it.
There are a lot of fat ghetto types so I-Connect should have sold a lot of phones by next I hope that they find another target audience by then...maybe they'll find a skinny old lady sitting in a wheel chair that belts out 'I will survive' talking to her friend on her I-Connect phone, that would be a good St. Dominics would even let them film it there. So much for good targets!

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January 20, 2006


Aye adai, we poor people struggle to make ends meet. We have to budget our few dollars to pay utility bills, cable bills and the car payments. That's usually the way the poor prioritize their few dollars, at least most of the time!

Alas! After the utility bills are paid, then the next most important expenditure is the family car which we need to get us to and from work. After paying for the car, then we factor in the funds we need for food, children's tuition if they're in private school, their supplies and if we're lucky, some entertainment and maybe a cell phone....but yesterday's news reported that the gov's vehicle might be repo'ed because payments hadn't been made on same and that the nice guys at Tripple J are about to repo the nice black car because it ain't current in payments and little Jones Junior ain't too happy with ain't profit when you sell a car and don't receive payments for the sale....
The big question I suppose is.....will we find that miracle tree that blooms money in time to keep the black car from being 'repo'ed' in the nick of time. These miracle trees always seem to be found in the nick of time. I'm sure that one will be found and the car will continue to drive the gov all around the town. Confirming the fact that we work well under pressure.
Likewise, those people at Sanctuary that haven't been paid? Another miracle tree, blooming with money will be found and all the $100K that's needed(they need $100K per month to operate) will will appear in the nick of time.
I thank God for those miracle money trees. I don't know how this government would survice without them!

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January 19, 2006


She was a great lady and a great loss to the island.

For a brief time, I had a chance to work with her. She was all work then. After we got the 'work' out of the way, it was friendship that turned into a family-like friendship that one cherishes forever. I knew her when she and her dear friend, Patty Leon Guerrero Cassidy put their diagnostic lab together ages ago. They were pioneers in the field. They were new wives with babies yet they knew how to balance their lives and their jobs. It was quite simple. One would take over the lab one week at a time and the other the next week and for years, that would be their schedule. Their children weren't cheated out of quality time and their family lives flourished as did their business. When the business got too large, they did what smart business people would do. They sold it and spent the rest of their time with their families.
Joann, lived for three things, Roy, the girls and the church. Until Roy passed away a few years ago, I never saw him without her. She was always with him and she always had that smile. A smile her daughters have, perhaps having learned it from their mother.
The lady did a lot of things for the community but I'm not aware of all that she did, rather, I'm aware of the kind of woman that she was towards her husband, her daughters, her grandchildren and her God. She was a loyal and loving friend. I shall miss her and know that those who knew her will miss her as I shall.
My thoughts and prayers are with the girls and their children.

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The last time Tony Sanchez was at the Gov's office, he paid (the entire amount) EITC funds to a family....then got the gov involved who said it was a good thing and that he would also look into the matter and would pay it to the deserving people who wait with baited breath.........alas! Now that the dude is back, can we assume those who deserve same will finally get it?

Okay, so it didn't take far for Tony's parachute to land....If you jump from the bureau of planning, you're sure to land somewhere near the gov's, that's where he is, which means that those with inquiring minds(the Abramoff kind) won't have far to, I think he's in the same building, but since I don't do business there it's just a guess.
Wuz at a rosary tonight and discovered that the governor's pingpong ball is bouncing again. Seems he needs someone to do whatever needs doing at Public Health so rumor has it that one Jim Underwood is managing the building without windows in Mangilao...Maybe at the end of his stay there he'll be able to determine just how many of our cousins from the neighboring islands really impact our territory and if we get sufficient funds from Uncle Sam. I wish I had made a list of all the places Mr. Underwood has filled since he's been a govGuam employee. I checked KUAM's webpage out to see if they had anything on the move but there was nothing on maybe it's just a rumor that one hears at the rosary.....

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TAG......YOU'RE I! OOOOOPS....NO! I'M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a strange day for a confirmation hearing at julale!

I guess the Abramoctopus feelers reaching all the way to Guam from DC made one Tony Sanchez decide it wasn't worfit to sit and listen to the questions da fifteen inquiring minds at Julale had in order to confirm him ad directot of bureau of planning and something like that so at the eleventh hour(as in, last nite) he decides to pull his name out....which I'm thinking-ala Patti Arroyo and her side-kick Ray Gibson, that he also resigned from the august agency.
So, one can assume/deduce/figure out, that maybe the inquiring minds of people in DC will be asking questions as well and Mr. S. doesn't want to embarrass the agency? If that's the case, then, congrats to Mr. S., that's a nice thing to do, not run the agency into the 'rain puddle'(description from Marianas Variety). I'm thinking that the best thing he can do for his best friend and class mate Felix is to distance himself so that when the questions from all those heavy pounding reporters from the US of America come out here to ask about all those $9 thousand dollar checks, there won't be any relationship between the two and it won't hurt Mr. C's chances for re-election if his name isn't dragged into the 'rain puddle'.....ya know....
Any way, whatever the reason, it was the gentleman thing to do to withdraw the name from the confirmation hearing.....but I'm thinking that should have happened the day after he gave that man the entire EITC(I think that's what they call it!) which played hell with Rev&Tax....surely that was the reason he was shooed out of the gov's office, ya think?
He's a great writer, he'll probably land a great job writing historical essays for the worry about confirmation hearings there.....hmmm, maybe he can even write a novella about how one deals with a great Washington D.C. lobbyist. That should sell bunches of newspapers!

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January 18, 2006


Travis Coffman was trying to make it a serious issue one one of his talk shows, I think it was Monday....that getting rid of them was going to really going to make a difference......but will it? When everything else is falling apart....and broken?

Today's Marianas Variety(on-line version), Gina Tabonares, reports that:" the abandoned vehicle program that paved the way for the successful eradication of decaying and “eyesore” cars on island will be re-launched by Gov. Felix P. Camacho on Thursday. The project, which was launched in April in two villages, was culminated with the shipment of seven million pounds of scrap metals of almost 3,500 collected cars. The revived program will be an island-wide project and will involve all mayors to coordinate with the Department of Public Works in collecting abandoned vehicles, tires, white goods and batteries throughout the island. BKA-KOKU Recycling Co, the private company that collceted the abandoned vehicles last year, was also tapped by the government to work with another private firm, the Huamei Enterprises Guam Inc. BKA-KOKU was the primary contractor that managed the collection and shipment of the scrap metals to an off-island company that is interested in recycling metal waste. "
The AG tried to get the law behind him to get rid of the cars, threatening jail time for the owners that abandoned their cars. DPW tried to get on the bandwagon to help. Then this company(I wonder who the owners are and how they 'play' into this priority) Anyway, all of a sudden, this longtime problem has made it to the top of the list....stepping over problems at the public school system, the hospital problems, retirement fund, state of delapidated schools, lack of certified school teachers,, our tourists will think it's a clean island but while they're thinking that, we'll be raising dumb kids because our teachers aren't qualified, our hospitals aren't properly cetera, et cetera.
It's clearly a 'photo op' and a good thing and if the money comes from Uncle Sam and Uncle S. is paying for the clean up, then let's just say that it's a good time to use the funds....let's not make a big deal that all of a sudden our government is going into a frenzy of beautifying the island when at the same time we're bulldozing restrooms because we have no idea how to keep them clean!
What is the real truth to why we're all of a sudden getting rid of these abandoned cars and who the hell are behind these two companies that got the bids and where are they going to stack the cars after they've picked them up......?

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Will he ever recover the favored 'golden boy' position? Even with a public apology(boy, that's a stretch!)

K57's posters share my own thoughts about the freshman senator's defiance on the reconciliation of debts and the obvious 'fallout' that will come from the defiance. You can't 'dis' Maddy, she has too many that adore the widow, the victim who lost her COS but she took the 'high road'(and yes, she's taking the high road with this defiant act and others that will surely follow-she will never, and I mean NEVER, stoop to criticism) In public, she'll be 'genteel' and 'loving' to BJ Cruz and all will look normal, she'll even seem to 'forgive' his defiance, but her supporters won't forget his defiance and it may hurt his political career.
The following is copied and pasted from today's Talking Points on K57's web forum:" Interviewed after Auntie Maddy's annual, BJ came short of calling Congressional Delegate Bordallo a liar in the the way she reported on debt relief. He criticized her for not getting Guam's debt forgiven, but was too scared to mention Fearless Felix failure to secure Republican support in Washington. "

Interesting what may follow, ya think?

Imagine that the President is a republican, the majority in Congress are republicans and Fearless Felix is a Republican.

Now, why did he take on Auntie Maddy and not Fearless Felix. To me Delegate Bordallow did what she could to put that package together. What she did not get was support from Felix.

Ai adai! Come to think of it, si BJ ( aka with envy) was Auntie Maddy's Campaign Chairman several years ago. Why is he stabbing her now, especially after she helped him get elected to the legislature?

I smell rotting fish near BJ .... Um, Um, Um

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January 17, 2006


I'm thinking he might not be wearing 'red'(maybe not her shade) anymore?

Before he was a judge, he was an attorney, worked hard for her husband when he was the governor, then for her when she was the lt. governor...ya might've called him a 'dutch' nephew kinda relative. BJ Cruz, the lawyer, turned judge-turned senator-turned-inquirer. I couldn't believe that BJ Cruz was actually confronting his beloved Madeline Z. Bordallo on the issue of the reconiliation. On KUAM this evening, he said (read it on their website) "You know, the reason why I think its important that we discuss debt reconciliation and what happened to that and who fumbled, and it wasn't OMB, and I think she's got to be more forthcoming with the people about what really happened to debt reconciliation. Yes, OMB had some objections, but I got through there was a problem and somebody did fumble locally and nobody wants to talk about it and that she, the Lieutenant Governor and the Governor really need to come forward with the people and be honest about what happened to that debt reconciliation." Cruz further says (per Sabrina Matanane's report):"You know, the reason why I think its important that we discuss debt reconciliation and what happened to that and who fumbled, and it wasn't OMB, and I think she's got to be more forthcoming with the people about what really happened to debt reconciliation. Yes, OMB had some objections, but I got through there was a problem and somebody did fumble locally and nobody wants to talk about it and that she, the Lieutenant Governor and the Governor really need to come forward with the people and be honest about what happened to that debt reconciliation."
KUAM got a reply from the island's delage who said what what she said in the island's state of the island's condition in Washington(or whatever the heck that half hour's report to the people is named) is the truth. Of course, what else was she expected to say, that Cruz was right?
That Cruz openly confronted the lady, however says more than the issue of reconciliation of debt says that there's a wedge that now divides the 'red' that represents the Bordallo-crats. As of today, the inquirer wears his very own shade of red and it's questionable if the grassroot people who adore Madelize Z. will forgive him for questioning her job as a delegate. I'll bet my last dollar that most of those votes that got him elected came from those who'll move heaven and earth for her. She'll always be the victim woman here...the under-dog, the widow, the lt. gov. who had her chief of staff fired from under her and she couldn't do anything about it. Now, doing her best,(and I think she has) some freshman senator questions her efforts in public.....what price will the senator pay for such a provocative act?

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January 12, 2006


So why aren't we freaking out when we hear that the teacher that are teaching our children are cheating by bribing administrators to alter their certificates?

I'm willing to bet my last dollar that one of those teachers(I've lost count of them) that have bribed a GPSS employee to 'fix' their test scores and certificates so that they can be certified to teach scolded or rebuked one of their own students for cheating during a test....oh how awful to think that a child could actually do such an awful thing. How awful his parents must be to have raised such an awful low life of a child!!! Probably even sent a note home to the parents so that the parents would know what an awful child they raised. The parents would of course be most embarrassed and would forever hold their head in shame.
Now we learn that Ms. So and So is a dumb dumb and couldn't pass the test and really isn't worth the salary she's earning as a teacher and isn't qualified to be one and has had to crawl to the level of one that bribes yet another low life in order to be employed as a teacher...and there's more than just one of these people...I think KUAM's website has the reports and names archived if you're interested...who knows, you may have a child(or two) that have been students of these teachers who have been indicted for having bribed to have their tests altered.(enter alleged where necessary)
But that's not the's an imperfect world...we're imperfect beings.......the problem is that we all yell and scream that our children are our most precious possessions....DAMNIT!!!! But hey, Joe, what are ya gonna do about it.....not a damn thing.....ya gonna do nothing, you're probably the same parent that doesn't attend the PTA meetings, or cares if those damn buses become low flying objects at around three in the afternoon with your precious child not buckled up..yeah, bus number 18, that bus is usually a UFO on Route 16 but hey, who cares, he hasn't hit anyone yet.
The talk show this after noon was about Direct Instruction..........who the heck knows about that? Most people don't even know what the hell a reading level is, let alone what phonics are....hmmmmm, vowel, what the heck is that? What's happening this very moment at DOE, also known as(they just love to change names-GPSS is the verrrrrrry reason the military created their very own school system. Suffice it to say dearhearts, we don't know how to run a school system, no matter how much we pay the director or his rolly polly PIO person!(ha ha, they even want to change the name of the flea market at Dededo, if I was the family of Mr. Rivera, I'd throw a block at the person who made that suggestion...who in the heck would want a damn ghetto flea mkt named after my husband/father/brother?)
If you want your kid educated you can do four things..........join the military.......send your child to a private school, home school or, move off-island!
And if you're one of those that say your children are your most precious possession and they're in public school and you're not doing a damn thing about the situation that's going're a darn liar!

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Military concerned over Tumon safety, a story in the on-line edition of the Marianas Variety by Gerardo R. Partido is an omen of more to come....perhaps 7,000 of them!

"Rumors have spread that local gangs have been specifically targeting military personnel, taunting them and picking fights with them.
Lt. John D. Griffin, public affairs officer at Andersen Air Force Base, confirmed that a memorandum has been issued to base personnel, warning them to be alert when they are out of the base. But he told Variety that he can’t send out a copy of the memo. “Air force members have been told to be aware of their surroundings and be alert. Commanders have been telling their airmen to be aware when they go out at night,” Griffin said.But he denied that military personnel are being singled out. “Actually, that is incorrect. What has been happening is that there has been an increase in assaults in the Tumon area in general. And I stress in general, not just military. This has been happening over the past several months already,” Griffin said.
He added that the advisory is for everybody on base, not just for the newly arrived airmen on Guam, and that military personnel are briefed not just about safety and security issues but also about environmental issues such as being careful with the island’s reefs and other natural resources."
The article is an omen of what's to come....the 7,000 Marines, more sailors when a submarine replaces the San Francisco, if we get more Navy ships that we're all praying we get to help the economy get back on its feet. It's pretty simple, the more military we have, the more Section 30 dollars we get infused into Rev and Tax we get, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars we get in construction dollars that'll come from the contractors that will come to build barracks, et cetera. When there was a large presence of Military on Guam, we had it 'good'. We didn't feel the 'crash'(in dollars) when they left because the Japanese yen was up and we were up to our ears in Japanese tourists but when the Yen was down, they stayed home and there were no longer the military types that spent money downtown, we felt their loss.
We have the chance to have our cake and eat it. We have the chance to show the military that we have matured as a community, that we can be good neighbors, that we can welcome them to our island, make them feel welcome and appreciated. We should take every measure possible to make sure that they are safe, that our young punks don't ruin their stay on our island.
The article in today's MV didn't say it, but our punks are also ruining it for the tourists. They're not only beating up the military types, they're beating up the Japanese tourists, stealing purses from the fragile women who dare to walk on the well-lighted sidewalks. We rave about cops having a Koban full of police officers in Tumon to keep our tourists safe. They must be with the ghosts of the past since I've yet to see a one of them any time I've been on any of my walks down there and that's early a.m. or at dusk. You can't find a rolly polly cop if your life depended on it! You see the cruiser parked next to the building but the cop's no where to be found.
As a community, we'd better take the law into our hands and police ourselves or we're going to lose the best thing we have going for us. Let's not wait until someone gets hurt. When we see a fight beginning to take place, let's call the police when it's at the argument level, by the time the police get there, there'll be at the broken bottle, knife stabbing stage.
Perhaps we should make it a law that our punks that cause trouble with the tourists and military that they be punished, then be put to work in Tumon, wearing a sign that they harmed a tourist or military person and ruined the island's economy down at the Paseo Loop at peak traffic time for a month!
We can't say we want the military here then look the other way when our punks beat them up! It's time we walked the talk!

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January 10, 2006


It was a big enough deal to send talk show host Travis Coffman to cover the newly the inaguration of the newly elected Benigno R. Fitial as governor of the CNMI. It wasn't big enough news to have earned any follow up on this evening's tube news but certainly fodder for thought for the next hundred days or more.

Coffman described Fitial as being a man of great business accumen. He didn't say that he was a Donald Trump in so many words but did say that he had dealings with the Willie Tan family and we all know that that family knows how to make money so if he spent any time at wll working with them he had to have learned something about how to make it. Surely the statement that the man said about not spending a dollar ten when you only made a dollar was something we all should learn from at our local government.
Coffman described the man's speech somewhat as the laying down of a law for his team to as I say or find yourself another job. This is going to be a lean machine, these are going to be lean times and if you don't like it, you'd better cut your losses now....
I don't know what his campaign promises were. I don't know what 'magic' he used to get elected in an island where tourism was down, where Japan Airlines pulled out, the economy hit rock bottom, hotels at the same level, power going on and mostly 'off', but he and his team got elected. Did he use the words 'hope'? Did he say that he was going to restore 'hope' to the people? To the government? Did he promise to work with his vice.governor 'til their term was over working towards the benefit of the people no matter what?
This speech he gave the people who came to his inaguration, will he stand by his words? Or, will he soon forget the words and hide behind several mouthpeices, run away from reporters that come to ask the tough questions?
Is this Ben Fitial person the tough person his speech makes him out to be? Will he really walk the talk? Will he really cut the fat and make that government work for the people and not for just for a select few? Will he put salaries on hold until the government turns a profit and refuse to increase the saints working in his immediate office, demoralizing all other agencies?
While Coffman was describing the inauguration of this Ben Fitial, I was imagining the kind of man that we used to look up to but are now long gone. There are no longer any role models to set the examples, the likes of the Manuel Guerreros, the Manuel Lujans, the Carlos Taitanos, the James Sablans, and the likes of the Tony Won Pats and many more like them that did and said what they meant...that held public office because it helped the people..there was a time when public servants earned a mere $100 a year for their services.
I will be watching this new CNMI governor and will be cheering him on, and hoping that he will be a shining example for the next governor that this community elects for this territory.
Governor Fitial, you have your work cut out for you! Congratulations on your election. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you suceed in all your goals!

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January 07, 2006


But.......Gameworks is closing it's doors at the end of this month, what's wrong with this picture?

It was a rumor long before my long vacation....I was surprised it was still opened when we returned......but after the end of this month, only the echo of the likes of young children, their friends, tourists and young military men and women-folk coming in for a few games and beers here and there will fill the emptiness where Gameworks now holds court.
Owned by DFS/Louis Vuitton(sp)it's said they're planning to put something else least that's what they said in last night's tube news. Of course that's what they'd say, it's the politically the correct thing to say. What they meant to say is that the company wasn't making money and that they're not in the business of losing money and they're going to close it down and put something there that will make see, the economy thingy that everybody's talking about ain't really 'that' great, we're still pushing up hill like that little blue train and we're still all grunting, 'I think I can, I think I can', we're far from, 'I can, I can' or 'I did, I did'!
What's sad about the closing of Gameworks is that it was a gathering place for the local kids(the middle class ones that could afford the prices) to go there, as well as the many military men and women that would gather there for some good, clean fun...and there were many of them that frequented the place. Thankfully, there's still Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock. In the meantime, whenever an establishment closes, it isn't because the owners want to open a bigger, better shop, it's really because the establishment wasn't making money....even if the mouthpeice says otherwise!
So, Gameworks, it was nice having you as a neighbor, sorry to see you go!

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January 05, 2006


Whenever the cops get on the radio, someone always calls in and complains about people who don't seem to think they're enough cops on the road......well, let me tell 'ya, today on the Tai Freeway, there were four really big cop cruisers, one motorbike and a radar somewere in between to pull over a few cars that were warned with some blinking head lights that saw the cop-gathering by the salvation center place. Couldn't believe that it took all those cops to pull all those people there was going to be a massive pull over or something, and maybe there was but it wasn't like there was any dealing of drugs at the Infant of Prague nursery or that Christian School or the boy's high school, what ever it was, there sure were a lot of cops there this afternoon, so let's not complain that we don't have bunches of them out on the road looking out for our safety...they're out there, you just have to look for them. They're out there, gathered somewhere, maybe they'll be in Yona next Thursday?

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January 04, 2006


Just think about this dude Jack Abramoff and his pleading guilty in Florida......and think about what it may mean to Guam.....and think about how little the circle really is that ties the man and the government of Guam to him and us....

The following is a direct quote from my friend Mindy's story on KUAM's webpage...."While Abramoff's deal is causing seismic waves in D.C. the aftershock is being felt an ocean away in Guam. Fisher said the Justice Department would pursue the investigation "wherever it goes". Guam Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo is hoping the investigation could lead to Guam. In a statement she aid, "Certainly, Mr. Abramoff pleading guilty and cooperating with authorities may provide an opportunity to further shed light on his involvement in the Northern Mariana Islands and in Guam. I would expect that these investigations will be aided by his cooperation and his guilty plea. The people of Guam deserve to know the truth." Back in October the congresswoman sent a request to the United States Attorney General, requesting the appointment of an outside special counsel to investigate allegations of potential political manipulation involving officials at the U.S. Department of Justice relative to criminal and immigration matters relating to Guam and the CNMI, as well as Abramoff's alleged connection to the demotion of former acting U.S. Attorney for Guam and the CNMI Fred Black. Another Abramoff connection - as KUAM News first reported back in October 2002 the Superior Court of Guam under the leadership of former administrator Tony Sanchez authorized close to a half-million dollars worth of checks that were paid to Washington attorney Howard Hills, who had a deal to give those proceeds to Abramoff. The deal between Sanchez, Hills and Abramoff was an effort to block a judicial reform bill before Congress at the time. Those payments were part of the findings in a recent audit released from the Guam Office of the Public Auditor."
Will the Superior court get its money back? Will Fred Black be Un-demoted? Will the person who authorized the half mil be in trouble for authorizing same? Was it Tony Sanchez or someone other than him that didn't want the two courts to merge? Oh the hands that reach across the ocean when one pleads guilty and begins to sing the lyrics the feds want to hear. If Jack Abramoff sings as sincerely as John Martinez did in the Shinohara et other case in the US Dist Ct, you can be sure we'll some kind of activity in our back yard....after all, this world ain't so small after all!
I guess the lesson here is to be careful who you pick to do your lobbying for you, huh? oh well, we'll just have to stay tuned!
"It's a world of laughter
A world of tears
It's a world of hopes
And a world of fears
There's so much that we share
That it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all "

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January 03, 2006


Boy, wonder what her karma's gonna be like when she's in the autumn of her life?

I won't use her name because it doesn't matter. That a human being, a full-grown woman could have no mercy on a disabled grandparent to jump on him and scratch him has to say much about what kind of person this woman is. There are laws that prohibit people from abusing cats, dogs and other types of pets. Could she kick a dog, jump on an old dog or cat and scratch it up if it were sick and disabled? What happened to this woman while she was growing up to have had so little left in her heart that she could turn on a grandparent?
Unfortunately, I'm not surprised. The fabric of our society is threadbare. We are no longer made up of tightly knit families who gather on weekends to bond, to share eachother's company, to share to good things and the bad, to share the happiness, the sadness, the goodhealth and the ill-health. We're no longer there for eachother, these days, we farm out our grandparents, as far away as possible, perhaps to that big house atop Barrigada Hts., where the nuns from the Philippines can take care of them and we don't have to worry about them but once or twice a month when they run out of diapers, maybe not even then!
Sure, it's hard to care for the elderly, who said it was a peice of cake? But then, how many grandparents are now taking care of their grandchildren because both sets of parents are still working? What ever happened to the "Honor thy father and mother" commandment? Seems that went out with the rest of the other nine. I'll cut to the chase...Guam's changed a lot and not all of it has been good. Killing children and leaving them in the mud hasn't been good, or for that matter, beating up on grandparents! We used to adore the Almighty God. Now we adore the almighty dollar. 'Tis a pity, but true. For the lady in court? I hope she gets what she deserves-in this world. For the grandparent that she abused? I hope he gets to move in to a home where he is loved and cared for the duration of his life.

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Not sure I want more homicides to hear about, but the dude cop that was on t.v. (tonight) talking about the little boy suffocating(he uses words with more than three syllables-he's smart too!) at the Hemlani ghetto is my newest and favorite heart throb!

Dennis Santos, you're the greatest! Honest to goodness, this cop has more expressions describing the various scenarios about what could have happened to the poor child that died in Harmon over the New Year weekend. Animated....hmmm, that's four syllables! I almost forgot that it was a sad story just watching this man's while he described the various scenes. I'm not trying to make fun of the guy, just appreciate that the guy has more than one way of speaking to a reporter. He certainly has many, and I mean many facial expressions. Too bad he's good at what he does because he'd make one heck of a PIO for the police department. I'd certainly tune in to watch what he had to report! On a serious note, however, I hope that one of the scenarios he spoke of that other children the child was playing with might have suffocated him then placed him face up in a puddle of water after he died. I find this hard to believe because children are prettly easily scared(like out of their wits) and by now will have had nightmares and would have probably told their parents or other children about what they did...I'm sure the police are aware of this and have done the 'scary' thing already and if Uncle Dennis Santos with those eyes did any of the asking, dem kids probably would've been scared enough to tell the truth. No matter, the little boy is still dead and little kids just like this little boy are running around streets without anyone watching over them.....try driving down Veteran's Highway during some afternoon and count how many kids do their skateboarding on the freeway....and those that aren't skateboarding are the younger ones that got skooters for Christmas. I think their parents told them they could use the white line on the shoulder of the road because that's where most of these neighboring island kids are riding their two-wheeled thingys.
Anyway, just thought I'd give you a head's up the next time our new friend appears on t.v.....makes for interesting watching, honest!

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I don't care how it's reported, the child's lifeless body face up in the mud is still dead. The question being...who was there for this child? Who cared enough not to have let this happen to him?

I loved the way Tammy Anderson of the PDN described the puddle that the dead boy was found at. 'Nethon's body was found lying face up in a puddle of rain', gads, was she trying to be 'lyrical'? Lady, the boy was lying in a mud puddle, those puddles of rain on that awful area on or by Hamburger road and the lovely Hemlani Ghetto aren't lyrical in any way...simply put, they're mud puddles that are there by neglect. The ones on the road are by neglect of the government and the ones at the apartment are the neglect of the apartment's owner, although I doubt that the boy drowned in that rain puddle you describe, especially since he was face up.
Today's article said much in what it didn't say, I don't recall that the 33-yr-old mother with 5 children had a husband. Where was the husband/father of these children during the move? Why didn't the reporter question him about looking for the child? How come it was the woman who was looking for the child? How old were the other children, how come they weren't with the child. If there were five children, someone had to be older than the 4 year old...
I really feel sorry that this child had to die at such a young age and pray that his surving sibling have a better chance at life than he did. Rest in Peace, little boy, our prayers are with you!

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January 02, 2006


Dreams sometime turn into nightmares. I didn't make up this cliche, I don't even know who did, I just know it to be true. It's the situation of the grass not being greener on the other side of the fence.

The story begins with a young family living on a neighboring island to the east of us. Their dream was to move where life was better, it was their dream after all. There are streets here, cars, some sidewalks, many t.v. channels, a lot of stores, jobs galore, public health hand outs, subsidized housing, easy-to-get food stamps, concrete housing, lots of family moving here, movies and everything imaginable. It was the dream of dreams....and it didn't cost all that much to get here, heck with enough relatives donating the cost of a ticket, one could easily get here in no time. And perhaps this family did just that and thus began their dream which led them to move to Hemlani's not so dreamy apartment complex in Harmon.
The family may have(or not) had a job or food stamps, but surely, they had cousins and friends and kids to play with. The man and his wife had a four year old that probably had cousins to play with. Hopefully, he had a few Christmas toys to open to fill his heart with joy on Christmas day, the last he would have on this earth.
For what ever reason, this boy's family would move from this not-so-dream-like apartment building and thoughts would turn more to the process of moving than to the whereabouts of this four-yr-old whose only needs in this world was to love and be loved and be cared for but that was not to be as we now know.
The parents, the ones with the dream called the police who called the media who called the community to look out for the lost boy. This happens so often these days there's actually a name for such a thing, it's called the Amber Alert. Sadly, the little boy was supposedly killed and found not far from the area where he usually played, not far from where his parents realized their dream home, but where were they as his body was being silenced? What was their dream then? What are their dreams now? What are yours, those of you who have children?
There's not much more to say about this dream except that it's turned into a nightmare and that we can only pray that the parents can find solace in that their little boy is safely in God's loving care and that hopefully justice is brought to the person who harmed the child.
There's also a lesson to be learned here. The world as we used to know it has changed, it's no longer safe for our children. We can no longer trust that they are safe to run about in their own back yards without us being there to watch them play. Let that be your first lesson this first day in 2006.

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January 01, 2006


I kinda, sorta missed this place I call home, except that I was with my that I'm home, I miss the babies.. Don't you sometimes wish you could have your cake and eat it?

I did not want to hear that a 4 year old was killed on my first day home. I did not want to have an opinion of parents neglecting to watch their children. I'm not going to pour salt on the wound but hey, when a 4 yr old boy isn't around one of the parents, then I can only blame the parents for what happened to the child. My heart breaks for that baby boy who wasn't special enough to watch over...what did he know about taking care of himself.

Another thing that isn't going to make be any friends is the police blotter in today's PDN...........did anyone other than me read the names on the killer list? Most of them dudes and dudettes came from the compact impact islands.......that will compact further our our already greatly impacted DOC........and here we are worrying the coming of the marines!

As I write this, I recall the past few weeks that my greatest opinion was about how I was a totally different person when I didn't have to have an opinion about anything...but that was there and life there didn't affect me or Kiku....we were transients......we were going to return to the land of the keystone citizens........where all we had were opinions because we doo dumb to change the far, we have two types of people here...those that have their heads in the sand and those that have opinions......very few have the gall to make changes....the ones that run for elected office lie like hell that they'll change the government, but they all have short term memories and the minute they settle into their posh offices, they quickly forget the promises they made.

Worse than just having an opinion and having a head or two in the sand are the mentally challanged.....they relect the idiots that promis-breakers............aye adai, it's election year.........keep a list near by........list every promise and see how soon after the candidate is elected the promise is broke and the house of broken promisses in Julale.....

Happy New Year to all.........oh, and if I had my way, the biggeest story for 2005 would have been the story about the 7,000 Marines to Guam........I read the story about the San Francisco's run in with the mountain in near Palau......dear heart....the aubmarine was stationed here but its departure won't impact the island nearly as much as the 7,000 Jarheads.........Happy New Year anyway!

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November 11, 2005


In plain view! Will be hired by GovGuam to train survival skills!

It's only been almost a week since a man almost 60 years old has been on the lamb after allegedly raping/kidnapping an 11 yr-old girl....he's done an a fine job of playing hide and seek with the police. I'm assuming that he's got some kind of help, but since he's said to be homeless anyway, he's got to have the best survival skills known to man. I'm not sure how tired this old man is but I hear tell that he's wearing out a bunch of cops and marshals(hmm, is that with one 'l' or two?) Anyway, the dude is probably eating at the next table at Manila Mall, or surviving well on brown tree snake sushi. Whatever it is, someone should document how he's managed to survive as long as he has without someone turning him in....oh well, there's always next week!

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The poll question should be.....should he be fired? After all, if he were just a low-level employe....etc....etc....alleged....etc...

I wasn't sure I was hearing it correctly, the leader of the waterworks and the powerworks....traffic was heavy and my girlfriend was talking louder than the radio so I had to wait until I could watch the repeat of the news....then we had company.....anyway....KUAM's Mindy Fothergill(my favorite) reports this evening that:"Consolidated Utilities Services general manager John Benavente was arrested by Hagatna Precinct officers late Thursday night. According to officers, Benavente was drinking at SK Lounge in Barrigada when he got into a verbal argument with an off-duty probation officer. Police tell KUAM News Benavente became upset and assaulted the probation officer then threw chairs and tables at the bar. Benavente was arrested for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and assault. He was later released after he was processed at the Hagatna Precinct. Consolidated Commission on Utilities board chairman Simon Sanchez could not be reached for comment about Benavente's arrest. "
Well, my girlfriend says, he's not the governor, not using a govGuam vehicle, didn't get DUI'ed, and throwing furniture was 'minor' and doesn't beat up his wife, he's a 'good ole boy' and probably has a 'clear head' because he's out at places like Roxbury and places like SK that has nice chicks, and anyway she says at least he wasn't using a government credit card, wasn't at a strip joint(hmmm, was he going there later?) or, was it therapy throwing the furniture?
So okay, it's a weekend, it'll all be forgotten by Monday and most talk show hosts have short be sure, he won't be anyone's guest for awhile!!!
Since it wasn't in Mindy's's all alleged.......

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November 08, 2005


Me thinks he meant to say the dude was outsmarting those stomping the boonies looking for him!

I read the laundry list of bad things the man that is suspected of raping and kidnapping the 11-yr old girl this weekend at Mangilar or Tai. Odd that we have all the stats on the crimes but few stats on why the man isn't still in jail, rotting away for the dastard things he did. I can't believe he threatened to kill his wife in December of 2004 but the event didn't land him back in jail because it wasn't grave enough to break his parole. Surely we're easy on the criminals on this island. Hell, do what you will and we'll surely look the other way. Hey, maybe this man will be driving your kids to school in one of those yellow buses in a few years.....or, maybe he'll be a truant officer or something like that......
But, the issue here is that this alleged rapist(again) has been loose since he supposedly did what he did.......he seems to be outsmarting the cops....surely that can't be good for their morale......but then again, some of those cops have big tummies and it ain't much fun trekking those boonies with a 30 pound load up front if you know what I the heat and all, if you know what I mean. You can tell which trekkies take their breaks at Winchells....anyway dear offisuh, the sicko ain't no nomad, the sicko is getting help and when he isn't getting help, he knows how to play survivor, Tai style.
I hope we find him before he qualifies for Social Security benefits!

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November 07, 2005


Can someone at KUAM please 'fix' the picture with simple photo fix process?

Not that anyone reading the website is going to be able to find the 59-yr old man of interest that allegedly kidnapped the ll-yr old girl(first reported that she was 9 years old) Saturday night). Surely there's an old DOC photo since the dude spent some time at DOC.....and if there isn't, someone with some simple digital photo software can fix the photo so that we don't have to look around the white lines....gosh, technology can take the red out of the eyes, we can take the white fold lines out of the photo....honest!
As for the Amber alert, I know we can show the pictures on the radio but there are several channels on t.v., including channels 14 and 12 that we can flash the man's photo....those people living in the Mangilao/Tai area can help looking if they knew what the man looked like if the man's photo was flashed a few times on t.v. channels. I can't figure out why the Amber system seems to complicated.
I think the first thing that GPD should do is to get a picture of the man of interest to all the stations as well as the print media. K57 can place the man's photo on their website as it has place the man's photo who kidnapped the child a few weeks ago in Tumon.
I think the media is willing to help so in this case, the police is using the PR people to look for the man of interest since they don't seem to be giving the media all they need(photos) to help the public find the man.
Let's not allow this man to disappear from the island like we let the other one did!!!!

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November 06, 2005


A new book, a new local author, a book signing....

"Dear Friends and Family,
It is with great pride that I send this shout out to you. My son Julian James Aguon (Hulian Chaka), author of "Just left of the setting sun" will have his book released on 11-10-05 at 6:30 PM. He will be at the BesTSeller located at the GPO in Tamuning to meet guests and autograph books purchased.
I am sending this personal invitation for you and asking that you send this notice out to as many people as you can. I will be there as well. Let us go out to support our local talents. Julian (23) graduated with Honors from Gonzaga University 2 years ago. He has written 2 books since and is planning on pursuing his graduate studies soon. His passion is international human rights work. He truly is a world citizen.
Hope to see you there. For my family and friends here in the States, please pass this on to your family and friends in Guam, Saipan, Rota, Tinian.
Julian can be reached at (671) 647-2993 (home) or Cell (671) 777-7285.
Esta, Si Belle (See Below) Stir It Up: Speaking Truth to Power
HITA "US" Just Left of the Setting Sun by Julian Aguon
One of the most compelling local books written today.
Book Launch Bestseller, GPO November 10 2005 6:30 pm
(This was forwarded to Charo by Rlene Live)

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What a little thing it is to say a prayer for them that sacrifice their lives that we're safe and comfortable in our air-conditioned cars and homes.

A friend wrote: "I understand it is 140 degrees in Iraq now. Our troops need our prayers for strength, endurance and safety. I am sorry but I am not breaking this one. PLEASE consider sharing this after the short prayer."
This is the prayer he enclosed. I hope that when ever you get the chance, you remember our brothers and sisters in harms way and ask the Lord to watch over them.
"Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen."

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The suspect is said to have been charged with kidnapping and sexual misconduct before....if he had been punished more severely....could we have kept it from happening to this little 9-yr-old?

I was web surfing and ran across k57's article about the kidnapping of the 9-yr-old last night. I almost didn't read it because I thought it had to do with the girl that was kidnapped at the bus stop. In fact, it's another little girl, who was with her family, perhaps busy doing something else that she managed to be taken away and possibly molested. I suppose only those who examined her at GMH know the truth of what happened.
The report notes that the suspect was charged once before(not sure if he served time) for kidnapping and sexual misconduct....I'm thinking if he was lucky like the person who drove a DPW bus who raped two minors and served 2 days out of a 4 year term, he probably would still be in some jail, making little rocks out of big rocks....but on Guam, we don't do the punishment thing....we let people off who molest our children. We seem to look the other way when our kids aren't educated well, are kidnapped, are sexually molested. It's almost as if we don't give a damn! And, since we don't, it'll continue to happen!
If this child was my daughter, you'd have to tie me down because I don't know what I'd do to the man who took her away. I know what my husband would do and know that he'd serve the rest of his life in jail because he'd never let anyone molest any child of his. Reaction is not the answer, however, it never is. We need to be proactive. We need to talk to the lawmakers to make laws that put these sick people away for their lives the first time they molest our children, boys or girls. They can't ruin lives of our innocent young they go about their lives working for DPW or GPSS or some govGuam agency as if nothing ever happened while the child grows up broken. We have to put a stop to the killing of the innocent spirits.
The little girl will go home but she'll never be the same and somehow, we'll all share in the blame....we didn't do much to keep the sickoes like the one who took her away in jail for his entire life.
How do you fix a broken child?

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November 04, 2005


I must be getting too old to understand basic things...

One cop allegedly sold ice while in uniform....he was quickly fired...before he was tried by a group of his peers....just like that...'bam' as Emeril says...........
Yet, another goes through a process, gets promoted, probably with a rai$e and when his case is tried with a group of peers and found guilty, he remains on duty looooong enough so that he can retire, co$ting the government thou$and$ of buck$ when in reality, he should have been fired for the crime he was guilty of committing.....there was some real stalling at the pohleeese station, waiting for the court documents.....long enuff I'd say, giving the guilty party enuff time to retire instead of being fired which he should have been.
People on the street say that there was some 'friendly' treatment given the Captain that wasn't given the rookie, that if the rookie was more bonded with the people in lofty places that he might not have been fired so quickly, but then again, he was a rookie and he didn't have the luxury of retirement.......
If dude captain had been fired, he would have lost all retirement bennies which is usually lost(as heard on the streets and may not be totally true) when a pohleese offisuh abuses his/er own power......
Whatever, captain dude had a friend, got retirement and the taxpayers got stuck with the bill......again!
Mindy, care to comment? Was there any friendly thingy going on down there at that blue-n-white building in Hagatna? At least we know that Captain dude had to be captain 2 years in order to get retirement at that he'll only be getting bennies of a Lt....or so I those lunch meetings when unhappy friends spill the beans!
So already, Mindy, check it out!

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November 03, 2005


Get a life....hell, who paid for that dumb call?

If you're down and out and you want a real belly laugh, go to: and listen for the laugh of your life. A nacion who paid to call Radio Australia Pacific Beat.....the hostess actually asked the dude "What's your problem"?
The 'nacion' citizen said that there's no democracy on Guam, that we're just a 'property of the United States' that 'we'd be the first to be destroyed if there was to be a war', that 'we can't vote'. Aye adai, Nacion citizen, you/we can vote, all we/you have to do is move to the states....your family in the US can vote.
I'm wondering if someone in the broadcast or print media will transcribe the diatribe of this nacion citizen on Pacific Beat terribly dumb we sound when we get on somebody else's radio station....especially when we're washing our underwear in their back yard! No shame!

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Thank gawd there's only a few of them!!!! Military, they don't speak for the majority of us!!!

By Mar-Vic Cagurangan Variety News Staff wrote in today's on line version of the Marianas Variety that Antonio Sablan lambasted the Guam Chamber of Commerce and Guam’s elected leaders for "focusing on the almighty dollars without giving consideration to the social and environmental impact of having a bigger military presence.That, "We should learn a lesson from Philippine experience. Until now they are still struggling with the issue of who will clean up the toxic waste that the U.S. military left behind when they left Subic and Clark", and that," GovGuam demand lease payment from the U.S. government for the military’s use of Guam land." and, “We have valuable real estate resources. Guam is a prime and strategic location that the military is sitting."
Cagurangan also reports that Sablan also" warned of the danger threatening Guam with the nuclear presence. The nuclear submarine USS Buffalo will be home-ported on Guam to replace USS San Francisco, which sailed away from Guam last summer after an accident that killed a crewmember and killed 60 others.(I don't recall the killing of 60 others, perhaps injuring 60 others, but think there was only one killed) Anyway, Mr. Sablan, me thinks that Guam already has nukes and they ain't only on subs, gads, why do you think they close Marine Drive when they're driving ammo to Andersen? I digress!!
Cagurangan reports that:"Debbie Quinata of Nasion Chamoru said the presence of more military personnel will result in a housing shortage among local residents. “How exactly does she think the people will be able to compete with the U.S. military personnel for the limited housing available, them with their inflated housing allowance — us with our minimum wage?” Quinata asked.."
Wow!!!! I hate to say this but most Nacion people are GHURA(get their funds from Uncle Sam, the uncle most Nacion they hate the most) and GHURA pays more for rentals than most can afford which landlords prefer renting to in the first place, as for rentals, there are so many apartments and houses for rent, all of her Nacion members and half of the island can rent right now before the Marines arrive...
(You can read the entire story on-line) He was also on Rlene Live yesterday on K57 speaking with the same 'lambasting' tone.
In a perfect world, the Marines will come to Guam and there will be housing for all, new jobs for all and rent paid for property a perfect world. We don't live in a perfect world. The Marines will arrive and we'll have some problems, just as we already have with our own people, just as we have with our visiting cousins from neighboring islands and neighboring countries that come to Guam to work or visit. It would be stupid to say that the 7,000 Marines will come to Guam and everything will be honky dorry(is it spelled dorrie?)
I have seen businesses open and close because of the economy...7,000 Marines would help the economy. Maybe the Ben Franklin building with the island's first escalator will be rented, as will the other empty building next to it. As for charging the military rent, perhaps we should be reminded that the US government comes to our aid the minute after a typhoon or earthquake is over with hundreds of thousands of dollars....that they pay for our highways, help with our schools, with capital improvements and long lists of other things. Perhaps we could look at those investments as rent?
I hope that when Marines hear comments that come from Nacion they'll know that there are more people from the community that are waiting their arrival with open arms and the 'hafa adai' spirit and hospitality spirit that the people of Guam are known for!

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It was only a big deal in US network news.....we seem to be able to live and let live with child sex offenders!

Up to and including the day of Halloween, Foxnews and CNN reported over and over what the efforts the government was going to do about sex offenders was supposed to do and not to do while children/minors were doing their annual candy run. Fox reported it so often that I think I memorized the dialog of what the offender could and couldn't do.
Not so the local news, not the broadcast or print, but then, I'm not really surprised. We seem to be able to swallow/tolerate that we have bus drivers drived our very cherished children to and from school that either molested other children, or, doing drugs. I'm sure other news was more important such as the pot holes and water outages, leaving the question of where the offenders would be and if your children would be safe from harm. Perhaps next year, they'll pick up from national news and question what the convicted offenders should and shouldn't be doing while your children are doing their annual collection of sweet things.
In the meantime, I applaud the media for 'outing' the likes of those still working within the government that have been convicted of child molestation. I hope that they continue to keep the pressure on the agencies until these people are placed where they have no contact with minors.
The media is a very power instrument if properly used. Many of us know where child sexual offenders work within the government. We could call the media and let them know where these people are and if they have contact with children. Once the public learns about the issues, you can be sure that change will take place. We can't continue to sit back and accept status quo where the safety and well being of our children are concerned.

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November 02, 2005


Times....have punishment has as well!

Mindy Fothergill reported that Carlos Laguana and Donovan Brooks were arrested for smoking pot between Holiday Inn and the police koban in well, a student at Father Duenas Memorial School was arrested for having marijuana.(insert ALLEGED because the cases are allegations at this writing)
In the past, we've had school bus drivers who raped minors and only served 2 days of a 4-yr term and he's still working, earning a bus-driver's salary, even tho he's no longer a bus driver....we've had firefighters with marijuana in their lockers who never got fired, heck, we even had a cop sell ice while in uniform....I know about all the stories, you listen to the news, you read the same newspapers so I won't bore you with the list.
I ask instead, what happens next to the Stars and Stripes reporter(I think he's also a board member of some commission....if he's found to have broken the law, will he be fired? Of course, the paper isn't a govGuam agency so they may have different idea about law breaking.
The next question I think Mindy should follow up is about the student. Will the boy's school look away with a mere JUG/suspension or will they adhere to the supposed no tolerance for drugs and expel the lad?
Punishment begins at home. When the child is young and learns that no means no and that a consequence comes when she/he does something after a 'no' is said, then she/he grows up to understand the basics of law. The parent has to mean what he says. The government has to enforce the laws. When a law is broken, the law should be enforced. When there is a rule in a school manual, it should be enforced. A no drug rule that says a student will be expelled should result in just that and nothing less. If gray areas are going to be entertained, then the hard-fast rule should be removed, otherwise, the message is wrong.
These days, we send the wrong message. We say one thing but do the other. I'm not sure that I can compare the marijuana case to the boy who was sniffing the aerosol can who killed(alleged in both cases) the tourist in Tumon. Does one move from Marijuana to aerosol cans? Don't know, but so far, there's no law on sniffing(oops, it's huffing) aerosol cans. Can you arrest a student who has an aerosol can in his possession? Whatever! The case is, we have to mean what we say, or not say it at all!
In the meantime, I will wonder if there will be a follow-up on the reporter and the student from my own favorite reporter, Mindy.

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Would you put the name and picture of a high-school senior in a major newspaper who has the courage to announce that she has no problems being a 'narc' on kids doing drugs? Her physical well-being may be in danger because of that story.

The big deal with Crime Stoppers is that when the 'narcs' call, they/you are totally anonymous....even when the 'perps' are arrested, the courageous 'narcs' that get the $1000 reward,remain anonymous. Their lives aren't ever in danger.
This Monday, the PDN decided that it was indeed 'cool' to 'narc' on a 'narc' and told her story, with picture and all, even reported which school she attends so that those who the girl 'narced'(is there such a word?) on, can go to to maybe 'get even'(as some times happen) with her.
I'm all for writing and winning essays. I'm even for being a whistle blowing and courage to being a 'narc'. I'm proud of this girl and for all that she stands for. What I'm not happy about is that because of the PDN's article, her well-being is in danger.
I wonder if this girl's family was warned about the possible danger or payback from those their daughter 'narced' on if the article was published? What will the PDN do if this girl is harmed? I note that there's no by line on the article. Isn't this something, no one person taking responsibility for the girls well-being. Perhaps it means that the PDN will take full responsibility if the girl is harmed for 'outing' her.
I may be totally wrong, but if this child(and she is that) were mine, I'd be one damned upset parent!
Alas! Perhaps the next article with picture will be that of the narc that called the police about marijuana at the boy's school in Mangilao. Maybe we can applaud his/er courage on Monday's page 7 as well? Bet not!

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November 01, 2005


Instead of looking at the gradual increase of Section 30 funds, untold thousands of dollars spent at Micky Dees, Pleasure Island et cetera, the haters can only see the dark side of the latest blessing coming our way.

I'm sorry, I can only see the relocation of 7,000 Marines to Guam as a positive sign for the island's economy. There will be the construction of barracks which will bring in contractors which will spend dollars downtown, believe me, not all contractors that do work on military bases stay there 24/7! They shop at K-Mart and Ross, go to GPO and Manila Mall, they rent cars and eat at the same fast food places we do. When the Marines finally arrive, with or without their families, they will do the same, only this time, they will be adding to Section 30 dollars that will inject dollars to a pitiful, albeit, growing economy. We should all be at church thanking the Good Lord for the blessing rather than finding all the petty reasons why they shouldn't come.
I admit that there will be a few that won't be perfect. A few that will break the law, that's life. If we moved 7,000 of our people to Okinawa, the same will happen. Look at the reports in the news of our own who have moved off island(one that comes to mind is the one to attended a College for the blind who bludgeoned his roomate to death). We aren't a perfect society, re-read a few of the recent PDN papers and review the issues of ICE at the office of the GPSS office, the bus driver(and he's still earning the bus driver's extravagant salary) who is a convicted child rapist who we intrusted to drive our children to and from school......Read the police blotter, the laws are broken daily and the Marines haven't arrived and we can't even blame them for the DUIs, the purse snatching, the lawyer who molested the teenagers, ohhhhh and the list goes on.......
The Marine Corps knows that they don't have perfect members.....they'll handle the problems as they surface. In the meantime, we should appreciate the idea that our real estate market will once again be a viable (sort of) industry and that our economy will grow because Uncle Sam thinks Guam is a good place to send their Marines.
Leave the haters in the shadows. Let us show the Marines the Hafa Adai spirit and welcome them with open arms. From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tumon Bay! Biba the Marine Corps!

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October 29, 2005


The tradition is really for the honorable and not for the felon.....we need to change the law. Not to change the law makes the ritual an empty rite.

To be a mayor or senator raises a person to a higher level. It comes with honor, perhaps the reason that when they die, the government 'honors' them with a special ceremony at the hallowed halls of the Legiskative halls, where laws are created. The dead elected leader is praised and honored and remembered. As well, government funds are spent(probably no less than $5,000.00) is spent-maybe even more for the ceremony honoring the dead former elected official.
Former governor Ricky Bordallo was convicted and committed suicide before he was to leave and turn himself in to a federal jail in the states. He had one of the island's biggest funerals, beginning with the biggest overnight wakes at Adelup. I'm not sure I remember any others in between but recall that former Angel Santos had a well-attended ceremony when he passed away as well.
More former senators have been convicted. Senators, Marilyn Manibusan, Willy Flores and Tommy Tanaka(I'm sure I'm leaving somebody out) have been convicted and if the law isn't changed....they'll get the big ceremony as well.......
How is it that felons can still be honored by a government that has taken away their power to vote?
I dare say.......when you foul lose the benefits!

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I don't think I need to put a name to this subject....if you don't know who I'm talking about, you need're spending far too much under that rock!

So, the dude asked for leniency....the dude that a jury of his peers judged him guilty said that he is just too sick to placed in a jail setting...I think the judge was more than generous with the 2 years-8 month sentence. Heck, that's just enough time to write a book on how to do whatever it was that caused this 32-month stint hosted by the federalis........
Some friends of mine took pity. I felt sorry for the man's children and his family. It's hard to have a family member going to jail...for some reason the smudge always smears family members.......lucky he's doing the 'appeal' of his children is graduating out of high school next May...but that's not the reason for this opinion....the reason dear friends is that as sick as he wanted the judge to give him 'leniency' for wasn't bad enough to stop the man from smoking.........a slow form of suicide. If the dude was really concerned about his health.....he wouldn't have had to light one up......
If he loses the appeal and ends up serving time........will the federal pen allow him to smoke? I know for a fact that if he ended up at DOC that he'd have to give up the habit.....aye adai, what's a m almost/msybr prisoner to do?

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Hell(excuse the pun), they can do as they wish, make your life miserable in anyway they like and it seems they've just done that! Read on!!!

If things aren't bad enough with the helter-skelter pick-up(or, no-pick-up) of your trash(what the neighbor dogs haven't strewn all over the neighborhood) for $8.00, you now have to pay $10.00 per month for the luxury of creating trash. I'm not sure I heard what the reason(or excuse) the commission used for the increase....or the excuse/reason they used for the other increases that you/we have to pay come this November 1st. Unlike the legislature that has to have a public hearing before they raise(I think that's the rule) or increase taxes(believe me, that's what it is!!!
Oh well, we're mere pawns in this game on who will remain on this most expensive place to stay. Soon, it'll come down to who will remain on Guam. Those who can afford to live here and those who can't. The ones who can't will move get the picture. We're paying big bucks and getting nothing for it.........we may as well move to where we get what we pay for!!!
All these little increases are like arsenic, a little bit here and there will eventually kill the person that ingests it. We've increased the costs of driver's licenses, business licenses, our utility bills have gone up, the prices of gas have gone up, the retail prices for food and clothes have gone up, we're buying supplies for our children in public and private school and oh, how the list goes on........slowly but surely, there will be a straw that breaks the back of the donkey.........and me thinks that time is sooner than later!

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October 27, 2005


Me thinks I'd take the two years and eight months, write a book about Camp Fed.........but heard Mr. Shinohara wants to appeal the decision on the light sentence........go figure!

So, former Governor Carl Gutierrez' COS had his sentencing day in fed court today and I thought got more than a fair sentence.....something like 2 years and 8 months in camp fed and some probation time afterwards.........but heard that he and attorney(remember, I said, I 'heard' that he wants to appeal the decision.......guess he doesn't want to do any time...........they say he's sick and has to have oxygen and stuff in order to sleep...but think that if he did, the feds would make sure he'd have the best medical care.......the sentence is a heck of a lot less than the one given his brother-in-law, Sonny Shelton, got.
Former senator, Willy Flores got eight months in prison and some probation time. If you want more details in what payments they have to pay and what they have to do in community service, you can read it in Mindy Fothergill's article on KUAM's webpage.
For as much money and time that the feds spent on this case, I'm a bit surprised at how light they finally sentenced the defendants. It's not a strong message about what would happen to one if you wanted to defraud a bank....but then we recently sentenced a rapist to time served for raping a minor then gave him a job as a bus much for justice, eh?

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A biiiig sigh of relief from former Speaker, Tommy Tanaka, Tahahisa(sp) Goto and businessman, John Martinez.

If you cooperate and you sign the right lyrics, you get the right coupon and pass jail......uh, maybe you get to wear an ankle bracelet, but better than jail time.....according to K57's Valerie Maige(sp) this morning, Judge William Alsop(visiting judge) John Martinez was a model defendant(he sang the best) gets to wear a leg brace for 3 months and stay home for 3 months, 2 years probation......the other two, perhaps didn't cooperate(didn't know the words or wouldn't sing them) will wear the leg brace and Tanaka will stay home for 6 months and Goto(I think) will stay home for 6 months. They'll be allowed to work, go to doctors and church.
Prosecution is on-going for Gil Shinohara and former senator Willy Flores......................yikes, whatta day!

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The solution is to find the money to pay for the outsourcing...but that's my two cent opinion!

The early morning talk show conversation was about the dead contract between Advance Management and GMH....the hospital can't pay the bill and AM can no longer carry the load for months until they get paid...the funeral of the contract ending 'on the best of terms' according to one of the managers.
But, me thinks, that it's not on the 'best of terms' when the hospital has to hire new employees to clean/maintain the the hospital has to pay retirement fees and other benefits that the hospital would not have had to pay under a contract with the outsourcing of its maintenance...
So, not being a masters of economics, but a student of Peter F. Drucker, I say that the better solution of this problem would have been for the government to find a way to pay for the outsourcing rather than hiring more people to an already over-staffed hospital....but hey, who ever listens to someone who has more opinions than sense?

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October 25, 2005


When'er I drive on Veteran's Highway, I grit my teeth, neighboring island boys and girls are skateboarding or taking lazy walks on one of the island's killer roads.

The kids(of all ages, some as young as six, some in their teens) are totally fearless. Drivers the ones that pull away in order not to hit them. So it's no wonder that during the evening hours, our neighbors from Micronesia find themselves at GMH, victims of accidents, some losing their lives because they didn't know how to cross the 'big' roads that they're not familiar with. This is not a laughing matter and I'm not poking fun at the situation.
That some of these people drink and drive on the big road and kill and get killed is certainly tragic to them and to the victim. They should be taught that they can't handle drinking and that driving on Guam is nothing like driving on the island that they come from. They should also be taught that our roads(as well as the roads in Hawaii and those in the states) are dangerous and that four-year-old children have no business being allowed to cross the street at night.
I suppose it's too late now, but there should be cross walks painted at the stop light by the old Rainbow Market and at where the old Town House Furniture store used to be, but knowing our friends from Micronesia, they'll continue to play the fearless game and we'll continue to read about the senseless deaths until somebody takes the time to teach our neighbors that the big roads are dangerous and that people who don't know how to drive on them or cross them, get killed on them!

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October 22, 2005


It's not only the banking community that'll miss him....

While Tony Leon Guerrero worked with GEDA in its infant stages, he got with Jack De Mello and spent really big bucks on putting music together that painted a portrait of Guam using music as its canvas. Many didn't like the idea of spending the money....the project wasn't cheap, Jack De Mello from Hawaii doesn't come cheap, nor does working with the London Philharmonic orchestra....yet, the finished product was something that was something that was something that Guam could be proud of. Unfortunately, few pushed the sale of the CDs and tapes, most of them being given away by GVB as give-aways on their trips abroad.
Tony LG was a friend to the local artists. Whenever someone needed help with a project that had to do with something that had to do with the Chamorro culture, he went out of his way to promote the project and would help finance the project. He's gone now, and the light's dim for those that need the 'push' that he gave the struggling artists and crafts people.
So today, it wasn't only the bankers that mourned the passing of Tony LG, the artists and craftmen and women of Guam mourn his passing as well. Fare the well, dear friend, and thank you for all that you did for those that came for your help. God Speed!

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October 19, 2005


So, who's surprised?

I've lost count of the years I've been writing my thoughts on why the Catholics have been jumping the fence from Catholicism to other 'Christian' sects. Like the shores at Inarajan that the tide slowly erodes over time, so goes the Catholics. Easy, though, to understand the erosion of the shoreline....complicated the diminishing number of Catholics.
My gut feeling is that the clergy has lost its hold on the provebial 'flock'. Used to be, the Bishop was close to the priests and the priests were close to the parishoners. These days, there's the new Catecumen group that seems to be dividing the church into two groups and if you're not in the 'neo' group, you're not in the 'in' group. The Bishop is in the 'in' group. A few priests aren't in the 'in' group.
The Christian sects are 'user friendly'. They are hospitable, they're friendly, they're happy to be around and seem sincere and helpful and seem concerned about your problems, offering to pray over whatever it is that ails you. They make it comfortable for you to be around them.
So, if the Catholics have lost ten percent of their flock, it's a surprise that they've not lost more than that. As I write this, I'm willing to bet that there's no one at the Chancery doing one darn thing to do anything that would bring any one of those lost souls back to the flock........oh least they're still worshipping the same God! (only thing is, the Christians don't pay tribute to Mary....I'd miss that if I ever switched!)

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When you finally hear the truth, you'll be very upset!

There's good reason that the media is keeping the best part of the story from you. I'm not in the 'news' business so I'm not sure if the reason is a good one. But when you finally hear what really happened to the little girl, or why it's taking such a long time to find the person who had the nerve to kidnap this child in the first place, you'll be as upset as I am.
Just know that your children are your most precious possessions and that you can't trust that they'll be safe out of your eye sight. Walk them to the bus stop and wait for the bus to pick them up, wait for them at that same bus stop if you can't drive them to and from school if you can't trust that the bus driver isn't hooked on some kind of drug.
There's a bigger story than that little girl being on a two-hour joy ride with a stranger in a red car and for the life of me, I can't figure out why it is that on such a small island, we can't find that damn red car. Hell, by now, it's been painted or shipped off-island. In the mean time, watch your children!

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October 15, 2005


Alas! There's a dictionary that have words that older people aren't familiar with.....huffing is just one of them!

A seventeen year old boy, a child, really....was supposedly(cuz he said he wuzn't guilty and he ain't been tried yet) 'huffing' some spray cleaner for computer keyboard/et the like spray that's cheap and readily available at Cost-u-less for tuppence......used while joy(don't know if that's in the new generation dictionary) rode with his 19-yr-old friend in Tumon and drove right onto a tourist while she was on a side walk just a few feet away from the safety of being inside the Outrigger Hotel . The Toyota truck had to jump the side walk to hit the woman and kill her, end her dream and that of her husband to come to Guam and enjoy a trip, build lifetime memories....instead, the husband has had to return to Japan with his wife's remains in a sealed aluminum case with memories that will keep him awake for the rest of his life. He will be fill with regrets of ever wanting to come to an island only to end the life of his wife.
Some reports say that the boy may have 'blacked' out while he was driving. Supposedly, this happens during 'huffing'. Since I don't know the process, I can't tell you how you can drive and sniff spray cleaner and drive at the same time, let alone pass out while making a turn onto a hotel. As well, this boy is said(alleged) to have caused a couple of accidents on the same road before he killed(alleged) the tourist.
I've had the opportunity to speak to a few youngsters since I've been back and have been shocked to learn that kids as young as those in the 5th and 6th grade are into 'huffing' white out, rubber cement and glue, not to mention butane which I've discovered is not available for sale to those under 18. I didn't know it was even for sale anymore since most lighters are disposable. I wondered if my two children ever 'huffed' the stuff while they were doing their homework and I didn't know about it, but thanked God that they did their homework at the dining table while hubby and I prepared the evening meal so we would have 'sniffed' the same stuff they were 'sniffing'.
I am troubled that children at such a young age have to escape from the realities of life using 'huffing' as a method of escape early on because it's easy to get. What is it that they're running away from? Is it divorce? Is it family violence? Is it the bad economy, daddy not having a job, daddy or mommy being on Ice? What is it that's causing our babies, yes, they are that, to run away from our arm and into the arms of the devil and his chemicals and what are we doing about it?
Are we caring so much for ourselves that we're not paying attention to the needs of our children that we're driving them to spray cans and white out? Some readers will say that this happens everywhere and that it's not just a Guam problem. Perhaps so, but that it's happening here means that it's happening to people that we know, people that are our neighbors, perhaps members of our family, or, perhaps, our friends and if we help them, then we're helping ourselves because crimes will decrease and lives will once again be safe on the sidewalks and streets without them.

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September 25, 2005




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September 23, 2005


I've heard about drinking and driving bad for you but.....drinking and going to school?

Gina Tabonares, Variety News Staff wrote in today's on-line Marianas Variety(why is it that MV has more local news than the PDN?) that:"An 18-year-old student of John F. Kennedy High School was arrested by police on Tuesday after assaulting the school’s assistant principal.
Charges of terrorizing, criminal mischief, assault, public intoxication and possession of a schedule I controlled substance were filed against Charles Henry Flores Cruz after his assistant principal, Arthur de Oro, called the police department.
De Oro said Cruz was creating violence in the school campus.
According to the magistrate report, de Oro was investigating a report of a student drinking alcohol during class time and Cruz was referred by his teacher, Peter Flores."(Go on-line for more details)
I dare say, the dude had the nerve drink and still attend school...or, did he attend school because his friends brought whatever it was that made him drunk to school for him to drink?) Either way, school and drinking do mix, certainly drinking and teachers don't make a good cocktail especially when you mix in a policeman........recently, Mr. Kasperbauer introduced a bill that would allow OLD kids to re-enter high school in order to graduate(and ride the school bus) and am not sure where the bill is....this encounter should discourage the allowance of anyone older than 18 attending high-school.....I certainly wouldn't want someone who's allowed to drink and drive to be associating with my 15 or 16-yr-old....
So much for drinking and going to JFK!!!

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September 21, 2005


Budgets, who's running with who(fill in the blank)....which director is quitting and going to work at the bank where his wife has just resigned from....oops, that's not made the news yet....

So okay, it's pretty much a 'ho hum' day for the news....local, that is....the gov's shaking hands with the Japanese tour operators, Rlene Steffy is working on presenting her thoughts on Japanese atrocities and presenting it to them-or something like that, and I'm not going to argue about the San Nicolas lady pharmacist in the south who's holding a hammer over the government's head because she wants a title and lots more money from a government that can hardly pay its bills. I'm sorry lady, you'll be missed but you'll eventually be replaced even the the talk show host reporters think otherwise. In a perfect world, you (Ms. San Nicolas pharmacist,) deserve the promotion, deserve the increase in salary because you do the work of 6 people but we seem not to be thinking clearly these days and what money we had for people like yourself who deserve the bucks and promotion have gone to people in offices closer to Anigua and Adelup, their world being more perfect than yours. At some time, there's truth in the saying that 'charity begins at home' and if there's an offer for better pay, better working conditions and better medical insurance provisions for you in the private sector, then you have to weigh the offer and decide to take it....or, not. You can't hold the offer over those whose lives seem to depend on your being at the pharmacy where they get their medicine dispensed. As well, our government can't operate/function with just one person in a position. What happens to the pharmacy when the pharmacist goes on vacation, has personal emergencies, God forbid, dies or, quits?...Certainly, this is no way to run a government agency, no? Alas! In a perfect world!
How sad it is that here we are talking about increases and promotions and job securities from a government bloated with people that uses up all that it gets from monies it collects from the private sector in the collection of taxes and gross receipts.
This government has never taken the time or opportunity to set aside the time or money for future spending. We ask parents to paint the public schools, barely afford to paint the hospital or wait for FEMA funds after a typhoon to repaint the hospital, we even wait for a typhoon to repair the governor's 'mansion' ...We never have the money to build new schools, never have the money to repair or maintain anything because we spend almost all of the money paying salaries for government employees...employees that promise to re-elect us for whatever office we're running for at the time they get that government position... You can be sure that no elected official has escaped the sin of having placed someone in a government job because a 'constituent' didn't ask him for a one wonders how many 'constituent'(s) bloat this government....the very 'bloat' that causes it not to be able to pay many private companies hundreds of thousands of dollars owed them....if you need evidence of this, check out the accounts payable at GMH beginning with the amounts owed Dr. Nathaniel Berg at GRC....or, Monty McDowell at Advance Management....
otherwise, have a nice rainy day!

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September 20, 2005


"The president of the Chinese Merchants Association of Guam expressed his support for a minimum wage hike to help reduce poverty and benefit working families struggling in low-wage jobs"

In an article in today's on-line version of Marianas Variety,Gina Tabonares reports that Mr. Alfred Lam, president of the Chinese association(bet that association-cuz I know they don't all support such increased hikes for entry level employees....I know many employers who have employees who have been working years who still don't make such salaries!) Anyway, here's a bit of her story to whet your taste buds: "with the successive gas price increase and spiraling prices of commodities, the existing minimum wage rate is no longer livable.
“Increasing the minimum wage is a proven way to decrease poverty,” Lam, an employer of more than 100 workers of Ambyth Corp. said over the weekend.
The business leader said that he believes that the best way to improve productivity is to give a reasonable wage to workers.
“Although all of my workers are earning above the (federal) minimum wage, I believe that nobody who works full time should live in poverty. I believe that working people should be paid a wage that can support a family,” Lam said."
I think the dude's been chewing old betelnut(yes, Chinese chew pugua!) I agree that the increase in entry level pay would help the impoverished would also bring down companies that are barely making it what with the increases in operating costs.....the very costs Lam cites. If power, water and shipping rates are going up for Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Dominoe's, then where are they going to get the extra money to pay for these increases for their entry level employees which I guarantee will not be coming from Talofofo, Agat, Sinajana, Dededo or Barrigada.....The new employees will be coming directly from the airport, hell, director's jobs don't pay that much in the neighboring islands!
I'm for increased salaries...across the board! Unfortunately, these are not the days for any increases.......look around, how many buildings do you see that have recently been painted? If the Hilton Hotel had the extra cash, they'd have used it to get a new paint job, likewise the Marriott, the Hyatt, the Outrigger and on and on and on! Sure there are more military folk walking around and I shout, Hooray and welcome to our island and hope you'll have a nice stay, but it's been too recent their arrival, the numbers haven't made much of a difference yet....certainly not enough of a difference for Mr. Lam to come out and side with an idea that would bring ruin to the thinks he's probably not member of the Chamber of Commerce cuz he sure don't think like one!

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September 15, 2005


So....who'll take her place at the funny farm?

Seems the music's started playing and they're at it again.....directors changing positions....Erica Perez who used to speak into the microphones of the media can no longer do so.........since she's now in an acting AHRD....seems that actor has left for 'philosophical differences' per Sonia Artero of KUAM.........not sure if the differences are those of Denise Selk or those of the Governors, whatever, there's a new actor and it's Erica......and.........there's a new voice that's going to take Erica's who Erica will have to ask permission from if she's to answer any future questions to/from the media since Sonia's report indicates that one needs permission from a higher source before speaking.....interesting, no?
So.....congratulations, Ms. Perez, bet it's a better paying job, yes? Lucky you!

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Sixteen ounces is too heavy for us to carry?

So, K57 reports today that there's 7 tons of packages weighing more than 16oz somewhere on-island waiting to be shipped off-island.......probably by ship because Continental Airlines won't be carrying it no more since 2 September, the news being kinda vague with something 'homeland security' know, if it don't fit, put 'homeland security' on it and it fits....and so, we don't have no excess of freight carriers going in and outta here so it don't seem to be any time soon that we'll see the problem being fixed....unless uncle Jessie Lujan who can open the skies up to sending packages which weigh more than sixteen ounces.
Things are really getting crazy out here.....what do you suppose the next supprise is going to be?

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If true.....figure the consequences

I know that the lady no longer works for DFS so she probably doesn't have access to those 30% discounts....and must seek discounts any where possible....(what, no more friends to get the discounts for her either?) The poster on the K57 website didn't say she was shopping for furniture or you know, the lady's getting ready to move into the big house on the hill and may be trying to save GovGuam some bucks furnishing the place.......alas! my second and most precious point!
First of all A.,...military people earn little money and so they are allowed to shop at these cheap(although these days stores such as K-Mart and similar stores are often more inexpensive)exchances in order to survive. It's a privilege for the military person and his/er dependent to shop at these places.(as well, of course, people who work for DOD, et related fields) B., Guam's government gets almost ALL and I mean almost all of its operating money(other than that of compact impact funds and section 30 monies from the feds) from the private sector....from such companies as K-Mart, Ross, Macy's and oh, gosh, pick up the yellow pages and read the list of the companies that do business on Guam. Companies that employ people, pay gross receipt taxes.........they'd literally die if we all shopped at Andersen or at Big Navy. They'd all wither up and die if we had our cousins, uncles and aunts do our buying our diapers and baby formula at the exchange there instead of Dickerson and Quinn or at Ambrose.
It's my hope that the dear lady was at a grand-opening and she was there for a ribbon-cutting and was merely browsing the pretty aisles because if she wasn't, she owes the members of the Guam Chamber of Commerce and those doing business of Guam a big apology!

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September 13, 2005


Like....pot holes should be fixed, about more hospital beds?

So, I liked the idea that the governor's tribe is out and about seeking means and ways to fix pot holes.........but.....shouldn't some of his tribal leaders be on the prowl to find more hospital space for those who need a place to stay when they're sick? I used to think it was dumb when I was growing up, the things of priority. I thought it was really dumb. Even hated that I couldn't see a movie or attend a party until I had performed some chore...alas! I'm better for those dumb rules!
So, I realize that roads need to be fixed, and schools need to be built and maintained but ALL the heads of the government don't have to be huddled doing the same thing so that they ALL get credit for fixing the problem! If the gov is going to fix the roads, then how about Markie putting focus on GMH....all those people who pretended that the hospital was in dire straits weeks ago, yelling, acting and screaming at directors because they were damned mad....where the hell are they now that there are no beds, no nurses, no room.....they're quietly gone....silent........seems the t.v. camers are off and the spot lights are off and no one cares if Tan Maria or Tun Jose dies in some hallway as he/she waits for a room...with or without a nurse in the meantime, we measure the roads and check out which pot hole needs to be fixed first.
We keep putting up with poor service and we keep re-electing poor public servants and we keep complaining about bad government service........but we're the flunkies, we're the true and modern-day idiots....cuz we're the ones that keep voting in dem idiots dat keep causing the govment to run da way its been runnin! If'n ya wanna change, den pick some one dat dona wanna promise a bunch'a jobs and miracles.....and don'a be fooled by those that wanna increase the wages cuz they'll ruin the private industry that's the only reason the government hasn't closed up! Anyone that promises you a cost of living allowance or a raise in salary just wants your very aware of him/er intentions cuz it ain't to help run the government operate fiscally responsible......
Next time you see your favoriet senatore....ask him or her.....what he or she has done to help you with your power or gas bill......or, what he or she is going to do with the increases that will happen with the shipping lines that will import the merchandise for Ross and K-Mart? Hmmmmm, maybe your favorite senator's been measuring the road and doing searches for pot holes to fix, now that's a priority, ya think?

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September 12, 2005


Please make up your mind.....!!!

You're driving you're new ego boost....the new Infinity(I'm really somebody if I have an Infinity or a new Lexus, a nobody if I have a Scion or a camery)....A., I can ill afford the new gas prices...and worse, my car will last fewer years because it will bounce around in the pot holes that they will either disappear in, or cause them sever damage. B., I can call the talk shows and complain until I'm blue in the face and promise I won't vote for the senators that won't fix the pot holes....and when I'm feeling really upset, promise that I won't vote for the governor. So now the Speaker has taken the problem under his wing. He's the pot hole king and has taken the problem under his wing. He's throwing money into all the pot holes, promising all sorts of repairs so that our brand new(and not so new) cars will ride smoothly on these bumps and grinds in our roads....our Larry Perez kinds blames the people at GWA because they have a tendency to fix the water problems and put bandaids and white cement on to repair same and cause these ego-driven vehicles to sound like cheap washing machines after a few now, we have a big contest on who's going to fix the pot holes better..........the current speaker who's running for lt. gov. with Pepsi Eddie Calvo, or the Gov, who's runnining with Frank Blaz who tests urine for those needing to be employed for the government and used to be a former cop and has the personality of a of a wilted slice of bread ham sandwich......
I say.........The people of Guam are the winners of this contest, let the two do their thing.....let's Camacho paint his fixes blue and Forbes/Camacho paint their another color and the first one to buckle will decide who does the better work and we'll decide who does the better work and then we can decide who we can trust to keep our roads in better repair.
I mentioned that Frank has the personality of a wilted ham sandwich...okay, maybe not wilted....maybe I should have used 'stale'. He's not the friendly and approachable person that you'd like to run up to and feel comfortable talking 'government' with. He needs to lighten/loosen up if he's going to run. His running mate, Felix, needs not to be such a scardy cat..he needs to be able to be able to look people in the eye and admit that he's not a perfect being and that he's trying to do his best and that's all he can do. He really can't continue to be the governor known to go to places that have back doors that he can sneak out of when things get 'hot'. Lately, he's been able to throw a fee 'jabs' at the speaker....heck, if he can do that, he can throw jabs at any of the media that seem to try to push him into the end, he can visualize that they're just other versions of Mark and answer their questions and save face. In the meantime...good on him for trying to fix the roads....especially since his Uncles in DC are now aware that our roads that their money was spent on repairing are in states of dis-repair..........
I know that there's a way to use ground up tires for roads........we have lots of come we haven't learned how to put them to good use yet?

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September 11, 2005


We must pray for those that suffer in the gulf states and help in any way that we can!

You can't miss coverage on the disaster, it's on t.v. and on the radio twenty-four hours a day, and it should be, many lives were devastated by that awful hurricane, and there, by the Grace of God, go us...we were spared by Nabi and several recent typhoons.
My two cents are worthless when it comes to thinking that FEMA officials were on FOX and CNN constantly promising that they were positioned just waiting for the storm to pass until their forces could march in with water, cots and food. Likewise the Red Cross. Yet....thousands of people were hurried into that hot stadium with no water or food unless they brought it in themselves. There was no security, no nothing. I'm glad that Mr. Michael Brown is no longer in New Orleans, but think that the man from Homeland Security should have been bumped as doesn't make me feel happy that we're not the only ones that elect dumb officials or appoint dumb people to high happens in the states as's just sad that people have to suffer because of it!
In the meantime, I hope that we continue to remember that the people in the gulf states will continue to need our help for a long time and that we'll need to be generous for as long as they need our help. Some day, it may be one of us that needs the help. They've always been generous whenever we've needed it. I hope we remember that as we write our checks out to the Red Cross or to the Catholic Charities Services.

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Calls at dinner time.......of course, when else can they catch you at home?

Mommies and daddies are almost always home at about seven....unless they're important and working late at the office....or negligent and out somewhere, not important and with an empty nest, we were home when the phone number listed on the caller ID....hmmmm, not the kids calling long distance, the babies were already sleeping anyway and the bill collectors were already at home, so who was it that was calling while hubby and I were about to enjoy our dinner.....none other than a rude Hawaiian person who couldn't pronounce half of the names or words on her list and who was testy for the entire twenty minutes or more of the questions she seemed forced to ask. I couldn't tell if the questions were geared around the utilities being the big problem since a lot of the questions were about the water and power problems and 'infrastructure' and cost of living as if the solutions of same would be the cause of some re-election of a current governor.....or, if some one running could fix the problem and would be elected. The other questions were about voting on the primary and not being a member of that in, I'm not a republican and voting in a republican primary or's a very long time away, that election, yet, one team has already announced that it's running, though I'd be very surprised if that team(but.....I could be wrong) already has the funds to fund such a I ask........which team has the money to fund such a poll so early on? Especially since one of them is 'team-less'?

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Your attendance appreciated....














"We help those in need of assistance and information. We do not want them to feel
isolated just because they are separated from families afar and therefore we provide
a place for friends and families to congregate and meet other friends---we host
monthly picnics at a park for them."



SUZANNE SANTOS AT 714-838-4781






No Nonsense - Easy Application - Fast Response!

Mortgage Inc.
703 Palomar Airport Rd, Ste 225
Carlsbad, CA 92009 tel:
mobile: 951-265-4540

Add me to your address book... Want a signature like this?

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Hi all - FYI from Alex at the Gov's office


----- Original Message -----
From: Alexander Kim
To: Alexander Kim
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 5:12 PM
Subject: RE: ABC's hit reality show Extreme Makeover Home Edition is looki ng for API's

Hello API Community: Who knows a deserving family that needs a newly built home in
7 days from the API community? Help spread the word!


Hi All,

ABC's hit reality show Extreme Makeover Home Edition is looking for API's to be a
part of their program. This is part of their effort to include more people of color
in their programming. Below are a few guidelines for consideration.

Please support their efforts by forwarding this message to clients, friends and
aquaintances. Remember, you can nominate families who you think are deserving of
this wonderful opportunity.

Please note the deadline date for submissions, and please send your
nominations/applications directly to CHARISSE SIMONIAN, Family Casting Director at
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (address below) so she can review the applications
personally (as opposed to the general p.o. box on the application).


ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

*We are currently casting families in the Southeast / South and Southwest
for Winter shoots. All others are still welcome to apply, however if they're
on the East coast we can't consider them until Spring of 2006.

* Families must OWN their home. The home should not be larger than 2,000 Sq.
Feet and MUST be a single family residence (no townhomes, condos or
* Families must have a clean criminal history and pass an extensive
background check
* Families should have children (School age) still living at home
* Families should be outgoing, emotional and yet humble and extremely
* Families should speak Fluent English
* They should be in a situation where, by changing their house in some way,
we can help that situation. Their story should be compelling & moving.
* Currently we ARE NOT looking for the following stories relating to:
Adoption, Wheelchair accessibility, Cancer, death of or dying parent, Armed
Services, hearing impaired or visually impaired
* They should be 'deserving" - i.e. help out the community, their neighbors
or hold jobs such as police, fire, teachers, nurses, medics, do voulnteer
work, non-profit, etc. (not all memebers but one at least!)
* Families houses should LOOK like they need repair!
* And, finally families should live on an accessible street, no hills, no

To download an application for the show, go to this link:

Applications should be sent DIRECTLY to me at the below address, NOT the PO
Box on the application. This way I can personally review each application.
If the family is in the Southeast or Texas, we will need applications in no
later than Sept. 15th! If they're in California, October 1st.
But, the sooner the better!

Charisse Simonian
Family Casting Director
ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"
1149 N. Gower St. Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Alexander C. Kim
Deputy Director - Los Angeles Office
Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
300 South Spring Street, Suite 16701
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel. 213-897-0322 Fax. 213-897-0319

No Nonsense - Easy Application - Fast Response!

Mortgage Inc.
703 Palomar Airport Rd, Ste 225
Carlsbad, CA 92009 tel:
mobile: 951-265-4540

Add me to your address book... Want a signature like this?

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Please attend!

Please forward to all your friends! Thanks!
Santa Teresita Mangilao Foundation of San Diego

Scholarships Available for San Diego Chamoru Students!
For information and applications, please contact Jen Perez @ (619)-475-3708 or Bennie Schwab @(619)-334-9198 email:
Deadline: Sep 14, 2005.
Nightly Novena/Rosary:
Clubhouse. Sep 14 thru Sep. 22nd at 6:45 p.m. Except Sep. 17 & 18, Sat & Sun--12:00 noon.
Please support the Santa Teresita Food Booth at the
Pacific Islander Festival! Sat., Sep 24 & Sun., Sep 25.
Fiesta: Oct 1, 2005 3—10 p.m.
Novena @ 3:00 p.m. Mass @ 4:00 p.m. SDGC, Inc. Pavilion
Scholarship Winners will be announced! Dancing & Entertainment
No Host Bar, Free Admission, Raffle... (Donations are tax deductible)
Novena and Fiesta at the Sons & Daughters of Guam Club, Inc.
334 Willie James Jones Ave. San Diego….…. .(619) 264-1226
Esta later...

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August 22, 2005


They continue to make the island proud.

Today, the Little League team from Guam played Canada, winning 5 to 0.....on Wednesday, Guam time, they'll be playing Mexico. There's a website that you can visit to cheer them on. You can watch them on ESPN II. I'm not sure what the URL is but think that there's a little league site that you can input messages on that you can post your encouraging messages on.
If you can't find same, e-mail your thoughts and prayers to me and I'll cut and paste them at this site under the 'Pago' page.
In the meantime, Guam team, keep up the good work! We're proud of you! Have a good time and a safe trip home!

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And.......they have!

Gerard Partido of the Marianas Variety in today's issue writes about the very questions of NWA's flight 74 and how it landed not so 'normally' last Friday. "Accounts of the landing are conflicting, with some passengers noticing nothing amiss during the landing and only being alerted when the aircraft started to skid and smoke began to fill the cabin. Others noted unusual occurrences while still in flight such as the aircraft making a number of passes at the airport before descending for a landing. But according to GIAA, Flight 74 did not report any problems when it called the airport to get a gate designation prior to landing."
Several people saw the plane make passes over the airport as it tried to make its landing. Some airport personnel say that the pilots were trying to 'spend' the fuel while others say that the plane was flying over or near the tower to see if the front landing gear had opened-as in, the tires had come out from under the belly of the front part of the aircraft. I'm assuming that this information would be recorded in the 'black box'.
There's also talk from several people that it was the employees of the Dave Tuncap people that helped the passengers of the aircraft after they got off the aircraft because it took a long time for the rescue people to get to the aircraft and that the passengers had to walk in the heat(can you imagine how hot they were on that tarmac in the afternoon heat...some carrying hand-carry with babies as well some in their senior years?). So...what took the rescue people such a long time to reach the scene, surely the tower realized that the plane was in trouble when it saw that the nose was touching the ground, not to mention there was a call for the use of foam to keep the aircraft from going up in flames.
Funny how well we do in practice and how well we don't do when we're in real situations. We can only thank God that NWA had a good pilot and that the plane landed in one peice and that all lives were the meantime, me thinks the tower needs to communicate better/faster with the rescue people.....ya think?

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August 20, 2005


So already.....figure out who's suppose to do the job and answer the questions rather than pointing the finger or......find another job!

Sonya Artero had a package in this evening's tube news about Southern High School about the various things that don't work there. The swimming pool looks like it's filled with jello made for halloween, etc. Various other problems were discovered and when she asked Gerry Cruz, the principal about why they weren't fixed/repaired, he told her to ask Jim Underwood of the governor's office why and so she did. Well, he was only tasked to repair the gym floor and told her to ask the PIO of GPSS to find out the reason for the disrepair. Well, instead of doing his job(which I think Cruz is supposed to do), he told her that it was the governor's office that was supposed to be doing the repairs. Like, hello, Gerry, you're like, supposed to find out what the lady needs to know and get the information and like, call her back with the information instead of telling her who to call, like, that's what the hell you're getting that fat salary for, like, right?
Like, I hope you didn't get the increment, like, finger pointing isn't part of a PIO's job description!

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So already.....figure out who's suppose to do the job and answer the questions rather than pointing the finger or......find another job!

Sonya Artero had a package in this evening's tube news about Southern High School about the various things that don't work there. The swimming pool looks like it's filled with jello made for halloween, etc. Various other problems were discovered and when she asked Gerry Cruz, the principal about why they weren't fixed/repaired, he told her to ask Jim Underwood of the governor's office why and so she did. Well, he was only tasked to repair the gym floor and told her to ask the PIO of GPSS to find out the reason for the disrepair. Well, instead of doing his job(which I think Cruz is supposed to do), he told her that it was the governor's office that was supposed to be doing the repairs. Like, hello, Gerry, you're like, supposed to find out what the lady needs to know and get the information and like, call her back with the information instead of telling her who to call, like, that's what the hell you're getting that fat salary for, like, right?
Like, I hope you didn't get the increment, like, finger pointing isn't part of a PIO's job description!

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The times have changed and with it, the innocence of the young....gone...perhaps forever.

It was on K57's news report yesterday, the report of a Rev-tv host being arrested for sexual conduct between himself and a 15-yr-old, the man(remember, the charges are allegations) is 29....the report also appeared in today's PDN......this afternoon at a party, I had a conversation with a teenager who was upset with the information. He wonders how it is that innocence no longer exists. He told me that he has a close friend that's just turned sixteen who told him that her girlfriend has been sexually active since she was twelve years old. He was bothered that this man, if he was guilty of having sex with this 15-yr.-old should spend time in a jail, that he and others like him were part of the problem that dimmed the light of innocence...perhaps....
Perhaps it's the MTVs, the FHMs, the Victoria's Secrets, the Britanny Spears, the Madonna videos, the kind of movies that we allow our children to see and the lack of parenting skills that exist in the homes of our children.......there is no village raising our children..that the 12 yr-old has had sex is nothing new, twenty plus years ago I worked with a woman who had a daughter who had a classmate who was pregnant at twelve......
It'll be on the news for awhile because this man is on t.v. and if he has a wife or girlfriend, his lawyer will probably get her to stand by him and it'll all be forgotten in a few days and we'll stick our heads back in the sand again until some other teenager gets molested...with or without permission....innocence after all is already lost.

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August 19, 2005


For sure we know NWA has great pilots!

The great spin on the story is that it was a normal landing for Northwest flight 74 Narita to Guam this afternoon....that is if you didn't see how and where it see, didn't see...the tires that are usually under where the pilot sits.....and....most normal landings don't have the nose scraping the tarmac....nor, the emergency exit doors opening with the bright inflatable orange slides which three hundred and eighteen, to include seven infants deplaned......otherwise, a normal landing that closed the airport some seven to ten hours as powers that be find hydraulic lifts to move the Boeing 747 from its 'normal' landing place so that others can land and take off.(at this writing, they're landing at Andersen AFB and or being diverted to Saipan).
Sadly, NWA doesn't need this days before its mechanic union is about to strike....fortunately....the aircraft is at a place where Continental can repair the damages....don't know if that's allowed-union wise.
The aircraft and its passengers had to have been guided by a brigade of angels because the reported injuries were minor and the aircraft remained intact and though there were sparks as the aircraft made contact with the runway, the aircraft didn't catch fire. This story could have had an ending such as that of the Air Bus that landed in Canada a few weeks ago. I think we have much to be thankful for and think that the pilot and the people in the cockpit worked hard to put that aircraft as gently onto the ground as they did, saving all the lives in that plane. I hope they are recognized for their efforts.

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Heck, we don't pay our valued vendors for years, why worry that our loans aren't paid in a timely manner, ya think?

To quote Marianas Variety's Partido:"By Gerardo R. Partido
Variety News Staff

THE Guam Economic Development and Commerce Authority is looking at the possibility of initiating legal action against the producers of the Max Havoc movie to protect the $800,000 advanced by the government to guarantee the film project.
Andy Jordanou, GEDCA administrator, told senators yesterday that up to now, the producers have not delivered the finished product as promised.
“We still don’t have the film, we just have a DVD. And that’s not even the final cut although we expected that we would have the final version months ago,” Jordanou said during the confirmation hearing for new GEDCA board member Lou Sanchez.
The producers of the movie had promised to complete the film by December 2004 and even discussed the possibility of holding a Guam premiere earlier this year.
The movie was filmed partly on Guam and was touted as a project that would jumpstart a movie and film production industry on island.
As such, GEDCA consented to an $800,000 funding to guarantee the movie’s loan with Detroit-based Comerica bank.
According to Jordanou, he already referred all the files pertaining to the project to GEDCA’s legal counsel.
“I want to see what we can do as a course of action. At the present time, I’m looking at all avenues with respect to the legal ramifications of this. We have $800,000 that is supporting the guarantee and I will do whatever is possible to make sure that we protect that. I already have a plan because the producers haven’t abided by some of the agreements,” Jordanou said.
The newly appointed GEDCA administrator added that he expects a response from the agency’s in-house legal counsel soon. " What the heck's the hurry, it's only August(well, it's really almost September), there's no real hurry, in Guam, there's always tomorrow and the 'plan' of action....
From where I type.....I predict that legal counsel will cost about $800K to collect the $800K and the real winner will be those who got the free trip to paradise for a few days to be driven around by the wide-eyed folks hoping to see themselves in the movies........hmmmmm, didn't GEDCA lose a bunch of monie$ on the loan to the company that was going to teach people how to fix and fly airplane$ or wa$ I just dreaming that?

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August 17, 2005


Economically.......these are scary times!

Crime will be on the increase...there will be more than just propane tanks being stolen. Gas will be syphoned from your cars when you're not looking, your homes will be broken into for things to be easily sold on the street to pay for higher power and gass bills. Instead of learning how to live using less gas and less power, those who can't afford it will learn how to steal/rob so that they can maintain their lifestyle and we'll end up paying for it.
The gas prices went up to $2.85, for the expensive car, to $3.00 a gallon. Do you see less cars on the road? At five o'clock, there'll be just as many cars lined up as there were when gas was sold at $2.27 a gallon. No one will think of car-pooling because that would save money and that's just not 'cool' in this community....and I'm sure as the sun will rise tomorrow that when Atkins Kroll and Nissan Motors and Tripple J Motors and the likes of them have a big sale on the gas guzzling SUVs that there'll be a throng of people lined up to buy the giants on wheels, never thinking that it'll cost almost $50 dollars to fill the thirsty gas tanks when they're empty.
Will we change our lifestyle as the prices at the gas pump and the bottom line on our power bills increase? We may not be able to walk to work but we can use fans instead of air conditioning and we can use air drying instead of dishwashers, line drying instead of dryers..surely we realize that the shipping lines will also have to pay for increased costs which they'll pass on to the consumer(us) which means everything we buy will be more expensive.
Truly, these are scary times but they're survivable if we're careful and take the time to think things through....the government has to be as thrifty as its citizens.

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"Ai adai Charo, You have your information backwards. McMillian is the one who placed the housekeeping staff at SNF when his contractor came into the picture. In his move to save money he spent more. You are right about the fact that no matter the situation those housekeepers at GMH maybe in they must be terminated or there would be no savings at all. Only one problem, Mc signed a contract as did the Board. Maybe they can clean Flores' bank.... "
Info was based on the news I heard or read......didn't make it up, I swear!!!! But it's okay, if you think I got it backwards, I'm not known to be perfect and have been known to make mistakes, trust me!

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August 11, 2005


A friend sent this and thought you might want to share his thoughts.

The author is Richard K. Kolb and can be contacted by EMail at
_rkolb@vfw.org_ ( .

The article is titled Who Was The Last American Killed In Action In WWII

Post-Treaty -- December 8, 1945, more than three months after peace was officially concluded---U.S Marines fought the final full-fledged firefight with the Japanese at Asan Point, Guam. Snipers ambushed a four-man patrol of A Co., 4th MP Bn., killing three Marines: Lt. Ray W. Atchinson, Cpl. Howard W. Price and Pvt. Herbert E. Ward. Pvt. Robert K. Ross, the sole survivor, was
wounded. But the dubious distinction of being the last American killed in action by the Japanese actually goes to Pfc. William C. Patrick Bates of K Co., 3rd Bn., 3rd Regt., 3rd Marine Div., on Dec 14, 1945. Part of Patrol No. 7, a 16-man squad, Bates was on a five-day sweep of Tactical Area 505 Peter located behind the Asan-Piti beaches in Guam's west-central sector. The search-and-destroy mission for Japanese stragglers was headed for the village of Piti. The squad was moving along a ridge covered with 6-foot-high sword grass when shots rang out at 12:30 p.m. "I was the last man
to see Bates before the shooting," Pfc. Charles E. Kocourek stated. "As I entered about four feet into the grass, the shooting started. The shots came from our right. I hit the deck and counted six or seven shots." Assistant patrol leader Cpl. William W. Culver said, "When the firing started everyone hit the deck," but it ceased quickly. Bates, flank man 10 yards to the right of the column, was the only Marine hit. Fellow patrol members never fired a shot or even sighted the enemy. Perhaps only one or two Japanese staged the ambush. It took 15 or 20 minutes to locate Bates' wounded body---he died approximately 45 minutes later at about 1:30 p.m.
The Alabaman had originally arrived on Guam on Sept. 21, 1944, about a month after the island battle. He survived the Battle of Iwo Jima only to become the last American KIA in World War II. He is buried in Honolulu's Punchbowl, Section 17, Grave Number 178. His hometown public library honored him in 1995."

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Sometimes we have to recognize those who fly under the radar and recognize their talents and herculean efforts!

I think I can recognize Juanita Blaz' voice on any radio station, calling in to advise that her Girl Power place is having a celebration or bazaar, or fundraiser or teaching the girls how to cook or do aikido....she did this when she was pregnant, after she had the baby, during and after the typhoons and now she and the 'girls' are celebrating their third year....the place has moved from one place to three places and I've yet to hear her complain.
I don't know her personally but think that she's the right person to lead a 'girl' movement. Girls like Juanita Blaz and Denise Mendiola make Chamorro women proud.
Congratulations Girl Power! Happy Anniversary....I hope that the readers of this webpage call 688 4752 and offer your services lots of donations in money or in-kind services so that the coming year can be a smooth and happy one for all the girls that come to learn that it can be fun and exciting to be a girl and that when they grow up, can and will be leaders of the island.

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August 10, 2005


Go figure....we're broke so we're spending taxpayer funds like it's going outta style!

Someone at K57's website said that: "Peter John C, the actg administrator of GMH was:"shocked everyone by saying to Sen Lou that every GMH employee was critical to the hospital's operation. The skilled nursing facility was not overstaffed. All the reorganization plans of MacMillan have been ended. Now you know why the Chamorro Nation was opposed to MacMillan and the current board, but they love Peter John and want him to the the permanent GMH administrator."
So, Tubers report that there are approximately 18 pushing brooms and mops at the SNF(skilled nursing facility at Barrigada Hts) that over flowed from GMH because the former admin outsourced the housekeeping duties to Monty MCDowell's(sp) people which the gov(nice haircut) claims he didn't sign(can this mean he isn't in agreement with the outsourcing and means to revoke same because, A., it's not cost saving? B., he wants to bring the moppers and broom pushers back from the land of taotaomonas, duhendes and wild boars back to the over crowded GMH?(only the hair dresser knows for sure!)
No matter how desperate the personal situations these housekeepers are in, if the hospital can't afford to have them employed, they must be terminated or there was really no real emergency at GMH after all!

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August 09, 2005


It started with 'Si Yuus Maasi Si Carl'..........running mate to be advised!

It pays to watch tube news.......the commercials sometimes have more substance than the news.......tonight, one commercial did......the one that said thank you in Chamorro from Carl Gutierrez....kinda vague the thank you in that it didn't exactly say what it was thanking 'you' for.....lots of happy faces, lots of hugs.....he didn't age, didn't seem to lose any wasn't a short ad which meant that there's money already in some war chest........the battle having started early.........this having been said, it'll cost some big bucks to run against the man if he's running for Adelup if he's already got the bucks to start a campaign this early in the game, ya think?

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We have to be copy-cats just to catch up with neighboring islands!

The other night, Kiko and I were channel surfing....Palau had a beautiful ad on CNN that made us want to rush out and clean up our diving gear and make plans to dive Palau again. The ad was beautiful and know that people far and away would be lured and enticed by the ad to visit the island. Good on Palau for having the foresight to place ads(albeit expensive) on CNN to capture the travelling market....
Today, I was surfing the net on some info on Abramoff and lo and behold......discovered that the CNMI has a yellow page add on the worldwide net that has phone numbers for everything from agriculture to: "Enjoy A Holiday In The CNMI About the CNMI Getting To Saipan, Tinian and Rota Hotels & Resorts Tours, Cruises & Adventures Golf Courses Shopping In The CNMI Visit Managaha Island Scuba Diving
Windsurfing Weddings In The CNMI Deep Sea Fishing Island Music Of The CNMI " I thought, surely, Guam had its own yellow pages....surely!!!!! And, tried typing in several versions of URLs and of course.....didn't come up with any hits one here is smart enough for something as simple or as inexpensive as the purchase of a yellow page ad on Verizon ad or a webpage that would list information for someone who wanted such information readily available, once again, this sleepy little island lives up to its name........sleepy, lethargic and a follower in things technical....such a pity, such a shame......
Congratulations, CNMI....your ad makes us look ,gagu yan mudoro! Keep up the good work!

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August 06, 2005


The next time the legislature is called for an emergency session, you should watch how relentless some senators have become about not throwing your money into the wind!

Kudos to you, Joanne Brown, and to you, Bob Klitzki, and to you, BJ Cruz (for asking about the shiny SUVs that's on loan to Adelup from GPD). Thank you for staying the course and asking the hard questions and for staying focused on how and where the money to bail the hospital was/is going to come from and why it was suddenly the situation was suddenly declared an emergency when the victim was breathless years ago.....certainly months ago when the vendors and the American Red Cross stopped allowing charges for services or supplies from being made........
There were three long days of relentless questions from Joanne Brown and Bob Klitzki and BJ Cruz who would not let the people from the administration skate by with the 'I'll get back to you' replies. They would no longer be satisfied with these replies and didn't mince words at their displeasure about being called in for a 'manufactured emergency'. There were actually questions that no one from the administration seemed to want to answer and at one time, Andy Jordanau used the term 'moving forward' five times consecutively, as if his responses were rehearsed. I was embarrassed for the man who used to run one of the island's largest, most respected banks. He is totally clueless to what's going on and had absolutely no idea about how or where the money was going to be found to help solve the problems at the hospital....pity...all he coult think of was...'moving forward'....probably wishing that Joanne Brown would do just that!
The more the questions were asked, the more was uncovered that perhaps money was available and that perhaps funds could have been given the hospital earlier and bit by bit, the senators would discover that money that could have been given to the hospital was given to other agencies that didn't need it as urgently as the hospital did/does....and now, you know it too after the three-day telethon...
I'm not campaigning for Joanne Brown or Bob Klitzki but based on how they represented my thoughts on how funds should be handled.....I sure would like to see them get re-elected....
There were some looney toon characters the one that said....let's give them the money today and figure out what's wrong tomorrow or ask questions tomorrow or something to that tune........but then, he's a newbie....what does one expect from a newbie?
You owe it to yourself.....Channel 61 the next time the legislature's in session, better-n the Discovery Channel!

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August 03, 2005


So, Champy, ask your dad for a few bucks and build him a web site outta XANADU, it's be too cool! You been holding back, dude, your dad needs your expertise!

Yeah, the top gun should have hired a few FD duded to put him a webpage, most of those junior and seniors have webpages of their own, some even have pages in different languages. I can't believe that the governor hasn't found in all these years(since he's been in office) the resources to put together a good webpage for his office using his office staff and if he didn't have good resources, why he didn't use those at UOG. Sorry, but I have to agree with today's official birdcage liner(the canaries love PDN the most....Maybe now that they'll be moving into the Mansion, they'll be somebody that knows how the computers work and someone who knows how they work will show the governor how to build a website...just in time for the next election......would really be sad if it was just in time to move back to Tamuning, huh?
One good thing, least the kids will at least have had one Christmas at the home of the people of Guam.........thank you LORD!Pastor Dale and friends will be there for brunch and we'll have sunrise services. It'll be beautiful....wonder if Kaleo and Julie will be their with their children......oh how time flies when one is having fun, eh?

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August 02, 2005


Can't blame outsiders for murder this time.....

You can read all about it in tomorrow's fish wrap or on KUAM/K57's website.........the names of those who allegedly beat the breath out of a Korean man who chose to live on this island.
I wish I could say that the men who allegedly killed the man were old and mean and that the world had mistreated them and that maybe their hearts were turned to stone....instead, the men are said to be between the ages of 24, 26 and 31.....mere lads.....time to live good lives, time to have families of their own, raise good children, contribute to this, we pray that there is a just God that they get what they deserve and that in this life or the next, they get to feel the pain that they caused that man and his family to feel.
I salute the men and women of the Guam Police Department for solving this crime as quickly as they did. I hope that others in the community recognize GPD's efforts as well! Good work, GPD!

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Yeah, and people in hell want ice cream!

I wondered how long it was going to take the good Dr. Tom Sheih to get on the gov's back over hospital issues since he was named GMH Medical Director(not sure what the title is, but it's an important one), anyway, he and his band of merrymakers were on the tube ranting and raving that the hospital financial woes and that it needed help STAT!
C.Ridgell of KUAMnews quotes Dr. Sheih:"Dr. Thomas Shieh says that if it requires the help of the Legislature he would like to see all politics be put aside and all parties involved put to work. "Call these people into emergency session get it done because we like to go back and take care of patients we're not politicians we don't play politics," But, the gov, according to the report, says that he's already donated $26M and that:"the real answer to the Hospital's problem is one that the Legislature can solve using its authority to appropriate money. "Although the Hospital is an autonomous authority or agency that there needs to be a direct supplement to this now that can only come from a dedicated funding source."
Ya nai, gov, but after ya gave those folks tha increment and tha promotions, there's no more money in the cash register and you can call the legislature into emergency session and there will still be no money....aye adai, maybe we should have a golf tournament or telethon to raise money?

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As must happen to all of us, there are mountains and there are valleys. Sometimes you're the fly, sometimes, you're the windshield.

Yesterday was not a good day for Dr. Vivien Batoyan-Sagisi. That she wore black to her sentencing said volumes to what she must have been feeling. There will be those who say that justice must be served and perhaps six months behind bars somewhere in a Phoenix desert is that for having made a bad choice.(It's reported she made it twice) A thousand hours of community service isn't punishment, although her picture doesn't appear in newspapers, she's known to give to the community. I think that the six years of managed probation will probably be the most inconvenient, but then that's part of the distribution of justice. As well, one can't be sure what kind of blow this will make on her profession as a doctor and the cynical will say that she should have taken this into consideration, alas! In a perfect world, there is time for such things!
This isn't a perfect world and Dr. Batoyan-Sagisi isn't a perfect being...perhaps instead of judging the doctor, we can view her as one who is climbing one of life's mountains(yes, we all have them from time to time... Many will refer to these as 'lessons'). Let's wish her Godspeed and hope that there's healing and growth and some mental relaxation, if not joy at this place that she must spend time away from her family at...Richard Nixon said,"The greatness comes not when things go always good for you. But the greatness comes when you're really tested, when you take some knocks, some disappointments, when sadness comes. Because only if you've been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain."
Hopefully, others will learn the lesson from her example and escape the awful and sad climb to the top....

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August 01, 2005


OR, our children would be returning to unpainted, unrepaired schools. I hate to say this but this government knows that if we have these telethons and beg by the streets and or on t.v., people will reach into their empty pockets and will think they're helping these children(and they know they are).

the very people that are asking are many that haven't put their own hands into their pockets to give their share. They come to the mike and ask for funds but few actually give their own personal's like the governor and wife and all those thousands of air miles they many of those miles have they given away to someone who needs same to get to a

The very people that are asking are many that haven't put their own hands into their pockets to give their share. They come to the mike and ask for funds but few actually give their own personal's like the governor and wife and all those thousands of air miles they many of those miles have they given away to someone who needs the miles to be medivaced to the PI or the US.....The first family and most directors and or cabinet members have flown so many times that just on flown airmileage alone, we could probably not have to pay for anyone tickets for months...perhaps years!...........but we don't seem to be making any offers in that direction..............likewise the telethon........first, we give the increments, use up whatever funds left we have to operate the school.............then we go public and let the taxpayers fund what they've already paid for in taxes.........and we smile and pretend that they don't know they're paying twice or three times for the system.........We're supposed to look up to these people because they're doing something for the children.........alas, if the government were being operated properly, there would be paint on the walls, lawnmowers working on grass growing, textbooks in desks and airconditioning in classes. No rocket science here. But....we can't give increments in the middle of a drought, pay the retirement fund inorder that the retirees can retire before they die and then think that we'll have enough funds to properly operate the school. We're stupid.......the hope foundation ia a bandaid attempt to stop the bleeding and I take my hat off to those trying to stop the bleeding..........they think they only need $100,000! That is spent in the blink of an for the group staying up late get 'a' for effort.......
Wonder what the governor's golfing buddies are going to donate?

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July 27, 2005


Slow newsdays will and alleged beatings....will it have meant anything if he wasn't a firefighter?

Marianas Variety's on-line edition and today's PDN (wow, someone actually wrote a current local story that wasn't two days old) told of the fireman allegedly beating on his girlfriend...or, they beat eachother up....and spent the night in the klink.........still, I wonder if it would have meant jack if James was just another James if he wasn't a firefighter.........

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July 26, 2005


Not a one said it officially, so I will!

I had hoped the official fish wrap would write an editorial of thanks for all the work the men and women of the KITTY HAWK did while they were here....but.....not one was editorial given at KUAM either.....and there's probably a very slim chance that this humble offer of thanks will be read but here it is dear men and women of the KITTY HAWK...d'angkulu na Si Yuus M'aasi yan, Thank You for all that you did for the school children in our schools, the elderly and the people of Guam during your short stay here. Thank you for spending the time doing work for the community rather than having fun and spending time with friends and relaxing while your ship was in port. Your work was most appreciated, Thank You and Godspeed!

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Suppose the family could use your help....

KUAM news had the following story in tonight's news and I quote;"A Yigo family is without a home tonight, after their entire residence was fully engulfed in flames. Guam Fire Department spokesperson Phyllis Blas says the fire was called in shortly before 4pm today. The blaze ignited at a home in the Santa Ana subdivision. Firefighters were able to control the blaze within minutes, and Blas says no one was injured in the fire. Investigators were on the scene trying to determine what caused the blaze.(Story by Mindy Fothergill)"
I suppose if you're compassionate, you could call Bob Lizama, the Yigo mayor and find out how many people lived in that home and what the family needs. I'm sure they could use some clothing, pots and pans and other things that most people have extras around the reports are sad in that there's usually a deeper story waiting to be reported after the sensational part is told. Where is the family spending this night? Who fed them? Will they have enough money to get their children ready for school clothes and supplies? If you care even a little bit, give the commissioner's office a call, I'm sure he'll know where the family is and how you can help them get back on their feet again.

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Go figure....sensational news or what? Juan Cruz chokes his girlfriend Juanita Mariano and who cares, it doesn't make six o'clock nothing, probably not even the blotter....but.......

If you're a newbie're name is spelled right and your girlfriend's name is spelled out as's that for least the word 'accused' was used....instead of know, the innocent until guilty's quoting the tube news sensation incase you missed it......without the names!"A firefighter was arrested by police today for allegedly choking a woman known to him. Guam Police Department Hagatna Precinct personnel say they received a complaint against 33-year-old (snip)of Barrigada is accused of getting into a verbal argument with his girlfriend, who was also arrested. (Snip)Both charged with family violence and assault. Acting fire chief George Aquino says the Guam Fire Department is waiting on more information on the incident from police before taking administrative action against the newly-graduated firefighter."
If you want to know who they are.....well, you know where to go for the information.....I mean, the sensation! Who knows, this may be the guy's first crime and may know someone in high places and may just get the arrest never knows these days!

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Love'em but need to teach'em how to report, ya think?

A dead woman was found in the ITC parking lot yesterday morning...politically correct, it was a 'lifeless body' not so politically correct, the ITC building has nine floors and not six, unless someone took apart three floors when we weren't looking....but then we don't know where Gina Tabonares is reporting we'll give her ten points for least her story made the print pages, not so our daily snooze! Thanks for the local news Marianas Variety on-line!
"By Gina Tabonares
Variety News Staff

POLICE authorities are investigating the death of a Korean female found lifeless at the ITC parking lot in Tamuning yesterday morning.
Emergency officials were called to the six-storey complex at 6 a.m. after receiving a call that a person was unresponsive between two cars in the parking lot, Guam Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Joe Carbullido said.
The body of the woman, whose identity was withheld pending the notification of relatives, was taken to the Guam Memorial Hospital examiner’s office for an autopsy." (Go on-line for the rest!)

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July 25, 2005


As I listened to the 'breaking news' on the Breakfast Show, I wondered how the news would be received by the more conservative.

One shared his/er feelings;"Carl...skates away again and I'm in disbelief. And now we know why he was grinning from ear to ear on those KUAM news clips. He knows he is virtually unprosecutable. At least on Guam. There are a few who think the Feds are just waiting for the right time to nail him. I hope I live long enough to
see it happen. I've lost faith in the justice system here. It seems obvious that Carl's tentacles reach into a lot little corners here. Perhaps there are many who fear being prosecuted themselves for their relationship with him. I'm sure you know many more stories than I ever will. I'm also beginning to lose faith in Doug Moylan. I didn't need to see and read about a $5,000 eagle mascot. Not when GMH is so hurting for critical supplies and medicines.
To answer your question about his being governor again. I can't answer it and I hope to never see it come to pass. He was pretty loose his second term. Can you imagine the license he will take with a third/fourth term? If the people vote him in Charo they will deserve everything they don't get in services that are supposed to be provided by our taxes. I'm speaking of all the people of Guam, not just those who are in deep with Carl. Color me extremely disappointed and frustrated with the dismissal of this latest case against him. I guess he'll smugly smile as he receieves that extra $30,000 in retirement pay. While my retirement pay and Social Security taxes have to pay for it. Can you understand just how upset I am
about that? I risked life and limb for 30 years in the military while he got himself in a position to rip the taxpayers off.
Yeah, I'm not only upset. I'm very angry."

How do you feel?

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July 22, 2005


Guess the gov ain't gonna run with Kaleo since he used the pix with the President and his wife on the Lib Day least he bought an ad.....

We already know that the PDN doesn't have many local news reporters by the amount of local news their paper runs on a daily basis and figure that since Josephine Conception left their advertising department hardly anyone sells advertising to the locals as least one thinks so by the lack of ads in yesterday's past years, the paper was thick with greetings (usually paid ads) from the governor (usually pictured with his lt. gov-this time not!), the speaker of the circus, various senators and the congressperson.......of course, Maddy doesn't need to buy an ad because ain't no one's ever going to run her out of that office so she never needs to buy another ad....but I'm thinking all those that already have bumper stickers out there.....oh well.....maybe the rain wet their's not an election year!

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His idea is too simplistic....someone is dead set on increasing the fees even if the man suggests there's already enough money needed...

I don't think the issue was important enough to be covered in today's PDN...or, I didn't see it again(maybe it'll be covered in tomorrow's paper on page seven) but in today's on-line version of Marianas Variety, Mar-Vic Cagurangan reported that Art Ilaganm director of rev and tax suggests that; "Burdening a car owner, who may be fortunate to have three or more vehicles in his/her name, paying three times the disposal fee of the unrelated materials is unfair", and that, "But Ilagan urged the committee to “consider other options” before settling with the idea of incorporating the consolidated recycling fee into the motor vehicle registration fees.
He noted that the increase in AVSF in the last two years is “still fresh” in the registration bill.
The government had increased the AVSF from $10 to $25 per vehicle on March 5, 2003, and then again to $40 on April 1, 2004, because it was not generating enough revenue for the junk car removal and operation of street lights.
“For just over a year, the department has billed and the Department of Administration has collected roughly $375,000 ($4 times 94,000 average number if vehicle registered per year for the abandoned vehicles alone). What was once only $94,000 is now four times more,” Ilagan said.
He suggested that the existing fees that the government is currently collecting and the fee established by the suspended recycling law might be enough to cover the removal of junk vehicles.
With the $200 fee charged per vehicle for AVS, the government estimates to collect $350,000 a year. This amount, according to Ilagan, would cover the removal of 1,750 junk vehicles over year. “If $350,000 is not enough, what amount is needed?” Ilagan asked.
Instead of raising more fees, Ilagan suggested the reallocation of collected funds.
Ilagan noted that the AVSF increase over the last two years has resulted in a corresponding increase in the streetlight fund from $846,000 to $3.3 million per year.
“What exactly does it cost to operate and install streetlights per year? In the likelihood that the $3.3 million is more than enough, maybe a changing of the percentages would be considered first before raising fees,” he said.
He added,“For example, instead of the current 10 percent and 90 percent, perhaps 25 percent ($94,000) for junk cars and 75 percent ($2.8 million)) for the streetlight fund. If $15 of the proposed $25 fee is for junk cars, then adjust the percentages accordingly.”
Okay, that's what Mar-Vic wrote.....which makes one wonder why we're trying to add another $25.00 to our vehical registration fees? One has to wonder if the people conjuring up these bills ever talk to the man (or people) at rev and tax before they come up with ideas before they increase the taxes.....or, if they just increase the taxes then ask the questions. It's a breath of fresh air when someone has the guts to say that there may be enough money to handle the situation without having to add another $25.00 to someone who has more than one car in his/er garage.......
People who spend other people's money are usually the same people who make the same suggestions to increase fees.......they don't usually feel the pain or damage caused......what the heck is another $25.00 either way....not my money!

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July 20, 2005


Let's see if you'll read the article and inquire how the expense will help the people of Guam....

The following was reported in today's Marianas Variety's on-line issue reported by By Mar-Vic Cagurangan
Variety News Staff

"TWELVE Guam mayors, accompanied by an entourage of 48 residents, will be in Manila next month for a mayors’ conference and a field trip to hospitals and agricultural facilities in the Philippines.
Agana Heights Mayor Paul McDonald, who heads the delegation, said the conference, to be held in Shangri-La Hotel from Aug. 6 to 10, seeks to establish a partnership between Guam and Philippine mayors.
“We will be creating the Guam Philippines Mayors League. Its objectives include the exchange of ideas and information beneficial to our people at the grassroots level,” McDonald told Variety.
He said the conference will tackle education and production of items made of indigenous materials such as bamboo, among others.
The Philippine and Guam mayors, he added, are also hoping to establish a system that will facilitate cooperative efforts in times of disasters. Once the Guam and Philippine mayors organization is formed, McDonald said, the group will ask the United Nations to provide them with an “advanced warning system” which is being used during disaster relief operations.
While the mayors are attending the conference, McDonald said the Guam residents traveling with them will tour the medical facilities to see the medical services available in Manila.
“A lot of people here are being referred to medical facilities in the Philippines and Guam residents prefer to go there because medical services are more affordable than Hawaii and California, and their medical technology is as advanced as the ones in the U.S.,” said McDonald, president of the Mayors Council of Guam.
He said the tour group will also visit a hogs farm and an aquaculture facility, as well as the University of the Philippines to acquire more information about aquaculture farming.
“We have a whole variety of people traveling with us. They are working people interested in starting a business here. They are hoping to be able to apply here whatever they would learn from the trip,” McDonald said, adding that each member of the whole delegation is spending personal funds for the trip.
“We got a good deal from two airlines and travel companies that allow us to take this trip,” the mayor said."
The question is whether or not the government will pay out any funds for this I write this, the mayor of Agana Hts. is speaking with Travis Coffman, talk show host of the Big Show and telling him that if there is finding that there's reason that mayor's can use the venue to use the trip as a 'hands on' that they may use government funds for the trip, thereby making the trip a junket rather than paying for the 'field trip' out of their pockets which he he said they were paying for early on.
Personally, I see no problem with partying with fellow mayors in the long as doing same doesn't come out of public funds in the end.....So Travis, you forgot to ask.......will these mayors close their offices while they're off partying?

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On page 7!

What a laugh......just thought I'd let you know....PDN did decide it was worth a few lines, the thing about the tuition increase at UOG....there are a few lines on info on page 7 in today's PDN......heck, there's more coverage given pumped up cars every Monday.......oh well, at least we know what's important! Let's see what's on the on-line version of the Marianas Variety that'll make it on the PDN tomorrow or the day after.....hmmmmmm.

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Party in Sacramento!

"Hafa Adai Chelus!
Our chelus up North in the Sacramento / Yuba City area are inviting us all to their Liberation Day celebration THIS SATURDAY, July 23rd, 2005. Please check out their announcement below. Part of the entertainment will be provided by the Kutteran Chamorro Performers of Long Beach, Cali and DJ Jeff Salas of Island Jamz so you know
this is one party that will be really jammin so please do not forget your Cha-Cha zorries and your hungry appetite and leave your worries behind and come and enjoy this festive celebration in honor of the brave men and women who helped liberate our island.
Dankalu Na Si Yuus Maase Chelus! See Ya all there! "

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July 19, 2005


Maybe I just missed it....did you miss it too?

More and more, I'm beginning to rely on the on-line version of the Marianas Variety for local news...but have to give also give credit to the Breakfast show for the local news that doesn't make it on the print pages of the official fishwrap(is that one word or two?)
Any way, I might have missed the article in today's huge paper not worth the subscription price the article that UOG was once again increasing the tuition rates.......
Heard Ray Gibson talking about it while having morning coffee....I'm thinking that the increased increments, promotions and huge salaries for the big honchos(Allen and friends) require such drastic else can the university afford its lifestyle? They're not going to downsize their salaries so where else can they get their money other than increasing the tuition?
Dear, dear, don't you remember all those trips to China the dear man Allen made that promised to increase the student population? Wonder what happened to the it went bust.....When the man was hired, his huge salary was allowed because his experience promised the university 'good' things........seems all the experience did was increase overhead.....but, have to say that during his tenure, KUAM and some other media outlets made some money in some glitz advertising boasting the kind of learning one could have if one attended UOG.......these'd have to be rich to attend it(if the tuition increase is allowed by the community!).
So far? The Guam Community College seems to be the only educational institution that seems to know what its doing.........maybe Mr./Dr. Allen could get some points on how to run the university from the head of GCC.....ya think?
I predict that PDN will probably run something on the tuition increase in a day or two........they usually do after the 'news' has been 'out there' awhile...but then again, it might have been in the paper and I just missed's happened before!

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July 18, 2005


It seems moral issues are alive and well in the village of Talofofo...

If you're a public official, you live in a glass house. If you're married and carry on with someone working in your office and move out of your house and out of the village and you're the commissioner, you're outta 'bounds...commissioners are supposed to be livings within the boundary of the village, one thinks.....then....there's the issue of, the affair with the office employee thingy that doesn't play well with the 90% Catholic villagers that have front row seats to this it or not, they're an audience of a reality show for a man that probably most of them voted for.....
So, it's no wonder that a few of them wrote a letter to the election commission to recall this village commissioner because he moved out of the village (and probably because of his affair which they find disdainful)......It's unusual that in this day and age, there are still people that care if people fool around on their spouse, most look the other way, most don't care, most even do it themselves.......yet in this little village, the moral issue matters and though the mayor moved back to the village and is doing his job, the villagers no longer want him to be the village leader.
One has to wonder if the villagers will continue their move the mayor out of office or if they'll accept some sort of compromise....whatever the case, it's good to see that not every body has lost their sense of morality. Those who play with fire often get burned!

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The essay, the recipe to make the only civilian hospital work is written by the nurse, the senator...she's had the time to make it

In today's PDN, Senator Lou Leon Guerrero wrote a an essay on how to make the changes work to save GMH....the essay's probably on-line so I'm not going to bother you with details since you can read it at your leisure. I wonder if you will come to the same conclusion as I do after you've read the opinion......why, after she's been a senator all these years, she hasn't done any of the things she's pointed out as needing to be changed to help the hospital so that it can function?
She's a lawmaker, she's been in a position(a majority member that at one time could have railroaded change)to have created positive changes there.....yet, years later, she still writes about the problems rather than doing something about the problems.
I would be so ashamed if I were a senator and wrote letters/opinions about problems about issues that I could have changed but didn't. I have to say, however, it takes nerve to write such an essay!
Lawmakers are the very people that can make the changes at GMH, all fifteen of them. Not a one of them can say they don't have the money. They can cut budgets of non-important agencies such as parks and recs that can close and pay employees for parties and pay for hospital needs. Lawmakers can downsize the government of deadwood employees that work in the government only because they voted for who ever it was they were able to get the job from....
When you're through reading the lame excuse of an opinion, read Dr. Tom Sheih's opinion.....and if you learn just one thing from his thoughts, glean from it that if the legislators aren't doing the work you elected them to do, that you shouldn't vote for them the next time...alluding to electing an entirely new body of people who will do what the island needs to have done....who are brave enough to do the right thing.
Quit writing about what needs to be done, should be done, could be what needs to be done.

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July 17, 2005


We tend to spend it wildly when it's not's such a govGuam mentality!

I'm not going to name names, his name's been in the headlines(radio, t.v. and print) but he threw one big party for the 30th anniversary for a limping agency that barely keeps the grass mown at cemetaries and parks.....does well putting up fences but terrible about keeping toilets clean.....can pay them to party but can't have them help spruce up the schools on government time.......anyway, I'm sure you're all going to celebrate that the employees of the great agency of parks and recs had a party(no, you weren't invited) last Friday....they closed the public pool and partied on......and guess what........those people got paid to party, now ain't that nice, partying on your dime and ya know what? Ya ain't gonna do a damn thing about it cuz that's what you do best! Nothing! Directors and or elected officials in high places do this to you on a daily basis and you don't do a damn thing about scratch your head and complain but you don't do jack! What's worse? The dude will probably surface during the next administration as some high mucky-muck and he'll get to do it to you all over again!
I'm willing to bet my last breath that this man and everyone of those party goers doesn't lift one hand to help the volunteers to get the public schools to get see, we're so stupid, we pay taxes so that the taxes can go to paying for public schools, only thing is, the money's going to pay for employees to party and now we need free labor to fix, paint and get schools ready for our kids......I'm sure the people at DPR will have plenty excuses not to have to do work at the schools unless the first lady's at the end of the deal with a camera and a barbecue.......
Oh, and while we're at it, DPR? You(collectively) say you didn't reserve space for your comrades.....if you didn't, pray tell, who did.......the newly released ghosts from Togcha? Puleez, already, tell the truth, nothing's gonna happen to you anyway! You won't get fired, hell, you can get arrested and still not get fired....what's your fear!

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July 16, 2005


'Tis but a sad story of over eager cops.......or......cops untrained in the law...either way if what they discovered is suppressed and the druggies are turned loose(remember, they're alleged to have been manufacturing the stuff!), the score is: Drugs 1, people 0!

Mindy Fothergill of KUAM reported last night that:"A District Court judge's decision to suppress evidence in a large drug case could mean four individuals will be free of criminal charges. District Court judge Robert Takasugi granted the defense's motion to suppress evidence collected during a drug bust in Sinajana , and that:"Police cannot be allowed to trample on someone's constitutional rights and it teaches citizens that they have the right to say no to searches of their home without warrants." Attorneys for San Agustin believe their client's rights were also violated. The law firm today issued a brief statement about the judge's decision, saying, "We believe Mr. San Agustin's Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights were violated and for that reason we filed the motion to suppress. Since the court granted the motion and it excludes all evidence that the government would have raised, there's a strong likelihood the case will be dismissed."
Fothergill reports that there's a possibility for an appeal to an appelate court, otherwise, the case is moot and the wholesalers go free on technicalities............all that work and the cops didn't know what they were doing was against the fourth and fifth amendment rights? Surely these were seasoned cops?
I know this isn't the time or place for such a discussion but during the past eight or ten months, did any of the cops involved in the investigation that caused the information to be suppressed get promoted or given raises? Just thought I'd ask.......They were in Sinajana for heaven's sake, how hard was it to run to a judge for a search warrant for the rest of the house? Thought I'd ask that question as well........that's what they do on the t.v. shows.....
Does the word, 'keystone' fit anywhere in this story? Naw, this is a sad 'keystones' allowed!

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July 15, 2005


A picture says a thousand words.......likewise, art can create a thousand wounds.

Today's Jon Anderson reported that Jess Torres, GM at the airport decided to 'move'(relocate) some artwork that the council of the arts and humanities arranged to display at the arrival section of the international airport. The artwork was to be displayed for three months. The artwork supposedly depicts friendships between Chamorros and Japanese soldiers during World War II. Since I didn't see the display, I can't describe that one could have realized this friendship, knowing only that the art described a scene during WWII between the Japanese and a Chamorro native, unless of course the soldier had the native in an embrace. K57 reported that the art work was up for four days until a Japanese tour operator complained about the art work, the tourists finding the work offensive, a reminder of a painful time.
K57's reporter Valerie Maige(sp) interviewed Jess Torres who said that he didn't take the art work down because it was offensive. He said that he is merely moving the art work to a place where it can be viewed by more than just those arriving on island. The folks at the council of arts and humanities are upset because the display was moved and because they weren't informed about it.
I wish that Mr. Torres had said that he moved the art work because it offended the tourists and that our means of support lies with the Japanese tourist market and when a Japanese tour operator tells us that his groups are offended by art work that meets his guests as they deplane then it's right and proper that we remove what offends them.
I love that someone could put on a canvas the friendships between a soldier and a capturee...but the child, or grandchild of a soldier who might have fought in this war, coming to this island to honeymoon or vacation surely would not want to be reminded of this war...certainly not immediately after he gets off the airplane. I have to agree with the man who moved the display.....that was not the place....nor is this the time for the reminder for what happened sixty-one years ago.
We really have to get our act together. We either want the Japanese to come to Guam or not. We have to decide if we want them to come and spend their money at GPO, DFS, buy trinkets at Jeff's Pirate Cove and at the Wednesday Night Market and where ever else it is that we want them to spend their money.....surely we seem to want them, why else do we keep sending the governor, Tony Lamorena, now Gerry Perez to Japan to convince them that Guam is the place to visit.......that being said.......let's figure a way to show them how we appreciate their coming here instead of going elsewhere, let's show them some real Hafa Adai spirit....lessons in art work? They've forgotten more than we'll ever learn....The artwork they're interested in are of Latte Stone and the flying Proa.......perhaps even the Taotaomona....there's no luring them into anything WWII no matter how poignant the folks at the council think the artwork is.....
Biba Jess.......Biba Japanese tourists, Biba Guam!

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PRETEND IT'S A SCRIPT FOR A T.V. SHOW AND IT'S NOT A TRUE STORY know the people or are related to them....

The story is quoted entirely from yesterday's issue of the Marianas Variety's online issue by Gina By Gina Tabonares Variety News Staff. It's a story about a 39 year old woman who you might have known during an earlier time in her life. Perhaps you belonged to the same church or PTA organization. Maybe you exchanged plants or favorite recipes or cures for childhood ailments that your children had. She was your friend, always there to offer a helping hand when you were in need. The woman you're reading about has the same name as your friend but you're almost positive it can't be that friend you were once close to. Nothing so drastic could have happened to that woman that could have caused her to be on the streets, let alone be high on an illegal drug.
Then there's Hans Junior. He was your classmate in elementary school. He was a bright boy. He loved school and loved sports. He had a wonderful sense of humor and eager to help whenever he was needed. He wasn't sure about going away to some far away college but he promised that he would go to UOG or GCC and learn a skill. He was going to make his family proud of him. Surely that wasn't Hans that got the minor girl pregnant. Surely he was bright enough to know better than to be with a minor, let alone have unprotected sex with one. He wouldn't be that stupid. No, that couldn't be Hans!
The same thoughts go for his friend Melvin Santos, surely that friend couldn't have done what is on that script. Too unreal. Not his friend. Too unreal!
This is the script, this is the story:
"A 39-year old woman, apparently high on illegal drugs, created a scene last Wednesday after she decided to direct traffic along Marine Drive in Dededo.
For a moment, commuters thought that Mila Temario Llana was dancing on the street after she was seen coming out from a nearby game room.
Suddenly, Llana stood in the middle of the road and began directing traffic. Police Officer C.S. Dawson said that the Dededo Police Precinct received a call from a resident informing them that a woman was in the middle of the road creating confusion among motorists.
Upon arrival, the policeman found Llana, who appeared exhausted, with dry and chapped lips.
The woman voluntarily turned over her purse, but insisted that the pipe inside it was not hers. The police officer found an “ice” pipe with residue of methamphetamine, as well as one sealed straw containing a white substance, later identified by the use of a field test kit as methamphetamine.Llana was arrested and was charged with possession of a schedule II controlled substance as a third-degree felony. This developed as two male were arrested for allegedly molesting two minors in a separate incident. First to be indicted was Hans Junior Aguon, 25, who allegedly impregnated his minor girlfriend.
Aguon was charged with one count of third degree criminal sexual conduct while Melvin Santos Choe Ymballa, 21, was charged with one count of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct for touching his victim’s private parts."
The people are arrested and the story is true, the crimes are alleged to have happened and may some day be tried in a court. There are many more stories just like this one, with names that you know or are friends with or are related to. This beautiful island is blemished with people who use drugs. It's possible that the people in this script are second generation drug users, or who learned to use drugs from family or friends. We live on an island where we've just arrested a cop(allegedly) selling drugs while in uniform. It's a cancer that's eating at the fragile fabric of this community......we have to do more than hiding the Actifed and Sudafed from the producers of ICE if we're going to stop the problem....perhaps if the senators spent more time thinking how to fix the drug problems than figuring out how to fix the fat/obese school children problems, we'd have less scripts such as the ICE lady directing traffic stories appearing in newspapers......truly, there are some priorities, sometimes one just has to look for them!

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Just couldn't let the chance go!

I thought the ponytailed wannabee leader of GMH brown doctor-don't-like-white-doctor-or-Phil-Flores-current-board-members-of-GMH edwieirdo Cruz stand-in for Tony Blas talk show host would leave the hospital out of his morning stand in this a.m......but, I wuz wrong(and hate it when that happens, cuz it's frequent these days!!!) He just couldn't leave it alone!
The I-wish-I-could-be-young-again-weirdo had to use his forum to rebuke the board and the way the hospital was/is being run again and again and again.....couldn't just be on the air waves and stand in for a man who is in an ICU unit fighting for his, the compliment that I gave him in an earlier post I take back.......the man is wierd and is confirmation that the emptiest cans make the most noise......there are ways to fix the problems at GMH.....public rebuke by a surgeon who wants to be one of its administrators/leaders, isn't one of them!
But.....have to say, he's wierd and controversial which....on this island........lures a lot of listeners!

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I found him channel surfing, but you have to speak Chamorro to understand what he's saying.

Dr. Ed-ponytail Cruz, spokesperson-I-wanna-be-boss-of-GMH now has a forum at KUAM(at least he did this morning)......I'm assuming he was a stand-in for Tony Blas who, according to PDN, is in ICU at GMH.
I don't know why the PDN just didn't say that rumor has it that.....Blas had a stroke and can't talk and that he's in the ICU unit at GMH and that we should pray for the man rather than going the long way around and saying that this person and that person wouldn't return calls, etc. Like Joey Calvo is going to call and give his prognosis on an employee's health matters. Okay, so, PDN probably won't either and since I can go on rumors, that's just what's on the streets and that's all that's out there. Being in the ICU unit is quite grave, it's survivable, but grave nonetheless and Tony's a young man with children. He needs our thoughts and prayers.
On the lighter side, however(if there is a lighter side to this story(ponytails always bring lighter sides, don't they?), is that this morning, there's this edwierdo person doing a stand in for Tony on the radio waves. Must admit that he did an alright job. For the brief time that I listened) he didn't use the forum to get Macris, Berg and the other white folk out of GMH.........but like I said, I didn't listen the whole time so I could have missed out! I'll just have to listen in tomorrow to see if he's got a semi-permanent at KUAM while Tony spends time healing.....then again, we could see a change off between edwierdo and Dr. Mike Cruz who I'm sure speaks the lingo, not sure if dr. Jess Lujan speaks, but he's a candidate, wow, this could change the way we have breakfast around, Tony, hurry up and get well!

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Hope they get what they deserve!

19-year-old Kamesha Champaco of Merizo and 20-year-old Alexander Velez of Yona, alleged vandals (two of many-I think those who viewed them smashing the headstones and statues were vandals as well!) were arrested by GPD.......They'll get their day in court, probably get a free lawyer to boot, that's the way the system goes, can't afford one, one will be given one.......I'm sure that there are those who think the goons should be made to go to the cemetary to fix what they did....and yes, that would be a good thing....I say, pay for the professional repairs of what they destroyed then, let the goons spend a couple of dark nights there by themselves, handcuffed one of the headstones they destroyed and get a feel of the excitement they(he) caused.....the excitement without the alcohol is far more genuine and sobering than while on a high, I'm sure and that 19 and 20 year-old will probably never return to a cemetary until it's time to be buried in one.
The only other justice I can imagine these two(and their friends) should pay is to wear a sandwich board is to stand on a busy Friday afternoon at the Paseo Loop, the board advertising that the wearer is the one who parties and damages tombs and headstones and is shameless.
I think that when these men are tried and convicted of their crimes that their mug shots make it on the front pages of every newspaper and on the evening tube news!
How embarrassed the parents of these two men must be......whatever in the world did they teach their children about respect for the dead?

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July 14, 2005


Sometimes I wonder where these ideas come from.....

Okay, so I can understand why the cops would want to use a polygraph test on a suspect.....they can use body language, how the person sweats under questioning, how the eyes flit from one place to another and on and on and on.......a lot can be told, or discovered in the process of a polygraph test....the results not being recognized by most, we have this rookie(and I like most of his ideas) senator who wants newbie judges to take polygraph tests before coming judges.....what sorts of questions would you ask that would hold him/er from being confirmed? I don't think there's been a judge that's been confirmed that didn't do justice(excuse the pun) to the why add to the red tape?

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July 13, 2005


I was always warned when growing up was not to talk to strangers...I just figured my mom wasn't talking about the white-haired lady that was sitting to me in economy class with her thick sticky classes, kinda torn stockinged feet and wearing two waist-type purses which made it most uncomfortable to sit,for both of us. I tried to give her the aisle seat but she wouldn't think of it. She warned me that she couldn't eat, sleep on the flight. She was going to the Philippines and I was going to Guam from Lax. This meant I wouldn't sleep because she was so big I wouldn't be able to put my head anywhere that didn't land on her shoulder. I left my book with my daughter so I was stuck. I hoped she had some funny stories to pass the time with..........the first couple weren't fun....she was allergic to peanuts and they made her upchuck and the rest wasn't worth describing. She only had her head in 2 or 3 bags.....after that, I didn't feel like eating either. I was beginning to hate Kiku who have the woman his seat so that she would be comfortable. If the man had died then, he would have spent his etertinity in hell!
We walked the woman out of the airplane after it landed in Hawaii and she felt a bit better. We got to talking about her son in the Manila. She told us that she visited him once a year.
"That's an expensive trip, lady. Our ticket is $2,000. round trip from Guam, yours must be much more since it's further away," Kiku said.
The woman smiled. "Oh no, it's only $1300.00 round trip give or take a few dollars for taxes. I do it quite often.
I have a cousin living here on Guam and tried once to visit her and was told that it would be 7 or 8 hundred dollars more if I stopped here, that blew me away. I just can't believe that the same plane stops here and yet it's that much more to stop here to visit. You people should make a scene about it, you're all getting cheated out of a good deal." The old woman said.. " It seems you folks are getting the end of a short stick."
I nodded my head and agreed. We're hostages of the airline. Whenever there's a monopoly, the consumers are hostages. The carrier can charge anything they want to charge and the travelling public has no other means to travel but to pay the exorbitant fees. It's like the rising cost of gasoline. It you car only runs on gasoline, then you'll have to pay $4.00 if that's how much it sells for.
Eventually, people will find a way to get to where there are more carriers serving a country, where there's more competition and they'll bly there for an exorbitant fee from the likes of Continental air amnesia then pick a non-greedy carrier and fly to their hearty's destination on a side trip, flying back to Guam from either Hongkong or Manila. There are several ways to skin a cat...........someone within the industry will find a way and they'll by-pass Continental and or NWA .....right now, travel's not a priority........too many bombs going off in places we once thought safe........home's the best and safest place to be at this writing!

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You figure they got the increments.....they can do the work!

The generous governor, gave presents (increments) to all his that he and his cronies could/would be re-elected, making (worker and beggar ants happy and eager to vote for him one more time... especially because since the serfs had now received long over due increments and the like all....oh, how happy and wonderful these serfs must feel during these generous days to be finally living their worth. Their long overworked colleagues can now feel vindicated for all those years that he/she didn't get that damn raise. The can now forget the humiliation of having to work those damn 32 hour weeks, or those increased GRTs. Now they can stand tall and know that they are high up their with their recent evaluation, knowing how high in the agency they are and how poorly the agency would run without their's a feel good time, a warm, fuzzy and feelie time, almost makes on one to kiss your friends wife who talk you that you the right person for the job and here it in this morning's paper, asking for beggar ants for help to help put the school together with volunteers. Hell, how dare those dudes from the school to ask dudes to volunteer to to your work when you all just got a damn increment! Why can't you guys who just got this good luck do the job for your children. Why can't you do the work for the kids, for your jobs?
I say, if the governor didn't have to show off to the public or have to pay increments so that he had to get re-elected, he would have taken the increment money and could have spent it on fixing all the problems at schools and fixing the schools without having to ask the parents to do the work for the schools.
Teachers, principals, teacher aides, school aides, yard people should be doing the yards and if they can't, they people who drink and drive should be made to clean and mow the yards of the school, people doing comunnity service should be cleaning/mowing school yards, tardy kids should mow the school yards...........begging parents is tacky!
Now............if these people would give back their increments, we've have the money to keep our grass mowed.................

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Reader agrees......boycott Aruba......come to Guam we have our very own cops, heck, we might even sell you ICE while in's that for service?

Anyway......happy thoughts about recent opinions.....I'm a bit surprised he/she didn't include Uncle Ben(no, not the rice, Uncle Ben) in the Keystone version........I agree.......boycott Aruba, but from here, who the heck flies to Aruba when Bali is so much closer and is Cairns.......okay, so here's what the reader said:"Perhaps I should have caught up at your site before sending that e-mail awhile ago. I see you're already picking on the topics I thought you might. Same old problems and getting older and worse.
As to this: I used to think that we were the only ones with keystone cops but having watched the ones in Aruba, think that we can send our there to teach there how to be better detectives.....personally, those people would work harder at solving the girl's disappearance if the Americans threatened to boycott the island.....hitting the pocketbook always hits home hardest, wonder why they haven't done that yet! I most certainly agree that the case is a mess and dragging out much too long. There may be some more developments in the next few hours, if not already. The prosecutor wants to re-arrest the brothers. I take it she has good reason to want that.
My gut feeling is the case will drag on awhile longer and that justice will not be done. Though I believe both the boy and his wannabe judge father are guility.
There's a remote chance Natalee was spirited off Aruba and might be in a brothel someplace in a nearby S. American country. It's been known to happen and more often than you'd care to believe.
I believe what you said should be done...boycott Aruba immediately and put more pressure on them to end the mystery.
The El Sicko in Idaho. Finally charged with murder and it's been reported he stalked the victims for several days and nights. Even using night vision goggles. No money should be spent on a trial. Straight to jail where he can make new friends. Guys who are waiting for him as you read this. Won't happen though until the lawyers in the case bleed off all the money they can first. Gotta go back and read your posts. Just started on the one you did upon your return. You just came back to the same old stuff, didn't you? What
did you expect? All the problems to have disappeared? Silly lady!!!"
Hey, amigo, one can dream, can't one?

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No expungies, no unarrests and no pass jails and free Bubulao huntings unless you're a firsty!

Dang.....reader thinks like I do, maybe I can get him/er to start writing for me.......I loved the James dude on t.v. the other night...seemed to have trouble thinking through an answer to a question the reporter was asking....these days, seems the senators and reporters just ask the questions and don't bother keeping asking until they get the answer to the's like they ask the question and stop listening for an answer.
Here's the reader's thoughts;"One more to comment on and then I'll check off the 'puter for awhile. The gas prices are going up and up and up, and the government vehicles seem to be growing in size as if it needed to grow in gas consumption as well.... Yep, no concern at all for how money, that which is in short supply, is spent. The price of gas these days should concern those in charge and should result in new policy with respect to when and how vehicles are used.
As little as possible.
Also, a few days ago I saw a GPA, or maybe it was a GWA, on the road with one person in it. A fancy Toyota Roadrunner. Brand new. I told my wife that I didn't understand why GovGuam had to have such fancy vehicles when low end pickups would suffice.
It'll only be new for a little while though and then it'll be time to
replace it. Either because of crash damage or wear and tear and dead due to no preventative maintenance.
I've said it before and repeat it again. Preventative maintenance is
absolutely important. So is accounting for who is using what vehicle and for what purpose. Such activity should include a log (trip report, if you will). Drivers should inspect vehicles BEFORE driving off in it for obvious damage to avoid being blamed for it later. How about the fuel, tires and oil level?
Fuel? How about the theft of fuel by several GovGuam employees. Big time theft and they need to be in jail. Stealing gasoline is no different than stealing money for which the thieve would certainly go to jail. Right? Of course, it appears that GovGuam employees are above the law in almost all cases.
Your thoughts on the illegal deer hunters arrested...right on. They won't be unarrested as was the high government official.

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If only we could! My friend's thoughts were too precious not to print!

"This cracked me up. So funny, but in a sense it could very well be the only way to get on the right road and move, using a popular and also over-used word by Gutierrez and Camacho, FORWARD.
Guam is like one of those machines you see in the Discovery can change the people who turn it on, or who changes the oil or fixes the broken parts, but when you turn it back on, it continues to work in the same way as it did before. Perhaps it's time we broke the machine and bought a new one!
Very well said Charo. To buy a new machine though...need money. Therein lies the problem as there is only money for pay raises and hiring more GovGuam employees.
Now a few villages are looking for assistant mayors. Yigo is one of them. I very strongly disagree and object to adding yet another layer to the beaurocracy. Another highly salaried, 50K + or so, to do what?
Get rid of the mayors. Form one council of about half that number to deal with complaints and problems. This is another issue that requires more time and space. Therefore, I'll hang a close here and get back to my reading. "

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Only sick people can carry out such desecration!

A burial ground is sacred, blessed or now. It is a final resting place for a human being, a body that once was home to the breath of God. As a child, we're told we're temples of the Holy, I'm assuming that where ever we're buried, the ground is sacred...hallowed....Togcha, a Catholic Cemetary in Ipan is hallowed. It's blessed. Families have buried loved ones there, thinking that the remains of their loved ones were safe from harm for eternity.
Safe from earthquakes, safe from surging tides or other acts of God, these dead have rested until people sick in the head came to destroy headstones and smash what ever forms of beauty their loved ones placed atop their graves in their honor, the decorations costing in the hundreds of dollars.
Supposedly, the hideous people that were at the cemetary on the weekend supposedly partied at the cemetary over the weekend. How sick is that, to party amongst the graves of those who have passed away? Surely they had to be on drugs, no person of sound mind would have wanted to be there unless he was going to visit in prayer for a loved one and that would certainly not have been during the night.
After the party, they evil ones left their mark and destroyed statues and headstones.
The dead can no longer feel the insult, they are in a place where there is no sorry, there is no pain. The insult, the pain is inflicted on the families who wish only to remember and honor their loved ones, who now must return to these burial places and relive their deaths all over again as they rebuild the graves in their honor.
These people are cowards that can't find living people to pick fights with. I find myself praying for lightning to come from the sky to strike these people dead for what they have done at Togcha but that would be merciful so I'll pray instead that they'll get what they deserve and that what goes around......comes around.
Times have really changed our people and that's really a sad thing!

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If you live in a glass house and you're a public servant, you can be sure they'll through rocks at your window!

I almost felt sorry for the mayor of Talofofo while watching the tube news last night........seems a few Fofo citizens want to oust the man because he'a morally corrupt.....and because he wasn't/isn't living in Fofo.....I guess if you're a mayor of a village, you're supposed to be living in the village.
Okay, so........the mayor is alleged to have a formed an affair with a lady in the mayor's would have been okay....only thing is........the dude is married and most women aren't cool with such, seems he got 'moved' out of the family home.....and the mayor had to move to an apartment on the outskirts of Fofo village, raising the ire of the villagers. The ire was partly for the mayor's living out of the village and partly because the mayor was morally corrupt(gads, what's a better description for being unfaithful-alleged, of course!!)
The dude didn't deny the allegations, did say he was unhappy that his family had to watch the t.v. show(hey, like, if you didn't do anything the kids wouldn't have had to watch anything) and that he was a good mayor(hmn, just not a good husband?-I digress) Okay, at the end of the news, it was said that the dude is back at his village, not sure living where and that GEC is meeting next week to discuss if he will be recalled................
Alas! We are mere mortals....and sometimes our emotions get the better of us..........There are the Julianis, the Gingrichs and the Kennedy's of the world that break the promise they make to their God at the altar 'to promise to love and cherish'.........the fabric of our families these days are threadbare.......families that are together are the exception and not the rule......times have changed and this mayor will not the the first or last mayor to have left his wife for a younger, prettier or sweeter woman and the reverse is true for a mayor's wife who recognizes the lies early on. The sad reality is that we live in a society where it used to be 'personal' when these things happened and now because of the cameras and internet, we all get to be in front row seats watching the scenes unfold. The bottom line is........if you don't want your dirty laundry to unfold in public.......don't become a public figure!

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I just love that old man!

I didn't know Ben Gumatootoo(Gumataotao) was the mayor of the fair village of Piti by the sea until last night's tube news.(Hey Mindy, neat pants!) I just loved how animated he was as he spoke of how he plans to keep speeding down in his village, taking the law into his own hands.
I'm not sure how old the mayor is, but he appears to be older than 70, but moving like a 60-year-old.......he's got the 'second wind' and wants to make it known that he's not going to put up with speeders.....he's put on an illegal blue and red light on his mayor's vehicle(how he did that is unkown but he did and I'm kinda glad he got away with it) and he's gonna be the vigilante mayor, chasing the bad guys on his streets......doesn't bother him one bit that some police man gave him a ticket for driving recklessly after chasing a speeder on Marine Drive.......
Of course, mayors probably don't have what he's doing on their job description(actually, probably don't have much on that page other than putting coral down at someone's home when there's a funeral so people can park during the rosary-or a tent) but this old dude means business.........I kinda like his spirit. He's aware that traffic police are on the extinct list and he's doing what they'd be doing if they weren't on the endangered list.......who can fault the man for that? Instead of faulting him for trying to help, GPD should deputize him(and others) for policing their villages......maybe speeders, driving while intoxicated and other crashes would be minimized........
Uncle Ben's a bit kookie, but I think his heart's in the right place.......good on you, uncle Ben(we're not related).....keep up the good work!

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I'm waiting for reader retaliation......

I once wrote my opinion on how obese the cops were and got my head chewed off because I made my opinion public. It was not the forum, it was said....that I was not helping them, that it was supposed to be done in the doctors office, that the doctors were trained to make the encouragements to help these poor souls to make changes in lifestyles and eating habits, that public humiliation would only make matters, not being a doctor, and certainly not being like Tom Cruise and knowing everything, I backed off......and now, there's a doctor/lawmaker that's attempting to do the bmi thing for fat/obese kids in schools, sending them home with notes to 'help' them with body mass fat......his intention, like mine are the same.....unfortunately, the child that's known to be fat will only be poked more fun at and will be made more fun of and in the end, will probably carry on into adulthood creating more eating problems because of the attention they got in school. Perhaps the teachers should pick out these obese kids(perhaps we should pick out the obese kids and obese teachers, principals and superintendents first? then point out the kids to the parents and bring them into a private/closed meeting and teach them some nutritional facts.....unfortunately, it's expensive to eat right....vegetables are expensive...unless you're living in the states...or are on food stamps.
Dr/senator Cruz should perhaps mandate along with Dr. Kasperbauer with direct instructions, the way how to eat and change the cafeteria menus and start the eating habits there.....and have ALL schools provide good exercize programs that school children MUST participate in. Scholl children in Japan and China MUST participate in these programs and for the most part, don't grow up living la vida diabetes!
We have laws for smoking.......we still smoke ourselves to death...we have laws for drinking and many DUI arrests were in today's police blotter......likewise drug abuse? We can't measure our children's bmi and expect our parents(who don't bother to attend PTA meetings) to feed their children the right meals because their parents didn't feed them the right rice, KFC swimming in oil or McDonald's fries/burgers swimming in the same artery cloggers will continue to add weight to our children until we explain why eating these foods aren't healthy(once in awhile won't kill anyone) for our kids......get a life, senator........figure out where we're going to get the money to pay the retirement fund so that the GMH employees can retire........that's what we really need!

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July 12, 2005


Let's pray we don't have any tyhoons or earthquakes to deal with or we're (the government) really in trouble!

The headline in the daily fishwrap, actually, it's good for doing windows and lining litter boxes too....okay already, it's a sign of things to come....rob Peter to pay Paul.....when we needed to all those years ago, we took money from the retirement fund and never paid it back.......then, we took the funds from government employees and never paid the retirement fund their they can't retire...some where along the line, they made it law that we had to pay it back so that they could, we're having to go to the very pockets of the agencies where these employees just got the good news of increments and are now taking the funds to pay the retirement funds for these long overdue payments which will shortchange these make a long story short.....if DOE was in trouble with busing, teacher and textbook problems and trying to figure out where to put 600 students in the fall, well guess what, now they have to figure out where the hell they're going to get the money to pay the increments, the retirement interest fees and all of the above......and if there's a typhoon and or an earthquake thrown into the loop, well, there's just going to be more poop onto an already poopy situation......and on those tax refunds? Don't even try to figure out when you're going to get yours.......those increments and EIC payments are going to figure in before your returns will, that is unless someone gets really sick or someone in your family dies and you have a really good excuse to use to get a refund with/for(like a letter you can use at a school principal's office when you're late to school).
Of course, it's getting near election time so we're going to be dancing the one's going to raise taxes and no one's going to be laid off.....we're going to kinda 'hunker' down and try to hold tight until after the election is over then we'll raise taxes or GRT and shorten work hours like we did the last time....that'll probably be the only way we'll survive total bankruptcy....we certainly won't be able to survive the way we're spending money at the rate we're spending it today....we're spending it as if it was going out of style........travelling as if there was no tomorrow!
The gas prices are going up and up and up, and the government vehicles seem to be growing in size as if it needed to grow in gas consumption as well....
How many more ways can we give away money in order to get re-elected?

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July 09, 2005


Or, is it something that's saved only for deputy director firsties?

KUAM's Jean Hudson reported this evening that spotlighting and poaching was hot and heavy at Bubulao last night....must be the time for kelaguen or kadu'n binadu........either way, several were arrested and if you want to read who and what the poor conservation officers had to cart away, you can read it on KUAM's website......and you'll probably read about it some day soon in the fish wrap on the police blotter.....but don't be thinking